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  1. Yesterday
  2. I mean, even the music was great :D



  3. Serbs moonbase, 8 bit, karl, those were fun.


    This mirny shit suks diks so as always a big fat waste of time and money from WG, gg

    1. Balthazars


      Yep, these special modes are increasingly becoming less fun and more grindy. It's like they replaced grinds of the normal tech-tree with grinds in special game-modes. 9 hour down-time without paying huge amounts of credits (at least credits, not gold)? A game-mode where if a couple of your team are brain-dead it's nearly impossible to complete successfully? Massive grind required to get any rewards? Ugh.

    2. Private_Miros


      I'm not even bothering with this one. Don't see any rewards worth it either.

  4. Coming back from work and not feeling dead feels great.

  5. Last week
  6. the AMX M4 45 is probably the most miserable experience I've had playing WoT in years

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    2. Assassin7


      I played AMX M4 back in literally 2012 when +4 MM was still a thing and gold ammo was for gold only, and I was a 48% potato. I used the 90mm because 212 pen worked alright vs tier 10s.

      I remember liking it. Granted it was my first tier 7, and it was so long ago my opinion in it literally does not matter in the slightest.


      Anyway, 50B is so good though. Ive never been amazing at making it work in pubs, But back when FOXEY existed I was basically an instapick 50B player lol. I still love it even today. 

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Remember when 50b's hull was impenetrable before its HD model? Was fucking hilarious baiting e100's by peaking the front around corners, eating all their heat, then poking and dumping a clip. Worked against jag100's too which was always amazing for rage PM's

    4. kolni


      I did that in the waffle too, people just never figured out that the hull wasn’t paper and kept shooting it 

      4-5 steel walls in it lol

  7. @ZXrage

    I feel you, I swear I'm a saint now


  8. I remember I saw a section for World of Tanks mods on this forum but can't find it anymore. Can someone show me where is it, please?:S

    1. Haswell
    2. Private_Miros


      Should be obvious that none of those are up to date. The official mod portal is the only one that guarantees accepted mods too.

    3. DrWeb7_1


      3 hours ago, Private_Miros said:

      Should be obvious that none of those are up to date. The official mod portal is the only one that guarantees accepted mods too.

      Well, I'm always referring to WGMods portal when it comes to my products so if I start a topic here, it will contain links to that website.

  9. Consumables/Equipment are on a 25% sale on NA, I think this is the first time for equipment since equip 2.0? Consumables might go for 50% before the end of the year, but I'd be very surprised to see a bigger equipment sale for a very long time. 25% off might be the standard sale from now on, they are probably really happy with how many creds equip 2.0 is draining out of the economy.

    1. dustygator


      I am getting the sense that the new schedule for 50% equipment sales are now semi-annual: ~mid-Jan as part of Holiday celebrations & July 4th (conveniently 6months apart). And then sprinkled in between those two will be 25% off sales in April/October.

      As someone who is loathe to pay full price for equipment, I've gone ahead and installed IRM/Hardening on a handful of tanks that need them and that I expect to play between now and January. I will hold off on my main stock-up until a proper 50% off sale come around.

    2. Balthazars


      Welp, there goes all my credits! But yes, I think equipment will likely only be sold again maybe at Christmas but likely not at the old 50%, they know people want to try out new options here so no reason to discount the credit cost too much.

  10. n2BY4tn.png

    i want my amnesty, isn't 5 years enough :rabble:

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    2. Assassin7


      T-54 is still dank tho


    3. Rexxie


      I wonder where the prenerf T-54 would have fit in today. 270mm turret face and 210mm cupola were pretty busted.

    4. Assassin7


      probably be considered a perfectly fairly balanced tank frankly. 

  11. I'm not savvy with this at all - without disrupting my xvm config or changing anything else about the client, is anyone aware of a mod/xvm config edit that can provide team hp pools like this one?


    1. ZXrage


      Uhh im not too sure about XVM configs since I don't use them but I do use a mod like that with PMOD

      You can use Aslain's modpack to pick and choose what you want in your XVM modpack, saves a lot of hassle

    2. Rexxie


      Its PMOD, install it with aslains here, it looks like this:


      Make sure everything else is unticked. After you hit next, uncheck "Delete all previous mods from the game", otherwise you'll lose the mods you have currently installed. Everything should be good to go, you should have all your old mods except with an HP pool now.

