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  2. Just unlocked the AX after a very good experience with the 7/1. Is the t10 worth it though? No premium hesh maske me so sad...

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  4. This man is delusional. Take him to the infirmary.

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  6. Unpopular opinion: out of skyrim dlc girls, Frea>Serana. :doge:

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      So is fixing them with mods. 

    3. orzel286


      Lewd mods>mods that fix the game :doge:

    4. Haswell


      At the core of the game, Skyrim is quite literally just one big fucking mod.

  7. This is the weirdest account I ever saw. I'm guessing he's been playing FL in his premiums, which doesn't show up in his stats, but that has to be  the weirdest re-roll ever. Pluss, you know, that username and he still went for the 11111115A...


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    2. mati_14


      I got a reroll too, and went for Kranvagn... during 268V4 meta :doge:

    3. Kolni


      i got paid to grind out 800k xp during the winter mode on a 0 battle account

      it had 0 battles on every part of the service record since winter battles didn't have one/got removed 

      with a prem account i played the french thing nonstop for a week and ground it out, and because of the xp/credit overflow of that mode the account had like 13 million credits, a fully kitted out batchat with a 4-5 skill crew with 0 battles across the board

      ofc the meron was a plateaued permablue so he obviously wasted his money :serb: 


      any reroll worth their salt knows that you get to keep reward tanks too, so if you want a real dank service record you wait to reroll until after a campaign


      with bonds currently in the game rerolling doesn't make sense anymore tho, it is too big of a setback to restart that grind considering how long one piece takes to acquire unless you're willing to grind 2 ranked seasons too along with FL before even starting to play randoms for a competitive reroll (3 equipment pieces is all you need if you can stick to playing one tank at a time, which an account like this does for the start at the very least - or ppl like me that spam one tank until MoE or 100games until playing the next), with that and FF directives you'll be as competitive as the seasoned accounts and you'll earn up the bonds to both transfer it onto a new tank and some extra unless you're willing to grind the same tank for like 2k games to farm the next set of bonds lol)

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      Imagine caring about stats enough to reroll

  8. I finally found the will to uninstall WoT. Congratulations me - no more tanks for at least 3 months :biglaugh:

    Surprised it took me almost 6 months after I made the mistake of trying WoT out again

  9. So you have to install the shitty ass WG game center to play the test server.


    Fine, fucking did it. Except it then decided to fucking hook itself into my normal tanks and ships installs so now they wont launch without that fucking pile of cancer. Uninstalling it and trying to delete the hook files didnt work. So now im doing a fucking system restore to fix it.


    Fuck this shitty ass game center, fuck WG why cant we just leave all this shit alone?

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    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      They did it because it's way more confusing to rage uninstall than the old client.

    3. NightmareMk9


      I copied the link to the exe file in the WOT folder.  It allows me to load Tanks without the Game Center

    4. Draco912


      well that is what i have to look forward too. my tenks goes unresponsive loading into the log in screen so i need to reinstall but im probably S.o.L for getting the stand alone client install at this point.

  10. Ah, skyrim, new playthrough means new bugs to discover! :D


    I think I went a bit overboard and drank one potion of fortify restoration too many and made a bit too powerful fortify smithing potions, ended up with upgrading my trusty ebony bow from ~100 damage to about 18k...

    1. Haswell


      Oh yes, the fortify alchemy/smithing/enchantment cycle. Make sure to shoot explosive arrows out of that bow for maximum lulz. :doge:

    2. orzel286


      At this point I could shoot goat poo from that bow and one-shot everything (and knowing skyrim modders, there's at least one mod that allows that somewhere). And I'm not done with that loop, I only went half-dicc deep, I only made potions and didn't make alchemy/smithing gear, I'll finish dragonborn to get fortify enchanting effect from azhidals armor and get further fortifying bonuses from black book for ULTIMATE POWAH. :doge: 

  11. Advertising lvl wargaming: spotted this on the runway of Warsaw Airport xD


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    2. Wanderjar


      hahaha jesus Ace... >.<

    3. DirtyACE7


      There is a certain amount of truth to it, unfortunately, especially with recent deaths of 41 people in Moscow.

    4. hazzgar


      LOL. I love promotions that make the marketing director look good in front of the bosses or come from the bosses themselves but overall are super shit investments. 

  12. Quite a few users here saying "WarGay" as a derogatory term for WG.... kind of homophobic. Not cool.

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      The overall narrative here is that people are associating something that isn't bad (being LGBTQ+) with something that is (Wargaming). Such slurs are old, overused, and uphold a negative stereotype. If you're going to insult WG, at least be more creative.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      I happen to like middle school insults. No matter how old and worn out they get, they still get the job done. Just like your mom.

    4. Hellsfog


      @SchnitzelTruck I agree, although it's hard to be insulted by insults that weren't particularly insulting to a 12 year-old. 

  13. Literally 5 sec more and I'd get my general in FL. BTW the gameplay is in a terrible state.

    1. DirtyACE7


      FL, just like randoms, is populated mostly by brain-dead idiots who do not understand the simple point of FL and how it is much better for all to prolong matches to get the benefits. I don't know how many times I see a dumbass lieutenant or captain rushing in to kill the turrets. Just pure idiocy. I wish TKing was still allowed in FL because I'd be TKing these morons to prevent them from killing the "objectives".

    2. NightmareMk9


      I got 2 Generals last night even with all the idiots.  One game on the attacking side the morons could not take a SINGLE CAP POINT!!!  I only managed LT on that loss. 

