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  2. @Never EU not working for me, same error
  3. TheChang

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    In my experience, the majority of my fires are from fuel tanks, not the engine. The fuel tanks get hit really often on the T-100, hence your burning a lot. It's not worth dropping food though on a tank that needs it so much for the camo/viewrange. Run the fire-fighting directive, it costs 2 bonds per game, which at tier 10 you should still make a profit, and makes you burn a lot less when you are lit on fire (around 4 ticks?). Also, since kits are reusable now, pay attention if your fuel tank gets damaged and repair that asap.
  4. Canadian_Reaper

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    Does this thing burn easily or have a just had a super shitty streak? (yes I know, if I don't want to burn, don't get spotted or hit) But the fire chance is supposed to be 10%, I've played 12 games in it and been lit up in 10. I run food instead of AFE, but really thinking I might need to change that.
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  6. hazzgar

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    Don't. My laptop can't handle post 1.0 graphics so I can only maintain wr over 55% in lights and the bobject. Fuck me I even average 2000 in t62a... Also there are better people than me to make you feel bad here I'm just a scrub who barely maintains light purple recents when his big pc works
  7. More WT memes 



  8. nabucodonsor

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    I was going to upvote you but damn you made me feel like shit

    8k (almost 5k direct dmg) combined on Erlemberg in a t49. This game can still be fun.

  10. hazzgar

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    It sounded like a strange opinion from you I have had shit luck with my 1114 too. 56% for 2450dpg...
  11. hazzgar

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    Why are you asking me that? I'm not the one saying you need to run this with 90% gold? Also not someone. I mentioned m6. I explicitly mentioned that m6 goes 35 vs 50 for this. The problem is this reaches 50 only on long downhills while it cruises at 38 vs 33 for m6. Please read my previous posts Read my post about m6 vs p43 comparison. P43 is better in: - 15kph better top speed - It's smaller - It has better hull armor - Hull and track bloom M6 is better in: - standard pen - prem pen - shell speed - accuracy - aim time - Turret bloom - gun depression - power to weight - quickybaby doesn't say it's a good tank This shows p43 is a squished m6 that got some extra hull armor and size, a top speed it reaches as often as an amx 40 for a much worse gun and less gun depression. As for top3 t6 tanks - I take type64, t37, t34-85m, vk3001p, Skoda 25, Strv 74, su100 over it. I'm with circon here that the tier7 is much better. 53%wr on t6, 64% on t7.
  12. nabucodonsor

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    It doesnt I was just trolling you mate XD. But I do have a higher WR with my t100. That is because I have a whopping 42% with my 5a with 2,8k dmg average.
  13. UrQuan

    Name and... Praise?

    I like to name & praise this Progetto for being an awesome teammate: Red_Terror_777. He sure lived up to his name: First he helps me to rip out the HP of the enemy Object 907 ( Our object 430 assists at end & takes him out) while our other tanks ran off. Then we both hold this corner, while our Tiger II makes sure he is of zero use & our two meds decide chasing that T-54 lwt is the best use of their time. I use my armor to hold off the Lowe & track+damage the Type 4 each time he tries to peek so he can't fire. Meanwhile, Progetto rips anything apart that tries to flank us. Together we hold & take down the enemy city team. Could never have done it without this Progetto driver! Progetto got Topgun & me a Steel Wall; it was one neat game.
  14. hazzgar

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    The nerf did nothing
  15. @hazzgar you have 140 pen at tier 6. Why do you need gold ? I finished with like 1.5k dpg with like 10% gold (if even..) i did run food thought like all tier 5 tanks and above. has armor details again. Did any of you check the armor ? Someone mention M6. But did you see that it has better armor than an M6 ? One goes 50 the other 35.. Everybody has it's own opinion i guess but it's clearly in the top 3 of tier 6 tanks imo. People complain about shell velocity and i agree but it's only and issue in a few shots every few games unless completely sniping from the back. which is probably why people complain about the penetration also...
  16. I like to name & shame/praise 6 artilleries from an Airfield match. First the 3 artilleries on our team; for not being able to land some decent shots; apparently hitting an O-ho was beyond their skill-level. O-ho was giving us such a hard time at Airfield rocks that in the end, our team decided to man up & rush him. Because obviously our arty couldn't hit it. Then the enemy artillery fired. I like to praise them for their pinpoint accuracy. They could what our artillery did not; take out the O-ho. After that: steamroll ahoy!
  17. Kolni

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    My bets for the group: this is the highest goal avg/game WC's ever had. I'd be surprised if there are any goalless games until matchday 3 tbh 1-1 Mexico vs Germany (wrong), rip my billion dollars from unibet 1-1 Mex-Swe Safe bet, won't be goalless but hard to see who wins it (Mexico has better players but Sweden has better synergy) so it's reasonsble. Mexico scoring early putting pressure on Sweden means a different result though. Sweden sucks from behind. 3-1 Mex-Korea (Mexico has a much higher pace but korea plays smarter football with a lot of leaps and finding gaps within the defense so I doubt Mexico will keep the 0) 2-0 Swe-Kor, slower pacing than Mexico but much better squad synergy for Sweden 2-2 Ger-Swe, a history of draws between them and without Zlatan sweden struggles getting through their backline but they're a fresher squad with better tempo imo, Toivonen will score though. 4-0 Ger-Korea. Defenders are too good. No way they get through or are able to punish on germany moving up the ball along with their team to the enemy territory.
  18. Kolni

