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  2. You can delete and repost them and use foto de perfil de instagram instazoomhd to see a half of your status.
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  4. I didn't get any further than tutorial strategist battle. The controls are huge confusion for me.
  5. https://ileanafilio.com/cong-ty-co-phan-dau-tu-lien-doanh-viet-anh/ https://ileanafilio.com/tu-dong-viet-hoa-dau-dong-trong-excel-2007/ https://ileanafilio.com/tai-bai-hat-yeu-lai-tu-dau/ https://ileanafilio.com/phan-ky-dau-tu-du-an/ https://ileanafilio.com/su-lua-chon-so-phan-tap-62/ https://ileanafilio.com/cong-ty-co-phan-thuong-mai-dau-tu-va-phat-trien-cong-nghe-sctt/ https://ileanafilio.com/karate-co-nguon-goc-tu-dau/ https://ileanafilio.com/tap-doan-co-khi-xay-dung-thuong-mai-dai-dung/ https://ileanafilio.com/cach-tinh-dau-tu-tai-san-co-dinh/
  6. Yes, much better overall system and not as bad a grind compared to the last few marathons. The other main advantage is being able to complete stages with gold as opposed to having to stump up actual cash. With limited time this week especially I only made it to level 30 but as I have gold sitting around and not much to do with it (given Christmas loot-boxes easily re-set your premium time counter), I'm perfectly fine with dropping the 4kish gold to finish it and get what is a pretty nice premium tank. Only played a handful of games in it so still getting a feel for it. It's got a few roug
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  8. I edited the video on the efectum ocean of apk download. It's really great and completely free for users.
  9. Almost seems like HE pens do less crits than AP pens nowadays. Something with really high rof and high module damage for caliber is probably the best bet for crits today, but it's going to be extremely rng dependent. Would definitely skip that mission now.
  10. The tier 8 was pretty bad for me, the Tier 9 was quite decent, not OP by any means but workable. Then I bought the Rinoceronte... ... ...I've finally run into a tank I rate as worse than no-APCR T110E4. Similar napkin hull... that occasionally bounces JPEs. Similar unreliable turret Similar problematic gun depression (because the turret is so short and hull is so bad) Similar stupidly tedious reload times 18.9/16.1/14.9 on 490 per shell with a 110% crew is absolutely disgustingly bad when it doesn't have extremely reliable turret armor (see Kran). I know IS-7
  11. The design of wheelies as they are now is awful, but they could easily have a different role: Suppressive fire TDs. They wouldn't do much per hit, somewhere around 240-280 probably (tops out around 90mm guns), but they'll chip away at you over time if you keep on being vulnerable. I wrote a Reddit post about the possibility and figured posting here would be appropriate. I also have a replay of my Ace Tanker match in EBR Hotchkiss to demonstrate how I think the gameplay would be like: https://wot-record.com/replay/207906/guardian54_ebr_hotchkiss_as_a_fast_td
  12. I'm grinding Progetto 66 with only AP on the 120mm gun--242 pen is enough to get the job done on a Tier 9 if you know how to shoot and have better gun handling than the E4 (had to full APCR on that to not feel it was total flaming trash) with even vaguely usable armor and gundep (unlike WZ-132-1). The kran is just as absurdly obnoxious as when I was grinding for T110E4 field mods and couldn't get through its turret most of the time with APCR. Now that's its gimmick which is acceptable, BUT... why 3x440? Why not 3x400? If it was 3x400 it would be a lot less sick to face in Progetto 66
  13. Overall. So when they nerf a tank, your WN8 in that tank will slowly go up over time if you no longer play that vehicle and the opposite is true if they buff it. Not really any better way to do it. My own "WNR" (Weighted and Normalized Recent) system was supposed to mostly address that issue but I drifted away from the game before I finished it and nobody wants to start a new ranking formula when most people just randomize their name in-game anyway. I just recently found and deleted 202GB of multi-server player/tank data from 2017 that was hiding out on one of my SSDs. RIP.
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    Men's Fashion

    Locking this thread as it gets more spam than the rest of the forum combined...
