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  2. Any non-damaging hit should be counted as blocked by armour and/or ricochet. Damage applied to modules AKA tracks, gun, vision device is damage caused, just not HP damage - should be counted as dmg blocked because vehicular HP isn't taken off, rather you just lose module durability. Many times, the shot passes through the module anyways, and hits the underlying hull, and gets blocked too.....makes sense to just pile this as dmg blocked. I am very sure life-saving throw on tracks isn't 1OO% as claimed by WG mechanics explained, that is horseshit. MAYBE if shot properly, like track wheel/roller/sprocket. But that shit doesn't comprise the whole track that can be hit, and suspension is defined by whole track. Because you see track shots all the time do nothing, not even spin out the enemy or turn their tracks yellow as damaged. Spaced armour panels outside of tank decal, like conqueror / super pershing, sometimes get hit and penetrated, and the shot passes on through wide of the vehicle not turning out to be a hit - and it is not counted as blocked dmg. This again, is horseshit. HE hits, dealing O, absolutely O dmg even if damaging gun/tracks/vision blocks should be counted as dmg blocked. In Skill4 recent obj 277 tech tree showcase, his first game in IS3 he blocks 3 consecutive T44 1OOmm 33Odmg HE shells in a row, and none are counted as dmg blocked. No modules turn yellow. Wth? Damage blocked, should be damage blocked, the fucking armour is blocking HE from applying dmg. I just had a game against an IS3 / WZ12OG in my 11O, and took 5 non damaging hits, 2 ricochets and 3 non penetrating. And my damage blocked was 39O total. What the fuck? This is a pretty black and white sort of deal. Either vehicular HP are stripped off, or aren't.
  3. I like stripes. And Stars. And notches. At any rate, I suffered severe burnout in my last pursued vehicle marks, only got 1 of 2. But they are everlasting, so no matter how shitty I drop to, it remains.
  4. it got nerfed even further, worse aimtime, worse intra-clip, worse HP goes to show how much of a meat grinder ST can be
  5. Yesterday
  6. I agree with Dirizon on this one. The 263 was a great tank. Playing through it didn't even feel like a grind. One note I will make. If you don't like the 263, you might not like the 268v4. They have almost identical playstyles, and the 263 is the stronger one tier for tier (since the 268v4 was nerfed). The 268v4 gives up some of the 263's armor reliability, in the sense that you know whether you can be penned or not in a given position in the 263. In return, the 268v4 gets armor that pubbies have trouble reliably penning, but that anyone who knows the armor layout can pen pretty easily regardless of how you're positioned.
  7. Ah, was that it. I did put in the code and get some skin for the AMX1390. One of those days I may start reading those specials news from WG rather than just glancing over them. I just find that I either do the missions by playing normally or really can't be bothered doing something special to finish them anyway.
  8. Last week
  9. Wish it had the option like its predecessor, to use small gun (IS7 gun)
  10. It is a generalist. It isn't fast like fast heavy tanks (there are tonnes now) that contest early positions with mediums And it isn't heavily armoured like super heavy tanks, nor does it have their HP (armoured weirdly arrayed to the sides) But on the other hand, it is generally bulkier than fast heavy tanks. It is faster (relatively) than super heavy tanks. Mediocre DPM and accuracy, but better than quite a few tanks like IS7, Type 5, PzKVII, AMX54 If it is piled into the category, of faster than A but less armour and HP. Slower than B, but more protection. It finds itself in generalist categories, like T11OE5, T57, AMX54, obj 7O5A, 6OTP, FV215B. or even super conqueror when on flat ground, not able to use its main many advantages. These vehicles typically are not good, and neither is IS4. But making something better than it currently is, is definitely a nice start. Leopard for instance, its improvements have not made it a broken tank, it still retains alot of significant flaws it had before buffs, such as large size, poor armour, middling DPM, Etc. But now people can easily say Leopard 1 is alright. I think they should do this to IS4, give it slight ups, until it at least fulfills a more or less average role. I do think that AMX54, T11OE5, FV215B need some buffs too - but here the problem is more of Kran van, Super K, FV421 are too good -- which harms any use at all these tanks may have. IS4 needs help first.
  11. Price aside, I'm heavily on the side of mechanically unique content not being exclusive to a mode or limited time exclusive. Non-mechanically unique content, fill your boots, but all this artificial scarcity, limited time purchase, or excluding those who cannot meet the requirements for reasons out of their control rubs me the wrong way.
  12. https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/mechanized-infantry-limited-test This is NOT okay.
  13. At one point I broke the Delete key on my K70. They didn't replace the whole board, or even give me a new set of caps. But I did get a hand addressed bubble envelope with a new delete key. That was kind of cool.
  14. oh and now apparently WG pulled the credit booster rewards from the Scavenger hunt too and supposedly they were never in them to begin with and poor Domo was working with bad info. sigh. I'm literally not blaming the devs for the halloween mode pull. I'm just most surprised WG didnt pull some BS to cover it. it's kinda refreshing.
