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  2. I haven't touched the game in about a month and a half, warships occupies my game time and a new job takes up most of the rest. I have pretty much every ship in the game mostly engineered and I can't be bothered to finish them, along with 700m in the bank. Game just got too tedious. I'd done just about everything, if something new and exciting that is combat based gets in I might play again.
  3. Yeah feel the same. Since closed beta, last couple months is the first time I'm playing without premium account and there's no fucking way I'm giving them any money for premium tanks etc. Taking s break now, even frontlines is gone shite, needs another map. These arty changes sent enough to make me open my wallet, if they removed it I would but fuck them and their mission of squeezing every cent out of the whales. CUNTS
  4. Let's be serious. The goal has never been to "fix" the game, they've known for years what the players want. You can't seriously tell me at this point they don't know removing arty would be more popular than keeping it in or that a 2 tier spread would revive things. The goal is to stretch the game out as long as possible. Games tend to have a shelf life, so they've been withholding the improvements players want as long as the money keeps flowing in. As the player numbers have finally begun to really drop they're now doling out little improvements here and there, just enough they think it will get people to come back and play, where the game becomes a little "new" again. This is just another example, they drop a tiny weight on the scale and then sit back and wait to see how much it tips. See if they need to give anything more of what we want or if this is "enough" to keep people hooked for another 6 months. We won't get an ounce more than that minimum weight and they'd rather err on the side of not enough than too much. At this point they can kindly consume a plethora of dicks. It's like when I was a teenager working at a restaurant and my boss gave me a $0.10/hour raise after I gave him my two week's notice.
  5. As it stands, I avoid time in the SRV as much as possible. I'm due to make another trip to collect raw materials, but my current method is to find a geological site on a Metal-Rich Body, mine what I can, and trade for the stuff I don't easily find mining.
  6. Yeah increased splash radius is idiotic. I get the stun. OK. I can live with that but they also increased damage splash radius so you can literally hit people behind obstacles. Sure you lose some damage but you still hit them.
  7. I made it to the end. The literal end. Ishum's Reach. Nothing beyond this point except the void. For the longest time I felt like I cheated my Elite rank in exploration by just doing Road to Riches around the Bubble. Now I think I can now say that I truly earned it. I think I'm gonna stay here for a while, recharge, then start heading to Colonia. Funnily enough, mountaineering in Skyrim was always one of my favorite pastimes. I just wish there was more tools in the SRV for ground use. I'd love to be able to measure height to "sea level" and be able to find the highest mountains and deepest craters, or have a temperature gauge and find the hottest or coldest spots in a planet. There's so much stuff that can be done with it, SRVing feels really bare-bones.
  8. Well at least I will get a free flat for 25% of buy price which is much lower than current sale price. So that's a profit. Still having 2 parents without jobs and my father having a stroke at 57 was a fucking punch in the dick. Good thing both of my parents have partners ( no idea how but if it works it works) On the bright side I 3 marked my BC12T while some RGT moron shouted at me for not spotting a ferdi behind a building and a su-101 that was double bushed. Took waay too much time. Lights are not fun now. Maps are changed in such a way you get less early spotting opportunities and have to wait til late game plus pubbies make fewer mistakes. I remember having more monster spot games in my 13 105 or 13 57 1 year ago
  9. Noice. Stuff like that makes me hope Bethesda makes ES6 considerably larger than Skyrim, just so that there's more places to explore. However, the way they've been going lately, it makes me worried about the end product of ES6 anyway.
  10. Greetings from Beagle Point! Took me almost an hour to reach the summit of a nearby mountain range. Worth it.
