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  2. I'm doing a job in a room. And the tenant is out but running a bot program for Diablo ii.  Looks pretty good at the game. Ros-bot.com is water marked on the screen. What's the point of mmo's. This thing is owning the game. Wondering about tanks. Anyone play Diablo ii

  3. Yesterday
  4. Wheeled vehicles are a new type of cancer for WoT. Prove me wrong.

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    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      But can a giant tumor get cancer?

    3. Fulvin


      There is no salvaging this game anymore after too many changes to shit direction over the years. It's totally unrecognizable from like 5 years back when it was actually fun even with its flaws

    4. hazzgar


      @Fulvin I'd argue even just before 1.0 it was good. Flawed but good. 

  5. What CPI/DPI are you folks using in tanks? Mine is set at 700 or so and I am wondering if I should lower it more or not 

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    2. Enroh


      yeah i remember xen...ah the good ol' days of tanks. I know that some use really low dpi in sniper mode and I have never changed that...i left my in game dpi at the default and set the dpi from within my mouse software maybe I will revisit this. testing with an ikea td is a good idea :doge:

    3. Haswell


      8200, the highest I can go.

    4. Enroh


      damn twitch fingers :doge2:

  6. Last week
  7. Ok. Fuk this game. Better ways to spend time than to waste 4h/day to get insulted by some permablues while getting some imaginary ribbons on imaginary tank barell. 

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    2. nabucodonsor


      I play a couple a games a week just to remind myself how shitty it is.

      Now the next step is the wait for the new patch, block it and not install it. In this way my lazyness to download it will overcome my insane madness to grind to the Leo1

    3. hazzgar


      @Kolni funny thing is I decided to 3 mark the last few tanks before I sell it and as luck has it I had probably my strongest carry in months winning with 0s on the clock. I play better when I want to quit apparently.

    4. Haswell


      Try playing arty so you can fap with your other hand. :doge:

  8. Finally ground out the x5 wins from the KJPZ105 and the 50TP Proto. Almost got my Tier 8 Italian tank fully upgraded. The gun on the KJPZ105 is godmode, the terrainresistance is also godmode, and the speed is really nice. Fun tank, too bad it doesn't have a turret. 50TP proto is trash.

  9. After almost 5 years of playing tanks, I have discovered that upgrading from stock tracks can you give better gun handling. TIL...

    1. Wanderjar


      funny how a better suspension gives a better ride :P


  10. 41 games for pta 2nd mark, wonder if i can make 3rd sub 50 if i channel my inner carbondaddy :doge: 

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Is it worth playing? I played the Leo1 on the test server a while back and I enjoyed it a lot. It is the only reason that makes me want to come back to the game. I noticed it was pretty good (though only with iVstab) as the extra mobility over the other mediums helped it a lot. But mostly it was fun to play.

    3. Kolni


      im tryharding my ass off and i'm barely breaking 3,7-3,8 in it, e50 is an easy 4,2 for me and so is the t54... it's not great but it is a fun tank, arty being able to reliably pen you really sucks dix tho

      it is unique though and miles, miles better than the 30p despite what common consensus is

    4. nabucodonsor


      MMmm I hav played the t54 recently and even if it is strong I dont like it. ATM I feel that fun>strengh so then I might finish the grind. Stuck at the HWK so we will see how it goes.

  11. got my brother's car for a week so i had to wash it

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    2. zbran


      2 hours ago, Assassin7 said:

      No I mean the wing as in the rear spoiler. 

      And yeah, my end goal for my Teg is to keep it and restore it to as new condition as possible. Unfortunately the engine rebuild cost has stalled me a little bit as it's gonna cost around 8 grand. for that much I could technically sell the car and then be looking at low end RX-7s D: As it is I've already spent ~3K on getting the brakes done plus a bunch of other smaller fixes that have added up in the year I've owned it. 

      I do absolutely adore it though. Seriously, seriously fun car. and just like everything cool and JDM from the 90s, its appreciating rapidly. 

      Ahh the boot spoiler :D. TBH mate, I'd do the very same if I had one. I think they just look much cleaner without them, I'd do the same to a Supra too.


      Fucking hell, that's a lot of money to rebuild a B18C:PogChamp:. Unless you're building it for more power?

      You'd get an engine shipped from Japan for a fraction of that price. There are loads of guys shipping parts out now. Yeah some really cool stuff from the 90's too, as she ticks towards 30 years old the value will shoot right up.

