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  2. We advice to recruit players with 3500 wn8 recent; 60% win rating. - Author www.raptor-boost.com
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  4. Rexxie


    This tank is really good. Equip 2.0 gave us Turbo and Hardening, and this could never use vstab anyway, so there's your loadout. It's SUCH a lazy tank, I love it. You barely have to aim, your positioning is just "go to heavy corridor" literally every game, you never need prem, no stress over getting placed bottom tier. Just dont get malinovka.
  5. The only thing that really bugs me is that WG knows these tanks need buffs, has buffs planned for the exact guns these tanks use, and instead just ignores them and buffs the line that is already better that have identical guns. I can't make any sense out of not giving the Tiger P the long 88 buff, the VKA the kt turret buff, or the VKB the 128 buff. Its so weird, they obviously need it and there is 0 way giving the Tig P or either of the VKs some tiny buff is going to cause balance issues.
  6. The Object 140 has the T-62A's historical gun depression now. (T-62 had -6* with 11.5cm, -7* with 10cm D-54/D-10, while 140 had -5* with D-54/D-10) Regarding AMX 30 comment, the real tanks 10.5cm is stronger (AP) than the 10.5cm L7 (but not by a lot). Gameplay changes German tank changes are good for them, aside from PTA, but not good for the game. Lighter armor remains shafted as usual The Chinese mediums... T-34-2's hardly changed, WZ-120's still worse and uglier than pre-HD, 121 WG fake tank remains mediocre. The T-34-2's changes set the pace for Chinese med changes. Way too little, and WG even exacted a toll for it. All they had to do was give T-34-2's 122 normal accuracy and good DPM, that's easily good enough. But I guess WG wants to sell more T-34-3's, so if the 34-2's worse even in alpha, they'll sell more.
  7. sundanceHelix

