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  1. Last week
  2. Still nerd raging on why the American and Japanese MT lines don't make more sense especially when I personally think Tier 9s should be mini-Tier 10's in terms of gameplay and aesthetics.

    Japanese MT line should from Tier 8 onwards be kinda sluggish, but good DPM hull-down snipers. Type 61 has absolutely horrible camo when it's only taller than the T-55 by 9centimetres irl and meant to be a small tank for small Japanese tankers. Would be better if ST-B1 was Tier 9 and an updated ST-B3 or Type 74 was in Tier 10.

    M46 starts out as an enhanced Pershing (as it really was) and becomes some Franken-M47 with unhistorical 105mm, and has 5 crew members. Why not insert the M48 as a Tier 9 and have the A5 variant or M60 as the Tier 10 instead?


    1. Assassin7


      DONT TOUCH MY STB-1 >:(

      Type 74 is too modern for WoT, technically. 

      Going pershing>M48 makes even less sense, by completely ignoring the M46. 

      Theres also hundreds of tanks far more unhistorical in WoT than the M46 is. Half the tanks in the game never made it out of blueprints really.

    2. DoggieKruger


      Visually and performance wise the in-game STB-1 is a Type 74. Especially the 3D style which makes it a modern Type 74. 

      The Type 61 also suffers from inaccurate model height and a ridiculous camo rating. It's slightly shorter than the easy 8 sherman IRL and has a much lower chassis. But somehow has one of the worst camo ratings, on par with the E50. So it really just feels out of place in between the STA1 and STB1 and a huge roadblock to the Tier 10. You don't actually have to remove it, my biggest bugbear is the silly camo rating. Having a STB at Tier 9 would be much cooler though. 

      Visually, M26 and M46 is almost identical. Most of the difference was in performance. M46 was almost a Pershing before being named as Patton. So not much issue with slapping a M46 turret on the fully upgraded tier 8 and calling it whatever you want. 

      M47 is so visually different just by the turret that having the tier 9 be called a M46 but having the final M47 turret is also odd to be sure. Skipping the M46 is a-ok as there's a M46 premium and the tech tree clean up showed that Wargaming is ok with removing historical progression. 

      Knowing WoT, I care less about the overall historicity than a smooth progression that can enhance the gameplay and fun.



    3. Assassin7


      Tanks with turrets changing the "model" of tank isnt new though, the Centurion 1 with the upgraded turret is the Centurion 3 for example. 

  3. Spent 1.2million credits in Ranked Battles only to end up the same rank.


    Welp that's hours of my life I'm not getting back

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    2. hazzgar


      @sr360 aren't light waiting times idiotic? or is it only for EBR's? 

    3. DoggieKruger


      Sadly, am a potato with sub 50% WR now and was stuck at Rank 9 Division 3 and unable to make any sort of credits in Ranked

      Was a useful learning session I guess

    4. hazzgar


      @DoggieKruger I feel you. I don't play t10 rights so my t10 WR outside of lights is rather shit. Though 11 inch shit laptop affects my aiming too.

  4. Triple bourrasque is the new type 59 platoon

    1. CandyVanMan


      Seems fine and not broken at all...

  5. Some people said join ranked late to avoid uni overcrowding. Mistake. Better playing with unis than retarded teams that piss against the wind as a hobby. Jesus. It's impossible to retain chevrons when your teams fold in ways never seen before 

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    2. Assassin7


      just logged in, it says Rank 5, division 3. is that a league? I have no idea lol, I didnt read anything, I just logged in and clicked battle and played for fun lmao

    3. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 no. Divisions are not leagues. You need to go through 3 divisions to qualify for the leagues. 

    4. Assassin7


      Ah okay lol, i wasnt trying to gain ranks anyway and now its ended so it doesnt matter to me either way

  6. Czech Heavies look interesting. Like the choice of two guns.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      You'd be incorrect!

  7. Why the hell are T-92 3 mark reqs higher than the black dog? 

    Also is t34-3 now good? 3k 3 mark req? WTF?

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    2. hazzgar


      @Jesse_the_Scout I get it is a tank that can scout but it's reqs are still pretty high for how garbage it is. It's worse as a scout than many same tier lights because it''s capped at 60kph and it's too wide to fit many bushes. It's gun is also dogshit since who cares about soft stats when you autobounce from ridiculous shit due to low caliber and you have nonexistent alpha.

