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  • GloriousPotatoes

    So I wanted to try out the 'improved' STBabe no. Uno turret... First game on the test server, with the changed turret, I get penned for 800 (killed me) by a G.w.E I don't know man.

    The following game I got penned for 1800+ by an FV4005, from the front. I assume he hit the side of my frontal hull (there's always been 35 mm cheeks on either side).

    Okay, now this is bullshit. Third game. 1640 by an FV005, again; from the side this time. Not like these two wouldn't have happened before, but damn it I want to test the armor..

    Fourth game? Sheridan in the ass, 895. From 500m kek

    Final game nothing special I'm going to go sleep, without any real test of the armor feelsbadman

  • dualmaster333

    I calculated the bonds per game from medals for a handful of Tier 8 and 9 tanks by looking at medals earned and games played. Most tanks fell in the .15-.40 bonds/game range. That means you can get an improved piece of equipment every 15-25 thousand games! I've always loved WG's generous nature!

  • Assassin7

    Geez, play 4 games at 5.5K combined, mark goes up 1%. Have 1 2K game and it goes down nearly as much. :-/

  • Fulcrous

    Ah... solo tier 10s have become fun again with most of the inept going back down to lower tiers for bonds.

  • HowitzerBlitzer

    Going to try break 30% overall win rateĀ in Conqueror tonight.JwAPqH6.png

    How hard can it be?

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