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  3. Any non-damaging hit should be counted as blocked by armour and/or ricochet. Damage applied to modules AKA tracks, gun, vision device is damage caused, just not HP damage - should be counted as dmg blocked because vehicular HP isn't taken off, rather you just lose module durability. Many times, the shot passes through the module anyways, and hits the underlying hull, and gets blocked too.....makes sense to just pile this as dmg blocked. I am very sure life-saving throw on tracks isn't 1OO% as claimed by WG mechanics explained, that is horseshit. MAYBE if shot properly, like track wheel/roller/sprocket. But that shit doesn't comprise the whole track that can be hit, and suspension is defined by whole track. Because you see track shots all the time do nothing, not even spin out the enemy or turn their tracks yellow as damaged. Spaced armour panels outside of tank decal, like conqueror / super pershing, sometimes get hit and penetrated, and the shot passes on through wide of the vehicle not turning out to be a hit - and it is not counted as blocked dmg. This again, is horseshit. HE hits, dealing O, absolutely O dmg even if damaging gun/tracks/vision blocks should be counted as dmg blocked. In Skill4 recent obj 277 tech tree showcase, his first game in IS3 he blocks 3 consecutive T44 1OOmm 33Odmg HE shells in a row, and none are counted as dmg blocked. No modules turn yellow. Wth? Damage blocked, should be damage blocked, the fucking armour is blocking HE from applying dmg. I just had a game against an IS3 / WZ12OG in my 11O, and took 5 non damaging hits, 2 ricochets and 3 non penetrating. And my damage blocked was 39O total. What the fuck? This is a pretty black and white sort of deal. Either vehicular HP are stripped off, or aren't.
  4. I like stripes. And Stars. And notches. At any rate, I suffered severe burnout in my last pursued vehicle marks, only got 1 of 2. But they are everlasting, so no matter how shitty I drop to, it remains.
  5. it got nerfed even further, worse aimtime, worse intra-clip, worse HP goes to show how much of a meat grinder ST can be
  6. Yesterday
  7. I never understood the fascination with MoE
  8. I agree with Dirizon on this one. The 263 was a great tank. Playing through it didn't even feel like a grind. One note I will make. If you don't like the 263, you might not like the 268v4. They have almost identical playstyles, and the 263 is the stronger one tier for tier (since the 268v4 was nerfed). The 268v4 gives up some of the 263's armor reliability, in the sense that you know whether you can be penned or not in a given position in the 263. In return, the 268v4 gets armor that pubbies have trouble reliably penning, but that anyone who knows the armor layout can pen pretty easily regardless of how you're positioned.
  9. Ah, was that it. I did put in the code and get some skin for the AMX1390. One of those days I may start reading those specials news from WG rather than just glancing over them. I just find that I either do the missions by playing normally or really can't be bothered doing something special to finish them anyway.
  10. Uh... yeah guys, you got 10 X5 bonuses for completing the damage missions for the Halloween skin. It's the same X5s you can get for WoT premium account. I stockpile those for horror grinds. Today it makes more sense just to exploit the daily X5s on different tanks. There was some other mission that gave out an additional 10 of them too, I think... you might actually check this and input one of the codes if you haven't already to make sure you got all of them. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/missions/spooky-challenge/
  11. I got the same. So I stopped grinding missions and started playing tanks I truly hate, the Obj 263 and Conway. It doesn't seem like 10 5x victories after the daily would be a "normal" reward from some mission, but I don't follow the news from Wargaming that much, to be honest so I couldn't say for sure.
  12. Yeah, apparently I have some 5x victory missions I had no idea about so I popped boosters and did about half the 263 grind (I had some blueprints for the 268v4) yesterday. Still faaar from my cup of tea, but just the idea of selling the 263 and getting the 268v4 should be enough to get me to finish the grind.
  13. So not sure what happened here, I was getting 5k to 7k exp repeatedly on tanks that I already did my 5x daily. It lasted almost all day and stopped in the evening randomly. These below are just a some samples of back to back games. Seems the Halloween 2x got mixed up with the 5x for a while. Victory! Battle: Fjords Vehicles: T71 CMCD Experience received: 4,588 Credits earned: 19,490 Battle achievements: Mastery Badge: "Class III" Victory! Battle: Steppes Vehicles: T71 CMCD Experience received: 8,370 Credits earned: 33,078 Battle achievements: Mastery Badge: "Class I" Victory! Battle: Mountain Pass Vehicles: Panhard EBR 90 Experience received: 5,844 Credits earned: 29,100 Battle achievements: Mastery Badge: "Class III" Victory! Battle: Mannerheim Line Vehicles: Panhard EBR 90 Experience received: 7,272 Bonds received: 3 Credits earned: 30,942 Battle achievements: Patrol Duty, Mastery Badge: "Class III" Victory! Battle: Empire's Border Vehicles: T71 CMCD Experience received: 6,042 Credits earned: 29,700 Battle achievements: Sharpshooter, Mastery Badge: "Class II" Victory! Battle: Paris Vehicles: T71 CMCD Experience received: 6,606 Credits earned: 24,344 Battle achievements: Mastery Badge: "Class II" Victory! Battle: Pilsen Vehicles: T71 CMCD Experience received: 11,874 Bonds received: 1 Credits earned: 43,127 Battle achievements: Top Gun, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" Victory! Battle: Malinovka Vehicles: T71 CMCD Experience received: 7,848 Bonds received: 1 Credits earned: 36,077 Battle achievements: Patrol Duty, Mastery Badge: "Class II"
  14. imagine paying non-discounted price for the shitbarn


