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  2. Managed to log back into my wotlabs account

    Anything interesting going on?

  3. Yesterday
  4. Just played a little bit of WoT, although on test server, and if someone ever told me before that WG will introduce more cancerous game mechanic than arty I'd call him crazy. Holy fucking Jesus wheeled shitanks are so fkn cancerous. Even if I ever thought of coming back to play, after this there's 0% chance.

  5. I don't want to farm anymore T_T And even 3*s avoid me now :rabble:

    1. MagicalFlyingFox







      Gotta get at least 10 boxes each minimum. 

    2. orzel286


      Just a couple more scripts then... I cleared the shop yesterday...

      SR ticket incoming, I'm torn between Stheno/Gorgon and Herc/Jets, but tbh I'd rather have higher rates in the gacha (or at least mercy system - no SSR for over 6 months now, F) than this once a year.

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      SR ticket for me will be either jewcat or circe. No one else really worth it for me. 



      Herc is OP!


  6. Last week
  7. Ah, yes, this was why we didn't like encounter.


    1. kolni


      I happily trade the odd trash encounter cap for adding higher likelihood of the better maps

      Standard is still and has always been the worst gamemode when it comes to viability, if I could turn it off I would (not even taking the maps I wouldn’t be playing into consideration)

      What does grind my gear with the mode however is that putting it on makes some of the more reasonable map bans redundant since they’ll still be in your map pool for the other modes which is too big of a drawback and Erlenberg shows up thrice as often with all modes enabled :superserb:

    2. Wanderjar


      good fast cap lol. +2 for logic

  8. After  all these years. after all these changes, t54 is still the most kickass tier 9.

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    2. kolni


      PTA basically had all it’s drawbacks but it’s ammo rack fixed or buffed (still soft fixed with kit CDs)

      Non-existent armour of course but it got similar changes to the Leo1 in its most recent change

      The gun is the second/third best gun overall at tier 9, Tortoise has it beat and JT/Waffle4 can be argued but those tanks don’t have fully functioning turrets or the ability to go 60kph :doge: 

      Soft stats on the gun are ridiculously good too, it’s an M46/E50 baby but with much better pen and mobility at the cost of armour

      (put improved equipment on it and it is legit a german M46 but with better accuracy and 300+pen APCR gold)

    3. kolni


      My PTA DPG blows most of my tier 9 achievements out of the water and beats 70% of my tier 10s, just saying

    4. sr360


      Oh no doubt, the PTA is by far and away the best steady fire T9 med right now, its only competition being the Std B and possibly the Skoda in the autoloader crowd.

  9. Win rate seems to be fucking 100% luck based for me now days. AKA MM is fucking me

  10. Alright, after 200-odd games I've started to return ending up top 3 in most of my games. I actually enjoy playing. I am actually having fun.

  11. Don't really care much for studzianki as a map but dat witcher music tho

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    2. ZXrage


      Too bad they're the worst maps in the game...

    3. Diriz0n


      There are worse maps



    4. Wanderjar


      did you watch the gingertail cover of the studzianki theme on YT? that was pretty awesome

  12. image.png.23f31c30305ccc4ac90bd385dadca2b6.png


    we did it reddit

    1. Diriz0n


      It was done 2 months ago, automatically, professor. 


    2. Wanderjar


      ^ hes right you know
      though lol at the negrep crusade you did


    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      it was at 999,996 when I checked today so I did the thing

  13. Arty ruining the game in one than 1 ways. One of the best carries (well sort of since it was a draw) of my wotlife ruined by a draw cause there was 1 arty hidden. 


  14. Does anyone have the photo of Gasai's beedroom?

    I need it to show someone how disturbed people can be

  15. Quick question: why are some of you guys coming back to the game?

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    2. hazzgar


      I have adhd which leads to bad impulse control

    3. Private_Miros
    4. kolni


      bad life decisions

  16. Earlier
  17. Yay, Da Vinci-chan event!

    I hope I can clear the shop and farm ALL THE BOXES!

    And maybe even get caster Gilles...


    1. MagicalFlyingFox


      The farming never ends!




      Also best hearts drop chance ever here. 

  18. Im looking for people to plat with on EU server ( I got 2.3k).. I play tier 8-10, if you're interested add me : GHOSTK1LL3R. IDC what your overall stats are, if you have over 2.8k recent in tier 8s+ hmu!

    1. kariverson


      Hey I think you're in my friendlist, I've seen your invites. Sorry I never join, I pretty much only play nowadays to carry some real life friends.

    2. Snoregasm2


      Hey man, i'll play once I get into the campaign properly. Not even joined TS yet haha, but from next Thursday i'll be fully engaged and can play tier 10 especially (platoons help prevent 3 minute roflstomps).

