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  2. i think its still running for local use but its just not displayed on the site anymore
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  4. welcome to the Labbiest place on earth. please help SerB build his moonbase
  5. Movement dispersions are more important. Tanks need the benefit of being able to shoot on the move. In Emils (either one) they are particularly bad, I understand compared to something like IS3. The turret traverse bloom is poor, but given their unusually slow turret traverse it sort of passively controls their turret bloom. You see these same sort of things with vehicles like Hellcat, T34-H, VK1OOP - poor turret dispersion. But you don't really notice it, because these tanks are commonly firing when stopped, very near a stop, AND have very slow rotating turrets. Its when they move though, they essentially balloon like SPG. AMXM49 has the worst all over, as it has bad turret bloom with a faster tracking turret. Remember Emils also very probably have the benefit of GLD too because they are autoloaders, but the horrific movement dispersion just makes them shit out shells. Tanks like Skorp G, Hellcat, T34-H, VK, Charioteer, FV4K5, Conway, T57, T69 are examples in how movement dispersion just shit on tanks with bad stats in them. They simply cannot move and shoot
  6. I'm not sure, the turret cupolas are REALLY wide and if the tank is rocking back and forth on just a horizontal axis, I still feel like these are going to be pretty easy to hit [also the green zones near the cupolas are 35mm thick, so they can be overmatched by a KV-5]. Rocking might work a lot better if you're on a hill, but then you're having to deal with the really bad bloom values and aim time.
  7. Sure! Add my in game! My name should be the same. Daspointless.
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  9. Not quite meows level bc fap casters but good to see SUX represent http://wotreplays.eu/site/5188659#mines-enroh-churchill_gun_carrier
  10. Heads up: Gamemodels3d has the test version of 1.7.1 up. I don't know if anyting significant is in there, but I'm happy to see that the stock IS-2-II ISN'T stuck with absolutely miserable 85mm guns with like 160 pen or whatever it had it supertest. They're still 85mm guns, but they're magical and have like 212 stock pen. Also the shell cost for the 100mm version of the Object 703 II got adjusted, so they're probably planning on releasing that at some point. Honestly it looks better than the 122mm version.
  11. It's WG, guys. By the time they're done getting their heads stuck in a bucket it's a coin toss whether the T49 will do 1 damage per hit or 9999.
  12. Anyone else playing this? It's pretty fun for a mobile game...
  13. t32 suffered the same fate as the 110 and that was a better tank at almost everything in my eyes outside of knifefighting (better than it with small gun, worse with large) 110 had gun handling going for it and a stronger beak but a complete lack of troll armour and in a meta where aim spread was far more centered so that honestly didn't matter much the 110 walked a pretty fine line in terms of relevance but as soon as it had its strengths questioned it fell of a cliff harder than anything in the tier (panther 88 and t343 excluded)
  14. Meh, he's not wrong here. Except where he talks about the upper lower plate being weaker than the lower lover plate. I don't think that's the case, at least not according to Tanks.gg or Armorinspector.
  15. personally found the armour to be close to useless, not that the armour layout is bad (it isn't) but for how effective the armour is you rarely actually get to use it the playstyle means you rarely ever show anything but your turret anyway so i found the armour on the hull to be overkill, i'd much rather have it stripped of it and better mobility values instead (which aren't bad either, but the tank would benefit much more from that than the armour imo) gold value pretty much killed the enjoyment for me though, going from an m60 with 350 heat to this made it painfully obvious how much impact it has for my gameplay still a 7.5/10 tank though for me, after the 3mark i just ran out of steam to keep playing it
  16. @Diriz0n IF you have any of the top tier tanks (by your own ranking) you can probably get into most clans. If you cant participate the whole time your chances of getting a tank are much lower. I'd suggest you just try and get into the bond auction. 15-20K bonds will get you a lot of good stuff.
  17. Very handy read, thank you for the information as this is something i need to work on to improve most certainly
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  19. I only use shift. Max FoV and I have x25 turned off along with the sniper mode locked to the shift key so I can zoom in 3rd person with force without going into snipermode. Not only that but I haven’t used any zoom but x8 in sniper mode for well over 3 years. Other people might but I have absolutely no use for any other PoV than x8 in sniper. It works up close and it’s zoomed enough to hit shots at max range. if that’s an issue for some I’d argue their sense is too high, but if it works it works. I also have my arcade/sniper senses on the same tick for seamless switching, but that’s probably more of a me thing rather than a good thing
  20. lf artillery changes hit, are you going to use the higher damage ammunition, or use the stun+dmg rounds? I seek professional advice.
  21. Looking at these are very handy for getting to know more about a certain map as well as their little sneaky spots, thanks for sharing and hope more continues to follow!
  22. the 59-16 is a combat/flanker scout or counter scout. It definitely doesn't have the VR to be a primary scout. the gun is short/mid range and the turret is fast. It's good at pushing other lights off, can generally out DPM them and has a bit more armor than most t6 scouts and some meds. i played it before the Great Nerf with the machine gun and almost pure gold and it was a surprisingly good tank to have and fun in strongholds. I kept it until it got hammered to a true tier 6. lol penning an E100 in the ass with a full gold magazine was so much damn fun until the lorraine shot you for loitering....
  23. interesting. those were some good boxes for me though i admit the magic NY were luckier per box. at least you got a good deal on gold out of it
  24. This period at the end and after the xmas boosters is full premium spam, it's premium ammo span city at the moment, you basically have to assume everyone is spamming it. I mean I am playing tier 9 tanks with food, using premium ammo and still making like 100k profits. The 3 arty is just a thing, it always goes in these cycles, WG nerf arty, arty bobs over react and say its terrible, turns out its not, all the arty bobs start clicking again and annoying people, added to all the people doing their missions. For it to drop down we need the next minor arty nerf, and we'll have a nice period with far less of them in the game.
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