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  • RollerCoaster47


    I went into the theater today with low expectations after the first few DC movies, knowing Justice League probably wasn't going to be that great but.... wow, it kind of sucked actually. I mean, I actually liked Batman V Superman more when it came out and that movie was mediocre (though the Ultimate Edition was decent). Justice League had a rushed plot, forced comedy, plot holes, no Darkseid other than Steppenwolf saying his name once, and a Superman return that felt so underwhelming (spoiler, but come on, everyone knew he'd be coming back in this movie). Not terrible, but even worse than my expectations going into it.

  • Fulcrous

    PUBG as an e-sports works with casters like "Pansy".

  • hazzgar

    How to fail? Flip your tank on a climb while going 5kph. 

  • Haswell

    Received a promo email from AW, saw new maps.


    Is it just me or does it look exactly like Pearl River? :serb:

  • Tarski

    I was grinding the AMX M4 45 to get ready for the new heavy line. 

    I converted some exp -> free exp. 

    Turns out I converted the exp I had saved up on the M4 45. 


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