  19. Is there any other tech tree tank with higher 3 mark reqs than the EBR 105?

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    2. Diriz0n


      I am seeing Prog65 @ 4,O8O combined. Seems very low to me. M6O tops the charts, @ 4,76O -- which I guess makes sense because of it being within the bonds store, and people with the required thousands of bonds needed more or less are better than normal players, boosting reqs. Highest tech tree med I see is M48A5, @ 4,42O. Extremely surprising, as I thought it would definitely be 121 or BatChat, lowest med reqs is the TVP @ 3,825 -- thats just whack. Pretty sure a year ago this time we'd be looking @ 4.5K

      T1OOLT is fucked up high for a LT, @ 3,995 combined


      Chief, Kresl, IS5 are all going to increase from their pathetic 3MoEs pretty soon.



    3. sr360


      As to those last 3, maybe not. The KV-4 Kres is absolutely terrible, and the other two are not much better. I think it's fair to say the KV-4 Kres is the absolute worst tank in my garage.

    4. hazzgar


      @Diriz0n where are you checking those since we are obviously using different sources.


      Also what's the values for ebr at yours?

  20. How does penetration work with overmatched spaced armor? if a tank with a 100mm plate have a 20mm plate on top of it, will a 90mm shell overmatch the spaced armor? If not, how much penetration is deducted?

    1. sr360


      Each of those plates are impacted individually, they are not summed for the purposes of overmatch. Fromt he wiki:

      "In case of spaced armour, shells are normalized at the point of impact on the spaced armour, and if they penetrate, continue along their normalized flight path into the vehicle. Once it impacts the hull armour, normalization occurs again and the remaining penetration potential (i.e. the original penetration potential minus the effective armour thickness of the spaced armour) is used to calculate whether the shell penetrates the hull proper."

    2. M4A3E8sherman


      Actually I'm not sure we really know.

      After the Super Pershing armor model was updated for HD, the UFP effective thickness should have been about 220mm AP according to the wiki explanation, but was in fact much greater.

    3. Diriz0n


      over matches are calculated individually on each impact. In the case of good examples like obj 257 or 252U, shooting the side of the tank where it is 2O+2O+45mm  (tracks+rebar+hull)  or 3O+45mm  (spaced side+hull)  any gun over 135 starting at Conway+Type 5 cannons are over matching the armour completely. The only way you miss is if the shot passes through the outer portions, over matches, then proceeds to miss the hull behind....such as the back of the tank or too low, beneath the tank actual hull hitbox. 

      Tanks like FV183 and Cent AX are very susceptible to taking damage from side hits, exactly as SR36O explained. Even without instant over match. They take a hit even through the tracks, which is a low armour value, normalization occurs  (usually 2x caliber granting 2x norm effect)  so the projectile loses very little actual pen but is sent hurdling towards the hull at a new better angle, where you impact a measly 51mm hull then. HEAT doesn't have this, and loses pen quite fast over distance traveled after impact, which makes it very prone to Wtf bounces



  21. Just hit 69.69% MoE on the Churchill Game Carrier. I'm wondering if I should stop here? Is this even better than 3 marking it?


    1. sr360


      Better still is not playing it.

  22. love you

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    2. orzel286


      Awwwwwww <3



      Post feet pics. :doge:

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      I hope you love you too

    4. Rexxie


      oh im adorable dont worry

  23. I have 63+ WR for days now I mean look at my recent. Well the last two days it's in the 40s. What gives. It's like the game completely changed on me. I get teams that die in 3 minutes. Literally. I know it's stupid but it's hard not to think this shit is rigged sometimes. 

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    2. kariverson


      @Wanderjar I don't know about that with perma 3 arties every game. Plus I think they started today :P

    3. Wanderjar


      mine started monday

    4. hazzgar


      Wot map rotator is stupid so I assume whatever algorithm sorts teams for them may also have a habbit of bunching up players for a long time.


      Also tanks being faster and having more dpm means more steamrolls which means its harder to carry. 

  24. So... this is how it feels to be a baddie.

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    2. Private_Miros


      My biggest issue is damage. I hit on average 10-14 shots per game. And 0-2 actually do damage.

    3. Assassin7


      not enough gold spam then friend. I wish that was actually a joke, but im being serious. 

    4. Private_Miros


      I had my first day averaging over 2k WN8 and I am quite happy about that. Only took me 200 games. And I'm solid purple on my favorite maps. I just still have complete derp moments on many others.

  25. A new low. A 6min game so no fast steamroll. Tier 9. I do 4.5k dmg. The rest of the team? Every one of them is sub 1100dmg. 10 are sub 600dmg

  26. got a "new modem" from isp turns out to be one of those puma 6 chipset modems so im loving my constant ping spikes in games and random disconnects..... 

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