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  2. Type 61: Exceeding Expectations

    Apparently in the last few weeks I completely lost any ability to play this thing at even a decent level... most of the times having a 1200-1500 damage match, 400-dmg-one-shot-then-I-die matches not being uncommon either... Managed to drop my MoE from a 93% some months ago to struggling to get it back to 85% (now at under 82%). Either something really fuggidy has happened or I accidentally lost half my brain cells
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  4. WN8 vs WR correlation

    I'm not a nerd so I don't crunch numbers but Some things: Battle count. I have sub 50% WR sessions in T10s with 4,5K DPG and above. Until you're hitting 100+ it's honestly not very accurate, and by that point and I'd still say it can easily differ +/- 10 simply because of maps/teams regardless of how well you play. It obviously gets more accurate the more you play, a 1K games tank is about as precise as it will be. My STRV S1 has played more Stalingrad than every single other tank combined has in 9.21 which is just an example of how you just don't fit and do worse because of something completely out of your control. The T-10 fares decently on almost every map though, so less of an issue but it still is one. Breaking point: Until you really understand how to actually win games it's going to vary because different tanks and different playstyles excel at winning in different ways. A T10 wants to push, and KV-1S wants to trade which are two different things. This means that these tanks shouldn't be played in the same way and while you might get similar results in damage the difference is that you're doing better damage at the right places in one of them. Higher tiers are obviously harder to do well in, T-10 has always been one of the most popular T9s so the values are absolute dogshit so it's not very hard to pad in so this might give you a false sense of improvement etc. A KV-1S absolutely shits on other T5s and that's a place where people are generally worse players, and it's fairly new so the values are higher. Very few people actually know how to win. Most unicums don't either. Picking a favourable engagement, stomp it and going to the next one is all they do which is not all that there's to it. Map control, vision, team comp and positioning are all equally important (vision is still vision, corridor meta but still matters because you want to see what's happening) and knowing them well can get you further than any micromanagement skill. Understand what leads to what to start getting the hang of gameflow, and timing. Knowing this well makes gameplay much easier to predict, and if you can predict it you can counter it without needing a triple platoon to help you. Until I started playing meme tanks I was soloing over 70% (playing 907, E50, M46 and other strong aggressors) and 100 game streak in the M46 landed me at 84% WR there. Understanding how the macro is played is far more important to making any tank work. I can hop into any tank at this point and perform very well, while you have the other type of unicums who literally only know how to play russian mediums and nothing else and so on, and while they might outperform me in that end I'll outperform in every other one because rather than knowing the tanks limits/strengths very well I know the game itself very well which is ultimately a bigger thing to have. Knowing the game well enough to never have to end up in a 1v3 is a better skill to have then being able to win the 1v3 in the first place. Ultimately knowing what your tank is good at will have to take place in the equation as well, just by looking at your stats on other T9s I'm fairly confident in drawing some conclusions to it. Your E75 does well in winrate compared to your damage output, the tank is honestly not very good but it's a tank with traits that are simple to understand and easy to utilize which is why you're likely doing well in it (Slow as shit so overextending is hard, sidescrapes well and easy angles to manage and the gun hits fairly hard so trading is viable) while your Jagdtiger is putting up the same damage output but not doing as well in WR simply because it requires different ways of winning. You can't hold angles because you can't shoot and keep your armour strong at the same time, and as a result you have to use your HP for favourable trades and basically treating your armour as an unreliable extension of your HP whereas the E 75 does it the other way around since the armour is workable and the HP can be treated as an extension of your armour. An E75 can trade while low HP but a Jagdtiger cannot, while a JT is much more dangerous with HP than an E 75 is. For the T-10 it gets trickier to be honest since it's a tank that does everything fairly well, and you can play it to the strengths of your gameplay rather than the gameplay that the tank might be best suited for, at the drawback of not being as good as other tanks in that situation but still not bad and this is exactly why the T-10 works well for many players. Regardless of how you like to play (bunch up with mediums and take map control or trading in CQC with heavies or simply full on aggression) it works. The ideal T-10 gameplay is honestly crossfire creation and using the armour to mitigate the risks of taking those cross positions, but you can't really do that most games so it often falls back into whatever you feel comfortable doing since the T-10 can do it even though there's other tanks that are better for it. I'd suggest you grind and try the WZ-111-14 for some more insight on it, similar gameplay but different traits that make it a bit more defined in what it's good at. The WZ-111-14 is by miles a better tank for me in terms of winning, but for most people I think it's actually the T-10. Versatility is a very good trait to have when maps can shit on you so bad for playing anything more defined but it's also at the cost of performance in general to me. To me the T-54 is the end-all tier 9 tank right now. A lot of people don't agree with me on it but here you have versatility but much stronger presence at the cost of being more vulnerable. A T-54 can shit on any tank just with outplays and good positioning while it gets harder for the T-10 to do so even though it certainly still can. Basically winning is a concept that is difficult to figure out, and you never really hit a breaking point where the penny drops but just keep collecting small bits of information that gradually improves your understanding
  5. Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List

