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  2. Finished every tech tree! I got pretty close to this back in the day, but couldn't bring myself to play arty. Finally broke down and finished the UK/US/RU arty, the last two CN LTs, and with a fairly boring CC-1 Mk.2 match, I finished my last grind.
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  4. After not getting any response, I searched Google and found some articles like this one. I followed some useful methods from here. First, I checked if the graphics driver and Windows were outdated. So I immediately checked if they were outdated. Then first I updated these and after doing the methods perfectly, the problem got solved. Because a few minutes ago, I played the game and I have no longer any such kind of issue.
  5. Just noticed that my Mastery Badge Stats are not updating. They have been stuck on 7/48 for months but I been regularly getting Mastery awards at all levels recently. Had two Ace tankers in last week, but stats don't move. I'm defo not a good player, but working hard to improve and its frustrating when some stats don't reflect that hard work doesn't get reflected.
  6. Got it done in the Ferdinand! I completely gave up on the O-Ho. It's just a tragic hunk of trash. A tank made completely out of mald and seethe.
  7. QoL updates in fgo... Most of them irrelevant. We also got: glitches, freezes, people getting hard locked out of their accounts. I can't decide whether to laugh at people who were pissing themselves before it went live or be amazed (yet again) at how wargaming-y dw/lasagna is. Fucking incredible.
  8. Unfortunately, with the change in HE mechanics, there is no consistent way to generate internal crits as of now. This one's a total crapshoot. Best I can suggest is a fast firing medium with deadeye, and good knowledge of internal module placement.
  9. Sadly nobody answered you. But I am glad that you solved your problem even with the help outside. Last time when I had problem with launching my game, I have re-installed it several times... I have even tried your fix... Until my friend told me that I needed more FPS for the game. Also this https://upgrader.gg/en/games/ catalogue helped me to solve my problem.
  10. Hope you will enjoy this retrowave mix :3 As do I
  11. Oh yeah, the tier 10 stats were leaked recently: I called the standard HE alpha - 1600. I'm not even surprised. However, with current HE mechanics, it won't do that much damage, though it'll still be able to pen your MT ass for 1600 and potentially oneshot if it maxrolls. The HESH is worse than I expected, honestly. 1050 alpha is still batshit insane, but its somehow lower than I expected, and the pen is the same as the tier 8. The 152 mm is interesting, basically a 705A gun but without completely disastrous accuracy. With it, the BZ-75 is basically a 60TP with 100 less alpha and 10
  12. The buffed AMX M4 54 is as amazing as I hoped. Gun handling is just incredible, even without vert stabs. I'm running vents, bounty turbo, bounty rammer, and in my second loadout I've got hardening, vents, bounty rammer. I mainly use the first one. It will supposedly be nerfed again (that was quick), latest supertest has its speed reduced from 40 to 35, and HP reduced from 2400 to 2300. I'd say keep the speed to make it not-boring, and reduce HP back to 2200, if it has to be nerfed. So get it while it's hot.
  13. Just some games in some Russian tanks. No big deal. The first two games occurred right after one another, the last one was much older (about 2-3 months ago)
  14. https://www.igorslab.de/en/evga-pulls-the-plug-with-loud-bang-yet-it-has-long-been-editorial/
  15. I need to pick up the buffed AMX M4 54, from how it's performing, it seems like a really really solid tank at the moment. Yeah, could be that there are just really good players playing it at the moment, but still. For a tech tree tank to outperform both the ebola and chief (at least as far as 3-mark reqs go) is really something. The pre-nerf Kran never did that. The Minotauro doesn't do that. But unlike those two the AMX at least isn't cancer to fight. I'm actually way more excited about going up the French heavy tree (on tier 7 now, it's OK) than the new Spaghetti TD tree.
  16. There's currently an issue with the EU API. I'm working to get a workaround fully implemented and everything should be back up soon!
  17. Some common behaviours in #pol that I was formerly too lenient on now have a rule against them. Enjoy.
  18. Best game I've had in a while. Standard B with full stealth setup. Killed last tank in our cap with ~30 seconds left on the clock. http://wotreplays.eu/site/6339883#westfield-candyvanman-prototipo_standard_b
  19. Okay, I'll take it back; more I play this thing, more idiotic it feels. Low effort +3k damage games at tier 5 are still funny I feel like tier 7s dont honestly even matter as long as you play carefully. The firepower is still absurd and the pen is enough for 95% for tanks you face. Its really only a problem against the tier 6 O-I and a few tier 7 heavies. Its mostly the open maps that still are beyond awful, but I'd imagine if you play campy Also: I'm still as (un)intelligent as ever
  20. I'm currently playing on the account I learned on so the stats are pretty bad. My question is: once you get better at the game should you do a new account to have good stats from the beginning or spend years bringing up your old one?
  21. Coming back to this in 2022, the Liberte is still probably the best oldschool T8 prem HT, as long as you don't look at the Mutant too hard. It pops off in T8 games much more comfortably than the IS-6/KV-5 just because it's fairly immune to autoaiming reds even in Skoda T56s or 703 II's. It's definitely old and anyone competent in newage prems will make you feel pretty silly, but it's playable in most situations and infinitely more effective than something truly abandoned like the T34 or FCM. The moment you see another T8 aiming at your hull you have a free 1.5k+ hp to farm and that alone makes
  22. Well as QuickyBaby revealed in his new video on the Minotauro, it's just a switch of flavour of the year. Because that thing is a Kranvagn crossed with an E3. Seems my rarely playing WoT anymore was a very sensible decision after all.
  23. Class specific would be nice, but too complex for average noobs i guess, so untill them Im just permabanning Empires border and sand river** and if we ever get a 3e slot, its 100% that shitty snow map with sunken ships. ** Sand River was garbage when it was added as Sandy River, or whatever it was named, they reworked it 2x (or 3x?) and its still shit, best arty map of the game makes it worst map for anything else...
  24. About a year ago I got a name change from HejHejMonika back to my current in-game name, _JangoFett. However WoTlabs still shows my statistics under the name HejHejMonika. Why is this and is there a way to fix it?
  25. Haven't posted anything in this topic in years, so um... My boy has surely had a wild ride, probably among the wildest of any tank in the game. The Type 5 started off as possibly among the worst tier 10s to ever exist, then was slightly buffed so it was...still one of the worst things around. Then 9.17.1 completely turned the tables and made the Type 5 a degenerate derp monstrosity that continued to terrorize for next 2.5 years. And now, after the combination of heavy nerfs and power creep, its one of the worst tier 10s in the game again. The Type 5 truly is like Godzilla. It rests i
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