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Another request people have regarding articles is how to progress in clan wars to a top-tier clan.  "Top-tier" I'll define as clans who consistently hold land and/or win the premium tanks in the campaigns.


I'm actually less interested in "how should" and more interested in "how did YOU do it".  The reason is because I'm guessing it happened a lot more organically for most people and the "how should" advice no one actually does.


Here's mine to start us off:


I played clan-free for roughly 16K games.  Around the 12K game mark, I started to focus on improving as a player.  My winrate and ratings were good but not great, and I worked on moving them upward as much as I could.  Progress came relatively quickly because I had that experience from the 13K games and didn't have to learn everything from scratch: I could just tweak what I knew.


Soon I started to get clan invites daily.  When someone I didn't know would open a private message with me, I'd type "no thanks, not looking for a clan" before they even had a chance to type anything.   ;)


Some random dude asked me to platoon with him, which I did.  He asked me to join his clan as he needed chips for Clan Wars and didn't even care if I showed up.  I joined just for giggles (becoming the ~4th member), and that "random dude" was Exploit.  The clan I had joined for giggles was PURPL, and became a consistent landholding clan within a month and narrowly won the M60 in the first campaign.  Then imploded.  Easy come, easy go.


Fast-forward until after I'm known for (I skipped the 2nd campaign after hating the first one), and things were pretty easy picking up another clan.  A couple guys in OTTER I've known from PURPL or just been around, they invited me, I accepted.  In short, I got super lucky on the first go-round and by the time I was up for another clan I was good enough to choose where I went.



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Joined my first clan L501R by baddie in game spam message, top tier tank was an m41(tier 5 arty). It was so bad a clan that is wasn't even good enough to fail in africa, it was the clan that fought and lost landing battles in europe with half teams, I remember my first cw kill was with my m41 killing an IS-7 on erlenberg. Next I joined 19TD, they wouldn't let me in until I had an m12, I had tried to get in before joining L501R. At some point we had a falling out with 2 distant leaders and our A-team left to form S-E. We completely mastered our sand river south spawn stat and even beats teams from HAVOK and NDP(or was it WAR when Zard was still there?) a couple times, but skill level was falling(new guys) so I decided it was time for me to move on. I applied to VPG and got pushed down into VPG-R, this is what finally got me to start really working to improve my stats and become a better player. With rapid increases in stats(I was really bad 48% wr 800eff when I first installed xvm) I managed to get into VPG, where I still remember our 3 week hold on Sicily where we defended it from almost nightly attacks(I think we had the longest held landing zone at that time) but somewhere along there Gyarados and some core players left, and though I stayed a while after I decided it was once again time to move on. Now I had a choice go with my old commander Zeppelinisgod from S-E to Slap or go with my friend Zardnaar(Save Zard!!!) to SDP. I went to SDP right as chair left and NDP/SDP died and I stayed there for about a month fighting in 10 man teams for landings before deciding it wasn't working and once again moving on. After SDP I went on to Slap, just in time to see that clan die to after some questionable diplo in the SCC war. Then I decided I would go on to PBKAC as I knew a lot of people there and was on the ts all the time, but dispite a couple of people like bigmach saying I could get into PBKAC I was sent down to PUPEH, after multiple promises to move up to PBKAC weren't fulfilled(Though I'm not sure now if I was talking to the right people) I got tired of the PUPEH cw attitude and moved on once again. After this I once again followed Zeppelinisgod(4 different clans with him and 3 of them have died...), this time to Relic. I believe it was my numerous friends from old clans and a good word from Anfield that got me into Rel_3, where I have been  since January 2013.

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>Solo pubbed 5k games with retarded grinds ~56%

>Joined AOD after its collapse (didn't know better)

>Stats got decent after learning and joined A-A

>Platooned with A-A people, kind of learned how to stat pad and play better ~62%

>FORGE waged war on A-A, A-A collapsed. Apparently was good enough to get into FORGE (lol)

>Padded the shit out of stats from platooning ~69%

>Left for Tourneys, padded some more ~71%

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I'm not sure if I would describe RDDT as top tier, but we do consistently hold land and have won both the M60 and VK 7201, so by these criteria...


