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  2. I thought it was crap also but Field Modifications and bounty LNES have turned the Kunze into an extremely powerful LT. It's basically a tier 10.5 LT given the hitpoints, gun, view range and camo. Spotter built stats 41% camo, 511 VR, 2750 dpm, 0.35(0.25) accuracy. Reloads are 8.6/11.4 Gun built stats 32% camo, 462 VR, 3300 dpm, 0.34(0.24) accuracy. Reloads are 7.2/9.5 But what makes it work are the size, workable top speed and the siege mode. Siege in this tank isn't for snap shot brawling but for positional play. And especially for shooting at distances. Getting a L
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  4. Holy crap - 3 engineer keys from derping around in the event and got the new ASTRON. 

    1. PityFool


      Insanely lucky, nice. Its an amazing tank, really enjoying it.

  5. WTE mode is 100% shit with all the STUPID players on the server.

    1. Jul_Le


      Seems doable in a platoon of 3. I wouldn't play it solo with average players.

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  7. Hello! Thanks again to everyone who's replied! So I've made tons of progress and I wanted to share my feedback in case it helps anyone else in the future who finds this thread. T95 is 100% the tank to use for the Alliance block missions (-7 and -12). I did both "first try" and found the following equipment loadout helpful: Improved Hardening, Grousers, Modified Config, along with a Pre-Battle maint (for Modified Config) directive. Track repairs in about 2-2.5s with a 100% repair crew. Try to stay at medium to long range in front of lower tiers if possible. I would mostly
  8. Been having a lot of success with this tank, which surprises me I'm usually more of an aggro brawling tank type player but finding playing more patiently and looking around for good opportunities is paying off. The combo of mobility, camo and gun accuracy is very comfy to play with. It's kind of like a batchat but way better at the early game where you're looking for sneaky free damage, and way worse at yolo clipping people later. After 25 battles I'm at 3246 avg damage and 60% wr, small sample size but significantly higher than average t9 medium stats for me.
  9. I suggest you to watch Rosario Vampire one of the best manga series but there are also some similar animes like Rosario Vampire which are more interesting you check them out here
  10. Haven't done ranked in the past so when do I get my rewards

  11. Close to mine - except of course nearly everything is bounty or bond I run a 7 HEAT and 4 HEAT loadout. There's some maps and matchmaking where i feel like the chances to pen a HEAT are less good. But i have no evidence and plenty of 4 HEAT pen games since the relevant patch. A wise chodefriend of mine said recently "better a 50% chance for 700 damage than 100% for 135"
  12. So, let me get this straight: I have field mods level 4 unlocked, with aiming tuning mechanism bought (less dispersion for longer reload) and two different builds: * boosted Scout build: CVS*, optics, lnes (475m vr) Gun build: vents*, iau, vstab (443m vr but 0.48 dispersion, which will go down once I unlock level 6 and go for firepower) Ammo choices are 17 HE, 7 HEAT on both loadouts, the only difference being food in one of the two. Can it work? All standard equipment as I don't have enough bonds nor bounty equipment.
  13. Hey guyss...is there any app related to WOTLabs mobile? Kinemaster MOD APK
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  15. Kran is actually pretty good if you can cope with subpar penetration. It's tiny, nimble and gun handling is not bad at all. GL penning the turret when hulldown (remember to raise your pp when reloading to become invulnerable to pretty much anything, the turret roof is paper thin and if you are ever so slightly angled downward you can get penned) Udes 15-16 or whatever it's called is also decent. Armour is super troll, mobility is okay and from what I remember the gun is decent. Slightly more pen than kranvagn on both apcr and heat.
  16. hello there my dear unicum nabs, I've come here to improve my gameplay and to compete with all of u 😋
  17. I've had some pretty good matches on the snow and desert maps, but only in good hull down heavy tanks (AE Phase and C1B). Those two maps feel like they really favor such tanks, as all the good locations are either ridgelines or have those little rubble mounds that hide your hull. Not a fan of that meta, especially not after torturing myself through ranked (where most of the maps have those issues too). So far I haven't played many games in tanks other than those two mentioned, or at least tanks similar to them, and I don't think I would enjoy doing so either. The snow map has some vert
  18. Yeah, I think the Oyster Bay island map is amongst the worst maps I've seen. The Canyon (desert) map is at least playable if you have hull down tanks but it is indeed a series of hull-down brawlzones. The snow map is overcomplicated with too many nooks and crannies but can be fixed as you say
  19. Ranked was fun. Surprisingly, way more fun than randoms. Can't wait for the next round. AMX 13 105 worked extremely well for me.

  20. Russian dude who plays with hes feet pwning again, :serb:


  21. All 3 new maps are terrible, the snow map can perhaps be fixed, but the island is like a bigger airfield, with even more shitty camp spots (and it also has an airfield, hurr durr) while the desert map is just a hull down shitfest, with huge open death zones, so like a bigger sand river And given that both sand river and airfield are among the worst fucking maps of the game, GG The worst map of the previous 3, Wolga, is 2x better as any of these 3 shit maps... ps: so im sure the russian peasants will love it, and wg will put them in the game
  22. Light tanks are my favorite class to play (the T49 specifically is my favorite) and I whenever me and the boys get together to run some derp squads we can't get into a game... We sit in queue for 5 mins, get kicked out, queue again, etc. We have yet to play a 3-man of T49's and 2-mans take ~15mins of queue time to get in. And this is how it is for every tier IX-X light we try to play. I just don't get it, approx. 4-5 months ago I could run 3-man T49's all day, with quick queues. Now, after coming back to the game, we just can't get a game. What gives?
  23. Final proof that Beethoven was a rocker!







  24. Decided it's time to try my first T10 3 mark on the M48, 16 games 37% wr, just steamroll after steamroll, not going great so far lol.

    1. kolni


      It’s a fairly tough 3mark among the tech tree 10s, GL!

  25. yeah, gonna try the new maps this weekend, too bad next week is also frontlines...
  26. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-modes/recon-mission-stage-3/ So Volga was apparently the most popular map. Also, three new ones are up.
  27. I got 8 tokens, so could skip 8 missions (or rather, 1 nation (US / UK) and skip 5 missions, the final mission, 3x 1e class in 20 games is not that hard, if you use the right tanks, i got 3 ace with TVP TVU so i finished it with honors (which wasnt actually needed) also Panther II, O-HO and a whole bunch of other sad loser tanks are good for getting 1e class (for a teal player it might be harder) Imo skipping 3 lines and finising 1 line 100% is way harder as just doing everything, especially if you have a big garage / most tanks, some missions are just annoying of time consuming (res
  28. If your preferred tanks are Bloc tanks, 100% go down that route. I did it by completing the Bloc missions as well - it was fun to play and so many of those missions were very easy in my favoured tanks. I basically did it playing a combination of HWK 12, tier 8 VK and Wt. Auf. Pz IV, with the best gun in the game. I tried to complete Bloc with honours, so I could skip 3 lines, but in the end I gave up, as getting 3 Ace Tankers is just too RNG. I would have completed it about 2 weeks quicker if I hadn't have kept trying that. So my advice would be to pick 2 lines (Bloc and, by the so
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