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  • How to get into a top tier clan

    Original article by @rocketbrainsurgeon

    A lot of people wonder: how can I get into that top clan?  I have a little experience, but I wanted to see how other people got into their good clans too.  I'm not interested in what people say to do to get into a good clan, I'm interested in what they actually did.  People often give the advice of "get good and then good clans will want you", but there are so few people that actually do it that way!

    How do I get into a good clan


    My definition for "top-tier" or "good" is:

    • Clan is frequently holding land in Clan Wars, receiving gold income
    • Clan wins Clan Wars campaigns and the resulting premium tanks from them (note: this may change in the future as Wargaming is moving to a system of play more = more points in the campaigns, thus the clans that win tanks will probably just be spamming battles and not actually winning any of them)


    The North American server has around 30K players online at any given time.  I'm spit-balling, but that would mean there are probably 1 million active users on the North American server.

    How many clans win the campaigns or are on the global map at any given time?  30-40 clans, 100 players per clan: 3-4 thousand players.

    So out of a population of 1 million players, 3-4 thousand players actually get the prizes.  That's 0.3% of the population.  So bash that "scrub" clan that's barely holding onto land in the great arctic all you want: statistically, they are still part of very elite company.


    I asked the community at WoTLabs about how they got into their clans, and if you want to read the entire stories people had, go for it: they are great reads.  Inspirational.

    I apologize to those who submitted their stories, but I have to edit for space.  Each snippet will include a link back to the full story the player shared, and there are more great reads in that thread that people should check out.

    Also, these aren't just elite players posting how they got into top clans.  There are many that have merely good stats.  You don't have to be purple to get into one of these clans, but green is probably a requirement.


    Some think that the lives of others are charmed and that success comes naturally to everyone around them.  That's rarely the case!  Nearly everyone starts at the bottom.

    Joined my first clan L501R by baddie in-game spam message, top tier tank was an m41(tier 5 arty). It was so bad a clan that it wasn't even good enough to fail in Africa, it was the clan that fought and lost landing battles in Europe with half teams... - Meirzin[REL_3]

    I started as one hell of a scrub player, so full of myself, that I did not understand how terrible I was until I reached about 6-7K games. (at which point I had a winrate of about 47% and a WN7 of 700 or 800).  - blackzaru[TYR]

    I started out playing with my son as a horrible, horrible 45%er or worse.  Discovered reddit.com at some point around the same time and /r/worldoftanks.  Joined RDDT6 (social clan) and started platooning. - Dlur[RELIC]

    I was about an average pub (~50% winrate) with about 6-8k battles that was playing for the grind and didn't care much for stats. My first CW experience was being raped in a stock tier 9 T34 by an E-100 on Westfield in a clan that obviously didn't have much business on the map. - tomego[HAVOK]


    One of the interesting things that came out a lot: people gained connections, exposure, and increased their skill through tournament play before going into clan wars.

    deliberate decision to get into a gud-clan while simultaneously breaking into the WoT tournament scene got me first into a 'training' sub-clan (NOVAC), then a 'tournament' sub-clan (SNRK), and finally a main clan (SIMP), though I suspect the last step was in error since I happened to be in a chat channel with some of the guys they really wanted to recruit. - kilpanic[SIMP]


    "Networking" is one of those words that confuses most: how does one "network"?  Really, it's just a buzzword that means "talking to people".  Everyone you've enjoyed platooning with: add them to your friend list and invite them to platoons later.  As your friend list grows, so does your network.

    Started off in a social clan from an invite spammer in game. Figured it would be fun to meet some guys and toon up after 2-3k solo games. Met several guys I consider friends and moved clans a few times together. I had almost 1500 efficiency, but only 47% WR and realized I had been losing alot due to the people I played with.  I found 2 buddies at 53% that didn't mind playing with my 47% ass. Worked my way up to 53%. - Driftin[SIMP]

    So i just soloed my way for quite a while, then hopped in the WotLabs in-game channel when it got created and soloed/platooned my way through the game for another while. Then one afternoon i tooned with jostie and cryo (a officer in UNICA). Cryo ... offered me to move to a clam a friend of his was creating. I trusted him and so transferred to PUR3. And i'm pretty happy about it. - SWG112[PUR3]


    I had seen Allurai playing his T49 in some YouTube video's, and had got into a few platoon's with him.  At this point, I had a 51% wr, and ok stats.  That influential friend I had made, turned out to be Allurai, who got me into TMPRL's... - ArrogantWorms[REL_3]