  16. It's almost harvesting season... MOMMY! You also have big booba, thicc thighs and nice feet, so you're welcome in my fleet! 2 for the price of 1. She's the kind of boat that would comply with "squeeze commanders head with your thighs" if it was a written order I guess. Nice! No, no, no, you don't leave. Take a seat. On my face. Ouuuuf, why is that part where thighs have to squeeze into thighights SO DAMN HOT? My moral what? Damn, those thighs are THICC! But also: PROTECC SMOL EUGEN *HEADPATS INTENSIFY*
  17. 100% this ^^. The mobility lets you really choose what trade you want to get into with your HP. Not great anything, but situationally solid against almost anything in some way (quick double track, depression, heavy-level of hp, etc.) and the ability to relocate means there aren't like "bad" maps for it. Just don't go head to head with tier IX/X heavies with the lack of gold pen. Wish it took me less than your minute to get used to. But really hitting my stride: 9 games today with over 2.9k dpg. One part of the X-factor is people don't seem to think the tank is much of a threat. And judgi
  18. Hello! Starting today, statistics will be able to be updated once every hour, down from once every 24 hours. This applies to everyone. Hotfixes are spce bar clicker also known as QFE updates, short for quick-fix engineering updates, a name that illustrates the urgency. It can lower performance and increase your security risk. Windows Updates contain bug fixes, security updates/patches, and system enhancing updates.
  19. What equip did you use? I'm running biau/rammer and trying hp or vents, but I struggle to make it enjoyable relative to playing 430U or 121B, which are relatively care free 3.5k+ sessions, but with the 140 I'm dragged down by trash 2ks in any short battle, where I struggle to force the issue like I can with the better armor profile of the other two, neither can I zoom around fast enough like a paper med. The versatility is killing me lol, it's like your timing needs to be so damn perfect because you don't have as generous of a window as you do with the 65kmh meds. btw does the yung_xd acc
  20. Like any other clans have started It's journey from the beginning. So our main objective is to promote and find members that will enrolled with us. Open minded and with the hopes to grow. Thus moving in the path where members can engage and contribute. We are a casual clan and very laid back with discord as communication. We are accepting any member willing to be active with any skill or experience of the game. I hope you are like minded and interested, Contact darksky8 Link Portal: https://eu.wargaming...7973.1647094317
  21. I think prebuilts are made for those people who understand nothing in PCs and just wants to use Word and email. To say sharply, for housewives etc. No need to pay attention to prebuilts if you already know what's going on inside the box and how to improve it.
  22. Is the patriot better as M-III-Y? (on paper the M-3 seems better, quit a bit more dpm, a little better gun handling and a lot better gold round, not much luck with mm so far, but it seems a decent tank ps: im on t8 atm, the t7 was simply not good, but t7 heavys are almost always weak imo
  23. They have offices in Chicago and Baltimore (Hunt Valley), Maryland for the console games. It wouldn't be a stretch to expand those areas. As an aside, Firaxis Games, the publishers of the Sid Meier games is located in the Hunt Valley area also, which is just north of Baltimore proper.
  24. Hi all, sorry for my stupid question...I did't find any definition for the columns of the Tank Stats table, and I am not sure if I understand it correctly. For example, is the "players" mean how many players have used certain tank? Does "average battles" means on average, how many battles a certain tank is used by a player? Also where can I find the period of the stats? Thanks so much if you could clarify these questions.
  25. Looking for Active Players for Clan Wars, Advances, Platoons, and even Drop-Ins!!!! Veteran Ran Clan We strive to make friends and blow tanks up to grow with each other in the game. Asking to be Active at least 4 nights out of the week. Also look for Players that have atleast 2 Meta Tier 10 clan wars tanks Must be in Discord while in-game for comms. If you can only hear and have no mic this is fine!!!! Just have Ears!!!! We look forward to anyone joining and letting our Clans grow into a Gaming Community! Message me in-game: _WidowmakerRex or Thor_Smash
  26. Oh god the Shitter. I played that thing about a year ago and clawed out a 40% winrate despite playing every other tier 7 tank in my garage at or above 57%. It really only does one thing well, being sneaky. It turns like a boat, accelerates like a mobility scooter, and has a reload long enough to put you to sleep. On top of everything else it's top speed isn't good enough to keep it out of trouble. I have a distinct memory of being vibe checked by a cromwell B on paris. On the good side it is very stealthy and the gun handles well despite the terrible reload. When it is top tier you can go
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