For me, it was quite simple. I got into Tanks partway through closed beta due to the "Other Games" subforum of (now Failheap), a name that will be familiar to any Eve Online player. For a long while I was just solo. About 1.5 months after launch I joined the SHC/FHC clan "Panzergruppe Derek", named after our unofficial mascot. This was a very laid back clan, no CW, just the occasional company (at the time there only existed one kind of company, and few of us had tier 10s).


A few months later I left the largely inactive clan to join RDTT2 (that is not a typo, TransparentTape was drunk when he made it), as I had become more involved with the then-fledgling /r/worldoftanks subreddit. I'm still not really sure why, I continued to be largely asocial. No platooning, only a little chatting. But I did. After just over a month there I caught the eyes of DamienJax and the other folks running RDDT, which was starting to get its shit together and try its hand at CW. This was January 2012. I don't have the exact text of the forum PM I got, but it was something along the lines of "You've got a lot of tanks, you should join us." At the time I had all three of the existing tier 10s and two of the existing tier 9 mediums, so I did indeed have a lot of tanks (for the time).


And so my course was set. Been over two years now, from Africa to England to Greece to Italy to Scandinavia and then the disaster that was ROTA and all the territories afterwards. I still have "a lot of tanks", with just shy of 30 tier 10s unlocked, 25 in the garage. I was DC for 8 or 10 months, grew weary of that and 'retired' shortly after ROTA, so now I'm just the most equal of soldiers, still having TS admin rights, moderation rights on our forum, and a fair amount of influence in decisions by virtue of experience and having demonstrated I know what the hell I'm talking about now and then. It taught me I was largely unsuited to management positions or devising match strategies. Execution I can handle, creation not so much. I double and triple think myself into a corner.


As a guide for newer folks looking to get in to a CW clan my story is rather lacking. I got in at the ground floor and just rode upward. I wish I could point to any guides or tutorials or something that made me what I am now, but I can't really. I did read up on mechanics fairly obsessively and frequently poked into the game files to satisfy curiosity, but I've never paid much attention to the guides or reviews of other players.

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Spent like a year in sand clan, was blessed with common sense and didn't suck at the game like rest of the clan mate, applied and accepted by PBKAC before the clan was top-tier, fought to the top, rage quit after year and half.

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simple, i first played clanless, joined some native clan, was clanless again, later i wanted to join a good clan (good as in, best clan) so i looked around, and it was either PTS or 322, since PTS had all sorts of recruitment stuff and 322 didnt (322 was just created) i applied for 322


I played 1 game in platoon with CL (i tked him, so he could spectate my T-50-2) and that was it. 322 started out as unicum only, no rules, no cw, nothing, it later slowly grew to a sort of cw clan (we only had 1 team though, with ppl to greedy / cheap to shoot gold, 1 fc, and lots of random yolo)


I stayed here for almost a year (i even became Clanleader in the end) but 322 turned to a CW clan, so i gave up CL to stay clanless.


Later i joined 247, a sort of mini 322, only unicums, no cw / tc / ts / anything, 247 sort of merged with FAME and now im in FAME


#1 klanu EU, deal with it!


ps: PTS was bets clan EU by the time i looked for a clan, so i sort of started with high standards regarding clans :P

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My little story:


I started as one hell of a scrub player, so full of myself, that I did not understand how terrible I was until I reached about 6-7K games. (at which point I had a winrate of about 47% and a WN7 of 700 or 800).


Sure thing, I was in a clan, and was amongst the best of my first clan, but I realized, after a while, that I needed to leave it in order to evolve as a player, I simply broke contact with the clan for a while, running only solo, learning steps by steps how to really play my tanks properly, I stumbled upon some french-canadian players and they tossed me an invite to join QC_- (yes, the sub-clan of QC).


So I found myself into a bunch of people, some knowing they sucked, like me, and other, still full of themselves and in total ignorance of how awful they were. And somehow, within 2 weeks, the deputy commander in charge of the clan parted with a good bunch of the gold of the clan before leaving. (nice move of him /sarcasm off) I was somehow designated to take the reign of the sub-clan a the new deputy commander (I still don't know how). So, it gave me a push: if I had to take in charge a clan, I had to take myself in charge. So I reached out, and found some helpful people along the way, improved myself, improved my calling skills, and made some friends along the way.


