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  2. There's virtually no repercussions for sharing your account unless you're competing in tournaments since it's definitely against ESL rules, but in game you can basically share however you want but that if your account has been shared and gets stolen you are very unlikely to get support to help you recover it. You are allowed to have several accounts Don't share your info with people through the WoT client or anywhere you have your WoT account linked to though
  3. Tarski

    FV4005 Stage II

    Precisely. After I played my first match in this thing I played all my matches in it for a couple days. It just kept making me laugh. You can get 5k damage by firing only 3 shots in a lucky game. I don't know that it's good for the health of the game, but it does put a smile on my face from time to time.
  4. sohojacques

    FV4005 Stage II

    Played my first game in it last night. Nothing can really prepare you for how absurd this thing is. Deleted 3 1100-1200 hp tanks, including a long range cupola snipe on a Tortoise, in 3 shots. Didn’t snipe-pen the arse of a T30. So only did 747 damage... And penned a K-91 for over 1700hp. But with a roll of the dice this game could’ve easily been a 2k misery feast, or less, instead of the easiest 6k I’ve ever done. Comedy gold.
  5. Two last battles from my arty team killing limit test.



  6. Oh, shit, muh sides!


    Story behind this: angery mod comes in, gives me a warning and adds bad peotry in red (the highlighed part). I wrote what I think about this below in another edit.


    Comes another mod, warns me for using red and removes the text alltogether.


    I'm dead XD

    1. Haswell


      The first mod offered you as tribute to get fucked by the second mod. I always knew it's a grand orgy. :doge: 

    2. orzel286


      Unless mods are vampire lolis I absolutely refuse!

  7. Wanderjar

    Feb Scavenger Code tracking

    Feb 21: FMM5XWXT From Jerm_NA on his twitch Feb 22: from Trobsmonkey at 10PM Eastern
  8. Wanderjar

    Question probably for mods

    you mostly just do it out of game and not on the official forums or in game. but otherwise more than a few people have meatpuppets or at the least alts
  9. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    That's probably something that should be changed. Steeper risks for smuggling, depending upon the government in question, but also higher profits for successful smuggling. Yeah, they need to work a way to make combat logging unable to save somebody's hide.
  10. Unavailebow

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    The “risk” mentioned above should never be as simple as that. Smuggling is not the most risky job as you are unlikely to lose your ship, only fines or cargo. Smuggling was always made for smaller ships, it makes no sense if a small smuggling ship generates more profit than a larger hauling ship. Also, flying within the bubble does not mean safe, anachy, low security systems are problematic enough that you will go for a shield. Exploration is, for its low transaction frequency. Stranded in deep space also is not something Alt-F4 would help.
  11. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Sure, other stuff isn't as valuable as VOs, but LTDs still get you income at about half the rate. IMO they need to re-jigger the payout rates of all the trades. Stuff like piracy, bounty hunting, and smuggling should pay out most due to the risk. Stuff like exploration, deep core mining, and trading with outlying ports, should all pay out less due to only moderate risk. And finally stuff like hauling regular goods between well-populated systems in the Bubble should definitely be the least. Anywhere that you can fly a shieldless Type 7 full of cargo and expect not to have any issues, that shouldn't be a well-paying occupation compared to anything else, especially the big three: piracy, bounty hunting, and smuggling. They need to seriously rework the crime and punishment game mechanics, and give a really big boost to the sale price of banned goods. Yeah, those things seem a bit big for my tastes at the moment. Right. I'm already seeing Elite opponents now that I'm at Expert, but I suppose they'll increase in frequency as I rise in combat rank. Fair point.
  12. Unavailebow

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Mining is only fast when opal rush is concerned, normal deep core mining won't get close. A proper designed trade route is still profitable if you include rare goods. I don't know which one is hotter, a 430m/s Cutter or a 391m/s Krait. Smuggling in a Cutter makes you sharper at everything. Combat rank dictates enemy rank dictates bounty, you will be earning far more when torching an Elite FGS, and I would definitely not fight inside the asteroids field as it slows progress, providing you can tank and continuously firing. I don't know about other programmes but I use two buttons for each capacitor, seven in total to control pips. Its set to controlled by either press in or release but both, therefore its a -hold button- marco. The idea you have mentioned requires a logic that it recognised the button has been pressed twice, which has to be defined in order to execute multiple press. Even if it is possible it is not necessary as we divert all pips to a single capacitor more often than diverting only 1 or 2 pips. Therefore practically you will double click more than you single click.
  13. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    I use a Krait Mk II for smuggling. 6A shields, A-rated thrusters with G5 Dirty Drag drives. Everything I'm seeing says that the attempt to just go silent running and ease your way in is less fun, slower, and you can still be scanned. Get some practice at entering the station at ~250-ish and it's not hard. I think I entered at over 300 once last night. I did end up smacking the back end a bit, but not too hard; didn't even scuff my shields, really. Smuggling isn't the fastest way to make money, unfortunately. Mining is fastest, exploration second fastest. Bounty hunting doesn't pay well but is very fun; I just parked my Chieftain in a Hazres last night and took all comers until I was literally out of ammo. Not sure how trade and bounty hunting compares, as I've never bothered with serious trade and so far I've only actually smuggled enough to unlock a specific engineer. But there's no reason not to drive it like it's hot even when you aren't smuggling. That would be very lucky, IMO. Spent a good half hour in a hazres last night and only made a little under 2 mil, and I was drawing Anacondas at times. I agree with that. Can you have it detect a double-click and have that macroed to max that capacitor? One click gives a single pip, double-click maxes it? I didn't know that dropping landing gear reduced reverse thrust too. I'll make note of that. That's pretty sweet.
  14. didn't know that longer edging made for longer dicks