    3. cavman276


      Thanks, exactly what I needed

  12. New job, lul. Hopefully more time for gacha!

    1. Tman450
    2. mistervanni


      goodluck in your next endeavour then :D

    3. orzel286


      No more furnaces!

  13. I wonder what causes these huge swings in my hitrate%. It's the one non-dpg stat that most consistently tracks my performance. When I was 4k WN8, I hit 80% of my shots. When I was 3k, 75%, and since returning it has been 71%.

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    2. lavawing


      When were your old stats? 

      Could be the reduced exposure time tier 8 and onwards. Alternatively might come from shooting at EBRs :trump:

    3. Rexxie


      2014-2015 I was 4k, 2016 I was 3k, then I took a break until this year.

      I don't think it's that, but who knows. I've been playing mostly T7-9 since 2013, so you'd think the exposure thing would have always been true. I know at some point shell distribution changed but I don't think it would have made that much of a difference & it was forever ago, way before I stopped playing.

    4. Private_Miros


      I've been wondering about that too. My best guesses are either increased dispersion compared to 2016 when I last played, and/or me being less patient with my shots in hunting damage. I do notice that while long distance shots surely are all RNG lottery, I do tend to have better hit rate during sessions where I relax more and care less about the results.

  14. 121 is gud now

    never realised it but the tank accelerates weirdly quickly after the 45 kph mark 

    not sure whether to run turbo to bump top speed to 61 or max out gun handling with vents

    tank gets >445 vr regardless

    1. Tman450


      Might have to try it again, the biggest problem I had with the 121 was how slow it was for a medium, plus how massive the hull is 

      Might have to retry my WZ-120 too, they buffed it nicely

  15. kinda wish anonymizer didn't give names like nggrlvr and dasreich_8888

  16. Earlier
  17. I wonder how close food comes to paying for itself on a premium tank. 

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    2. Private_Miros


      I buy my food in bulk during sales. And with 10k per game, that does pay itself.

    3. Nicarasu


      I run food on the majority of my prems already, it's interesting to know that it has a good chance of paying for itself

    4. sr360


      So I have a stockpile of food...


  18. So how does one actually drive an ebr 105? I've been using one and I can't seem to get the hang of it at all. I constantly bump into my teammates, rocks and every time I try to control it properly it seems the ping I have screws me over (~140) because I can't apparently turn/reverse in time. Any tips?

    1. sundanceHelix


      I have 200 ping and I never play the EBR.

    2. sr360


      It's a hard one. I struggle with it simply because I can't drive it well, and that holds back my performance significantly. It is definitely a "twitchier" tank than many.

    3. PityFool


      Its very difficult to drive it on higher ping because the response delay in steering just fucks you over. Not to mention, combat with other EBRs is a nightmare on high ping.

  19. whats up nerds how is this site not dead yet lol

    1. DrJ_Zoidberg


      played a few games and didn't uninstall immediately, anyone got an open discord/community to toon around with hit me up.

    2. lavawing


      credit to @Rexxie and @orzel286

    3. ZXrage


      On 10/18/2020 at 4:21 AM, DrJ_Zoidberg said:

      played a few games and didn't uninstall immediately, anyone got an open discord/community to toon around with hit me up.

      There's a WoTLabs discord, you can ask for toons there

  20. Been watching a lot of superunis lately and one thing that stood out to me (compared to normal unis and lower) is how okay they are with not every match being a monster match. If the MM/map/team isn't going to let them do it, they don't try to force it. They play with the cards dealt to them and don't try to rip different cards out of the dealer's hand, so to speak.

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    2. churchill50


      The issue is getting myself to remember that right before I decide to make a stupid play.

      Knowing it is one thing, application is quite another sadly.

    3. GehakteMolen


      Yeah, what wot always made great was the super fast agressive game`s, that kind of gameplay is now totally dead (my average battle time always used to be ~4 minutes for the first few years)

      Tossing away my T54 in the first minute to screw the enemy Maus (old players know the trick ^^) would result in wins and winning is everything.

      That simply doesnt work, rushing hill on Karelia doesnt bring anything, if you die for it, even on mines, not taking hill and living is sometimes better as taking it and dieing...

      Imo a shame the game became so campy...

