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  • BlitzReaper


    This is the reason I sometimes wanna kill myself

  • zbran

    I think I am now set for the 9.22 patch. I ended up free xp'ing past the 430 II, it seems like good players can make it work, I just couldn't get it to work for me on any level. I stuck with it until I had the modules unlocked, then used free XP for the 430.

    So I think I have everything in place for the new patch.

    T10 in garage along with the IS7. I think this means I'll get the 257 in my garage when the patch drops.

    430 II in garage, the new rear turret med will come later.

    430 in garage, this goes to tier 9 and I should get the 430U added to my account as a new tier 10.

    Hopefully I'm reading the Russian potato translations correctly about what will happen.

    I'm going to spend the rest of the time putting xp on the T10 and maybe the IS.

  • TAdoo87

    This guy is golden:


    He was pinging the map in his arty to spot a tank from the enemy team that was stuck and couldn't move. I just left the grille there to go to help the other flank since it was close.  The enemy team had three one shots but our arty held the shell for the grille, that couldn't move and when the grille drowned himself, this guy tried to shot me.:gokuderp:

  • Fabunil

    The Object 705A aka what the E-100 "Gr8 Turret M8" wished to be.



    All these new Russian tanks are a pain in the dick to play against though, as crappy as their guns may be.

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