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  2. Ohhhhhhhhh man. Just got an Oculus Rift S and set it up. The whole thing is pretty cool, but *man* Elite Dangerous is a whole new game with VR. Gonna have to download and set up Skyrim VR today and see how that does.
  3. True, most tier 7 lights are pretty ugly, but the WZ-131 isn't awful to look at in my opinion, which is another plus in its favour.
  4. I added you in game. I am absolute trash at this game but I don't get mad
  5. The T100LT is the king of camo, but to use that advantage you have to work hard to position yourself no closer than a certain distance to likely enemy positions. For my crew + equipment I find that 300m is the right limit. I use the 'circles' file in xvm to draw a red circle on the minimap at 300m radius around the tank, then in game I take care to run that up to but not over enemy positions so you can spot them but 95% of the time they cant spot you. The extra spotting you get by mastering that will raise your winrate. Its an amazing active scout but - due to not class leading VR - its not really a passive scout in the general sense. Keep moving!! Exception: the high camo, coupled with bush camo, makes it amazing as a 'stay behind' passive scout sitting in a bush as the enemy advance. In these cases, with my crew and equipment, they wont spot me in the bush until about 80m away. This is a great tactic to use if your team loses a flank. Get to know suitable bushes near your own cap. As for doing damage, its not your job. Just be aware of whats behind you, and use their guns by spotting to win. The gun is trash, mainly due to dispersion and pen. However, the aim time is nothing, so drop the vstab and take vents instead. Pen dropoff over range is huge, so only shoot stuff thats close, in the end game, or to defend yourself while running away. I second the suggestion to watch Ilya Red on youtube - loads of good info.
  6. Last week
  7. No it is not. With everything below 330 you can basically go fuck yourself. No idea why tanks.gg shows 280mm here. Maybe it is bugged as are a lot models. gamemodels3d shows values which are much more believable. I played against so many 279 during the last CW seasons and I can assure you it is defently more in the 340mm range.
  8. imagine not knowing how to go west flank on Tundra north spawn my two pens that game were on Foch 155's at range, oddly enough
  9. The annoying thing is that it has a higher hp/ton than the 50 100... but due to *awful* terrain resistances it's actually much slower.
  10. The problem is you write like you were 5 and expect others to respond not to what you have said but what you wanted to say. The problem is you have trouble reading. I have not said all 0dmg shots are from the gun. Hit very thick armor far away from thin armor and you get 0 dmg too. Nothing surprising. About what? Nope. You have trouble reading. I have said in my previous post that 0dmg is not only gun hits though that's the most common cause since few tanks have thick enough armor to absorb HE. We had a discussion about this. Is3 works because turret dispersion is low. You said it doesn't matter because you like to be wrong. If exposure doesn't matter this means no one is aiming at you and you are free to aim. That's rare. I'm not. Your point was waaaaaaaaaaaah cry cry 0dmg hits happen all the time and not only on gun hits. My argument is 0dmg hits are rare because while yes you can get 0dmg rolls not on gun hits (never said 0 dmg rolls are only for the gun) very few tanks have armor to make that a thing. Sorry but you are delusional. Base accfor 261 is 0.57. Base acc for Kv2 is 0.43. Tell me you reliably hit weakspots with KV2 at 75m. Now you get a tank that's farther away from KV2 than KV2 is from Leopard and you tell me it reliably hits tiny areas of a tank? Especially given the relatively slow shells speeds of arty making hitting shit even harder? Uhhh you still don't get how he works. If a shot can stray 3ft that means it can either go far away from weak areas and do 100 dmg or close to weak areas and do 400. You are angry at a simple mechanic. This is why you make the stupid comparison that 0.57 base acc is good. 0.57 base acc is good for hitting a tank. 0.57 base acc is bad if you want to hit the lower 10% of the hull of a tank reliably. That is why arty shots don't get reliable damage. You basically say there is some magic bs making He unreliable and HE is unreliable for arty, because arty is inaccurate. All there is. The problem isn't that HE is unreliable but that WoT has RNG and you usually fire HE from guns that tend to be more RNG dependant. The mechanic itself isn't broken. When you compared yourself to Garbad I assumed you must be at least recent purple. Your opinions sound like they came from someone light green at best but I've assumed maybe you're some savant who can play a game he doesn't understand.
