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  2. Pretty much every cc I saw noted the pathetic dpm. Wg response, leave dpm as is. About the only use I can see for this is when a good clan wants to tea bag some shitter clan so takes a full team of manicures.
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  4. I don't have it but I guess dont rely on your armour at all. When sidescraping lift up your gun like you dont care to cover the weak turret roof. Just play it like a support tank unless you are facing tier 6s or tier 7 mediums.
  5. Some pathetic buffs for Manticore - Still awful.
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  7. Hello all, I've been playing this game for years and have largely been self taught, recently I've noticed that I've hit a plateau when it comes to improvement. I'm looking to learn how improve my skills in high tier tanks (mostly 10s). I'm honestly curious to see how very talented players approach things like vision control, map control, and hit point management. I have plenty of tier 10s (even some good ones) and I am pretty flexible on time right now. Any sort of help would be appreciated greatly. -echo
  8. Ok, fair enough. These are both a couple of defeats, where I tried to be aggressive but generally my teams either let me down (Ghost Town) or melted too quickly (Malinovka). http://wotreplays.eu/site/4961822#stats http://wotreplays.eu/site/4961817#malinovka-snoregasm2-progetto_m35_mod_46 I think i've improved being passive (although Malinovka I stayed on the hill too long), but you tell me. Also, TVP 50/51 and/or T55A gameplay?
  9. Been wanting this tank since 2014, finally participated in a campaign that offered it and will be getting it. It took me a few years and it's an old tank, but a new tank for me! I read through all the pages, few questions. 1) With lower fire % chance than the 140, do you really need a fire extinguisher? I can't remember the last time I caught fire in my RU med's really. 2) Gun rammer, vert stab, +optics or vents? (I plan on using food if no fires, also related to question below). 3) Does it really need 2 repair kits? Do you find yourself getting ammo racked as much? I'm thinking about running Gun rammer, Vert stab, Vents, with Large repair kit, Large med kit, and Food... Crew wise... probably on 5th skill, so I should have camo, repairs, and BiA done. I'm thinking about using it as an assault medium (most likely running with heavies and/or pack of other mediums) and ramping up the DPM as much as possible. Thanks in advance!
  10. Yeah I can put up with everything else but maps post patch 1.0 really sucked the fun out of the game for me. Haven’t spent a cent on the game this year and can’t see that changing without major map revisions/reversions occurring (so never).
  11. Fair enough. Recently played a handful of games because I hate myself that much. Can honestly say my single biggest issue is map design. It’s basically copy/paste in 3/4 choke points and just fuck around with elevation. You can’t flank anything without being fucked over by TDS camping in bushed up spots specially designed to fuck over semi aggressive play. (I haven’t played for a while so rusty as hell) Basically it’s either have Russian Stalinium for armour or play so passively you are best off playing arty* *Asia meta
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  13. The thing is I'd kinda understand it if those tanks had elc even 90 levels of camo (as compared to their peers so t10 would have to be 10-20% better vs t100lt) but not all of them have great camo
  14. Just been grinding x5 bonus's on daily wins due to premium time. Gonna have to grind credits due to finishing up CW, maybe play some front lines to grind some more bonds or credits for other rewards ^_^ I'll hit ya up if I see you online!
  15. exotic7 is worth noting for being a kid throwing tantrums in pub matches, but that's just my 2c.
  16. Is the Leo1 worth getting? It is probably the last tank I will ever research and purchase but I dont really want to sell the PTA just in case I will not enjoy the Leo 1 more.


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    2. EvilMonkee


      No.  I recently ground out both and the Leo 1 despite its buff, is mainly fucked by the current toxic T10 meta.  At least with the PTA you stand half a chance of getting a T8 game occasionally.  I surprisingly really enjoyed the PTA, even though it derps occasionally.

    3. Kolni


      leo1 is the only tier 10 worth playing

      but pta is better tier for tier

    4. EvilMonkee


      I love the tank, but the meta is the issue.

