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  2. That's why when I tried it a year ago or so I had the purple vstab on it. Basically a 5% to the handling which made it sufficient to snipe or get some snap shots. Also not inaccurate
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  4. Doesn't matter. I still got pushed out in front of an enemy t57 by a friendly...
  5. Hello! If you have been in a clan's page in WoTLabs recently, you probably noticed a slight change in how the clan's WN8 is displayed. While previously there was a single number, now two are shown. The bigger one is the pure average WN8 of every member in the clan, while the second, smaller one is what was up until now the "default". This value which we call a battle-weighed value also takes into account the number of battles each player has. The goal of this was to prevent a clan from padding their average WN8 by including several accounts with a low battle count and extremely high WN8. As you know, WN8 as a metric is only really useful after a certain number of games, usually at the very least a couple thousand. Playing a few battles in low tier tanks and stacked with premium options could easily result in an unrealistically high WN8, which would then be weighed as much as someone with 20 thousand battles under their belt, thus skewing the clan's ratings. However, this method also caused a problem where players with very high battle counts could also skew the results, this time downwards, therefore showing numbers that don't properly reflect the clan's overall performance. To solve this, I have added both numbers to the page, with the most prominent one being pure average WN8, and the battle-weighed WN8 shown directly beneath. This should give players more information to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a clan to apply to. That is all for now, cheers!
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  7. It is a bit more forgiving than a regular autoloader, if you fuck up the first shot you don't have to sit there for 20/30 seconds waiting for a full clip reload. Definitely takes some practice and time to get used to. Also shits credits.
  8. So, here's my impressions on the mode (I have only played this episode, for credit grinding mainly, thanks to these 4 days I've been able to buy a tier 10 and recover most of my sold premiums, so I'd say around 12/15 millions made overall): At first it's fun and challenging, especially if you remove any premium ammo from your tanks, it definitely makes a good training for weakspot sniping. But after a short while it gets extremely boring, platooning is much advised, you have some good laughs about weird stuff happening and you also let some steam off when striked by 8 consumables at the same time. Premiums are the way to go, I've played mostly T92, blackdoge, progetto and t-44-100, there are also tech tree tanks that are really good (BatChat 12T). Lights/Mediums are the most useful classes and they'll bet a decent profit + good ranks because of their mobility and damage potential. Map is awesome, really open, you can flank pretty much anywhere except for a couple of spots (C west and E west), it's been designed by a third party company and in fact you only find 2 corridors, the ones mentioned above. Mostly soft terrain so fast movers are a must. Rip Lowe/VK players. There are TD nests but they're quite easy to counter, WG should really take note. Arty is still cancerous, especially with consumables. So you get slapped for half your HP, lose 2 crew members and then you get striked and bombed by unavoidable things. People still haven't figured how to play the mode, they fast cap and yolo objectives so nobody makes it to General (I've had games where the highest rank was Lieutenant). They also don't know how to take C in 2 minutes so they either leave it alone and go B or get spawncamped (one game in the IS3A there got me 7k damage and a major). It's usually the low wr/stats players. No point in making the game short, you don't earn credits, you don't earn ranks, you basically don't earn anything. You still see tryhards, people spamming premium ammo everywhere, I wonder if they ever make a profit in the mode. In 4 days of FL I think I've fired 10 premium shells, but then again I played for credits. Imo it should be a permanent mode, along with ranked. So that people have the time to understand how it works and get the most profit ($, ranks, exp) as they can get out of it. I'd remove arty consumables though, that's a really easy way to farm ranks without any skill involved. Racked up 2 prestige points, although I have limited time to play. Will see what I can do with them, I won't be able to get the emil or the sikrit dokumint t9, but I don't care that much anyway. I'd play it again, although only for credits/memes. Btw, I wish the T49 was still a tier 8, would have been hilarious to get top damage every single game with it
  9. Just wanna document my proudest ever setup on a butt shot: (1) It all happened on Erlenburg South spawn, about 1 min into battle. I was in the city looking for shots when I noticed that because our heavies were making hardcore pressure, Cent AX wanted to escape. He could either run towards me, or retreat along the riverbanks. (2) For reasons that would make sense in a moment, I wanted to "convince" him to come across the bridge. So I put an HE round to his turret for 300 something dmg. (3) My boy Cent AX was not amused. I successfully attracted his attention, and he decided to cross the bridge. Of course, he couldn't find me at the other end... (4) As our heavies pushed, he was momentarily distracted by sideshot opportunities. This was the moment I hoped for: feelsgud
  10. It's what the MoE mod is showing, but it may be so low because I only have 2 pub games in it. I found it odd too honestly, and given the good overall performance of the tank I thought people would just skip it or play it as they usually play lights (RR and die after spotting 1-2 tanks)
  11. I don't really like it much nowadays because first is that gun, massive acceleration coupled with 0.17 dispersion, AP so darn unreliable at sniping with that accuracy and pen, then there is the transmission, it is only quick to accelerate before hitting 45. Second is nobody actually dare to poke even when they have 3k health on the block. Last you got accused as defeat factor by local 277 for staying alive in game. It is in a bad state because it shines only when the team is doing it correctly, but suffers way more when the team is under performing. Unlike the other two which has at least level of protection on their turret. Wait for people to poke is not feasible with armour inflation, unless we are talking about playing with the 2 key, yes that will work.
  12. why dont you copy/paste what you need into notepad...delete the original post and start again?
  13. DirtyACE7