    3. sundanceHelix


      Yes but I get to grind all my T8s from stock without using free exp, so I'm not complaining much. Gameplay still shit.

  14. Your daily dose of CHEAPbooks.  He is either a ninja troll or a compete fucking idiot...


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    2. DirtyACE7


      Smells of neckbeard.

    3. Enroh


      omg a new thread of gold? say it aint so !!

    4. 8_Hussars


      This is the best...  2 hours of Dunning Kruger

      Dude recommends a build order for combat reserves because he doesn't know how to assign them to his tanks individually...


      Then of course there is this one...


  15. Is anyone online on EU atm?

    I need a quick favor :(

    1. hall0


      I am online now. 

  16. Haven't played in a year. Other than being able to eliminate your most hated map, did anything improve? Or does this game still seem to hate good solopub players?

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    2. Oicraftian


      WarGay has literally been unable to significantly improve this game since what? It went free?

    3. punishersal


      I came back from maybe 3 or even more years not playing. It was a mistake.

    4. Sylvansight


      you left at 1.0?  game is a lot better since that patch (mm fixed, map exclusions, atry splash nerf, jap heavy sort of nerf, etc).

      If you left at an earlier edition then it could be a tougher call to make.  But 1.5 > 1.0 for sure.

  17. Earlier
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    2. lavawing


      if scout means not doing anything he may well qualify

    3. Wanderjar


      I need to take notes from this guy. so amazing:eww:

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      I think we're talking about the, "top tier Hellcat dying at the 1.30 mark while 'scouting'," kind of scout here.

  18. WZ-132A, be gone you filthy, cancerous swine of a tank. Simply rage-inducing. Every. Single. Game. Free XPed the last 35k to get the tier 10.

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    2. Oicraftian


      Chinese tier 8&9, 100mm gun acc is spectacularly bad.

      For the tier 8... You can actually run it with the 85mm to pretend it is the old WZ-131. It is about the same DPM if you use the bonds rammer, bonds vents, food, BIA, against old WZ-131 with vents and rammer.

      tbh, it is probably more fun.

    3. 8_Hussars


      I found the T10 alright as a medium with camo on the move.  The T9 was trash as already stated.

    4. DirtyACE7


      @Oicraftian I actually really enjoyed the tier 8. Worked really well for me. Accuracy wasn't amazing by any means but solid enough. Tier 9 on the other hand is a disgusting pile of trash.

  19. Played the Skorp yesterday. 10 losses in a row? The closest one was 5-15. Huh? Wtf?

    Tried tooning with a couple purples. 30% win rate. LOL. Is the WoT player base getting dumber and dumber?

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    2. Enroh


      dude you spent way too much time on that but your point was made :doge:

    3. Oicraftian


      All in service of the true purples, is this blue.


      It is also something I plan to use elsewhere.

    4. Enroh


      And we appreciate the content. And effort.

  20. Trying to be a hipster playing the 120. Jesus fucking christ it hurts. 3 degrees of gun depression and  the gun handling from hell make this unusable. 7 losses in a row now.

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    2. Kymrel


      50 more than the 430 and Udes. Which comes with that gunhandling and depression. Not worth it.

    3. Oicraftian


      If you get the bonds for the bond stab, run food, max bloom skills, bond vents, BIA, the handling is tolerable.

    4. Kymrel


      Nah, I'm too cheap for that. I don't play Clan Wars or Ranked so those bonds accumulate rather slowly. I'd rather save my 11k for a tank, if they ever sell tank for bonds.

  21. Wow. Just had my first 11x XP game. 5x for event, 3x for the premium mission, 3x selectable thing from the premium account. Hello 15k XP on my least favorite wheeled shitter so far, the Lynx. If I get a result like that again tomorrow the grind will be over...

  22. Is accelerate crew training tick box broken for anyone else? I am getting a ton of free xp associated with my premium tanks.


    1. TheChang


      Are you applying your x3 exp from your WoT premium account on them? None of it goes to crew exp whether you have accelerate crew training on or not.

    2. ikitai


      That must be it. Just happened on my 12t.

  23. When was the last discount on premium time for gold (on NA)?

  24. Wow, 1,369 base xp on the Caern is only a first class mastery badge!

    1. Kolni


      right after it was buffed i had a 1590 base xp first class lol, tank is just riciculously strong so because of gun alone you'll end up having very good games in it eventually

    2. Balthazars


      Thankfully 1,515 base xp has gotten the mastery for me, which just happened. Yeah, the gun is just absolutely nuts if you can get hull-down against targets that can't pen your turret. Just sit there and pull the trigger.

  25. >find someone who used to play tanks
    >find out the people I used to play with became huge degens

    I sometimes find people from the past and it just gets worse and worse!

    1. DirtyACE7


      Why do I keep thinking that your avatar is a cow whenever I see it? Then I look at it closer and realize it's just a girl sipping from a small cup.

    2. Kolni


      im probably in the same boat

      not regarding the people i used to play with though, as i've met plenty of them and really enjoyed meeting them.. maybe it's an NA thing :kappa: 

      im probably the degenerate though, plenty of mental issues and resorting to substance abuse to keep life on track :doge: 

    3. Oicraftian


      WOT itself is degenerate. The community is degenerate. And thinking like WarGay makes you degenerate.

      The natural product of involving yourself with degeneracy is that you yourself will become degenerate.


      I guess the Russia meme applies.

      "In America, you degrade game

      In Belarus, Game degrades you!"

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