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    Get Your Team to Do What You Want


    Original article by @rocketbrainsurgeon

    Guys, we're losing.  DEFEND HERE!  *pings the map* *watches as your team speeds to defeat, when all it took was one person to take 10 seconds to fix the problem* GAME OVER

    We've all been there: having a great individual game, only to lose because the team just folded like laundry.    If only they responded to your instructions!  Here's some advice on how to get your teammates, in any game, to be more receptive to you.

    YOU take the risk.  Don't ask your teammates to take the risk

    Human beings are risk averse: we biologically and fundamentally hate taking risks if there's a chance of losing.  Yes, even in video games.  If you ask your teammates to do something dangerous and/or uncertain, they're going to refuse you nearly every time.  Ask them to do low-risk activities and assume they'll always refuse high-risk ones.

    Think about what's in it for them

    Humans are fundamentally selfish, and the internet hasn't really helped that phenomenon.  If you are asking them to forgo a chance at personal glory so they can do the dirty jobs for you, you're in for disappointment.  If you're asking them to score the points / get the kills while you do the inglorious dirty work, your success rate will be much higher.

    Become a community icon

    Post on forums, write guides, make sites or videos, etc.  Be a "known" person.  Your teammates will see that as a sign of authority and be more responsive.

    Scale back your expectations on how many people will do what you want

    No matter what you do, there will always be people that just march to their own drum.  That's fine.  If you can alter the decisions of 1-2 people into doing something useful, that's more than you had at the beginning of the game.

    Ask, don't badger

    No one likes to be berated or bossed around, and people hate it even more in a game.  I've never seen people respond positively after turning down the first request, so don't ask more than once. To sum it all up:

    1. Don't ask your opponents to take risks
    2. Give them the glory jobs
    3. Be a community expert or personality
    4. Be realistic about how many people will respond to your requests
    5. Ask once, Ask nice
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