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Turn the page(s) Link dump! 6/17/20



The blog post!
Current June/17/20

https://thedailybounce.net/  <--- mostly articles and major news
http://www.thearmoredpatrol.com     <------ my prefered WG news aggregate/blog
http://rykoszet.info/  <--- polish but decent
https://vk.com/wotclue   <------ Russian FB WOT site. pretty interesting stuff since they get press releases we don't in the West


Data Mining:
http://www.vbaddict.net/wot.php (dont forget to use the ADU!)   Hacked and probably gone forever at this point
www.wotzilla.com RIP my good friend you will be missed
http://wotnumbers.com/ some really in depth info if you want to dig for it. the site is clunky but it works and there's some really nice stuff in there. 
https://modxvm.com/en/wn8-expected-values/ average wn8 values. updated every 24 hrs by servers. good to chase colors or some marks
https://wotinspector.com/en/ an amazing data dump/reader and visualizer that runs off the current client. the UI is trash but the data is amazing. micro stats, camo values of individual equipment pieces, soft/hidden stats, module lay outs, zoom in maps including height. tiers 9 and 10 are semi-paywalled but are very worth it (3$ a month for everything)

http://www.wotinfo.net/en mostly camo but has other stuff too. no longer actively updated but still very useful for camo/vision calculator

Player stat pages: (please comment or message if you find more) 
https://wotlabs.net/ NA/EU/RU/Asia needs manual updates to be current/accurate. has a time rewind/review function Click for Example
https://na.wot-numbers.com/ Avail for NA / EU/ Asia  Useful but mostly an overall look Click for Example
https://wot-life.com/  NA/EU/RU overview of organized play and randoms  Click for example
https://wotstorm.net/ NA/EU/RU/Asia Overview, not much detail Click for example 
https://wotstats.org/ NA/EU/RU/SEA overview, needs manual updates (just click the button). just a gross overview Click for example
http://wotnumbers.com/  requires site sign-in and has a really good on-desktop .exe very similar to the old VBaddict ADU system. 100% worth using
http://gosutactics.com/ NA/EU/RU Clunky site but interesting long view of your progress. Click for example
https://wn8lab.com/  NA/EU/RU/asia similar layout to VBaddict but only very detailed with a paid membership. free to all but not as detailed. only updates once a week for free. Click for example
https://stats.modxvm.com/en/stats/players/top/region NA/EU/RU/Asia  decent stats drilldowns. session vs overalls and radial graphs.  Click for example

Wotlabs.net (duh) theres some amazing things out there to find but you have to google Fu it or use the wayback machine sometimes
https://www.13disciple.stream/l2p-guide.html <---damn good
an amazing resource and some really good explanations on mechanics and the how and why of WoT. see also his chart on Arty stun EXP distribution 

light tank positioning videos:
iyouxin -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vi0-MeBopQ&start=99
Taugrim - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Uj7-EpGkRo
LemmingRush - https://youtu.be/vrpiL3TaatU?t=7
4Tankers - scouting basics and mechanics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGZEZmqwfkc




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On 5/5/2020 at 5:00 PM, VTSplinter said:

My Norton antivirus flagged tanknumbers.com as a "known malicious web site."

Mine says it's fine? Maybe a hacker  passing by issue or something odd like that. I removed the .php suffix because it seems like that's tripping it


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Yep - works fine now with no warning from Norton. By the way, thanks for putting together this directory and links. 

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2 hours ago, VTSplinter said:

Yep - works fine now with no warning from Norton. By the way, thanks for putting together this directory and links. 

No worries. There's a few more I'll add for stats tracking. Not too many more for data though unfortunately

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