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  2. These buffs won't fix anything, in best case, the T34 might be "playable", but it will still be far below average.
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    Men's Fashion

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  5. hmm, ok its now with discount on EU server, so only 4,7 mil, wil pick it up then
  6. RNGeesus has smiled upon you. It happens sometimes. Mori is coming! Hopefully I'll get him in a single.
  7. Last week
  8. I played a game with him this week. He was in an M60 and died quite quickly!
  9. Ok still working on video commentary. In the meantime here's some thoughts and replays. First - fuck EBRs. I'm decent in an EBR - i don't love them. They're bad for the game and although i do appreciate their ability to break open stalemates occasionally mostly they ruin matches specifically by exponentially punishing idiots. Pubbies can barely counter them. So this leaves me as a salty, aging LT driver in an EBR meta. However equipment 2.0 has yielded us some options on this. And of course the Manticore - which showed us that 44% camo and high view range can sit in a bush and help counte
  10. Which hand needs mechanical work? Aim is just practice. Movement is more precise due to being different in every tank you play. You need to translate the feel of the tank into getting similar patterns of movement with a different amount of time put into the keystrokes. The easiest way to do this is to spam the same tank as you won't play something else to reset what you're learning. Using similar movement patterns (knowing that a 907 takes a full second to poke from hugging a wall with your front into the best sidescrape angle with a shot and pulling back into an unpennable ange aga
  11. Well, I am going to stick my head up and say Lakeville. I hate that map, 3 corridor bullshit. Minsk or Ensk usually fill the other slot. I tend to play exclusively meds.
  12. Wow this was a lot of work! There is no way I would have the resources to investigate this with all these graphics cards and CPUs. Thank you for this
  13. Earlier
  14. I got it with 70% discount, cuz why not. Better players who can consistently be in positions to use the DPM without taking much damage in return will have the best time with it, but it's still fun, and frankly even as a more average player, I do find it better than the Schwartz 58, which was my only other german medium prem.
  15. CraBeatOff

    UDES 16

    I'm also running this one in what I've dubbed the NUDES configuration. LNE, vents, optics. 42% camo sitting and 34% moving. With 496+ view range. Yes, then gun becomes hard to handle. But I'm taking this to LT shooting positions where the camo sets up the shot, not the ability to aim down. The reload is long but it times out well with dropping being spotted. Sneaky, big punch, useable turret in a pinch or on a bad map. Great stuff for camo abusers! Will this get you server competitive dpg? Absolutely not. Is assisted damage part of WN8? No - but it will increase your personality ratings.
  16. I just want to note, not that a single soul cares or is surprised, that even with grousers and turbo this tank is one of the most unsatisfying sacks of crap I've ever driven.
  17. TheCrow45 is back to play some WoT. I love to play with normal people in casual and competitive. I don't play as much anymore but on most nights. Whos out there, what's the thing these days. http://wotlabs.net/sig_dark/na/thecrow45/signature.png
  18. I just unlocked the T-54ltwt recently and saw this post and thought I'd give it a shot, even though I'm obviously not a particularly good stealth light-tank driver, plus a cheapskate who doesn't use food and doesn't have the best crews etc. but wow, so far this build works pretty damned great even for a scrub like me. I'm running Optics in the specialist slot (cause bad crew and no food), CVS and LNES as per the suggestion. Just below 40% camo (39.something) with 465m view range with this setup, as above, no food and situation awareness is not maxed out (only about 68% so there is a bit more v
  19. Glad I followed skill's recommendation to get this tank. I suck at most high tier play but the char future is able to carry me
  20. Most of my games in that tank were from before MOE was introduced to the game, and after returning to WoT last year I'm just now getting back to being not-bad at tier 10
  21. I'm just getting worse and worse. Set out as 2.2k WN8 player seeking to improve, and currently struggling to get 1,5k WN8... Just no targets except clean up or last stand. There no locations I can shoot from that don't get me immediately obliterated...
  22. I bought this yesterday and played it a whole bunch. I am absolutely doing it wrong - and it's fun. How wrong? LNE, optics, vents. 46% camo sitting and 36% moving. That puts it in the middle of the tier X LTs for camo values and let's me do stupid vision plays with 440 alpha and some armor to get me out of sticky situations. It becomes a hybrid of TD, LT and MT in this mode. I've def struggled to learn where i can safely be at 50 kph and how to use the siege depression mechanic - so some real misplays and suicides. That said 2500 dpg and 1900 spotting is pretty influential in the matches.
  23. I saw that posted on reddit, nice one
  24. So above Bulldog. Not amazing but still not worst in class. But yeah if you can relocate better than a bourasque but retain camo on the move jesus.
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