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  • MagicalFlyingFox

    "changes in IS-7 on public test 9.20 are welcome.however they are not enough to make IS-7 compatible with current meta of game.biggest issue with IS-7 is low pen in both AP and APCR rounds.IS-7 needs more pen in both rounds with better gun handling.also to it make more effecting against tank like maus.IS-7 needs better ground resistance,specific power and last but not the least,more armor in hull.

    plz consider these suggestions in to account. i am sure all IS-7 owners will agree on this topic. Thanks"

    Fuck i love the official forums. 

  • kukis12345

    45% bot shoots me twice while he is redlining on prokhorovka. I was farming plebs on the hill the whole time but i guess i should have went in to yoloscout for him. What a fucking spastic , fuck these players they should be put into camps for this kind of behaviour.

  • BlackAdder


    Update: The poll is now closed, and the winning tank is the WZ-111-5A, which will be featured in the Top of the Tree special for September.

    Good this might be usefull TOTT.

  • Assassin7


    memes WG. NA now has 3 servers kappa. 

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