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  2. Guys, be thankful WG is just changing equipment, they could be adding an entire new class that will basically brake the game.
  3. So given I've been spamming a lot more tier 10 games recently (and apparently don't completely suck, I mean at least I'm managing to consistently win over 50% of my tier 10 games), I've decided I'll offer my average-ish player reviews for tier 10 tanks that I make it to 100 games or so in the 'current' setting (I have over 100 games in some tier 10s but that was some time ago). 277 is first cab off the rank. 100 games, 53% win rate, 2,335 DPG with 715 average assist. Running v-stab, rammer and vents. I like it, but it's definitely less forgiving to inexperienced players compared to the T-10 down a tier, hence my performance in it feels very sub-par. The speed means you can try some funky stuff, but that can also get you killed. It's as mobile as a medium, as usable armour (but it's not outstanding), hits hard and has good gun handling. It's a straight upgrade on the T-10 in almost all aspects, yet, yeah, somehow less forgiving. I do seem to get best results in it when facing off against enemy medium tanks as you can trade favourable against them. The main issue I have with it is that arty loves it, and sides are weak enough to get penned by HESH, as I have been close to one-shotted by death stars and shitbarns before. While I'm not great in it, it's still good fun as it's a comfortable package overall. Worth the grind.
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  5. https://www.businessinsider.com/risk-of-coronavirus-transmission-lower-outdoors-evidence-2020-5 Being outdoors isn't a silver bullet; I wouldn't want to go to an outdoor concert and stand shoulder to shoulder with people. But it seriously reduces the odds compared to being cooped up in a confined space. As for regional variations, they seem largely to come from overall lifestyle. 1/3 or so of cases in the US are in NYC, while another third are in a ring around NYC in SE NY, Rhode Island, Connecticut, etc.; the rest of the country comprises the remaning third. This is to be expected given the closer living in those areas and the greater use of cramped public transport. Also, nursing homes account for a drastically high percentage of deaths from the virus: https://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2020/05/26/nursing-homes-assisted-living-facilities-0-6-of-the-u-s-population-43-of-u-s-covid-19-deaths/#5ac33e8e74cd I mean, the flu always hits older people harder than it does younger people, but not this bad, from what I've read. I think we'd have done much better not to have shut down businesses for the most part, but quarantine anybody confirmed to be infected, leave everybody else alone, and take extra precautions with older folks, especially those in nursing homes. Rules requiring masks be worn indoors in crowded businesses are a wise rule. Instead what we've done is we have cities like Chicago where the mayor gets on TV and threatens to have people arrested if they leave home without permission, we've shut down tons of businesses, driving unemployment through the roof and causing businesses to fail, but we've put known infected old people back into nursing homes, with the result: And now we have a situation where masks have become politicized. Some refuse to wear them at all because they've lost trust in expert advice waffling on the issue and governors using ham-fisted methods, while other people (Karens) shout at people not wearing them outdoors taking a walk and not near anybody else. Everybody's too willing to listen to conspiracy theories, from the people saying the virus is a hoax, to the people saying that people are intentionally trying to infect people in black communities in order to reduce their numbers. A more restrained, intelligent set of measures would have gone a long way to preventing this overheated situation, and the iron fist used in some areas didn't even protect the most vulnerable. Insanity.
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  8. Cent 5/1 is better since it can pretty much lock down an entire cap by itself
  9. I love the STB-1. So does arty. I need to turn anonymiser back on i think.
  10. I usually use kinemaster pro mod apk download at techbigs.com for video editing, this is an ideal software to use when you edit YouTube videos.
  11. 1. I don't get the drug comment. 2. Shitty traverse I get but still off road helps with that too.
  12. Hello! An issue that caused the automatic stats update for patrons to fail on rare occasions has now been fixed. Cheers! Never
  13. I only play German tanks, mostly, so I can say this....Indy Pnz is amazing. No, you're not going to go face off with a Prog, but you can certainly harass and finish them off. I ground from the bottom, new crew ect.... I think I fell to about 40% first 100 games and lingered there, now I'm up to 48% and climbing. I'm no expert but a few things I have been successful at. HE rounds not only pen 100mm, but also get there fast, this tank is cool for shooting EBRs and scouts. Don't label it a EBR killer, but taking shots at them will produce better results then most. Speed, camo, and spot are all decent enough to get you into spots where you can use those HE rounds against the sides and rears of Meds, TDs, and some heavies. SkorpG, SU130, Progs, all fun to troll with HE rounds. End game it's even more awesome, good combo of abilities allows you to move around or stay seated somewhere. Turret will bounce a lot, provided you are keeping yourself at a medium distance.
