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  • Vindi

    Of course I got a 20% coupon when I don't want to actually buy anything...gahh

  • ArrogantWorms

    Can someone explain to me why the amount of decent players running around in 430U's spamming HEAT as top tier seems to be going up? Honestly think its time to treat them like Type 5's, focus and nothing else 

  • Draco912

    well after over a decade of wanting to get a racing wheel i now have a logitech g29 but cant really mount it to my current desk since its freakin rounded and not a straight rectangle so im going to see if i can mock up with my uber shit drawing skills a DIY wood wheel and chair stand after i do some more searching to get some ideas in my dumb brain. so excited for F1 2018 and also assetto corsa once everything is done!

  • DirtyACE7

    Over on Reddit a pubbie posts about having a 44% recent win rate while apparently being in the top 11% of all players on the server. He is given advice as to what is most likely happening and why he can't win more. He gets butthurt as apparently that's not the kind of talk he was expecting. Christ! Pubbies these days.

  • Ham_

    Everyone going for 3 marks new Yasenkrasen shows MoE progress after battle beside wn8

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