    oh wait


    that's me


    because i'm dumb

  15. Last week
  16. Don't be fooled, obj 268 V 4 is still a powerful tank. The speed, reverse, HP/T, track traverse nerfs it received, still leaves it a considerably fast TD to this day more mobile than most, especially after FV4K5 lost mobility too. The gun disp and aim-time nerfs taken, again still leave it with strong TD disp stats, and reasonable aim-time. The cupola armour nerf makes it more vulnerable of course, but at 23Omm it is still reasonably well protected and small. The lower plate that you can actually hit, is still stronger than IS7 lower plate and is 1/4 the size. 1OOHP isn't much of a nerf either. obj 268 V 4 sure, doesn't make up 9 tanks in a CW battle anymore. of course, no, it also does not 1vs4 enemies anymore in pubs either. But you can still find 2 or so in a CW team to this day, and frequently find them holding up teams and 1vs2 pubs. It is not ruthlessly overpowered, but it still is strong. The nerfs were a joke, and did not fundamentally make the vehicle fair. At only 77T, this thing has ridiculously more armour and compact design, than a 135T Jag Pz. The only reason why it isn't more popular these days, are because very popular additions to the game such as STB1 changes, Leo changes, UDES med line, obj 43OU meta, obj 277, obj 26O buffs, FV421 release shroud the fact that this thing is still strong, and an excellent tank for beginner. Also the gun it has, can be very loathsome to more finely tuned players that want a measure of consistency.
  17. Wish it had the option like its predecessor, to use small gun (IS7 gun)
  18. How to not to suck with stock tanks?

    1. Assassin7


      LOTS of gold rounds basically.

    2. Diriz0n


      Not playing stock tanks, avoid them.

      Certain tanks have stock guns that can work. But to not equip elited turrets, elited susp, elited engine is basically very harmful and self defeating. Especially higher tier. Higher tier tanks can require loads of free exp just to make the tank worthwhile.

      For instance, Type 61 / E5O / Leo P / Cent7-1 all have ~9Omm class weapons unlocked by the respective tier 8 tanks prior, that offer more DPM than their elite guns and comparable handling. But you always want to at least maintain useful penetration you can work with. For instance, M1A2 76mm may have higher DPM on Pershing than 90mm, but has atrocious penetration. Same with tanks like WZ12O, WZ111-14, AMX12O, E75, AC48. These vehicles have access to lower tier technology that actually rival their elite weapons in some categories, making sense to use them.  However, these are just guns,  to not use suspension, turret, engine ......you are just handicapping yourself with no fathomable adv except saving free exp. 

      Pay close attention to ways to save free exp by unlocking late tier modules easier. For instance, completing Charioteer unlocks 12Omm on Conway for free, giving Tortoise a huge step up. Completing Tortoise unlocks Caern engines. Completing Ferdinand unlocks VK45A and PB engines. Foch shares an engine with AMX12O, completing IS7 first unlocks obj 7O5 13Omm gun....and so on there are tonnes of examples. 


  19. Watched Skill 4s movie, and oh how it has fallen. With every single chicken in the coup, able to buy it - expectations have mightily dropped. He had a single 4.5K combined game - and drove up his mark of excellence 4%, right to 93. Granted, there could be MoE glitching as there usually is, but nevertheless speaks volumes. This is the good side to CW reward tank availability, MoE will drop dramatically. While still being out of reach to the tater-tots who buy them, thinking they are bagging op TX tanks for their CW expeditions. (well 9O7/VK72/FV421 are and maybe available later) Not necessarily counting myself as one of these silly bunnies, I did buy myself an M6O too - but in my defense I have already -EARNED- 4 CW tanks on my own playing seasons.
  20. tbh both the 430U and 260 are more than good enough for it, its just a matter of patience even with the 268 v4 ur not gonna just magically get 10k combined out of the blue, its gonna take time for a game like that to roll around regardless of what u play
  21. Drats. Does that mean it would be a good idea to finally do the Obj 263 grind? *shudders* Got really close twice today, 400ish short and 700 short in the 430U and 260 respectively.
  22. I have 6mil credits and 5k bonds. I return to WoT for one last time, wat I do?

    1. Marver95
    2. BadLuckCharm


      Put pancake on head and run.

    3. Diriz0n


      Play tanks straight until you can afford M6O?


  23. I did it with the obj 268 V4. Just play normally until you get a really good game and then go suicide to get that last 2k lol.
  24. iirc i did mine in the 430U? 430U tbh is ur best option IMO. Mobility, armor, and DPM. you could try the 705A and hope for the right game, or even a 268 v4 to get more blocked dmg and have the higher alpha.
  25. I used the 277, stars aligned. Rubble pile, corridor, ap shooters and that was it. It took longer than most to be honest but hopefully your stars align soon.
  26. THICC


    And this is where gacha started throwing cvs at me, because I also got yorktown, ark royal/lolicon and saratoga.

    1. Haswell


      My eyes. They need to be bleached.


    2. orzel286


      No, no, no, you can't bleach your eyes - you need them to enjoy the long legs and THICC thighs of mama Zeppelin. You can see the area where her skirt ends? It's magical, makes my pp extremely hard every time I have a look at it. @Haswell

    3. Haswell
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