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  3. Yeah definitely some good advice here, what I have found the most frustrating is instant heals of stuns and tracks at time so Its really like fire and hope RNG backs you then there's the 4k dmg needed which isn't easy to do now in arty since the nerfs, but I have faith I'll get there in the end, going to grind up to the T92 in the process then turn of game modes except standards and grand battles, I did try the stock gun for a while and although it could stun regularly its splash radius is shocking so if you get hit by RNG and your shot goes over the target you either fail to stun or its for 8 secs average
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  5. I recently retruned to the game, it is much better now after the CV craze died down and some changes have been made. I did not find a good replacement game.
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  7. Which reminds me, I need to pay my rent. And utility bill.
  8. Diriz0n


    what are their correct in-game names? Though I cannot TK them, I'd sure like to push them out into enemy fire. Their wrecks then, more or less would be welcome hull down shields.
  9. I hadn't played the Borsig for years, not since I used it for some missions back in the day. I always used to play it with the 12.8 cm gun, but now that I want to finish the Chimera missions I decided to mount the 15 cm, load plenty of HEAT and go to town. And oh boy, this is a fun tank to play now. Slow, yes, unarmored, yes, takes module damage like there's no tomorrow, sure. But blaping people for 750 in the face with 326 pen never, ever gets old. Shell velocity is a PITA, but I can live with that. Memes galore!
  10. Not to get overly political at the moment, but for now I'm renaming any ship I'm flying to Liberate Hong Kong, ID number NO CCP. Apparently Tencent owns like 5% of Frontier, and I'm curious to see if Frontier has learned anything from the problems Blizzard and the NBA are having right now. Last I checked, r/Blizzard was abuzz with fans angry as hell and making memes ridiculing Blizzard and supporting Hong Kong and that e-sports competitor Blizzard banned from competing for a year.
  11. The leo is fun! the 105 takes some getting used to with the wheelies etc but its still a lot of fun to play. and the shock when you smash them is always funny.
  12. WG's recent nervous efforts to keep people playing has done the impossible: made the suffering of completing the Panther II grind bearable. Tank reward German fragments to drop the needed grind by about 30k XP. On track event to double crew training. Premium account for +50% XP. New WoT Premium feature grants an additional X3 XP bonus on your second game. New WoT Premium feature of 5 selectable X3 bonuses daily. A stack of X5 XP bonuses on wins thanks to Twitch Prime (or the 5 per month you get from WoT Premium). Boosters that grant +200% to XP, +100% to crew XP, and a +50% credit booster because why not. Weekend bonus granting X2 crew XP for every game after the first win. The final push took 12 crappy games with all of 5 mediocre wins yielding about 10k XP per win plus a lot of crew training. Final suffering talley of 53 games with a 51% win rate plus a few frontline games.
  13. so this is WOT 4, almost 5 years after I quit.
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  15. Been forced to play this to grind out the last Chimera missions. Get 4k spotting on this thing is easy, right? Well, should be, but not when you factor in the lack of maps where you can scout and then throw in six light tanks per team (including 2-3 wheelies) when you actually get the scouting maps. This POS has very little going for it. Other than not being British. It was weak when introduced, and the recent powercreep has left it in the dust. Smoking, from all the HE pens from the French shitters.
  16. What I've learned so far: You don't earn marks of excellence in victories - you earn them in defeats!
  17. I got all 3 Drivers, I think it was about 140 games. The mode was some fun and at least something different. 1 IDIOT on your team was basically and auto loss. I had probably 12-15 games with either a full AFK or DC player. Another dozen where someone just quit mid race.
  18. Jesse_the_Scout

    TL-1 LPC

    Tip for any one interested in this thing on NA... I got a mastery badge in a tank today and it gave me a 30% off coupon that works for the tank. I was using the Captured Tiger II at the time, but I wager that's not the only tank that triggers one. Brings it down to $28. Halfway tempted but I'm not eager to spend money on the game these days.
  19. Ezz


    I would have said less green more orange/yellow, but anyway, it's gun was its thing back in a different time. Times change.
  20. Kymrel

    Tier 9 foch

    I rage-sold this tank a long time ago, long before it had an autoloader, and now that I have nothing interesting left to grind I decided on a whim to buy it back as it is in the top of the tree line. I'm not saying it's good. It isn't. But the four-round autoloader can be neat. I would prefer a 3-round with a quicker reload, but a 30 second reload for a 1600 clip isn't too horrid. Of course, being a TD you can't abuse the autoloader like you can in actual tanks, but when people drive into an ambush you usually hit three out of four and feel OK about it. Somehow hitting and penning all four feels like nirvana. But it rarely happens. One always derps into the ground, it seems. The negative part about having an autoloader on a TD is also to do with aim time. You are usually shooting at medium to long ranges, unless you are being super-aggressive as top-tier. Now, 2.4 sec between shots is nice and all, but if you are at long range and not shooting at a convenient cluster of unarmored tanks you'll need to aim in for an extra second or two between shots. Like all sniping tanks it's not accurate enough to track anything reliably at long range so unless your enemies are in the open you have to choose between shooting half-aimed or not shooting at all, gambling on RNG to guide you. It rarely does. The front armor sort of works at range, and at shorter ranges against complete morons who auto-aim and hope for the best. Four time in a row, while face-hugging like one Cent did in a game this morning, allowing me to reload and then clip him. Perhaps the tank is rare enough now that some people don't remember the weakspot in the heat of battle? Side armor is a joke, obviously, and arty loves your roof long time without rubber, so there is that. All in all, for sure wayyyy out of the meta and far out of my light/medium/fast heavy comfort zone, but not as boring as some other TDs to play. EDIT: The clip is pretty nice when you lose a game. Instead of getting one last shot off you can sometimes get an entire clip. It helps with the average damage, although it is "useless" damage.
  21. it was a topic at tankfest. No real details, just hype mostly ill link the overview and etc if you really want to read it but there were some other bits dropped by WG and some CCs as well that are uncollected. edits are OP, not mine btw. he was editing it live from the stream
  22. Hey guys; seeing this thread is over three years old (yikes lol), I thought it may not be too late to chime in, because I may have some good news for you guys. I've recently found BigWorld Engine 2.1, the source code for the server engine, client engine, and "testing engine", the "Indie Edition" and Community Edition, an absolute butt load of documentation on the entire BigWorld Python and C++ library; as well as quite a few, very, very long PDFs vividly explaining how to do this and that. And I'd be not reluctant at all to share this with you. I'm currently in the process of reverse engineering the entire game, server and all, for patch 0.8.2; mainly because I like old versions of the game, and would very much like to recreate them, as WoT "Classic" was a huge hit with me. I've turned on notify me for thread replies, so if you do reply I should see it. My Discord is coke#0001 and my WoT name is the same as it is on here. Look forward to working with you two.
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