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  2. I was thinking, what about V-stab vs Rotation. Stab obvious works much better, but on some tanks, like E50, IS3, with either good blooom or good base accuracy, but poor speed, the extra speed might be worth more as the better stabilisation. (or with rotation and stab, you get tx med gun handling, on a t8 heavy, yolo)
  3. Westfield (village had to attack, gg...) And the worst map of all time: if defenders had a lot of tds, or arty, or a unicum platoon, it was 100% loose, unless they would all lemmingtrain 1 side (defending side attacking, in wot, on EU server, yeah, like how often is that gonna happpen...) Toss in the awesome mm we had (with mega OP tds...) and its gonne be biiiig fun....
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  5. Agree, I'd already dropped rammer in most of my LTs to get the optics/vents combo, now most of my LTs have optics/vision system with the third slot depending on the tank. The exception being the AMX 13 90 and 13 105, which still are optics/VS/vents...
  6. Vision being one of the most stagnant metas in the upper tiers may indeed get a shake up. My suspiscion is even some meds will shift away from it with tasty turbos and spinny things to play with.
  7. WG [supertest] changes to encounter maps (and increased map pool): http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/750288-adding-encounters-mode-and-map-changes/
  8. Haven't used those in any light tank since quite a while now.
  9. Nope!

    Chuck Testa

  10. Talking about scouts again, dedicated passive spotting is absurd right now. Its one of those roles you have to heavily invest in, but T7-9 can roll around with 550 VR and 45% camo on the move. Binocs and CVS are absolutely ridiculous together, but an unsung hero here is Low Noise Exhaust. Especially in T6/7 where VRs are still quite low and dedicated active scouts are rare, you become literally invisible. Now that a lot of heavies and TDs are moving away from optics or even vents as meta equipment, you can get away with some pretty ridiculous stuff once the other LTs suicide. Turns out those RU heavies with 360 VR and Rammer/Vstab/IRM literally cant see scouts right in front of them. Absolutely foresee rammer/vstab completely dropping out of the LT meta.
  11. This is a topic of some debate and some personal preference. Improved VS is uncontested. Then either improved optics or improved vents. The third slot can either get optics, improved rotation, or commander’s vision system. @CraBeatOff runs iVents/IVS and rotates the third slot based on platoon (one vision centered tank and one handling centered). I can’t shoot as well so I run rotation/IVS for max gun handling buff with iOptics for the phat scouting. I thought about iVents for even better gun handling but the VR loss was too much.
  12. That's it, it's just Sand River that got removed. I wanna see Assault Westfield and Prokh now, I only have vague memories of Prokh Assault but not Westfield lmao
  13. kolni

    WZ-111G FT (T9 TD)

    it doesn't match up against Tort/JT/WT4 IMO but outside Tort no tier 9 TD is even close to S-tier, B-tier at best. I think this one's above the average cut simply because of the HEAT mitigating very much of the armour it comes up against as a HEAT round at this pen laughs at most armour profiles mitigating much of gun handling or positioning issues to get damaging shots off. I like the tier 10 as well, it's a giant box with unreliable armour as shit to the point where relying on it means dying a lot but, they don't feel great but also not as bad as you'd expect them to coming into the game. 750 alpha makes 5 connecting shots a decent to basically anyone - this sounds easier than it is or people'd be spamming TDs - but with close to 400 HEAT and some HP to use you can poke your way into a very easy game a lot of the time if you give it patience Is it good for carrying? No lol go play something with a turret
  14. Yesterday
  15. I have to come back to this. Given that the damaged HP of a module are a set value (e.g. a damaged ammo rack isn't just at a flat 50% HP of the full ammo rack, but for some tanks it's 56%, others 48%, yet others almost 60% and so on), I wonder if WarGaming considered adjusting the damaged state HP of the modules in accordance with the module-HP gained from the "Modified Configuration" (and as such, did not include that statistics change in the tooltips) or if they simply forgot about that. Because things could get really funny, if the module does not also adjust the damaged state HP, because it leads to the funny situation that indeed, ammo racks, engines and fuel tanks become nigh indestructible, unless being more or less simultaniously hit by multiple shells, as the damage-threshold between "undamaged" and "damaged" becomes pretty substantial, even moreso, when the ModCon-module sits in a survivability slot.
  16. Thoughts on replacing optics for a turbocharger? It's one of the best candidates for it - you can hit 49kph pretty easily and both the engine power and reverse speed are really useful. It's basically just a T-44 with the stock tracks at that point. If you're already using food you can get decent VR regardless, but the fact your commander and radio operator are the same person means you need a 5 skill crew minimum to stack VR without optics. I imagine a lot of people won't even want to run food though, considering you're probably playing it for credits. In that case the option seems a lot less clear.
  17. I'm a retard. Seriously I am. 300 battles in an LT432 and I went from 65 to 55% Win rate trying to 3 mark it. Every good battle is followed by 5 battles of -0.5% on marks.  I should uninstal. FFs i 3 marked better tanks but this one makes me a moron.

