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  • nabucodonsor

    Has anyone got tips pm how to play Fisherman's Bay? I always struggle on it and never know what to do. I generally camp mid but most of the time feels like I am doing nothing.

  • Ham_

    Just won a 2v7 in my Luchs with a Hummel in a tier 6 game with 0:08 on the clock. I think I can quit WoT happily now.

  • hazzgar

    Is it only me or doest the P44 pantera give everyone a huge boner and everyone focuses you?

  • Vindi

    Just had a very chill session, 35 games lost without a win. I never ever had lost this many games in a row or session ever. Astounding. I switched servers twice, nothing happened. Every time 3/4 of my team did 0 damage. I think I've never seen games like these since 2013 or so. Also I'm grateful because once started as a fun hobby, now became a nuisance semi-addiction which I know will quit for a good while. Thank you wg.

  • RC_Tank

    Have some cash to spare, interested in a 50TP since the Polish tree looks really fun so far and I need a good credit grinder other than the Lowe.

    I enjoy the game but I don't want to drop $50 when I could buy an entirely new game for the same price or even a new pair of Chucks.

     Who has one and was it worth the price?

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