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  2. I can only fit one in my.... nevermind
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  4. I have tried this tactics and was disgusted how little progress in the ranks I have received. Killing the turret entirely alone I have moved maybe one third of the rank (Sergeant to Lieutenant). It seems that focusing on enemy tanks and simply ignoring the objectives makes much more sense.
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  6. Depends on what you're playing for I guess. If all you want is prestige and credits you probably don't care, but it matters when grinding tanks. And since I can't stand grinding the Lynx in randoms I'm trying to power through that POS in this game mode. Honestly, that is the only reason I started bothering with counting wins-losses. Until then I didn't care.
  7. The only interesting thing I'm seeing here is the HESH. Other than that, there aren't any remarkable strengths to talk about and there are other light tanks with HESH these days. Honestly it would be novel if it had the normal 20pdr alpha and pen, played like a fast TD rather than a scout. Incidentally, as of the argument of whether or not 189 stock pen is good, first point is that in practice you probably aren't going to see a meaningful difference between that value and the stock shells of any other tier 8 light tank. They're all very similar. And second point is that what does this matter anyway if the current meta demands gold spam?
  8. being a good player at world of tanks is first accepting rng and then making it your bitch
  9. sohojacques


    @Jurrunio But the TS-5 has crazy good soft stats. Only extreme differences in final accuracy matter in this game imho; bloom and shell distribution within the reticle are much more important. Either your shots fly true or they don’t. A miss is a miss, regardless of the margin. @nabucodonsor yeah I’m too aggressive relative to the limited gun arc...
  10. The normal amount should be equal to the number of maps that exist in the game.
  11. No. But. I posted on what I recently played in the appropriate section... Sorry I won't do it again. I realize.
  12. Ah, E-50M buff, the buff that made the tank total aids. And it's almost like I was the only person I know complaining. And then WG released that it had been over performing for the past 3 years, while all the dumbfucks tried to justifiy it. Fucking retards I swear. Patton buff was kinda retarded honestly. But its really not hard to hit cupola. At this time, the meta tier 9 medium is the IS-8 heavy tank, because literally almost every other option is trash.
  13. Oicraftian


    Having read more WOTlabs and realized scouting is actually dead, I did a bad thing and reinstalled the game for WZ-132. Having played it again, I find the 100mm gun intolerable. Actually, any base acc worse than 0.38 is just too horrible for me. So I've moved to the 85mm and my recent DPG went up by ~500. Including a game I went AFK in. I also stopped trying to use WZ-132 as an active scout. And now I think I have lost my ability to play Comet; this way of using WZ-132, makes me expect just to go faster. Well Comet is going to be sold.
  14. Oicraftian

    Type 58

    Its mega bad. Unless you full equip run food & have good crew this gun will fuck you up the ass and very very hard. It also seems to have built in ally seeking fire control for the gun. Never before have I been banned for team killing anything other than artillery. Until Type 58 lol much acc.
  15. Tigers armor is pretty good; it can stop SU-152's HE from almost any angle. Sides are 80-60mm and you can force equal tier mediums to aim. However, Tigers armor is only as good as your ability to bait their shots into your side hull. Side scrape is a generally good way to stop tier 7 med guns. Try not to come around a corner with side facing, but rather, immediately try to side scrape, unless it costs you a shot. If the enemy is using autoaim and putting rounds into you, you are definitely not being careful enough. Generally, Tigers ability to be fat overcomes basically any armor tactic with its poor shape. But they are generally enough to make do with at mid range. Mobility is wanting. Acceleration and traverse are both not very good. I wish it had more but you know, it can't completely outclass tier 8 mediums amirite? Gun is the everything of this tank, but I feel it always aims too slowly. A flaw to be sure. Aside from that, generally excellent characteristics. Penetration, accuracy, DPM, comfortable alpha. Personally, I wish I could trade some DPM for acc... Just to hit those 500m shots... Do not neglect to run food is good advice I think. Accuracy & DPM improvement is large. This tank really doesn't deserve to be this good; it just kinda is. That being said, I wasn't able to get decent damage scores in it.
  16. The only nerfs this tank really got was the new physics, and IIRC, the HD model turret significantly reduced its turret. Its not as good as it used to be. 145 pen buff helped but is really not that important. However, the tank, like everyone else has said, is good. 220 alpha makes any flaws with the guns aim time all better. The tank makes fair credits for the poorfags (lol me) of the world. The mobility isn't what it used to be but its still *OK*. Armor on turret can only buy you time, bouncing shells is not something it will do well. The tank is also now very very ugly.
  17. Vk 30.01 P is pretty amazing if it has a good crew. Which of course mine did not since I used it to train all my other German tank crews. Pz IV H 105's AP ammo is surprisingly effective. I had a 1.5k average DPG session or so in the IV H where I fired almost nothing but AP. Roof overmatch, side pen, etc, just be smart with it. More reliable than HEAT when you put it to work. Naturally I failed to be smart with it hence why I'm still blue.
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  19. Sounds like a modern gatcha game...oh wait
  20. I made it almost 10 games before uninstalling in utter disgust this time, significant improvement from the usual 1-2. SEE YOU NEXT MONTH, TANKS!
  21. Challenger is pretty good now I think. 280 alpha, acc, pen, 2.4k DPM, that is a strong gun for tier 7. 4 shots is just short of a kill on tier 7 tank. Combined with good mobility in a straight line, gun depression, and it seems, decent camouflage. A low profile aside from the turret and such. Its a good gun. The tank is flexible. The tank cannot be played as a medium tank, because it does not snapshot, has no armor, etc. Standard rules apply, don't get lit without cover. Though for Chally that usually means you explode given enemy has chance. It can be played aggressively. Watch your ammunition loadout. Carrying HE is dangerous at times, because you can easily run out of ammunition. Reposition, shoot stuff. The gameplay is this. Run away early. Easy tank to play, gun aims a bit too slowly.q
  22. Ezz

    HWK 12

    Just on that, the wheelies give a new perspective to what constitutes light 'armor'. You tend to notice the difference between the russian lights and everything else even more.
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