  11. The biggest issue is the high dmg arty can do to you. 400-500 dmg in a tier X game, for example, is game changing. A tank with 2k hp has now reduced its total combat ability reduced by a fourth or a fifth. Add the stun to this and possibility to get tracked or module damaged, it can destroy you fighting capability. Muliply this by 3 and you have a disastrous resoult. Arty has no place in this game because of how gamebreaking it is. It should be removed. The only good thing about it is that it can counter assault tanks or punish hulldown defensive monsters. But those things should be fixed by designing the game better. Interesting to see how the stun duration works and how it comulates over repetition. It makes me wonder why they did not realize before of how broken it is and bad for the game. Anyway this game is too broken to fix they will not be able and they are clearly not capable to fix it.
  12. As long as arty can do anything remotely like this it should not be in the game: Dead driver. Tracked and stunned for 18 seconds. Missed me for 400hp more later in the game. That's what I get for camping....
  13. Current setup on the FDL is an Overcharged huge beam with Thermal Vent, with the med slots filled out with multis. Not sure how that's gonna do in terms of hammering enemies, but hopefully my PD will be able to keep up with the beam well enough. It seemed to last night. I am getting the feeling that it's unlikely anybody is gonna be as precise with a HOTAS as fixed weapons seem to require, especially stuff with a low RoF like plasmas and rails.
  14. this is like irelias 5ms nerf in league sure it’s a nerf, but it literally won’t change anything the amount of situations where this nerf matters are too few this’d be like nerfing wheeled tank top speed by 1kph a qol change is more needed than a nerf, since the nerf is actually needed more regarding he ammo rather than arty since the stuns are fine but it does too much damage while making you useless unless in cqc, he does too much damage overall and nerfing it would put arty in a bearable spot again a qol change that is needed if he stays the same is stun-immunity for 2-3 seconds after using kit, this is a specific scenario but double stunning right after using medkit is such bs.. it’s a huge quality change but impacts the game very little at the same time you still take damage, and stuns but the difference is that you at least have a window the size of your aim time to get something done before you can get stunned again for using your medkit
  15. FTFY. Simple experiment: remove arty from one of the two EU servers for a couple of weeks. See which server people log into... The percentage of shitlords who primarily play arty is tiny. Smaller, I’m certain, than the number of players who have left the game because of, among other reasons, arty ruining the gameplay. Many pubbie tears would fall if arty was removed; “you owe me xp, etc, blah, blah, blah”. But the reality is fuck all of them would stop playing. And a heap of former players might come back (only to get infuriated by RNG and leave again).
  16. Meanwhile, on the Pathfinder Horizon... I'm standing at the very border of the Formorian Frontier, one more jump will take me into The Abyss. Things are starting to look pretty small from here.
  17. Hmm... for me this is just tippy toeing around a dead horse. They simply need to remove the damn stun completely and reduce the number of arty per match to just one. Seriously, their game is losing players and they are still fucking around with one of the biggest reasons why players are leaving. Just fucking delusional morons these developers.
  18. Oh my god

    They're dancing

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      Will I get something if I dance too (I have no idea what you’re referring to)?

  19. Would take it just for the reduced damage from splash/non-direct hits and reduced stun duration. Especially on paper tanks (like the Standard B which I am grinding currently, which suffers badly against arty) it could potentially make a big difference. Suffering 400+ hp damage on a non-direct hit is pretty frustrating. However, one of the biggest issues with arty at the moment is tier 6 and tier 5 arty and their rate of fire, which I note hasn't been touched at all. These arties, like the Lef, the FV304, the M44 and the Grille etc. fire so damned fast and do so much damage to low tier tanks that don't have a lot of armour that it is entirely possible for one of these focusing you to kill you inside 3 minutes, with not a damned thing you can do to stop it (especially against those that have very high firing arcs). Low tiers are even worse for arty spam at the moment because of this, in my opinion.
  20. Last week
  21. Please check out my perfect arty game, and to all new players: this is how you should play arty.



    1. hazzgar


      Before I click download. Does it you involve clicking arty then deciding naah, you will play another tank? Since this is "how you should play arty"

  22. It is something, I suppose. But ignoring the requests of the masses to have ONE per team is par for the course over at WG HQ.
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