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  2. r8 me niggas, how robust am i


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  4. Trying to do some Block missions and after a few games in the STB-1 (which is a nice tank now) I splurged and got myself the Leo. Wow. What a comfortable ride that tank is. Aced it in the second game with just over 7k damage. That alpha on a high-velocity accurate gun and a mobile platform is giving me a boner.

  5. @Kolni_GodofTanks are you still doing the replay thing?

    1. Kolni_GodofTanks


      yes. pm games, t9+ only no chieftain im so sick of that tank

      no cherrypicking games, full sessions 5+ games or i wont do it

    2. nabucodonsor


      Ok let me get some replays and i'll send them.

      PM here or on wot?

    3. Kolni_GodofTanks


      here, got no acc bud

  6. Finished The Witcher 3 main story.  Dem feels

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    2. Haswell


       Yen is the only proper choice, Triss basically took advantage of Geraldo's amnesia. :doge:

      It's also completely canon in the books that Geraldo and Yen actually had chemistry between them.

    3. punishersal


      Yep, that is another reason why I went with Yen. Wasnt easy choice still :D

    4. Balthazars


      Can definitely recommend both HoS and BaW, both really well written with some great quests and the former in particular has probably the best antagonist of the entire series. The feels at the end of BaW are also real, it's a proper send-off for the character and series.

  7. In addition to the Caer, what are the best T8 tech tree tanks currently? Cheers.

    1. nabucodonsor


      @Kolni_GodofTanks tvp vtu

      I guess IS3 and t44. VK maybe?

    2. sohojacques


      Off the top of my head: P.44 Pantera. Isn't the tech tree Polish HT meant to be pretty good (I haven't played it)? Obj. 416 with the current camping map layouts. VK100.01. The new Swedish MT felt pretty decent when I ground it.

      VK and Caravan are the only examples I can think of where a tech tree tank is flat-out better than it's premium equivalents. Caravan I get because the AX was put in the game files well before the GBB (great British buff) was even a twinkle in Minsk's eye. VK though....

  8. changed profile pic to reflect my wot status now that carbon's gone :doge: 

  9. 8h DJ session on stream.. damn never thought I'd be able to play for that long without running out of material but, sweet

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    2. Kolni_GodofTanks


      i was fucked out of my mind though no idea if it sounded well XD

    3. Kolni_GodofTanks


      moving between genres and still having decent library within those genres is the trick for long sets like that, can't spam only techno for 8hrs u get bored

    4. Wanderjar


      lol nice name change :D

  10. WG 100% FUCKED Tankrewards!

    You have to play different class of tanks for each mission!  In addition to playing 5-8 and 9-10.  And in order to get the top reward you need like 140 points per day.

    1. Enroh


      wow they really did this time...sucks for those that dont have tier 9/10 tanks. wonder if it is because of the rewards being higher than the last couple of times they ran this event

    2. NightmareMk9


      Looks like WG may modify the Event:

      Jambijon#61Posted Yesterday, 11:43 PM

      Community Coordinator

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      Apologies for the lack of an immediate response from us regarding the unrealistic grind with this month's TR.  There was definitely a mistake when the calculations were made and we have received tons of feedback which is greatly appreciated since it helps us expedite the work for a solution.  Once we've confirmed everything is in working order we'll update everyone on exactly what will happen as soon as we can.  Also, codes aren't the answer.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      27 minutes ago, NightmareMk9 said:

      Once we've confirmed everything is in working order we'll update everyone on exactly what will happen as soon as we can.

      "As soon as we can" == "after this month's TR is done anyways" probably

  11. with the cancer 105, Vstab or rammer? didnt see a thread on it and vbaddict is still a shitshow

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      The EBR? It already has retardedly good gun handling on the move, like all wheelchairs do, so you can probably get away with rammer over vstab.


      I'm assuming your other two are optics and vents to boost the abysmal viewrange?

    2. Wanderjar


      yeah. just wasnt sure if pinpoint accuracy would be better for it than a faster ROF. the Pen sucks on all fronts so being able to thread the needle seems like a good idea but the ROF boost from the rammer is always a good thing. 


  12. tfw I'll have one less cat tomorrow :(

    She had cancer removed a couple of months ago, but multiple metastases shown up, for the last week or so it was just a matter of making it comfy for her because nothing can be done. Now she doesn't even move, so it's time I guess.

    Had her for ~11 years, she always did whatever she liked and didn't give a damn. The Countess.

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    2. orzel286


      Welp, the plan was to take her to the vet, but she went her own way as always and passed away some time after I fed her during the night.

      @SchnitzelTruck Cats are the best tho, some of them behave like dogs and you don't have to walk them :v

    3. echo9835


      So sorry to hear about that. It seems that cats live with us on their own terms and leave on their own terms. 

    4. orzel286


      You can own some cats, some behave like nobility and some own you. While the Countess did whatever she wanted she was very well behaved as well.

  13. won a 1v3 as a 900 HP TVP VTU (i would never in my life play this tank unless i was paid for it) against 3 defenders. Well technically one Defender at 500 and 2 252Us both at full health. I guess it really is a counter huh, who would've thought! WG was right all along

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    2. FavreFan4ever
    3. Kolni_GodofTanks


      i play with replay off, no disk space when u have to use flac/aac instead of mp3 for all ur music for DJing :(

    4. FavreFan4ever
  14. What even is wheeled vehicle physics in 2019

    Alternate title: ""When switching between the modes, the wheeled vehicles will not lose engine power anymore."

