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  2. WG Anonymizer has a wicked sense of humour.


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  4. I just got enough credits to get this thing, and honestly the 105 is loads of fun. Overall a very comfy little tank, and because of the holiday ops bonus I'm making credits driving the thing with food.
  5. Much better just to have 750 alpha than two 440 guns that have shit gold pen and no rammer.
  6. Compared to tonnes of T8 heavy tanks like VK75, T34-H, VK1P, Brecher, both Emils, IS3A/5/6, 65T.....IS3s .2/.2/.O8 is a real winner Dispersion stats do not just mean how well a tank pokes. Dispersion stats are indicators to how quickly a tank can suitably fire, in many instances. That maybe applied to poking, sure. But moreover when a tank is moving, acquires a target, and is finally ready to fire. Generally, when you are poking a target, you are applying things to *calm down* your bloom in the first place, which doesn't provide a real picture of how bad bloom may inherently be. You are correct about the slow speeds. T95 has great disp for a TD, AND is always moving slowly, controlling its bloom. Whereas tanks like FCM, CDC, don't have particularly bad disp, but are always moving really fast, making them seem extremely derpy
  7. you did specify ,2/,2 as being good numbers and not tanks that can't pivot turn: but when most people poke (I don't know how you do, I've never seen a replay) its ONLY W/S and not turning as well. And yes, .2 disp is average for heavies but who pokes in an AMX30B (.0/.12/.0) unless its himmels? or tries to do a max deflection snap shot in an Emil(.25/.25/.15)? and at slow/er speeds movement bloom is really minimalized.
  8. I meant as if they were lumped together, into the word moving* as technically traversing your tracks and rolling back/forward is displacing. Actually, may tanks also do not have pivot, lE IS7, so traversing also moves them forward or back too. As opposed to just rotating the turret. Very few tanks have terrible turret only dispersion, like very exclusive things such as 152 T49/Sherry
  9. actually movement dispersion you speak of is forward and rear movement. left and right hull movement is calculated separately. and it's figured in (meters per sec)/sec as a % of the total dispersion countered by equipment/crewskills and bounded by the max dispersion of the vehicle. If you want the formula or a spreadsheet for it let me know. so if you poke using a single R its a lot more accurate than a full W movement (which the game figures as max accel even if its for 2 meters). the RU meds just typically benefit a lot more from movement disp than nato meds do, but Nato meds have better turret disp and typically better turning disp (there are some glaring exceptions though) and the playstyles reflect this as well.
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  11. You are wrong as usual. IS3 is good not only because of low turret bloom, but because of good movement bloom. .2/.2 are good numbers for tier 8 heavy tanks, especially compared to tanks alongside it armed with 122mm, such as Defender, IS6, 112, 5OTP proto that have worse disp stats to contend with. VK1OOP is so slow, that it is technically always 'waiting' and 'aiming' unless it is stunned. Pre-buff AMX3OB had a stunning .O6 turret disp, that is like best in-class. Yet its gun handling was crippled, because of woeful .15/.15 movement disp, way off for a tier X. Same with old 43O, no where near gold standards of .1/.1 like T62A or obj 14O. It isn't because of turret rotation, it is movement disp which cripples tanks. Because any movement at all, unless the speed of Maus, throws any aim out of whack. Yes, armoured cars have great turret disp, but what makes them great are their movement disp and aim-time alongside an illegal auto aim which turns them into lasers
  12. New personal best base EXP: COCKROACH!
  13. I am not sure if there is a correct armor model going around, but shooting at what feels like the flattest angle with 330/340 pen heat certainly doesn't guarantee a pen.
  14. Sorry but as usual you are wrong. Shooting on the move rarely hits anyway but turret dispersion on the low side alows you to quickly change targets. If you compare it to IS-3 then IS3 is good because of low turret bloom. Also t34 is shit. VK100p can just wait and aim.
  15. For the crew, there are more problems out there, for example, tier7 with 4 guys and tier8+ with 5 or 6, or some guy that are commander/radio and then commander/driver. About the HE and HP, isnt only for low tiers, in fact, is a better system to counter glass cannons. Type4/5 are the problem? wtf? the type 5 was disgusting nerfed. And the rebalance drops a light over the obsoletes tanks like is-4/e100. Actually the only "cancerous" high tier derp is the fv4005, and even with the new HE will do more avg dmg. In my country we have a saying: If you will be penetrated, just relax and enjoy it...
  16. I rebought it, having forgotten why I sold it. Dammit.... take a toolbox and repair skill to the max to preserve sanity.
  17. I don't like the sound of the crew/equipment reworks. All they have to do is just take the current skills/perks/equipment that no one uses and buff/tweak them so that they're useful. Admittedly the process of moving a crew from one tank to another is clunky, but the only real trouble with it (an annoyance really) is that if you're using credits then there's a lot of little steps in retraining each guy for the new tank, resetting skills to get back to 100% training. New accounts get hosed, but WG could just give them crew training/transfer vouchers to get through the low tiers. As of the sixth-sense situation, they could solve it one of many different ways. The simplest would just be reducing the cost of the directive so that pubbies could run it. Plan B would be making the perk into a skill so that its easier to get the effect. There's even the option of having it in effect for all crews by default and having the perk just shorten the delay or something. As of the HP buffs, I could go either way. I like the fast pace of the middle/low tiers but I can respect the desire for them to be a little slower. I really just wish the alpha increases were proportional to the HP buffs so that there is actually a significant incentive to use standard shells. It was a given that this would require new metrics, but that's a first-world-problem if there ever was one. Honestly it would be a relief if they do as they say and archive all the old stats for posterity, but then give us an option not to even record new stats if we don't want to. MOE is the only metric that the API should support if you ask me. The HE rework on the other hand is a total mess. The one valid purpose HE had- punishing thin armor when it penetrates, is totally out the window. They're probably only doing it to shelter the low tiers, but that's precisely where we actually need the derp guns to counter glass cannons like T67s. Who knows what they're even going to do with HESH, and then suddenly they sandbox tested arta that did still pen with HE. At this point I have no idea what they're trying to do. If anything, arta should have the non-pen HE. Normal tanks shouldn't be reworked and HE's alpha should scale up like the AP does to match the HP changes. As of cancerous high tier derps, the only ones that are actually a problem are the Type 4/5, and even then the problem is the armor rather than the gun.
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  19. Always run food, especially on autoloaders
  20. Should I get the T-44-100 or WZ-120-FT? I enjoy both bush kemping and medium-ing