    3. simba90


      @Assassin7 8k for an engine rebuild is ludicrous even in NZ. I would get several other quotes. For a really good job I would expect to pay in the region of 4 - 5k. Also look into doing it yourself it will be even cheaper again and add to the joy of driving. I've been involved in rebuilding several engines now and they're essentially like a giant lego kit that needs swearing at and hammering to get together. FWIW I'm not a mechanic - had a CS major at uni.

    4. Assassin7


      Nope, I got 4 different quotes from highly respected shops. All in the region of 8k, including one from honda themselves who also tried to see if they could find a complete engine or even a short block. They couldnt. :-/ OEM spec rebuild as well. 


      As for the wing, my taste is that any JDM car that comes factory standard with a wing, looks absolutely ugly without it. That includes the Supra, evo, WRX etc. 


  12. Ok how do you play the caern? My shells go everywhere but not where I aim them. The armor is trash, the alpha is low, the gun doesnt always track. Are the good reviews from full gold players?

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    2. hazzgar


      @Kolni replay pack? Do you think the tank can work decent without full acpr? When I went with more prem I did great with it but the slow standard shell killed me. 


      @sohojacques other slow tanks at least have alpha or armor. You sometimes don't have the speed to force a 2 vs 1 trade. I'm at something shit in mine line 1700

    3. Kolni


      no replays, not my account

      idk, never fired a single ap shell in it so i wouldn't know

    4. hazzgar


      I'm tempted to try a full gold 30 game run. 

  13. Victory! Battle: Cliff Vehicles: T-44 Experience received: 1,566 Credits earned: 53,668 Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, Mastery Badge: "Class II"

    1. Wanderjar
    2. Enroh


      well done. I just got my 2nd mark and working on muh 3rd....t44 is such a good tank

  14. To anyone thinking wheeled tanks are good for the game - look at your t8 lights 3 mark reqs. They all dropped like a stone

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    2. nabucodonsor


      By good I meant they someway prevent camping as you have a retard that can yolo and spot camping tds and kill arty which is always a plus in my book.

      My problem with them is that the high pen HE kills light tanks too easily. Also they take away the one niche LTs had over other tanks which was mobility and camo on the move. Now LTs are faster (not by much) than mediums but with less view range (bar medium tiers) and more view range over cars but less mobility, getting stuck in a wierd master of none situation.

      In WG's retarded mind LTs should be some sort of passive scout which is ridicule as passive scouting works on very few maps and in few situations.

    3. hazzgar


      @nabucodonsor yeah wg's mind really doesn't work when not all lights can work in passive scouting even according to WG principles. ELC even, overal french and RU tanks are fast and can get to a bush fast but Sheridan? LOL. 

    4. nabucodonsor


      Too many burgers komrade. Not enough vodka

  15. Fuck you game. Finally 3 marked the elc even after bouncing a zillion times from 94.9x%

    elc even 90 3 mark.JPG

  16. New 2019 version of Logitech MX518



  17. FYI, Major terrorist attack on two Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Australian born gunman killed 49 and injured 50+, mostly muslims. This was the worst massacre in NZ since 1943. He livestreamed the shooting to facebook. Two car bombs were also found and disarmed.

    4 arrests made.  Main gunman survived and was arrested. 

    Incase people were worried, @PityFool and his family are safe, since he lives in christchurch. 

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    2. Assassin7


      riot in a POW camp holding japanese prisoners. tldr War related. 

      highest civilian massacre in NZ since then was 1997 with 14 dead. 

    3. Wanderjar


      Glad all the forum sheep peeps are safe down there. crazy people be everwhere.

      Theres a few copies of the livestream going around. dear lord he had a cheering section for this

    4. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 radicalized over the internet the same way Breivik was.This is why super fun "free speech warrior safe spaces" are often dangerous and radicalize young guys no less than religious nuts. It's part of the toxic internet culture that also gave us incel terrorists. 

  18. WG advertising stats on why wheeled vehicles are the best cathartic SPG counter:


    "Summary: Wheeled vehicles are perfect for a commander who has been waiting to get revenge on SPGs."

    Best yolo scouts confirmed.

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    2. sohojacques
    3. Haswell


      1 hour ago, DirtyACE7 said:

      I actually think the wheeled vehicles are doing a much much better job solving the supposed issue that arty was supposed to solve which is camping.

