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  2. Fedaykin89

    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    Well, after a few more games like these: I eventually managed to score this, in a very carefree, casual manner (saw that it was at 94.54%, so I rolled the dice on another battle) This really was overall an easy grind, IIRC more easy than the IS-3 3 Mark grind. Too bad I have the bad feeling that the Tier X Leo is gonna be nowhere near as good - too bad, because this thing suits my playstyle big time. P.S. Meanwhile, with over 1k battles in the Type 61, still struggling...
  3. Next step is to graph tank stats over player stats, so we can tell which tanks are objectively OP/UP.
  4. A S1 cheesewedge just tried to sidescrape out of cover at 40 meters from my IS-3A. Now I've seen everything. RIP S1.

  5. Haswell

    Armored Patrol Map Survey

    Here we see yet another magnificent specimen of a WG apologist.
  6. As the title states, I'm interested in taking part in the upcoming campaign, ideally I'd like to be able to earn a reward tank. Availability: Monday-Thursday evenings after 6:45pm CST, and potentially during the day on weekends (for training and such). Tier X tanks in garage: Batchat, 430U, SConq, Maus, 50B, Foch B/155
  7. The former, it's not possible to calculate actual global stats without either a ridiculously large database and too much time, or direct access to Wargaming's database. More data is being added every day, but the sample size should be more than enough for these stats to be very accurate!
  8. MagicalFlyingFox

    Serverwide Tank Statistics now available

    Holy crap, you're going ham with the site updates! Are the stats based on the players tracked by wotlabs or are they global stats?
  9. Hello! Serverwide tank statistics are now available. On the front page you will now see an additional box next to the Server Stats with the top 10 tanks in average battles. Clicking the link below the list will take you to the full statistics page where you can sort and filter, as well as see a number of statistics related to the tank. "Complete Tank Statistics" will take you to the full statistics page: I'm still working on expanding this page to show graphs showing player preference by tiers, nations, classes, as well as the server's performance in each. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  10. That's fucking it, every game I get a stupid tomato team, next one I'm taking out sky cancer

    1. hazzgar


      Just take t67 or something else that's balanced as shit in low tiers.

    2. simba90


      Take a KV-1 57mm out and spam APCR into everything while yelling "Beeeees"

      Guaranteed to make you feel better than playing a slot machine.

  11. sundanceHelix

    Armored Patrol Map Survey Discuss. (lol) Funny considering our map elimination thread
  12. Need some feedback on the following:
    1. How does the WZ11114 compare tier for tier to the 5A?
    2. How does the Standard B compare tier for tier to the Prog65?
    3. Is the TVP50/51 still relevant in today's meta? 
    4. Is there a best Tier 10 TD? Or are my WT4 and T30 sufficient for the personal campaign missions?

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      1: they are nearly identical, but tier 9 has better MM

      2: standard B is better and has better MM, but the 65 is still good.

      3: everything about it is still good, but the pen holds it back in today's super-heavy/super armor meta

      4: for pubs? or for competitive? if for pubs then 4005,badger, E3, STRV. for competitive? the same excluding the 4005.

      and yes the T30 are WT4 (with the 128) are good enough for personal missions 

    3. hazzgar


      People underestimate the Tortie now. Corridor meta bitches. 4270 DPM on a tank with 280 eff armer. WT IV is great for campy maps but corridor meta and on campy maps STRV may still be better

    4. Assassin7


      111-14 is probably slightly better tier for tier but the 5A is still very good. The extra gun dep is nice as hell. 

      TVP is still good but feels slightly harder to get into good positions where you can get your clip off because the meta is just superheavy brawl meta these days.

      Ive done all my TD missions, got the T55A, and done half the 260 missions with the T30 as my only high tier TD, my next highest being the SU-122-44. So with a waffle to get the camosnipe missions done you'd probably be okay 

  13. Brought out the 5A for the first time. 3 losses to start out. 4th game: 6 allies afk. 

    1. sohojacques


      6 afk... should be a badge for that.

    2. hazzgar


      Had similar luck with 1114. Played as agressively as my t-10. Had 2600 dpg. 50% wr for first 30-40 battles

  14. Yesterday
  15. mati_14

    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    I managed to play EBR rental. The tank is alright, what makes it bad right now are the fucking maps. I got Fjords, Paris and Mountain Pass 3 games straight and stopped playing it. Got a 7k combined game in Prok tho. My problem once again, is WG being unable to design mechanics that are good for the game. If you wanted to keep these tanks like active scouts, you could have gave them high view range while going +40kph and decrease it being below 40. Who cares if it's not a realistic thing. The shitty ass view range fucks up the wheeled vehicle because you get outspotted by lights and some TDs unless you can take an advantageous position during the first min and a half, which is possible in 1/6 maps I'd say. Man I REALLY wish I could play 2016 WoT with old maps and climbs.
  16. sohojacques

    Charioteer - does it need a buff?

    Unsurprisingly, the top gun transforms this tank. If you’re going to dump free XP anywhere while grinding this line the 105mm L7 is the place.
  17. Closest game I've had in years, only seconds left on cap before loss.
  18. Jesse_the_Scout

    AMX 13 57 - worth?