  11. The thing with an IS-3 is that you don't have to give a single flying fuck about single r or having your turret face the right side since you can just turn and snap. This makes the tank relaxing to play and means you have more brain cells for other, possibly more important things like reading maps and maintaining sit awareness. Hull movement stats are not irrelevant - but they can be played around in various ways and aren't really crucial to anything that isn't a soviet hovermed/light or anything which has to constantly flex. Even on casemate tanks, good turret bloom is much more important than good hull bloom - e.g. AMX CDA. I don't get how this discussion is related to the topic at hand and suggest you gentlemen move it to somewhere where it is more germane.
  12. the 6th sense directive is pretty useful if you're not comfortable with the tanks camo values yet, if you're poking at 400m without bushes it's pretty hard to tell if you're going to get spotted or not against certain tanks (or peeking blindly) and the extra second gives you a full second to react, with aimtimes being around 2-3 seconds it is actually a pretty difference between taking a shot and not taking one however once you get more comfortable with the tank in question, specifically it's vision/camo ability the directive is close to useless, just like 6th sense becomes much less useful, but short of BiA and repairs i'd still rate it more important than anything else you can skill anyway so there's really no point in not using it having done a handful of marks with atrocious crews (0 skill tier 9 crews mostly before you could get crews to decent levels without having to actually grind them out) you get used to not using sixth eventually and if you simply just avoid crossing risky areas it isn't actually so bad being without it, high alpha bush campers become a problem and you need hard cover almost all the time to keep dealing damage but i thought the experience would be much worse than it was i also thought this was a bug a while back but it's honestly an overestimation of your ability to tell if you're spotted or not, mostly you're permaspotted or just got shot before it triggers, if you die 2,9 seconds after getting spotted it feels like you should've been spotted but don't, at exactly 3 seconds the sense triggers as your tank blows up, think about if this only happens when you die or if you can physically spotcheck with hard cover or camo math because i found that this issue was 100% ignorance on my end and no bug at all
  13. Thanks for this article. I stumbled upon it today. Great tips that I will hopefully use starting tonight. Bennyboymothman.
  14. it's almost a mystery bigger than Diriz0n and his zeros....
  15. I just got enough credits to get this thing, and honestly the 105 is loads of fun. Overall a very comfy little tank, and because of the holiday ops bonus I'm making credits driving the thing with food.
  16. Earlier
  17. I rebought it, having forgotten why I sold it. Dammit.... take a toolbox and repair skill to the max to preserve sanity.
  18. Always run food, especially on autoloaders
  19. Unfortunately I was caught playing the 110 in 2019, so it had to compete with other troll HTs released in 2018 onwards and maybe even the T26E5. 110 wouldn't even catch up with some MTs due to lacking power to weight and terrain resistance. When Chrysler K was a thing, the end of the older HTs became nearer than anyone else would expect.
  20. i think its still running for local use but its just not displayed on the site anymore
  21. I'm not sure, the turret cupolas are REALLY wide and if the tank is rocking back and forth on just a horizontal axis, I still feel like these are going to be pretty easy to hit [also the green zones near the cupolas are 35mm thick, so they can be overmatched by a KV-5]. Rocking might work a lot better if you're on a hill, but then you're having to deal with the really bad bloom values and aim time.
  22. Not quite meows level bc fap casters but good to see SUX represent http://wotreplays.eu/site/5188659#mines-enroh-churchill_gun_carrier
  23. Anyone else playing this? It's pretty fun for a mobile game...
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