    3. sr360


      @hazzgar don't talk smack about my baby. Turbo helps much of the speed issues, and the gun while weak has such good soft stats you can eschew VStab. It's no 432, but it ain't terrible. Also, its 3 mark reqs are lower than that of the M41 90 GF, but higher than the M 41 90. Go figure.

    4. hazzgar


      @sr360 your baby? Are you nuts? Also please post more replays. Marking it felt like having clippy the MS word helper inserted into my dickhole. The tank is too wide for many plays. Prok bush line for example. It's too wide to be constantly IN the bushline so you can't push it unless enemies are morons and position themselves in a straight line. 

      From T8 tanks for spot I'd pick LTTB, BC12t, Even and LT432 above it despite LTTB being huge, having shit camo and driving like it's on ice skates

      PS - I tend to drop vert more and more often on lights unless their handling is dogshit just because commanders vision + optics is so broken it makes no sense not to use it. 

      Ironically I think I had the best spotting game in the last patch for t8 tanks in the t92. At least at the time of upload. But that was mainly due to enemy positioning not the tank being op. Well that and running optics, silent drive module and commanders vision. Ace reqs on t92 are also silly. 11.5k spot = 1st class. 

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  9. Ranked battles are a hell of your own making

    > place poorly

    >Get stuck with idiot teammates

    >Unable to get out of Division III

    1. hazzgar


      I love role filling since somehow even campy tanks have a role of shoot your own spot when it already gives you more exp. Plus yeah teams are horrible. Wish I had more lights tho since the teams at least shoot better than on randoms so you can get decent results there.

  10. 14/30 games on Fjords/Erlen today... what the actual fuck wargaming

    1. hazzgar


      This is more and more common recently. Really not fun for 3 marking. I get 3 mark variation but going +/- 7% in a day is a bit silly when you get 2 maps over and over again. 

      Also are you constantly getting the same spawn? I remember getting only north spawn redshire for 2 months. 

      I remember getting 4 Karelia defense spawn in 6 games when I was marking t-92 like a month ago. Ironically the results were not good because my teams all went to the sides and 0 tanks covered mid as the new meta for losing defense.

  11. Nothing pisses me more in life than data reading illiteracy. I work for a TV station. Globally we are huge but locally we are tiny. Not even in the top40. 

    So an ad agency we hired for our big premiere told us to move our premiere because ALL TELEVISION gets less viewers on that day. It didn't occur to them that a small, specialized premium Chanel might not follow those trends...and well it doesn't. The day they dislike is our most watched day. 

    The also suggested we change the month of premiere because the overall tv viewership is in a downward trend that month. They didn't notice that on their own chart that trend follows the best month in the year so the month is still among the best ones... 

    I mean seriously can people learn to read data and interpret it? Being able to work on databases and knowing maths is worth shit if no one interprets it properly and no one asks the right questions. 

    1. GehakteMolen


      I learned many years an important lesson from a project manager: Most people are barely suitable for their own job, let alone anything that isnt part of it. Said ad agency thus has ofc zero clue about anything not ad related (they are no ad, not math company afterall :serb:)

    2. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen true but I did not expect them to be competent in it. It's just they decided to claim they are better at my job than I am and basically started qualifying why what they are going to do for us will fail. If it was up to me I'd fire them on the spot for that. 

      Also somehow everyone thinks they know what movies and tv people will watch because they watch movies and tv. 

      But I agree re competency. Really skilled employees are rare as fuck

  12. Really dumb question. What affects keyboard/driving sensitivity? only windows setting or does arcade aim influence it too?

    1. Tman450


      Almost every keyboard has on/off key switches so.... They all drive the same.

  13. I love WG support.


    "you got banned for unsportsmanlike conduct". 


    "ok but for what exactly so that I can appeal"


    "you got banned for unsportsmanlike conduct. you must not know the rules. byeeeeeee" 


    When the only moment I can think of is some moronic liberte who after camping decided to stop 5m in front of me and then immediately started driving back and being angry that buildings have walls on Ensk so I am unable to go back to give him more space...

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      You're just not a team player. I bet that liberte has more battle buddy medals than you.