    1. Wanderjar


      44-100 is amazing for frontline. WZ isnt for FL so maybe that helps?

    2. Kymrel


      I have way more fun in my 44-100 and play it quite a bit in Frontlines when I get tired of the Spagetto.

    3. echo9835


      44-100 is is a better t44, WZ costs less.

  21. Frankly i Found the tier 10 to be disappointing it has no mobility, No armor, Meh DPM/RoF, and shit gold pen. only things it has going for it are the DB gimmick and the dispersion values, but in relation to that i found the gun to still be derpy af despite the dispersion values (purple Vstab, Bia, food, GLD) tbh i found both the tier 8/9 to be far more enjoyable at their tiers by comparison. Both have decent mobility, solid turrets without huge cupolas, better gold pen for their tiers, and way less derpy guns.
  22. @leggasiini I thought that the late-war paper Japanese TDs were supposed to have a belt-fed 10cm, not the big naval guns.....

  23. Anyone good on Youtube that I can watch to L2P some maps and tanks?

    1. Diriz0n













      In no order there.  All do well, all explain things well, and have taught many




    2. Private_Miros


      Thanks mate, if your keyboard wasn't borked, you'd be quite alright!

    3. echo9835


      Try 4tankersandadog too

  24. Testserver is up and I had my first rounds in it (STII) yesterday. Eventhough I mostly derped around Gunhandling feels nice. But what rly surprised me was the 310 HEAT pen. With this pen, the biggest troll you can do is to bring your Obj 279 and see them bounce. I saw a single Obj 279 holdin up against five STIIs on Himmelsdorf. With only 310mm pen they have little to no chance to pen the Obj frontally. I really expected the STII to make appearance in CW meta. But with this laughable pen there is no chance in hell we gona see them. For yolo heavium rushes this thing is too slow. And for a city brawls it will lose pretty much every fight against 279s. For publics on the other hand this thing could be fun. Gun handling, gun depression and normal pen are fine. And the memes for double tapping poor T8s are just pure gold.
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