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Updated 3rd Nov.

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Hello there!

For some time I've been wanting to get more out of the game. I just didn't know how or what to do. I have over 20.000 battles fought now and I consider myself as "average" player. In quest of getting better mighty google pointed me to this direction so here I am. I have general knowledge about game mechanics and such but no idea how to get most out of them in my favor. So I set a goal to myself. Learn and get better! This story will tell about my journey, what I plan to do and what to achieve. This text will bounce from subject to subject and serve as my own collection of notes and hindsights as well. Do not take this as a guide since I will certainly make huge mistakes and stupid decisions on my journey.

Like said, I have many battles fought and several T10 tanks in my garage. I suck playing with them. Admitting that was my original reason where this whole project started. I don't wanna be that dude who get raged in chat for doing 1000 dmg in a T57 heavy... So how I plan to get better? Please note that I don't set goal like " I wanna have unicum stats before 30.000 games", instead I look for deeper wisdom to master the game to the level I feel satisfield. Stats will come later... Maybe.

So, first step for me was to really get some knowledge how I perform in battles and then make notes how to improve. To mesure this I will use Wn8 ratings. Becuse of my "random" history my current Wn8 is low and inaccurate. Atleast I hope that's the reason. So I decided to play and get a base lvl where I stand now.

So, that phase is now done. I played 301 battles with T6-10 tanks, all nations, all types. Solo and platoons. I did it all to get knowledge about my performance. At this point I also made simple pen and paper notes for all mistakes I made and paid. After some studying I started to find a pattern.
- If I survided from first 2-3 minutes I usually did good.
- I have a bad habit of trying to squeese that "one more shot" before backing up.
- I don't use informtion I get from minimap well enough.
- I'm stubborn. I rather lose HP than relocate to safer place.
- I don't know when to let go. I might chase that half dead T37 behind a corner, just to find out there's AMX 50 100 waiting for me.




So, now I had some "data" to work, all I need is a plan! After some more thinking I noticed that playing with medium tanks gave me my most satisfying moments so that's gonna be my way of doing this. Luckily I have a perfect vehicle to this task in my garage, the Chinese Type 59.
This was chosen because:
- I have good crew on it, 4th skills at 70ish. Should minimize RNG, hopefully.
- Preferred MM
- Playstyle will be easily transferred to T54 and T10 russian meds. ( I hope...)
- Will make some profit, even with full consumables.

So, off I go! Now I've played 100 games after starting this project, mostly solo with Type but also some platooning with other tanks, limited to tier 8. I was paying particular attention to points I've done in phase one and noticed some improvement on my own survivability! I'm learning! Points that I need to focus more are:
- Positioning in the beginning of the game, need to learn maps better. Few free shots in first mins are valuable but don't lose HP.
- Be patient in midgame. Take your time and relocate if you're outside the action but still save HP if possible.
- At ending phase of the battle try to get few more hits. Difference between 1500 Wn8 and 2200 Wn8 is just few shots!
- Keep an eye on that minimap!




So, this is what I have so far, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more of my adventures in the future.


So, the project continues. I now have 700 games played since I "officially" started this project. My Type is soon needing new tracks for all that action she sees... About the subject, have I improved? Hard to tell but one thing that has risen while playing these games is self critism. I used to have bad games where I did absolutely nothing and then just "Back to hangar, pick new tank and press Battle". I still have bad battles but now I have learned one of the biggest sources of improvement. I've learned to ask "Why?". This may not sound like a big deal but the spending some time analyzing own games gave me instant boost on my performance. Another boost came when I encouraged myself to ask some help on "Tape study" section, Thanks Marine! So here is where I stand now, 3rd of Nov.



I plan to get my battle count up to 1000 with Type and then hop on to T-54 to press my limits more.

Stay tuned! 




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