At one point I got tired of trying to improve my clan's future while getting sapped by both the main clan sucking out any decent players I had and dumping me their afks and the players that were full of themselves in the clan, sabotaging any efforts of trying to develop it. (they were the best after all, weren't they?) So... Instead of pulling out a Vader, I decided it was best for me to get out and see if there was other options for me, both for my betterment and a brighter future for my clan (some fresh air always help).


At that point, my overall WN7 and winrate were about 1100 and 49%, and my 60 days stats were about 1500 WN7 and 55% winrate. I was extended invites for quite a lot of good clans (to my surprise). There were so many, that I had quite a hard time choosing anything.


What made me choose the clan I am in now (TYR Berserk), was quite simple: one of the commanders of QC (the main of my previous clan), came to me, telling me that if I ever joined berserk, there would be severe consequences for me... Well, that was the push I needed, and heck, I'm having a fun time in TYR. :D

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I started out playing with my son as a horrible, horrible 45%er or worse.  Discovered at some point around the same time and /r/worldoftanks.  Joined RDDT6 (social clan) and started platooning.  Got marginally better and at some point I had a Tier 9 tank and moved up to RDDT4 (training clan).  There I learned quite a bit about playing better from The_Alaskan (still one of my favorite clan commanders and just an all around great guy).  After a while I had 2 Tier 10 tanks and moved up to NARWL, where under Urt's tutelage I learned how NOT to command a clan.  Was quickly sick of the drama, and continued to improve (maybe a 52-54%er at this point) and joined RDDT main.  At some point along the way I realized I still wasn't very good at internet tanks and asked my clan for help.  Azrou, Sing_, Ledif, Bryant, and a few others gave me some lessons and resources and I finally started playing halfway decent.  During some clan restructuring I became a DC in RDDT and started doing some diplo and rallying of the troops.  That's probably about the time the wotlabs forums came up.


So all that time and I'm still not in a good clan.  For a few brief days I ended up being commander of RDDT as more clan restructuring happened.  By this time RDDT wasn't really the same as what I had wanted and I was so utterly frustrated with all the baggage that the 10,000 reddit social clans brought to the table so I decided to leave.  I asked around with a few clans and ended up talking to Gottfried (was RDDT commander when I joined) who was then a recruiter for RELIC.  He fast tracked me in and I've been a member of the Legion of Loz ever since.

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Keep in mind when I was an aspiring unicum I always wanted to be in a clan like G, Enjoy, PBKAC, or Havok. I had always wanted to be in a clan that made tons of gold per day and surround myself with insanely good players. I knew in order to join a top clan I had to show what I was made of. I had to take the game seriously and improve my stats to show that I was worthy of being in a top clan.


I started off in VET when I started learning about how to play the game and figured in order to become a better player and learn new things I needed to immerse myself with players that have equal intentions along with players that are much better than I am.


I joined GSKUL and started paying strict attention to my stats, meeting DPG quotas, watching videos, reading Garbad's guides ect. I made friends with good players and learned some interesting tips and tricks that helped me grow out into a much better player. A few months passed and I realized I needed to make another large step into a better clan in order to grow even more.


After a bit of a drama leaving GSKUL I joined OTTER, this was probably the most important event in my tanks career. I started platooning more than ever and I was always learning firing lines and ways to react to certain pushes and such. Through OTTER I made many new friends, and most importantly, they were friends that were either already unicums or soon to become unicums. These friends knew other friends and suddenly I found myself constantly joining TS every day to play with players that were better than I am.


I couldn't stand OTTER due to the drama and left to join up with my good friends in CRABS, that lasted a good month or two before they imploded and I found myself joining another clan again.


My friends and I from CRABS joined PBKAC through some negotiations shortly after and I had finally entered one of my dream clans. It's a bittersweet journey because once I hit PBKAC as a unicum, I lost any reason to play the game anymore. I understood how the game worked and I didn't really have any goals to set, I found myself losing interest in the game as soon as I reached where I wanted to be.


