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  2. is replay analiser working with cw?

  3. Is it wrong that I unironically want teamkilling back so I can kill arty players? 

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    2. ProxyCentauri


      It would definitely be a good thing. A slight encouragement now though- the sample is still too small to be
      significant but I seem to notice a slight reduction at tier 8/9 here at EU regarding number of clickers/game.
      Now that holiday season is over the pubbies probably have to go back to their Defenders or go broke fast.
      I was truly shocked regarding clicking/profit during holiday season. I could use a 53/55 with food and full gold
      spam and still profit somewhat as long as WR>50%/session. Arguably the most versatile arty apart from 261 maybe
      pretty ez keeping WR at 54%+. Only at tier X with the old bob T92 did I loose $(negative WR<50% solo- cant influence much in that old sledge- I only solo). 
      I wont go into the old trenches again regarding arty but as a minimum it should be way harder to profit by clicking.
      For a player in the 900-1500 range it was probably damn ez to profit(I am at 1600+ atm, middle of the green shitter range)
      so probably very confy for them to click when they suck at everything else


    3. crapcannon


      I want it back so I can TK scouts that sit behind me or hide in a bush the entire game while the battle rages on the other side of the map.

    4. CandyVanMan


      God I miss team damage.

  4. The worst thing about shitters isn't that they don't do any damage, it's that they block better players from retreating or taking key positions. This is probably the main reason how someone can get below 45% long term WR (which indicates that you're actually worse than useless, i.e. the team would be better off with just 14 tanks instead).

    1. simba90


       And just wait until the new platooning system pairs the shitters together so that we get three on our teams instead of 1

    2. echo9835


      We already have 3-5 on any given team. I don't think the new platooning system will make it all that much worse. 

    3. ProxyCentauri


      I can only support echo on that. I have turned xvm on again-many years since last time.
      I literally got shocked(EU-server)
      There is no doubt that at tiers 5-8 you will face several bots both on own and enemy team every game.
      I mean bots, not extremely bad players. 2 IS3's in toon with 0.1 dmg dealt and 3k games each.
      Cryptic nicks, as a general rule very short, nothing that says smth of personality etc.
      This game, man. Why did I pick it up again

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  6. Playing tier X some more, and apart from the more shit meta, my biggest issue remains penetrating shots that I easily penetrate when driving a tier VIII tank in a tier X battle.

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    2. Snoregasm2
    3. LetsMakeTheMagic


      Thanks for the link my dude. I try to read every post of kolni because I really enjoy his way of thinking. I'll give it a read.

      I only bought back the PTA because of him. 

    4. ProxyCentauri


      If someone by coincidence happen to read this thread, pls click on Snoregasm's link ^^
      That thread by Yung is pure gold, arguably the best thread regarding tier X play in current meta
      on this forum atm. So much to pick up, not only by Yung but side-comments and self-criticism
      from other good players etc

  7. Destroyed my 4th Mouse while playing WoT yesterday.

    The graveyard now consists of:

    4 Mice (G9x, Razer Deathadder WoT Edition, Logitech G Pro, Steelseries Sensei) 

    1 Monitor 22" 1680x1050

    1 Keyboard Logitech G11

    2 Headsets but I'm not sure.

    How much stuff did you break while playing WoT or am I the only lunatic?

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      lmao get some therapy dude

    3. LetsMakeTheMagic


      T49 main detected :bigdoge:

    4. CandyVanMan


      Better to vent any aggression and get on with it, than sitting there raging.
      I really should get a punching bag though.
      WoT wasn't the reason I broke my hand first time, it just didn't heal right as going to the doctor is for pussies (actually didn't know it was broken first time), so I've broken it 10+ times.

  8. If i buy prem tank with coupon, and i have same prem tank in garage, do i get full gold compensation?

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    2. RedwoodOriginal


      NVM, ill just go with gold

    3. echo9835


      You do not get gold compensation.

    4. hall0


      sure you get. If you buy a tank with real money you get gold. If you win/earn a tank you already have you only get credits.

      To answer the question. If you buy a tank which with a coupon or let´s say the tank is discounted in the premium shop but is not ingame, you get the full gold compensation. 

  9. cheif/Super Conq/E5/IS-7, which is probably best for doing HT-15 in todays meta for 260? because those are the ones I own lol.

    (also 113/5A/T-10/50B but those ones wont have any hope with it)

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    2. Assassin7


      M53 on Redshire lol. Their heavies sat all clumped up on the 9 line all game, 3.8K damage 4k assisted, was enough for SPG15-4 if I had that mission.

    3. Assassin7
    4. LetsMakeTheMagic


      Wow sick game. Congrats again. I will also give it another go today.

  10. IS-7 with turbo grousers and removed governor is rapid!

    1. CandyVanMan


      And you'll be able to reach your position almost as fast as a 277 that isn't gimped with a meme setup.

    2. crapcannon


      I rarely see the IS7's out there anymore.