    3. orzel286


      Reject tonks, return to horni!

    4. hazzgar


      @SchnitzelTruck would have explained why he raged at me for being bad when I got killed because of his stupid play and he lived the whole game. SO i did 2500 and he did 900...

  14. Uni work officially submitted and only grammatical/small math errors that need fixing for a passing degree in data engineering.. so I've got a lot of time on my hands now. 

    I decided to commit back fully, only playing tier 10. Tier 9 is still the same, 4kable- but tier 10 is very different since I really quit maining the game. I came back to check my level - and mark the new rewards (Chief was a bitch but 279 was fkn easy lmao no clue what that fuzz is about) and then AFK until I had some free time again usually for about a week every 2 months of stuff I can focus completely on things like this,  it's too much freshware to play every now and then so playing in bursts always does the trick for me - but now my games have been so infrequent lately the past year that there are 3 maps I still have absolutely no clue what to do on, parts of maps I literally haven't visited or can even orientate firing angles at, and mechanically refining still needs work. Decisions made that can only be assumed as lapses of complete intellect happen and my awareness has gone down to roughly 10% slower. Lead preaiming predicting (a third step to pre-aiming where you predict your shots needed lead for as much aim time to happen as possible between swapping aim dot positions is a skill that I can still do on reflex and sometimes all the other parts are also there - not just all of them simultaneously like they used to. Doing this status mainly to mark the date of the commitment so I can go back to it and see the the progression of how long it'll take to get that good at T10 again - estimating about 3 months until 5K DPG on the non OPs but holy shit man, tier 10 is hard now. The difference between tier 9 and 10 (which used to be the closest) is now the one most far apart. looking forward to the grinding process, it's limit testing for now a while until the limit testing turns somewhat reliable into consistent which requires a pretty extensive game count. Wonder what it'll end up being.


    What I'm doing is the 7th 907 mark to start, spamming until completion (starting at 65%). It's not as good as it used to be in the games current state so it's going to be harder than ever. I've played heavily past week purely limit testing (yoloing ilke a fucking monkey in the 907 with iOptics and directive since I had like 500 of them from event to see the possiblities. 5k combined even in this meta with 530VR is still fairly easy to hold, but I now went back to iVents and rammer directive to see which one progresses more quickly. (I decided to spend 600 bonds on demounting the iVent and use bounties for this so I can swap playstyles at will)

    Everything but Carro/that WZQ and 777 and E6 have been done,  and I can't get my hands on the WZQ/777...  

    Now I'll stick to one account only btw, makes tracking so much easier. It's on this account I've done all the hardest ones and have everything important but listed above, which have all the CW rewards marked but E6 and VK72, I've done half the T10s on the acc already so it's a great starting point for pure tryhard.

    I guess this is my job now for 3 months.. cool ... been a while since it was :D 



  15. 1st April on EU

    Wheeled Arty with TD mode


    1. Jul_Le


      With turret and 5-shot reverse autoreloader

  16. a 47%wr W1321bounced 6000 off of his turret off of me spammng gold and minrolling.......

  17. what if u could have duplicate tanks in the garage to rotate?

    i'd love to have a secondary instead of having to wait for a game to finish

    2 907 and PTAs so I can just grind without any downtime whatsoever....  sounded great until I realised this just made botting up a tech tree a whole lot quicker



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    2. ikitai


      That is why I have both types of 13-57.

    3. Panzergraf


      We need a Schwarzpanzer 58 Black

    4. kolni


      i also only exclusively play single tanks, use the death timer to fiigure out improvements

      went from a shtiter to a 5k player in a single stream today in that process

  18. so the e100 turret is just unpennable now? 907 heat 23/17/2 flat

    1. Panzergraf


      No, mine definitely still gets penned by both HEAT and premium APCR if presented flat.

    2. hazzgar


      Now it's RNG dependant though for some reason I think RNG got worse recently. I get fully aimed shells go more often to fuck knows where on 0.3 tanks and even my m60 with 350mm heat has issues with flat angle e100

  19. Seriously 40 Arty and 9 MT matching on Ranked. Is this just Asia things?

  20. Ranked got me my very first chat ban I think. Although, honestly, I cannot remember why that would be.

    1. Private_Miros


      I actually asked WG to motivate the ban and point out my infraction.