Although it's true that I needed to practice, practice, practice, I don't think it was as important as the people I surrounded myself with on TS. Socializing is as important as practicing in the game. As long as you surround yourself with players that are in the exact same shoes are you are, it shouldn't be hard to improve. I found myself in DPG competitions and I was always striving to do better than everybody else in my platoon. As long as you're with good friends that can help you improve the "trying to improve" doesn't even exist. Subconsciously I was always improving simply by copying what the guy next to me did and doing it better and better. Fast forward a bit and the players I befriended on my journey to PBKAC are the same players I'm playing with on my tournament team in Gold League.



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Got into Zer0 through friends with only a hellcat had to grind for tanks during the campaign that would be needed in it , got the VK and we ended up n the top 20 or so clans i think , we were also one of the few clans to get a tank for nearly every member even the guys who didn't play battles thanks to the missions 



No longer think Zer0 is a top clan though , too many of our good players have left to go to S3al , F15 ect and we're full of people I've never played with  =(

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Guess I will share my experience in tanks since I'm bored.


Started out on the NA Server 0.6.7 (280-330 ping)

Found this to be a fun Free2Play (Pay2GrindFaster) game.

48%er pubbie till ~2k battle mark (Thank God someone told me I was bad early on).


Self Improvement started when I realised that this game was yielding greater rewards when winning a battle.

I started to play more and more with people that introduced me to the game and they taught me the basics of how to win the game more effectively.

Platooning helped inflate my W/R up to ~54/55% and I got recruited into my first clan by two people whom I owe alot to in terms of introducing me to the right people at the right time.


Marine03 and BluFalconBoy deserves a shout out here for being the ones who pushed me in the right direction at the right moment.


TMPLR was my first clan and although this might seem lame to most, this clan was the stepping stone for me into something greater.

Next thing I know, TMPLR merges into --R-- (-G-'s sub clan that failed eventually, "Never again" - Nemesis79 lol), from here I picked up a shit-ton of experience of how things run in a proper clan.

Started battle calling in nightly Medium and Champion TCs by being nominated randomly, sought to improve myself after the thrill of winning (luckily) my first ever TC battle that I called.

Started piloting other people's accounts in CW when they needed people (I only had the worst tank for CW at the time [T9 JT]), gradually learned the flow of calling battles for CW as well (But never actually did call).


SEA Transfers come up in the promise of better latency, so I moved. (With a 58% W/R)

First battle on SEA - 120 ping (Awesome).......... 7v7 tanks because only 600 people online......... not so much.


SEA CW eventually came up, I joined PANZR without a T10 and never actually bothered grinding for one until I was told that I would not get a match till I get a T10 tank.

During my time grinding up a T110E5, I started forum posting and picked up alot of friends who platooned with me throughout my journey towards a T10.

I organised nightly TC battles for the SEA server because the server pop lacked enough players for them to automatically start up. I also called 80% of the battles I played in TC.

Massive war breaks out and PANZACs lose through attrition and poor handling of chips and organisation in CW.

The best players bleed to join the victors - MP.


I got recruited in by one of my forum and TC buddies (pred lol), and joined him in the glorious path of statpadding while finally acquiring my E5 and a Bat 25 for CW.

MP stayed the best clan on SEA for the 3-4 months that I was there.

Picked up my very own 7/42 team that consisted of mainly MP members at the time and started in TanksAsia.

Recruitment standards started to drop in MP and a notable performance drop in CW was noticed by myself and a few other MP members (mostly my 7/42 team and a few other platoonies that we always ran with).

People bouncing shots in CW, blocking each other, no HP sharing, no focus fire... etc. etc.


One day, after a CW loss to a no name clan, pred had enough, so he came up to me and said:

"Oi, how about we make a clan for us and the people who we know are good and just freaking YOLO around in CW when we don't have 7/42 matches".


It all started there with pred being the 73%er Spiritual Leader and his one and only battle caller (myself lol) and our 7/42 team with a few of PBKAC SEA's best.

Started as a roster of about ~15 purples which eventually grew with two other 7/42 teams coming in sharing the same vision of a clan that catered for 'mostly' purple (pun intended for those who know what I'm digging at) 7/42 teams.

ISG and AVANT came in bolstering our ranks to about 40-50 members in less than 2 weeks and the clan being filled up just in time to win Campaign #1 on SEA.




