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  2. Yes and no. On one hand, when top tier, or even mid-tier, it's much easier to carry in something like a T29 with clear strengths even if your team is full of potatoes. On the other hand, if you get singled out for M44 spam and due to how slow it is, and if using the 105, how bad the DPM, you will get rolled if rushed and your team collapses around you. Honestly it's the M44 and other tier 6 and tier 5 arty spam and their ability to either constantly do 100~odd damage to you or keep you perma-stunned that makes me most reluctant to play the T29.
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  4. Unfortunately, sometimes passive play is all you got. Early damage is good, but it's not necessarily better than mid or late game damage, and spending HP early for the early damage is likely counterproductive. Being solo makes it harder, but even more imperative that you not imperil yourself to try to force the issue. Empire's is bad, there's no safe early damage to be had, just bide your time and do what you can. As @CraBeatOffsays, Empires is all team distribution RNG. Himmels I either shoot the hill, or if I have a toon I support a push tank (tracks or hill). But in general, in closed
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  6. I've been running these builds for over a week now and after 144 battles I'm at 61% winrate, which is about 10% above my recent 1000 winrate. MOEs rising. Highly recommend that 300m minimap circle I mentioned in the above post, it really helps keep the tank at the optimum range from the bad guys.
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  8. After some thinking about it... Why do we even have to grind crew skills? We already grind: credits gold tank exp. free exp. blueprints bonds tokens battle points And top of all, we pay to have equipment demounted and crews transferred, retrained and skills reset every time we move them. Enough is enough! I want skills and crews to be free and available to everyone from start.
  9. Well I came back to see how the T49 plays after the changes and I was instantly reminded of The Godfather when a fully aimed shot took a hard right straight into the mantlet of a Pantera and did 153 damage. I'm going to have to keep playing to see how I feel about all this but damn am I going to miss slapping heavies in the face for 200-300.
  10. Just in case you did not notice. Field Modifications made it to the second iteration of the testserver. Yes Testserver not Sandbox. When the whole community is discussing Crew 2.0 or new CZ heavies they just added this to the game. And what did change you may ask. Well nothing as far as i can tell. What you saw on the supertest you will see on the testserver. Maybe some buffs here and there did change but it is the same system. After you elited your tank you will get bonuses with every level. Usually engine power, more hitpoints, better gun handling etc. Every Heavy I tested has
  11. Nice game. I've just found and upgraded some bounty optics for the 13-105 so I'll alter playstyle to do more on the move spotting.
  12. So jealous, I already filled up my battlepass points on both models. Really looking forward to trying the Bounty LNES instead of Bounty Vents build after Labor Day.
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  14. Logged in for a while to test out the changes, mostly playing the 40/43. High-damage HE feels like (usually) a trap round. It might feel nicer to hit for 500 instead of 350, but you pay for that dearly. You basically need to pen with these to get a higher damage output out of them. Arty as a class is probably worse all-around, but its most noticeable in pubbie hands. They constantly shoot the wrong ammo so you end up having to deal with damageless, stunless arty that you can keep track of via tracers/minimap/sound detection. Even more concerned that Intuition isnt' default.
  15. Here it goes! No blocking issues so far, maybe I'll get some money to replace my SATA SSD (ADATA SU900) with NVMe one. The Wraith Spire cooling solution I use now doesn't let the CPU to heat up higher than 70 deg. Celsius in Vulkan-based games like DOOM (2016). Now I'm really happy to put aside my old LGA1150 hardware and enjoy blasting Ryzen 5 3600X performance.
  16. nice write up. you still got it yung man
  17. So, the AMX 50B in 2021 for an average player. Well, for me at least, it is awful, and I am awful in it. In fact, I use some silly Christmas gift-wrap camo on it because i feel like I'm basically just wrapping myself up as an XP pinata for the enemy team when I play this thing. I am so bad in it, it is not even funny, but here's my take on it. It is the definition of power-creep in the game. It is a huge, fat heavy with zero armour (well some on the hull that can troll but in the day and age of hull-down monsters, it is more about turret armour these days, and this has none) and the
  18. Just noticed that my Mastery Badge Stats are not updating. They have been stuck on 7/48 for months but I been regularly getting Mastery awards at all levels recently. Had two Ace tankers in last week, but stats don't move. I'm defo not a good player, but working hard to improve and its frustrating when some stats don't reflect that hard work doesn't get reflected.
  19. Did you only join this forum to spam with clan invites? Why would anyone join a clan outside of the fact that you are a clan?
  20. A few more, because I wanted to really test this out. Close to 50 games - winrate kinda bad - both mistakes and solo so just about 60%. DPG 2k, spotting 1.5k - an acceptable total. But here's two more highlights Minsk This really highlights how you need to play this tank now. Ambush those enemy LTs, make them 1 shots early, so you can keep control of the space. Also highlights the way you shoot soft armor on the Emil 2 - if I had penned a shot - the game would've been 4 mins shorter - but in the end the gun, vision, camo were enough to make a win. Some nice egregious cleanup on the P
  21. Thanks a lot I was able to get the issue resolved from here. I will follow your guidance if I again get the issue.
  22. Yeah the shell speed is something that usually puts me off most tanks. Anything sub 1k and I literally can't hit a barn door but some people love STB's, Kran's etc so they can probably make this work.
  23. hazzgar

    The K-91 thread

    121B would seem fun. UDES would also seem very good but weird. Too bad you can't mount CVS on TD's
  24. I ended up re-completing Alliance-15. For the Alliance from the 279(e) Alliance set. Luckily, I didn't instantly sell the M41 Bulldog that I used to complete it without honors the first time, and even squeezed out a 3 mark on it while finishing with honors. It was well worth buying that and the B-C 12 t back to complete both the 15's but I did find the B-C 12 t a little more difficult to get 1st classes on. With Coalition-4 out of the way I'm now the proud owner of a 279(e), thank you to everyone for all the helpful advice and tank recommendations you've provided. For those still in the C
  25. Hi! Sorry but when will the next update comes to the stats? because its havent been updated since three days.
  26. Surprisingly enough it kind of actually is, but only because the average pre-patch arty main is, as Panzer says, a brain-dead vegetable. Judging by the amount of no-arty battles I've been getting lately as @GehakteMolen mentioned, most arty mains can't handle it. I actually see stupid bullshit pens more often in games with arty and stun is just as annoying as it's always been - because almost every player left playing arty is actually a thinking human being and not a drooling imbecile who has to hunt and peck WASD every time they want to relocate. Idk how many of you play high tier arty
  27. even warthunder is same, they do add great ass features but in most dumbass way they can think to fustrate players.
  28. I myself using TunesKit AceMovi, I think it is good for a video editing greenhand!
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