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CSI: Time-limited Premium Tanks, Everywhere



First post on a new blog, yaye.

In case you haven't figured out: CSI stands for Chinese Server Insanity, which is obvious. Consider that I already have a WoT blog written in Chinese, guess I should make this blog like, what, introducing what it's like to play at Chinese server for you the curious ones.

So here we go: time-limited premium tanks. This feature is lanched with patch 0.9.4. You can rent a premium tank for 30 days with roughly 1/4 of the full price. But in practice I believe there aren't many tanks actually rented w/ gold. Since you can actually buy premium tanks at a much lower price than the in-game price. Take 112 for example: in-game it sells 12250 gold, which equals roughly 300 CNY (1 CNY = 40 WoT Gold at Chinese server, but there are +10~20% bonus events for purchasing gold regularly.) A 30-day rental of 112 costs 3070 gold. But here's the catch: the official web store offers the 112 bundle for only 99 CNY, including 100% trained crew, 1 garage slot, 200 premium shells, vstab + GLD + rammer and 30 prem consumables. Whoever spends gold on premium tanks in-game, either purchasing a permanent one or renting, would be seen as a total noob.

But let's not talk about this hard failing business plan since most players are not that stupid. Let's talk about how KDW(nickname of the operator of Chinese server) continues to make use of the time-limited premium tank feature: they give out lots of time-limited tanks as various kinds of event rewards / bonuses:

  • For the first time you ever purchase any amount of gold: 7 days of Panther 8.8
  • A recent 2-week event for Chinese New Year gives out time-limited Churchill L, Rheinmetall Skorpion, Steyr Waffentrager and AMX M4. 49 at different stages, as long as you keep checking in at the event's webpage.
  • A month-long event in October 2015 gives out various time-limited tier 6-10 premium tanks. Covering all MM tier you're likely to play at.

If you've seen rented Panzer 58 Mutz flooding NA server, the situation is a lot more common at Chinese server. Sure, it's an easy way of trying out new premiums (you can't log in into public test server w/ a Chinese server account), but the insanity is serious. Pubbies yoloing in Object 907 only w/ 50% crew and binocs + camonet + toolbox (hopefully), just imagine.

On the bright side, you can target at a specific vehicle class to complete individual missions a lot easier. Killing 3 TDs? Wait for a Rheinmetall Skorpion apocalypse. The Skorpion is like Borsig without having to grind. And pubbies who drive these are more likely to camp till death.

Oh, I just got 3 MoE on my Rudy last month. Guess who should I give credit for.

Until next time.


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