  11. Back in November I recieved a BRW Camo and probalby some gold as far as I could remember. 
    A single camo is pretty bollocks as you need at least three to make a tank look good. 
    But odly enough I couldn´t find my video in the BRW series WG puts on YT. Weeks have passed but still could not find my replay there. But I got a second BRW camo in the meanwhile. Yeah only one to go and I can fully camo a tank <3

    But yesterday I finally got a BRW Stile. Finally a full set of camo for all three climate zones. 
    Checked the WG EU YT channel but still no replay. 
    A clan mate just told me I should check the german WG Channel.

    And finally I found it. My Emil video was featured in their Dezember video. 
    My 4min of fame :luvkitty:



  12. Chieftain/T95 (T8) or IS-5 for the tier 8 campain tank?

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    2. CandyVanMan


      Neither, their are ass.

    3. hall0


      but you should never buy it for bonds. 

      T8 Chief is shit and so is IS5. But the medium has this horrible weakspot ontop which makes it even shittier. 

      Therefor I went for the IS5. I wont ever driving it. But at least I have it inthe garage. 

    4. kolni


      IS-5 is also a hilariously sadistic mark to try for all skill levels, 1st through 3rd are all insanely hard considering the tank's gun

      Not to say the T95Chief mark is any less of that (I still haven't been able to do this one after completing it on basically release day), but at least you can play that tank without feeling like handicapping your team by picking it - this tank didn't have premium credits unlike the IS-5 when it was released however (not sure about the situation now)

  13. With my WoT buddy passing away a couple days ago I'm going to retire my account as playing doesnt feel right anymore. This game has been a huge part of my life the past 8 years and contains many of my worst moments as a person. I'm at a point in my life now where I'm genuinely happy and not the unstable lunatic who took WoT as life or death. Idk how to properly say goodbye to a great friend, but I'm going to start by shelving WoT and its memories. I don't game much anymore between work and rock climbing, so this is a good point to end it.

    Take care wotlabs, it's been a weird ride from age 17 to 25, but I'm glad it happened.

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    2. GehakteMolen


      4 hours ago, hall0 said:

      Take care and see you in 5-6 months. 

      dammit, i wanna upvote this :P

    3. GehakteMolen


      As for losing a wot buddy, yeah, its weird, i played at some point multiple times a week with igo and eul (or body) and one day, he simply never logged back on again, and after a while, we knew, he would never log on again...(we knew he had cancer and it was looking bad) other clan member died in car crash, he wasnt driver, just going back hom with some friends (Morphelo)

      Igo_ hes last game was: 07/10/2016, we keep him in the clan, as dunno, memorial, that these strange internet ppl wont forget him, morphello got kicked, because hes sister sometimes played some games, and it was weird seeing him online, we asked here, and it was fine...

      (Body even bother uploading a youtube video:


    4. Enroh
  14. Trying to do some testing of equipment on the test server this weekend. Anyone have an alt account I could borrow to set-up a training room? (Unfortunately has to have been created before Dec 27 so I can't just go make one)

  15. Before I buy this thing, if anyone who knows this sort of stuff could tell me, will this sound card be capable of boosting my windows sound volume? I.e make it louder? https://playtech.co.nz/collections/sound-cards/products/creative-soundblaster-audigyfx-soundcard

    Over the last few months my general audio volume has been slowly getting quieter, idk why. But im hoping a new dedicated sound card will fix it. 

    1. simba90


      A dedicated sound card is completely separate from your onboard sound. Its a separate device with its own volume control. I had a motherboard that the onboard sound died on a few years ago and I fixed it with a dedicated sound card. YMMV depending on the actual issue but I'd be pretty surprised if that card didn't fix the issue.

  16. I just lost 6 in a row playing the Skorpion which brings me to a ~39% win rate. This tank is cursed.

    1. sohojacques


      I got it as a free rental in March last year. Played two games in it. Penned two shots in each game despite constantly firing. It was the fuck you from RNG I needed to take a break from the game. Haven’t played since.

    2. crapcannon


      After a 2 year hiatus I bought this tank for only 1000 gold and got back into WoT. After 80+ games with this tank I lost 22 WN8 points! I'm thinking of jumping back into my E75 for about 50 games and murdering the shit out of everyone just to get my points back.

  17. Question: Can you start fires without damaging the engine or breaking fuel tanks? I see it a lot and I am wondering how it happens. I think I might be damaging the engine, but not enough to turn it yellow, but I am not sure.

    1. LoverJoy
    2. CandyVanMan


      Yes, by damaging engine, does not necessarily have to be enough to turn engine yellow though.

  18. What's the consensus best EBR 105 equipment? I'm running CVS Optics Vents for a scout build.

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    2. CandyVanMan


      I would probably give the edge to LNES for EBR after giving it some thought, as you will mostly be playing the EBR as an active scout, and therefore you benefit quite a bit from the 8% camo bonus.

      If you were playing a normal light tank, having any more than 42% camo wouldn't make much of a difference, as you would be using bushes a lot more, compared to EBR.