    1. PityFool


      I also perform poorly in it. I don't know why, I just don't "feel" the tank.

    2. hazzgar


      @PityFool It's just the only really abusable thing on it is the DPM. Everything else is strong but the tank shines when it can bully but that means lower hp pool. So what you deal 3.3k dmg when that rises your marks by 0.1-0.2%.  I seriously think I will 3 mark the WZ T8 TD before it and that's a way less reliable tank. 

  18. Which maps are it then atm? wiki says: Erlenberg Karelia Sand River Siegfried Line But no sand river? (i remember Campinovka, where defend was sitting on the hill, westfield, where defend had to camp in village and attack had to cross the valley and get up on the other side, prok, where 1 team spawned on the hill and had to defend village, while the other side spawned forest road (crossing the rail is suchs fun when 5 tier x pre nerf tds are waiting on the other side) or sand river, where again 1 team could camp on the cliff, while the other team had to try and drive to a map corner, cross an open field and fight an enemy in a better position, also u all got spotted at the start and arty and tds could shoot in the spawn YOLOOOOLOLOLOL (goddamed what was that stupid) what a relief if was you could turn that trash off... even on t7 this was idiotic:
  19. sand river assault has been gone since 2017... and it was the best map/mode combo for damage farming the game ever had and ever will from both sides until the fucktards added a ramp in the goddamn middle, and then it was still an awesome map compared to the norm)
  20. Oh its been like 7 years. The E-75 used to have a 1200HP engine.
  21. Wins/Battles         19 / 21    (90%)
    Average Tier          8.0    (8.5)

    Amazing tier 8 MM today with 3 min roflstomps and shitty WN8. Guess you can't have it both ways.

  22. Encounter only, but i put on assault just to see it, its just that i HATE sand river assault (and it seems all the ghetto maps got remove from assault also..)
  23. Yes! Exactly that one! Thank you! StranaMechty... How could I forget that name... P.S.: Hehehehe. A Caern's ammorack with safe stowage and that module, would indeed now not be reduced to damaged state, when hit by a 122 under any circumstance, unless a second shot hits shortly before or after. Interesting... Not sure it's useful, but who knows... That is, assuming the numbers still work out that way.
  24. Was the engine nerfed in a previous patch? I haven't played the E75 in a while.
  25. okay so now that the Equipment 2.0 update is live... what're you guys gonna do with your T49's?
  26. Berlin and Kharkov, mainly because I can't make sense of them and make something happen and with how little I'm currently playing it's just easier to ban it out than to spend the effort seeing if it's actually worth the time (used to ban Minsk but contrary to my feeling about it it's my 5th highest avg map on performance this year in damage and winrate)
  27. Newsflash: the Caern AX is SEKS with Equipment 2.0.

    Losing the rammer to outpace Patriots is 230% worth it, it's legitimately one of the best farm-oriented heavies at tier 8 on par with the Renegade

  28. Well, i wait for answers Im also lost on both glacier and cliff now, with any tank basically, glacier the heavy brawl zone is ``ok``, unless too much arty, or campers in the back, but the rest of the map seems random, random ppl in random bush, arty can strike almost everywhere and its incredible campy, all in all, so far, shit. On cliff, im also totally lost, with anything, i used to brawl in the mid or fight around the tower, but with these td platforms and the by pass road, the map is crap, and mid (base of tower) seems awefull also. Cliff seems to always get locked in a camp, and no real way to break it, so the most patient / lucky team wins, which is crap (i even swapped cliff for paris, i rather play paris as cliff now, go figure...)
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