  15. Earlier
  16. I have been in contact back and forth with support tickets for the past few days, doing pingplotter, WGreport, disabled antivirus, restored vanilla client etc. etc. I use a Tmobile unlimited hotspot, but I live on a hill with a tower nearby, 40ms 30-50mbps up 25mbps down. It isn't fiber but it is very impressive with it's stability, I use a dedicated wifi antenna. (I also have no tower traffic as I live in a cornfield I get all the bandwidth ) Normally I see the occasional lag spike up to 999 and I disconnect, though it is very rare..or a few seconds of lag here and there. But the past few weeks my normal 50-60ms latency in game has risen to 80-180 and stutters every second. I have played on 250ms stable latency in the past(had 1mbps dsl from 2011 to 2016 when I pulled super uni stats with 250ms) I could handle it if packets were consistently being sent and received. WG is claming the issue is my ISP so I installed a VPN in case I was throttled and the issue was exactly the same only slightly worse because of extra VPN routing... What do you guys think? I know there have been several telia.net posts years ago, but I think the issues are back. I played fine on this setup for the past year or more, it has slowly degraded the past few weeks during peak hours it is horrible, 3AMt it is playable ish.
  17. Yep, pretty competitive! Good tanks to rank up
  18. Most of my work with Premiere Pro is H.264 for YouTube and other online video platforms. Honestly, people who use higher quality codecs for YouTube are just wasting time. I tried using higher quality codecs and nobody could tell the difference on YouTube due to YouTube's bandwidth limitations. I brought this post back from the dead because I've looked into upgrading to a Ryzen 3000 series system for a cheap 12 or 16 core system for video editing. However, I've been told by others people who use Premiere Pro regularly that a 9th gen i5 will give me the same encoding speed as a 3800X or 3900X and smoother playback while editing than a 3900X or 3800X. Puget Systems' Premiere Pro benchmark comparison tests seems to support this. Even at 4K H.264 100Mbps, the i5-9600K has a higher export speed and export score than the 3800X and 3900X. The Ryzen systems were benchmarked with faster RAM than the Intel systems. I wonder if Intel's new GPUs will be compatible with Adobe's use of Intel GPUs to speed up encoding and make editing smoother. If so, a 3900X or 3950X and an Intel GPU might be the best of both worlds. I guess we will find out next year when Intel releases their new GPUs. As long as I keep getting the cheap student price for Adobe CC, Adobe's stuff probably will be my main video editing and encoding software.
  19. I've considered NVMe RAID in the past, but every real world benchmark I've seen of it showed no improvement over a single NVMe drive. Even in Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve there were no improvements to video editing or encoding speed. There weren't any measurable difference in game load times or level load times either. I've experimented with NVMe raid on another person's PC in the past(Four Samsung 970 EVOs) and the benchmarks showed amazing speed. However I couldn't find any real world performance improvements just like all the tech people on YouTube and the other web sites that cover computer hardware. With NVMe drive prices falling, I guess it could be a cheap way to get an 8 TB NVMe drive with some 2TB NVMe drives being found on sale for under $200 now. The 2TB NVMe drives can be found lower priced than 2TB 2.5" SATA SSDs now when they are on sale.
  20. Yet it never uses more than 50% of the CPU and never maxes out any core when ray traced shadows are enabled and usually uses 20-40% of the CPU's ability. So, it isn't a limit of the CPU causing poor performance.
  21. Apparently the Ryzen 3000 series CPUs have a bug in the random number generator that makes them unable to boot most linux distros without a workaround. It also causes some issues in Windows software. The bug is that when a random number is requested form the CPU, the result is always zero. Because of this every Linux session ID has the same ID number instead of it being a random number. Because of this Linux won't boot because it keeps requesting a new random number from the CPU and it keeps getting zero as the random number. Supposedly AMD and the motherboard manufacturers may have a patch in 2 to 8 weeks. How does a CPU company release a CPU with a broken random number generator? Is that not tested before it goes to final silicon? It seems like a huge flaw. If Intel did that, it would be all over the news.
  22. Two main problems with HE. 1. Way too many tanks using HE as the first choice ammo. Jap heavies, shitbarn etc. This game needs a few tanks specialized in derp guns like KV-2 (with increased MM because this gun is a real thread even to X) or T49. 2. Ability to destroy INTERNAL modules and kill a crew without a penetration. Gods know why they decided to keep it that way.
  23. Hello! This morning we had an issue which caused periodic stats to stop appearing. Long story short, server ran out of space again. This has now been patched up, bad records have been deleted and the cache cleared, and your statistics should again be appearing normally! Apologies for the short downtime and inconvenience. Cheers! Never
  24. Minions and MIT were very welcoming when I was with them.
  25. FV433 Abbot should be a tier 7 light tank premium, with derper 1O5 howitzer, so it works just like the old VK28O1. Everyone would buy it for the lols
  26. I want to know good fellas to play with and have fun. I'm trying to git gud. Wanna try with me? I have discord and teamspeak, no problem to me.
  27. Best crapper player i had played with.
  28. kolni


    hahahahahahaha good to see wot alive and kicking
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