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  1. Last week
  2. Is the Leo1 worth getting? It is probably the last tank I will ever research and purchase but I dont really want to sell the PTA just in case I will not enjoy the Leo 1 more.


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    2. EvilMonkee


      No.  I recently ground out both and the Leo 1 despite its buff, is mainly fucked by the current toxic T10 meta.  At least with the PTA you stand half a chance of getting a T8 game occasionally.  I surprisingly really enjoyed the PTA, even though it derps occasionally.

    3. Kolni


      leo1 is the only tier 10 worth playing

      but pta is better tier for tier

    4. EvilMonkee


      I love the tank, but the meta is the issue.

  3. Sooo I guess I am more wierd than I thought.

    Apparently my WR with the 5a is 49% but my WR with the HWK 12t is ....... 60%???!!!!

    Can someone explain plz?

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Over 200 in the 5a and over a 100 in the hwk. I admit though that i am trash in the 5a i simply dont get it, whereas the hwk did not seem that bad. Just a bit boring

    3. Kymrel


      Might be a combination of (relatively speaking) few battles and the fact that it's that much harder carrying on tier 10? I know I'm shit at tier 10 and find it boring so I mostly avoid it. It's a very different game than at tier 9 due to all tier 10 battles where you get nuked for one mistake.

    4. sohojacques


      HWK 12 treated me really well while grinding out the PTA. The introduction of the wheelies took 3% off my WR (down to 57%) while grinding out the RU 251 though. Their autoaimed HE spam vs the HWK’s abysmal shell velocity ... it was a painful adjustment period. Just had to give up on so much early spotting. Less WVs yoloing around now though. Could be fun again.

  4. How to plan for a fun time? Get a new Jurb. Have a new jurb introduce a big rework of things a month after you come when you don't know everything tip top, 1 day after you lay out your long term plans, then have the work plan 1.5 weeks of work trips and have your assistant go on holiday at the same time. Jesus. I'm going to change my middle name to overtime

  5. 1 Tank Left to Research !

    58k XP on the USED16 and I have researched every tank in the tech tree

    1. simba90


      Just as they plan to bring out another line of terrible lights. Get it finished and run while you can.

  6. >Summer event in fgo announced

    >horseshoes in event shop

    The only things I needed to max ascend Marie! VIVE LA FRANCE BITCHES!

    Also: FGO thread on wotlabs yay/nay?

    1. FavreFan4ever
    2. orzel286


      Fate Grand Order/Fate Gacha Order/Fate Grand Orgy. Taking all the waifus (and then some) from type moon's fate series and putting them into mobile game with an actual plot (no h-scenes tho T_T).

    3. PlanetaryGenocide
  7. So, it's been a while since I last visited this site.  Is the game any better with the recent update?

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    2. Kymrel


      It is a huge change to avoid just nerfing the damage on premium rounds. Which in and of itself would be a bad idea without nerfing the armor on armored tanks and adding weak spots.

    3. Ruestir


      Holy wall of text Assassin7, but worth reading.  Thanks for sharing that!  I'm a bit encouraged to  hear about the tier 8 MM improvements.  That used to be my sweet spot to play and got utterly destroyed with the initial 3-5-7 MM and made the game most unfun for me.  I may have to try and play again just to get a handle for myself what it's like.  


      Thanks for the feedback all!

    4. Matross


      Oh, also there are new Swedish mediums out w/ automatic hydraulic suspension (don't need to press "X") for extra gun depression, and STB-1 also got gun depression. Leo 1 line got lots of buffs. IDK if you quit before the 430U became Tier X, but the 430U didn't get nerfed, so it's OP. OBJ 268 V4 is still OP as well.

  8. Earlier
  9. Is there any rankings for clans in previous CW campaigns? Just checking~

  10. Does the Cent 5/1 have similar sigma values to the KV-2? that .33 accuracy counts is a meme, even fully aimed shots fly off into space and dont even think about firing on the move with this thing

    1. SoliDeoGloria


      The 20lbr gun handling is atrocious. The key is to never expect to hit shots, and be pleasantly surprised when you do. Honestly, the T-34-3 feels a lot more consistent.




  12. Is incoming the hitpoint/alpha rebalance currently on sandbox likely to change the viability of WN9?

    IIRC there wasn't enough of an upgrade to using WN9 to justify putting the effort into developing and pushing it out.

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    2. simba90


      @PlanetaryGenocide That would only work for recent values, Account overalls will be even more borked that before given that hitpoints/alpha is suddenly taking a ~20% jump up and you're no long comparing apples with apples for historical data. Kind of like when the broke the light tanks back in patch 9.something

      @Haswell Yeah I know WN9 is dead, but I was just wondering if the complete breaking of historical data would make RichardNixons pseudo running recent idea more viable?

    3. Snoregasm2


      Are they actually pushing ahead with this? I was hoping that Russian backlast (like with the 430U proposed changes) would be strong enough to stop it happening.

      I would rather live with the current armour/gold ammo meta than the proposed changes.

