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  1. Yesterday
  2. imagine paying non-discounted price for the shitbarn


    oh wait


    that's me


    because i'm dumb

  3. Last week
  4. How to not to suck with stock tanks?

    1. Assassin7


      LOTS of gold rounds basically.

    2. Diriz0n


      Not playing stock tanks, avoid them.

      Certain tanks have stock guns that can work. But to not equip elited turrets, elited susp, elited engine is basically very harmful and self defeating. Especially higher tier. Higher tier tanks can require loads of free exp just to make the tank worthwhile.

      For instance, Type 61 / E5O / Leo P / Cent7-1 all have ~9Omm class weapons unlocked by the respective tier 8 tanks prior, that offer more DPM than their elite guns and comparable handling. But you always want to at least maintain useful penetration you can work with. For instance, M1A2 76mm may have higher DPM on Pershing than 90mm, but has atrocious penetration. Same with tanks like WZ12O, WZ111-14, AMX12O, E75, AC48. These vehicles have access to lower tier technology that actually rival their elite weapons in some categories, making sense to use them.  However, these are just guns,  to not use suspension, turret, engine ......you are just handicapping yourself with no fathomable adv except saving free exp. 

      Pay close attention to ways to save free exp by unlocking late tier modules easier. For instance, completing Charioteer unlocks 12Omm on Conway for free, giving Tortoise a huge step up. Completing Tortoise unlocks Caern engines. Completing Ferdinand unlocks VK45A and PB engines. Foch shares an engine with AMX12O, completing IS7 first unlocks obj 7O5 13Omm gun....and so on there are tonnes of examples. 


  5. I have 6mil credits and 5k bonds. I return to WoT for one last time, wat I do?

    1. Marver95
    2. BadLuckCharm


      Put pancake on head and run.

    3. Diriz0n


      Play tanks straight until you can afford M6O?


  6. THICC


    And this is where gacha started throwing cvs at me, because I also got yorktown, ark royal/lolicon and saratoga.

    1. Haswell


      My eyes. They need to be bleached.


    2. orzel286


      No, no, no, you can't bleach your eyes - you need them to enjoy the long legs and THICC thighs of mama Zeppelin. You can see the area where her skirt ends? It's magical, makes my pp extremely hard every time I have a look at it. @Haswell

    3. Haswell
  7. tfw you come back to tanks because of the T49 3d skin even though the T49 is going to be massacred in like... idk, 2 months

    took me 40 games to get halfway (65k damage) god i'm trash

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      On the other hand, I aced the grille 15 again so... yay?

  8. What's the best T8 prem medium rn? I got a coupon that I'm debating on using

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    2. Diriz0n


      T-44-100  or  T54Mod1

      RAAC  or T1LC  or  Lansen 

      Lorraine  or  Progetto

      or using FCM5O and Patriot as meds


      That is pretty much medium tank hierarchy tier 8.




    3. Strigonx


      Progetto 46 hands down

    4. snowdude21325


      Progetto or the super pershing are two of my favorites you can get. SP is weird but with that APCR round, decent gun handling nd good credit multiplier its a solid tank for grinding credits. Oh it never sees tier 10 either

  9. Jesus. Whining on Ranked makes shitstorms on randoms look tame in comparison

    1. BadLuckCharm


      When reality and some people's perception of themselves collide, the results are quite often entertaining, especially if they see themselves as above the masses.

  10. Quick mission question. I have three Block missions to go and then just the 15th mission for 3 groups to get the Chimera. I have 5 orders I could use. If I don't use those, can I use them for the 279e missions instead?

    If so, can I use them now and then when I'm not sick to death of playing German tanks go back and finish the missions to get them back?

    It's been so long since I finished the first campaign and I didn't need to use orders on the first step of this one so I literally can't remember.

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    2. Kymrel


      Ah, so you need the secondaries as well. Better just stick to it. The three missions I need aren't that hard, it's just that playing German tanks is getting super boring. Need to do 5k damage, so playing Leo a lot and getting up to 4.9k a couple of times because reasons. It's a matter of time though, have done over 7k in the Leo. Then it's just a couple of topgun-missions. Since I'm no unicorn all three of those will take time and some luck.

    3. Sylvansight


      time and luck will cover a lot of it,  I liked to split them into missions I would likely hit with a tank I was still due to grind vs those where I'd have to actively start playing a different way, or probably needed a tier X. You'll get there, good luck.

    4. Kymrel


      Yeah, that's the problem, I have so few tanks left to grind. And really none I want to grind in the German or Japanese trees. I mostly have the arty to go (not really interested) and haven't bought  some of the tier 10s, but they are all unlocked apart from the PzKVII (and why would I want to play that tank?).

  11. Is there any breakdown of the merits of different directives? 

    x2 snapshot vs -5% to dispersion for gun control etc

  12. Earlier
  13. by all accounts the T32 is a terrible tank, I have no idea why I've 3-marked it :doge:

    1. Bavor


      I was the sick individual who three marked the Tiger I.

    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      Tiger I is actually good though.

    3. kolni


      did them both in 2016 or something when MM wasn't fucked and both of these were considered among best in tier


      t32 in 2019... yikes

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    2. Balthazars


      LOL that is amazing! 10/10 would buy.

    3. orzel286



      are you going to donate enough to get a Hitler body pillow?

      Oh shit, the option is actually there XD

      250$ tho, damn...

    4. Wanderjar


      dear lord. I can't decide if this is the best troll ever or srsbsns 

  14. Dante definitely forgot to include the obligatory course of Calculus 2 in his inferno... feel like I passed but goddammit I've been mentally ill for years and that something with a defined set of rules that is totally all about understand is the thing that seems to drive me to madness the most is even more confusing'

    Why does polar functions confuse me more than existiential questions? That it does it just makes me even more bitter

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    2. nemlengyel


      With all honesty, I think I forgot half of the damn thing by the time I walked out of the exam room...

