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  1. Today
  2. i fucking hate not being able to know how long i'm going to be spotted for now, not only is it so much misinformation you have to process but also the fact that you don't know the point when you are safe in the open while playing range games

    i feel like i have to guess if i'm still spotted now even with years on my back learning how to go dark quickly

    if this is part of the game now i really think they should add what each player runs as equipment so you can at least puzzle the possibilities together

    it feels like a fog of war

  3. if there was an improved rotation mechanism equipment piece i would swap it out for my M60 optics and over vents

    i've felt that turret rotation has always been so far behind aim and reaction that i could aim at half the speed of the swipe and still end up identical in result for years - while it's not optimal i actually wonder if there's mechanical ceilings to push because of it now

    those rotations times are likely not worth an overall boost or gun buff, but i would certainly try it out just to see how much mechanical room there is to grow then vis a vis missing the vents/optics

    m60 has got to be the clutch tanks of clutch tanks to do it in if anything, no?

    1. kolni


      tried it with pta and removed rammer for a game (rld felt too bad so not worthwhile but felt like nothing could go anywhere but straight) but in something (idk if they can even mount) like the E4 and addon for 60TP and stuff where turret rotation really is a big dealbreaker i can actually see it being a semi-viable equipment piece - an option for slow turrets in favour of vents like meds have had with optics since forever)


  4. Oh my god the JT88 is so fucking good

  5. Yesterday
  6. when did winning become the hardest part of world of tanks lmao

    1. Balthazars


      Yeah, feels pretty hard to get wins at the moment, for me also most metrics are going up but win rate is going down (lost almost 0.1% in the last week). Not helped by me grinding tanks that are not good at carrying, but the steamrolls have been real.

  7. tbqh I don't think the E5 armor-wise is much better since it last got changed (in fact it almost hasn't changed at all), I think people just forgot how to shoot the tank xd

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      they didnt change the armor at all really 

      they just fixed the issue with the front drive wheel having a weak armor zone that could easily be penned when sidescraping 

  8. WG game center is a pile of steaming shit.


    like, 3 months ago? I wanted to play tanks. It had an update. I tried to download the update. 

    "Unable to Download update, please check your internet connection and try again"

    I had to completely wipe the game center and tanks, and re install both to get it to work.

    Today, Feel like playing tanks. havent played in a month or so.

    "Unable to Download update, please check your internet connection and try again"

    Fuck off WG. 


    Edit: oh but WoWS updates just fine

    1. RedwoodOriginal


      RNG is built in game center, there is 25% chance that it wont work l like it should.

  9. >everyone is hot for Astolfo

    >while this cutie gets completely overlooked



    New botes in AL WOOOOOOOOOOOOO


    She small, and she thicc


    OMG her skills, best support carrier confirmed? F Unicorn


    Eh, I guess? Cruiser gun vs low efficiency dive bomber squadron... Hm.




    Huh? HUH? HUUUUUH?

    And after some limit-braking, retrofitting, getting down to ~305 slots used I somehow ended up with 317/320 again. DAMN BULLINS BULLING ME!

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      Someone explain this post to me, I don't even know what cartoons kids watch these days.

    2. orzel286



      First part: Fate franchise, screenshot taken from mobile game Fate Grand Order. Basically, as I said, everyone is hot for Astolfo. He kinda exploded in popularity after Fate/Apocrypha got anime adaptation. Meanwhile, D'eon gets overlooked, despite, uh, being a more enigmatic... Surprise. And is way more cute imo.

      Second part: another mobile game, Azur Lane: bet your in-game currencies on getting the waifuboats that you want, and then send them through ww2-like hell with a bit of a twist. Fun to play, generous gacha, (I'm 100% f2p for now and keep on getting pretty much everyone I want). Why do I post my GETs? Well, why not? Since they are so



    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      Ah, makes sense.

