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  2. Space Ishtarin coming today, sq status: not enough. Fuck. Ah, well, I'll give it a go, maybe I'll get her by chance... gacha: best I can do is mapo tofu, take it or leave it. Anyway... New boat was announced, USS New Orleans. massive boobas are nice, but That smile. That damn smile... HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG
  3. Yesterday
  4. The 416 would be a contender too and align with the k91. Not superb view range but invisible. Burlesque is the standout 8 however.
  5. Last week
  6. The mistake I've been making, is that I have gone into the forest, instead of playing the ridge.
  7. Never used prebuilt PCs, never will and never recommend anyone.
  8. Doesn't seem overly armoured, so this might actually be decent. It's gonna be interesting to see how it fares in World of Hulldown with -4 depression though.
  9. Just picked this up, I'm gonna set it for combat rather than scouting (I'll wait until field mods 3 for that). Vents, IA, vstab?
  10. Earlier
  11. I'm confused. With LNES I kept getting spotted. I switched it for vents and I'm fucking invisible now 😕 I'll keep CVS, regular vents and optics (in this order) for now. VR is in the 490s with food and camo is around the 37% level, should get a tiny bit higher once I unlock field mods 6
  12. I just became a patron and I have no idea how to update my stats on demand, any help?
  13. I have the same issue, at 125hz no sound from CPU/MBO, but at 500hz or 1000hz its back, only while moving the mouse. Mouse: Razer Viper - 16000 DPI CPU: Intel i5 10400F MBO: Gigabyte Z490 UD AC
  14. I have not been playing much of late due to work obligations (turns out there's a pandemic going around, who knew...), but I found some time to sit down with Crab and commentate a few games which I will post to his thread
  15. I regret choosing Vegas too. Then I found really cool editor Fastreel IMHO. Lots of patterns, free built-in musical library. If you like you can browse this site to download
  16. Thanks, mate. If only I had it on that account as well but that account is sitting idle there in SEA. Here's my NA account if anyone's curious.
  17. So in perhaps the luckiest draw I have ever gotten in the however many years I have played this, I lucked out and picked this up with the first few engineer keys I got from the event. It's solid - cross between a T71 and a Char Futur. Easy to over-turn it. Gun is really punchy 190 base pen, 250 gold, accuracy stinks, but aimtime is solid. 30+ camo with vents and camo crew. Combination of turret armor, alpha, and autoloader makes it devastating and relevant in every game you play in. Not quite the bourr fun factor or level of power, but checks a lot of boxes. Best thing is when a bou
  18. Epic bump 2.0. Maybe the last one, 3% less camo but faster track repair speed and faster reverse, trading dispersion for smaller aim circle isn't worth given the mobility, the first one is ass anyway on anything that is not a light tank. Yes you have reusable consumables but faster traverse isn't exactly useful unless being circled (which should't happen in the first place) I'm grinding them just to get the secondary boosted slot (vision, to boost optics). As of now i'm running two loadouts: Turbo, bond vents, bond vstab bond vents, optics, bond vstab
  19. I thought it was crap also but Field Modifications and bounty LNES have turned the Kunze into an extremely powerful LT. It's basically a tier 10.5 LT given the hitpoints, gun, view range and camo. Spotter built stats 41% camo, 511 VR, 2750 dpm, 0.35(0.25) accuracy. Reloads are 8.6/11.4 Gun built stats 32% camo, 462 VR, 3300 dpm, 0.34(0.24) accuracy. Reloads are 7.2/9.5 But what makes it work are the size, workable top speed and the siege mode. Siege in this tank isn't for snap shot brawling but for positional play. And especially for shooting at distances. Getting a L
  20. I suggest you to watch Rosario Vampire one of the best manga series but there are also some similar animes like Rosario Vampire which are more interesting you check them out here
  21. Close to mine - except of course nearly everything is bounty or bond I run a 7 HEAT and 4 HEAT loadout. There's some maps and matchmaking where i feel like the chances to pen a HEAT are less good. But i have no evidence and plenty of 4 HEAT pen games since the relevant patch. A wise chodefriend of mine said recently "better a 50% chance for 700 damage than 100% for 135"
  22. Kran is actually pretty good if you can cope with subpar penetration. It's tiny, nimble and gun handling is not bad at all. GL penning the turret when hulldown (remember to raise your pp when reloading to become invulnerable to pretty much anything, the turret roof is paper thin and if you are ever so slightly angled downward you can get penned) Udes 15-16 or whatever it's called is also decent. Armour is super troll, mobility is okay and from what I remember the gun is decent. Slightly more pen than kranvagn on both apcr and heat.
  23. hello there my dear unicum nabs, I've come here to improve my gameplay and to compete with all of u 😋
  24. I've had some pretty good matches on the snow and desert maps, but only in good hull down heavy tanks (AE Phase and C1B). Those two maps feel like they really favor such tanks, as all the good locations are either ridgelines or have those little rubble mounds that hide your hull. Not a fan of that meta, especially not after torturing myself through ranked (where most of the maps have those issues too). So far I haven't played many games in tanks other than those two mentioned, or at least tanks similar to them, and I don't think I would enjoy doing so either. The snow map has some vert
  25. Finished at 136.5%, which puts me about 50 positions under gold league. I wonder how far the 20% gold bracket will expand by the end, is it worth playing league games to try to push higher or just wait for more shitters to finish to inflate the league size? 2017 people finished total right now, would need that up to 2300 minimum with none of them ranking higher than 460 to make the cutoff 🤔 Update: After todays battles, there's now 2197 people finished, but I moved down to 504th place and the cutoff for gold went up 1% so it seems mostly good players finishing today haha.
  26. in the end i swapped back to the single shot gun, the dpm is just too bad, 22 sec rld and 0.38 acc with still only 2x 320, its just shit https://tanks.gg/compare/tnh-1051000?t=tnh-1051000_3111190 I ran it try hard with food, bia purple vent / stab and vent directive, and it was still just not good, so i put the single shot gun and dumped the expensive equip (and worked better) Only way to fix this is by giving it 2x 360 and better accuracy i think, or a massive dpm buff (2k minimum, so 17 sec rld for a clip)
  27. i have same problem too...someone can help?
  28. Few more thoughts: Snapshotting and even 1/2 aimed shots go everywhere. Trading up front with a 703 II - he WILL get three shots into you for about the time it takes you to get 3 into him (single fire) - which seems crazy to me. The Cent 5/1 turret at tier 8 is feels better than yours armor-wise. Plus you only have about +100 DPM in this thing. The flat around the mantlet and at the front of the curve in the mantlet is 235-260 so you end up trading with pubbies really poorly - i'll be trading shots to the face with a tomato and they might outdamage me 10 to 1. So finally one of the 5ish s
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