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  1. Last week
  2. What tank for bonds? 121b or M60? Im leaning towards M60 cause i dont have USA T10, but its camo is crap. 121b seems like a better tank, but idk if i should get another version of russki MT..

  3. Any tips for field mods on the Leo 1? My first setup is classic bond rammer/vs/vents but idk what to kit out the second one for, it's sitting at fat scout for now (vents/optics/cvs)

  4. VK2801 derp is back!!! So excited to boop!

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    2. CraBeatOff


      HE changes are a mix. It will be a worse damage dealer because you can't slap IS-3 to death for 100 dmg but it has the RoF to track HTs. But equipment 2.0 will make it a 40% camo spotter which patches the biggest issue with the German LTs.

      The 104 HEAT was around for about 2 years before the LT line extension to tier X (which is when the tech tree VK2801 lost it's derp in exchange for the improvements in MM). Virtually all my VK2801 games are from that period - i didn't play it much when it was tier V with 150 pen HEAT (10-20 games, I was bad then). But now it's getting the good MM from 6-8 instead of the 7-9 tiers from that intermediate period. And there's just so much soft stuff.

      If you've played a lot of M41 90, Hwk30, Kpz07, RU251 and RhmPzW - then the 90-105 pen range is pretty familiar. There is a lot of stuff that is positionally vulnerable to that pen - and having 3100+ dpm in 350 chunks is no joke from a tier 6. Tier 8 TDs go down in a very short period with whatever round pens.

      What's the standard for good? I'm so excited for this tank I'm prepared to try hard!

    3. Rexxie


      I am really tempted to come back just to play around with the 2801, it looks like a lot of fun and a blast from the past for me. I'll probably give it while though, because I figure playing a 2801 vs other 2801s might not be ideal? With endwalker about to release I have a pretty good excuse not to play anyway.


    4. Panzergraf


      I haven't scrounged together a crew for mine yet, but I've been playing the tier 6 T78 a lot lately, and the 2801 horde really didn't last that long. Most games at that tier only have one or two VK's per side now, so it's starting to feel normal again.

  5. Earlier
  6. 200 million credits, niiiiiice

    This weekend discount on consumables, so i guess i can buy some spare, hehe

  7. Yay, so after going close several times (a couple of 5k + damage games) I managed to do 6k damage in the M48 Patton (man I love this tank) to finally clear MT13.3 for the Obj 260 missions, which thankfully also finally cleared the stupid Alliance 1 for the Chimera which needs you to do 25% of your team's damage in a win, so can move on to the 15 mission for that set as well (now at the 15 missions for every group except for Bloc for Chimera). Slowly making progress.

  8. The Babylon Bee Guide To Being Woke



    1. orzel286


      It would be funny if it wasn't true...

  9. So after many years, the first of the 15.3 missions for the Object 260 has been completed... and it's LT15.3 - probably the last one I would have thought I could complete back when I first started out. 2k damage, 7.6k spotting courtesy of the stealth build on Ghost Town encounter mode. Got it with honours too, which is nice. I have TD15.3 unlocked but realised that 8k damage is just insane and I have never done that in a TD before (that I can remember) so that could take some doing. I'm stuck on the 3x HP blocking mission (with 3k damage) for HT, which is usually my best class and in the past the set I usually finish first, and stuck on a 6k damage medium mission (also very high performance for me in a medium tank, only hit that mark in a handful of meds). Could take some doing, but it just shows I think how powerful the stealth build is given it made LT missions feel very attainable with the right map.

  10. Christmas came early... apparently I got 25 Vertstabs and 30 GLDs in my depot. 20M credits with 2 clicks.

  11. tfw the bots are the most active posters on the forum :(

  12. Does anyone need a Hard Mirny Win?  PM me in game.

    Finished the mission with 1 hour to spare.  DAMN that was close.

    1. Balthazars


      The funny thing is for me is that I actually finished Hard on the second attempt - but then failed to finish it again in EVERY subsequent attempt after that, with some teams failing to even get to the boss battle at the end.

