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  2. My account was hacked and the person that did it used almost 11,000 Gold from my account. I didnt catch on to him until he tried to change the password 1 month after he had gained access to my account and now wargaming will not return my account to where i left it off. Ive spent so much money on this game and one F*kr can just ruin it like that. I had more than 50 plays on the WT auf E100 and he used them all. Sold most of my tanks and left it with almost no credits. even my 170,000 free experiance is down to now 12.500. Its shambolic.
  3. I'm pretty sure that for web development you can use any $10 mouse off of Amazon. If you are playing WoT (I can't find your name as a player) then I personally like the Logitech G502. It lasts through quite a few clicks before falling apart. Good luck.
  4. Hi! I am a web developer and looking for a new mouse that is good for me. Can anybody here suggest me a good one?
  5. https://t.me/pump_upp - best crypto pumps on telegram Make 1000% and more within 1 day, join channel @pump_upp !
  6. We are Vikings United (VKU). Fot this moment we are searching players and most important commander for the upcoming War Gods campaign. We do offer friendly community, daily boosters 3-5 per day. Minimum requirements are atleast 1600 wn8. For players who wants to join VKU text in game MinionLT or Crazy_LT
  7. New rig:


    64 GB of RAM

    MSI RX 6950 XT

    140+fps on max settings in WOT...still a shitter :disco:

  8. Earlier
  9. https://www.techpowerup.com/303854/psa-intel-i226-v-2-5gbe-on-raptor-lake-motherboards-has-a-connection-drop-issue-no-fix-available
  10. A truly fine individual 

  11. I never stop to check the cost of ammo until silver started getting thin. It is doubling the cost for what, shipping and handling? I would like to see all the logs of purchases. Not sure of what's next. (forgot to take snapshot)
  12. Have fun and get a little better togheter
  13. Ordered new pc.

    Ryzen 5 5600X

    Radeon RX 6700 XT dual 12GB OC

    Asus TUF Gaming B550-Plus

    G.SKILL Ripjaws V Black 2x16GB 3200mhz CL16

    Corsair RM850x CP-9020200-EU

    Cooler Master HAF 500

    iiyama G-Master GB2770HSU-B1 Red Eagle - 27" 165hz IPS

    +UPS, OS, ssd and hdd, and most importantly new headset - razer kraken kitty edition. Just below 10k PLN/2,3k EUR/2,4k$/2k GBP.

    Minecraft should work in stable 60 fps, I guess? Forza horizon 4/NFS Heat in 720 or 1080p and medium settings? DCS? I didn't buy it to play in 4k, max details and ray tracing, I'm fine with tweaking stuff. And since it's AM4 socket - cheaper ryzen 7s when?


    Oh, and I painted my room - walls have a nice pale pink color. Perfectly matching what activities take place here....

    Headpatting my Azur Lane shipgirls!

  14. Hey, you should check out the Discord server. Scroll up.

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      do they have furry porn? 

  15. Are u brave enough to join us Hey there we are looking for chillout players that are willing to join A ever expanding clan but is looking to do skirmishes some time soon hit me up if u are interested much regards: Simpson_HardRock Teamspeak Address: Discord: Simpson_Hardrock#8168 See u in the field commander.
  16. Hi Guys I am from Asia server and I have been playing WoT since 2015. My in game name is mauzer333 and I do like to make and edit videos of my gameplay.
  17. Hey, when the tank gets detroyed, is the carried ammo gone? Thx in advance!
  18. After posting the thread here, I started googling and came across this guide. I followed some useful methods from there. First I run network troubleshooter and fix network connectivity issues by using ethernet. After doing the tasks properly, the problem got solved. Now I have no longer any issues while playing the game on my PC.
  19. I recently started to play 'World of Warship' on my PC. But friends, I am encountering a problem while playing the game. Yesterday when I opened the game, I could not connect to the game server. My computer repeatedly displayed error code 92 and showed fail to connect to the server. I have no idea what could be the issue. Does anyone have any idea about this issue? Please help me friends to solve this.
  20. Thing just smashes. On the armor-mobility-firepower scale it shows up across the board. Punishes mistakes relentlessly. Gun can still hit weak spots at med range (.44 accuracy compared to Caliban's .58!) Like I had a croissant themed camo for the M4 Revalorisé so picked it up. Yeah it's a D+ tank at the best of times, but it's 200mm pen gun cant reliably pen the lower plate of an Arnie. It pays massive prices for 390 alpha and shell velocity. Bourr is OP, but still takes a modicum of work to play. And yes, I play tanks based on the custom camos I have for them. Wannafightaboutit?
  21. Could you tell me where you get statistics for the period from? I'm very interested in background information
  22. I do think that post first positioning, the rocket boost mechanic is legitimately fairly balanced and requires some thought, but I also think that its ability to thoughtlessly get you into that first position before any other heavy could possibly be there is more powerful than most people anticipate. Whether that’s to take a traditionally medium location or simply set up a preaimed 800 alpha shot into the heavy line, theres a ton of value there that takes literally no effort to take advantage of. What you do with the rocket boosters after that is just icing on the cake.
  23. Hey, you sometimes get tier 3 tanks from mila. I've skipped one and now I can't find it to choose anymore. Is it gone or does somebody know where to find it?
  24. Poor financial decisions 2022 edition report:

    Went for 80 boxes (the 20 for each type package) which is all I can spare this year to drop on this game.

    $4,500,000 credits.

    29,850 gold

    58 days premium time

    Skins for the Object 268v4, FV 4005 (last year), the Super Conq, the new Strv one, and the Rino.

    1 SU-2-122 (the double barreled low-tier TD)

    1 PZ.38H

    1 PZ.KW1

    2 M3 Light

    2 Harry Hopkins

    3 'big' premiums - got the Char pretty early (within 20 boxes), then the Iron Arnie with my 50-box pity mechanism, and then the BZ in the last set of 10 boxes, so pretty lucky.

    Overall better than last year, on account of nailing 3 of the main premiums. I also got about 2k more gold compared to last year, although less premium time (although this doesn't really matter as I still had over 300 days on my account as it keeps getting topped up by Battle Pass). I'm also pretty happy with the skins I got, the Super Conq and the FV one are very nice.

    The event itself this year is way worse though - far more grindy and with a lot of dumb/useless gimmicks that I'm not interested in. Not a fan.

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    2. Balthazars


      @LoverJoy compared to @Jul_Le you definitely look less fortunate, most of the difference between your totals in terms of gold stems from him getting 67k gold in compensation for repeat tanks. 36 v 29 and 9 v 5, pretty big difference.

    3. LoverJoy


      @Rexxie I love a big fat whale cock in the morning, thanks!

      @Balthazars Yes, the biggest value and rng is in the high tier premium tanks

    4. Expendable_Lad


      Hi @Rexxie! Your cock is beautiful. 

      Spent my annual $250 bucks for enough in game shit that I remain addicted for another year for a few successive hits of dopamine.
      Proceed to play game - and remember that I have not idea how to play this game. 

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