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  2. Should these changes go through I can see a massive meta shift in both CW and pubs. having a second boosted equipment slot means that you can run a firepower or survivability slot on mediums as well as the mobility slot. I recently saw some FAME CW games where they had the 907s running improved hardening. with a survivability slot you could get the full benefit of the equipment on mediums or tank destroyers so things like 2200 HP mediums and Chieftains with mobility boosts are going to place an even greater emphasis on speed and HP. Giving LTs the mobility slot would help tracked LTs compete w
  3. Or look at the basic, crews and credits, i have 137 million, have 140 credit boosters left, have 230 tanks, 70 empty garage slots, have 23 tier 10 tanks (which just collect dust mostly) have ~70 million worth of premium consumables in my depot and dozens and dozens of pieces of equipment (like 20 GLD, 20 vents, 20 rammers etc) I I have ~600 crew boosters and like 150 +3e skill crews (including dozens of 4e skill crews) A new player can never get this, its impossible to unlock everything, get so much crews and credits to fund everything, i have dunno, ~600 million worth of tanks
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  5. What I’m referring to is the length of the grind to get on par to not be at a disadvantage simply for having played less. Any account can get a maxed tier 10 in a short time frame and the fairness in it is that it’s the same for everyone no matter when you start. This doesn’t apply to the economy at all though because the best way of getting to a good relation there is already having a good economy. With how the system works you’ll never get around it and there will always be a gap. Before bonds rerolling was just a matter of training your crews back up and XP grinding - so
  6. First impressions from the Sandbox. Being Sandbox, all these are subject to change, of course. There are 8 ranks of modifications, which require an elite/premium vehicle to unlock. Each rank of upgrade gives small constant, passive bonuses depending on the "role" of the tank. For example, the Leo1 ("sniper medium") gets small improvements to engine power and dispersion - a total of +3% engine power and -4% dispersion on movement for 8 ranks. The EBR105 "wheeled light tank" gets 6% traverse speed increase, and so on. Each rank also gives you an additional benefit Rank I: alterna
  7. Is it just me, or is this just kind of par for the course for WG at this point? You start out with a good idea: Multiple equipment/consumable loadouts that can be swapped between at the start of a battle. This is honestly an amazing idea, and as said earlier will really help light tanks, which kind of need it. But then WG adds some not so good ideas: Stat changes to all tanks in the game that can and will be min-maxed to death by players who understand them, and will widen the gap between good and bad/new players. And then, just for good measure, they throw in a massive grind th
  8. As it is now, you can get a light on your team on Prok that has a DPM build (makes sense to him as most maps aren't Prok), while the light on the enemy team has a full stealth/vision build, and it's GG before it began. With this change you can be reasonably sure both lights are running the same kind of setup.
  9. Don't think this will be a huge problem on average, though good players and a few potatoes that is literate enough to read forums might catch on early. Might become meta and even out after a while. To me it would mostly just make the game less frustrating on maps that suck donkey dick to spot on, as I'm running vision builds on all my lights, so I already cause everyone on enemy team cancer on Mali/Prokh.
  10. I find it interesting that in the past WG has been reluctant to fix balance/matchmaking issues (even with individual tanks) because "it's so complicated", and then do something like this which is basically the equivalent of saying fuggit and flipping the table over. Just one example, I'm imagining Malinovka/Prok with scouts running full stealth setups. GLHFgetwrecked. You think there are a lot of 15-3 battles now? Or maybe it will just put the camp back into Campinovka. GG WG, forget skill based matchmaking or limiting arty/scouts per battle and just introduce global balance c
  11. Hate playing Steppes in HTs. Just one big arty click fest

