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  2. 10600K can be OCed, 10600 cannot. 10600K is better for gaming than every AMD part (for now). However the difference at higher resolutions is like 5% while stock. With a 4690k, you should be looking at a new CPU if you are going to be playing new games as they begin to take advantage of more cores. Otherwise you start experiencing stuttering making games uncomfortable to play. New ryzen CPUs are being announced this month so things can change.
  3. WG gives it absurd stats but then a 16s reload to "balance" it out. is gud balance da
  4. I did not. Here's proof 2k combined over a decent stretch of battles.
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  6. The KV-85 has horrible gun depression compared to the old KV-1S. IIRC it used to have -8 degrees back in the day, now it's like you have to stay clear of every little pebble on the map, or the gun will just point to the skies.
  7. played it a few games now, its totally shit, and despite buff still far worse as it ever was (it was better during shitty ``vision meta`` as it is nowadays...), too big, too slow, slow aim, slow reload, everything is slow the game is 100% zipping around spamming gold shells while camping in bush, so everything an E100 cant do (or maus for that matter) And E100 suks dik in hull down fights, which 90% of the heavy bralws nowadays are, so again, an E100 suks dik there
  8. New equipment has definitely salvaged this tank. Turbo/IRM/Binocs and I'd almost even say it's good now. Way faster and more agile, cut some of the brutal bloom numbers, and I don't even miss the rammer since it rarely mattered. Now that I can bail out when things get bad it's a lot more enjoyable, and you can even fill in as a passive scout (once yours dies yoloing 45 seconds into the game) thanks to the good camo and small size.
  9. They throw a lot more free stuff at you now than they used to do, like boosters and (if you play a lot) free premium tanks.
  10. So I've just finished grinding this. 90 games, 53.33% win rate, 2,324 DPG with 421 average assist. As I've been commenting elsewhere, I actually really like it. It has excellent gun handling for a 750-alpha strike meaning it does very well in brawls and/or second-line support. Derpy shell velocity does mean that it is a poor sniper and it should not be used as such. The armour is very weak to gold and high-pen AP rounds but will troll quite a lot of people and can be used to bully when top tier if you can hide the lower plate (or if people just panic). Stock grind is okay, as the stock gun is the top gun from the tier 8 which has respectable alpha and gun handling, but the top gun really makes this tank. Standard rounds are very serviceable, you get 395-pen HEAT which is just ridiculous for those times when you don't want to aim, and a very nice HE round which lets you do fun things like one-shot paper tier 8 tanks/tank destroyers or take 500-HP chunks out of hull down tanks like Chieftans, Super-Conqs and mediums. Running Rammer in the firepower slot, Hardening for the extra HP and track-module health (very useful) and IRM for the further gun handling buff and improved traverse speed. Yes, it won't win you a lot of games consistently but it's actually fun. The damage stats for me are pretty amazing, more or less best in the tier (better than the T-10 and Object 430, my best performers for a long time), the only tier 9 I have in which I perform better is the Leo PTA. Win rate is obviously pretty crappy, but given it's a casemate TD, and I generally suck at TDs, this feels pretty amazing. Highly recommend.
  11. I'm almost thinking IRM/Turbo/hardening for the HP boost and improved repair speed...
  12. Last week
  13. In 1-2 years 8GB is likely remain enough for the vast majority of games at 4k
  14. I miss the ability to rush the enemy's back road up top and farm the hell out of slow nerds but I guess thats the kind of thing they want to reduce because its frustrating to deal with. Otherwise yeah it feels the same and I love how mid is opened up
  15. The key to irm is that it will improve general ability to react while also improving forward backward dispersion. Turret dispersion improvement is offset by the increased speed of rotation. And I'm still running my pre 2.0 setup of optics vents rammer just to give me the option of spotting. Also tend to either play from aim as long as you like spots or up close so never really used gld.
  16. T-10 can reverse sidescrape when forced into heavy engagements and beat basically everything in tier. You win most of the time because people have to aim for a sliver of your side hull while you can centre mass tap most targets. The turret weakspots are manageable because most things you fight have worse gun handling than you do, and the things that do have better gun handling you can just alpha bully. If I'm on a corridor map and see a Mauschen on the enemy team, I'll go to the brawling corridor because 90% of the time that's free farm. The 277 has very little hull armour against same tier guns and next to none against HEAT. It's uber annoying, especially since the gun isn't even that good at snapping. You can't even fight same tier heavies properly. In theory, it should handle like a tier 10 T-10. In practice, it's not as good at bullying meds and suffers when you bring it against heavier heavies. I mean, I like the T-10/wee zee/277 playstyle, I just find that it works much better at tier 9 than at tier 10. Meh/T-10 I guess
  17. Full tier 8 games and getting bullied by CS-52s is physically painful. The only pref MM tier 8 that's any good is the Mutant. Btw Lowe has 1820 with hardening in the first slot
  18. I don't think the speed helps this that much. It's kind of fast enough for what it needs to do, which is get forward to the main brawl and second-line. As @sr360 notes, the gun handling feels amazing with IRM, and the rotation speed is also very useful on a casemate TD. With IRM you can pull snap-shots on anything inside 200m very reliably which makes it great for brawling. My other equipment was Hardening, mostly for the track repair and increased health, making you very hard to track for long periods of time, which can really save your bacon in a brawl. The overall HP gain is a nice bonus too (gets you to just under 2k health, very nice for a tier 9 TD). Last is the Rammer in the firepower slot, which can push your DPM to just over 3,000 with a good crew. I'm finding a lot of success with it, although not quite finished the grind. Winning is a bit of an issue because I'm not the best player, but damage performance is close to best in the tier for me. @GehakteMolen - unfortunately the tier 8 does not get any faster even once elite. It is very slow for how little armour it has. Pretty painful stock grind too, although it gets better once you at least have the middle gun (the same gun as on the premium WZ TD).
  19. I run a 3440x1440 ultrawide 34" curved monitor. Yeah, it's quite pretty, notably since I stepped up from a 22" 1080p that was 12 years old...
  20. This tank is a good home for the commander vision system (CVS) as it helps offset the somewhat poor view range.
  21. The new Modified Configuration equipment strengthens the engine and rack, but does nothing for the clip. I just sold it (again) to try the 13-90 with some scouty modules.
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  23. Now that I'm back I really want to find time to update this, but it's a bit of an undertaking & I would feel a lot more confident about doing it with a unicum that could give input. I could also just post them here as I make them & gather some feedback that way. Either way it's going to be pretty slow, but Okeano did a pretty nice job with this and it deserves some TLC. I'm just stretched a bit thin right now so commitment to rewriting this entirely solo is probably not a great idea.
  24. I have the ds418play. I'm not sure if its still in production or was replaced by a newer model.
  25. iOptics, iVents, and am experimenting with turbo vs IRM for the mobility slot. The IRM gives it better turning mobility, while the turbo gives it LT speed.
  26. I play on a shit laptop so I'm the other way around. Good positioning shit shooting
  27. Hi, i have the same problem, all my missions is active, but in GRAND BATTLE it doesnt work - it shows ''no active missions, please select in hangar'' How to fix it? I tried everything, deleted all mods, reinstalling game, nothing helps....
  28. Wait a few days until the number of LIS's are down, but the 14 day average still isn't up. Should be easier to mark stuff, if I understand the mechanics correctly.
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