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  1. Yesterday
  2. windstorm you mean https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Windstorm Yeah, dunno why they removed this, was ok map (not good, not bad)
  3. They can keep Komarin. But every other map is better than Paris.
  4. Honestly they need to bring back all the maps they took out during patch 1.0
  5. Is it wrong that I unironically want teamkilling back so I can kill arty players? 

    1. Tarski


      Seems a bit extreme when you could just destroy their vehicle in the game? 

    2. churchill50


      Whether it's wrong or not, I'm right there with you.

      Teamkilling arty every once in a while was quite cathartic. Especially when it was the arty who had been on your ass for the entirety of the previous game, and then drowned himself before you could kill him.

  6. Last week
  7. Hopefully they'll also increase the numbers of map we can ban.
  8. Hey I still check forums like any addict
  9. I want that kinda Trondheim-looking winter half-city map back. Wind-winter-storm-berg-heim? Something. It just needed some gentle rebalancing.
  10. I want Northwest back. Why does everyone hate it?
  11. Stalingrad was my favorite city map, I'd happily take it back in its original state. Maybe we could trade Ensk for it? I miss South Coast too.
  12. Yeah, south coast > glacier (or stud, or empires border, or) And last version of swamp was ok soon(tm) Stalingrad got a lot of hate, but compared to Paris, of Kharkov?
  13. When are these maps coming into play?
  14. same, swamp back might just be enough to get me to log on again
  15. 0w0 has it been 6 months already?
  16. If It's not Swamp or South Coast I don't want it
  17. I only ended up rolling 5 tickets. Got another 4 star CE. The 5 star CE is really good but saving...
  18. on a week total it missed 27 kills, dont know if its only one tank that is the problem or several. Mainly played Bourrasque.
  19. Looking at video, the 3e one seems good, 5e might be ok, 4e i gonna be either ok, or total awefull (depending on how good hill and base camp spots are) and first 2 seem mweah (especially the first one look bad, half the map shooting range, so compareble to studzanski)
  20. Wot labs not logging my kill anymore IG: Vanslansing In game kill total 12077 and on wotlabs 12050. showing 0 kills in 24h (24h periods breakdown by tank is okay with more than 1.2kpg overall)
  21. Not posted yet here i think, lets see what WG is gonna make of this...
  22. here is the issue: fast forward to 7:20 and watch. this game just cackoa on you when you need it most. happens all the time, when you need it but when you don't need it, 85M load HE expecting type 64, but instead surprise by cromwell, shoot HE anyway and load AP for next shot. HE damages cromwell, like 50%. 100+ Wtf? just now ambushed progetto with my mutz, first shot advantage. he at 231HP. i low-roll my 250 alpha, he survive and proceed to burst me for 720 straight in the face after. Wtf that. not right at all, working for third mark, deal with that shit. no consistency, just eat cackoa and stop cry kid.
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