  12. This will be huge for light tanks! Feels pretty shit to have a pure vision build and get a shit map for scouting, with this you can switch to a damage focused build and play a pocket medium instead. This can be a huge quality of life improvement, just hope they don't make the modifications too grindy and that it allows for some flexible builds. Will definitely check this out, it can be very good or very bad for the game, depending on how they implement it.
  13. This will be great for people who are me. Infact i might run xvm. Open map none or bad LTs? Time to swap my MT to a bLNES/optics/CVS build. Toggling between vision and firepower is going to be great.
  14. In the first Battle Pass I chose to take only Czech blueprints when the option for nationals arose. I now have 92. Any thoughts on which of the tech tree tanks looks the weakest in tier? Before anyone mentions Universal blueprints I seem to have 1.3k or so.
  15. Time is not as important. After playing on peoples accounts I got myself a new acc and after 2 years I have a huge advantage. Tons of reserves. Maybe not uber high number of bonds but still high + a lot of bounty gear. The only advantage old players have are blueprints but even that I had enough to powergrind to t9 for 3 lines. Also since now you don't need to play CW to benefit clans there are many clans who just want good players and don't care about what you do. So you get those boosters without participating. Super easy to stock up on free exp.
  16. Time to uncheck Accellerate Crew Training on every tank I have. One thing that's good is you can add a second slot category, which would level the playing field a bit for those without bond or bounty equipment on their tanks.
  17. Yesterday
  18. I think WoT is just straight up past the need to make content accessible to new players. Casual players needs it though. The skillgap should be far between, but considering that it relies so heavily on income to close that gap it needs to be more easily accessible. A 5 year head start in WoT means you’re just going to stay ahead until the game dies at this point.
  19. Oof, this is complex. It appears that it will take a fair bit of grinding to unlock all the modifications for each tank, or else use free XP/convert. Basically this is another way for them to drain our free XP. On the other hand the bajillion 100-200% XP boosts sitting in my depot may see a use finally. And yeah, new players will be left even further behind.
  20. Yeah, agree with @hazzgar. This type of stuff just widens the gap between experienced and new players because it is more grind with more buffs and tweaks to your tank and how it functions, which naturally more experienced players will learn and min-max better than new players or players who simply do not understand the mechanics of the game, and the more experienced players will unlock them faster. Bad idea.
  21. They more they make the game complicated the bigger gap between players of different skill will become. This is a bad idea. Not for us in the short term but it will kill wot faster as pubbies will be more angry when unis do even more dmg.
  22. Wargaming dropped this little surprise onto the Sandbox server. Some of it is quite interesting. I think the ability to select equipment loadouts has merit and could change up the way we all play our favorite tanks. For instance switching a top tier and bottom tier loadout on tier 8 premium tanks could be useful. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/updates/sandbox-2021-field-modification/ Greetings, Commanders! On June 15, the open test of Field Modification starts on the Sandbox server. This is a toolset that allows you to precisely configure your favorite vehicles d
  23. Tier 9 lights in the current EBR meta are frustrating. Enter the stealth build, with which I just easymode 3-marked the WZ-132A. I had previously played it when grinding to the 132-1, at which point I had left it in the low 80s on marks. Outfitting it with CVS, optics (later bounty), and LNES, and here we go... Courtesans of the dee pee gee may sneer at the 1500 dpg I got, but 2600 spotting per game is crushing. 40% camo opens up the map.
  24. These buffs won't fix anything, in best case, the T34 might be "playable", but it will still be far below average.
  25. OK, full stealth build is LEGIT. Just raked up an insane session with a full stealth WZ-132A for another easy 3 mark.

    Here's a sample game-- I uploaded this with my first try at commentary.


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    2. sr360


      @Balthazars The WZ-132A is not bad for the build. While the gun is much less usable, it basically leads to a different style of play/shooting. Whereas the 54LT can still do a limited run-and-gun due to its excellent stabilization even without a vstab, the 132A has an advantage in alpha. That led me to use my camo to set up shots for when I needed to. With use of double bushes and careful judgement of distance, in my last 25 games I averaged a little more DPG in the 132A than in the 54LT (1,473 vs 1,389). I also tended to take more kill shots because I can reliably take out <300 hp tanks (1.28 KPG vs 1.14), but similar assist (2,599 vs 2,423).

      I think 40% or so is the breakpoint. Beyond 40% you can really start doing some fun stuff.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      CVS in vision slot, iOptics, and low-noise is what I run the T49 with basically since I first came back to the game and it's fantastic.  Just have to actually aim a bit more, which is frustrating sometimes, but the point is that i can take the time to do so and then delete heretics like nothing

      Honestly, my only complaint is that I can't shove a turbocharger on somewhere.

      Also, your video - the in-game music is very loud and covers up a lot of what you're saying during the countdown, just FYI


      e: to add to the camo value discussion, this is what I get in the T49 with this setup, which I think is serviceable in 99% of situations where I'm up against another scout or medium provided i don't play like a dumbass


    4. arthurwellsley


      Watched the video and enjoyed the gameplay. The commentary is decent but you have the volumes set up all wrong. The game sounds dominate far to much while your voice on the commentary is far too quiet. Good try, excellent content, but please re-align the voice volume as compared to the game volume. Looking forward to the next Youtude video. Thanks

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    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      My favorite part of this is that the shell actually sent up and to the left of center slightly and barely clipped the back of this dude's turret.

      if it had gone dead center it'd have hit his rear sprocket or missed entirely, so now we basically have empirical evidence of whose side god is really on

    2. CraBeatOff


      Praise be RNGesus. He died for our blyats.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      RNGesus saves


      But as is his nature, sometimes he don't

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