    The randomness/waiting-for-the-starts-to-align point is definitely true. But, at least for me, it seems like my chances increased with burst damage (6 x ~300) against opposition. I was getting frustrated seeing in the end plates that I had damaged multiple fuel tanks and engines w/o any fires. With the b-c, though, I was able to blast away at an Obj 430's fuel tank until it caught on fire. Again - totally agree about the randomness. But at least it felt like I had some control with the burst.
  6. Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List

    I did mine by accident in the Obj 430. It's just a matter of playing normally and waiting for the stars to align.
  7. VK100.01 - the new "Mini-Maus"?

    I tried replaying this recently, hoping to finish HT 15.3, but I'm not bouncing nearly as much as I think I should be. And, truth be told, when I face against one of these, I can see why (for the reasons cited). Pretty much what everyone else has said, but I don't see this as a keeper - it's like a slower Defender with less reliable side armor.
  8. M7 guidance!

    Pz. IV H is calling, please pick up the phone.
  9. Another T8 French Premium

    Looks fun! If the armor is semi reliable it's gonna be really good.
  10. WN8 vs WR correlation

    This thread is close enough to the question over which I've been mulling that I'll reuse it, rather than start a new thread. (FWIW, I tend to focus on WR more than any other stat, b/c I enjoy winning) Assuming a constant WN8 (to pick a single metric, albeit a much-disparaged one, as a proxy for player skill), is there any tracking between the choice of tank type/tier and the effect on outcome? To cherry-pick two data points, my wn8 ratings in the T-10 and KV1S are nearly identical (1741 vs 1769), but my win rates are nearly 11 points apart (49.21% vs. 59.91%). Is this merely indicative of the axiom that it takes greater player skill to affect WR positively at the higher tiers, due to the more skilled overall player base (among other possible factors)? And would you draw any conclusion (beyond simple random chance, I which I readily acknowledge is a contributing factor) from e.g. my stats in the Jagdtiger (1764/55.65%). So I know I'm cherry-picking from one player's profile (my own), but I was curious if there were stats that showed, for a given tier/wn8, what class of tanks produced the biggest impact on win rate (either positively or negatively)? I think the CW is that, for a statistically close-to-average player like myself, heavies tend to produce the best results (this is borne out by my overall stats, in any case), but is that actually true? And does that still hold true for unica (I keep reading that the better players leverage mobility more than armor to avoid taking damage, so I'd expect them possibly to do better in meds, assuming you could control for the meta)? It's also curious to me that my highest win rate is actually at tier 9: 52.37% . Does this say anything at all about choice of tank, or is it more that by the time I started playing 9s regularly, I'd improved enough that my numbers were better, or that the tier 9s I've chosen simply fit my playstyle? Or maybe that having to grind more experience forces me to play them longer (and thereby improve)? (The M46 is an obvious outlier if you look at my stats, ye gods.) I don't really expect any grand conclusions from my personal stats - I'm a sw engineer and a nerd by nature, so I'm throwing stuff out to see if someone might have crunched the numbers to look at this before.
  11. Another T8 French Premium

    tanks. gg wont help me, still I can't decide if I need this next to my lorraine. probably yes?
  12. Another T8 French Premium

