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  1. Today
  2. Random thought: existing MoE and mastery badges will become meaningless once the rebalancing fuckup go live.

    Opinion: all MoE and mastery badges should be wiped.


  3. GgUYCTv.png


    1. echo9835


      Try to angle better. :/

  4. Yesterday
  5. Theoretical hypothetical question for all you 3 markers out there: would it be possible to go up 2 Marks of Excellence in 1 game? For example from 64.9 to 85.1 in one game. If so, has it ever happened?

    1. sohojacques


      Maybe not from 64% to 85%. But I think 84% to 95% is doable. I didn’t play the AMX elc after its nerf. Eventually  rebought it for the wheeled vehicle grind and my MoE went up 8% after 1 game to 98%. So you just have to wait a bit on a tank that has taken a serious beating from the nerf bat.

      There was also the fuck up with the IS-6 MoE a while back...

  6. Last week
  7. The Pershing's dpm/alpha combo should be a crime in the games current state, I am going to lose my mind grinding for the patton

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    2. kolni


      Pershing was hands down the best DPG farming tier 8 in like 2015 :serb: oh how times have changed

    3. Evroz621


      I got the m48 in 2014/2015, played 2 games, lost both, rage sold it and i havent palyed since then. Its like 0% winrate and 4k avg damage or something lol

    4. Ham_


      With food and rammer, I'm barely over the 2k dpm mark. For comparison, a tier 5 fucking heavy has the same alpha and just .5 less rpm. If you want to frag someone quickly when even the tier 7s have 1500hp, you might as well drive behind the nearest friendly and push them around the corner

  8. After playing a bit on sandbox I think the tanks below t9-t10that benefit from ammo changes are not super armored ones since they will get fucked when bottom tiers.


    The tanks that will rule are semi mobile tanks who currently are only penned by same tier prem but bounce standards. IE Wz120FT prem td. 

  9. Thanks for selling the Defender again Wargaming. I didn't really want to play this week anyway.

  10. Right, anyone still playing on the EU server for platooning? Last week was horrible. Decent though not great performance, yet bot WR.

  11. Out or curiousity decided to test whether my laptop (GTX1050 2gb) can handle demo Horizon 3 or H4. Horizon 3 runs 720p on low, looks wat and fps could be better but Horizon 4 runs 1080p Medium, looks good and fps is smooth. This is interesting. And now Im thinking of getting H4.

  12. Suggested equipment for IS7?

    Rammer and VStab are a given, but I'm considering Vents/Optics/EGLD/Spall Liner for the 3rd slot.

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    2. Wanderjar


      SH spall is the only one worth it and you cant mount a SH on the IS7. it's a fast heavy, why make it slower and more awkward? 
      Optics are best(470+VR) Vents if you cant stand the aim time at all

    3. SoliDeoGloria


      optics or vents, both are good.

    4. lavawing


      bond vents plus food,

      gun is unreliable enough with shit pen and aimed in accuracy. scouting is more useful after 1.0 but I'd rather farm my own daaamaaage than rely on the genius of pubs

  13. What are some meta tanks for Clan wars nowadays? I hear obj.907 and chieftain, but they look like reward tanks that I can't get

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    2. Evroz621


      Oof, lets hope so. We seem to have won the first few battles. I picked the first clan in top 15 that stuck out to me since bulba denied. E50M lol. Its very suiting considering my love for the e50m.

    3. Wanderjar


      good hunting then

    4. sr360


      Good luck. Be sure to get the Chieftain, its the best of all the rewards

  14. 15% off the credit price of tier X tanks on the NA server for the Valentine's Day weekend. I am pleased. 

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    2. Tarski


      Yeah, I sat on my savings for a bit and got lucky. I have 100 million credits' worth of tier X tanks to buy (but fewer than 100 million credits)...


    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      The fuck is that?

      We haven't had one of those in ages. 

    4. Balthazars


      Yeah, a big surprise. I've gone from nearly 40 million credits to just over 7 million, but bought all the unlocked tier 10s that I've accumulated since then - AMX50B, 60TP, Patton, TVP50/51, T62A, Super Conq, so quite happy.