    AMX 50 120

    Gun handling is garbage on its own, and now that I regularly play with 200ping it can be really fucking irritating. Yesterday I tried to clip out a Bourrasque at 75m distance in the open and missed half my clip. The 3.33s inter-shell is so triggering. The upside is that grinding through tech trees is so fast now (21 games and I'm already halfway to the 50B) so I probably will just keep Optics for now. @GehakteMolen It's still a gigantic piece of shit. I'm actually surprised I'm doing as "well" as I am in it (acceptable - by my own standards - WR and WN8 across small sample)
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  9. As someone who recently dusted off his account after a 3 year hiatus, game feels pretty similar. The major differences are all the new maps and old map reworks since 2017 make it so my knowledge of THE SPOTS is pretty awful and I find myself unable to play as yolo aggressive as I prefer, dying early and out of position often. That and it seems like there's way more tanks with invulnerable turrets and lots of obvious/easy hull down spots near the main flanks for the pubbies. Maybe that's just me not knowing the maps but sometimes it feels like it's harder to push. Otherwise the itch is being scratched, you can still pew pew tanks and mostly feels like the same game, except I'm bad and having fun and not as frustrated.
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  11. Ignore a T26E5 at your own peril. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5585584#westfield-bilbo_badtouch-t26e5
  12. Just some historical nitpicking; Guns While 88/71 is strong IRL, its only 'weak' in current context. I would lower 88/71 pen to 190, a few mm worse than tier7 D-10T with worse bleed off. BL-9 is just a name ingame. IRL, its the 88/71 of 12.2cm guns; the D-25T already overpowers the long 88. Tiger at tier 7 could have; 88/56 with good DPM and bloom (despite not having stabilizers), or 88/71 mediocre DPM, and average bloom on movement. Similar case for tier 8 Tiger 2. So its a choice between existing, more balanced, or more minmaxed. Tanks Ferdi seems like a wild tier 7. A bit like a German T95. Since KT is t8, Ferdi is t7. IS-2 t8 isn't that difficult; 45ton medium with more firepower than previous tier TD is hard to screw up. The Germans are being made out as the armor heavies and the IS-2 pens the turret at range. That's how insane the gun is. Its balanced by IS-2 subpar armor letting it take critical damage from tier 5's frontally and worse bloom. T30 didn't ever have TX potential. The 15cm is almost a howitzer and the mantlet is weaker IRL.
  13. Chimera loss turned into a draw. Could have been a win, but couldn't find arty in time.
  14. I've put in a more appropriate category than core skills if you don't mind.
  15. Thread necro! As I continue my grinds through some light-tank lines through 2020, now finished the BatChat 12-T. So, for an average player who also happens to not be particularly good in light tanks, this one is...kind of good, but in some ways, a bit frustrating. The overall package has a good balance, camo is pretty good as the size is small (well, it is long, but it's low to the ground), the gun is decent for the tier and the role, although the pen definitely means you will struggle to pen anything with armour from the front. Gun handling is okay, but not outstanding, especially at long range, and mobility is pretty good. I found the view range limiting - only 380m - which means you need a good crew to get the numbers up to something respectable, although kind of expected for the tier. It's one of the better tier 8 lights, although that's not necessarily saying that much in the current state of the game. I would say that it really struggles when bottom tier, as tier 9 scouts (especially EBRs) crap all over it, but it also struggles against the Even-90 and the LT-423 as they both outperform in terms of gun and camo and will outspot you regularly assuming they are not driven by potatos. Ran Optics, CVS and Vstab. 120 games to finish the grind, 55% win rate, 891 average damage (yes, I'm bad), 822 average assist (pretty good for me). It's fun at times, but if you want to play a light tank at this tier, you're probably better off with one of the premiums mentioned above.
  16. Thanks In general Cent 5/1 just doesn't have raw firepower. Caern AX adds ~30% base DPM without penalty; that's the most important aspect. The armor I think, isn't even ~250 AP/APCR because the UFP can't be relied on before then, and you lose a lot of flexibility, or bleed massively. 5/1's armor has 1 small advantage; the cupola is more challenging, I believe, but that's not comforting when confronted with such an absolute advantage overall. The LFP is a little narrower too which helps in sidescraping. Yes, I did lose my old account Cent 5/1 firepower limitation combined with relative fragility, its an unrewarding, stressful experience, and it can even go through your credits as you decide its minimum food. I compensated by going to places like K0 Highway, straight into the fight, damage farm with early position advantage, but there's surely a better way than to just sit in a corner and shoot at people.
  17. Bourrasque seems disgustingly strong (compared to lights and soft armored). It spots like a light on the move, when stationary it outspots them, low pen still butters the softs. Drive by shootings are uncounterable and are for ~1/2 HP. Its min maxed in a way that kinda fucks over anything light right? It also seems to show WG's utter contempt for scouts as a class. That aside; optics over CVS? Various builds PM10 E2.0; IRM vents rammer, nice t7 med Tiger1 E2.0; IRM/GLD/Turbo, or IRM/Turbo/Ram, firepower isn't really tiger problem, fixes acc and adds speed, Tiger always too slow WZ-131&132 haven't really changed Cents5/1 IRM rammer vstab & 7/1 - can finally snap Also optics + cvs ftw
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  19. Me: can I have turbo E50? WG: to reach critical positions on the map with minimal exposure to enemy fire? Me: yesssssss Actually just rams things
  20. I always enjoyed it for the driving and the schnazzy muzzle brake, but fk me that final accuracy sucked. Can't really comment on current meta as haven't played it since marking it. But yeah would guess the wheelies would shit on it, as they do most of the paper lights.
  21. i was kinda dissapointed in this tank, but given the opinions of others, i guess it was expected
  22. I like it. It is objectively worse than a 50-2 or 64, but it is a T6 LT which makes it strong in-tier. With my Manticore crew in it, I can still massively outvision a bunch of tanks. I have replays recorded and uploaded in my channel (link below)
  23. If your winrate is bad or your irrelevant-in-2020 points are above 1k don't even bother with anon, i found during my time running a really bad overalls account without anon was making me get away with shit that i wouldn't be able to with my main anon or not.
  24. This is the first round of steel hunter I've played, and I've gotta say this is singularly painful. Easily the most painful experience I've had in my WoT career, including early on with 50% crews. I don't know how anyone can enjoy this, I was going to go for a reward tank but I don't think those are worth this pain.
  25. Best ITX channel out there His review: If you can afford it, the Ghost S1 Ncase M1 is the best out there.
  26. MagicalFlyingFox


    100mm was never a viable gun. It was always the piece of shit gun that had the same issues as on the 110 but even worse because you're faster. But the big 122mm boomstick can be incredibly reliable at times when it feels like it. Then again, i was always partial to big giant boom sticks on mobile platforms. I'm an idiot that 3 marked this thing.
  27. Running BIRM and I-VSTAB on my Pz VII now. It's noticably much less bad!
  28. What's the deal with this tank in random battles? How does this caliber overmatching mechanic work? I often find myself spamming HE because the gun leaves me down. I run hardening, rammer and stabilizer. Any ideas for different setups?
  29. So here in 2020, I've just bought the T-54. Anyone have any advice on it in the current state of things?
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