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  1. Yesterday
  2. Holy crap - 3 engineer keys from derping around in the event and got the new ASTRON. 

  3. WTE mode is 100% shit with all the STUPID players on the server.

    1. Jul_Le


      Seems doable in a platoon of 3. I wouldn't play it solo with average players.

  4. Last week
  5. Haven't done ranked in the past so when do I get my rewards

  6. Earlier
  7. Ranked was fun. Surprisingly, way more fun than randoms. Can't wait for the next round. AMX 13 105 worked extremely well for me.

  8. Russian dude who plays with hes feet pwning again, :serb:


  9. Final proof that Beethoven was a rocker!







  10. Decided it's time to try my first T10 3 mark on the M48, 16 games 37% wr, just steamroll after steamroll, not going great so far lol.

    1. kolni


      It’s a fairly tough 3mark among the tech tree 10s, GL!

  11. So, whats better choice for bonds from ranked, Kampfpanzer or Concept 1B?

    1. kolni


      Concept is good, Kampf is very mediocre 

    2. sr360


      Concept 1B is a tier 9 Chieftain, Kpz suffers from not-a-PTA syndrome 

  12. I highly recommend using Field Mods to allow two completely different playstyles on the French lights and mediums. First, sr360s stealth build (CVS/optics/exhaust) is awesome for maps where vision is king (prok, mur, red, etc.) For all other maps, running a gunfighter build (vents/vertstab/improved accuracy) is amazing as it fixes the awful gun handling and allows tanks like the Batchat and 13-105 to do lots of damage, even at distance. For teal players like me, making tanks like the Batchat able to deliver clip damage with dispersion of just 0.32 or better is an eye opener.

    1. hazzgar


      People underestimate how much of a difference being able to reduce bad gun stats on tanks matters. Kran really works for me with 0.3 acc and I will upgrade the bounty aiming to put it at 0.29

    2. Snoregasm2


      As I unlock more field mods on my tier 10s, i'm going to lean into this more, particularly on tanks which don't have purple equipment already.

      Mostly, i've only unlocked all field mods on my most played tier 8s from Frontlines, and i've not really taken advantage of the potential variation in set-ups.

      Have either of you two been purchasing the trade-off upgrades? I've not seen one yet that I genuinely want, although there is one on the VZ-55 i'm close to, which allows you to trade hitpoints for gun stats which I might purchase (given you get extra hitpoints anyway for getting to level 6 in the field mods).

  13. This 60tp is more my style, unless its "new tank luck"

    1. Balthazars


      I always thought it would be the kind of tank that would suit you, as it's a brick heavy but without completely sacrificing all mobility or firepower for usable armour. I think I remember recommending it to you in your thread when you came back to the game.

  14. Preliminary testing shows that the Progs 46 and 65 work pretty well with the Full Stealth meme builds. Is this heresy? I dunno - no one likes the Prog65 anymore anyways and I didn't like it even at peak power. The 2% camo that one gets at full field mod level pushes it's on the move camo to 40%  aka the same value as the T-100 prior to this patch. With 527 VR and slotted CVS. And the ability to swap to turbo/vstab/vents for your Himmels and other no vision maps. It'll probably let me enjoy 3 marking them. I'll test the Prog65 more in Ranked tonight.

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    2. sr360


      @Snoregasm2 -- @CraBeatOff is a heretic. He also tested the Leo with stealth build... I'm waiting for his stealth build E3 and stealth build CGC.

    3. CraBeatOff


      I can't shoot. So i spot.

    4. sr360



      I can't shoot. So i spot.

      Shall I post replays of your 8k dmg Strv game?

  15. Best highlight of Dutch GP:

    >James: Valtteri, it's James, abort the fastest lap attempt.

    >Valtteri: *chad No.*

    >posts fastest lap

    >"To whom it may concern: Fuck you."

    >Lewis forced to pit

    >*Toto desk smashing intensifies*

    This is totally what happened and you won't convince me otherwise.

    Also: Kubica in front of both Williams', which went back where they belong, lol.

  16. Can all Unislums stop palying hipster tanks so us blue tryhards can get some pixel medals? 
    1478 Base XP in Caern AX from a tier X game. HTF is that not an Ace?

