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  3. As a reminder, the National BPs have to be in sets of 32 to use
  4. I've got enough blueprints and free XP to get it, so I probably will. Biggest issue is the release time, I might not get home before the numbered skins are all gone.
  5. I'm a collector, so I'm leaning toward yes, but haven't looked at the stats yet. I won't spend bonds on it, as there's other things that I want which are exclusively available for bonds. Credits are also bad value. So that leaves me with all the others, and it will probably be about 19,000 gold to get it. I know that's stupid expensive.... but still probably yes.
  6. I am not sure yet. I have the freeXP set aside for it. I play my KPZ in clan battles and while I have lots to learn about the Lion, I do like it. Out of curiosity, I may go back and look at the reviews for the 780, lion and kpz to see what the CC's said about them. Seems to me, they reviewed them as average as well. I didn't try for the 780 because of the reviews and now, it seems the reviews are more favourable towards it. Skill has the 780 at 4 out 0f 5 bananas. lol cheers
  7. Darn, and just a few days ago got to the S. Conq. and am almost at the Mino, the only 2 interesting tanks for me to get the past months. Well, maybe I'll focus on marking tanks for a first, never specifically done that, will be interesting
  8. Nope not enough resource
  9. Just arrived here, but this forum needs a lot of work, hope it revives. Still, it's an alternative to the brain dead Discord
  10. After looking at the resources needed, that are as usual a lot, and the reviews on pre speed/mobility buffs, it's a no no. I once had the misfortune to get this tank on my team, a super tester I assume, he got ammo raked aster like 2 min of game, from just that I know it's a very bad tank. Not recommended, IMHO
  11. Nop. I am pretty sure most tanks i bought via auction or assembly shop are sitting in my garage with nearly 0 battles...
  12. Think I might try this time too
  13. The Assembly Shop returns and the new tank is Object 452K just as predicted. The news on EU: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/assembly-shop-4-2024/ The news on US: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/assembly-shop-4-2024/ I missed the Lion last year and I was quite upset, this time it won't happen, I have enough free XP and National fragments and of course I have many more Universal Fragments than I am allowed to contribute. So, I'll go for a numbered tank when it hits the server.
  14. Let's hope a few more try that fucking dumpster fire that is Discord and join us
  15. Depends on the nerfs I guess. Still not sure exactly what they'll do to the Sconq. For the Minotauro I think it should get nerfed and buffed at the same time. Its armor (annoying to play against) should get a nerf, at least to its cupolas, and its gun (annoying to play) should get some improvements.
  16. It hasn't been OP for a couple of years. Everyone knows its weak spots. Nerfing tanks leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth, and these ones are just not necessary.
  17. Last week
  18. I know I am not active anymore and frankly I wouldn't play WoT again if you put a gun to my head, but this is the closest thing I hace to social media so I'm gonna post this here and ask for your help. Take a look if you feel like helping. https://gofund.me/20ad0ea4

  19. Welp...I made it over here. Hope more will find their way. Wot forum be locked out.
  20. I'm super sad the forums closed. The game is not just the game, but the community too. It's like books and book club where you talk about the book - ok, never done that - but it definitely stings. The shocking part is that nothing united the forum posters more than the announcement that it was closing; it was near unanimous that the forums should remain, but WG still went ahead and closed it. Like I said in my earlier post here, I hope wotlabs forums can come back to life, but these forums desperately need to be restructured to facilitate that.
  21. It's pretty OP on ridges, especially in modes where the special tanks are not allowed and especially since all the new equipment improving mobility.
  22. Hopefully we might get a few more joining soon! I've trimmed down to concentrating on just a couple of tanks at a time now, and I am to try and mark them - not easy as my hands are getting worse as I get older, but it's fun at least and gives me something to aim for
  23. I'm here and eager to switch the home of my favorite topics: 1. My competitive tanks and crews - given today's requirements you can't just get a tank, slap some equipment and hire a crew, you need good crew and equipment, only 56 of my 442 tanks are truly competitive, I am gradually adding more and record my progress 2. Battle Pass - what level are we - great to set targets for progress and update it weekly I would also like a place to comment on news, auctions, special modes, events and discounts.
  24. SConq nerfs? Havent played in like 3 years, is it OP currently?
  25. Some of the changes we can expect this year: Polish TD's, Czech lights, more dynamic maps, SConq nerfs, Pz7 buffs, more fiddling with the crew, and more.
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