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  2. Do you run food? If you run vents and want VR you have to run food. Also consider using bounty or bond equipment.
  3. Super Chaffee: bad tank, good games... @Assassin7
  4. If that would happen to some CIS (RU) content maker, no one would take it seriously. Because "leave today, enter next day" is the common scenario here.
  5. This tank is so dank I don't really care if its good or bad. I just want to have it.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Haha that's the Body_Count I have known to like. I must admit joining the mythical clan of 322 was always a dream of mine since after the beta. When you saw a 322 platoon (especially Folterknecht in an old T8 arty haha) on the enemy side you didn't need things like XVM winrate calculator to know that you are in trouble. Sadly I was never good enough for 322 so I joined -322- years later after I played some platoons with Body_Count. It never fully took off but I was proud to carry the Tag into battle for some time. Good old times. Edit: also that IS4 pic brings back nice memories. It was dank on T9. i see BBV was already a retard in 2013. i wonder where it all went wrong for him I was in -322- back in 2015, when they decided that the second clan should be a cw one. body and some others joined but at the same time they let in a lot of shitty players which resulted that all players from 322 got triggered as fuck and went back in two weeks. After that i've joined LAVA. Fun times... hahaha I remember that aswell. Thought I would find some decent toon members in the clan chat. Turned out there were a lot of tomatos there
  8. >np every turn Haha, veri funni devs, go choke on a bag of dicks. I hate it when it's one rules for the ai and different for the player, no matter what genre it is (I can't even count times when I smashed my keyboard because of rubber-banding). I have one more idea that I'll try out, if it fails - fuck it, I'm done, I'm not touching the story anymore.
  9. Just the ones that played for the wrong reasons :-P To the OP: There is hardly anything new to write about. Equipment 2.0 came out - that thread is/was pretty good. But even that hasn't fundamentally changed how the game works (for pub games) in years. Tank roles got a little more specialized - there's more viable equipment setups - but things that were true about the mechanics and meta in 2013 and 2016 remain the same. That said virtually every change WG makes pushes the game closer to parity and RNG based outcomes (not so much shells and pen, but tank dispersal and the interaction with map design). Plus EBRs for zoomers and speed up the pace and introduce more skill blunting randomness!
  10. Last week
  11. after not playing for a couple months, I decided to try 3 marking this tank, as it is a great meme and I figured it would be a lot more fun than my struggles at tier 10. Winrate was at 70% but I had one session near the end at like 30% which I was unable to recover from. At 100 games I was at like 92%, but it took longer than it should've because I kept being dumb. Also the reqs are (apparently) like 3k, which seemed high, especially when you fight (sometimes) tier 5s with no hp. Also I frequently ran out of ammo.
  12. It is funny because this tank would absolutely crush everything in brawls if the moment you get within 50m you could still fucking hit the bottom half of enemy tanks.
  13. Have you taken an oath to play all the shitty tanks?
  14. Per testing CVS doesn’t really work well with lowing VR, and is severely map limited. LNES is better for straight up spotting, and vents or turbo are probably even better choices dor the third slot
  15. Another side note, off road helps terrain resistances which also help your rotation. I tend to go for it before clutch. Doesn't help your equipment choices a lot, but I'd say those are down to optics vstab rammer or vents vstab rammer.
  16. Personally I didn't change from optics vstab rammer. The tank doesn't really need much help on the rotation side of things as it's already very nimble, so I just went for all out stabilisation.
  17. Yes you are right sometimes geforce experience error code 0x0003 creates problem, Bit after reading your source, solve this error become very simple, Thanks
  18. I was looking at the list of recommended vehicles for the T55A missions. I'm assuming that the original list was created when you could have vehicles of different tiers in the same platoon ... is there an updated list using the current 'rules' for platoons?
  19. Earlier
  20. this is something ive been worried about ever since last year, marathons get harder and harder but its w/e. but them slowly nerfing lootboxes each year is pretty shit, and they think no one will notice. all while they continue to lock brand new tanks/mechanics behind it. lootboxes are the best thing this game has ever seen outside of maybe Frontline (for the sake of credits). but soon enough even that will prob be shitty in terms of value
  21. Hello gents! The 191st Royal Regiment "The Black Watch" is now recruiting, we are looking for 18 yr old players who are looking for a unit that works together but keeps it fun. We have a "Real Life First" mentality and we are looking for players who do the same. We play all tanks and love to platoon and joke around. We are looking to start clan wars but you do not need to have high tier tanks to join all tiers welcome. Requirements: Too join are play at least once a week, speak English and play on PC NA Server.
  22. Finally a premium tier 8 Russian medium tank.
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