  13. These Mirium video updates from the "reels" are straight out of the mission cutscenes from C&C Red Alert. 

    1. Jul_Le


      That's exactly what I thought watching them :D

    2. Panzergraf


      I guess I have to play the mode now as I love C&C

  14. kurwa, i buy shotgun tank (703) and week later prog for sale, FU WG

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    2. Fulcrous


      Unlucky. All of mine were perm.

    3. hazzgar


      How many prems u need? I'm fairly happy with just the Borat, Skoda T9 but no really trust us it's a t8 and LT432 for OP prems (i also have some meh and trash ones too)

    4. WhatTheSkara



      @Fulcrouswe're on EU, no freebies for us :(

  15. 3 marked the IS6, 2 marked the m48 Patton.

    Haven't played those in years.

    Now my t62a and E5 are both around the 90/91%

    Which one should I do first?

    1. WhatTheSkara


      E5 marks dropped by 2% -.- was at 89 now at 87.

      It'll be a bitch to get them up again :D

  16. https://wotlabs.net/na/player/God_0f_Fap

    okay what the fuck?

    1850dpg and 14K WN8 in a PzIII E?

    1. Panzergraf


      SA bot farming, it's what HACKD/HECKD does, usually in platoons.
      1850 DPG is still impressive though.

    2. DrWeb7_1


      I thought RU servers are 'pros' at low-tier stat boost, but I was wrong.

  17. Would you say the game has improved over the last 6 months? 

    I think it might be the first time the reception seems to have trended upwards for WoT since like 2014

    1. Expendable_Lad


      Based on the last few years - I've been playing more tanks in the last 6 mos than any other time in recent memory (RIP personal life). I still have a ton of "what the faaaaaa?" moments seeing 48%ers in bourrs crushing it and getting gold spammed in my 8s by tier Xs - but yeah, I feel you on this. 

    2. CandyVanMan


      I think the game has gotten better the last 6 months.

      Field mods was a nice QOL improvement, the last few maps added have been above average, recon mode or whatever it's called has been pretty nice, hell, I even like the addition of tier 9 for frontlines.

      I've played more this fall than at any other point since probably 2014.

  18. Bought back the WZ-120, got a fresh ace tanker on first battle.
    I think this tank is a hidden gem tbh.



    1. kolni


      i really had a hard time making it work, there are too many good tier 9 meds that just shine so much brighter for the same amount of effort

    2. CandyVanMan


      It can be quite annoying to work the terrain to get enough gun depression, but it seems to be easier than it was when it first came out, as the maps have been dumbed down and flattened out so much.
      Much less of an issue compared to what it once was, of course, I've only played two battles in it so far after rebuying it, but if I still enjoy it after a few more, I'll at least go for marks on it.

    3. CraBeatOff


      I've always liked it. I agree its never a star but it's satisfying

  19. And the finale (probably). I have replaced the GPU in my test bench. How did it work?


  20. Sturmtiger in wot console, i think WG`s masterplan is to nerf he (done) so they can put The Legend itself in wot, the mighty STURMTIGER

    100€ for tier 10, 100% buy ;D

    1. Expendable_Lad


      It definitely fits with the high derp, low-skill approach - and I would totally love to play it. I think the basic premise is it appeals to pubbies because it offers marginally higher chances of having a big game.  Say in a T-43 a poor player is almost always going to get worked. But a poor player in a KV-2 can still have a big game in ways they never could in the T-43, meaning they are willing to suffer 0 damage losses much more in the KV-2 because they COULD have that amazing game, then consistently have 300 damage T-43 games. Keeps mediocre (and lower) players coming back. Good for WoT, good for the farmers, good for the pubbies. 

  21. Why are you still playing tanks?

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    2. ZXrage


      I just come by to witness people's misery.

      I say that but i would still play tanks if I had the space for it

    3. Expendable_Lad


      Sunk cost fallacy.
      J/K (kinda) - it's a pretty game. Great models, and it challenges me to think fast and slow. Not a mindless shooter or a dull-ass strategy game. 

