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  2. 121 is the best choice against shit clans tho instead of having 140s and 907s and 277s like any sane person would, bring TVPs, UDES, 121s and 121Bs to rub the salt in
  3. There are lots of good options for heavy tanks at Tier 7, and the 'best' likely depends on personal preference. For me, the top contenders are the Tiger I (especially after the alpha buff, it can hit hard and has excellent DPM and a big HP pool), the IS (alpha and mobility), and the O-Ni (actual armour and a scary derp, plus a pretty competitive non-derp option as well). I'm grinding the T29 currently and it doesn't feel that good outside of hull-down due to poor DPM, not-the-best gun handling and a paper hull and pretty mediocre mobility. It's strong but I don't think as flexible as the others. The 45TP is a decent all-rounder. The AMX (forget it's name) is okay with the 105 but is huge and soft. The Tiger P is garbage, despite the fact I somehow seemed to do really well in it. Compared to the Tiger I it has worse turret armour (bigger cupola and a worse mantlet), only marginally better hull armour (a few spots will bounce things), worse mobility, a worse hull profile (longer so harder to hide and has shoulders so cannot sidescrape), worse DPM (like, much worse, worst-in-tier worse), and now also worse alpha.
  4. The tier 6 Churchill is okay. It's the tier 7 one that is the absolute turd. The absolutely trashed the best medium tank in the game by turning it into a rubbish heavy, so forget the VK30.01P. The KV2 is arguably the best because the HE means you can do unspeakable things to enemy tanks even when bottom tier, and of course for the memes. KV-85 is really good with the 85mm, basically a high DPM heavium at low tiers but it's technically not a tech-tree tank anymore. The ARL-44 is decent but fat and soft. That sort of leaves the VK 36.01 (H) and the T-150 as the only other candidates. Both have good guns and enough armour to actually function like a heavy in the tier (which is actually quite rare), although I have only played the former and not the latter.
  5. I'm going to lock this thread for now. There's nothing wrong with your question, but don't make multiple one-liner threads. If you want to ask tiny questions like this, we have a thread dedicated to that. You can also post a status update.
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  7. Got a crew for this due to CW. After 20-ish games have finally got the hang of the tank. Very comfy! Equipment is hipster-y and suboptimal - I know, but still manages to pump out 3150 DPM, and the tank is now more able to use that DPM due to having E5 mobility and non fucked reverse speed. Now, I wouldn't willingly part with turbo so when I have more bonds to get tryhard equipment the vents will most likely be dropped in favour of i-rammer. One of the few tanks at tier 10 which isn't just a 279e/Chieftain speedbump - just as cancer to fight at release but I daresay is a necessary evil in 2021. PS: paintjob was one of the few good things to come out of this year's lootboxes
  8. Last week
  9. Pizzabotes event in AL soon.... FORMIDABLE! White pantyhose is my weakness, please step on me Formidable! Some progress in lewd bote game has been made: Finally! Both Poi and gold blueprint for the first time (the most reliable equipment blueprint for me being research, which is not good). Wait... Why is she loud at night?... Oh wow, I actually got Hiryuu "Big sister's feet are the best in the world~!" Alter, strengthening her though... Looks like a hell of a grind, oof. Only a couple more retrofit blueprints and the resident Baka will be fully retro'd, this will take a couple of months and then...
  10. Agree, "Astute enemy artillery" clickers can be a problem in that spot but not more so than many other spots.
  11. Common Test Iteration 2 was just released, with no buffs for the heavies. Running out of reasons to grind this line. The tier 7 just looks pathetic. The tier 8 is just a worse Bisonte (Imagine a tier 8 tech tree tank being worse than the tier 8 prem. That never happens). The tier 9 looks decent, but I can't test that since you can't get battles in anything but tier 10's on the test server. The tier 10... was kind of painful to use. Armor is situational (only works when hulldown AND using all of your gun depression. And even then you have the weakspot on top of the gun). Even with a full purple equipment gun-handling setup, the gun was derpy. DPM is horrific, even firing only one shell at a time (If you have to fire more than that, you're screwed). Mobility was sluggish, and you can't run Turbo to help with that without the gun being even more derpy. The ammo selection is honestly great. But it's totally irrelevant since it takes so long to switch ammo types. In a slow game in the right situation it could do decent damage. But there are far too many things that can just shut this tank down or prevent it from doing any decent amount of damage. And, even in the perfect game for the Rhinoceronte, there are tons of other tanks that will do so much better.