There it is, my own personal journey through WoT.


Nothing special besides that I was noticed by the right people and the right time and everything eventually worked out.




Clan Movements:


NA: [TMPLR]--->[--R--]---> SEA


SEA: [PANZR]--->[PANZM]--->[MP]--->[DPS]






- 48%er [email protected] battles

- Padded to 54% with RL friends who introduced me to the game, also teaching me game mechanics

- Got recruited into a clan at the luckiest moment to merge with -G-'s former sub clan

- Learned heaps of shit (Clan management + Battle Calling)

- SEA Transfer with 58%

- Padded to ~62% and got into SEA's best clan at the time

- Met people and formed a purple 7/42 team

- Made new clan with these people and other purples that we platooned alot with

- Won 2 CW Campaigns and went to 3 offline events for WoT (Sydney WCG 2013 Qualifiers, Shanghai WCG 2013, Taipei Season 2 TanksAsia)

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I started this game by platooning with RL friends who pulled me in, but as their interest waned I looked into joining a clan. I answered the Clan Recruitment posts in the Official Forums, and with 4 or 5 thousand games under my belt, having run pure non-premium, and with my highest tier tanks an IS and a Tiger, I joined Super Tank Destroyers. STDR was a pretty shitty clan, CW were a joke, most of the players were worse than me, but I made some friends who I platoon with still, most notably RedHairDave. A few months in to my stay in STDR, they decided to merge with GODS. However, I only had an E-75 as my highest tier tank at that time, so I was shuttled off to GODS1, their subclan. It was a particularly poor experience, as the GODS leadership would drop chips without telling us and expect us to scrape together a CW team, which often consisted of a mix of tiers 7-10. The GODS/STDR merger fell through, but I went off in search of other things instead of rejoining STDR.


As the medium/champion TCs were starting at that time, I started running with Badfish1080 in TCs, and he invited me to join Likely to Rage, which was just getting started. LTR had a lot of personalities though, and there was open conflict leading to the clan dissolving. Badfish went off and started ELVIS, which I subsequently joined. I was in ELVIS for almost 9 months or so, during which it grew to a major power in Africa. However, a number of ELVIS' better players left, and were replaced by weaker players, and I found myself not platooning with other ELVIS players at all. At that time, I was a solid 58%er with 6 or 7 tier 10s, many of which had been funded by the modest gold income ELVIS had been providing by holding the Middle East goldpots.


Shortly after leaving ELVIS, PBKAC invited me in, as I had played with some notables in pubs and TCs previously. I had also been posting on the forums, and PBKAC has always been a forum warrior clan. Nisae was instrumental in bringing me to PBKAC, and I now have 1.5 years under my belt in PBKAC-- enough time for my sand clan roots to have been somewhat blunted.


Friends I have made along the way have tagged along. RedHairDave followed me to LTR, ELVIS and now PBKAC. Darrigaaz from ELVIS also later joined PBKAC. We dun gud, methinks.



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I was about an average pub ~50 with about 6-8k battles that was playing for the grind and didn't care much for stats. My first CW experience was being raped in a stock tier 9 T34 by an E100 on Westfield in a clan that obviously didn't have much business on the map.


TBH, I don't know why I got my initial invite from a serious clan. I was not in a clan and in the low 50s when I got an invite from Krent to apply for Relic-2. I had just started spending money on premium and figured maybe I should try this out so I could get my premium monthly paid. I ended up getting into Relic and for a good 3-4 months I showed up very regularly. I learned A LOT from those guys and have only good things to say about the Relic community. I had to leave because of the timing of CW. My wife and I both are students but she was able to get a part time job and CW was always when she got home and I felt like it put enough of a strain on the relationship that I decided I needed to stop being so serious for CW and so I left Relic.


A couple of months later, my wife quit her job so she could focus on her studies more and I was invited to a platoon by Socialflaws. He was the commander of SU and I ended up doing my first tournament with him and a few other guys in SU so I decided to join that clan. I started being active in CW again. It was probably my time in the game where I was improving the most and having the most fun but all good things come to an end. I was on a tournament team in SU and they decided they wanted to leave for Anvil with the hopes of someday joining Forge and being in a top CW clan.


