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  2. Data for the Nembro region, from an Italian source. https://www.corriere.it/politica/20_marzo_26/the-real-death-toll-for-covid-19-is-at-least-4-times-the-official-numbers-b5af0edc-6eeb-11ea-925b-a0c3cdbe1130.shtml
  3. I like how the premium double barrel is just an IS-3 that's straight up superior. It's all in those secret soft stats that the yellow mass still doesn't know exists.
  4. Three reasons: British light development had a bit of a dead period and was heavily influenced by armoured cars as well (as they took up some of their duties). There were not near as many easy to research light tanks. Combined with wargamming's initial failure to research British tanks, this led to idea that there weren't really any British light tanks suitable for introduction that had readily available information known about them. And there was no real interest in low tier mini branches for obvious reasons. Line theming: lend-lease (tiers 2-6). Failure to arrive before wargamming ditched the idea of full tier 2-10 lines in favor of shorter mini-lines at higher tiers which are the bulk of the experience and silver costs. There are the light tanks for a British light line starting at tier 2 and ending with the Vickers MBT project on one end (tier 7-10) and the chimera (tiers 7-10) on the other. And wargamming knows about them considering that was a proposal we submitted to them. Oh , and just for reference, the manticore is a fake name; it was called the chimera (a designation given to multiple projects).
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  6. 5 Billion for a fleet carrier... Does that mean If I sell all my ship I can afford an empty carrier
  7. But how can WG make more rubles when you make tanks only balanced? If make tank super stronk many noob give us ruble to get tank! Win/Win/Win for moonbase!
  8. Last week
  9. Thanks for the tips! It's a struggle to relearn the best ways to approach maps. And highly supporting the compliment to Kolni for providing quality content to these forums. On a side note, I'd really love some visual guidance for good potential starting spots on the maps...
  10. Weird. Did not play for a few months. Maybe there was a strange drop? Dunno.
  11. Which tier lists do you prefer I found https://www.heartharena.com/tierlist and https://gameskeys.net/hearthstone-arena-tier-list/ also which cards are the best and lie in S+ Plus category
  12. looking elsewhere @Spammy they seem kinda flat anyway: https://wot-life.com/na/player/Spammy/
  13. Yes they were until the season that started yesterday.
  14. The engine, by the gods, the engine. The accuracy and DPM-buff from the turret is nice, but mobility is something that makes the Leo stand out from it's peers.
  15. NEVER use egld over stabilizer! Jesus, this is the most basic knowledge about this game available, it's written out a milion times. Run either vents, rammer and stabilizer, or optics. rammer and stabilizer, anything else and you are gimping yourself.
  16. Faster. Doesn't have the top speed, but has more maneuverability and acceleration. Turret is not as slow either.
  17. igorCRO

    WZ-111 1-4

    I really like the alfa
  18. I've found ARLs to be especially inviting one-shot in this tank due to the sheer lack of armor and low mobility.
  19. That hole is an O not a 0. This triggers me.
  20. A Skoda T27 ace, and more T-34-85M goodness
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  22. I think mine was in the 277. Had a nice hull down with plenty to shoot me, plenty to damage and a team sufficiently non present to let me do it.
  23. So here Iam just sitting half drunk. Open this thread, read responses and Iam wat iz dis
  24. actually...the oho HAS gun in turret
  25. I just played 50 games after a long break and I can't agree more with you. Still a decent tank.
  26. I wish I had kept stats this season. I suspect average game length was down 3-6 minutes from the 2019 grind at least over my small sample size. It was so frustrating...
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