    my dick is 7.3 BP overhead

  15. Unavailebow

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Since they added a dedicated ship to chase you down inside destination, I have stopped smuggling. Normal trade ships (not dedicated lorry ships but ones that people use to do trading) with a slightly different tuning will get the job done. I even tried doing smuggling missions in a Cutter, it is more so to about knowing the NPC behaviours and ship mechanics, both SC and normal space. Starting the game with smuggling is kind of risky consider you have a relatively low asset, but if insisted, Hauler, Adder, Cobra III... all the way up to Asp Explorer can be decent smuggling ships. As for building a fast entry ship, I prefer ships that has a 350+ boost speed, I do not silent running but I always carry heat sinks for other purposes like dropping pursuit out of supercruise with stellar bodies gravity well. Definitely shielded for headbutting the station interior, other than that mostly similar to a trade ship setup. Also always run in solo / solo private group because a new instance will only spawn ships docked or preparing to land which you overtake. Not only smuggling has been nerfed dramatically, it is trading in general that was nerfed as its risk factor being the lowest among the three progressions. Long hauls, smuggling, rare goods, missions all nerfed, aligned with other profiting methods to no more than 100mil per hour except approved gold rushes, most of normal methods are below 30mil, only ones that discovered by the community will exceed 50mil, if its exceed 100mil FD will probably erase it. Still, a one hour HazRes solo run can probably only earn you around 10mil if lucky. Privacy however, I have never done it.
  16. I think I just played myself by submitting a ticket for the Skorpion exchange, because they finally realized my ingame name was "Blyatimir_Putin" and now I have to change it.

    This is a sad day for freedom

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      It's all fun and games until you mysteriously die of Polonium poisoning.

    2. Wanderjar
  17. I was warned when I asked if I could hand off my account info to someone who's still into the game, sorry about that I didn't see the rules before I posted so my fault. If I'm not trying to sell it, which I know WG doesn't allow, may I let folks know that I want to pass on my info?
  18. Never

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Good idea, not sure if it's possible with the Stream Deck but I might be able to make it work somehow. Since we're at the topic of going through the mail slot at 200+, I've been looking to build a smuggling ship (although I'm aware smuggling has been severely nerfed, Florb even posted about it recently on Reddit). Wanna do it more for the fun and thrill than for the payout. Any tips for what ship would be good for either a fast entry build or a stealth build?
  19. Unavailebow

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Would suggest setting up the pips as marcos, one that press hold will reclick automatically around at 0.1sec interval for instantly diverting pips to a capacitor, another that relick automatically at 0.3 interval, replacing the need of slamming buttons. I always align the trajectory with the mailslot when I drop supercruise ever since they set them to face the planet. My current preference is continuously boosting whatever it is until it hits the 5000 metres mark, then I cut the throttle and let the FA to divert all power the backward thrusters as I am already aligned. Entering the slot at 200 is only lethal to ship that has terribad auxiliary thrusters compare to their main thrusters, as that requires a full 180 FA-off turn inside the station to bring the speed down. Normally it won't hurt if you pips the shield and bump into the station end providing you did decelerate a little. As the landing gear brake, trying that on the large Asp you will never do it again, nor anything bulkier that manages to hit 250 non-boost, because once you dropped your gear all your thrusters lower their output including your backward ones, this is particularly noticeable again on ships with funny backward thrusts. If you are 240 in a Corvette at the mailslot you demand heavy duty shield booster instead of resistance augmented, hopefully arse ton of reinforcement as well, worst case would be hitting the landing gear as you will not be able to even flip your ship.
  20. Never

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Here's how I set it up so far. Tried to cram my most frequent keys in the first folder. CAM folder:
  21. Last week
  22. Hellsfog

    Platoon Coach?

    Smylee is quite good at coaching and other things.
  23. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    I'll admit you lost me there...
  24. Wanderjar

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    no i mean not request permission
  25. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Really? I end up doing that every time I enter the station now. Request landing, fly in at 230+, soon as I hit the mailslot pull the throttle back and say "landing gear" and it slows me down fast. Best speedbrake available.
  26. Wanderjar

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    yeah the mouse/stick hotbuttons are useful in twitch or frequent use situations but having a spare numpad for unique situations (like smuggling/station blitz) is crazy useful. No looking at key binds beforehand to make sure you dont extend the gear instead of request landing at 180/200 m/s (did that ONCE. oops...)
  27. Unavailebow

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    That I have it, on my mouse, flares, heat sink, headlight, night vision and head look with my thumb, macros to control pips.
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