We all joined Anvil and shortly thereafter Forge broke up. We all ended up jumping in PURPL because we figured that it would be easy gold so we could focus on doing tournaments and rub shoulders with good players. We all know how that ended and my tournament team decided to join Havok.


Funny thing about Havok is that I joined with my tournament team and almost immediately that team broke up. A few are now in -G-, a few no longer play and only myself and one other remain in the clan. I'm surprised I haven't been kicked yet. I don't know that I've gotten a gold payout from the clan other than in campaign 2. I have almost no interest in CW anymore and probably haven't played more than one or two battles this year. I know Havok has bad PR but I'm here and don't really want to keep jumping around other than maybe someday applying to retire in Rel-V. If WG somehow makes CW rewarding, I'll start doing that more regularly but at this point I don't have much interest in it. 


Like I said at the beginning, I honestly have no clue what Krent or the Relic community saw in me but I am grateful for my time there. I've jumped around in clans but I don't feel that I burnt any bridges or have any people in the community I hate or hate me. For the most part, I've stuck with my tournament team. Now they've all left me, I'm kind of just sticking with this clan so that in campaigns I can put in my time to get a reward tank. The gold for the effort doesn't appeal to me too much anymore. 

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Started in a clan where most of the people who got me into the game were(we've known eachother from a browser game) then after a couple of years wanted to get my first BiA and CC medals since before that i almost never platooned and i wanted to toon with good players. At that time i installed XVM and realised holy shit i'm blue. Started improving applied for UNICA because i didn't wanted CW focused clan or anything. Just a bunch of good players to toon with. I've been in UNICA for ~8 months and don't have plans to leave so far. Just being good at game and using your brain while playing got me into the top clan.

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I snuck in. Seriously. That's what it feels like. 


1. Solo pubbed for a long time, 4k games? 

2. Joined TSF since my brother was in it. 

3. Got serious about getting better and saw TSF wasn't the place to be. 

4. Solod some more and thougt I'd get into CW

5. Joined enjoy 2 but could never make it to CW due to time conficts so I left for solo land. 

6. Solod to just barely purple and got invited to MVP as player #2. Though the clan never got very big. 

7. MVP disbanded so leader and some players could go to HAVOK. 

8. Saw an invite from HAVOK in my inbox. 


I'll stay untll they kick me out:) Kinda like where I work. 


I like CW and the people are cool. I just have trouble making it on early enough to do early CW stuff. 

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-Was in Afrikan klan with The Spaniard.

-YOLOswagged my way to #1 overall

-Joined MLP through being ex-#1.

-Joined AA or whatever because dunno.

-Joined MLP2 because fail.

-Joined -G- through being ex-MLP.

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Not in a "top-tier clan" just yet, but I'll post my clan history I guess since it's been a rather interesting journey over 5k games.


Started off as a deep red pubbie in RDDT6, nobody was ever on, and platoons were all with other deep red pubbies. Gave up on the game after I burned myself out with the T34 trying to maximize exp/h by dying quickly -_-.


Came back in fall of 2013, joined MEN after discovering forums. MEN collapsed after ~2 weeks and we were all rolled into either SSGS or HT. HT was a shitshow, some really terrible leadership and callers. Got stomped by a bunch of french canadians, left HT to join BUNEH after I realized that playing with a bunch of yellow/greens who thought they were competent wasn't going to help me improve my game.


BUNEH was an interesting clan, on one hand, they were a part of the whole "Petco" family, on the other, they weren't really much good at clan wars. BUNEH did help me get sort of better (went from yellow -> blue 60 days in the ~2 month period I was in the clan). Met some really nice dudes in FOXEY and other clans from starting to join the wotlabs channel. The second campaign was the last part of my time in BUNEH. 


At this point, I was dark green overalls with blue 60 days. I took some time off clan wars to platoon with some friends. Platooned for a bit, then felt it was time to rejoin Clan Wars. I was debating between joining a top 20-30ish ranked clan (which was doable at that time with my tier Xs and stats). However, talked with some people and they recommended me to do it the "right way" and join a training clan for a top 10 clan. I applied to Relic thinking that I would be lucky to get into Rel-A. Tried my ass off in the evals, ended up running evals with around 20ish people within 3 days. Eventually got accepted into Rel_3 somehow at the end of my eval period. Been loving it so far in Rel_3.


