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  • Siimcy

    Tried WoT yesterday after months on test server or whatever, man I really don't feel the "hype" anymore, same old really, on the other hand Divinity Original Sin 2 is fucking amazing, never played a crpg before but this is a must buy

  • RC_Tank

    Alright, I have 180k in free XP and like 400 boosters for free XP. I want to grab the 215b before it disappears and I don't have a lot of time to play.

    Where is the free XP best spent on this line? I'm fine with skipping a tank.

  • Tarski

    But...but...but why would 10 of you all want to camp at C1 on Cliff? 

  • Hellsfog

    Loaded up the common test and checked out the new personal missions.  WG uses the orders you earned completing 4 of 5 with honors on the set you didn't finish (arty for me) for the tanks you already earned.

  • Medjed

    I amaze myself how much i can choke in PUBG. Like holy crap, i have the bogey served on a platter and instead of just blowing his brain out, i choke like a retard trying to switch my rifle from single to auto fire. When i actually manage to fire my guns i'm really good at taking down enemies, but then for no reason i choke and die in most incredibly stupid ways.

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