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  • Hoping your opponents suicide isn't a strategy


    Original article by @rocketbrainsurgeon

    Every game, there will be someone saying the following:

    • "Let them come to us!"
    • "Let's ambush them."
    • "GUISE, just wait here"

    Yes, sometimes this "works": the opponents will blindly walk in front of your teams' guns and explode.  But what happens when they don't suicide?  Well, then you're stuck. While the mechanics of many games favors defensive positions a little more than offensive ones simply due to being pre-aimed on the exact spot the enemy will appear, this doesn't mean that defending is the way to go.  There's a much better strategy available that is typically frowned upon, but very easy to do with zero communication: out-numbering the enemy, often dismissively called "lemming rushes". The great strength of out-numbering the enemy is obvious and simple: more guns = more boom.  So why is it looked down upon and or discouraged?  Because if it fails, then your teammates will have to come up with a reason why it failed because it obviously wasn't them!  And in some ways they are right, and some ways they are wrong. How to cultivate a good lemming rush with zero communication or teamwork As I've posted before, team games don't require teamwork. In the beginning of the game, take note of where people are going.  How your team moves out will determine what you do, even if you don't have the best vehicle for it.  There are a few ways the game can go. Your team spreads out evenly In this case, simply head to the place where there is more strategic value and add your presence there.  Your team spreading out evenly is the second worst start of the game you can have, because if they meet a larger force they'll tend to straight-up die.  It also signifies that your team doesn't really have any plan in mind, which is bad because they'll just float around randomly until they die.  Your presence at the strategically best situation helps add a little force there, and if your team gets outnumbered at that spot hopefully you can pull them out of it. Your team overwhelmingly goes one way This is actually a great thing!  Most people are completely terrible, but when you get a lot of terrible in one place it can be very good.  This is your best chance to win, so don't dissuade your team from doing it!  However, it takes some sacrifice by you: you are the one that has to do the dirty work and defend.  It might be boring, it might be a death wish, it definitely will be thankless, but you have to do it.  This is what the best players do that the average player doesn't recognize: fill in the necessary roles no matter what.  If your lemming force somehow gets wiped out despite overwhelming numbers... that does happen from time to time. Your team strongly favors one way You have a choice: add force to the lemming or add force to the defense.  In general it's best to aid in attacking (offense is how you win!), but there can be cases to be made based on your vehicle whether you should sit back and defend.  This is the second best situation you'd like to see at the beginning of the game. Your team just sits there and defends Abandon all hope!  This is the surest sign that your team has no plan, no will to win, very little skill, and probably some AFKer's mixed in for good measure.  The problem with defense is that given enough time, the offense can pick away at the weakest point and break through.  Yes the defense could adjust theoretically, but if they had that kind of skill they'd be attacking.  Plus, there's no upside: a successful defense simply means "not losing".  Winning with people whose only skill is pulling the trigger when someone walks in front of them is difficult. How does one player going with the lemming or defending help? Because with a little effort, the better player accomplishes more than your average player.  So you heading one way is actually equivalent to 2-3 regular players heading that way.  Plus, you'd be surprised at how effective it is to be at the right place at the right time. So tell your team to lemming on, and watch those crazy bastards go!

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