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  • CoolOff

    So from 9.18 forward, what would be the optimal 2-3 LT-setup in your garage for missions?

    I got the tier 8 and 9 for both Frenchies and Germans, not sure what to keep and what to grind towards.

  • Sidus_Preclarum

    So far, I find LTs in 9.18 pretty, pretty fun.

  • PantyHero

    They can make all the changes they want, fact is this game will remain a failure as long as they allow XVM to use their API. Yes Arty was a big problem, but XVM made it an even bigger problem. Why should decent and above decent players be punished harder because of some retarded 3rd party mod? WG will never learn and they will never listen, and that's a fact. 

  • robosapieo

    Fuck this game and fuck the people who made it

    The arty hitting the enemy T25 for 833 towards the start of the video is also a nice meme. So now they're more accurate,aim faster,fire faster,stun you with retarded splash radius and they can still oneshot you. GG WG you've really outdone yourself this time.

  • TohtoriP

    First impressions: total shitters drive high tier lights now. Can´t yet decide of new MM because lights kinda break it.. but holy crap the new arty feels like a smell of fresh air!! Let´s see how this feeling develops.

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