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  2. You fucks still playing tanks, you cray man

    1. Jul_Le


      I play for 1 month then take a break for 6 months. Been like that for several years now.

    2. orzel286


      I only play cultured weeb games :doge2:

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  4. Random drug screening at work: (false) positives for EDDP, Buprenorphine and Fentanyl (all very heavy painkillers) together with the prescription stuff I have

    I was legit spiraling down a "my life is over" trip wondering how I'd explain this one.. result was sent to lab analysis for further investigation and thank god they could see that parts of the profiles necessary to be legitimate were missing.. those were some rough fkn 3 days of hellish anxiety knowing i didn't do that but thinking i was going down anyway


    1. Ham_


      this is literally one of my nightmares damn

    2. Folterknecht


      In Germany we had an underground neonazi "terror group" (2 men + 1 woman) causing havoc some years ago ("NSU"). After they were dealed with their DNA suddenly surfaced in a murder/rape case concerning a prepubescent girl. The press ofc went amok, after a few weeks it turns out the same laboratory that handeled the terror group also worked on the murder/rape case of that girl.

      They ofc had nothing to do with the murder/rape.

      Respone from the legeslative? Hot air - no requirement for independent verification.

  5. What's the current 907 meta? Never use Improved Aiming before but i just got a bounty version of it - i've heard it makes the 907 a much better sniper?

    Would it be Vents, Aiming and Rammer?

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    2. sr360


      Caveat: I'm not great at hte 907, just looking at numbers. Assuming your tank is fully kitted out with good crew skills, it depends on the ranges you engage in. A quick look at the numbers shows with purple vents, food, improved sight, and additional observational devices, you're sitting at 0.31 acc and 0.12/0.12/0.09 bloom. BIAU drops the accuracy to 0.28, whereas iVS drops the bloom to 0.08/0.09/0.06. 0.31 is marginal long range accuracy, 0.28 is much better. OTOH if you're brawling off quick snaps, the iVS is solid.

    3. Snoregasm2


      Yeah I currently use bond vents, rammer and v stab. Great crew skills, including all vision and camo you can get.

      I guess it's whether to ditch the vents or the vstab. I'm leaning to ditching vstab, but it might make brawling trickier. @kolni, what are your thoughts on this? What setup do you run on 907?

    4. kolni


      improved stab/ram/vents and bounty optics/iau/rammer are my setups, should be fairly easy to figure out what setup goes where

      did try hp but not useful on enough maps imo, same with turbo

      did try the iau but i felt better with stab in quick peeks and stuff which is where a lot of my damage comes from

  6. played some 50-ish games on the weekend after a very very long break.. (i have like 20 battles in february otherwise break since august last year)

    apparently i can only play chieftain now as i could 5,5k that no problem for 30 games but lord heavens if i try to play a medium tank and die with 2k every other game :eww: 

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    2. koel76


      @kolniI came back and can't even manage a 50% WR anymore 

    3. Assassin7


      I cant even make purple anymore, havent for a while. Too rusty and dont play enough.


      It also doesnt help that every time I come and play a few games of WoT, Ive been playing war thunder so much the last year that Im defaulting to WT controls and it makes WoT feel weird lol

    4. Expendable_Lad


      If it helps I'm slipping a few points from my overalls and I play all the time! 

  7. Imola f1 highlights:

    Sainz: Spain without the "s"

    Crofty: dRs iMpRoVes RacinG, hAmILtOn cOuLd SuReLy uSe It NoW

    After drs was enabled: nothing changed for HAM. And Nico Nico Niiii~ Rosberg kept on dropping bombs on HAM/merc, subtly, but still, lmao.

    Leglerg: sosig

    Mclaren redemption arc?

    1. Jul_Le


      S🅱innala is back

    2. Medjed


      Sosig 🤣

  8. grinding out a few arty missions this AM. I have now played 18 games of tier X arty in my entire WoT career. But one thing about arty at tier X - you can still make decent credits (!?) netting 30k+ a game in the 261 at like 2k damage and whatever that arty stun assistance thing is. Crazy. 

    1. Ham_


      If your games aren't a solid 3 minutes long that is

    2. Expendable_Lad


      @Ham_can't deny that. But just had a game on lakeville - 2k damage, 3k stun assist (nothing too crazy) - 60k gross silver - 40k net, plus the bonds. With a credit booster that would be 70k net. 40-70k net is a decent game in a gold-spamming T8 premium. 
      Just had no idea the arty economics at Tier X were so good. 

  9. I give up. Pubbie accuracy hit 10%. Good players play mostly close range and self spot. So you spot for idiots who will do 0 dmg. 
    My last few prok, malinovka, redshire and that polish maps werre all sub 3k avg spot. Sorry but spotting is dead. 

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    2. sr360


      You're not going to get those big games without a platoonmate who's dedicated to supporting you. Rare is the occasion I get a solo 10k spotting game.

    3. hazzgar


      @sr360naah game is fucked. Just had a game on Pilsen where the hole enemy team consisting of 10 tds went city. 

      Played with a good platoonmate went -2% on marks. I'm quitting.  Used to pull 2.2k spot solo now If I pull 1.9k platooned it's average.

    4. Jul_Le


      I guess it works if you can keep them spotted for 10 min so pubbies can kill them with 1/10 pen ratio.

