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  2. I have an EU account, could grind out the PTA+Free EXP if you'd like
  3. tier 9 is pretty whack since you still have autobounce and can spam 395 pen HEATwitzers
  4. Last week
  5. They still have a penchant for making shit up (Bourrasque, Lorr 50t, EBR 105)
  6. Legitimately try wot blitz on the windows store. I came back to wot and did a couple of hundred games and got over it but 2k battle into blitz. No arty, 7v7 so you can carry, people talk much less because you can't keep driving while you type, the economy so so much more forgiving, crews don't transfer and skills are universal but don't really matter, no arty, prem ammo does 20% less damage It's basically a microcosm of 1 flank on wot pz. So its pretty easy to dominate the game if you have a solid tank and because theres no arty/vision is far less relevant i think I've had single digit 0 damage games so far. When i came back to pc i was barely scarping 2kwn8 but somehow on blitz that translates to 3700 wn8. But that comes to the downsides which is you lose a lot of depth. Theres a 3d model of exactly where on the enemy you will pen and where you wont so to compensate most things have over buffed armour, but also shell switching is instant so if you'll bounce you can just press 2 right away, even though it does do 20% less damage. Also Vision really doesn't matter and bushes are sparse and don't do very much. Scouting just isn't a role, lights are just a sub-class of mediums which for some reason are given better guns so you have shit like any tier 8 medium getting absolutely bullied the shit out of by a same tier light. And they really lean into everything being badly balanced. Premiums are almost always better. But its also a fucking weird opposite dimension where the tiger 2, Black Prince, ARL and t1 heavy are almost tier breakingly op. But none of that really matters because you'll dominate it if you have a pulse and the only way you can really have a horrible game is when a kv2 or tier 8-10 derp gun american light gets lucky. Which they will because they seem to hit snapshots more often than not. Oh yeah and missiles exist, i haven't actually been hit by one yet but on a fundamental level they are possibly the stupidest thing wargaming has ever done in any of its games.
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/god_pack https://wotlabs.net/eu/player/god_pack Hello. I'm New in here Just starded streaming. Any advise is there is a luck to get Partnership in WotLabs with my performance ? Thank you
  8. all over? find a topic you like and post. it's discord
  9. Au is starting to see a second spike in one state at least. As you note, people get bored of caring and revert to selfishness. And yeah, the weekly cycle relates to testing. A similar graph would be how many tests were conducted each day.
  10. Armor is not the same though. 430 has idiotic side armor + slightly better front. It's a much better bully.
  11. Re abusing vision - Since Autoloaders can't use a rammer I try using optics + binos. I know they don't stack but this means I won't lose spotting on the move while binos give me stupid vr once passive. ELC EVEN + Binos is broken as shit.
  12. kinemaster pro mod app is amazing, I personally have the paid version, and it is sooo worth it. You can export in 4k get sooo many different effects and filters and stickers to play with. The chroma key works perfectly. I prefer it to anything on my computer. I plug a usb c hdmi into my phone to have it on my monitor. And then connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Just like having it on the computer. Would be great if there was a version on PC or Mac (Mac for me personally) but I looooveee this app so much.
  13. The on the move accuracy is more of an issue for me than the speed, but I am glad that is getting nerfed. Just remove them already and we can all go back to whining about arty.
  14. The Skoda T40. Such a meh tank; and a fantastic Char Futur 4 game, and one of the incredibly rare occasions where I get to carry @CraBeatOff and @1stTanks
  15. Earlier
  16. Tried this bushes now several times. And they work great on both sides. Unless you have some mad EBRs running around. K line there are also some trees you can knock over and sit in it. Nice passive spots, but very risky as you sit in the open and it usually hurts when you get spotted.
  17. yip seem the mods on the forums got their red pens out big time, must the be season for "hey my dick is bigger then yours" ..
  18. Ham_ for a better bush camp rating can you look at acceleration and ground resistance figures. I suspect that although the UDES scores high for camo on the move, it might not actually gain speed sufficiently rapidly to get to a bush on it's own side of the map before an opposing enemy medium (maybe with worse camo on the move) can get to a bush on their side of the map if the enemy medium can accelerate to that bush faster than the UDES can get to his own bush. The enemy can thus deny the UDES his bush by virtue of speed. Assumes that the UDES is racing to a bush versus a K-91. I am not taking into account notional top speed of the mediums here, because in the dash to a bush either early game or mid game the distances involved are I am assuming insufficient. You might need to pick a notional distance, say acceleration over 50 metres, or 75 metres to calculate the figures for comparing the mediums.
  19. My first thought looking through the first list was a bunch of the items should be consolidated, like the forward and backward transmission speed improvements. This does actually look pretty good. You'll be able to really compensate for the inherent problems many tanks have instead of just slapping double optics or vents on. My first thought is tanks like the TOG, Matilda BP or PZ IV S, which will be like brand new tanks with a turbo booster. Getting a hugely buffed version of ammo rack might make the FV201 playable. This will bring a lot of vehicles out of mothballs. And we'll still have camo net for the heavy tanks, so all the morons will be satisfied too. Oh snap, I just noticed they removed the Improved Aiming Unit option from artillery. DONE, IT'S GOOD, SHIP IT EDIT: FRACK they gave arty the improved rotation thingy that reduces bloom and increases traverse. YOU WERE SO CLOSE, WG
  20. Hold RMB while pressing Shift to prevent the re-aim This happens when you aim at terrain that is poorly modeled (near corners usually) and zooming out makes it spaz out, turrets with guns mounted elsewhere than dead center get this much more often
  21. Camping is just as bad, if not worse than a lordsheen yolo into the reds. I'd rather have you gone and done with in that time than to think I can possibly reply on you to at least give me cover fire late game. Active sniping is fine, as long as your gun is actually shooting and hitting. Just rounds downrange is terrible. snipe, move, snipe, move. otherwise just use a bot program that autoaims reds.
  22. The last sentence in the next to last paragraph speaks volumes.
  23. This is so refreshing to hear, a place where good constructive conversation can take place about World of Tanks! Thank you so much!
  24. Hi, I was wondering did you find a job in real estate. I think it is quite prestigious to work with real estate in our time. Now there are so many big companies that invest in real estate. Recently one of those company bought a house from my friends https://www.thepropertybuyingcompany.co.uk/landers/sell-house-fast I was very surprised when they told me how many houses they buy and how fast they work. I think working in such big company would be very good for a beginner.
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