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  • How_Terrible

    This morning in the  WG EU offices:

    WG_EU_Community_Manager: I think we have this under control. At the very least it can't get any worse then it already is.


    This morning in the NA offices:

    WG_NA_Community_Manager:  *walks in, sees that EU is resolving their problem, decides that this just won't stand* HOLD MAH BEEEER!!!!!!!!!!

    Several hours later at the EU offices:

    Jingles: I'm out, bro!

    Random less important CC: Me to!


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    I misspelled grammar Nazi... :(

  • saru_richard

    wonder what kind of questions we are going to see the next time Wargaming does a Q&A?

  • Rspctd


    Draw Battle: Mines Vehicles: 121 Experience received: 1,712 Credits earned: 98,792 Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, High Caliber, Confederate, Mastery Badge: "I Class"



    92-95 8 games

  • robosapieo

    aaaaaaand now the biggest English speaking WoT youtuber is quitting. GG WG you REALLY fucked up big time


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