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Turn the page(s) Link dump!



The blog post!
Current 1/6/19   <--- not bad     <------ my prefered WG news aggregate/blog   <------ Russian FB WOT site. pretty interesting stuff since they get press releases we don't in the West 


Data Mining: (dont forget to use the ADU!) some really in depth info if you want to dig for it. the site is clunky but it works and there's some really nice stuff in there. mostly camo but has other stuff too. 

Clan/Personal Statistics: <---- awesome site <--- Wotnumbers.exe. good local program if you don't want mods or net based.   <---- ReplayAnalyzer.exe also a good program but requires every replay to be saved seperately. (all instead of Last battle)

Time Wasters: this place is a black hole. its fun to get lost! look up your favorite media and dive in!