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Finally 100 battles

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The first 100 battle comes down to a lot of frustration, learning and defeats. There are many very bad players in lower tier. I see players with WN8 less than 100 many times.
There is also a frequency of bad players talking "Another bad time", it makes me furious. Very very players are worse than bot.
Let's talk about my work: My first game was spectacular, I killed 5 tanks and won over 2500 xp. But it was only an illusion. As I went up the tier, I thought all extremely terrible tanks. I was going to search and how to play certain tank. When we arrived at T-34 I spent many games complaining that it couldn't play with this tank. But I saw players replays angling tanks and i started doing. It was very good, my enjoyment increased considerably.
I'm seeing all my replays. Sometimes it's pretty boring but I do religiously.
I have a great fault to control trading damage. I'm getting better but i still too error.
However, my biggest problem is with FCM 50t. A great tank but I get lost in matches. My problem is not weak spot but lack of tactics. I'm trying to fix this problem to continue playing with him. Another problem is my WN8, it's around 709. I'm trying to improve my performace to achieve greater WN8.
I researched the T-34-85. I need a little money to buy it but I want to improve my performace with 50t to continue.
My stats by now:




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