  10. I know that mobbing is bad. I'm against it but what if your subordinate is a fucking absolute moron who makes huge mistakes that are visible outside the comapny and add everyone work. Is it ok to throw chairs at that person? 

  11. Is spotting dead on EU? I got prok multiple times and my team either yolos into the enemy team or just all camps hill so I get to do 2k spot in t8... 3 marking the elc even 90 solo seems near impossible now with 3300 combined reqs

    1. sr360


      On the one hand, how did you get Prok multiple times, what hax are these? On the other hand, RIP...

    2. hazzgar


      Yeah I felt like I was going up on marks then 2 games with no spot. And I have outspoted both enemy lights... 

  12. Hadn't really thought about missions in a while, but got the itch for TD-15 culminating in a 8.5k cb Tortoise Stomp of sacrificial pubby heavies. 
    The tortiose relies not so much on armor, but on the "OMFG A F'IN 4.5k dpm GLD SPAMIN TORTIOSE" effect. 

  13. Today in WoT ruminations: armor is OP on a light tank. That is all.

  14. For the skeleton crew here at Wotlabs - does anyone have a capable defense of Redshire during assault?  It's a game I basically chalk up to a loss solo-pubbing when I load in and play for damage. 
    From the start you lose 2/3rds map control. Assaulting team can start capping once there is a wreck to hide behind on their side of the cap. Assaulting, I just park on a ridge, knock down some bushes and spot myself and fire from camo or crossfire  at 10 other spots. 

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    2. hazzgar


      @kolniwhat do you do if all of your team hugs the castle + goes south? North can be overrun if you are solo there. 

    3. Expendable_Lad


      Yeah - if either flank goes, you just can't hold center (even castle starts to peel and they can cap w/o castle getting any shots onto flag). I run about 99% solo, but wins I have seen are getting a good south push, sniping their early southern/center hill mediums. Pushing through to river and working up from there. 1-2 hard turreted tanks can hold either flank well, it just doesn't seem to happen that much. 

    4. kolni


      I mean you just have to give it. You can always stay for like a minute and rotate to southern part or even into castle ditch if things are going really bad to survive a bit longer but normally I just go north ridge looking for anything at the start and if I don't immediately find something I look for something south instead. You survive there a bit longer at least. I'm not the player I used to so I'm happy if I get to squeeze 3k out in a tier nine here and 5,5k on the attacking side

      As a defender on this bad of an assault you really can't waste any time - doing something is usually a better idea than nothing even if it's risky because an even game on this map is the attackers win -> they only lose if they throw it away

  15. How does one aim in the EBR? Or am I too slow to drive and shoot at the same time...?

    1. sr360


      Autoaim is your friend.

    2. graukatze


      Is the EBRs autoaim different from other tanks?

    3. sr360


      It is, they get an "enhanced autoaim", allowing them to lock on to other targets easier. They also have good shell velocity and excellent on the move dispersion, allowing them to land autoaim shots with ease. And yes, that's entirely as stupid as that sounds.

  16. Finally Aced the Strv K in a 5.3k dmg game ~6.5k combined. Finally getting into a rhythm there.
    Mediocre tanks do force you to be smart, plus I just play better when I lower my expectations and dont treat every game like a pressure cooker. 

  17. Oof - so glad to be finishing the vk1001p - it's like a pile of all the shit that makes WoT a frustrating game. 

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    2. Expendable_Lad


      I wish I played it back then. But yeah - brought back a lot of the *gonna burn this goddamn place to the ground* feelings of grinding that Jap heavy line. 
      Poor gun handling, aim time, turret rotation, dpm (1830!?), huge size, gold-spammable, slower than a t95, like why do I do this to myself?

      Fuckin brutal. 

    3. Ham_


      small pp has half the turret dispersion, HALF lol

    4. Panzergraf


      At least it's better than the Mauerbrecher

  18. RIP red bulls, mercedes is meh, ferrari STRONK, mclaren regressed back to being a backmarker, haas made a come back.

    Oh boy, this will be interesting season.

  19. Audiokinetic has suspended my account for you might know what reason. Yet another nail to my World of Tanks mods coffin, yeah! Woo-hoo!>:|

  20.   Husband fights patriarchy!



  21. i sexually identify as a kran turret

    1. kolni



    2. Ham_


      more like can't get it up *two drums and a hi hat*

    3. Ham_


      can't even shoot lights on top of glacier aircraft carrier imbalanced tank :kappa:

  22. Me: whew, gym was nice, muscles are a bit tight and sore, but I'm just fi-

    My shoulder: I'm about to end this man's whole career!


  23. Reinstalled after 4 years of hiatus, without any settings or update, played 25 games with 3k+ wn8. I still have the groove going at least. This game is surprisingly slow reflex-wise, I guess that many hours of LoL affected my reaction time on the positive side.

  24. Hoping for the best for those in Ukraine.. seen some pretty wild footage I’d rather unsee tbh

    1. orzel286


      Both sides are terrible.

    2. Vindi


      I hope that I won't have to go to the eastern front (Hungary) and everything will settle before it can start an international crisis...

  25. *sad sigh*

  26. they fired SerB NOOOOOOOOOOOOOo

    1. ZXrage


      That being said, WG's handling of the situation is superb

    2. hazzgar


      My current f2p account I've started some time ago is "bringbackserb" mostly referencing he was better at balancing the game. Now I need to spend 2500 gold to not look like a Putin Troll

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