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  2. he's single handedly keeping the forum on life support because everyone hates him
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  4. @A_Chodeful TBH i love these occasional posts simply because of their ability to bring out so many of the dead members, if even for a single moment.
  5. Now STA1, that tank? You can bet on that one. Large gain in DPM and mobility. Awesome buffs.
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  7. Jesus this tank is bad. I can't imagine how shit it must havebeen with the small gun, even if the meta back then wasn't crap. All it has is speed and camo. No DPM, No alpha, the gun somehow misses way too much, the aimtime is good but not good enough, no armor (he pens you), no hp.
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  9. It is sufficiently different to the Lorraine to be interesting with a 21ish second reload (the way I kit mine out) and much shorter intra-clip. The Progetto is better, sure, but that's a given.
  10. I think the Skoda could retain its DPM if the intraclip went down to 1.4-1.5.
  11. It is a pet peeve of mine, but I am sure it irritates loads of people. Tankers complain SPG ammo or vehicles like Type 4/5, Sheridan/T49 deal too much damage with HE splash effects. with the other side, SPG complain that their ammo strikes super heavy tanks and deal zero dmg crits, only stunning the target. We have this show cased in 2 pictures, both sides of the coin. What we need is a balance in-between, making HE perform more predictably, less lethally, but still felt rather than blocked. I also included a portrait of WG current HE mechanic formula in use. Nothing is done here at all. Much to the gripe of the SPG. Too much dmg in my opinion is done here, for IS6 casually and lazily lobbing HE at close range, when it instead can easily aim at the HTC boob and deal nearly four hundred damage with AP at such brawling range. Alas, it uses a crutch in that it doesn't aim and snaps a shot, for half damage at two hundred. Here is the forumula. Reduce the immediate *halving* of the HE shell damage, from .5 to a new lower number, like .35 Then with the other segment of the argument, introduce HE minimum damage on direct hits, to ten percent. So that SU-14-1 isn't dealing zero damage, with an entire seven hundred dmg HE shell totally getting blocked directly hitting the enemy. Make it do seventy, I see no problem with the compromise. Something like this can be used, a normal explosion epicenter, to deal with non impacting splash damage hits. Hitting the target itself min ten percent value, near center mass reduces it to 5%, outlying areas reduce it to 2% rounding up always. With this all in mind, we have A) HE doing less damage which infuriates people and is a crutch. B) HE not doing zero dmg, which promotes super heavy or +2 tier bullying, or failing to exploit purposeful mechanics like killing a low health tank or resetting cap.
  12. Finally got the Progetto 46 3MoE. Took me a long time and damn near enoughh 4k average in the last 2 days to get it - feels harder than a lot of tier 9s. Hardest part of the grind was making something of the 15-2 roflstomps, particularly when you lose. So many tier 10 games where I had around 2.5k dmg and the next highest teammate was 1.5k.
  13. Yeah Chinese TDs might not be anything interesting to play but they're not the easiest of tanks to deal with. I'd rather fight a 268. The manticore is just laughable.
  14. I realize many of them haven't been here in months or years. Hoping the tags will bring them back if they have email alerts on. Without giving too much away, there are a lot of avenues in play. But I suppose a class action suit isn't off the table.
  15. Nice replays bro. :) Sigh, I lost all interest in this game. I played 2 games since new year without any point. With the Chieftain or 50b I can do 7-9k in more battles in which I can not so no point of this farming all day... No one buys my account either :( :D
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  17. Ezz

    Object 705...thread

    I used the 130 purely for the improved aural experience.
  18. by the mission set I meant culminating in the 279e, but also including the lower tier tanks, but thanks for the tip about the final set.
  19. ruski TD is great for solo because if you push forward at the start of each wave you can spot the wave for you team so your brainlet pubbies can avoid damage. its easy with friends and ridiculous solo, plus the unnecessary fuel cap hurts the play ability so much. honestly it just seems like there is a WG manager with a hard on for manufactured german tiger/ panther history who got his hands on the PvE production and came up with this cancerous garbage.
  20. l don't play much anymore. But when l do, l play for 3-marks Playing for WN8 gets incorrectly slandered as red-lining for damage, which actually usually isn't the case unless using extremely campy tanks like Strvs and E25. But because winning effects the formula of WN8, it certainly pays to win rather than solely use your team as meat shields for racking damage. Which is hard to do anyway in alot of these city maps. Dmg > Kills > Wins though certainly damage is the most important, playing for WN8 means you shouldn't be shunning the others What l don't understand is how it has remained, sort of long in the tooth l would say. Why did we move on from WN7? Because avg tier was effecting the numbers in wonky ways. Well, its no different now, where with the years that have come and gone, light tanks have dramatically changed, and thats an easy way to boost WN8. Like say playing ELC or AMX12T and farming damage. Take for example the resident retired shitter who goes by the name of GeorgePreddy, NA special case and not as loved British knock off and shill. The dumb ass seems to delight in having a purple sig, by playing and spamming PZN8 38. So yes, WN8 matters, but they look at relevant WN8 of tanks 8+
  21. Would it be ok if you two just choose one thread to do this in?
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