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      @simba90 fair enough, didn't consider that.

  13. Whee, realised I finally saved up enough bonds for a second piece of improved equipment for my T49 (improved optics). Now a long grind to go for that third piece...

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      Wait no vstab? Dafuq?

    3. Balthazars


      @PlanetaryGenocide Oh, I have the improved v-stab already. Currently running the improved v-stab, optics (now improved optics) and rammer. But will switch the rammer for improved vents once I save up enough bonds again.

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      ahhh gotcha i was confuse

  14. Dafuq is the point of Indien_Panzer? Couldnt understant it neither sober nor under influence

  15. Armor balance started going out the window when WG changed the armor penetration reticle to account for the angle of armor. You just can't effectively bait shots anymore because any player aiming at you has a real-time estimate on whether or not their shell will pen.

    1. nabucodonsor


      No it started when WG let people get gold rounds for credits. Suddenly tanks who had armour to withstand regular ammo became a XP pignata like the Maus pre-buff.

    2. FavreFan4ever


      Fair point- I lack the experience with the pre-gold-for-credits meta, however, I'd say that the fastest changes have occurred since pubs didn't need to think anymore about where/when to shoot. Tactics like sidescraping became significantly more difficult because everyone can see that their shot isn't going to pen.

    3. 8_Hussars


      I though it started with Murazor and the removal of weak spots and promotion of armor.  Continuing on with OP armored premiums... 

      I don't think pubbies use the pen indicator...

  16. Playing the PTA is so much fun!

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      its highly underrated ATM

      the buffs made it insanely good 

    3. nabucodonsor


      Its not only good it is fun to play. I enjoy the playstyle alot. 

      I enjoy playing the support role and believe it or not it is one of the few tanks who is able to flank.


    4. Audax_Bellator


      I've loved that tank ever since WG gave it 8 degrees of depression a few years back and the new buffs have made it more enjoyable to play. I rarely shot premium because of the high standard round pen and ability to make small flex movements and hit what you aim for semi-reliably and I've maintained %96 three mark for a year and a half.

  17. Imagine being this trash in the T49


    like yeah i'm a bitch for setting him on fire but come on

    1. minivinny789


      Makes me look good.

  18. 1x40 conversion on NA for the 4th

  19. anyone want to add me to play siege? 200 hours in 2 months lmfao

    Dickord is mofu mofu#5543

  20. Oooooooh, the "all the statesman" event in fgo, totally captured the spirit of "learning with manga" XD Molesting Mashu when? XD

  21. Another Brit LT hit supertest: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/07/03/wot-supertest-tier-ix-british-light-tank-gsor3301-avr-fs/


    Looks like another shit tier gun at T9

    1. Kymrel


      240 alpha and a 9.3 second reload for an awesome 1548 dpm. Is this where we die laughing?

    2. FavreFan4ever


      Remember this is early stuff. Could be placeholder stats.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      I mean, it's a fuckin light tank.  course the gun's gonna be garbage.

      However, it looks sneaky breeki af with 32% base camo and 390 base view range is workable


      I just wish they'd give it HESH or HEP.

  22. Finally came around to finishing the 279 missions. I stopped playing them when I had only a few left many many months ago. SuperPershing MVP for the hard alliance missions.

  23. Bro IDK why but I just cannot make neither the WZ-111 5A nor the 113 work, can never get myself in good positions to deal damage. Main problem I think that contributes to this is the fact that I don't know when to be a heavy and when to be a medium. I just look at no. of meds and decide if it's worth reinforcing or not, and I either die or I end up with no damage. How to decide what role to take? K thx

    1. Va1heru


      You know where all the bot heavies congregate on a map? There. Easy farm dmg and also remove alot of HP from enemy team which makes late game carry easy. Trying to play chinese heavies like a medium isn't gonna result in any sort fun. Sometimes you'll get a good game bullying out of meta MT's but usually the heavy tank spot is the best bet.

    2. lavawing


      For the 5A, you play heavy against low tiers, meds , and superheavies that have shit gold pen. Unless sure that they are driven by shitters, you're generally ill advised to manfight same-tier heavies, e.g. 60TP, Sconq, etc.

      The 113 is different as the armour really is reliable in certain engagements, but then again the mid mounted turret, looooong chassis and derpy gun makes it kind of awkward to fight meds. IMO playing the 113 requires a lot more finesse and attention. 

    3. Spinee


      @Va1heru I tried what you said and I'm actually playing well in the thing again lol, had a 3.6k DPG session in 20 games which is pretty good, thanks for advice.

  24. Even on a different account in a different class of tank.. I seek the buttes. 



  25. anyone wonder how srs this game used to be?

     just read this and watch how seriously people took a clan to be



    compared to now XDDDDDDD

    1. LamaLeif


      Used to be? are you implying people don't take games this srsly today in 2019? some people will always be up in arms about this stuff, other just won't gaf and do their best to steer clear of any bullshit no matter the game and date, it's human nature.

  26. I came I saw I owned... deal with it. I even created IDEAL ipoopoou :P

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