    4. Raj


      This has always been true. You can just let several enemies exist and grind them down while they try to cap your base and you have easy shots on them. This is what can seperate high 4k/low 5k dpg from low4k high 3k dpg players.

      why would you engage somewhere if you know you can disengage and let the battle go a certain way so you can farm enemies better from a different position?

  21. Man, Ruinberg has become an absolute camp-fest is both sides get to their newly-created preferred hull-down rubble locations. Why WG? Why? Also, how the heck does one play Erlenberg as a light tank? Been getting it quite often in my lights and feel utterly useless 90% of the time.

    1. BadLuckCharm


      Run zippy in the hill area, and hope they don't hit you. And beware of Yeti - i mean... EBR.

    2. simba90


      If you're north spawn sometimes you can sneak up to the bush on the town side of the farmhouse and light the campers on the A Line (I think, the far west of the map anyway) Its about conserving hit points, crossing your fingers for a half decent team and waiting for some gaps to appear. *Caveat - I'm not very good at this game so take my advice with a grain of salt

    3. Assassin7


      field on ruinberg feels useless now too, at least from north spawn. its just completely exposed in all forms to the middle road in the city and you literally cant do anything at all without being farmed in the side

  22. Why does the lynx feel so underwhelming compared to the hotchkiss? :/

    1. PityFool


      Lynx is quite good. It has a really good gun

    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      It only has 4 wheels and not 8.

    3. Kymrel


      No invulnerable shields on the side to take the hits?

  23. ZJSJcAP.png

    1. echo9835


      Where do you get all these bad jokes?

    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      I'm just as confused myself
      Jokes have become reactions for me at this point, they come up in-the-moment. 

      As for the memes, I've come across too many over the years... I remember they exist at some point and share them.

  24. Recruiters see unemployed person: Sleep.

    Recruiters see employed person: REAL SHIT

    Every time. Can someone explain this?

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    2. Balthazars


      It's a form of incumbency bias. Potential employers have a bias towards people who are currently employed, because the default proposition is that if you currently hold onto a job, you must be capable of performing that job to a certain extent, which means you should then be able to do the job that they want you to do. On the flip side, if you do not have a job, the default proposition is that there must be a reason that you do not have a job, which means that you may not be able to do the job that they want you to do. Also similar to another form of incumbency bias, which is the "we want someone with experience, but you have no experience, even though everyone starts without experience". Yes, this type of bias is pretty damned stupid, but it is especially prominent among 'professional recruiters' (an awful concept to begin with) who churn through hundreds, if not thousands of potential applicants to fill a handful of positions.

    3. Raj


      why do they keep messaging me then? I have been a NEET for years now.

    4. CandyVanMan


      They might assume someone is unemployed for a reason, it's kinda cruel, but at the same time logical. 
      Someone who's employed would seem like the safer bet, as they are most likely somewhat competent.

  25. Stabs or turbo on the E5? 

    1. ZXrage


      I do rammer/Vstab/turbo. I'm not bothered by lacking VR since I'm brawling heavies anyway. The gun handling is good but just not good enough to justify dropping vstab esp since I fight close range and I need the consistency

    2. lavawing


      hmm tbh with ivents the gun handling felt good enough, but required some cruise control for longer shots. I checked tanks.gg and even without stabs the thing has better bloom than a 277/5A with stabs.

      I then tested it with istab and it basically doesn't bloom no matter what you do - which is a bit overkill for a tank that has enough armour to sit and half-aim. still, if I was going to play it as a pure support heavy vents/stab/rammer might well be the way to go. it's what the streamers do, anyway.

      turbo makes the tank so much more of a slippery target and really throws people off since E5s can't usually reverse fast enough to avoid fire. plus, the other boon of running turbo is that you are now consistently fast enough to avoid stupid hulldown slugfests and pick less heavy engagements.

  26. Do the upcoming buffs to the Chinese meds justify going up the line at all?

    1. lavawing


      121 shd be a decent hipster tank. Mobility changes are not that significant, but HP + UFP buffs should make it quite strong against meds

      T-34-1 has always been very good and it will be undisputed king of tier 7 meds if the DPM buff happens (it's listed in the official rebalancing post but not actually ingame on the test server)

      The real kicker are the tier 8 and the stock tier 9 (esp if you haven't the 113)

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