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    Dun delete this I wanna read and laugh at this shit but my current break is over
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  4. The Chrysler was called a bad precedent for the game becuase it forced gold spam; to defeat it and to do decently in it.
  5. The “wing” section was pushed back, made the body look even longer. Pirate NPC for materials and Thargoid commodities. Pirating void opal = pain trying to straight your cutter in asteroid, almost impossible because the way to fly a cutter is boost drift and boost turn, a thing non of the other ship at comparable size can do due to it sheer amount of main thrust and max speed. The lack of supercruise manoeuvrability to interdict will make your day worse trying to catch players. Cutter is more of a defensive and engagement control type of ship by shamelessly abusing that speed, shield and armour, gets away whenever it wants to with MLF. It gets toy around when it is the chaser, either it chases or it shoots, can’t do both at once.
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    Let's get a couple things cleared up, dipshit: There is no doxing law in the United States unless you're a minor 17 or younger. You've been hanging out with eurotrash for too long. Your information wasn't private and you never made any attempt in your life to make it private until we posted the video of you TKing a poor guy for no fucking reason other than you were being a fucking dick. When all we have to do is Google "MonkeySquasher" and we get this: Then you deserve whatever the fuck happens to you. Shit, anybody that ever played a game with you could do it. You spammed your shit all over the god damned place. And no, your shit isn't going anywhere. We just moved it to a private server. It's still available right here if you want to keep tabs on it. We even named the subdomain after you. You know, out of respect. And no, nobody was "following" this thread. Gomez pointed it out to me about an hour ago. I don't know who told him about it and don't care. Oh, and Moonrider? Mr. "My wife died of cancer, boo hoo hooo", shut the fuck up. Everybody here knows you're a lying, loser sack of shit. Get your fucking lawyer. As I told you in the email listed for all to see, "He’ll gladly take your money, look at all the shit you’ve all put online and then he’ll tell you that you “can” sue, but you’ll lose. Huge. And I’ll make more money counter suing the shit out of you for my 325 dollar per hour attorney." See you in court, asshat. IF you have the balls. I'm looking forward to it. Thing 1
  7. I have my Cutter pretty well kitted out for piracy now. Stopped an NPC Type 9 in an uninhabited system and started hitting it with hatch breakers. Kind of a pain - the loot gets spread out. You literally make practically zero space-dollars pirating NPCs, although I do need to try and find some that are hauling more valuable commodities, like Void Opals or something. Seriously, crime does not pay. Gonna have to start pirating players. NPCs just don't carry shit, and you can't negotiate.
  8. I would do this if I were you. Convert the excel file into .csv. Parse it using any programming language (Java, C, Python, C#...anyone you please) and then program a simple application that read the id, send a request to WG API for the PR and saves that data into an array or write it ni the same momento using buffering
  9. Not sure how accurate/true this is, but it was pulled from reddit. XVM works off of a public database, The XVM DB does a mass rotating pull once a month from wargaming API (I think the limit is 10k names per day?) then soft updates if an XVM mod user is in a battle. all those game stats get sent to the XVM DB and updated a small bit until the next mass pull cycle happens. So having the XVM mod is a bit like spying on everyone's stats in your match and the mod on your computer takes the names from your battle list (all 30 of you) and sends a 'pull' request to the database to get the stats of the player with that name. With the anonomizer running, theres no name for the mod to pull from so it just displays blank stats. There's no Buy in or consent from other players, its just the XVM database displaying stats. This at least gives you the option to hide stats to prevent focus and have a better player experience. @Wanderjar was actually referenced as the original poster From what i understand its only effective in hiding ur stats in-game, not as a whole. if somebody wants to check ur stats after game by looking at ur profile it will work just fine.
  10. will this actually scramble your tanker ID or just your username? if it's just the username then XVM will literally work as normal can't forget that so much data is already stored, many players data will be decently accurate of the data they already have for a very long time forward, just out of archives since almost every single active wot account has played a game with someone using XVM you need to scramble user IDs (the number sequence to ur account page on the main website) ingame, but can you actually do that since that is what links you to your account? otherwise xvm will not disappear, they'd have to ban the mod for that which is unlikely
  11. anyone have a spare league acc? (euw or eune)

    got to witness first hand of a balance team rivaling wot in incompetence... 14day suspension for telling a guy to stop trolling and focus, without any foul language  :notlikethis: 

  12. Tier 8 already was having alpha creep with RHM. ISU should have gotten hammered but it didn't. 490 should have been max alpha in that tier I think for glass cannon TD. 390 for heavies. The armor creep was there since the great German nerf, where they removed weakspots... Maps are an issue, agreed. IS-3 should have been T9. And T-54 could have been pushed into TX Another problem was the constantly overlapping characteristics. For instance, Pershing vs Cent. Cent is basically a big fat Pershing that got more fragile, while focusing on gun pen not bloom. Also, Japanese tier 8 med. That's where I put my first impression pen was creeping. I am sure for the rest of you, it probably came in other forms. I figure people realized how the maps were getting "corridor-ized" and wanted pen for future soft meds, without considering the damage it would cause. T-44 was bland then too. I figure it should have featured a more powerful gun, at the expense of MT DPM.
  13. Remind me again why you are even given the option to play T8 outside of Front line? Alpha creep is getting worse... The general passivity of playerbase is amplified by shit like this.
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  15. oh hai Soli....I am willing to take suggestions for a new avatar
  16. I would go with it. Agreed! most played tanks is another well mentioned point
  17. r8 me niggas, how robust am i


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      3.1/10, +1 for the chin

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      a solid sub 5k dpg/5k dpg 

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      You look like you’re checking out a pimple.

  18. WOWs has tier 9 premiums and they have largely been done ok, not massively game breaking IMO. The tier 9 'reward' premiums they have done so far, T-55A is good but not OP, the Frontline and Ranked rewards again look decent but nothing amazing. So I don't have worries there. Though I think you will basically kill tier 8 premiums for many people, I mean what becomes the point of playing a tier 8 prem for credit making if you can play a tier 9 with better MM that would make more credits? The anonymiser thing sounds decent in theory, it'll depend on take up though because if only a few unicums do it, the XVM focusing bobs will just target the accounts with stats, so unless lots of people do it in might not be very effective. Dual barrel thing looks like it has potential to be massively OP, after IS-3A I don't trust WG to give these tanks enough drawbacks to offset the benefits. The real massive change is the premium ammo, that is going to cause massive upheaval if that goes through IMO, so its understandable that they aren't doing buffs/nerfs until after that, I suspect paper tanks will become even more crap and being top tier will become even more powerful. Good news about the WVs, glad the whines haven't impact their decision and they get unfairly nerfed just because a load of bobs can't handle them. They do this a lot though WG, promise all this stuff and then take ages to deliver it. We had a lot of this stuff promised at xmas and now we are 9-10 months later and its only just tricking through. I mean premium ammo rebalance has been like 2 years in the making and we are still only on another sandbox version, can't see that coming into the game until 2020 at the earliest. The hide stats thing seems to be a simple change but they are only now testing it after promising it in December. I mean they are making progress to make the game better, but its glacial progress. They seem to be able to throw out PvE modes and modes like Steel Hunter, and new premiums easily, but can't seem to fix the game very quickly.
  19. source: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/09/16/wgfest-post-show-qna-bond-shop-and-more/ – We cannot release a bond shop so far due to a number of technical problems. Fuck Off WG, Thats the same excuse they used back in 1.5 or whenever it was many months ago when we were first supposed to get the bond shop.
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