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  2. A quick bit of info for comparison as well. When I updated XVM I have more WN8 than my wotlabs profile which reflects the most recent record of games played
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  4. It's ok. Equipment 2.0 didnt do much for IS6.
  5. Halo, saya ingin mengunduh pembaruan terbarunya
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  7. A fun game in the Sheriderp where I HE slap a bunch of tanks. With effects... ... and without
  8. Does bumping even work for a pinned thread?
  9. Why not just get a hammer and slap yourself? It will save you some time and bonds.
  10. DW really remind me of wargaming. Which is funny because it's actually Azur Lane devs that have some cooperation between them and weegee afaik.
  11. Treeburst

    Type 62

    Crab, I look at your average stats there in your post - were all of your games like this? I could not do this game in and game out, I got lucky one time. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5842304#ensk-treeburst-type_62
  12. I'm playing Elite Dangerous and DCS with it. I'll never go back to pancake mode. At this point, for any flight sim, monitors are for getting screenshots; VR is for actually playing. The graphical fidelity isn't quite the equal of the monitor, but actually sitting in your cockpit, being able to turn your head and look off to the side...the immersion factor is amazing. It's also just superior for flying or driving. If you can play WoT through your router, you should do fine with Elite Dangerous; it's peer to peer for some reason. But I agree: VR is just game-changing f
  13. Ahoy.... we are the Beer Belly Master Mindz [BBMM][BBMMx] gaming community. In general we are a laid back community, we don't stress and don't want any drama. We just want you to have fun with our Fighting Friends and enjoy comradery, joke and game in a social environment. Typically we play in the evenings and use Discord to communicate, download free at Discord.com. The link to our voice server is https://discord.gg/CGARmFh . If you are interested in having fun and hanging out with an awesome crowd you are in luck, there are multiple ways to join, submit a post in this thread, send me
  14. 2100 base XP is not enough for an Ace
  15. Earlier
  16. Mines, I can't believe there was only 1 other person who mentioned it. After that, probably Minsk. I couldn't stand Ensk either because of the small size, but it's kind of unique and at least it's over quickly. Mines has been around forever and really needs a tier limit.
  17. no screen shots. when i fire the round shows no damage to surrounding area. no explosion or anything.
  18. I would drop them if playing in platoon with mediums or lights. But when solo I like to spot tanks shooting at me. View range works the same on any vehicle class. 445 is ok, but it shrinks really fast. These days everyone has camo.
  19. This thing is lame. It's been power creeped to oblivion.
  20. It's one of the old school reward tanks before wg decided balance was a fine wench.
  21. You answered your own question. You're welcome.
  22. Just got the upgraded gun on mine and kinda fell in love with it. After a tough slog with avg. 500dmg the first 10 battles using stock/second gun, I free XP'd the final gun and it just clicked. Two 3k dmg losses and a 5k dmg ace tanker win. I will definitely keep it because I rolled a new crew for it after forgetting I had a 4 skill Sabaton crew in my Prima Victoria (forgotten because I started hating that tank), and I'll just put them in the tier 9 when I get that far and keep my current crew in the 14-5.
  23. flagman


    Many newbies are repelled by the ships in front of Fuso, but if you endure it, then there will only be a thrill.
  24. I've got both; the Bat is probably the more capable vehicle but the 13 105 has its moments. They're quite similar, though, and either one will help you play the other.
  25. I'm a little confused why people are saying it's bad, at least looking at it in tanks.gg it looks solid to good. The armor is pretty good and it has no notable weaknesses. The HEAT round has low shell velocity, but heavies sniping isn't too much of a thing anyway. The cost is absurd when you can get a tier 8 for 8000 bonds, but the tank itself looks fine.
  26. I was going to report a problem with mobile version both of light and dark styles, but you seemed to fix it before I did it. Great job! But some emojis are still dead though.
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