    4. Balthazars


      Because (sadly) it is still pretty much the best game in its genre going around, and I find it great for simple pick up and play without too much brain-power required, which is much appreciated given my work schedule and limited time to play games. I've been getting into Hell Let Loose recently, but that takes quite a bit of concentration and games can take up to 2 hours so it's only viable when I know I have a decent chunk of time to sit down and play. WoT has none of that, even if it's just 30 minutes of free time I can jump in and play a few games and chill.

  22. image.png

    Spotgetto 65 3-mark completed. Used a bounty LNES + bond optics + slotted CVS build AND a bounty LNES, bond vstab, bond vents build. Pretty grand way to enjoy the tank. It gets OVER 40% camo on the move once you max out the Field Modifications, plus you get 527 view range. And the gun is slow to aim, but accurate enough to scavenge. On maps where there's too many LTs or it's brawl mode then swap to the vstab build and play as normal (except you're really strong at clean-up because 41% camo moving and 482 VR). Not expensive either, because it's a pain to switch to HEAT. 

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    2. CraBeatOff


      I'll upload the session tonight!

    3. CandyVanMan


      Very nice.

      Tried the stealth build on Standard B, didn't work out for me that well, felt the gun was simply too lacking.
      I still have it as my secondary config, in case I get a map and team setup where I can break the game by taking on the role of light tank.
      Ended up using bonused CVS, bounty optics and bounty stabs for my main, as the filthy viewrange and CVS really did add quite a bit to my spotting.

    4. CraBeatOff


      I was late on the uploads but the replays are in the Prog 65 thread in the Italian subforum.

  23. Lol, 50M this game was big mad.
    Bounced twice on my Sheridan.
    Convo'd me after battle, he seemed a bit annoyed.




  24. Standard B 3 marked with a meh 4 skill crew (no recon is slumming) and merely bounty optics and vents. It's not as good as the Char or Kunze and has to pay for its repair kits - so I'll probably let it rust in the garage.

    Prog 65 is cheaper to run than the Bat25t because it takes too much time to switch to HEAT! Also a wildly better sniper without gun mods - and no incentive to take half assed follow up shots!

    French and Italian MTs massive winners from field mods. 

    1. Snoregasm2


      What fields mods do you take specifically? So far i've been hesitant to take any with the tradeoffs.

      Apologies if there's a post on the meta of this that i've missed.

    2. CraBeatOff


      @Snoregasm2 I posted my T49 ones but maybe not the others. I generally take a mod at each level with a few exceptions. Anything that increases camo gets taken. In most cases taking 3% VR for -2kph forward speed is taken - at least for the French and Italians.

      Breech tweaking vs Aiming gears is an interesting one. For the Char4 and Prog 65 and Standard B i choose the dpm increase. For the Bat25t i choose the burst improvements. 90 dpm for far better follow up shots? Takes alot of minutes to equal even 1 extra pen due to gun handling.

      The 3% dispersion vs 2% acc tradeoff is another interesting one. It's NOT for turret or rotation dispersion as modeled by tanks.gg but only movement dispersion. It amounts generally to 0.01 more bloom for 0.01 more accuracy. I usually chose the latter or nothing at all. 

  25. One thing that pissed me off during my latest visit to the dentist: doc and the assistant started talking about games and I couldn't join in...

  26. T30 is such a stupid tank.

    Can't hit shit at range, misses when fully aimed at 100m (0.3 accuracy btw) or bounces apcr.

    Shell velocity is abysmal and turret armour is a joke.

    I even unlocked field mods for it, what a waste of time.

    1. Assassin7


      I've owned it for years and always enjoyed it. yeah its gun is a bit derpy but I've never had any real issues with it - done most of my TD missions requiring high damage with it. 

      granted most of my knowledge and experience is at least a year out of date by now, so stuff has probably changed. 

    2. kolni


      Yeah always hated it, I feel like the gun mantlet could use an update to be at least a little stronger so you can fully aim that gun without getting penned hulldown for doing so

    3. Jul_Le


      I rebought this recently, and despite the gun looking good on paper it seems to miss the easiest shots. Equipped it with iRammer + iVents + bounty aim + vent purge + food and fully modded, got the dispersion down to 0,28.

      Sometimes you still miss/bounce no matter what, but man it hits hard when the gun behaves.

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