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  2. switching to APCR? What is this, 2014? 40 APCR and 2 HE is the way to go bro
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  4. This is why you carry he in the hull down meta and this is why you don't engage on Sub 50m range. In current meta no tank with weakspots can go close. It still carries amazingly. Also its one of the few tanks besides the swedes where it makes sense to go to a weaker flank as long as it has a long firing lane. With no arty it even makes sense to get spoted at long range. Also try to look for a flank their weaker tanks will go to. Seriously I used it on my crap laptop account (ie the one I play when my PC is not working with min graphics where you don't see weakspots and have 16fps) and still pulled 67% WR and 2400 DPG. And that acc has like 55% wr instead of my usual.
  5. hazzgar


    T95. it's so good at carrying after the speed buff. Also T30 is meh also now. Pershing would be better even if all they did is buffed the shell speed.
  6. There are things we still do not see or know. HP/T is nice, but turret traverse and track traverse are quite low. Surprisingly low. We do not know terrain resists either. For all we know, it could have CDC 1.44/1.63/2.88 terrain resistance, and frankly then all that horsepower means nothing. For an autoloader, it has great accuracy and aim-time numbers, but again we do not know disp. stats. For all we know, WG may balance it out by giving it gun handling like T57 We do not know if the entire front section of the turret will be that listed armour, or will it be like T95E6 and the strong armour is only in one spot. In addition, the gun dep isn't really good, so do not expect gun dep angles to increase turret armour much either. Expect gun elevation problems too, typical with these French tanks when rotating the gun around. Keep in mind these vehicles have their engine hitbox and wheel sprockets in the front, so expect alot of engine damage sustained in frontal hits. While I do think this thing looks stronger than the current Bat Chat 25 AP, I don't really see it being better than current Skoda T5O, or Standard B
  7. As long as you have a working 0 key, people will be very welcoming to you.
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  9. Can't speak for others, but i know what the reference is. Would have been better if i added "One is bad enough", but i thought of that just now, sooooo... yeah. I'm bad @ jokes, but i think it's still better to try, than to not do any at all. Hey, at least i might make people laugh now and then at how bad they are...
  10. ... A tier 2 wheeler. That's like a "You win! (but not)" type of prize. Tier 2, goddammit, no one - I hope it's just the "Merry whisky happy new sisi, here's a free tank for logging in" gift. That would make more sense, since those are usually crappy little t2 tanks anyways.
  11. My main goal is to play casually, especially on west from unranked. I couldn't care less for ranks there. Cassiopeia is on of my favorite champs for me (after Shen being the top1 currently with Syndra and Khazix / Evelynn) and with Conqueror she ultrastrong. On the other hand idk conq will stay relevant after the nerf, but we will see. And don't worry my level is more like around plat 2, I had help from a grandmaster smurf jungle main in the duo so I could reach d4 before s9 ends. I'll add ur accs, just write if you want to fun draft or duo. I play in pretty hectic times also with all the teaching and stuff but we will manage 1-2 games.
  12. I don't know if I really miss any of these maps. Swamp, South Coast and Pearl River were okay to me. Dragon's Ridge is the only one I never played on. Hidden Village was awful, as was Severogorsk in the version before they took it out (it was okay before that). Those two the main ones I would never want to see back. The rest were all meh.
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  14. seems ok to me from here? https://wotlabs.net/na/player/kungpowcharlie
  15. WG hax to keep WN8/WR down confirmed! Dum dum DUMMMMMMMB!
  16. hazzgar


    The thing 40ish camo in a bush still means you get spoted at 60-65m in a bush vs proxy with a camo net if you talk bush spotting. This makes no difference. If you are going to get spoted by a wheeled tanks 15m won't save you. I'd get if this was a tank with mid tier camo and great gun control. Maybe then it would kinda make sense but here? Not really.
