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  • StormCrowReaperManyHats

    " Take your insults somewhere else you Muppet. And do some research. And I don't play oz server either. Oh and actually someone I know put jets on his tank and hacked it into the American server. The problem was he could not control the pitch etc, but he had a gun on it similar to pz3 guns, but with being able to pen t10 tanks evet shot, with 2 second reload. I seen it did not record it, of course that account of his was perma banned. Anything can be hacked and modded. Open your eyes to the world."

    Jesus Fucking Christ. I wish this was a joke but it's not. Some fucking idiot on the AU/NZ FB page literally used this as an argument about illegal arty mods.

  • Fulcrous

    There's rare moments when I truly do enjoy World of Tanks but they are too few and far in-between. Getting yolo rushed/XVM focused while hiding behind a group of tanks/left to die by the cesspool of humans that shouldn't be allowed to breath...

  • DHP

    Me trying to block 4k in the Tier 10 meta in 2018.



  • kariverson

    This game is ridiculous lol. 4k dpg session only managed to be top dmg once. Always some shitter doing the game of his life xD

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