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  2. I know I am not active anymore and frankly I wouldn't play WoT again if you put a gun to my head, but this is the closest thing I hace to social media so I'm gonna post this here and ask for your help. Take a look if you feel like helping. https://gofund.me/20ad0ea4

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  4. Is the M36 Jackson the best Tier 6 "medium"?

    I say thee yea.

  5. Happy Holidays all.  Belated Happy Hanukah...belated Merry Christmas...and early Happy New Year.

    Friends Don't Let Friends Drink and Tank

  6. Ugh SPG-15 for 260 grind is rough. Back to back aces in 53/55 couldnt get top xp. 
    I even got sassed by a 48% arty player 😢:
    Condemned_Sanity (3:24:16 PM) Hi, arty to arty I did better than you...just saying.

  7. Where are your annual festive hats on your avatars fuckers?!

    1. Jul_Le
    2. Expendable_Lad


      *shuffles around for a sec*
      Yes sir. sorry sir!

  8. After only 10 yrs of WoT, I have finally 2 marked my first tank - Chaffee.  Too bad there's nobody left to care 😢

    Here's to the next 10 yrs and maybe another 2 marked tank!

  9. LoL'd seeing the hover-description of the new "elite system" rating:
    "Demonstrates your dedication to a specific vehicle" 


  10. MIrny prem tank definitely achievable.
    Unlocked all the reels across like 9-10 games, but stil have to grind some keys. Got lucky with a random good squad to beat nightmare boss on game 6 or 7. Hunter damage was actually the last one I unlocked. 

    1. Jul_Le


      My experience playing with randoms is that they can barely manage 2k damage on normal difficulty. I consider myself lucky if none of them are afk.

      I have had some hilariously bad teams, like somebody who ends up with 500 dmg, and when you check and it's a 40% player. They seem to drive along fine but are doing no damage?? Idk man the pubbies work in mysterious ways

    2. Expendable_Lad


      Yeah dude. Honestly what makes arty fucking unbearable for me to play isn't the class - it's having my eye-in-the-sky view of how terrible most players are at this game. I'm on the last obj260 arty mission and it's brutal seeing the levels of fail. 

  11. who the heck is paying to keep the lights on here...

    1. Expendable_Lad
    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      I've left it on because I probably soaked up so much bandwidth back in the peak days that I'm still paying Never back.

  12. This game needs skill-smoothed MM. Stacking the good players on one side just feeds the steamroll simulator model.

  13. So apparently i'm good at the t54e1. 
    QQ does the TL7 play like it? I don't want to keep this thing but love this tier 9 autoloader. Ill be playing a lot more t77 when I'm done with this, but enjoying this e1 more than I thought I would and want to keep it up. 

  14. Having returned to the game, I find it much harder than even in 2021, when I last came back. Even the most average players are patient, use vision mechanics, use the terrain, bait, ...

    Really struggling to get back up to speed this time.

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    2. Jul_Le


      These days you get blindfired quite often too, even by tier 5s

    3. Expendable_Lad


      @Jul_Lethat's kind of why I liked running the Foch the last couple weeks - quick move to an early TD bush spots can still be a good opening, but the 280 frontal takes care of those random blinds. And i'm guilty of blinding like a mofo too. 

    4. Expendable_Lad


      @Private_MirosI like 6s and 7s - but am starting to move on. I've got 18k battles now and only like 250 at tier X. Mostly because I hate the credit-sink - but also because of the crazy min-maxing and try-hardness. I'm like 98% solo pubbing these days too *lonely tryhard noises* 

      There are some amazing streamers and a ton of good players out there that will def play with you. 

  15. Hello fellow unicums?

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      I don't think they'll be sending you any dick pics this time 

    2. DrWeb7_1
  16. 10 years on the WoTLabs forums, today. 🥳

    1. Cunicularius


      Damn, you're still around, Master Seal Clubber? 

    2. Kuroialty


      I'm just amazed that I even remember my password to this place still.

  17. Got 6.5 13.7 GB of replays and 1 1.9 GB of screenshots dating all the way back to 2014 (0.9.3) 2012 (0.8.1) that I never ended up getting rid of, probably never going to have any reason to watch them again, what should I do with them?

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    2. DrWeb7_1


      I look for replays played during update 0.8.2. I want to expand my archives, but I'll accept anything from later or earlier updates. 4 TB of storage is not full yet!

    3. Jul_Le



      I started downloading old clients to get the replays working, it's taking a while. I don't think I will have enough space even though I have two 6 TB HDDs and total storage space of 18 TB.

      Then again I'm downloading every client since January 2013 :P

    4. DrWeb7_1


      @Jul_Le, I have some original installers.


  18. I've resurrected my brother's account on which last battle was played in 2014 🤣

  19. omfg, these god damn spambots making OVER THREE HUNDRED THREADS THAT I HAD TO DELETE INDIVIDUALLY

    1. Private_Miros


      Beep me - I can do that in the AdminCP in batches, but the changes are not immediate.

    2. Assassin7


      hmm I think its okay, I just went into the adminCP and found a bunch of settings, I changed it so it auto deletes all content of anyone who gets flagged as a spammer, which should help

  20. Such empty

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    2. yoyoya2
    3. Private_Miros


      I've made it fuller by returning.

    4. Archaic_One


      First time in here in almost a year and its full of spam . . . much sad

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