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Returning to game, initial thoughts on new meta.



9.12 brings with it what seem to be the last major gameplay changes for the low tiers (T18 replacement, draw range change) for a while, so I'm finally ready to dive in and work on ranking all of the tanks again.

As a reminder, here's what I've said on the subject in the past:

The I-Go will stand at the top, and the T18 might not be far behind.  Below that will be the M2s followed by some combination of French tanks, standard gun tanks, and the couple of good autocannon tanks.  The other TDs will sit below that, followed by or mixed in with the worse autocannon tanks.  The bottom of the stack will be occupied by things like the Vickers Mk. II and the Te-Ke.  This is all working on the assumption that view range is far less important now and that alpha, armor, speed, and DPM are more important.  When September is over, the first thing I'll start playing with is the H35 with the 25mm gun and possibly the American M2.  That and one or two other tanks should be enough to paint the entire picture for where the tier 2 meta stands now.

This is still roughly where I stand on things, though of course the T18 has now been replaced by the T3 whose strength is yet to be evaluated.  As far as the I-Go is concerned, I don't think many players have picked up on its strength.  According to spencer's new dpgwhores site, for those who've played the tank at least 100 times, there aren't even five people who have DPG above 300 or win rate above 65%.  The entire remainder of the clubber community is avoiding this tank altogether, and either they see something bad about it or something better in another tank, or everybody else is wrong.  I'm pretty sure it's the latter.


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What do you think about the new pve mode for low tiers?  I think they did a pretty good job with it and I would have loved to have had it when I first started.

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On Wednesday, November 25, 2015 11:24:42, zombiemachine said:

I tried the I-Go and it dies to autocannon spam. I guess you are a lot better than I am at avoiding it. I find the minimaus is great though.

My time with the I-Go was mostly around the initial release of all the Japanese heavies, so perhaps that inflated my performance a bit by there being more health to go around.

By the same token however, without the large distance maps to render them obsolete, autocannon tanks should have been much more prominent that time as well.  Maybe both factors don't quite cancel out though.

Even so, I don't feel that's enough to explain why no other clubbers have picked up and taken this tank seriously.  Maybe all of the big clan and other big name tier 2 slummers are garbage and can't fight close-range battles or adapt to the new meta.  Sucks for them.

I've played the French Hotchkiss for a while and am having a lot of success with it.  I have yet to get to the minimaus, but I will probably try it out around the start of December.

On Wednesday, November 25, 2015 12:26:11, lt_lolcat said:

What do you think about the new pve mode for low tiers?  I think they did a pretty good job with it and I would have loved to have had it when I first started.

I think it's good.  It's not a mode to be taken seriously to the same level as AW's PvE.  For my sake, it provides a good opportunity to test some mods and fool around with tanks without having to start a serious match or wait around for a training room.  I'm not sure what the XP or credit gain for it is like.

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