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  • kariverson

    WG you assholes. You give me 30% coupon and you make the Superpershing tier 8 of the week. Not only I already fucking have it, but it's crap after the the introduction of the broken prems!! So do I get gold if I buy it again? I never really bothered to learn about that. 


  • TAdoo87

    What to grind next. There aren't many line left. These are the lines I didn't grind for yet.

    30B - meh
    TVP - not meta and shit grind
    IS-4- meh
    Pz.7 - meh
    Type5 - fuck this
    FV4005 tempting for the memes

    Fuck the other TDs and ofc fuck arty.


  • Siimcy

    Trade in my JT88 for a T54 Mod1, T-34-3 or the new WZ TD(idk if I really like tds anymore tbh, especially since I own a Skorp already) :thinking:

  • Errants

    In addition to marks being frozen on NA, you can't claim ladies from 15th missions, either.  So, I can't free those orders, and get my Obj 260... Bleh.

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