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  2. Another thing that imo really changed, is that russian tanks no longer fit meta so well. -5 when almost everyone has -8 or better is a real disadvantage, and due to gun handling and penetration buffs, their armour is also no longer that good (T10 for example relied on rng, if the other guy can hit where he aims, your armour is almost useless) while russian gun handling is now becoming a problem by itself (the long aim time mostly) again, when everyone can aim quick, except for you, your having a problem. I played 257, 705 and grinded the double barrel shotgun tanks, but none of them
  3. Another good idea, just play a shitter tier 8 to get 3 ace tanks. I decided to buy back TVP TVU, put food, bounty stab, that reload perk thing and my skoda T50 crew on it (5.3 sec rld with 240 dmg, nice). First streak of 20 games, 2 ace tanker (and like 5 1e class...) second try i only needed 9 games to get 3 ace tanks (and got like 4 1e class also) i got good mm / teams, but i went rly smooth 1639 exp was my lowest ace, and thats with prem, so just over 1k base exp = ACE... All i now need is finish excalibur 15 with honors, to get my last needed token, and that is just a grind
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  5. Short answer is no. But suspect it's a bot anyway.
  6. When I was perma-blue, I got banned for awhile, then I wasn't blue anymore. J/K. Really good article.
  7. A pair of strong LT games on Minsk, of all the maps, and a Super Chaffee domination on Fisherman's Bay.
  8. dude hygiene is a huge part of mental health, take care of yourself man and this is coming from a drug addict, i know what a bad situation feels like but some things (like hygien, diet, some form of movement bi-daily at least) do help you mentally get better everywhere else too i got much better at the game after getting my diagnoses and the proper care because i wasn't so down all the time, just give it a shot
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  10. What happened to the Plastic G-Shock music video? Is it ever going to have a re-upload? How do you become an emotional shawty? What is your all time favorite song you ever made? How did you meet Ecco2k and Thaiboy? What was the worst fan meetup you ever had? Hoping to see you perform after the pandemic 🤓
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  12. Even with a shit crew it's not a brawler really. It's a tank that should camp first and then bully where it can
  13. My bad. Still cancerous mechanic. 2s for that clip unload?
  14. Thanks guys. Since the missions need consistency some tanks that work for one and done missions don't work as well here. Also yeah. 279 E is Ebola. Arty is Cancer. Don't know the chosen condition for wheelies by the community
  15. Thanks for the piece of advice which you shared, This really helped me. If you find it then do share the reviews of it.
  16. The AE absolutely seems like the best of the three, because it gives you some of those typical good-tank combinations - a strong turret, gun depression, penetration and gun handling so you can hull down and do well. Predictable. Reliable. Kind of boring. As I said, potentially the biggest thing going for the Char is that it is 'different', a fairly unique combination of characteristics in the game, but I definitely found it frustrating at times.
  17. 390 Quartz, 28 tickets. The damage was not as bad as I was expecting. Only 2 copies of the 5* CE and 4 spare of the 4* CE after a limit break. GOD DAMMIT
  18. Thread necro! Grinding through the Type 61 for an average player in 2021. It's good and balanced for the tier, an example that WG can actually balance tanks to be competitive in the tier without making them grossly overpowered flavour of the month. The buffs it received a couple of years back definitely helped it. It's closest competitor, given they are more or less the same tank, is the Patton. You trade a slight reduction in alpha for a slight gain in DPM, which is the big selling point of the tank. In the right situation, it can absolutely spit out shells and will rack up the damage pl
  19. Disclaimer - This may not work upon the next update, this may not even work tomorrow, but I've got it working now and I'm not having any issues with it. Just don't blame me if you screw it up and end up having to reinstall WoT. Doing the following will allow you to launch the normal WG Game Center from Steam when clicking the "Play" button on your Steam installation, it should also allow Steam to update WoT for you instead of having the WG Gaming Center running in the system tray all the time (however, I can't actually confirm this until we get an update). The only cavate I've found is th
  20. MAJEST1C


    fresh bump, lost my purple cape but... SINNOH REMAKES!!!
  21. Improved Hardening does nothing for your fuel tanks. It buffs tank HP and track repair speed (and track health to 100% after repair) and that's it, much more useful on bricks like the E3 or German superheavies. In terms of meta you're better running something safe like the bread-and-butter Rammer/Vstab/Optics. When you get a good crew you can think of switching out optics for vents, GLD, IRM, or a turbo.
  22. Strangely I've grinded through it 2 times, 1 time a year ago and I've always had great results.
  23. Meanwhile, I am closing in on the Excalibur... lol. Only Bloc 15 left in terms of getting the tank, and trying to clean up a few "For Honors" too. Bloc 14 I managed to finish in one night once I finally got the VK 100.01 P. I can't really imagine doing some of those higher level missions though...
  24. Hello everyone, recently I am encountering a serious problem with Steam that is running very slow ☹️. There are only 2 games on Steam, Spellbreak, World of Warships and my PC configuration is good. I have no idea why Steam is running very slow. Then I started to search google and most of the sites like this recommended clearing the cache. After clearing the cache the same issue is happening. I don't know what to do. Has anyone else come across this problem? Please help......
  25. Yeah I may have been tilted since I may have gotten bad rng and all my games were stalemates with few damage opportunities to them instantly crashing so I had to chase but ironically I've been doing best in the most passive t10 tank - the shitbarn. 4.9k dpg session was a bit silly
  26. Too bad you can't understand Polish as there are 2 good youtubers who explain their shit well. From not Polish guys right now Iyouxin is really good in terms of learning. Watch his vids. WIll help
  27. Pub forum people are morons. Borat does 720 dmg in 2s. This doesn't. Borat also has camo. One thing to notice - 900 m/s rounds.... No sniping in this.
  28. Yes but if they shoot not from a double bush they still get spotted. When they don't those optics won't help more than hp
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