      A little tricky sometimes though because you can't tell who's a guy and who's a girl anymore xd

  10. Last week
  11. Encounter berlin where 1 side caps with 3 from the start, suchs fun, wow :doge:

  12. A little wedding gift for a friend. 


  13. Holy shit Prokh is actually a dumpster fire now south spawn. The hill changes made it so you can't shoot from mid into the hill from south, which makes it super easy for north to rush the hill and take over a huge chunk of the map

  14. People are morons. In the last 4 days 3 different flats in the vicinity of my window decided to have a Karaoke Party at 1/2AM. 2 of them had morons who decided to argue with me. First was that my throwing pebbles at their window to make them notice was "trying to break the glass" with some stupid cunt saying "she has a father in the police" and 2nd had some annoying npc looking dude complaining that I wasn't nice to him. Like seriously what did he expect me to be when he opens the window and sings? A box of chocolates? It's good I no longer have an ax in my flat. Disturbing sleep is the only thing that brings out a murderer in me. 

    Seriously have a party on the weekends. I get that. People need to party but FFS not in the middle of the night during weekdays. Not singing sitting literally on the window inside an appartment building complex backyard that echoes. Fuck people

  15. It's like with the new notification system and the base flags showing constantly pubbies have discovered there are bases. 10 battles played, only 5 ended with one team having lost 15 tanks.

  16. The constant beeping from the new ping/notification system is driving me fucking insane. 

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    2. Rexxie


      thank god they removed most of the beeping in the micropatch 

    3. Snoregasm2


      @Sylvansight but the beeping is the same category of sounds as 6th sense - not a great idea turning that off.

    4. Sylvansight


      There's a big lightbulb or something appearing on screen at the same time?  

  17. I'm a retard. Seriously I am. 300 battles in an LT432 and I went from 65 to 55% Win rate trying to 3 mark it. Every good battle is followed by 5 battles of -0.5% on marks.  I should uninstal. FFs i 3 marked better tanks but this one makes me a moron.

    1. PityFool


      I also perform poorly in it. I don't know why, I just don't "feel" the tank.

    2. hazzgar


      @PityFool It's just the only really abusable thing on it is the DPM. Everything else is strong but the tank shines when it can bully but that means lower hp pool. So what you deal 3.3k dmg when that rises your marks by 0.1-0.2%.  I seriously think I will 3 mark the WZ T8 TD before it and that's a way less reliable tank. 

  18. Wins/Battles         19 / 21    (90%)
    Average Tier          8.0    (8.5)

    Amazing tier 8 MM today with 3 min roflstomps and shitty WN8. Guess you can't have it both ways.

  19. Newsflash: the Caern AX is SEKS with Equipment 2.0.

    Losing the rammer to outpace Patriots is 230% worth it, it's legitimately one of the best farm-oriented heavies at tier 8 on par with the Renegade

  20. I’m happy about @Rexxiesinglehandedly attempting to resurrect this forum. Next thing you know, I may spot someone other than @Errants in the in-game WotLabs channel.


    1. Rexxie


      i'm gunna shovel the dirt off this forum just u wait

  21. Has the tier VIII MM reverted to the old system that gets a lot of tier X matches. May be confirmation bias but...



    1. PityFool



      Much love

      Edited by PityFool
    2. Rexxie


      that one frame of revenge is all i needed

    3. HowitzerBlitzer
  23. I had just revived my loader before this clicker missed me.


    1. ZXrage


      that revive kept you in the game lmao

    2. 8_Hussars



  24. Conspiracy theory time. The only reason they removed the 113 was so wg could separate the tank's gun from the wz-120s top gun. Basically they said "fuck you enjoy your stock grind or give us money for free xp."

  25. I kind of wish the CDC was good. It could be fun if the gunhandling wasn't so ass and the top speed wasn't so limiting.

    View Range: 390 -> 400
    Top Speed: 57 -> 70
    Track Bloom: 0.20 -> 0.12
    Turret Bloom: 0.16 -> 0.12

    Would still be balanced and the imho the most fun pref.  Right now it's just trash.

  26. bhq5557.png

    maybe league adc is my new calling

    (manamune ashe into scaling lanes and botrk ashe into kill lanes and telling ur jungler he's not farming any camps anymore after level 11=gg broken role)

  27. Did defender get powercreeped or am I just getting horrible rng?

    1. RedwoodOriginal


      Blame RNG, my 252u is good as it was before patch.

    2. lavawing


      it's not as good as ever, it's better than it ever was - being in a fast superheavy with 1650 HP wins more games than with any other prem you can buy

    3. RedwoodOriginal


      @lavawing i need to try that, i installed improved rotating mechanism(or whatever it is) and so far i like it.

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