    What is with WG and their hate of accuracy? They really want all of us to fight at 50m. FFS. Even my t62a misses a ton of fully aimed shots so gg. Still it looks like a good tank.
  13. Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List

    Sorry to keep posting here but I appreciated the advice in this thread and want to give back. I was struggling with MT-12 for the 260 missions (cause equal or higher to burn; 3k damage) - E50, Obj 430, Obj 140, T-62a, and various other lower-tier tanks. The suggestion I have read to use the B-C 25t AP did the trick for me easily - got it in just a handful of tries.
  14. Claus' World

  15. Dead XFX R9 280X

    My r9 270 dies last week. Picked up a 1050ti for 180euro yesterday. Cheapest I could find. Prices are gone silly in europe
  16. Another T8 French Premium

    Well, no idea what exactly happend. But I do know WG RU is selling it for ~ 45$ right now. Characteristics Hitpoints - 1450;Top speed - 37/20 km/h;Turret armor - 120/60/60;Turret traverse - 26 deg/s;Signal range - 750m;View range - 370m;Hull armor - 140/90/70;Weight - 60t;Engine power - 700 hp;Power-to-weight - 12,5 hp/t;Hull traverse - 32 deg/s;Armament -Damage per shot - 300/300/400;Penetration - 232/263/50;Accuracy - 0.4;Aim time - 2,4s;Shells in clip - 5;Intraclip reload / drum reload time - 2,25s/37s;Gun elevation- -10/+15 And since a German CC already released a video, we can probably expect it on EU server soon as well.
  17. They did the same mistake with ELC EVEN 90. They seem to be pathologically afraid of autoloaders and lightly armored tanks. Wonder what the RU server thinks of the Even.
  18. @Ezz Up in Sydney on Wednesday for a WG thingy, might be free that evening if you want to catch up for a beer or two?
  19. "Randomly generated maps for cw are a great idea!" - wows eu forum 2k18

  20. Uhm, this site has been out of order for me fo like the whole year. I don't get any updates at all and neither seem anyone else because the overall stats seem to be frozen (number of games per ships per server does not change at all for EU).
  21. Does friendly fire and / or self inflicted damage count towards damage received for HT-15?

    1. TheMarine0341


      I wouldnt chance it.

  22. The T110E3, because you don't give any fucks.

    Equipment suggestions? I went for toolbox binos and rammer. I think binos are good for more open maps where you want to hulldown and hold the line unitil the rest of you team dies. Toolbox for arty detracking you constantly.
  23. @Folterknechtmy has started being woken up out of sleep randomly, at like 1-2am and shining bright light in my face while im trying to sleep. it seems to be coming from the update orchestrator service. (I've had windows update disabled for about 6 months) I disabled the service, and then I went and disabled wake timers, neither have worked. any more ideas? 

    1. Folterknecht


      1) Only post when you are actually awake ;-)


      2) Check BIOS for "wake up event settings". Wake up by mouse for example, would be a pretty bad idea in an land like NZ I imagine with all those earthquakes you guys have there. Disable everything beside the methode you actually use to wake your PC.

      3) I personally don't use sleep mode, but isn't there a way to check what triggered the wake up in Windows? Google might have some answers.

    2. Medjed


      I like how everyone with a PC problem immediately summon almighty Folter :MingLee:

    3. Haswell


      Unplugging your ethernet cable or turning off the wireless works. Can't update if it can't phone home.

  24. WoT Encore results!

    I have 1070 and i5 6600k with 16gb of ram but based on my supertest and beta experiences with 1.0 I can't focus on shit because I'm looking at the water, trees, rumbling through fences etc. if I'm playing on max, high or even medium so the only option will be the pulling every settings on minimum so I can focus on the game itself. The harder part will be that I'm no longer can esteem the distances in the game so I will hug the redline in the first month probably.
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