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  2. BlitzReaper

    [NA] Haven't played in what feels like a year!

    Please do yourself a favor and don't start again It's not as if there isn't enough reasons to commit suicide
  3. Today
  4. Last time i tried playing on HK I could not drive my tank properly.
  5. BlitzReaper

    Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread

    How do I make this tank work? I'm not very used to 5 degrees of gun depression but I slowly got used to it. I'm always trying to hulldown properly, and manage an acceptable DPG @ around 2.5k, but I always seem to lose no matter what, even if I'm trying my best to be a good teammate. I have sub 50% wr in this :/
  6. Ham_

    T-34 Shielded, What to Expect

    Nothing, just a little bonus with 25000 gold
  7. Haswell

    T-34 Shielded, What to Expect

    Lots of people will go beyond what is considered reasonable just to get something marked "free". Doesn't matter what it is or what you need to do in order to get it, as long as it's "free" they will do anything. Including playing a dreadful game. Or forking money over to a dreadful company for "free" things.
  8. Strigonx

    T-34 Shielded, What to Expect

    its a tier 5, literally who cares about some shitty premium noone's gonna play outside the first 5 matches
  9. Ezz

    T-34 Shielded, What to Expect

    44100r is very decent... for a free premium... that's a tier 8... that's a med... in 357.... ok, so it's a bit shit... but at the good end of the shit spectrum.
  10. hazzgar

    T-34 Shielded, What to Expect

    wz111 was decent. Pilot was sub par but ok. FV was trash.
  11. Strigonx

    T-34 Shielded, What to Expect

    Shit premium to justify a month and half marathon. What else did you truly expect?
  12. Dont come back, not worth it. Unless you wanna get frustrated with a broken MM, armor kreep, premium ammo usage and similar things. It is not worth your money.
  13. 20% off coupon, can only use on Prem (306 days currently) or a tank:

    AMX M4 mle. 49, Strv S1, 112, AMX CDC, STA-2, M4A1 Rev?

    Or rebuy one of the ones I didn't mention for the discounted gold?

    Training is not a consideration, more just collecting.

    1. leggasiini


      Out of those? Rev or Strv S1.

      M4 49 is just not fun to play at all.

      112 has ass pen so you gotta spam HEAT to do something.

      CDC should be avoided for obvious reasons.

      STA-2 is nothing special, just a mediocre 240 alpha single shot medium.

    2. hazzgar


      Do you like vision games? If yeah get the s1. If not the rev. People complain about ikea tds because they are bad for the game but they can be fun to play if you are good at vision

    3. ZXrage


      S1 because it's fun to camp and just chill and do nothing

  14. I typically get 150 - 170ms and haven't noticed much PL - but then i switch back to ANZ for prime time so not sure whether PL is worse when it's busier.
  15. I get 140-160ms on HK from Darwin. Noticeable packet loss at times but I think that has to do with my routing not been optimised just yet. Same shit teams and meta so I'll stick to my 20 minute queue times on ANZ
  16. somewhere between 180-200. Packet loss is ok, some moments of concern but generally ok. I'd try to compare it to NA but I'd be suffering from the grass is greener syndrome.
  17. I got roughly 200-240ms to NA but it was stable as fuck. Whats the ping to HK?
  18. WhenISayBoomISayBOOM

    [NA] Haven't played in what feels like a year!

    I haven't played in forever and was wondering if I could play with a few people that would help me get back into the swing of things. I usually play in the afternoons/evenings. If anyone would like to play and help me knock lots of rust off, please let me know! I'm completely out of touch with the meta, new maps and all the new tanks.
  19. Zepherex

    [NA] Returning after 4 years, want helps relearn the game.

    Need more convincing to commit suicide
  20. HK is worse than SG, but it's not NA bad.
  21. Back to my E-25 abuse, today I one shot a full hp blind E-25 in my S-51. I'm so sorry.

  22. Yesterday
  23. Tfw you lose a 3/5/7 in a t9 and your t10s combined have less dmg than you

  24. BlitzReaper

    [NA] Returning after 4 years, want helps relearn the game.

    Stop it, get some help Seriously why did you even consider starting to play this trash game again
  25. I have enough salt for the next 4 years and a half.

  26. Ham_

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Old Wot with 4 trees with the tier 8 team battles was a legit fun e-sport, no physics and stuff meant less RNG, clear choices between AMX 50 100/T32/IS-3/KT depending on map etc.
  27. Pro ships players, tldr of how2play Yamato in current meta? 

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