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  2. even without Vstab the EBR can snap on the move
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  4. hall0

    WZ-111G FT (T9 TD)

    Is S-tier now Super-tier (good) or Shit-tier(bad)?
  5. New Pearl River north spawn passive spotting locations: Early game: Late defensive:
  6. Westfield (village had to attack, gg...) And the worst map of all time: if defenders had a lot of tds, or arty, or a unicum platoon, it was 100% loose, unless they would all lemmingtrain 1 side (defending side attacking, in wot, on EU server, yeah, like how often is that gonna happpen...) Toss in the awesome mm we had (with mega OP tds...) and its gonne be biiiig fun....
  7. This is a topic of some debate and some personal preference. Improved VS is uncontested. Then either improved optics or improved vents. The third slot can either get optics, improved rotation, or commander’s vision system. @CraBeatOff runs iVents/IVS and rotates the third slot based on platoon (one vision centered tank and one handling centered). I can’t shoot as well so I run rotation/IVS for max gun handling buff with iOptics for the phat scouting. I thought about iVents for even better gun handling but the VR loss was too much.
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  9. Thoughts on replacing optics for a turbocharger? It's one of the best candidates for it - you can hit 49kph pretty easily and both the engine power and reverse speed are really useful. It's basically just a T-44 with the stock tracks at that point. If you're already using food you can get decent VR regardless, but the fact your commander and radio operator are the same person means you need a 5 skill crew minimum to stack VR without optics. I imagine a lot of people won't even want to run food though, considering you're probably playing it for credits. In that case the option seems a lot less clear.
  10. Oh its been like 7 years. The E-75 used to have a 1200HP engine.
  11. Well, i wait for answers Im also lost on both glacier and cliff now, with any tank basically, glacier the heavy brawl zone is ``ok``, unless too much arty, or campers in the back, but the rest of the map seems random, random ppl in random bush, arty can strike almost everywhere and its incredible campy, all in all, so far, shit. On cliff, im also totally lost, with anything, i used to brawl in the mid or fight around the tower, but with these td platforms and the by pass road, the map is crap, and mid (base of tower) seems awefull also. Cliff seems to always get locked in a camp, and no real way to break it, so the most patient / lucky team wins, which is crap (i even swapped cliff for paris, i rather play paris as cliff now, go figure...)
  12. This is the first non-spambot thread I need to lock since.. 2015? Ah, nostalic.
  13. I remember those videos myself, and couldn't help but facepalm repeatedly given how that was his prime focus. Controls were decent so long as you had a flight stick. There were honestly a ton of things which killed this game. Admittedly a lack of enthusiasm from streamers or youtubers contributed but not much. Competition from War Thunder was certainly a major factor as well. But in addition to that? Numerous changes they kept making while leading up to the release of the game played a part. For instance, changing the way the various aircraft of every nation- at all tiers- performed and giving them all some kind of nation-based performance gimmick. Or adding extreme shell dispersion, which in some cases resulted in machine gun rounds literally exiting the barrel at a 45 degree angle, or crap like that. There were some other things as well but it's been so long since that I can't remember them all. Seal-clubbing was a problem too but, it was also an unavoidable symptom of the fact that there just weren't many people playing the high tiers, meaning most of the more skilled players were forced to hang around tier 4-6, where you could actually get a match. And as for why you beat us way back then, specifically in the release tournament? I'll put my ego aside for a moment and just say that's very simple; You guys put in the work to get better, and we didn't. You guys were playing together day after day after day, you had good communication, good group cohesion, and a ton of practice. Us on the other hand? We had none of those things. Only a few of us were actively playing WoWP on a regular basis by that time, and when it came time for the release tournament, we were largely a disjointed, overconfident mess, and after winning everything in beta leading up to that, we thought Dracs would be a pushover... and they weren't. Basically, it was the 2016 election and we were Hillary.
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  15. lmao - I guess I was a little optimistic in saying "eternally", though I never would have guessed any of us would still be playing this game in 2020. I watch you stream from time to time - I never remembered this thread though. Now that you're amazing at the game, tell me what the new meta is for equipment, because I can't make heads or tails of it
  16. I've been working on a few slow tank 3-marks lately and it feels so... wrong? It's so counterproductive to winrate. You have to position yourself so that you aren't so useful earlygame that your team springboards off your damage into a stomp, which often means purposely letting the flank slowly die so you can keep cannibalizing it for damage. With TDs you have a (bad) excuse, but it feels especially awful to have to do it in a heavy. Looking forward to being able to go back to normal when I'm done with these. Anyway, my current grinds in order of enjoyment are the IS-3-II > UDES 14-5 > M4 51> T9 CN TD > Conway. I'd definitely recommend the first two to pretty much anyone, the IS-3-II is a good all-rounder and the UDES's 105mm is incredible at the tier. I'm not getting much time in them though because of Equip 2.0 completely changing LT/TD/HT loadouts. All those improved hardenings and improved rotations aren't going to buy themselves. I've also got a lot of T8/T9 LTs to grind, but other than the T49 I've found them so unfun. Maybe with the new equipment you can make dedicated passive scouting work, but atm they just feel like bad meds when you have to deal with HESH spamming EBRs beating you to every active spotting location.
  17. Should add that the big gun is still lol good for HE spam as well... gave it a spin earlier and while a Donqueror was punching holes in my turret with APCR spam for 300-400, I exacted that dmg with HE to the face
  18. real life is pretty crazy atm, sorry for being so delaying but i promise i'll get around to doing it, i just can't find the time/energy right now
  19. i 4,8k dpg'd the 140 before quitting in 100 games so i think it's moot isn't it
  20. I've just finished the tier 8 now to, the WZ-111-1 FT. It's not flat-out awful, but it isn't particularly good either, especially when you put it up against the tier 8 premium. The gun is pretty good, both the middle gun (top 122) and the top gun (130) are pretty good offering okay gun handling, penetration and alpha. The top gun in particular is pretty nice, excellent penetration for a tier 8 with chunky alpha means you can deter pushes on lines where you can camo up and can also pick off lowish-health tanks. The main issue is that the platform is absolutely dreadful. Slow, armour that only works if you can hide the lower plate, and even then, only really against lower tiers, and pitiful HP at only 1,000 meaning that if you get spotted, it's over very quickly. I really don't know why WG gave such a slow tank with so little armour so little HP. Camo is okay, so you can bush-kemp, but if you're required to push a lane or engage multiple tanks, you're going to struggle. This is where the comparison to the tier 8 premium is just so silly. In the premium, you get vastly better mobility, actual armour that bounces things (especially against lower tiers, meaning you can bully), slightly better DPM (okay, you lose a bit of alpha strike, but 440 is still really good for tier 8), better camo and better view range. It's just silly. My stats: 90 games to complete the grind, 46.67% win rate, 1,468 average damage with 308 average assist. Frustrating and not that much fun to play.
  21. Rexxie


