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  3. My Nito is NP5, thinking of grailing her to 100 now. So good for farming. SOOO GOOD
  4. Firstly, thank you for the amazing content. Secondly, I've been catching up with field mods myself and in many cases so far i've gone for the mode that reduces bloom but decreases accuracy by 0.01. Based on the comments, I'm guessing that's wrong? Should I get the other mod, or leave it entirely? Take the Vz. 55 as an example of where i've been doing this.
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  6. Not listed above in this thread but the after shot bloom dispersion and show aim time is a killer.
  7. The ranked battles experience, pictured


  8. Is it possible to get a TLDR of what happened in the last 2 years ? Just realised that there is new equipement and terrain modification. Also 

    Also what are some new good/OP line to play ? The last 3 lines left for me to complete are CZ heavy, Italian Heavy and polish medium. Any idea ? 

    Also why is every streamer seems to be using intuition ? Did they buff it of something ?  

    1. Jul_Le


      They added new equipment, you can now boost HP, top speed, accuracy etc. U can use field mods to customize your tank, you have to choose between two things, you buff one and nerf the other. Also you have special slots now that boost equipment if it is the correct type.

      One of the most op tanks in the game currently is the VZ 55.

      Intuition got changed so it is no RNG anymore, you can now switch shells faster if you are loaded. Like in 1-3 seconds usually. HE got reworked. In short, it kinda works more like AP now. You can shoot it through obstacles, it doesn't splash anymore (except arty HE). Overall non pen HE does less dmg now. Arty shells got reworked with HE patch as well but it didn't really change anything.

    2. DHP


      thanks for feedback. What happen to arta ? 

    3. Jul_Le


      Arties have 3 shells: Stun HE, normal HE, AP/HEAT.

      Stun HE has regular damage, large splash and stun. Can't kill modules or crew with non-pen. (Slow shell / high trajectory)

      Normal HE is like old arty, it has more damage, less splash and doesn't stun. (Normal speed / normal trajectory)

      AP/HEAT is back, but this time no 1600 alpha, for example T92 has 750 alpha 372 pen. (Fast shell / shallow trajectory)

      Arty tracers are more visible so countering is easier. Intuition got reworked so that you can switch shells with arty in few seconds. The flight time is shown in-game by default without using a mod.

      In practice, 98 % of the time arty shoots the default stunning HE anyway.

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  10. Waifu o'clock! Ze new German boats! A slightly less absent-minded P-class battlecruiser. Nice. O-ho-ho-ho, look at this bad girl! Is she the kind that will step on me or will she mellow out? Only one way to find out! A cute tomboy-ish type, I guess? Also: no screaming at cats! No, you're not allowed to use the toilet! Oh, you wet your panties? Let me take care of them for you... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Short hair? Check. Super long legs? Check. Thighights? Check. Woah/10. Got her in 70 rolls as well, way before pity, great news for my cubes and c
  11. With a price tag of over 18.000 gold. The 113 Opera tank is the proof that even WG thinks their userbase is retarded. 

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    2. kolni


      worth it if you want a tier X with zero effort, otherwise not so much


    3. GehakteMolen


      @kolni yes and what kind of tier 10! :serb:

      this thing was a pos equal to maus in terms of shittyness (it had *some* use for cw) it was an turd on par with MAUS, and maus got atleast buffed 2x, this thing never got any changes (did it?) no dpm, no gun depression, armour that doesnt work, frontal fuel tank, no alpha dmg, and all the old players saying: it used to be good, no its a piece of junk and always was (Wz-111-1-5 was on test server, but was deemed to strong, so last moment WG ditched that and made 113, and they never bothers making it semi usefull (same 110 always has been a shitter, its an IS3 without the things that made IS3 good / OP, and nothing in return (yeah, less pen and a weak lfp :serb:)

    4. LoverJoy


      People are buying bottled farts for $1000 and you think <100€ for a pixel tank is retarded?

      Tier 8 prems are about 30-40€. So I think 60-70€ is a fine price for a tier X that you can't buy anywhere else. 

  12. So, the SU100M1 in late 2021, early 2022 - to be honest, it is disgustingly OP when top tier. Let's go through what it has going for it: firstly, the rebalance when the 268v4 was made the tier 10 for the line gave this thing armour. Not just any old armour however, actual armour that is close to impenetrable frontally except for the lower plate against lower tiers, same tier, and even some higher tiers. If you can hide the lower plate, you can basically park yourself in front of anything tier 7 and below and just laugh off their return fire. I'm not sure why anyone thought that was a good idea
  13. FGO playerbase saying DPS gives me brain damage. In other news: THIGHSMAN is a pretty meh anime, gained traction pretty much only because of Rikka and her THICCNESS... While Akane and her occasional (and very nice) feet shots got ignored. Dynazenon will probably be more of the same. Also: every guy named Zenon be like "wut?" GuP Das Finale part 3... What. A. Blast that one was, holy shit. Chihatan getting even more development and coming very close, other schools battling it out was insane, HAPPY ERIKA! A massive cliffhanger at the end with White Death being reincarnated int
  14. wotlabs lurkers 4 life. Ugh, 30 game tilt session yesterday - first bad one in a while... won't be checking stats for a while...