    3. Wanderjar


      My Calc (and physics) professor wouldn't allow anything but a basic calculator OR a Graphing calc program that you wrote yourself on a laptop. no graphing calculators were allowed because he hated them for some reason

      Guess what I used for my final? 

    4. kolni


      im setting everything related to that class on fire if i passed

  15. I just played the first game ever in a Mauerbrecher (it's a rental, I'm not that stupid). And now I have pixel aids. What a garbage tank.

    1. echo9835


      Pixel aids are incurable, you are going to die. Sorry about that. :/

  16. Should I earn up / spend my bonds on:
    A) The Guard, the greatest meme premium in game that I would love to get for free
    B) 1 improved equipment, granted idk which tank to put and which one to get

    1. echo9835


      If you think you will play the Guard a lot, then get it. If not the improved equipment is great for min/maxing a specific tank. make it one you play a lot.

    2. Enroh


      Zx you’re playin again - hit me up on the weekend in the mornings for plats

  17. Been trying for last several hours to run my cheap market controller on any Steam game. Nope, it still ignores some buttons because reasons. Nothing helps. Good to know that main gaming platform is a garbage when it come to such an easy thing.

  18. Anyone play Risk of Rain 2 or Divinity Original Sin 2? Hell, while I'm asking about 2s, Half Life 2? Portal 2? TF2?


  19. So In Ranked there are 3 waves of getting to the top. 1st wave is the best players having the most fun. Great games, fun games. It's a pleasure to ride that wave but you have to play all day nonstop to keep up with it. If you don't then you fall on the 2nd wave. The wave of the people that think they're good and they just want to snipe and to fail their way up. These are the most painful games you're gonna have in ranked. If you get caught there, good luck getting over 80% chevrons. It's a bottomless pit. After you get stuck there for days, the 3rd wave comes, the really bad people you can pretty much kick their ass solo so you can advance further.

    Personally because I play only 2 hour sessions, one early and one very late every ranked season I get stuck into the bottomless pit. People playing E50Ms etc camping all game. Only loses. Atleast I'm top 5 half of them .

  20. Fug, I should've read the damn event guide, wouldn't have fed the exp to kid Gil, now I need mecha Liz to 3rd ascension.


    I also wonder if she has lewds...

  21. Every time someone says 279 is OP I wish I could give to him for a game in ranked so they can see how fun it it to not bounce anything except if you angle it so you can't shoot back. 

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    2. Diriz0n


      People have this ridiculous notion, that 279E is like Type 5. Load gold and it melts. It isn't. Type 5 isn't even truly like that, because it has portions of auto-bounce ricochet angles that gold won't even go through too. I don't know who the fuck started that shit speak, but it is wrong wrong wrong. 279E armour is significantly stronger, way more angled. Look at its armour LIVE model, using standard med tank 33Omm HEAT (which is common because 9O7A)

      It is almost ALL RED. Auto pen on this tank is a med, and is nonsensically retarded to even say. The UFP comprises of armour patches ranging from 14O-185mm. That needs nerfing, from 12O-165mm, just flat out -2Omm every spot there. And lower front underneath hull, reduce it back to 2Omm so you can over match it, not 55.  

      Then we are talking, the tank isn't a fucking sledgehammer made out of Wolverines fucking claws, blocking thousands of damage from 8 fucking enemies at once, like Deus there.



    3. kariverson


      @Diriz0n Well IDK man. You will rarely see it at that angle of the pic. I don't like its armor when I'm playing it, if I want to shoot back I'll get penned. On even ground I lose races vs sconqs. And I LOVE it when I see it on enemy team. Just a big phat target. Sides are trash too. But I get that in randoms with pubbies not shooting gold it could be strong. But any nerf on the armor and it will be trash all around. Just a bad balanced tank. 

    4. Diriz0n


      Trust me. This is exactly the case of the following:   ""Dude, you don't have the tank. You know only elite people have the tank, and people who don't have the tank, just say its op. But those who have the tank, know its not op."" It is the stupidest argument. The tank clearly is broken, and very much over powered compared to peers. People say the exact same shit about EBR75 and 1O5. Broken ass, op vehicles, and don't have it. BUT THEY FACE IT. And elitists, who have the fucking vehicles, say no, it is not OP because they have it and have a couple fails with them. Does that change anything? It is still a fucking illegal auto aiming, great gun disp/acc/aim-time, non overturnable, high camo, high pen HE light tank that UTTERLY dominates. 


      And by the way, 279E has on avg 3O% better side armour than super conqueror.  Which in itself isn't trash side armour, so I don't get what you mean when you say trash. Are you the type, that refers to side armour as anything except Maus, Type 5, or E-Hundo as trash side armour? And please, show me it beats Super conqueror in speed tests. Please do. 


      This is the problem with WOT. Over reacting and nonsense. 0bj 7O5 and A are released, everyone calls them trash side scraping tanks because useless armour. When they have rear turrets, and wwwaaayyy better side armour than a great majority of high tier heavy tanks. Because the side armour isn't MAUS, 185mm, they are trash all of a sudden. Sure makes alot of sense. How about T11OE5, T11OE4, Kran, AMX54, 5OB, 215B.....how about we call tanks with actual trash side armours, trash 


  22. Is WOT dead for everyone, or just the west coast.  The web site is boned and I can't log onto the game.

    1. Wanderjar


      it was just you. i was playing just fine in that time frame

  23. anyone wanna join my trans shitposting discord, where we just play rainbow six siege? My discord is Danner#5543

  24. I don't wanna suck alone. I need someone to play with me!

    1. sohojacques


      So much innuendo. That line could’ve come straight from a Carry On script.

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