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  • Kolni


    this tank has got to be the most mediocre tank i've ever played

    it's intraclip makes it so you can only shoot 2:1 in reloads and it's not very good at anything else but then again it's an autoloader so it's still like sorta good but trash at the same time :jebaited: 

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  • Errants

    As frustrating as the game can be, honey works better than vinegar:

    Errants (12/11/2017 12:54:02 AM) Next time, just light, and don't try to kill on your own.
    Errants (12/11/2017 12:54:20 AM) We could've won that, if you'd been patient, and not tried to duel the M3 Lee.
    US M5 (12/11/2017 12:54:40 AM) thanks for being kind
    Errants (12/11/2017 12:56:45 AM) If I bitched you out, you'da ignored me.
    Errants (12/11/2017 12:57:00 AM) If I'm nice, people might learn and improve.
    105Martin (12/11/2017 12:57:09 AM) I appreciate it, thanks

    Tier V battle on Mines, US M5 and me in M37 vs. an O-I Exp., AMX 105, M3 Lee, and SU-85. While he did light, he tried shooting/dueling the M3 Lee frontally, using the autoloader with AP... He lost, and I didn't get enough shots on the M3 to keep him alive. So, I shot a message at the end, trying to help teach scouting - instead of ranting and calling him an idiot. We had a decent conversation, and I think it may help in the future...

    TL;DR - Don't be a shitter to the shitters, instead try to help them, and some of them will want to learn.

  • HowitzerBlitzer

    Just remembered I had this screenshot of E 25 camo at work... h2mLLFu.jpg

    I was only half in the bush, someone got behind me, and didn't spot me.

  • hazzgar

    Arty makes me want to stop playing light tanks. Heavies are fine vs arty but the focus I get in lights plus the new accuracy means that I I'd rather be a Maus on fiery sailent with 3 arty than a light ...

  • hazzgar

    "Some people have the skill to play this thing" - Friendly Churchill GC who died 30s after saying that. OOh the irony.

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