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  2. This game needs skill-smoothed MM. Stacking the good players on one side just feeds the steamroll simulator model.

  3. So apparently i'm good at the t54e1. 
    QQ does the TL7 play like it? I don't want to keep this thing but love this tier 9 autoloader. Ill be playing a lot more t77 when I'm done with this, but enjoying this e1 more than I thought I would and want to keep it up. 

  4. Having returned to the game, I find it much harder than even in 2021, when I last came back. Even the most average players are patient, use vision mechanics, use the terrain, bait, ...

    Really struggling to get back up to speed this time.

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    2. Jul_Le


      These days you get blindfired quite often too, even by tier 5s

    3. Expendable_Lad


      @Jul_Lethat's kind of why I liked running the Foch the last couple weeks - quick move to an early TD bush spots can still be a good opening, but the 280 frontal takes care of those random blinds. And i'm guilty of blinding like a mofo too. 

    4. Expendable_Lad


      @Private_MirosI like 6s and 7s - but am starting to move on. I've got 18k battles now and only like 250 at tier X. Mostly because I hate the credit-sink - but also because of the crazy min-maxing and try-hardness. I'm like 98% solo pubbing these days too *lonely tryhard noises* 

      There are some amazing streamers and a ton of good players out there that will def play with you. 

  5. Hello fellow unicums?

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      I don't think they'll be sending you any dick pics this time 

    2. DrWeb7_1


      Oh, hi.

  6. 10 years on the WoTLabs forums, today. 🥳

    1. Cunicularius


      Damn, you're still around, Master Seal Clubber? 

  7. Got 6.5 13.7 GB of replays and 1 1.9 GB of screenshots dating all the way back to 2014 (0.9.3) 2012 (0.8.1) that I never ended up getting rid of, probably never going to have any reason to watch them again, what should I do with them?

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    2. DrWeb7_1


      I look for replays played during update 0.8.2. I want to expand my archives, but I'll accept anything from later or earlier updates. 4 TB of storage is not full yet!

    3. Jul_Le



      I started downloading old clients to get the replays working, it's taking a while. I don't think I will have enough space even though I have two 6 TB HDDs and total storage space of 18 TB.

      Then again I'm downloading every client since January 2013 :P

    4. DrWeb7_1


      @Jul_Le, I have some original installers.


  8. I met someone in battle with 52563 battles played in arty.

  9. I've resurrected my brother's account on which last battle was played in 2014 🤣

  10. omfg, these god damn spambots making OVER THREE HUNDRED THREADS THAT I HAD TO DELETE INDIVIDUALLY

    1. Private_Miros


      Beep me - I can do that in the AdminCP in batches, but the changes are not immediate.

    2. Assassin7


      hmm I think its okay, I just went into the adminCP and found a bunch of settings, I changed it so it auto deletes all content of anyone who gets flagged as a spammer, which should help

  11. Such empty

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    2. yoyoya2
    3. Private_Miros


      I've made it fuller by returning.

    4. Archaic_One


      First time in here in almost a year and its full of spam . . . much sad

  12. Hello, sorry to bother,
    I've just made this account, and I realized I didn't spell my username the same as my WoT account.  Is it required that they are the same?

    1. DrWeb7_1


      This isn't neccessary.

  13. New rig:


    64 GB of RAM

    MSI RX 6950 XT

    140+fps on max settings in WOT...still a shitter :disco:

  14. A truly fine individual 

  15. Ordered new pc.

    Ryzen 5 5600X

    Radeon RX 6700 XT dual 12GB OC

    Asus TUF Gaming B550-Plus

    G.SKILL Ripjaws V Black 2x16GB 3200mhz CL16

    Corsair RM850x CP-9020200-EU

    Cooler Master HAF 500

    iiyama G-Master GB2770HSU-B1 Red Eagle - 27" 165hz IPS

    +UPS, OS, ssd and hdd, and most importantly new headset - razer kraken kitty edition. Just below 10k PLN/2,3k EUR/2,4k$/2k GBP.