    As the medium/champion TCs were starting at that time, I started running with Badfish1080 in TCs, and he invited me to join Likely to Rage, which was just getting started. [...] Badfish went off and started ELVIS, which I subsequently joined.  [...] Shortly after leaving ELVIS, PBKAC invited me in, as I had played with some notables in pubs and TCs previously. I had also been posting on the forums, and PBKAC has always been a forum warrior clan. Nisae was instrumental in bringing me to PBKAC.  - sr360[PBKAC]


    Many clans have sub-clans that are made specifically for developing players for the main clan or working towards clan wars themselves one day.  There is always churning: players leave the clan or game constantly and need to be replaced.  Find a sub-clan, and work your way up.

    Go solopub for a while, make post on clan recruitment, overall was 1300ish and 53% WR, AntiVibe recruits me into REL-A (RBS: a clan wars training sub-clan).  I get pulled up (RBS:to REL_2) with a T110E5 because I had 100% attendance for 60 days. - Migizikody[REL_2]


    Truthfully, you're going to have to have develop some skill at left-clicking on pixel tanks to get into the best clans.

     After 7k games I got into a semi-casual clan with some really good players that inspired me to become better. [...] Stayed there for a month or two, left because my ambitions got greater. [...]  Built my stats for a while until they got up to 1750 WN7, which was the "minimum" to join my next clan, EXN0M.  Now I effectively have enough tier 10s and stats to join any clan I want.  - Oneechan[SAKI]

    Its basically the same formula for me for any multiplayer game ... Decide you want to be competitive.  Practice and learn from others.  I still suck, but much less than before.  - Sarzan[D-O-S]

    I was like fuck, I'm gonna get better at this and join them one day.  Got better - joined EFE-X - got even better - was transferred to EFE.  Now field commanding cw. - Moukka[EFE]

    Keep in mind when I was an aspiring unicum I always wanted to be in a clan like G, Enjoy, PBKAC, or Havok. I had always wanted to be in a clan that made tons of gold per day and surround myself with insanely good players. I knew in order to join a top clan I had to show what I was made of. I had to take the game seriously and improve my stats to show that I was worthy of being in a top clan. - Aquavolt[PBKAC]


    Shooting is only part of the battle.  Diplomacy, recruiting, battle calling, and funds management all take a lot of time.  Sometimes the best players don't always want to be the best diplomats or recruiters.  There's opportunity there.

    Started battle calling in nightly Medium and Champion TCs by being nominated randomly, sought to improve myself after the thrill of winning (luckily) my first ever TC battle that I called.  It all started there with pred being the 73%er Spiritual Leader and his one and only battle caller (myself lol) and our 7/42 team with a few of PBKAC SEA's best. - comix[DPS]

    Join Africa Clan due to me doing medium TCs with them. [...] Turns out I am decent at calling. Stay as a caller for a while winning most of the battles I call.  Apply to numerous clans under the ruse of being a good caller and get accepted by a few, PBKAC being the most notable and best in my opinion. - Cod_[PBKAC]

    I made a smart ass remark to a recruiter asking why were recruiters always so much lower than the minimum stats for joining. - Driftin[SIMP] (RBS: officers typically have lower requirements as they are harder spots to fill.  It's a tough job keeping a clan running!)


    1.  Was born the best player on the server.
    2.  The best clan on the server recruited me (aod, then mlp, then G)
    3.  ???
    4.  PROFIT



    Some random dude asked me to platoon with him, which I did.  He asked me to join his clan as he needed chips for Clan Wars and didn't even care if I showed up.  I joined just for giggles (becoming the ~4th member), and that "random dude" was Exploit.  The clan I had joined for giggles was PURPL, and became a consistent landholding clan within a month and narrowly won the M60 in the first campaign. - rocketbrainsurgeon[OTTER]


    i sexed the most important person who would talk to me.  free top clan, no work required - Rexxie[PBKAC]

    Shitpoast the hell out of scrubbies (Notoriety +10), Instant publicity, Get noticed - EchelonIII[BULLS]


    There are tons of different ways that people have gotten into their top clan that makes them happy... and all of them are different!  Go read through the stories in full and realize the breadth of skills that people cite to get into the best clans: it's not just being the best @ tanks.  Share your story in the thread if you like.  If you don't have that story, log onto WoT and make it!

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