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  2. Go figure the one time I actually wanted to lose to get a better chance of the 25% team dmg mission I couldn't 70% win rate over 40 games last night and still only got 1 nation a loss no less.
  3. Texas needs a big fat belt buckle on each side to cover the weak spots. Save the Texas!
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  5. I have now been infected with AIDS, Ebola and have about 7 different types of cancer after reading this post. 6c47cf0b15.png

    What the fuck? 

  6. I use this one all the time. Its funny watching people get confused. Also naming and shaming Laserdisc for blaming good players on not being good enough. Its a team game so obviously we should shoulder the burden of all 14 teammates. We should obviously be doing all the damage in the entire game because we are 'good'. Can't complain and call out bad players for being bad because it ruins the safe-space that is team-chat. NO INSULTS ALLOWED. NO CALLING OUT LEMONS FOR BEING LEMONS.
  7. Yes, I must confess I felt a little bit let down at not being accused of hax. Also... NFI, for sure.
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  9. If you would also bring back the old tank stats, tech trees (rus, ger, us - remove everything else, maybe exept the french) and old tracer system I would start playing WoT again!
  10. I'm pretty sure Bitey just experienced a wtf moment there.
  11. Always wanted to turn some replays into videos, so here's my very first one! Conway with the 5.5 Derp gun - is it worth it over the 120? All comments welcome. Ace Tanker, 6400 dmg, Top Gun on Pilsen:
  12. Splitting the server population is a bad idea. Also not interested in the slightest...
  13. The derp gun really is more fun. It drains credits a bit, and running food isn't helping, but i will probably do the rest of the grind with it. I've never made videos from replays before, so this is my first time - don't judge me too harshly Mistakes were made, but it worked out - let me know what you think! Ace tanker, 6400 dmg, Top Gun:
  14. So wow is going to make vanilla servers. I have never played wow so idk but I have watched some really old wot replays on youtube and got a stupid idea. What about wot:vanilla? Like dis: Heavy tanks go up to tier 10 Medium tanks go to tier 9 (I'm not really against tier 10 mediums tho) Tank destroyers go to tier 9 (This I definitely do want) Artillery tanks go to tier 8 (basically to current tier 8 arty Light tanks I don't know. Ideally I'd want the old light tanks back. Old physics: Tanks get stuck whe driving into each other Sidescraping against other tank slows down both tanks Can't drive up or down steep slopes Can't flip over Old aiming system with 20% of the shots going to the edge of the reticle. Not so sure about this but would help light tanks, especially with old physics so you can motocross around the map. No premium ammo or consumables No 6th sense Shell normalization from 2 to 5 (ap) Matchmaker as it is today (no 5 tier mm) Does it sound bad to you? I'm kind of semi serious about this. Maybe as a separate game mode so you could choose whether to play in standard servers or in vanilla servers. Credit and exp progression would be the same on both servers.
  15. New damage record still not 10k yet, but closing in.


    This game completed the last none honored heavy mission too:



  16. The arty stun is cancer.

    1. kukis12345


      In other news, water is a liquid.

  17. Yeah I think so, the game might not be where I want it to be but I’m still here playing as my main game for several years so can’t exactly call it wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. Still Playing Award - World of Tanks (source: I would say that is pretty correct.
  19. what did they win it for?
  20. So do better players legitimately think greens are shitters, or is it just ego and Einstein's theory of relativity?

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    2. DirtyACE7


      It's hard for a purple player to explain in the most complete way what it is to be purple to a green player because there is no common frame of reference. My perception/idea of what it is to be a unicum when I was green was quite different from what I have come to realize now that I am actually a unicum. Sometimes the difference seems almost like the difference between night and day.

    3. Fulcrous


      As dual mentioned, it's logarithmic. I could probably spam HE with no consumables and equipment and do equal if not better than a green who has access to those.

      In contrast, unicums (at least 'true' one - aka the ones that don't intentionally pad to hit uni) are THE ones to make plays. They enable things to happen. The difference in play is so vast that it's hard to explain. It just 'clicks'.

    4. Folterknecht


      No not shitters, but more like the first signs of intelligence in the sea of retardness. In the past you could expect some basics from them and that they often followed your instructions. And than "teal" was introduced ... and suddenly they thought they there somewhat good at tanks - stupid ego massage.

      When I stopped playing even many "unicums" were nothing but gold slinging, platoon padding, FOTM abusing greens.

  21. Well, they won it! Any thoughts?
  22. Congrats and thanks to killer-99209 for todays Lowe replay
  23. PBKAC Hax! R.I.P. There's a few of these gaps around, like the ones on the far side of the Himmelsdorf railway. Admittedly they aren't useful that often.
  24. I'm a handful of games into the tortoise... In my hands it has been a feast or famine tank. Either gloriously hilarious or grossly frustrating.. Maybe I need to kemp with it more. I do not think this will be a keeper tank for me, too bad .. I was sorta looking forward to playing it.
  25. Is ... ?
  26. Researched:
    Tortoise researched.
    Undistributed experience spent: 161000.
    Free Experience spent: 0.
    And it only took me about 127 games to do so (with boosters, platoon and occasional clan reserves)

  27. Neat Oh, yeah, the BSh2? It also works decently enough as a fighter hunter, although the lack of a tail-gunner is annoying. Still, the weapony is
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