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  • Errants

    Victory Arctic Region Churchill VII Experience received:5,442   ( x2)    46,925    Battle achievements Expert: U.S.A., Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" Mission completed! Reward: Personal Reserves: Additional Experience per Battle (x1) Repairs:    -2 041   Ammunition:    -29 500   Consumables:    -6 000   Total:    9 384      WN8: 4 969 (100)


    And now free of you as well, asshole tank!

  • Raj

    Just how high is btc gonna go? God damn.

  • hiipanda

    wait, sisters in arms got changed to brothers in arms?

  • dualmaster333

    Am I have a bad run or are there really 3 arty every game right now? Playing the Lowe is not fun when you're constantly stunned...

  • DirtyACE7

    Being completely honest, is it really worth doing a premium tank trade?

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