    When they do trot it out they usually have a package for the tank only in addition to the usual bloated bundles. I'm pretty sure it's never gone for less than $26 for the tank only, even back when it was new and bad.
  19. I thought bouncing missions couldn't get more annoying than in the first campaign, but now I have to do them with tanks from the USSR or China as well. I wonder what tank can bounce 2x its HP. Not an IS-7, people know better than to shoot it hull down and heat and HE meta is a thing. Perhaps a 257 driving sideways/sidescraping badly against 7s and 8s? Or can a T-150 do it, sidescraping against lower tiers? Or perhaps an IS-M on a good day? I have that one unlocked and could grind it, I suppose.

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    2. kariverson


      IDK man getting the Chimera 15th missions with honors seems much harder than getting 3 1st class in 15 games. I'm thinking on spending my orders on some other stupid missions


    3. Deus__Ex__Machina


      they are nerfing all of the chimera 15th missions in the 1.4 update

      though i agree that the chimera missions are way to difficult for a tier 8 non-pref, non-credit making PoS. in fact most of the chimera missions are just copy pasted 260 missions if you read & compare them.

      but if you read over the 1.4 update patch notes they are nerfing quite a few of the missions

    4. hazzgar


      Yeah su100m1 will bounce everything you want.


      Also you can try something people don't think is armored and reverse sidescrape. T-10 works wonders.

  20. Tried not being a scrooge and began running my BC with food.. is it just me or has it started performing a lot better.. (my decision-making still a problem, ofc)

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    2. sohojacques


      I think food is a necessity on the line from at least the tier 8. View range for the LTs plus gun handling for the MTs. And I rarely run food.

      Problem is who wants to dump credits running food on a tier 8 with a 600+xp grind...

    3. simba90


      stockpile food at 50% off and they pay for themselves

    4. hazzgar


      Tanks with no armor and mediocre gun handling really benefit from food. 

  21. sohojacques

    AMX 13 57 - worth?

    Can you buy it by itself in the US? Only comes in bundles in Asia. $60-odd Oz dollars.
  22. Unavailebow

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Enough re-log will do the job, unless you are like me trying to get all the Epsilons, which on my note is 114 units i.e. 38 collects. Blueprints are not difficult if you have enough sulphur and phosphorus All the materials have fixed spawn except pattern data and sentinel drop, which are RNG.
  23. Tman450

    Winrate Expecations

    It's easy to farm WN8. it's much harder to consistently carry games. they sometimes go hand-in-hand, but game winning plays are more important than damage maximization if you want to win.
  24. skyf24

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    I gotta say, the guardian grind is so hilariously drawn out now it's ridiculous. And that's after they toned it down. In any event, Guardian FSD boosters are amazing.
  25. Android25

    Winrate Expecations

    In a sense, yes. The assumption would be that if you're playing at super uni level, say very close to the threshold, you shouldn't have a super uni win rate unless you are platooned with other players of similar skill, which tends to be the case on average (hence the inflated WR numbers). Like I mentioned, there are players capable of solo play that easily reaches beyond super unicum win rate. But the meta at such high levels can vary so widely when it comes to solo play. For example, it's very likely that there are at least some players who manage super unicum stats and fail to consistently win games (sub 60%, obviously there are no cases of super uni play with dramaticly low WR) because the play style getting them there is not as helpful to the team as other playstyles ranked at the same WN8 (this is exactly the reason WN8 takes WR into account up to 10% of your sum WN8). However as soon as two players of similar WN8 level play together, their varying playstyles tend to balance and lead to more victories than either of them solo. However, at the same time, there are some but fewer still super uni playstyles or at least attitudes (that can be a big one) that lead to destructive platoon play, where the sum of the two players is worse than either player individually. It's actually a super complicated and interesting science that used to lead to 20 plus page boards over in the math section. So to sum it up, you shouldn't be that concerned with the difference between colors of WN8 and WR when it comes to solo play, but there certainly are playstyle changes that could bring the two closer. I, however, am much better at providing you with the theory and reason as to why there are differences, rather than the knowledge of playstyles to change those differences, and so I'll leave it at that for the more purplish people to guide you
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  27. RunTheGears08

    Winrate Expecations

    I think what @Rexxie means is that: the contriburion of "early carry" is not well-reflected by WN8. Why is that? My personal theory is that "early carries" rally your baddie teammates. Following your lead, they are unwillingly put into situations that purples are so deliberately trying to create. As a result, when your 14 teammates maximize their damage dealing potential, they kill the enemy faster than you alone can farm. Yes, your team wins more often. Is that what you really want? Whereas in late game Rambo moments, every drip of damage usually comes from the unicum himself. Help from teammates no longer siphons away damage -- they become essential to survival and may lead to even moar damage. Again, my personal thoughts, hope this helps.
  28. hazzgar

    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    That's not a great result for a top tier battle imho. It's dead on for 3 mark reqs for a t7 french premium light and 400 below elc even 90. Not trying to shit on you. Just saying those tanks are not as good. You REALLLY have to work for results over 3.5k combined. Those are a regular thing for experienced light players in other t8 lights. but min maxing is all wg does.
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