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  2. Is there any good reason to pick up the top engine on the WZ 111 1-4? Spending 46k xp for 20 horsepower doesn't seem like a judicious use of resources, and I haven't noticed that I need more module health.

    1. RC_Tank


      I haven't, but I'm keeping the tank so I will eventually.

  3. Have you tried it with the 122mm? The DPM seems pretty absurd for a brick heavy.
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  5. Unfortunately marksOnGun appears to be part of the data that requires an access token.
  6. It's not. I've driven Type 5s across there several times
  7. jeez ranked past rank 10 is just a constant swarm of super conquerers...

  8. Hey folks! Thought it was about time to share my YouTube channel here. Some of you might recognize me, I have been playing with MAHOU for the past 3 years and more recently I have been hitting some top DPGs on NA. I make videos fairly inconsistently and barely anyone watches them but I think they are at least mildly interesting if not helpful. Here is the link: Some of my tier 10 3rd marks and stats. I am currently going to university and working part time as a lifeguard so I probably won't be uploading super frequently (mainly I am just super lazy). This is my last video on my current fav tank the Obj. 430U, which I also believe to have the 1st 3rd mark on NA for. pls come leave a comment so I have someone to talk to ;_; well thanks for the read guys! Also, if anyone wants to platoon to be mentored or just to boost win rate send me a message in game.
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  10. After an year absent from the game, I found SEA player base has downed to half. T8 is really toxic. ANZ server is flooded by sub 45%er. Damn it the short ping actually makes the game somewhat enjoyable. SG is still shit.

  11. IS is still decent but only because I seem to get a lot more top tier matches in it than I do in anything T8+. It's great at facepunching tier 6's for 400 alpha, never ended up trying the 100mm gun. Anyways, the main reason I want the 705A is cause it looks cool and a 650 alpha soviet heavy sounds fun, so once I eventually get it I'll leave my thoughts in here after I play some rounds in it on live.
  12. Ack, I just randomly checked these forums. If no one else has, I'll see what I can do to pass it along.
  13. I have witnessed a player with 33% wr with a e25 in 85 games.... I honestly wanted to congratulate him. It must require some skill to lose this much.

    1. cpraf104


      There was a guy with a 42% WR bitching about noobs in one of my games. Told him in a post-game PM that there were bots that won more than him and he should seriously reconsider his life choices.


    2. Darvek


      May sound hard to believe, but that's actually a small sample of games. Win rates can easily swing 20% or more in samples under a few hundred games.

  14. I said bigger frontal weakspot - you can pen the little radar bar: with most Tier 10 regular rounds (albeit not reliably because lol 25% rng lol 250mm "weakspot), the problem is that the damn thing moves too fast to get a reliable shot off on it. Nerfing the mobility gives you a much better chance to both hit it, and not have the stupid fucking thing retreat behind cover in half a second like it can now, without having to sling HEAT at the UFP. That being said, giving it a bigger weakspot would arguably still make it more frustrating to play - nobody likes getting shot. No matter what you do, making it less frustrating to play against will make it more frustrating to play - the goal is to find the sweet spot where the tank isn't absolute cancer for one side or the other. Or they can go true WG style and make it cancer for both groups - see artillery.
  15. I was surprised you wanted to grind a crew there. I'd get t150 or kv2 but IS? That tank was good 2+ years ago
  16. kurwa the IS sucks so much dick, first 10 games it was fun, now the fuckbad gun is rage inducting, might just switch the crew over alrdy
  17. Sorry mate but every tank needs weakspots. Stop thinking like WG morons because that is what you are doing. Making the tank more frustrating to play instead of making it less frustrating to play against.
  18. Spawned on the wrong side of the map on hill in ranked ? Well too fucking bad ! Now try to win with them having hill and crossfire your ass. 

  19. eeh come on. It's a heavy so you can play with no 6th without losing much
  20. Found the ism significantly better for tier than the 705, despite being a tier 8. Basically killed any rush to grind the 10. Legga summed the 9 up nicely, good turret but that's about it.
  21. 3 games straight of highway south in ranked

    3 4min games

    3 chevrons

    fuck u wg

    1. DirtyACE7


      You lost 3 or gained 3 chevrons?

    2. Kolni


      gained :doge: 

  22. tfw you get your tokens in one go

  23. I first need to grind 6e sense on the IS before i can start playing the IS-m, so is gonna take me atleast 6 months before i have the tx unlocked
  24. quite frankly the platform is meh/10 at best. for me it was the gun that made me say "fuck this". other than alpha the gun really has no upsides at all
  25. What century do we live in where two dudes can't suck each other off while playing some tonks?
  26. It needs one or the other. A large mobility nerf would negate the need for a bigger frontal weakspot - call it like 35 forward/10 or even 5 reverse, nerf terrain resistances a little bit so it can't power up hills the way it does now, same hull traverse speed... or make it easier to pen frontally without gold so you can't just yolo out, aim while bouncing everything, and then duck back into cover after firing. I like that it rewards aggressive gameplay, but it goes way too far in enabling bullshit yolo strats that you can't even think about trying to pull in pretty much any other tank.
  27. 705A side armor seems to not have tier 9 trolliness. Boat hull does not go all way down, instead its "normal" vertical non-angled armor behind tracks. Even tier 7 would have no problems penetrating that with normal ammo as long as they would aim low enough.
  28. I started the IS-M thread because that's the tank I'm currently on, lel. I haven't played the 705A on live but I've not had much trouble against them yet - they usually give me their LFP and the LFP is garbage just like the IS-7's
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