    I would assume most people stock grind almost everything! I certainly do
  22. IS6 also got a pen buff, 175 to 190 (or whatever it has) is now enough to pen many t8 tanks with AP (so for joe average, this might make a diff) And its armour always relied more on rng as sheer strength, coupled with (still) good dpm / alpha dmg combo, and anything close range that misjudges the situation is gonna get smoked, including stuff like patriot or renegade. (and IS6 always had to deal with unkillable tanks, infact, in the past it was worse, VK-B was 100% imprevious after its buff, E75 was close to impossible to pen, type 4 the same, T95? no chance ST-1? well, only lfp can be penned, KV4? again, if he angles proper, you can only pen the hatch, with luck (both to hit and the pen roll) the rest is unpenneable). ST-1 are extinct i think, same for KV4, E75 is not popular, cant remember the last VK-B, so while an VK100 is ``not much fun`` in the IS6, and E75 is worse and while mle 51 sucks to fight, its still better as an Type 4 etc. And the armies of IS3`s which are your best counter are also gone, an Renegade or patiot might be good/OP, but when your IS6, i guess facing IS3`s is in some ways worse...
  23. Personally, I like all competitions in FIFA. The developers of this game should be proud of their work because I love it! Just recently there were updates and the new version is so cool that I can not tear myself away from it, my friends and I play FIFA all night without interrupting for sleep and Breakfast. I especially like that steam keys have become cheaper thanks to cdkeysforgames.com. I don't know how it happened, but I like this service, it is incredibly convenient. Which player do you most often play for?
  24. I think the IS-4 is going to be pretty strong. It now has super heavy hull armour with hull down heavy turret armour, super heavy HP, but normal heavy mobility and a much better gun. If it parks at the right angle then you can bounce a lot of standard tier 10, which means people will have to sling HEAT at it, and hull down it's up there at being resistant to premium spam, some pixel shots on the cheeks and turret ring. Anyone firing standard ammo or lower tiers, it's going to be able to shrug off and bully pretty easily, whilst it can hold it's own in a HEAT battle with it's better turret armour, DPM and gun handling, plus it's 2.5k HP. ------------------------------ As for the E5, well they have pretty much brought the gun in line with the SC, they are pretty much close enough so I suppose it's basically a trade between better turret armour or more mobility. I still think the E5 should do about 40kph and have a 15kph reverse so it's more clear cut, but it should be more fun to play. People should also remember the E5 is way more agile than the SC so you can wiggle and re-angle your armour, plus it's smaller and more troll when it's in the open, making it easier to brawl and bully people IMO. Because it's lower plate is quite troll, especially if you only have like 220 ish pen, whereas tier 5s can go through that giant SC lower plate. E5 will absolutely shred lower tiers now, but still suffer in the those tier 10 meta battles because people will reliably pen you in the turret but you won't pen them, which is still the issue.
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  26. Finally three marked two of my favorites in the game 10/10 recommend these tanks.
  27. Diachekku2


    I am very tired of playing pokemon games now I am looking for another good mobile version will you suggest me some good app in mobile version because I just downloaded apps from here yesterday but I am not interested Felt
  28. Still playing this tank. With all that has been done, I was prepared for the KV-5 to be really painful to play now, but I think I was wrong. Still an absolutely brutal tank, really fun to just crush people. Real femdom hours.
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