Yeah :P

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 Fast forward a bit and the players I befriended on my journey to PBKAC are the same players I'm playing with on my tournament team in Gold League.




I started out by joining a social clan as a 47%er. They tried to put up a more competitive division, but there was little interest. I learned from some of the best players there (who were blues), and became a green. Some of my clanmates who wanted to play clan wars joined PBKAC during the great SCC war, and I was able to follow, despite being completely unqualified. I quit the game and went inactive for a few months, and was kicked; when I came back, OTTER was being formed, by the same friends who went to PBKAC and a few others, and I was able to join up there. At that point it just became a matter of improving my overall skill as a player; I left OTTER and went to CRABS with a friend, but that mess soon imploded, so I ended up in RELIC, until I got sick of clan wars and didn't want to show up anymore.


And now I need to find a new home, apparently, rip T23

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Was pretty bad for around 9k battles or so. Decided to give XVM a go and found out how average I was, and bad relative to the purples. 


Decided to get better and joined Pupeh. Got my first taste of (somewhat) serious CW. At this point I really started to watch replays, guides, understanding mechanics, etc. and soon realized I needed a better clan. When I left: 


I looked around and made a rather large jump to Enjoy. Was later told my stats wouldn't have made it but recruiters liked my gameplay. Throughout my time there my performance jumped up from the bottom 25% of the clan to the top 5% and at this point decided to make another jump. 


Applied to Relic where I am now. 

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Step 1: Be good

Step 2: Apply

Step 3: Don't be an ass

Step 4: ?????

Step 5: Profit!

1.  Was born the best player on the server.

2.  The best clan on the server recruited me (aod, then mlp, then G)

3.  ???


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Was mainly a solopubber/part time platooner my first couple of thousand games

After 7k games I got into a semi-casual clan with some really good players that inspired me to become better

Ground up a couple of tier 10s, then joined A-P2

Stayed there for a month or two, left because my ambitions got greater


Built my stats for a while until they got up to 1750 WN7, which was the "minimum" to join my next clan, EXN0M

Stayed there for about 3 months, got some more tier 10s, got the VK 72, then left when the clan imploded due to the main clan's command and players from EXNOM jumping ship and joining FAME

Created SAKI shortly after so I wouldn't be spammed with clan invites or have to deal with an actual clan chat


Now I effectively have enough tier 10s and stats to join any clan I want

Looks like I'm joining FAME or EFE the next campaign

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Its basically the same formula for me for any multiplayer game be it MMO or Lobby Game like WoT that involves clans.


1) Decide you want to be competitive.  (Happened for me after 10-12k games of yolo derping at yellowish rating.  Most of my early American lines bear witness...)

2) Work on getting a good understanding of game mechanics and finding ways to maximize your performance using them.

3) Practice and learn from others.

4) Work on getting "Gear", in this case tanks, that make you attractive to clans/guilds to the level of play you want to attain.

5) Find and entry level guild/clan that "raids" or in this case to gain land or holds land.  Get experience doing large scale operations..

6) Continue to build your "gear" and rep/stats and move on to another clan that meets your needs.  Repeat this step till you apex...


*Optional - Stop drinking and playing so you quit sabotaging your efforts...


I still suck, but much less than before.

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I just sort of got there. I was in a bottom tier clam because of friends. Practically, i was in a garbage clam with my first account, stopped playing for quite a lot and gave my first account to a friend of mine. Created SWG and got back in touch with said friends, hopped in their clam, another bottom tier clam. Stayed there for a while, then stopped playing again for a while and left the clam at the same time because i had tired of the bullshit going around there.

So i just soloed my way for quite a while, then hopped in the WotLabs in-game channel when it got created and soloed/platooned my way through the game for another while. Then one afternoon i tooned with jostie and cryo (a officer in UNICA). Cryo proposed me to hop in their second clam UN1CA because they had no spots on the main, and i sorta got along with it.

After a couple of weeks hada conversation with cryo again. We taled about the lack of activity in UN1CA and he offered me to move to a clam a friend of his was creating. I trusfed him and so transferred to PUR3. And i'm pretty happy about it.

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