  15. YoghurtPlease.

    If you're on here and still alive, send me a message cuz I want to finish the referral!

  16. Lmao what are those bloom values!! Can we please get a gun that doesn't bloom like an arty for once?
  17. And here are the final stats for it... AMBT characteristics for a 100% trained crew: Tier: MT-8, USA, premium Endurance: 1,300 Engine power: 650 hp Weight: 36.0 t Power per ton: 18.06 HP/t Maximum speed / Reverse speed: 40 / 14 km/h Hull traverse speed: 33.38 °/s Turret traverse speed: 29.2 °/s View range: 380 m Hull armor: 70/40/30 Turret armor: 250/70/50 Gun: 105 mm Gun M68P Damage: 360/360/420 Penetration: 215/278/53 Rate of fire: 5.21 DPM: 1,877 Rounds in magazine: 3 rou
  18. Still playing, still lurking here, still cleaning out spammers (mainly from Pakistan).

    1. Medjed


      Thank you for your service, Sir!

  19. Did the E3's lower plate get a secret buff? JP100 premium round, full frontal, no pen. 277 premium round, full frontal, no pen. What is going on???

    1. ZXrage


      The LFP is just troll af, aim even lower since the beak kinda bleeds into the LFP

  20. Earlier
  21. Bumping this because someone asked about Maus field mods; Here's my setup: Hardening, Turbo (mobility slot) and rammer (bounty) is what I use on mine. I don't even think I have an alternate setup. Field mods are pretty simple; II - Reduced terrain resistance IV - Improved accuracy V - nothing VII - Padding Removal (more speed!) VIII - Auxiliary Safety System Effective top speed of 27 on hard and medium ground, 25.5 on soft ground. Not too bad. The Maus has good bloom values for turret rotaion, and it's slow enough (even all kitted out with field mods) that hull mov
  22. Maus equipment and field mods?

    Don't know if it's just small sample size but I'm winning a weirdly large number of games despite playing like a legitimate yellow.

    1. Panzergraf


      Hardening, Turbo (mobility slot) and rammer (bounty) is what I use on mine. I don't even think I have an alternate setup.
      Field mods are pretty simple;
      II - Reduced terrain resistance
      IV - Improved accuracy
      V - nothing
      VII - Padding Removal (more speed!)
      VIII - Auxiliary Safety System

      Effective top speed of 27 on hard and medium ground, 25.5 on soft ground. Not too bad.

    2. Balthazars


      Only just started grinding field mods on it. I have previously played about 190 games before all of that stuff for around 56% win rate and 2.2k DPG running Hardening in the slot, Rammer and Optics (a bit strange yes, but it seems to work - I just didn't think the limited boost from a non-slot Turbo was really that beneficial). Given it can get a mobility slot from field mods, I would definitely set up second equipment option with Hardening, Turbo and Rammer as @Panzergraf is running and take the field mods that improve mobility.

    3. Jul_Le


      I did HT-15 with Maus about an year ago, I used Hardening, turbo, rammer as well. Field mods didn't exist back then. Turbo gives 20% boost to top speed (non-slot) so it's definitely noticeable.

      I've also played Maus with optics, but that was back when I used optics on everything...

  23. Hello? Is this thing still on?

  24. I'm new to the forum I'm not doing well on the forums, so this thread clarified things a bit: D Thanks
  25. ah, well, was expected it wouldnt work on ``zoom out`` Here you also go into playstyle territory, imo padding removal (more top speed on super heavys) is 100% worth it, yet some streamers / guides say its not worth it (which i rly cant understand) But your right in that most will follow good player (how many choose optics over vents, pure because garbad said so? lats years (partially due to Kolni i guess?) vents became rly popular, but optics beiing ``default on meds`` was for years the opinion by many (and a silly one imo...) Current overrated equipment is IRM, on ce
  26. I don't think game knowledge has gone down. The resources are still there for the relevant game mechanics. However, these resources are so spread apart that you can never find everything you want at one location. This leads to fractured knowledge on high depth subjects. It's a major point for why I even put this together. Overmatch is broken into two different components. I call them Partial Overmatch (>2x armor thickness) and True Overmatch (>3x armor thickness). Partial overmatch increases your normalization by 40%, this means 5 degree normalization AP rounds become 7 degrees
  27. There is however 1 important thing people always forget about aim time and what it is (not the math definition, but the ``in-game`` definition) Aim time = The property of your gun, that tries to reduce your bloom to zero. In other words, everytime you change your speed / turn and you gain bloom, your crosshair becomes bigger, till it reaches its maximum size (for that movement speed) and the moment you lower speed / stop turning, your bloom will reduce to the new maximum value for that speed, the time needed to go from 80% bloom to 50% bloom is depending on aim time, so when your dri
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