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    I think it might be during the playtimes of the actual WC, probably more intended for LATAM that have football as an identity/lifestyle.
  19. Ezz

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    What was your final pick for ger-mex?
  20. Kolni

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    If anyone wants to make some money I've guessed the winner in every game so far and scores right in all but Russia-Saudi and Portugal-Spain I'm on my phone so cba to look over the games but a few things: Croatia is the best team in their group, Argentina looks better forward but Croatia has 5 CL finalists on their starting roster that people don't respect at all. Argentina lacks in defense and plays super heavily on possession on the opposing side of the field. Argentina is weak against teams that can keep their defense closed and not let people in between them, Iceland even got to pressure Argentina LUL Germany is the best team in their group but their squad is getting older, so younger teams can play a higher tempo and eventually wither them down. Mexico and Sweden have free wins there if they strangle germany's ability to systematically move the ball up. Mexico has a history of losing against Germany (never won in WC) but haven't lost their opening game in 24 years. Worth considering. Colombia has two free wins basically. England has a free group considering their squad is plug n play from the Spurs and should have a more sophisticated playstyle than before. Uruguay has the best offense in the entire WC hands down but Egypt has Salah so you never know, he started benched tho so who knows. Russia won't make it out of groups even with home-turf. You should consider the dynamic of the rosters who face each other rather than who the better team is. My Iceland-Argentina bet gave me a nice payday just saying Edit: I know Ger-Mex has finished already but I havent watched it yet, no spoliers pls
  21. hazzgar

    I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread

    How does that disprove what I've said ? On general people have lower WR in t10 lights. All people. Even unis don't do so well in them. Hell I'm a very focused light player (650+ battles in ELC EVEN since I'm a masochist) and I still only pull 56-59% wr in my t10 lights. As for using "I have some wr in tank x therefore it's good" - I've had 61% wr in pre changes Vk1001a when I was a 52% noob. I also pulled 63% on m103. Doesn't mean they are good.
  22. If you think 3/5/7 is unfair try 2/5/8 on mannheim line. Our team has a bobject and wz1115, their team has an amx 50 and a strv-b. 

    Guess the result? 

    1. simba90


      your bobject camped in the back corner doing two shots of damage and your wz drowned himself after declaring the "XVM gives us 46% chance to win". - My experience with pub 'teammates' from this weekend.

    2. hazzgar


      @simba90 thankfuly I was the bobject and the wz1115 platooned with me right away and was a moderately competent player. Don't have xvm but he played like someone with 53% WR. Lost waaaay too much hp for nothing but pushed forward with me when I pressed W for Win in my still belenced tonk. 


      On a side note yeah I played 1 game on the bobject. It's as broken as it was before. I feel no difference.

  23. Why the fuck did I drop 40 fps after the update? Gfx settings still the same

    used to play with 110 normal fps, occasionally dropping to 80 at the worst, now I'm having ~60 fps, dropping to 40 every few seconds

    1. MagicalFlyingFox


      Its because of preferential matchmaking.


      All those preferential matchmaking tanks ruining your fps.

  24. When's new patch coming over to the server?
  25. So I decided to import my midlife crisis directly from Japan... Before anyone asks, no I don't know what an Initial D is :panting:. When I started doing a bit of research on getting one imported, the name kept coming up. I actually thought they were a tuning company or something at first like TRD.

    I then figured out it's a Japanese comic. This explains why all the kids have gone crazy for these and the prices have gone crazy. Lucky for me that it's the Trueno hatchback version they all want. I like the Trueno's but have always preferred the Levin Booter version...  I struck gold with this car. It has had a complete rust proofing carried out on it. The engine came out and the bay was treated and primed as was the boot(trunk). It also had a complete engine rebuild. Toda Racing cams, Toda Racing pistons, piston rings, Toda Racing valve springs, Toda Racing head gasket, Toda Racing oil cooler. It also has a 2 way Cusco diff and a set of fully adjustable suspension. Attached is a few pictures of it sitting in the port in Japan waiting for export.





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    2. zbran


      Yeah I see what you mean,nice car but...... I think we have very similar criteria when it comes to what we want in an AE86. Discrete mods, as original looking as possible. I want to drive mine every day and occasionally take it to a track day. The one I got ticked all the boxes for me. It's actually the top spec GT Apex model, and the best part is it still has it's entire original interior! Ok so the interior is D grade, but so what, a good clean and some minor repairs almost always bring it up to a C grade. Having the original drivers seat is unbelievably rare as it's almost always removed for a bucket seat. If you're lucky it would be replaced with a Bride seat, but not everyone has good taste :-).

    3. orzel286


      That's a nice piece of midlife crisis.

      Oh, @Assassin7 hope you like these "remixes" - imo perfect for drifting to sleep:

    4. Assassin7


      Yeah. If I had an AE86, id be unoriginal and have the white/black panda trueno, and probably similar rims to the watenabes that are on the Initial D AE86, but mainly because I think they look really good. Though if I was actually doing it I would probably choose something different. But Id have to be able to daily it, cant afford to own a daily and a weekend car. 

      But hey, this is my car lol:


      Fully original Integra Type R. Factory recaros and everything.

  26. Fulcrous

    Show Off Your Rig

    I still have to organize the textbooks I no longer need on the right hand side of my desk xd @MAJEST1C Looks sick. Although I would take the time to do a manual OC to get the most out of your machine.
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