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  2. Diminishing returns after the 14th point irrc
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  4. Not to pile on, but WN8 isn’t a single-game metric, it’s a metric that was designed for an overview. IIRC it was calibrated for 5000 games and even “recent” WN8 is a misuse of the metric.
  5. Funny WoT Replays http://gestyy.com/et2k3w
  6. It had been a while since I had played the T49, so I took it back out for a spin, and this happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wd-628YUv48&feature=youtu.be (Apparently that didn't embed. If anyone can tell me how to embed a Youtube video, I'd appreciate it). That battle was also played without equipment. I've been using Bounty Equipment on the T49 lately, but moved it to something else and forgot to move it back. Lately I've been switching back and forth between Bounty Rammer, V-Stab, and Optics (for that sweet view range) and Bounty Rammer, V-Stab, and IRM (for the gun handling). Still trying to decide which loadout I like more for solo play. In a platoon with other T49's, I definitely prefer the second setup, since one of the other T49's usually has a vision setup.
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  8. And that line isn't niche? :-) As long as wheelie boyz exist in this form, other tier 8+ lights are obsolete. You can still have some fun tho, 13 105 line is okay. Fast, nimble tanks with camo and clip can work in many situations.
  9. I'm having the opposite problem. I too am returning since not playing from 2014 and I am eyeing my wn8 / dmg wondering why I am not 3k wn8 anymore with 2k DPG average at tier 8. Its a bit frustrating, I have been back for 3 weeks now and am struggling a lot to perform as good as I used to years ago. Would be curious to see how long it took others to be 'unicum' level again.
  10. One rate-up boat missing after ~100-120 cubes. About 400 cubes and no gold remaining, lol. In soviet union northern parliament the gacha rolls you!
  11. I'm finally having some success with this tank by abandoning vision and camo builds in favor of a gun handling and agility build. Vents + VStab + Improved Rotation is the build that Quickybab recommended in a recent vid and the results are worth a try. However, it gets tough if you are the only light in an all tier 10 battle as you'll almost certainly be outscouted in the wrong situations. For example, dont try to run the 2 line on Prok or the 0 line on Pilsen unless you have a vision and camo build....
  12. Hey guys, just an FYI. The development roadmap will be delayed 1-2 weeks. Last week I came down with something bad (not COVID thankfully) that kept me in bed with a 40C (104F) fever for 3 days. I'm just now starting to recover and get back on my feet.
  13. The prophet called Crab once spoke of a Pubbie Whisperer who could influence, nay even guide, a flock of pubbies to the promised land of coordination and victory. One day, may he come back unto us in a less sinful age. Sr360 does this really well. This replay in particular shows it off l as he does it on two flanks alternately with the t49 derp. I am one of your youtube viewers Sr - really appreciate you posting those up.
  14. This might be the most useless tank I've ever played. And there are a LOT of absolutely terrible tanks in this game. It just ....drives around fast. That's literally it.
  15. It has uphold for NVENC and QuickSync, yet truly, even the CPU based catch and encode functions admirably. This example is a straight CPU tear done yesterday (I don't do voiceovers) with medium game subtleties with an AMD FX-6300. For more info click Thanks!!
  16. CraBeatOff

    Type 62

    Still fun! plays unfair, earns nice. Not the zoom zoom boom boom thrills of the bourry-boi but one of the better tanks for earning solidly. I re-3-marked it today, took about 24 games (the mid tier hp rebalance must have pushed the marks up a little?). Using the set-up I outlined above - had a nice little 2k dmg + 1600 spotting session. Big hits for a LT at that tier, it's honestly probably ALSO the best tier 7 premium MT if you set it up for dpm with a vstab. None of the ammo or earning problems of the AMX 13 57.
  17. 1100 m/s is not the slowest shell. It's pretty ok actually. I really don't know. It's a mystery.
  18. Hello InconnuGlitterBoy, My name is EliteGuard01 from the World of Tanks division of The Art of Warfare gaming community. We are looking for mature and active gamers that want to platoon up and on our mandatory days (twice a week) play skirmish-battles. Thursday - 19:30 - 20:30 Sunday - 19:30 - 20:30 -We use both Team-Speak and Discord: https://discord.gg/mzpPMkx What we offer you in TAW: -Active and organized players in World of Tanks as well as 40+ other games -Structured gaming community -Our own forums, blogs, wikis -Social media platforms -Mature gamers that want a laid back environment away from excessive foul language and offensive topics TAW on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tawtv TAW on Facebook https://www.facebook...heartofwarfare/ TAW on Twitter https://twitter.com/TAWgaming Requirements to join: -Be able to understand and speak English -Have Team-Speak & microphone, be mature, active, and respectful to others -At least 16 years of age How to join: -Go to http://www.taw.net -On the top right, click the register button -Fill out the applicant and put World of Tanks as your game. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out. Looking forward to see you on the battlefield, [TAW]EliteGuard01 [WT 2DI]
  19. It seems to me it's the first time the whole community knows the tank weaknesses even the 46% morons. Everyone knows to yolo you if they kill people around you. Everyone knows to snipe your cupolas. So many times bad players killed lower tiers around me and then yolod me knowing I have no chance to kill them before i die. I'd not call it a good tank as despite having armor it has to play 2nd line to avoid getting rushed.
  20. If your browser keeps redirecting you to search.yahoo.com whenever you are searching for something (and you haven’t set Yahoo as your default search engine yourself), then you probably have a browser hijacker on your Mac. Browser hijackers often come in the form of browser extensions/add-ons, though sometimes they can be apps too. Hijackers set default search engine or homepage/start page of a browser to specific search engines, and stop users from changing those back. Sometimes instead of that they just intercept users’ search queries to Google, Bing and other popular search engines and display search results on the hijacker’s search engine. For more details, visit:
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  22. So you must love digging out the campers on Steppes, or from the forest of Malinovka, even if you cornered the opposing team on 20% of the map, but there is still a chance that you will be punished for actually playing actively? I really call BS on this sudden love for Komarin by everyone. That map was embodiment of everything that you all claim to hate in today's map pool. It was a campfest shit and it's good that it is gone. Hopefully for good.
  23. It's amazing how this thing devours stuff. Most tanks with insane DPM are heavily gimped in some way. Not this bad boy. If it weren't so sensitive to artillery it would be the best tank in the game. Vent stab rammer is best setup with food. Without food: optics stab rammer.
  24. Should be available by Friday at the latest! I was hoping to have it done by now but last week I came down with a pretty bad case of something and I've been pretty much knocked out of comission since then. Hoping to get back on my feet this week! Cheers!
  25. 274a im forever cursed to get the 3rd mark on a shitty loss i guess
  26. Will do these tomorrow, tonight's my 8th 907 3 mark grind starting so gonna be hitting the grind pretty hard now Edit: the grind already broke me and I uninstalled
  27. - Rebalance to Tier 8 premiums - STG - T26E4 ANOTHER stupid pershing buff? They should just make a new Brazilian tech tree and move it over there. That thing takes no skill to play at all..
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