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    derGreatfrederik (Tiger I) : fuk u coward dik sukking scum specially u coward no ham,mer u suk bitches majsteven[RELIC] (T49) : yes someone is mad 09:42 derGreatfrederik (Tiger I) : pak of noplayin coward mr sexiis...go bak to ur barbies, coward bitches Timothy_Leary[FIGO] (FV207) : aloways a pleasure to watch the leet tards die LOL Nixeldon[JIMBO] (Tortoise) : stfu Cl4wHammer[sNS] (Tiger I) : damn hes mad Spartanz1170[sHOJO] (JgTig.8,8 cm) : man what a 12 yearold... majsteven[RELIC...

  • Flametz

    Welp. Small sample sizes + Pershing on good day = lel.

  • Shade421

    You know its time to stop playing when you get plsgo faggots on one team, ad the a red shitlord in a 268 tk'ing purples on the next. seriously, why the fuck are people like this allowed to breed, let alone survive?

  • Cunicularius


  • cavman276

    fuck. reported for provocation and insults.

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