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  2. And that’s before buff.
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  4. STB 1 3 MoE Done, wasnt has hard as i expected


  5. I own the T-34-3. If I now buy T-34-3 on sale in premium shop do I get its full value in gold even though it is also on sale ingame for gold?

    1. hall0


      I played with the same thought, but ingame has the sale as well.So you will only get the -30% gold value. 

    2. Fulvin


      thanks. I was thinking to use my coupon to get 11k gold for 20€ that way, but I guess not

    3. hall0


      Check Warplanes shop. They do have some specials too. Maybe they have something discounted you need. Unlike Warships, Warplanes shares Premiumtime and Gold. 

  6. HELP
    I saved the 20% discount coupon WG gave me for killing two or three arties for this black friday. 

    But to be honest. The offers suck. Not even a Berlin tank. Is there any T8 premium tank worth getting? I already have S1, Ravioli, Löwe and T34,

    The only new Tank they offering is the Chinese TD but I don't plan to grind this line in the near future or ever. T34-3 could have its moments after the buffs but I do already own a Type59. IS6 and 112 are powercreeped to death. 

    Hows the Panther 88? 

    1. Kolni


      Panther 88 is ridiculous garbage as a tier 8 right now, 30% of the T8s that people play or pretty much immune to you frontally and up the tiers it gets even worse. DPM is great and gun works fine but the pen is just such a giant issue

  7. It may not be worth the search function and starting 2 topics but it's also one of the best t8 premiums.
  8. Noobs dont understand what an op tank is. Many of them still think VK1001p is balanced. Also it is an unpopular line, always was so why are you surprised?
  9. Idiot forum won't let me reply

    Yoloing and hoping it works out is a great way to get dead in the T-100. Not sure how you got the impression that's the proper engagement! Active spotting is just 1 tool for the T-100 but the accel, profile, armor and 42% camo make the enemy connection very infrequent. 

    In the T-100 there is no engagement to far away, no flanking maneuver you can't reasonably do. And no situation you cannot drive away from.

    The guys above have it right, the RhmPz and Sheridan are the most medium like, but they're also just blah low hp, pen accuracy mediums with some speed and camo. The T-100 is the best LT in the game though and the one every other LT driver fears.

  10. Check @CarbonWard review on it. Cant remember where it is
  11. that doesn't mean its a rip off. its still a tank, worth X amount of money, thats half off. the whole package isn't worth your money. but you aren't being ripped off by buying it. you aren't paying more for any one tank than you normally would (hell with the BT-SV and other rarer expensive tanks in there you're probably paying much less than the realistic 'value' of them) but 81 tanks, at $909 is $11 per tank. compared to buying them individually, its a bargain. but its still an idiotic bundle and no one should be dumb enough to actually buy it.
  12. Optics/Rammer/Vents or GLD. Its a turretless medium
  13. What was the FIRST thing I said? Well, lets see: Oh, ok. So you call me retarded and then refute an argument I NEVER MADE? Classy.
  14. I remain unconvinced. You'd expect an OP tank to be played considerably more often than the rather obscure already KV4 for example.
  15. I'd say you're better off with optics. How aggressive you can be depends on the matchup, top tier you can be pretty aggro coz only heavies/TDs can pen you without prem. If you're not top tier you want to be playing more in the second line, trying to poke when they're distracted or reloading. And try to use your gun depression as much as possible, using full 6 degrees takes your armour from 215ish to 250ish. There should be a decent amount of FT games in here:
  16. Wow. Just wow EDIT: And they don't even throw in the Pz 3J or anything else like that. Triple-wow.
  17. Is the Lowe worth getting? I need a crew trainer for German heavies but I also need to make decent credits in competitive tank..
  18. Is the Lowe worth getting? I need a crew trainer for German heavies but I also need to make decent credits in competitive tank..
  19. I think one of the main reasons is, that it is not played by many at the moment despite it is OP. Most players played the line to get the FV heavy. Few OP Cearns as enemies equals less whining the forums.
  20. The smaller packages on WOWs are better I think, plus there are more viable premiums in WOWs, off the top of my head most higher tier WOWs premiums range from average to down right OP, so even if you have to pay for some crappy low tier premiums you'll never play, getting the 50% discount on the higher tier ones is a good deal. No Belfast or Kutuzov in any of those bundles though which is interesting. As many have said most of those tanks there have always been crap/have been powercrept to hell/are duplicates. If there ever was a time to slip a Type 59 into something though......... Also WGEU in sensible premium shop offer shock. 30% of tier 8 premiums and some of them even come with 10 x5 missions as well.
  21. Cannot really make this tank work for me. I'm a bit confused because people say use binocs and view range which suggests being quite passive but also it suits in-your-face aggressive play style. Any tips?
  22. With the new Badger even gold amo won't safe us. It is time to stock up on HE. Type 5 ftw
  23. That is what I meant, generally the OP tanks, people start forum threads on them and complain about them, I've seen not a peep so far about the Caernarvon since it was released. There were a few threads when the buffs were announced but not much since then. It might be borderline OP or maybe situationally OP but it's on a tier with the likes of the Defender and VK 1001P, so it's a way behind those tanks.
  24. 57mm Seal Clubbing - 2K damage, 8 kills

    Victory Swamp KV-1 Experience received:4,779   ( x2)    60,578    Battle achievements Top Gun, High Caliber, Defender, Radley-Walters's Medal, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" Mission completed! Reward: Emblem added Personal Reserves: Additional Free Experience per Battle (x1) Repairs:    -2 970   Ammunition:    -45 640   Total:    11 968      WN8: 10 925 (100)

    1. TohtoriP


      Man, your ammo costs in these status updates are insane...

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