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  3. I would go with it. Agreed! most played tanks is another well mentioned point
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  5. Unfortunately for both him and me, yes. He posted the wrong address/phone number for my friend, because he picked the wrong one in White Pages. Even when we tried pointing it out, he didn't listen. lol
  6. I said I would try to 2-mark it but gave that up too. The only thing it has is a decent gun. Everything else is utter garbage. Some ppl take the sport in mastering the most shitty tanks but its not just that. Its the meta, and specially the maps. I mean cmon-Sdudzianki, Minsk, glacier, the chinese wall. I complained about Serb too much, I realize. How is it possible to sink so low, developers??
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  8. Minor necro, I just skimmed the old Sandbox thread because I have no life. Here's what I think is happening. The first sandbox was to test the ongoing armor creep approach which WG had already begun to see if it yielded the results they wanted. The question they were trying to answer was, "how do we balance the game better without removing gold ammo and arty while still being fun to play?" As most people on this forum know, the answer is, "you can't". Those mechanics inherently make balancing the game a shitshow. Their answer was, "you increase armor to the point where armor feels meaningful again even in the face of gold ammo." 6 months later I'm hull down in a T28 Prototype with a Defender 300m standing in the open and I realize I can't reliably pen him in any way other than shooting gold at his lower plate. The power creep which became the defining aspect of the game after sandbox was the chosen method of implementation, with results favoring armor. Even buffs which didn't increase armor directly had the effect of increasing armor in the game; buff the mobility and soft stats of tanks like the T59, Super P, and T54 Proto and you see more of these armor-centric tanks being played. It had many advantages over a dramatic, sweeping global change: subtle instead of overt, selling new tanks for more cash than ever, no stated goal so players don't have a mission statement to judge. Within a couple of years the number of players tanked. Checking the numbers they lost about 25% of their players in the two years after the sandbox, with heavier losses in the profitable NA market. Bottom line is players didn't like the changes. This is the year they're finally backtracking on things they would never do, because their revenue is finally hurting at this point. You can see it in the increasingly desperate pace of tank sales, the huge boosts to premium account, the exceptional drop in pricing this Christmas, and all the features that should have been in the game years ago like crew books and removing team damage. They tried it their way, and it failed. Some of the things people are complaining about now like the huge, open lanes of fire on maps like Glacier, Fisherman's Bay, Erlenberg, Ghost Town, Studzianski, Kharkov, this is all trying to make sniping more effective and roll back what they've already done which can't be easily undone. Yet again, these changes don't make the game more enjoyable, because the core mechanics are the real problem: arty, gold ammo, big tier spreads, etc. The question at this point is how far are they willing to go in walking back what they did and giving players what they want? Will the gold ammo reduction ever see the light of day? Is there really some huge rebalance in the works or are they so internally divided it never happens? Are they even finally considering removing artillery?
  9. That looks pretty close, the real thing is just a little narrower in the body. And yeah, the Beluga looks to be considerably different.
  10. Why would you go to the city when you can camp base and get 4k ez. Lakeville is so fucking retarded
  11. Drew this on my phone w/stylus during the more boring times at work the past couple of days Look ma, new content in the T49 thread!
  12. The AVR is really obscure in commonly available tank research (actually that goes for most British Prototype/paper designs), specifically about what vehicles were actually designed as opposed to just listing the projects goal.
  13. I kind of like this tank. It's slow and awkward with huge tracks and terrible hull armor, but the gun is just lovely. Punishing people for 560ish gives me a warm feeling. It can't really snap and is a bit derpy even at medium ranges but that's to be expected. The armor seems trollish at best. I get some bounces on the hull, mostly from people who don't know where to shoot or can't hit the huuuuuge lower front plate. The 8 degrees of gun depression make the tank more comfortable, and hull down it's decent enough. Nobody wants to stay still in front of that gun for very long so unless you've just fired only stupid people stick around to carefully aim for cupolas. Meaning only Russian tanks hit those with their abnormal snapshots. I don't think it's a keeper, but it's a nice tank to grind through.
  14. I never really followed the 3 mark mechanics because who cares, but I do have to ask this out of curiosity: I 3 marked the T25/2 eons ago, I don't know when. I just played my 100th game and noticed now my MOE is at 94.3%. How the crap does that make any sense?
  15. Broken tonks F 4 respecteru. Wheels are broken ---T_T
  16. Because exactly like I said when they nerfed it: 22, shoot the cupola, done. It was just going to take pubbies 6 months to realize it now has a giant glowing red "boss monster" weak spot.