  14. I ended up doing this mission in the Charioteer. You were a victim one of those battles with the HESH memes on your Borrasque
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  16. No that's for the next russian tank
  17. The Back to Back Ace - 263 and T55A
  18. Is it just me or does 400 base view range seem a little high for a tier 9 heavy? With BIA, optics, vents, food, vent purge I'm rocking a 483 view range. I don't even have any view skills on any of the crew because they're only 3 skill.
  19. Doesnt really makes sense to comment after the event is over, but anyway. I really liked this mode. Apart from this damn arty and these pesky little Pz IV who always derp you in the face and do damage even if you are completely safe. Also bots are snapping like hell. And those useless enemy airstrikes ... Tanks wise I hated the SU, because its unflexible, nobody spots for you and 175mm is a many things but not high pen. IS was fun but derpy and the special abilities are just sad, mines were only useful to stop an bot who is trying to rush you in his tracks. T-44 I dont know, was ok with good dpm but the armor was really unreliable. I really liked the BP. Slow as shit, but strongly armored so that only the elites could reliable pen you and insane DPM even though the pen was shit. And my personal favorite was the Pershing. Mobile, flexible on rigelines, punchy gun, can bounce stuff occasionally and the airstrike was really nuts - 500dmg per tank in the target area, useful for digging out JTs and other anoying shit. But the teams were a mixed bag, mostly bots that werent that much better than the bots you played against. Tactics like crossfire and focusfire were an alien concept to most of them. And the team mixups were a coinflip aswell: having more as 2 SUs? Good look trying to win shit. And it was always a pain in the ass to waste a x15 token to a shit team that didnt do anything in the first stage so you go out of battle with 0 points. Overall I liked it. Had fun most of the time and its enjoyable to play with friends.
  20. Is this what marketing has turned into now
  21. You're probably in a similar position to where I was about 2-3 years ago so I am speaking from personal experience. Here a few things I did. Critique your gameplay. Harshly if you have to. I did this mostly in battle, but the best players will often watch their own replays to figure out even the smallest mistakes. Look for the big stuff first. Where things went wrong. When you lost HP for no good reason. When and where you die. Look for consistent factors over multiple battles. Never blame your teammates for consistent mistakes. You are the only constant factor over any significant number of battles. Accepting this now will help you grow as a player. Shitty teammates cost you games, but not enough to make a dent in your win8/winrate over thousands of battles. Play for fun. I know this is pretty typical, but most players play worse when they are angry. Angry players tend to play more aggressively, take bigger risks, and generally make easily punishable mistakes. If you're mad at tanks, take a break. Try 3 marking a tank. 3 Marking isn't just something unicums do. It is an excellent learning experience. 3 marking teaches you consistency so get out your favorite tank and push yourself in it. Get out of your comfort zone. Kinda the opposite of above, play tanks you are not super comfortable in. If tier 9 or 10 isn't your thing, try it. You may find a tank you love and you will learn a lot by playing in tanks that push your limits. Ammunition choices. Shoot ammunition that will work. If you see a superheavy, shoot gold at it. Don't waste your time trying to hit the hatch on top of a type 5 when you can press the 2 key and go right through the front. Glass TD asking for a paddling? Hit that sucker with HE and get some extra damage. Shooting the right shell at the right time will greatly improve your damage per game. Learn armor models. some tanks have really easy to exploit weaknesses or complete BS armor schemes. Tanks.gg is a great resource to learn armor models and compare stats of tanks. Finally be patient. It takes time to improve. This is a lot of what I did. It took years to drag my stats out of the green and into the cyan/teal zone, but it isn't impossible. The first 10k battles I played I was a red shitter, but now I can play at a sub-unicum level with enough coffee or alcohol. If you're into watching livestreams, there are a couple of really good threads on good streamers to watch and @kolni (a washed out WoT god) recently started streaming.
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