      I got this answer: "there is substantial evidence within our register, which shows that the ban is absolutely legitimate"

      To which I responded: Can you share this substantial evidence?

      Answer: "we don't manage the insult in World of Tanks anymore"

      Reaction: but how can is there substantial evidence then? What was the violation or are the violations specifically?

      Answer: "I invite you to stop breaking the game rules in the chat or you will face stronger sanction in the future, or even a definitive one."  / ticket closed.

    2. Private_Miros


      New ticket:


      I hate to create another topic, but Ticket ID 130724155 was closed before I got a satisfactory response - despite the quite explicit "If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us again."

      In that ticket it was stated that the time stamp and log of alleged violation cannot be provided as "we don't manage the insult in World of Tanks anymore", yet at the same time it is communicated clearly that "there is substantial evidence within our register, which shows that the ban is absolutely legitimate".

      These two statements are extremely contradictory. You cannot state both that you somehow have massive logs of my committing substantial violations (which I refute) while not managing that information at all.

      It is my right as a consumer to understand and get a motivated reasoning behind an action negatively affecting me, without me being threatened by "invit[ing me] to stop breaking the game rules in the chat or you will face stronger sanction in the future, or even a definitive one." That breaking the game rules is an offense and that sanctions are attached to offenses is self-evident.

      This issue has gone from me asking the exact time stamp and log of this serious violation warranting a chat ban (which I shall submit to if justified but wish to know the reason of - as is my right) to customer support bluntly accusing me of being a serial and substantial violator of the game rules!

      Kind regards

    3. Private_Miros



      Answer: "With regards to this case, you were found in violation of our game rules and was given a temporary chat suspension. Specifically inappropriate behaviour in chat." / ticket closed


      So no idea how their system works. I generally don't use swear words, though the occasional well that was fucking stupid/retarded/idiotic might be there. So either it's a counter that never resets. Or someone got very salty at me and reported me, most likely a platoon.

  21. Ok, so I played a few rounds on the sandbox server. HE penning spaced armor is hilariously dumb. Side of an IS-7? BOOM! Sheridan spaced BS armor? POW! Spaced bullshit on the front of a Sconq? SPLAT! On the other hand if you don't pen, get ready for 183mm of disappointment.

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    2. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen remember IS-2 with 300 pen on Tier 7? Or was it 275? I remember the value was moronic. T57 Heavy was also quite broken.

    3. GehakteMolen


      It had 300, same as T69 xD (hence my (and other peoples) old T69 stats are close to unbeatable, 2623 dpg for me, others have 2800 or even 3k i think)

    4. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen well yeah. 300 pen that goes through spaced armor, doesn't lose pen at long distance in an autoloader when there were very few autoloaders and many tanks had less armor and the game was less hull down. I was a total scrub who was playing t5-t6 then but the few times I went up (for some reason I chose Cent and T28 prot... I was a moron) I avoided t69's (phrasing) like a plague

  22. Do you guys think ranked would be more enjoyable if it was 7v7 like brawl?

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    2. Private_Miros


      Dear god, yes.

    3. Panzergraf


      Everyone on winning team gets 1 chevron, losing team loses 1
      Maybe tier 9?

    4. hazzgar


      No. Like Echo said ELO system and it's fine. Going 7vs7 would be a big buff for some tanks and a big nerf to others. Meta tank list would get smaller by half. 

  23. The T55A pulls artillery like Type 61 back when japan was released. Ridiculous

    1. hazzgar


      Try most lights. Had a day when I got 3 full hp pens from arty going full sped in an ebr 105. 

  24. Dark mode Wotlabs is so comfortable on the eyes. Love it.

  25. Erlenburg is such a dogshit map. Why the fuck can't the ranked rotation be the same as CW tournaments? 

  26. WTF? So teams are not getting worse? Then explain this... 

    Teams Wot.PNG

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    2. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen not with their shooting. I had that bunch of snipers in the corner behind me. All had 0/10 pens. 

    3. ZXrage


      Enjoying the match aside, this is very funny

    4. sohojacques


      @hazzgarIt sucks. But it definitely isn’t new. 

  27. Every time I play tier 10 I forget how to play and start to fail in all tiers.

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