  17. toss me a request ingame and msg, I'll join if im not booster spam grinding my T9 Cold_Stream
  18. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wot/filter/?name1=advent_calendar2020 the FV1066 Senlac is on sale for EU server on day 4 of the advent calendar event. Price is loaded down with added stuff. Day 4 - FV1066 Senlac £36.40 £52.01 VIII FV1066 Senlac 100% crew Garage Slot 40×missions: x5 XP per victory Gold: 5,000 WoT Premium Account: 30 Coated Optics Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1 Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer 9×Wu Xing Element Metal camouflages
  19. I'm just going to point out the ARL's fairly good at bleeding to a certain German bias derp gun
  20. I decided to pick this tank back up over the weekend since it was on sale and I used to love it. I haven't played it since the LT changes. My original thoughts about how bad the tank would be now were proved correct, sadly. It's kind of depressing to see a tank I used to love nerfed to such a level. Mark jumped from 83.51% to 90.24% on my first battle (which was only 1.4k combined), which shows just how far the mark has fallen. Mobility is mediocre. Top speed is bottom in tier/class, power/weight is bottom third. No armor to speak of, and it's a huge target. Absolutely no survivability. Camo is decent, view range is tied for second best. So, it has decent scouting ability on paper. However, this is limited in practice since are better scouts out there that have actual guns, scouting is dead, and the complete lack of survivability (especially the huge size) limits your active scouting ability. Gun is horrid. 158/210 pen is a shadow of its old 181/250. 220 alpha means you can't trade at all with anything but light tanks. Reload is 8.81 base, so you have no DPM. But, the big thing that kills the gun is the shell velocity. 630 m/s is absolutely painful to use, especially if you're facing any wheelies. Overall, an awkward little tank with an awkward gun. No real place in the meta considering the AMX 13 57 and T71 DA exist. Probably the worst tier 7 light tank in my opinion. I don't see why WG had to nerf it so hard, especially by removing the autoloader. The autoloader made it a quirky, unique, fun tank, and made up for the lack of long range ability by giving you some short-range burst. Removing it was a horrible move on WG's part. Final verdict: No reason to play it. I'll be 3-marking it in honor of what it used to be and how much I used to enjoy it, and then selling it and never looking back.
  21. WTF did I just waste 15 minutes of my life doing? This made less sense than my masters thesis and it managed to do it in 2X as many words. So, WG adds 90k new TD bushes to the game but the nerfed to hell LTs are to blame for passive play mmmmkay
  22. thnks for the feed back. still looking to hook up with people and learn )
  23. I understand, but it is still annoying this is possible. Should not be to hard to ban clans like that.
  24. For a tier 7 light tank, its the lowest by a mile. If you discount the type 62 which has 25m on it, the next lowest light tank is 745m. 600m is enough for a light tank where it may be a concern in some cases.
  25. Wait, what? The 65t has good armor? Sure, the stock turret is good, but the rest is penned by a random lol-tractor, pretty much. Were you talking about the tier 9?
  26. The problem is that you're relying on those troll bounces, it's not really that reliable, and even with the troll nature, there are many weaknesses to the armour. Perhaps I was a bit more unlucky than most, but I never relied on the armour, it was all about minimizing exposure, conserving HP and keeping your big alpha in play until the late game (as you're great at mopping up with the alpha strike). I also don't tend to fire a lot of gold, which probably didn't help me too much either. I don't have the 50TP proto, but the standard tier 8 is better tier-for-tier than this one, which is my keeper in the line.
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  28. My mistake, T-43, I just assumed the German one was worse in the field of tier 7 medium tank mediocrity.
  29. What Jesse said basically, they are doing another 'rebalance', but really its a nerf to keep slowly killing arty to the point eventually no one plays it. This is a nerf, especially so I believe for tier 5 and 6 arties, because I think (though may be wrong about this) that their alpha damage has not only not been changed to reflect the increased HP pools due to the premium ammo change, but it also hasn't been changed to reflect the general tier 6 and below HP buffs. On the HE and previous 'special ammo' sandbox versions, tier 6 and below tanks had essentially received TWO HP buffs, one to effectively nerf premium ammo, and the other because their HP pools are too low generally. I don't think the alpha of the arties has been changed to reflect both changes, so even the 'improve damage no stun' round, will only be doing as much damage (effectively) as it does now on live, except now like a KV-1 has like 1.1k hit points or something, so an M44 has 550 on standard rounds, and like 630 or something on it;s higher damage rounds, but the tier 5 and 6 tanks it is facing now have way higher HP. Same applies to like the LeFH. Of course those tier 5 and 6 arties also get their HP buffed but in most situations arty HP is irrelevant, so it doesn't benefit them much, everything they fire at now takes them way longer to kill. On a wider scale this whole HP buff change is a pretty easy way to nerf too good premiums, leave them all as they are, so your Defender has 440 alpha and 1500 hit points, whilst your IS-3 will have 450 alpha standard rounds and like 1750 HP for example.
  30. So, I got a new rig and monitor... so these last few games are in glorious widescreen...
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