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  2. I'm a returning player and have just got back into my grove past day or so for my stats and I'm wanting to get back into the swing of things before I start looking for a competitive clan to try and get the new pretty tanks "chieftain I'm looking at you". If you want to grind mostly tier 7-8-9 with me just add me and lets have some fun mainly looking for people around my skill level and up but either way I hope you all have a great day
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  4. You can write a small program in any language to convert the JSON into CSV, Excel accepts CSV
  5. I got that trex bod, squat 300 bench 150 ohbtw are you dk from Tokyo Drift by any chance?
  6. ^ pretty much. Tbh he isnt wrong with a lot of his points in this topic, hes made some decent posts and discussions in others. I just want to know what the hell is up with his 0 key.
  7. Oh hey, I weight 93kg too, but almost none of it is muscle
  8. I don't hate him i just want to know what the fuck is wrong with him.
  9. Just had quite a baller of a game on Sand River, 4.1k Dmg, 1350 Base XP and.... just 1st Class Mastery?! Who in the flying F is playing this tank so good that you can't get Ace Mastery with over 1300 Base?! l.e.: sorry for necro-ing this, I afterwards saw a more recent topic about this tank
  10. he's single handedly keeping the forum on life support because everyone hates him
  11. I wonder if its an affectation or a disease that has migrated to his head, like ringworm or rabies. It seems to be non-stop though. Keep up the fight dude! They will find a cure soon!
  12. @A_Chodeful TBH i love these occasional posts simply because of their ability to bring out so many of the dead members, if even for a single moment.
  13. This. Muscles alone don't mean shit if you don't know how to properly throw a punch/fight. A guy half your weight can knock you out on technique alone. I'd argue that even if Muay Thai means you lose weight/muscle mass, you'd be better toned and probably look much better.
  14. I am more interested in why D1r1z0n types like that than anything he says.
  15. The lengths you go through just to avoid explaining what's wrong with your 0 key is intriguing.
  16. Everyone knows it. ..Why was AMX65T the tech tree vehicle, when AMX 49 resembles more the line? AMX65T with any gun config could have been a new prem, with better terrain resistance and gun disp. Does WG know itself, how many people would applaud this change? ..Skoda T27 resembles the line, so much more than VTU. I mean they made that choice tier 6, with Skoda T25 being the tech tree tank. Wth is with the choice tier 8? Tier 7 T34 can remain because of its strong presence as an export. ..MT25 and LTTB should have been the prem tanks. LT432 and the anniversary T Fifty should be in the tech tree. They fit the line way more, with LT432 being a typical pancake RU LT like STG, T54 LT, T-Hundo LT. Though make the T54 LT the tier 8 like how it was before, and LT432 the tier 9. ..Type 62 could have been given old WZ132 172mm competitive 85mm gun, and moved to Tier 8 prem tank with balancing, while M41D is given performance like non autoloader bulldog and moved to tier 7 prem. Being closer to a Type 64. Type 62 is a prem that plays more like line, and needs to be the high tier prem. ..Like Dickermax, Sturer should be a tier 7 prem. Steyr should have been made the new tier 7 turret tech tree TD. I am willing to skip progetto and HK12, just because of the the split tech trees. The similarity to SPIC, compared to new HWK prem. But because of HWK prem being so similar to RU251 and panzer wagon, decision could be made both ways. Again, progetto resembles Standard B and Progetto, yet Pantera resembles both P43s so either way the decision works. A medium tank variant of the AMX13 should have been included tier 8, that gets unlocked from 1375, such as the AMX13/FL15 that goes into Bat Chat 25. Instead of the overwhelming pressure on Bat Chat 12T, needing a whopping 585K exp to unlock all the tier 9s (not including researching modules, just the vehicles) on a pretty bad tier 8 itself. This is a huge sink in the game. ..
  17. Now STA1, that tank? You can bet on that one. Large gain in DPM and mobility. Awesome buffs.
  18. Better turret plus minor tweaks. Better but still in the meh category of most 8 meds.
  19. Last week
  20. Did the STA2 get buffed during the Japanese medium rework?

    1. TheChang
    2. sohojacques


      Weird scenario where the tech equivalent got buffed even more though from what I can tell.

    3. DirtyACE7


      Thanks guys! I'm asking because I'm thinking of grabbing it from Frontlines as a reward tank. I play FL very sporadically and honestly do not think I'll be able to reach any of the other reward tanks and have no interest in getting the WZ, but I have enough prestige to get the STA2.

  21. Has this tank been buffed also with the recent rework of the Japanese mediums?
  22. Jesus this tank is bad. I can't imagine how shit it must havebeen with the small gun, even if the meta back then wasn't crap. All it has is speed and camo. No DPM, No alpha, the gun somehow misses way too much, the aimtime is good but not good enough, no armor (he pens you), no hp.
  23. its honestly quite hard trying to decipher what OP wants. As someone who has put in the last 10 months into muay thai it honestly seems like he is your average gym shitter who grew muscles and gained a superego to fit. Here is the issue with martial arts. Any martial artist worth its Asian salt takes fucking years to get proficient in (and wrestling etc). pick what you want to do. It isnt fucking pixel shitter gamer crap and you cant apply such a dumbfuck ego to any of it. whatever kind of idea you have about martial arts you should have honestly started before you started lifting (lifting is great but you need many other core strength skills as well in any martial arts profession) and sparring takes years to perfect and train in. my coach is still shitting on guys who are bulk AF over basic thing and i have trained with them and they could snap my spine in a heartbeat. TBH gains before going into martial arts isnt a bad idea but remove any semblance of an ego you had because you will get shit on for a long time.
  24. Went from 92 kg to 77 kg while doing a through hike, came back and even after atrophy in my upper body, can pull just as hard and have been able to hit 7a climbs that before were the edge of my ability, just two days after being back, the goal today is to hit 7b, and within the next two or three months start scratching into 7c/7c+. Bonus is I went from 9% BF to about 3%.
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