  15. If anyone interested in platoon on EU server tier 9+ hmu. GHOSTK1LL3R ign

  16. objekt stronk facist box weak change my mind

    1. echo9835


      Object stronkest of tenks. Sends fascist bandit box to GULAG.

    2. Wanderjar


      fascist box tenk weak like capitalist system. go to gulag for mentioning!

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    2. orzel286


      @lavawing Why not both? I have both. I'd lick their feet 24/7.

    3. Haswell
    4. orzel286


      Oh, and I  think I have a game for you @Haswell


      I think it's like Mount&Blade, but leaning more towards rpg than somewhat-tactical/rpg. And is lewd.

  17. Chipping away at the God forsaken hellscape that is the test server if anyone wants to join.


  18. Proud new owner of a scumbus

    1. Mureke


      Everyone has a scumbus in their home!

    2. echo9835


      you're on the EU server so have fun. 

  19. A Wargaming employee on the forums said you need to flank instead of fight higher tier tanks forntally.  Are we supposed to flank to the other corridor or drive out into the open where our tank will be destroyed the instant it gets spotted?

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    2. Raj


      maps arent big enough for flanking in this fucking game lmao

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      Does he know that goods say that ironically?

    4. hazzgar


      Someone asked him how do you flank with a T28 or Vk1001p? 

  20. YES


    1. Haswell
    2. echo9835
    3. orzel286


      I wanted this from the day I started to play azur lane, took me a while, but finally I have her



      retrofeet. :doge2:

  21. Earlier
  22. Just met Private_Miros on EU1...  Wait... He's such an old EU player he predates labs :( (?)

    1. jodgi


      No, @Private_Miros, I was wrong... ofcourse you are a labber!

      Frickin' warms the heart.

    2. Wanderjar
  23. Played the "balance test server and I have one piece of feedback.

    This is the biggest stinkiest pile of steaming shit I have ever witnessed. Fire and Whip whoever came up with this horseshit. Wow. What in the blue hell did I play. I'm gonna have nightmares today, that's how frightfully bad it was. Scrap it ASAP, don't even let the test server run any longer. Scrap it now and pray people can forget about it in a couple of decades. 

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    2. Assassin7


      Its almost like I said over a year ago that doing anything that results in prem ammo being nerfed without changing the actual underlying issues of TOO MUCH ARMOUR NOT ENOUGH WEAK SPOTS was just going to make those problem tanks an even bigger problem and nerf everything else in the game.


      They HAVE to fix armour and the massive over armouring and weakspot removals. Theres no its buts or maybes, thats the biggest problem. The second is the massive power creep

    3. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 they wont because they listen to bobs. The bobs cry about "stupid unicums in their op mediums" and they mostly mean unarmored mediums so the bobs would cry that what you suggest is a buff to stupid unicums

    4. Draco912


      just played this shitshow sandbox besides bad latency side shot at a super hellcat in a kv2 with HE and guess what no damage just tracked him. this update if it comes out how it is means i am done with this game.

  24. Biggest pain the ass since coming back to the game: Arty Stunning Mechanic.

    1. Diriz0n


      Do you feel special though,  if you are playing  Type 5,  and artillery is hitting you for 25 damage?



    1. Tarski


      It looks like HE is no longer going to damage internal modules. I can think of some times I wished that had been true. 

      Type 5 still has HE and premium HE, and we're back to the only difference being damage since HE no longer has pen values. 

      IS-4 has 3100 hitpoints, as opposed to 2950 on the IS-7 and 3550 on the Maus. 

    2. Tarski


      Interesting. There will be two categories of statistics displayed in the UI: historical totals and recent performance. The recent performance will reset every few months. For people who want a way of looking at up to date stats, we may be getting better tools. 

    3. Tarski


      TOG has 2k hitpoints. 

  26. Whats the best site these days for MoE? 

    1. Tarski


      I grabbed this URL from skill4ltu's FAQ: http://wotgarage.net/

      Edit. He also uses this mod: https://wgmods.net/4111/

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