Tired of being a NOOB!

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Greetings all.   I need help from you smart people deciphering my stats.
When I started in WoT I made every mistake there was to make and probably invented a few - won't bore you with the gory details past suicide scouting was sure a wrong career move. I'm a noob, yolo to an enemy base, light up a crapload - yeah I died but I lit up lots! Even got a medal for it! Seemed proper.
Who knew...
Anyways my improved game-play is relatively night and day; still lots to learn but I think I've got it turned around - the stats seems to be getting less in the red so that's good right? Do remember you're talking to a guy who suicide scouted lmao; wtf do I know.
So it's time to seek guidance from smart people. Laying my cards on the table:


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There are many ressources written down in this forum, but you need to do the work. ;)

You can ofc drop by the wotlabs channel and ask for toons, too

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for starters stop poking when they have there guns aimed at you, second when your shooting someone and your 6th sense goes off, please dont just sit there waiting to reload move ...and dont be that player where your poor td ally is right next to you getting shot in the ass and you dont help him because you dont look at your minimap..

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