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  2. I think the problem is that I play all casement TDs as assault guns and this was definitely not suitable for assault gun play. The SU will bounce a shot occasionally and the alpha is enough to make same tier tanks shy, plus it has good pen for tier. Trying to follow behind heavies in this tank is pretty useless.
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  4. Here's my answer to that debate, from many pages ago...
  5. >Shut off canister filter

    >Clean fish tank for 2.5 hrs

    >Turn on canister filter

    >Filter pump out shit ton of slim


    1. sohojacques


      Thanks for reminding me why I no longer have a fish tank.

  6. You'll get alpha at tier 7. It goes from 240 (6)->390 (7)->560 (8)->750 (9 & 10)
  7. Did I hear the new tanks hit test today (18th)? Anyone seen stats?
  8. Im at the t6 so far, and i im afraid this is gonna be a long grind, the maps dont rally favor turretless TDs without armour / gun arc / alpha dmg...
  9. Does it still require line of sight to fuck up my game? Yes? Then as far as I'm concerned it will never be as cancerous/grief-inducing as artillery. Besides, it apparently has been nerfed. Regardless, as top tier reward it wouldn't exactly be widespread, and rarely in the hands of yoloing shitters.
  10. I see and play the t49 quite often and if the waffle returns there will be even more out.
  11. 122mm all the way, 2 shotting tier 6 tanks / t7 TDs + actually hurting higher tiers is far better as the more ``reliable`` dmg the 100mm gives. Especially against t8 heavys having 390 alpha dmg allows you to atleast outplay them (you can trade shots and often have mobility advantage)
  12. I drove several rounds with the SU76 on a community event. It was fun, but not 300€ fun
  13. Your all morons short of memory if you think the Waffle Truck wont be the #1 cancer of the game within 10 seconds after its reintroduction... X3n4 was streaming, he was wrecking some random bobs on Tundra in E50m (was tundra with E50m i think) when he drove down from hill to win the game, when a random waffle popped up, said waffle was hiding all game behind a rock, not spotted, total moron place, buuuuut: 5x560 dmg with 270 pen, GG, fuck you, your dead. a Waffle is 10x more annoying as an Fv4005 or Foch-155, both of those have awefull gun handling and need mega RNG to actually kill you, an Waffle? even with only 2 / 5 hits, he STILL removes 1100 hp, and with 3 hits, its almost game over. And due to turret + speed + gun handling, it could fuck you at any range, 30 or 300m, doesnt matter, if a waffle spots you in the open, you get fucked, you cant outplay him, or avoid him, if he camps like a who, and he wants you dead, YOU WILL GO DEAD... ps: perhaps if WG nerfs it to dust its not that awefull, but the old waffle, with gun hanlding, and 5x560 dmg is pure aids ps ps: and arty wont balance it, because there is far less arty as before, same no sane person plays the sheridan of T49, only the Type 4 and 6 are decent waffle counters, and thats it
  14. I think it's fun. Currently at 20 games @ 67% WR somehow, afraid to touch it now because I know it'll only get worse. Not saying it's OP, or even good - however it is fun, and can turn the tide of battle in one or two clicks. Here I nail a Maus for 1850 with one shot. Feelsgoodman.jpg
  15. Bought the FV 4005!
  16. I think the 2nd 122 is before the tank on the research path, while on the IS-3 you need only the 1st one, so that could explain the lower XP cost kinda like how they did with the amx65t
  17. That's about how I've been trying to play it, although doubtless with far less efficacy than you...
  18. I had a surprisingly easy time in the IS, ground out 100K XP (just to be sure) without breaking a sweat. What with the +48% bonus and 2x XP events, it was a piece of cake and the tank was fun to play. 390 alpha at tier 7 on a mobile chassis is pretty potent. Trade and bully lower tiers, hide vs higher tiers, poke out, punch them for 390.
  19. Better estimates from ST (I think): IS-M (HT-8): 58,000 XP --- 2,550,000 credits Object 705 (HT-9): 144,900 XP --- 3,570,000 credits Object 705A (HT-10): 162,300 XP --- 6,100,000 credits Object 257 (HT-9): 142,700 XP --- 3,560,000 credits Object 430 (MT-9): 142,950 XP --- 3,460,000 credits Object 430U (MT-10): 287,000 XP --- 6,100,000 credits Object 268 V.4 (TD-10): 215,300 XP --- 6,100,000 credits
  20. Really? I was assuming +/- 80k, based on the 77k needed for the IS3 (and the advice QB gave in his vid on the subject). Would be nice if I could bank the extra XP...
  21. Bring it back, please. I'll be happy (player) to take T49 buddy with me and do something nasty. #makederpporngreatagain
  22. They sell cancer tanks to help newborns. Sounds creepy.
  23. Purchased:
    'Object 430' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  4,270,000.

    First RU med, in time for the patch. 

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      i finished the grind last night myself, now im grinding exp on the IS for the new heavy tanks

    2. Meirzin


       Congrats, still 100k exp and 6 mil credits short myself. 

    3. Tarski


      I have ~20k to go on the IS-3 --> T-10 grind and ~45k to go on the IS --> IS-M grind. I don't think there's any way I'll do the Obj 263 grind before the patch since I only have the tier 7 unlocked and don't even have a crew for it. 

      I used the Holiday Ops discount on the 430 to save a couple million credits. That sure was a nice holiday event. 

  24. Leaving base is over rated. New WG model will be 28 tanks hugging perimeter red-ring of fire while a pair of T-100LTs circle one another in the middle of map trying to spot other teams bush wookies. Besides, WG will probably just sell the WTE-100 during the WGL GF as a tier 8 premium in a $300 bundle of joy.
  25. well it's a charity event after all
  26. Pub Forum Diaries #6: Guy who pulls 39% in a T29 is angry people call him a bot. 

    1. TheTrojanWarrior


      Wouldnt this be #5 since your last one about the AMX 13 105 was #4

    2. hazzgar


      I was wondering what was my last one but missing numbers is kinda in tone with the overal stupidity of the pub forum so assume it's a joke and not a stupid mistake on my part :P

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