      The hard counter to camping is and has always been to just rush the fuckers.

    4. sohojacques


      And WG designed a vehicle perfectly suited to the task. WV’s are basically a counter to their own shit map design.

  19. Frontline Mode is like herding cats.  I has 2 back to back 15&16 minute games last night.  First game I was top damage and 1/2 way through Major but the shitters just HAD to kill the guns with 10+ minutes on the clock.

    1. Enroh


      i dont bother with FL anymore...as much as I want the mystery tank Id rather play randoms. I can make enough credits in randoms without having to deal with shitters in arty in FL. 

  20. Back at it again. So rusty, how do you even play this game. To work up the Italian line (at Tier 6), build up xp for the new Swede med's (Leo), or just get back into it playing 10's. Gave up trying to farm xp w/ premium 8's.

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      I always knew you two were bad influences on me! I won't have consistent time until May, but you two playing tanks again might convince me to give it one more go for my French technical engineer badge.

    3. DirtyACE7


      @Matross to be honest, I have no idea who Fancyphil is. Did he go by a different ign before?

      I actually didn't play Frontline in its first iteration. Just didn't feel interested but decided to try this time around. It's pretty enjoyable and relaxed as the result doesn't really matter in the overall scheme of things. Just leveling up to get better prizes and grinding silver, which accumulates fast. And it is just tier 8s, which makes playing them fun again. You actually feel like you can do things instead of being xp pinatas for tiers 9 and 10, 90% of the time.

      @FavreFan4ever come join in whenever you have a chance!

    4. Enroh


      heh seems like a few of us regressed...i just got back into tanks as well after 6 months out and my aim is bad too...my consistency is poor atm and having to learn all the new maps and where all the fake bushes are (so many now) - i swear they broke spotting in 1.4 or w/e aids version we are on now

  21. Earlier
  22. Ok it's not me. WN8 went up. Adjusted to steamrolls but jesus the meta is trash now. 45% wr string of games, then 85% string of games... gj wg.

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    2. Enroh


      yeah I have that already just wondered if there was a replacement for vbaddict as it used to show you reqs for each mark

    3. hazzgar


      I saw something somewhere but there are so many sites that look like dogshit i get them mixed up

    4. Enroh
  23. I gave a chance to the "new" Frontline: base C is almost impossible to cap. WG's touch at its finest

    1. DirtyACE7


      Treat it only as a way to grind credits and xp but mostly credits. That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. Then you will feel much better playing Frontline. Personally, I've actually started to enjoy grinding credits. Something I absolutely disdain.

    2. 8_Hussars


      Agreed, it's normally a tough slog but like the rest of the caps it Is team and RNG dependent.

      (Small sample size)  A platoon of two of us with a helper fast capped "C" twice in a row right off the hop.  The defenders just need to be in slower tanks and relatively passive.  Obviously, we were just going for the fast cap to re-spawn elsewhere but things worked out.  

      Not sure there is "meta left".  Was on a team that could not take A (and I was trying)... but managed to take B/E and C/F and had the objectives down in my quickest game (10 minutes and change)...

    3. SoliDeoGloria


      Only really reliable way is to wither defenders down, or wait for B to lose, and have people coming in from the side, until you can just stack a couple of tanks on the cap. The thing is, the way it plays out is different every time.

  24. Hello again. 

    1. Never



    2. ZXrage



  25. Jesus I forgot how to play. I'm fucking teal playing at 2000wn8. WTF. Meta has went to play passive or play op tanks

  26. dwarf fortress on steam!! ^~^

  27. im at the point of just leaving every game with 3 arties at battle start

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    2. nabucodonsor


      1 arta x game is bearable but i'd rather not have it. 2 is bad. 3 makes me want to tk them.

    3. j_galt


      it does make getting loose in the artillery park fun though.  Since many are too stupid to move, you even get to do it with heavies.

    4. arthurwellsley


      How soon will the arty plague be reduced by the increase in wheeled vehicles?

  28. Yeah new mm working as intended 


    1. Kymrel


      Was there water deep enough to pull an arty close enough to the spawn to make it there before getting shit on?

  29. CQMM9-QMW5N-EHHV2 - Plague Inc: Evolved Steam cod. Hope it works.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      someone used it already btw

      someone used it already btw

    2. MacusFlash


      Have no idea. I posted steam code from humble bundle but not a gift one. IIRC it shouldn't block it for someone else so probably someone was a dick... 

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