  17. Setter should have 15O DPS like a normal 17pdr long barrel gun. With a R0F reduction to 9.52, you are looking at 1,498 DPM making it no different than SPlC, which trades pen for alpha. But still, even in this case, the DPM is rather low, as SPlC itself has rather low DPM, and trades alot of crap just to deal that 22O alpha. 35 rounds of improved ammo as a 17pdr, should be enough l would think For the sake of balancing, lets just agree that right now Senlac is okay-ish. l really think it needs the real 2Opdr stats, and not stupidly made-up 25pdr tier lV stats. Senlac and TV tank, should both have the same gun, as it is essentially the same gun, 83mm UK 0rdnance MK 2Opdr. Wth they went with this retardo HV 85mm, lol. 23O/28O dmg. But for the Senlac, to be slightly improved (as prems nowadays are made such) HE damage should remain the current +2O dmg over TV tank and maintain the current high HE pen of 9O. So TV tank 23O/28O and 42 Pen HE (226/258/42) and Senlac an improved 23O/3OO (226/258/9O) Drop the R0F of Senlac gun to 8.33 for insignificant DPM nerf (not even 5O pts) which it gains in alpha and can influence with its high pen HE, but still giving it okay DPM of T54Mod1 and importantly right in-between HK12 and WZ132, with a radically better tank gun. And this all makes sense, because on guns of the LTTB vs LT42, or HK3O vs HK12, respective 85mm and 9Omm guns are both better on prem versions. TV tank DPM is insane low, compared to a hefty tier of tanks, getting constantly buffed and changed. lt is ridiculous. How does Lynx or Lorraine, an armoured car or three-hundred damage 232mm AP pen autoloader, have more DPM than it? That is retardo lol. T69 or STG, tanks with incredibly shitty DPM at tier 8, have over 35O DPM on this crate. Really? 0nly the shitty Even 9O competes with it. R0F buff to 7.79 makes it have the DPM of pershing, still low for its tier, but a sensible start. lmprove ammo cap +1O shells to 35 AVR FS need ammunition increase to 35 rds too. DPM increase, R0F increased to 8rds/min. Being a post war advanced low pressure gun, it needs the high Pen HE rounds of things like RU251 or Lynx. HE pen increased to 9O. Cockerill 9Omm gun needs prem ammo changed to 27O pen HEAT like lS3A (historically fires HEAT) Manti needs R0F adjusted to 5.13 putting it between the autoloader 131O5 and EBR 1O5. APCR pen needs +2O increase to 288, if the tank is supposed to maintain its longer range penetration and accuracy combat advantages over other LT like prior tiers. Ammo increase to 3O pieces. Even with all this shit.....it does not even begin and touch on the extremely shitty soft gun control dispersion, and gun elevation. And by the way, about Swede tanks. Despite their obvious buffs and surge of popularity. They still suck in Tier 1O only / CW. Because they have low pen HEAT. Kran Van and UDES 15/16? Great in public matches, sucky in competition, can't do alot of things with only 31O HEAT, or even less in Kran
  18. Even at 440 the manicure would be ordinary. It would need to be pushing 500+ to make up for that rof and shell count.
  19. they clearly got a last second alpha damage nerf should be 440, 390, 320 dmg for the TX, TIX and Tier VIII respectivly. this fixes the abysmal dpm too.
  20. Sooo I guess I am more wierd than I thought.

    Apparently my WR with the 5a is 49% but my WR with the HWK 12t is ....... 60%???!!!!

    Can someone explain plz?

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Over 200 in the 5a and over a 100 in the hwk. I admit though that i am trash in the 5a i simply dont get it, whereas the hwk did not seem that bad. Just a bit boring

    3. Kymrel


      Might be a combination of (relatively speaking) few battles and the fact that it's that much harder carrying on tier 10? I know I'm shit at tier 10 and find it boring so I mostly avoid it. It's a very different game than at tier 9 due to all tier 10 battles where you get nuked for one mistake.

    4. sohojacques


      HWK 12 treated me really well while grinding out the PTA. The introduction of the wheelies took 3% off my WR (down to 57%) while grinding out the RU 251 though. Their autoaimed HE spam vs the HWK’s abysmal shell velocity ... it was a painful adjustment period. Just had to give up on so much early spotting. Less WVs yoloing around now though. Could be fun again.

  21. It would be at least understandable if the gun would be any good. But it isn't. It is trash.
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