    1. kolni


      It’s got traits that make it just extremely strong in specific situations that aren’t that hard to create so it’s very carry prone, I also felt the XP on it was higher than the average 8 prem for similar performances so it might be a bit inflated

    2. Expendable_Lad


      True - learning to pick engagewments that suit, not just go to the "heavy" spots - esp. with all these autloaders, knowing when to use the dpm is key

  17. Hello.
    Playing 4 fun > dpg in dead game.

    1. CraBeatOff


      This has been the case for about 5 years! Or whenever Gold League was euthanized.  But better late than never 😛

    2. Snoregasm2


      Someone needs to tell the EU server

    3. kolni


      Can’t do one without the other even if I tried

  18. Kimi Raikkonen is going to retire at the end of this season. Sad BWOAH noises, at least he'll finally have his drink.

  19. Why is there no "Start your advance!" chat wheel option?

    1. sr360


      Because on the RU server, you don't need to tell anyone to YOLO...

    2. GehakteMolen


      Also, You try? You die! (or alternative, You Try? You Cry!)

      So better to defend some bush like a bitch as advance :P

  20. Rheinmetall Stealthwagen 3 marked— first tier 10 LT 3 mark with this build. It’s hard to argue that this tank with field mods is a bottom-tier LT. It is probably a better all around light than many although it certainly isn’t as good at pure spotting as the Manti or T-100. With alternate config it does better on closed maps the Manti, and with field mods you can get your camo up to 46% or so.

    1. hazzgar


      Are the reqs at least lower than the t100lt? Since that has rather low reqs

    2. sr360


      On NA, they're about 3400-3500 combined, lower than the T-100's 4100 or so combined, and the lowest for any T10 LT. However, those are easily reached if the tank is set up correctly. Most players seem to try to run it like a bad medium, hence the low reqs.

    3. hazzgar


      3400-3500? LOL Need to check EU reqs

  21. The manticore is fuckin hilarious why didn't I get this ages ago

  22. 12 games, 0 wins. And that's with 4.9k average dmg in the Vz. 55.

    Why did I start playing again?


  23. Jesus Eeekaboo is sucking WG's dick so deep it practically comes out of his ass. The dude claimed CC's are recently being more unhappy with the game because it brings them views as manufactured drama. He also claims there are oposing views to basically every point and we should not listen to people on twitch and on forums because there are many people who don't express their opinion anywhere. Basically any opinion about the game is to be ignored. 


    Can anyone explain to me why some reasonable people once liked him? 

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    2. H4NI


      Do we have any video/forum post where he says that so we can shit on him on wot forum also? :serb:

    3. hazzgar


      He;s a WG employee who pretends to be a content creator. But basically his words = wg's words. 


      @H4NI that swedish t9 stream from some time ago on World of Tanks EU YT channel. Some of it is without him so you have to scroll.

    4. orzel286



      I have to say, he'd make a good wg employee,

      So I got that right even without knowing him? Can't fool me wargaming, I know you too well!

  24. Taking myself out of the ice to smh my head that WG are releasing a tier 9 premium tank

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    2. ZXrage


      Yeah that's what I'm worried about the most. It's obviously fairly average but it sets a precedent for them to sell some stupid overtuned machine and slap a $100 pricetag on it

    3. echo9835


      Honestly I am surprised they didn't start selling tier 9 premiums years ago. Imagine how well a Concept 1B that prints credits and bonds would sell.

    4. Panzergraf


      Concept 1B-B (Black) coming soon to a loot crate near you!

  25. EU forum pubbies think WR is rigged BECAUSE session WR for multiple players follows a normal distribution (or something looking like it). FFS. HOW FUCKING THICK DO YOU HAVE TO BE. 

    1. CraBeatOff


      Central limit theorem is the biggest rigger of all!!

  26. im looking at these field modifications for my STB, none of them at all seem worth the tradeoffs. at all. I'd rather just leave it as it is. 

  27. I love that pub forum and yt comment morons claim 279e is not op and easy to pen because they penned it this one time. Geez me getting +500dpg vs my other t10s in one must be a fluke.

    1. GehakteMolen


      well, unless im in prefect postion joe average has zero problems penetrating me it seems (same tier tanks that is) toss in ridiculous module dmg (got ammoracked twice put on fire A LOT, driver and commmander dieiing a lot, and for a heavy attack tank, its armour is imo dissapointing (i assumed a beta IS4 as minimum, but spoiler, its 100% not..)

    2. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen it's still OP as balls since you just point your armor towards the enemy and you get 320 effective armor. Yeah it's made of ammoracks but it's still strongest armor + decent mobility for a superheavy + a good gun. \

      It's just too many people expected it to work as good as type5 vs standard ammo. 

    3. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen also now with that ammorack bonus module it doesn't blow up. 



      Also I love pubbie loggic. One pubbie claims 279e is op because sometimes your team goes to positions where 279e is not the strongest. WEll that means chief is balanced since sometimes your team goes to a place where you can't play hulldown. 

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