      I think Prokh is the only map where CVS would be objectively better than LNES.

    3. crapcannon


      CVS? Edit: nevermind found it on tanks.gg

    4. Tman450


      Thanks my dudes

  19. Anyone use the aimtime indicator mod? Feels pretty good, would recommend.

    1. lavawing


      I don't use mods because they're as unfair and unsportsmanlike as firing gold ammo :nanodoge:

    2. Private_Miros


      Yes, as part of Aslain's modpack. It's interesting, but not sure if that useful. I notice I don't really take heed of it in battle itself.

    3. dustygator


      It's been a must have for me for at least a few years (since I started using Aslain).

      Shell flight time is the most valuable bit (especially for arty), but the dynamic aim time is great as well. Being able to time peeking before reload is fully finished, having a reference point when deciding whether to snap shot/aim partially/aim fully.

      There is also a dynamic shot dispersion display; I have it disabled, but am interested in using it to test out some theories on equipment & gun handling.

  20. Apparently Fadin's medals are like buses - 40k battles without any, then 2 in a month, both with the 13 57 on the SAME MAP:




    1. GehakteMolen


      getting blown up mid air was unlucky, but did add something to it :P

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      Now this is podracing!

    3. echo9835


      Oh Baby a Tripple!

  22. Service Record:
    Senior Technical Engineer.

    8 years, 1 month, 1 day, 28668 battles. Now what?

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    2. lavawing


      grind the Italian heavies without reserves, prem time and free exp

    3. NightmareMk9


      Have you researched every module on every tank?  You DON'T get anything when you do.

    4. Jul_Le


      No I haven't, I didn't feel like spending 10k xp to get 10m more radio range

  23. Hurting dark-green style with the STA-1. Big, HE pennable, and that .38 accuracy has shots flying all over the place, especially snapping. 

    Rammer, rotation and optics right now. Thinking of switching in a v-stasb. What do you think hive-mind?

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    2. Expendable_Lad


      Thanks guys!

    3. Expendable_Lad


      Rotation is questionable - got it. Still getting used to new equipment since jumping on for the xmas bonanza for first time since Spring. 

    4. churchill50


      IRM is extremely useful, but it's not a substitute for V-Stab. It has two uses.

      The first is in addition to V-Stab on tanks with really derpy gun handling. Stuff like the Bisonte, B-C 25t, AMX 50 120, FCM 50t, etc. Mounting both V-Stab AND IRM can really help get the gun handling under control.

      The second use is on tanks that can't mount V-Stab. Either low-tiers, or TD's. On some TD's, it's absolutely game-changing: 263/268v4 (gun handling + rotation, which are both needed), T110E4/T30/Conway/FV4005 (huge bonus to gun handling, which they need). 

  24. OMFG the Garage Sluts!  I must have earned about 30 of them on Ho Ops

    1. GehakteMolen


      yeah, i got 60 spare ones or so now, hehe

  25. since when did the fcm get FOTM status? what changed it's still xp pinata to play against

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    2. GehakteMolen


      yeah, FCM seems even more rare as CDC

    3. churchill50


      I went back and tried mine again lately due to Equipment 2.0. Even with Bounty V-Stab + Bounty IRM, the gun is infuriating.

      It's sad. The tank has so much going for it. 1500 HP, great mobility (51kmh top speed, 23 power/weight), DPM, pen, gun depression, view range, shell velocity.

      But it all goes to waste due to how infuriatingly derpy the gun is. 

      The only good thing you can say about it is that it's better than the AMX CDC... But that doesn't actually mean anything given how bad the CDC is.

    4. kolni


      that's kinda strange considering my memories of the FCM was mainly just arty problems and felt that the gun was good way back when it was one of the "good" credit farmers back in 2015 or something when I started getting good at the game but I guess now compared to guns like the Caernarvon or Progetto it just sucks ass

  26. Invisible TDs are awful for this game. Just watched a rhm and S1 behind a bush or two advance towards each other and they weren't spotted until proxy range. Combine that with all the base camping spots WG likes to install to appease shitters and you have a recipe for "Who can suicide the most tanks first to get within 50m with 10 128mm guns"

    1. crapcannon


      Try playing the Skorpion. This TD has the camo rating of an aircraft hangar.

  27. is there a difference between PCI and PCI express?

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    2. Tarski


      Maybe I'm wrong. From Wikipedia


      PCI and PCI-X have become obsolete for most purposes; however in 2020 they are still common on modern desktops for the purposes of backward compatibility and the low relative cost to produce.


    3. Haswell


      Check your mobo to see what slot you want to use, then get a wifi card for that.

      Alternatively adapters exist.

    4. Folterknecht


      In regards to WiFi cards your read it right, there are PCI and PCIe cards. Though PCI is outdated and has very narrow bandwith compared to modern PCIe standards.


      On motherboards you usually don't find PCI anymore in midrange/highend boards besides some special or custom made ones. Though guys who tinker around like to have a board like that, so they don't have to mess around with silly adapters.

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