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  • NightmareMk9

    Day 19 T34B Mission FUCK UP - Wins required.

    I really shouldn't be surprised that WG managed to seriously fuck up another mission, but it is rather frustrating.

    So do I say fuck it and quit?  Do I complete the hellish mission for a free tank i'll probably play once?  Do I complete 30 games in the top 10 and hope WG fixes the mission?

  • ThomChen114

    AT 15' successfully sold.
    Received credits:  1,642,825. 

    Good bye, you mediocre, knee-capping slug.


    'Tortoise' successfully purchased.
    Spent credits:  3,500,000.

    And as a bonus, I already get the L1A1 railgun thanks to my Conway.

  • DirtyACE7

    Watched liquidator (RU streamer) tonight. My god can this man play! Makes every opponent he faces look like a completely retarded bot.

  • DirtyACE7

    Completed the 15th mission to get the T34B. This latest mission marathon proved yet again how many degenerate retards make up the vast majority of the player base.

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