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  3. Hey Never? I was looking for the T-34 1941, and couldn't find it in the list. It was a premium gift tank, at Tier IV. I'm I blind or...?
  4. I have 32,000 bonds and have built a permit for auction and dont know what to bid. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. I found out the good site where you can find nice promocodes for your WOW. https://promocodius.com/us/shops/world-of-warships-codes I got there 100k credits! 🤑
  6. Hi guys! As this is my first post here, wanted to say hello in the first place I've been reading this topic and helped me a lot to understand the difficult path to get the 279e, so wanted to share some experience in return. This will be regarding crit missions, as I think I managed to get quite consistent results in the current meta. 1) First option is to play with a big gun For Chimera Union 8 this will be SU 152 with 152 mm ML-20 gun. Load premium HEAT and enjoy the ride. It's a less consistent method than the next one but it also works. Try not to one shot enemies,
  7. Thanks I will try and see the results.
  8. Thanks Devo, I bought a Logitech SIGNATURE M650 on recomendation of my colleague.
  9. why are you bumping a pinned thread?
  10. You should post this in Redditt or the WG official forums. This place is more of an archive than an active forum.
  11. Current set up (not elite + half assed crew) --- This thing is a freaking mountain goat, and flies on flat ground. -Low noise system in first equipment slot (vision slot) -Mobility Improvement System T2 (experimental equipment) -Coated Optics With the MIS T2 mobility numbers are: 723hp w/ gas 28.38 specific power 67/23 fwd/rev 52.57 traverse Concealment: 45.6/10.85 for both moving and stationary Currently 918 concealment rating Edit: This thing is still as ugly as a bulldog wrapped in the Maryland flag.
  12. That sucks and I'm sorry you're account got fucked up. That's why I have two factor authentication on my account. It doesn't perfectly secure things, but it does increase the security level.
  13. Could you tell me where you get statistics for the period from? I'm very interested in background information
  14. We are Vikings United (VKU). Fot this moment we are searching players and most important commander for the upcoming War Gods campaign. We do offer friendly community, daily boosters 3-5 per day. Minimum requirements are atleast 1600 wn8. For players who wants to join VKU text in game MinionLT or Crazy_LT
  15. https://www.techpowerup.com/303854/psa-intel-i226-v-2-5gbe-on-raptor-lake-motherboards-has-a-connection-drop-issue-no-fix-available
  16. Have fun and get a little better togheter
  17. I never stop to check the cost of ammo until silver started getting thin. It is doubling the cost for what, shipping and handling? I would like to see all the logs of purchases. Not sure of what's next. (forgot to take snapshot)
  18. Are u brave enough to join us Hey there we are looking for chillout players that are willing to join A ever expanding clan but is looking to do skirmishes some time soon hit me up if u are interested much regards: Simpson_HardRock Teamspeak Address: Discord: Simpson_Hardrock#8168 See u in the field commander.
  19. Hi Guys I am from Asia server and I have been playing WoT since 2015. My in game name is mauzer333 and I do like to make and edit videos of my gameplay.
  20. Hey, when the tank gets detroyed, is the carried ammo gone? Thx in advance!
  21. After posting the thread here, I started googling and came across this guide. I followed some useful methods from there. First I run network troubleshooter and fix network connectivity issues by using ethernet. After doing the tasks properly, the problem got solved. Now I have no longer any issues while playing the game on my PC.
  22. Thing just smashes. On the armor-mobility-firepower scale it shows up across the board. Punishes mistakes relentlessly. Gun can still hit weak spots at med range (.44 accuracy compared to Caliban's .58!) Like I had a croissant themed camo for the M4 Revalorisé so picked it up. Yeah it's a D+ tank at the best of times, but it's 200mm pen gun cant reliably pen the lower plate of an Arnie. It pays massive prices for 390 alpha and shell velocity. Bourr is OP, but still takes a modicum of work to play. And yes, I play tanks based on the custom camos I have for them. Wannafightaboutit?
  23. Hey, you sometimes get tier 3 tanks from mila. I've skipped one and now I can't find it to choose anymore. Is it gone or does somebody know where to find it?
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