    Yeah it's a great light tank. Better than any tier 8 light and most tier 9's as well. They just had it on NA for sale and I paid like $30 for it.
  14. I'm kinda halfway to the t7 and I'm already regretting having gone down this line. Doing it purely to not buy the t8 premium whenever it comes into the shop, only for FL (no interest in a tier 10 that NEEDS improved equipment just to make it on par with the beast that is the 13 105) because these things apparently rule the mode. I really don't get why WG would give these things such low view ranges and shit guns though. Right now my t6 turd has 363m view range with optics, vents, bia, 100% situational awareness and 81% recon. All of this when my t21 gets 407 with only bia, 99% SA, 69% recon and no equipment and the hype 64 gets 420 with bia, SA, 85%recon and again no equipment. They get good camo, but by the time you spot something you're basically already dead. Again, what's the point? I really hope the t7 is more playable, because this is hell. Btw the 3 mark requirement is 600 combined, tells you a lot about this tank. No point in using apcr as well, I may load full HE and focus lights/paper TDs and arty.
  15. not really trying but with such a limited playtime ( <1 hr a day after 14 hrs at work) its hard to accomplish anything of use long term. the only part of playing i really suck at is the initial read. fallbacks and redirection isnt an issue. Playing exhausted is a common state
  16. hazzgar

    UDES 16

    t10 is good but still not better than other tanks that still use vstabs
  17. tarzoard


    Hi. If you play Pokemon Go, have anyone tried this Battle Guide: Pokémon Go https://apknite.com/deadpxl.battle.guide. I think it's helpful. And i want to ask for Pokemon wallpapers you like most (any size). I want to collect them
  18. I kind of like this big beast. Engine is important. It way to slow without it. I dont have upgraded gun or tracks yet, but its so far a funny wagon. Guess 550 alpha feels great. Can bounce a lot If you hide your lower front plate . And love to ram soft tanks like Skorpions and su 130pms hehe
  19. I can be your mate in this situation :D
  20. I haven't played in a year and I just found out about this feature! But if I were to block any map Ensk would be the #1 map to kill on my list! Got sick of everyone never covering the east flank!
  21. Earlier
  22. Is this picture a lie? I shot that thing six times with 263 pen and bounced every one. I was at very short range as well so some hit that weakspot for sure. Boy when Wargaming buff they really go nuts. When I played this it was lol-penned by everything in that tumor.
  23. By number of battle buddy medals
  24. So, the T20 in May 2019... Still a good tank at tier 7. It has great (if no longer that special after the introduction of the Leo and the Italian line) alpha for a medium in this tier, with quite good penetration (especially gold ammo), excellent mobility and flexibility with gun depression. Has a relatively small profile so can do sort-of-scouting roles when absolutely required. On the downside, the gun handling isn't great, although still nowhere near as rage-inducing compared to say the Swedish Leo, and the rate of fire is as expected a bit on the slow side. Armour is also pretty much non-existent and you will get penned by most things. Overall though the package is nicely balanced, and the tank is probably one of the best mediums in the tier, and even when bottom tier the gun and mobility means that you're never going to be completely useless. 70 games to finish the grind, 57% win rate, 1,256 DPG - right on par with my T-43, only a little less than the P43 ter and way better than my Leo.
  25. Yeah, it works. Just a matter of getting the right map, the right baddies on the enemy team, and, most importantly, the right kind of bads on your team.
  26. Lots of things happened, all the Chinese TDs in the game got marked, Jagdpanther II also got 100% marked. T-34-2G FT - 83 Battles WZ-131G FT - 58 Battles 60G FT (The most difficult Tier 5 challenge in my career) - 75 Battles All Chinese TD: Jagdpanther II - 100%
  27. No shit. They aren't even historical pen values. No. Their positions are fine as is with WarGay physics. Like I said earlier. The solution to buff Tiger II isn't just to make it another DPM aids hose that can always kill you in 5 hits, and has a turret that forces you to shoot gold into it. Or make it spam armor. I think, this idea of mine has merit Reduce the frontal turret vulnerabilities; the cheeks, bolster the turret face (a bit, say, to 200mm) and buff gun bloom, followed by the 900 hp engine that could only work in WarGay dreams. To begin with, his idea isn't even 'Historical', especially when taking into account armor angle affects. Historical accuracy... Was probably a good thing. Its like if the GOT show stayed with their source material. This is because, like the show writers, except probably even worse, they don't know how to balance by themselves. As we all know the amazing successes of the Wargay balance department, reducing their hand in the development of tanks should be done at all times. Historical is best used as a basis for a buff to an underperforming vehicle, but not as a basis to deny a buff to an underperforming vehicle, is a sentiment I think we can agree with.
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