  17. I actually really enjoy how he just ignores it so completely. The only time I've ever seen him react is to the poll.
  18. I like to meme with HESH in the top gun on this tank nowadays - my only gripe is that A. it misses a lot even fully aimed, which I"m sort of used to from the T49 but I'm also not yeeting 5k credits per shot into the dirt with a miss in the T49, and B. the thing is goddamn slow
  19. So, I have been trying to play a bit more seriously and focusing on primarily Tier X's, with the occasional "fun" tanks when I get frustrated (wheely bois/big gun TD's) or arty when I get sad. I have play 100% solo for the last month or so. My stats have started to go down and I wanted someone to look over the tanks I have played over the last 7 days (link here: https://wotlabs.net/na/player/Matross) and help me come up with 2, 3 or 4 tanks to focus on. Disclaimer: I did chase a "win" on the E50M for a handful of games, so that might have affected the wn8 by 200 or 300 points or so this week. QUESTION: I'm thinking it's time to get back into the groove and focus on playing tanks that are more or less "alike", and wanted to some advice on what tanks to play. Specifically, I wanted to ask a unicum/super unicum what tanks to play in the current meta and get my stats back up, possibly by analyzing the last 100 battles I played (7 days, link above). About me: I used to be a dark blue/light purple player (on good weeks). I'm most comfortable driving super heavies like the E100, Type 5 - pre nerf (don't play it anymore) and recently, the Maus. I just got the Maus and learning to play it (ie. when to push, not to push, who can easily pen, who can't, how to side scrape and hide turret, etc. etc.) I'm also comfortable playing fast(er) heavies like the 5A, 277, IS-7. I can and also like playing tanks w/ clips. Heavy tanks w/ clips are easier to play for me, than mediums, since they kind of play just like super heavies. I can do well time to time in mediums and paper mediums, but not consistently. I can play lights, but it's not that interesting to me. TD's are boring for me. Tanks like the STB-1, UDES 15/16, M48 Patton, AMX30, Leo 1 are fun, especially the STB-1 with the insane DPM, is really fun. I do read the line up before battle starts and guesstimate/anticipate who will be where. Tank crews are usually 4+, minimum 3 skills (BIA, skill/perk, repairs for heavies or mediums w/ armor or camo for paper mediums), with the proper equipment (brawlers get vents or food, snipers get optics w/ food usually). I do notice, when I play light tanks first, and then play some mediums, I usually have better sessions. I think my mind tells me to "play more carefully" since I'm used to playing in delicate tanks w/ low HP. I think it's when I play super heavies/heavies and then play some mediums, is when things go bad, and the back and forth between "fun tanks" or TD's, and back to mediums or fast heavies, is when the stats drop because i'm adopting/mixing play styles of different types of tanks and get too aggressive or too passive. I have to admit, I am chasing the T-55A HT-15 (with honors) and working on the light missions/arty missions, but I can stop focusing on that if needed. I can also drop down to Tier 8 or 9 if needed. I prefer Tier 9 over 8. Anyone care to help? I primarily play solo, but can platoon up on the weekdays usually from 9PM+ and on the weekends (just need to schedule).
  20. I didn't see a Cent 5/1 RAAC thread so I'll hijack the Cent 1 thread for the same topic because they're almost the same tank; except the prem is significantly better. No use creating a new thread right? Necro-hijack Cent 5/1 is indeed significantly superior to tech tree Cent, mostly because the UFP allows you to push enemy team much more effectively than tech tree Cent. Its like 200 eff, more if you're conscious about the armor. That armor is enough to make Cent successful in armor cancer meta. The slightly better gun bloom isn't really good enough; so it'll still need a lot of care. Even with Vstab+GLD its not very good. I figure that unless you run food; you have to pick up the GLD to get off (more distant) shots quickly. My current build is: Equips: GLD/Bonds VStab/Ram Cons: rep/med/food Boost Vstab with bonds My crew is shit but it's good to have the normal kit of repairs, firefighting so you can have safe food, and camo so you don't get spotted quite as often Naturally build a rammer, maybe drop the GLD for optics, vents won't do much because of how the tank is set up. Optics to make up for your vulnerability to 'ambush' a bit. Better gun bloom isn't enough to prevent even your gun from feeling duckfooted in open terrain battle. The main difference in play is that you can count on the UFP to bounce shots. In Cent 5/1 side scraping is a seriously viable strat, more hulldown position to use, etc. You don't *need* to side scrape, you can angle front, but most likely, that will lead to LFP penetration unless its autobounce, but then you cannot shoot (around building). Cent 5/1 is also better at chasing because of the UFP. 51mm sides people tell you to be extra careful with, but so long as you trigger autobounce there is no problem with Cent 5/1 side armor. Module damage is normal for British, watch for the ammo rack though. Turret is vulnerable to gold ammo. You probably can't return in kind because of 258 APCR pen. Its basically AP except to medicate Vk 100 cupolas and similar armor. To counter, angle the turret and point gun mantlet up/down. Moreso than techtree Cent, you are vulnerable to arty. And they know it. You will get focused the way glasscannons do, maybe harder because their team will spam "requesting fire" on you whenever possible. It's not a good prem I figure, because ammo prices cut deeply into profits, and you have to pay some attention to the game when using it. The vehicle also misses quite a few shots no matter what. The tank is also not that OP compared to defender. As usual with Cents, you struggle in battles where you are significantly outnumbered; don't let the UFP become a curse as it entices you to fight long odds. Despite all these advantages teams now are so incredibly terrible that it mitigates how powerful a tank this is. I figure its also impossible to predict the bads now. Their moves, like sticking a top tier super heavy tank in bushes are just insane. I've lost so much DPG to expectations of basic common sense. Like 3 TD Tank pre-aiming a secondary route at start of game. Its like mobile tanks now. Same insanity. Yes I relapsed don't kill me
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  22. Hype does not equate op. Never said it did. The tank lacks frontal weak spots, despite visibly showing many things that should otherwise be weak. And has a higher than usual premium ammunition penetration, 261 versus the 245 people would have otherwise expected it to get. The unnatural high acceleration, terrain resists boast a fluid mobility for a super heavy tank too. These things, are things people hype about, and in doing so they are blind to the outright flaws, such as mobility that means nothing because of a low speed cap and commonly damaged engine module....mediocre DPM if anything regardless of the premium ammo pen, clunky rear mounted nature and awful gun dep, Etc. The tank definitely isn't a Defender, never was, in fact I'd take Liberte over it any day in nearly every way
  23. Under WoT timelines, "Just around the corner" means 2 years and "imminent" means at least 6 months
  24. Diriz0n


    I am a pretty large pokemon fan, if anyone is into the stuff. I haven't placed as much time as l would like in it anymore, but I go back definitely twenty years with it, for sure. I am even named after one. Imagine that.
  25. It is ok, because you will be guaranteed to not drop Chevrons if you avoid fights until 390 alpha gun. And when you find sub lvl 5 players you can dominate them.
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