    Minecraft should work in stable 60 fps, I guess? Forza horizon 4/NFS Heat in 720 or 1080p and medium settings? DCS? I didn't buy it to play in 4k, max details and ray tracing, I'm fine with tweaking stuff. And since it's AM4 socket - cheaper ryzen 7s when?


    Oh, and I painted my room - walls have a nice pale pink color. Perfectly matching what activities take place here....

    Headpatting my Azur Lane shipgirls!

  16. Poor financial decisions 2022 edition report:

    Went for 80 boxes (the 20 for each type package) which is all I can spare this year to drop on this game.

    $4,500,000 credits.

    29,850 gold

    58 days premium time

    Skins for the Object 268v4, FV 4005 (last year), the Super Conq, the new Strv one, and the Rino.

    1 SU-2-122 (the double barreled low-tier TD)

    1 PZ.38H

    1 PZ.KW1

    2 M3 Light

    2 Harry Hopkins

    3 'big' premiums - got the Char pretty early (within 20 boxes), then the Iron Arnie with my 50-box pity mechanism, and then the BZ in the last set of 10 boxes, so pretty lucky.

    Overall better than last year, on account of nailing 3 of the main premiums. I also got about 2k more gold compared to last year, although less premium time (although this doesn't really matter as I still had over 300 days on my account as it keeps getting topped up by Battle Pass). I'm also pretty happy with the skins I got, the Super Conq and the FV one are very nice.

    The event itself this year is way worse though - far more grindy and with a lot of dumb/useless gimmicks that I'm not interested in. Not a fan.

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    2. Balthazars


      @LoverJoy compared to @Jul_Le you definitely look less fortunate, most of the difference between your totals in terms of gold stems from him getting 67k gold in compensation for repeat tanks. 36 v 29 and 9 v 5, pretty big difference.

    3. LoverJoy


      @Rexxie I love a big fat whale cock in the morning, thanks!

      @Balthazars Yes, the biggest value and rng is in the high tier premium tanks

    4. Expendable_Lad


      Hi @Rexxie! Your cock is beautiful. 

      Spent my annual $250 bucks for enough in game shit that I remain addicted for another year for a few successive hits of dopamine.
      Proceed to play game - and remember that I have not idea how to play this game. 

  17. Toooootally both wanted it supports some officers are classics, even.

  18. Obviously it's just a quirk of statistics, but sometimes WOT really feels like you end up with 'cursed' tanks - for example, AMX 50-120, crappy tank. DPG worse than a whole slew of my tier 8s. 52% win rate after 220 games. AMX M4 51 - great tank. 12th highest DPG tank in my garage, higher than a good chunk of tier 10s. 45% win rate after 100 games. :S

    1. Panzergraf


      Statistics do be quirky like that some times.

      While none of them are exactly cursed for me, here's a quirk of statistics regarding my VK7201K and AMX M4 54

      I have similar DPG in both tanks. Both are 1-marked, climbing towards 2nd mark. Both have winrates around 60% (a bit higher for VKK). 150 games in VKK, 107 in AMX (not counting Onslaught).

      The VKK has probably my highes ace/game ratio. I've had 6 or 7 ace tanker games in it so far.
      The AMX, with similar mastery reqs, not even a first class! Lots of 2nd class games though.

    2. hazzgar


      I had an overall acc curse recently. Had a string of 4 days (30 games per day ) of 45% WR at 2500 wn8 and agressive play. 

  19. It turns out the Ferdinand was my winning ticket to getting the honors on Bloc 15 for the 279e campaign. The ferdi can be painful in a bad matchup, but easy to ace in an OK matchup.8)

    1. Expendable_Lad


      didnt see that one coming

  20. Just had a 110 game. 4.1k damage in BT X and ZERO critical damage done. Weird. 

  21. I got the COOF.

    Definately looks like everything in this world is actively conspiring to prevent me from buying a new pc.

  22. On italian autoloader intuition only reload the first shells ???

    What the hell

  23. Wow they finally made Sixth Sense built-in

  24. Knee didn't need surgery! Just a bit of rest. Doing some renovation, will go back to posting updates on my degeneracy thread sometime next week.

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