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  • KruggWulf

    Just curious if the STRV S1 had wn8 values yet? I noticed an account I was playing had an EXTREMELY low 24 hour according to wotlabs after a very good session (according to yasenkrasen, which I think assigns default values to tanks not on the tables based on tier/class iirc), as I had played a few okay games in other tanks that are on the tables for certain.

  • BlackAdder

    Watching @Vetro in 103B, but binos is reseted when tank is on move?! Da fuck?

  • Assassin7

    the fact pubbies in fucking TDs can shoot you TWICE and not turn blue is fucking retarded.


  • FavreFan4ever

    WoT is practically unplayable right now. Want to shoot your gun? Lag spike. Want to move your tank? Lag spike. Want to turn your turret? Lag spike!

    It sure isn't on my end, I'm getting 100+fps and around 40 ping with an Ethernet cable.

  • robosapieo

    So I got back into WoT yesterday after taking a long ass break. This was the first (and only) battle I played


    Gonna go back in, since I need to grind creds. Wish me luck bois cuz I'm gonna need it, if this is what most of the teams are like

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