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  2. That guy drives the VK 100.01 P just so he can shove other heavies around the brawling zones like a shitty snowplow.



  4. Bolshevik, i missed you! play with me sometime m8
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  6. DezGamez using my gameplay, not sure I've ever been on Youtube before:


  7. Absolute gold. Have an upboat on this forum. Zynth's quote in full: <Fap> It was an amazing gun platform. <Fap> Fast firing low alpha, high DPM gun. <Fap> A bit disappointed they gutted its DPM in favour of more penetration. <Fap> It also rammed like a boss, 40 tons going 60km/h is devastating to other light tanks. <Fap> One of my most memorable kills was taking out an AMX 13 90 (Tier 8 then) from full to zero in a single downhill ram. <Fap> <Fap> It could also ram above its weight category, albeit more costly to your own tank. I have rammed and killed T28s, IS-7s and Chinese heavies. <Fap> <Fap> <Fap> <Fap> It was however hard to use. <Fap> <Fap> Many thought it was too big to effectively passive scout and too slow to effectively active scout. <Fap> (Hint: It actually could) This unpopularity led to its nickname or the Awful Panther and eventual replacement by the SP 1 C. <Fap> <Fap> <Fap> <Fap> Not really a "good tank" but one that I have strong attachment to. <Fap> <Fap> Took me a while to understand how she works, but loved it to bits in the end. <Fap> If everyone had a "signature tank", the Aufklärungspanzer would be mine. <Fap> <Fap> <Fap> <Fap> <Fap> <Fap> <Fap> <Fap> <Yeaahhh...>
  8. Just waiting for my 2nd for the week.
  9. Maybe needed to be in meme form. Remember, puerile humour appeals best to those less accustomed to interpreting the written form.
  10. I'm a philistine - I just don't get it.
  11. Well Siggs as i had to acknowledge a warning prior to posting in that thread, i felt it was a little too early to be that cheeky.
  12. And we won't force you to play with me!
  13. Tried playing T-100LT in ranked, won 2 out of 10, 100% of losses were completely unwinnable, and 100% of games were utterly boring.

    1. CraBeatOff


      I'm probably online soon for actual fun

    2. TheChang


      Same actually. But it was fun going fast, zoom zoom

    3. CraBeatOff


      Scratch that. 45 minutes about hardwood floor cleaners and picnic blankets. On par with ranked battles in terms of fun.

  15. @Ezz I wonder if @Zynth has finished fapping yet?
  16. who sed IS-6 in need of buoff? RASHA BIATCH

  17. So do lots of other tier 8s that have worse accuracy, worse DPM, worse pen and worse mobility.
  18. Both of these tanks look really good compared to regular tech tree tanks. The trend continues... I don't get introducing another tier 8 premium German light tank. Why wouldn't the Walker Bulldog by in the USA tech tree? It's laziness/cheapness in creating new models I guess...
  19. How the fuck does my paint gag not get one fucking upboat? Seriously. Fucking philistines.
  20. I had tons of fun with its tier 7 counterpart when I had it. BUT maps were different back then. Sniping with this in this meta will be hard. I want more DPM for it. E25 levels of DPM. It sees 10s afterall.
  21. Doubt the turrets are MM related. I mean that would imply most balance decisions are related to anything actually happening in the game. (eg t54 / 140 etc.) On the MM - i honestly don't get why it took so long for people to fully digest what the 'improved' MM was going to mean. It was pretty obvious from the get go that it was going to mean more bottom tier games for people. Perhaps they believed WG's justification that being bottom tier would be fun because you have lots of other poor sods bottom tier with you.
  22. Do you think these turret buffs are related to, or in response to, the growing awareness that tier 8 matchmaking is completely garbage? The YouTube community seem to have taken up the tier 8 mm as a cause. First it was Ageing Jedi then the next day Quickybaby releases a video saying tier 8 mm is broken don't buy pref 8s, don't play tier 8 unless you're forced to and then just accept that you have to use prem ammo. etc etc I hope the rest of the YTers also release videos saying the same things.
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  24. Very difficult for the same participation as winning tends to mean extra damage and kills etc.... but assuming it was possible - the winning modifier is 1.5x from memory. Ie let's say two teams go full retard, no damage to anyone, a dude caps for the win and you have two dudes who did bugger all - the loser may get 50xp, while the winning equivalent would get 75xp.
  25. Does winning get you roughly twice the XP you'd get if you lost/drawn? - assuming your level of participation & contribution was identical.
  26. Estimating is a broad term for having a stab. Hence to take a stab i'd say if you were a passive player you'd clearly have had your best XP games on losing teams and done relatively little in the games you won.
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