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  2. 10 years on the WoTLabs forums, today. 🥳

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  4. Got 6.5 13.7 GB of replays and 1 1.9 GB of screenshots dating all the way back to 2014 (0.9.3) 2012 (0.8.1) that I never ended up getting rid of, probably never going to have any reason to watch them again, what should I do with them?

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    2. DrWeb7_1


      I look for replays played during update 0.8.2. I want to expand my archives, but I'll accept anything from later or earlier updates. 4 TB of storage is not full yet!

    3. Jul_Le



      I started downloading old clients to get the replays working, it's taking a while. I don't think I will have enough space even though I have two 6 TB HDDs and total storage space of 18 TB.

      Then again I'm downloading every client since January 2013 :P

    4. DrWeb7_1


      @Jul_Le, I have some original installers.


  5. Hello! Due to the spam prevention system provided by IPS proving to be utterly useless, I have temporarily removed posting permissions for unverified users until I figure out some alternative. If you wish to post on the forum, please verify your account. Cheers! Never
  6. After a prolonged break from playing, I have recently resumed more frequent gaming sessions. However, it seems that I have fallen behind in terms of skill and strategy. While I don't consider myself a terrible player, upon reviewing my recent replays, I have noticed a recurring issue: decision making. At times, I make the right choices, but there are instances where I make questionable decisions that make me feel foolish. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or advice to improve my decision-making skills.One valuable resource for gathering information and insights on medium tanks is educibl
  7. I met someone in battle with 52563 battles played in arty.

    1. Panzergraf


      How many of those were in the LeFH or M44?

    2. Private_Miros


      0 and 1275, respectively.

    3. Private_Miros
  8. I've resurrected my brother's account on which last battle was played in 2014 🤣

  9. omfg, these god damn spambots making OVER THREE HUNDRED THREADS THAT I HAD TO DELETE INDIVIDUALLY

    1. Private_Miros


      Beep me - I can do that in the AdminCP in batches, but the changes are not immediate.

    2. Assassin7


      hmm I think its okay, I just went into the adminCP and found a bunch of settings, I changed it so it auto deletes all content of anyone who gets flagged as a spammer, which should help

  10. They were talking about adding more crew skills what, a decade ago now? Would have been welcome additions if they'd struck when the iron was hot back in '14-'16. At best, it's nothing but lipstick on a rotten boar carcass now. It's not going to bring players back or attract new blood because it doesn't address any of the issues why those players left. Maybe if the game lasts for another half-decade, they'll finally get around to addressing those issues too.
  11. Kuroialty

    Dawn of War III

    Where is Dawn of War III now? Oh, right, the game was awful and people stopped giving a shit about it within a year, apparently even including the developer. Who could have even predicted such an outcome?!?1/!/1???!??? I was right; fuck your downvotes, fuck your bans.
  12. Such empty

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    2. yoyoya2
    3. Private_Miros


      I've made it fuller by returning.

    4. Archaic_One


      First time in here in almost a year and its full of spam . . . much sad

  13. For Alliance-8 it's quite an easy job - pick Tortoise, big gun & full HE. Aim for cuppolas or side of the turrents, sometimes lower front plate. It's easiest to hit crew members. Take a look also at wotinspector.com to understand where crew sits and internal modules are. I did it with Tortoise with 1st serious try, was 2 crits short from honour score. Now I'm stuggling with same mission but for Coalition. For now Prog 66 with HE works most consistent. In first try was 3 crits short from completing . Just started my next attempt and in first game got 5 crits, pls keep fingers crossed
  14. I don't know if this topic was made after HE rework, but what tank to use for alliance-8, internal critical hits? It is better to use technifiser. Tried chimera, FV and charioteer multiple games without single critical...
  15. As is usual with WG, there are some good aspects to what they are doing, but they go way overboard with some absolute trash aspects that usually outweigh the good. Firstly, I like the idea of making all crew skills useful and for there being more choice. This is an important step given that the choices are pretty limited at the moment because some are close to useless or so situational as to be close to useless. I also like the idea of all skills/perks starting to have some effect up to their maximum while you grind them, that's an important step too. In terms of the re-worked skills
  16. Any tips for blocking 2x your hp for bloc ? i'm running Vk100 but it's not easy with so much gold around. Edit: Shit probably had to complain a little... Did it with the vk in like 20 battles.. The game in which i got it were a little stupid tbh...
  17. I don't play anymore, but I've followed it. I think it's pretty trash. They're accomplishing the same goal as the original 2.0 plan, which is to extend the value of grinding out crews, but without any of the things that made 2.0 at least interesting. To add insult to injury, they also don't seem to have any plan to let you liquidate crew members into XP as they did in 2.0, which is ruination for players like me that kept lots of less skilled crews instead of a fewer number of higher skilled crews. I think it was Rexxie that noted, if you did the crews the way I did you might as well quit the g
  18. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/1-20-1-CT-1/ In short: there are new crew changes on the horizon. NOT crew 2.0, but they are reworking the skills and perks within the current crew system. This has a lot of people up in arms claiming the sky is falling. Others are more nuanced. A few (me) kind of like the changes. WoT+ is a new form of monetization. Would allow for free demounting of bond equipment, and offers a unique rental premium tank. Otherwise mostly pay for convenience stuff. Something like $10 a month. And changes to Onslaught mode, and dynamic maps.
  19. Hey Never? I was looking for the T-34 1941, and couldn't find it in the list. It was a premium gift tank, at Tier IV. I'm I blind or...?
  20. I have 32,000 bonds and have built a permit for auction and dont know what to bid. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  21. Hi guys! As this is my first post here, wanted to say hello in the first place I've been reading this topic and helped me a lot to understand the difficult path to get the 279e, so wanted to share some experience in return. This will be regarding crit missions, as I think I managed to get quite consistent results in the current meta. 1) First option is to play with a big gun For Chimera Union 8 this will be SU 152 with 152 mm ML-20 gun. Load premium HEAT and enjoy the ride. It's a less consistent method than the next one but it also works. Try not to one shot enemies,
  22. Thanks I will try and see the results.
  23. Hello, sorry to bother,
    I've just made this account, and I realized I didn't spell my username the same as my WoT account.  Is it required that they are the same?

    1. DrWeb7_1


      This isn't neccessary.

  24. Look up an app called Mathway. Gives good step by step instructions.
  25. Hi I am new member of this gorup and need some help from the experts. I am not good in maths and need to solve this question for my daughter. What is 1/15% of 750? Need step by step solution and answer in fraction. can anybody help me out for understanding this?
  26. Thanks Devo, I bought a Logitech SIGNATURE M650 on recomendation of my colleague.
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