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      I should've waited one second more before switching into rapid, i'd have made it behind the rock AND baited the 132 into my TD's

    2. Haswell


      Loving that fucking roll at the end. :doge:

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      Probably the most satisfying part about blowing up a wheelchair

  15. Is E50M especially bad for the meta or something, or am I just playing it wrong? I can't figure out... Push with heavies, get penned by all the enemy heavies/sniped by back lineTD's. Run with the mediums, get spotted first, eat shots/snipped by TD's. 

    Does it just not compete with the meta these days? The reload seems a bit low, gun can be random at times,.Seems like I always die before 1/2 the battle is over. Does this tank need camo? Running Rammer, VSTAB & Vents + food.

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    2. j_galt


      Thank you all for giving me the strength to say "fuck them" and finally sell the E50 and E50M that have been cluttering up my garage.  Boring, crewless, and unplayed for at least a year.  The Leopard 1 and PTA are vastly more fun.

    3. Haswell


      3 hours ago, Dirizon said:

      33O  34O

      Explain. :doge:

    4. lavawing


      Trap set, trap sprung :epicsaxguy:

  16. relapse.

    Can't play Object 416 or Charioteer for shit. Cent 5/1 stats started at 2.2k DPG but then the weekend TX spam arrived.

    Played on a poach account m8s so you don't know the stats.

  17. Earlier
  18. So I logged in to WoT for the first time in a while last night.  I haven't played regularly in probably more than a year, and yet it still only takes a couple matches to get me irritated at teams melting within 120 seconds, idiots who take heavy tanks off to die alone almost immediately, and the like.

    I've been playing computer games since the days of video arcades, Space Invader, Asteroids, Pong, and the Atari 2600, and I've never played a game that makes my blood pressure rise like WoT.



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    2. Oicraftian


      Its now also quite seriously affected by the tanks each side has for a particular map.


      The only solution is to delete account.



    3. Diriz0n


      neverwinter, path of exile, diablo lll

      I can't random battle. It drives me insane. I gave up a few months back trying to 3-mark a tank. I sit in SH to talk with people, train crews, grab a few tickets, make money that I'll never spend. I grind FL, to grind tech tree T8s for 9s and 1Os I will never play. And for Emil '51

      By the way, grind out today if you can,  get at least 2 games with 2kills. For the 3O ticket pot, that special expires today. An easy 6 random components

    4. FlorbFnarb


      I don't even know what the tickets are.  The game has added so many mechanics since I was playing regularly that it isn't even funny.  I don't know what half the shit in my garage screen does now.

  19. I think Iam starting to understand why the all hype of Witcher 3.

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    2. punishersal


      I 9 out of 10 Gwent games, I lose :D

    3. Balthazars


      6 hours ago, punishersal said:

      I 9 out of 10 Gwent games, I lose :D

      In the base game, Northern Realms spy-and-bond based deck is super OP and will roll basically anything you come across, if you care about Gwent. I actually found it super-addictive in-game and collected almost every card out there. :P

    4. punishersal


      So far I can only pack full set for NR but yet lack more powerful cards. Iam trying to collect as many cards as possible from merchants. Also I chose 3 cards from Zoltan instead of gold.

      Gona try your suggestion also then.

  20. Current Twitch prime rentals were made for people to stop playing the game. Jesus the t34 is bad. I get the slow speed but why does it have to turn and rotate its turret so long arty can circle it?

  21. Only boring lines left to grind. Need more med lines plox.

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      They need to add another Czech line so i can use the stupid blueprints I got and don't need

    2. Snoregasm2


      1 hour ago, PlanetaryGenocide said:

      They need to add another Czech line so i can use the stupid blueprints I got and don't need


      WG logic - let's give everyone 30 nation blue prints for a nation that has 1 line that has been out 4 years+.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      I used the first set to finish the 50/51... and then the other 28 or so that I have are just going to sit there.


      Didn't even have the courtesy to convert them to universals, fucking trash

  22. Did they fix the crashing issue with WOT?

  23. I am so sick of HE spamming, auto-aim, retards in wheeled vehicles. Often can’t start playing the actual game until the fuckers are dead. Which, as we all know, can take a stupid amount of time because of their fucked design.


    1. Oicraftian


      You know, the last time I had a relapse a Tiger 1 was shooting HE into my T-34 85.

  24. I'd pay for a fps with an age verification for at least 16 or 18+ although red orchestra 2 has mostly older people, I have burnt out on it.

    1. orzel286


      Try other milsims (or at lease "milsims")? Arma, squad, post scriptum, hell let loose?

    2. Kolni_GodofTanks


      you realise that u were one of the toxic shitty ass 12yo on this forum right and that you are literally trying to escape players identical to the one you were just a few years ago? :serb: 

      fucking kek

    3. Raj


      I mean you're right, and I can see you're right. That's why I'm saying what I'm saying love. I would have been about 16 when I started using wotlabs forums. I was very immature and retarded. Also yeah orzel you're generally right.

  25. Dancing Kaiser Wilhelm compels you to purchase over-sized robot vacuum cleaner.


    1. Wanderjar


      lol wth. thats funny

  26. lmfao loaded into a game with half my shells in the 277 because im retarded and poor


    4.5k and a fadins is a lot better than i was expecting, this tank is retarded

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