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  • nabucodonsor

    Man I hope WG goes full boomerang with 9.22. Never seen tanks so broken and retarded. 430u makes most of the other mediums obsolete, 257 is retarded, the ISM line is just stupid.

    GJ Murazor you are a 10/10 Dev.

  • skyf24

    What's a decent/easy WoWs prem? Looking for something american or German preferably thats pretty easy to play as i am nub. Friend invited me back so once i get to tier 6 I get a free Texas but wondering if there's any other decent options.

  • MagicalFlyingFox

    Wargaming Decoration Gatcha, ASIA edition. Craft same Tier 5 decoration 5 times in a row, run out of shards to craft more, Can't finish 2nd decoration collection because i didn't get any decorations in my lootboxes. 

    Fucking. Stupid. Sleighs. 

  • Assassin7

    Would the Ryzen 1300X be good for budget gaming (replacing a 3570K with a burned mobo, cant find a new one) or would the Ryzen 1400 be kinda needed @Folterknecht wisdom required

  • RealBattousai

    Purchased: 'Object 430' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  6,100,000.

    Ready for the 430U :)

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