  12. Yeah, that's what Crab also said -- I could have double bushed to the KT and IS-M and clipped the KT first. I could have also gone the other side which has a safer exit and also has clean shots. The adrenaline was pumping hard there, no doubt, and a couple of small mistakes threw away a potentially huge win.
  13. It seems that you need atleast a minimum amount of competence to play it compared to 279. I don't see a lot of them on EU and if I see one they play pretty bad. I enjoy taking mine for a spin then and there but yeah the arty focus keeps me from playing it too much which is a good thing I guess.
  14. Tankes I´ve picked so far. T92, Panther88, FV and Kanonen. Can´t remember the order I´ve picked them though T92 cause I like scouts. And even it is not meta I kinda like it. Panther88 cause I expected it to recieve a big buff. Sadly it only got some shitty buffs. Probably together with the Jagd88 ther worst pick you can make. FV caus I was running out of options. Don´t think I´ve played it yet. Kanonen. Not much left but I wanted to use the L7 at T8 as well. Can be fun. Now with the T54 Mod joining the option. I consider this also one of the best choices. Same goes for the Patriot and Liberte. But had both tanks already.
  15. Vs rammer optics. Soloing sucks when you dont have maxed out VR. I'm poor so I haven't tried turbo
  16. Quick scanning it means u can use 1 crew for 3 different tanks (a win), its much easier to cap a crew to max, which is also good. I still have a bad feeling though, that said, crew skills is just sort of part of the game, its nothing special mostly. Only real con of current system is that very good crews are serious better as crap crews, 2 skills means 6e, some repair and camo, and thats it, if u put bia, u have no camo or repair, and the other perks, view range etc cant be trained either. Putting a full crew with 5 skills, u have bia, full repair and camo, 20-30m more viewrange, and quite a bit better mobility (off road and clutch braking combined make quite some different on sluggish tanks with good hp/ton) If WG wants to do something about the above AND can make it work like equipment 2.0, then its fine for me, but will they be able to???
  17. This begs the question: Where to find platoon mates which read and understand this thread?
  18. I started playing it on my alt account yesterday. First five games fully stock since I didn't want to drop gold - huge mistake. Now I'm at 2800 DPG after 20 battles. I played it back then the Leo was introduced and boy is it better now. I averaged 2,2k DPG back then. The 420 alpha is a game changer and so is the insane shell velocity and pen on the gold Round. I think this is even better as a learning tank than my trusty M46 which has close to 1500 battles on it. I'm running the classic statspadder 3mark setup - Bond Rammer, Bond Vents, Vstab (don't have enought bonds atm). Edit: Wow this tank is bonkers. 3,4k avg for yesterdays session. Found a bond Vstab. Even though the crew is bad it simply shreds. The gun feels twice as poweful as the M46 patton gun. It's a whole tier of difference.
  19. This tank is GOD. I loved it back when it had 210 pen, now it's lovely! The only downside is MM matches you vs other heavies now so your team is always down a bit of armor
  20. I gave the Progetto 46 a turbo with BIA and it became a whole different tank. I'll be doing the same with the Pantera when I'm done with the P43 ter grind. And it's already 5 mph faster and a better power to weight ratio. So I'll be running vert/optics/turbo with the Pantera.
  21. I gave this thing a turbo in place of vert stabilizer. Worst idea ever.
  22. IRM can also work on amx-30, that thing turns like a battleship
  23. Why i got it, tx is boring / no fun anyway, so why not try to ruin it for others Ps: the 183 deathstar with 275 pen was glorious, too bad they removed the 275 pen for HESH
  24. I bought 2 x 75 large boxes and 1x 25 large , needed gold and xp for the horrible grind up to E50. Started with the 25- that was pretty much empty, a couple of skins that was all. The 2. 75 was jackpot. Got Borat, GSOR and like 4-5 tier X skins. 3.one had Bisonte and the french tier VII autoloader. GSOR and Borat lovely tanks both and I generally only drive fascist box tanks solo so that double-barreled crap I dont mind missing out on anyway. Very pleased with the outcome
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