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  • The ONLY thing that makes me rage in World of Tanks...

    Original article by @rocketbrainsurgeon

    I rarely rage at people, except for this ONE thing...

    Lakeville.  Specifically, lakeville valley pushes.  There's no reason to go there, ever.

    Here's a map of lakeville with some modifications I'll explain:

    Lakeville map
    Blue = marsh terrain, Red = choke points, Orange = completely open space
    • Blue is where there is swampy terrain.  The tanks will sink into the moist ground, greatly slowing speed.
    • Red are choke points, or points where tanks will have to gather and expose themselves fully to the enemy.
    • Orange are the cap zones, which are completely open to nearly all angles.

    So to get a valley push to work, and yes it sometimes works, one has to string together several bad choices to form a parade of stupid:

    1. Willingly subject ones' tank to swampy ground - the equivalent of shooting your driver in the face before the battle begins
    2. Forsake any chance at defending cap - the tank can't get back in time
    3. Travel through TWO choke points without cover to get to the enemy cap - one in the middle of the valley and the other when turning the corner to the cap zone
    4. Do all of this without cover from artillery
    5. Sit in a wide open cap area without cover to be shot from invisible tanks and/or tanks with cover

    Seriously, going valley on Lakeville means that you either didn't think about it, or worse: you thought about how horrible it is and did it anyway.

    And on Lakeville encounter?  You're seriously brain damaged if you ever go valley.  There's not even an argument that can possibly be made: it takes 3+ minutes of uninterrupted travel time just to get through the valley and you STILL won't have shots on the enemy when coming out the other side as they are covered by buildings.

    STEP 1: Gently let people know valley is bad


    STEP 2: People are going to do it anyway, because genetic disorders





    STEP 3: Battle starts going poorly, RAGE INCOMING

    lakeville-valley-6STEP 4: Full on rage mode




    I want YOU to win.  I made a site dedicated to helping people get better.  But for you to win, you have to help me out a little: stop going valley on Lakeville.  It's all I ask.


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