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  2. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    I'll admit you lost me there...
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  4. I'm not a ginger, but I also never claimed to be human.
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  6. Madner Kami

    New CV's launched

    They've got to be fucking kidding me. From the newest round of "Let's shit on the CVs for the lolz": Let me translate this: It is now impossible to spot a silenced DD and attack it on your own at all. And because we are total dickheads, you T8 carriers, who are already in the wost possible spot, will now get your planes shot out of the sky within a single second by a Minotaur that you can not even spot anymore, before it's FlaK-explosions destroyed your entire squad. What!? The!? Fuck!? Are!? They!? Thinking!? That they additionally shit on the attack aircraft by nerfing their aim, is just icing on the cake. These planes are already completely useless for anything other than attacks on DDs, because they can't even reliably set fires to enemy ships. Now they are not even going to be able to spot and, even if they somehow spot the DD within "arming distance", they are going to miss their entire salvo, except for some RNG-bullshit. Fuck this! Just fuck this! What the hell is going on in that fucking developer studio!?
  7. I'll look into it. I'm not sure the library I'm using to display the table supports showing all or exporting, but it's a good idea. Another thing to note: Right now the values aren't updating because of a few more disk space issues. I'll be doing some moving of stuff around and get it back to updating properly in a couple of days.
  8. wheres a Bot when you need one
  9. Wanderjar

    Feb Scavenger Code tracking

    Feb 20: WHVSTUJU From Cody Menz
  10. Haswell

    Platoon Coach?

    I'd rather know if competence and performance are considered separate, is there any way to assess competence without observing a corresponding performance?
  11. monjardin

    Progetto M35 mod. 46 appreciation thread

    The Spaghetti tank also has better gun handling, mobility, HP and view range than the Mutz. Edit: And! They have exactly the same DPM when not burst firing.
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  13. hazzgar

    ELC AMX and the Patch 9.18 (It's still a good tank)

    Yeah but the difference is staggering. With my 5.5 skill crew the tank felt like a world beater. 70% WR. Good spotting, good dmg. With a 2.5 skill crew it feels wonky and bad.
  14. You get forced into enemy LoS, which is basically everywhere on C cap.
  15. Tman450


    Didn't you uninstall the game you shitter
  16. Thanks! That's good news. Averaging 1 prestige every episode is not that hard. I did 1 and 10 levels into 2 with just two hours per day.
  17. Wanderjar

    The Panhard AMD 178B survivor support group

    Just shit on the 50-2 with HE cuz boosted autolock... My only issue with this tank (?) is the twitchy steering. you tap the A/D and it barely changes. tap it a bit harder and you make a 90 turn. There doesn't seem to be much inbetween that. Elite its not a terrible tank but the MM just shits on you constantly. if it only saw t7 it would be acceptable but 8s everything gets dumb quick
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  19. themusgrat

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Yeah I don't know about your arty hatred, I sort of think limiting each team to 1 arty would more or less fix the issue. Still, anyone camping without arty is punished, and you're generally up HP if you bring an extra scout, compared to your opponent, on most maps. They simply killed the game with their greed. They thought they had something totally finished, a complete product, then took their best people off their complete product, and now they'll never ever make as much money as they might have. Mostly, killing competitive play is what caused the fallout. Can't understand it, just have to accept it. Issue is, nobody has a similar game. WT is not good, sorry. In 50 years, this won't be an issue, 2013 WOT will be available on your phone, but today, it's a travesty. I honestly think it's a pride issue. They have so many fucking shitheads with 0 fucking clue, who want to tell us the best way to play a fucking tank. I mean, planes in WWII proved how OP they are against tanks, why revisit the matter?????
  20. Vindi

    -MM (EU) Recruiting again.

    aaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy mah bois good luck! nice memories from 2016!
  21. Saffee

    Streamer Partnership Program

    bol will have fun fun fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
  22. Tarski

    50TP prototyp thread

    Right you are. Fixed. I tend to be stingy with food, but I might give it a try to see if I can recapture some more of that 53TP magic.
  23. hazzgar

    Upcoming MM changes

    An angled moving type5 will still bounce a large % of gold from an IS4. Also the type5 has more alpha than is4 and it will hit a higher % because it doesn't have to aim for weakspots while is4 has shit gun handling.
  24. MagicalFlyingFox

    Any thoughts on the t92 light tank- Premium tier 8?

    EVEN 90 has a clip. You can at least kill something if you pick your targets. Its more of a stupidly camo'd passive scout where you sit literally under the nose of the enemy and not get lit which is a different playstyle.
  25. Tarski


    Oh, I'll pick up the 430 at some point. I even have a female commander trained for it. Interestingly, the WZ-120 (49.82%) does not have the worst global win rate of the tier 9 mediums. It takes 3rd place after the PTA (48.93%) and AP (49.49%). The latter I understand, since I still haven't figured out how not to be trash in the AP.
  26. xLosTsouLx


    That is a great idea Macus. I have the LT-432 and the T-100 and the T-49. No Sheridan yet. But close to the xp. If you would like to go WV hunting hit me up on wot. We can tune and make them regret entering the battle. muahhhh
  27. The tier 6 clearly is intended to be a free-xp sink. It's utterly terrible. Comparing it to the T37 or any other tier 6 light tank is hilarious. The only slight upside is the relatively decent HE round. I'm using mine as a tier 6 Leo PTA, doing a bit of sniping at the start and then using the decent speed to get into positions to hopefully flank something.
  28. PlanetaryGenocide

    P.43 ter: it ain't too shabby

    Aced this on the second match in a tier 8 game. It's not bad for tier 7 but i don't feel too great about taking it into tier 9 It's hilarious putting HE into wheelymobileys though edit: Two aces now. Still have a 100% winrate in it too after six battles... I think... which is pretty unprecedented for a tier 7 medium in the current year IMO. I have yet to get a tier 9 match in it but it's perfectly serviceable for tier 8 and below. Your hull is surprisingly bouncy to lower tiers sometimes and while the gun takes a long time to aim in (and the shell velocity really does blow) it's honestly not the worst tier 7 gun I've used. We'll see how I feel about it after tier 9.
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