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  2. I haven't touched the game in about a month and a half, warships occupies my game time and a new job takes up most of the rest. I have pretty much every ship in the game mostly engineered and I can't be bothered to finish them, along with 700m in the bank. Game just got too tedious. I'd done just about everything, if something new and exciting that is combat based gets in I might play again.
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  4. Yeah feel the same. Since closed beta, last couple months is the first time I'm playing without premium account and there's no fucking way I'm giving them any money for premium tanks etc. Taking s break now, even frontlines is gone shite, needs another map. These arty changes sent enough to make me open my wallet, if they removed it I would but fuck them and their mission of squeezing every cent out of the whales. CUNTS
  5. Well at least I will get a free flat for 25% of buy price which is much lower than current sale price. So that's a profit. Still having 2 parents without jobs and my father having a stroke at 57 was a fucking punch in the dick. Good thing both of my parents have partners ( no idea how but if it works it works) On the bright side I 3 marked my BC12T while some RGT moron shouted at me for not spotting a ferdi behind a building and a su-101 that was double bushed. Took waay too much time. Lights are not fun now. Maps are changed in such a way you get less early spotting opportunities and have to wait til late game plus pubbies make fewer mistakes. I remember having more monster spot games in my 13 105 or 13 57 1 year ago
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  7. @Wanderjar I’ll take what I can get. Thanks renting pubbies.
  8. interesting. I'm seeing slightly different numbers elsewhere. I'm assuming they are both using the top gun as well. Got this from Rykoset posted 17:14, 21 MARCH 2019 EU time
  9. https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/Ryzen_Memory_Tweaking_Overclocking_Guide/
  10. Wheelie bins are horrible for the game. They have made early (typical) light tank gameplay redundant on the few maps where scouting was actually possible because of yolo tards lighting everyone and everything in 10s as they can get to the typical light spots well before anyone else. Oh and their laser like accuracy is OP too. I am not a fan.
  11. Wheel vehicle sniping Just had this moment!
  12. @hazzgar that’s how I feel playing the PTA. I do my best to write it off as confirmation bias. But then I take the 430 out for a spin...
  13. LOL this is the adverse effect of eating too many crayons. Or cocaine. Or STDs from unprotected sex with hookers. Or a combination of all the above.
  14. Don't forget PM is a perk, so it's all but useless until he gets it up to 100%. I guess he could grind up controlled impact and hope to finish that before the game dies, then retrain to PM.
  15. sohojacques

    HWK 30

    Sums up the state of the game nicely. WG “balancing” tier 8 premiums for 3-5-7MM has, I suspect, set in motion a endless cycle of buffing that will never result in balanced game play.
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  17. But killing objectives gives you very little. Though yeah with a semi competent team you always win attack but i had some teams that couldn't even get out of a.
  18. hazzgar

    Do you EVEN 90?

    Lol. Wheeled tanks killed 3 mark reqs so this is the time to 3 mark it. finally done it. Bounced from 94.9x% 5 times in 2 days going back to 92-93% but finally done it.
  19. depends on which ones you play. t37 is good, amx 12t is good but 59-16 and mt25 are annoying as hell and imho same tier meds are better than them. T6 lights are just not just enjoyable as t7 lights.
  20. https://www.pcgamer.com/dwarf-fortress-is-coming-to-steam-with-graphics-and-mod-support/
  21. It would be interesting to see data after the event on how each nation performed and how many codes were redeemed for each nation. Since it's based on averages, I'm inclined to believe the best results will come from the newest branch with an above-average tank, as that will probably have the greatest density of active players and higher-skilled players trying to perform well. USA, Germany, and USSR have zero chance at winning this.
  22. I got better at photography. More pics here, would appreciate a vote.
  23. So now that wheeled tanks are a thing: The 7.5 gun is absolutely required. As much as i like and enjoy the 10.5 kanon on this thing, if you run the 10.5 you are almost required to be a 2nd/3rd line sniper with it because the long reload times will get you dead if a wheeled vehicle gets close. The total lack of armor means they can lolpen you just about anywhere and still get away. You can definitely make the 10.5 work for you, and the alpha/pen of that gun is very nice to have, and if you play as a surprise heavy support you can do well with the 10.5, but if you plan on being anywhere near the front lines as a medium the 7.5 is just required. A point blank miss with the 10.5 means you are helpless for a very long time while you get bombed with HE. If you have a decent sized group with you (and you should anyway) that mostly shouldn't happen (it still can) but on anything but a >2 vs a wheelie you are basically SOL. I was sad to have to mount the 7.5 again and 50/50 APCR for high tiers but the game after I did, I massacred 3 wheelies on Pilsen and laughed.
  24. I'm playing the SU-100 as well for missions, just played a 4k game in it, camping base on Sand River. Stay with it @EvilMonkee.
  25. Did you get the tank? I wish ya did old friend!
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