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  2. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    That's interesting; I wasn't sure if spawns were totally random or if what I was flying affected it. But you say *pursuit* pirates spawn according to the ship the player flies, meaning the ones that interdict you? That's interesting; I'll have to carry a ton of something just to draw them in and see what I'm facing.
  3. @Deus__Ex__Machina couldn’t agree more.
  4. Firedog119

    I'm Back B*tches!

    Couldn't Buy a win last night if i tried! https://imgur.com/a/oJ60SV1
  5. Was going to play but of late my house has gremlins. Blew a TV power board, my pc psu, and now a vacuum cleaner. Good times.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Strigonx

    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    why would you even use the standard APCR on the tier 10 when you have meme tier HE rounds that have tier 10 heavy alpha and have enough penetration to fuck over light armored vehicles and side or rear armor.
  8. sohojacques

    Charioteer - does it need a buff?

    That’s ace. Thanks @Wanderjar. Yeah it corner poking/brawling I’m trying to improve on. I’m even considering dropping rammer for vents (with GLD and binos). Or once my crew has BiA replace the GLD with vents and keep the rammer. Will play around with it when the time comes. So much for the fabled 7% of Snap Shot?
  9. I think being a diversion is about the only role they are any good at. They can turn turrets, they just can't pen them
  10. hazzgar

    Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!

    Short range? Yeah. I remember some is7 facehugged my E100 and didn't move. Just stood there. The moron didn't even realize I could overmatch all the top plates on his tank.
  11. kyoshi2_man

    Streamer Sponsorship Program

    hello Wotlabs. I dont see Asian server streamer recently, but is there no possibility to adopt new streamer? Please use me if you like. There are 75 average audience of WoT.
  12. Archaic_One

    Facepalm - winter edition

    I bought 25 for myself and 25 for my son. I got a Defender and 14k gold, he got an E25 and 11k gold. Combined with the 4 free girls, tank discount coupons, and ~ month of premium time it is still the best value in WoT if you wanted to spend real $$.
  13. 30 days of prime time grinding was bad enough, but I did it when you also had to spam the fuck out of stronks to earn enough influence points to even have the 'privilege' of dropping into CW. Once was enough, I earned my snorkel and swore never again.
  14. Last week
  15. TheMarine0341

    Marine's Simple Replays

    @Tarski thanks dude! And, the final one Til this battle I had been sucking out REALLY hard in the tank
  16. MacusFlash

    Conqueror OP

    Awful accuracy in my Conq. For some reason I can't hit things in point blank range.
  17. Tarski


    But I have a premium account, so I can buy it sooner than the plebs! If I had one, per your post from three years ago I'd probably load lots of HE. But if I were going to do that, I could just play a tech tree tank destroyer with better HE shells.
  18. Bavor

    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    I found the tier 8 VK to be very good in pub battles. The armor works extremely well and the gun isn't awful, but you need APCR against many of the tier 10s. It only took me 89 battles and I played it entire solo in pub battles with a 63% win rate.
  19. ViolentViolet


    Awake for Campaign. Finally a new one. Prettymuch only serious DURING battles. BAD PLAY is NOTED and commented on lol. Hit up ViolentViolet or app directly if looking for a Clan with a Record for finishing top 10 in campaign and GettinTanks. ======Requirements to Join Y0L0======== ☛ English Speakers with Mic and be willing to use Team Speak whenever Online.. ☛ 2300+ Overall & Recent of 3000+ ☛ 9K+ PR Highly Recommended ☛ Minimum 4 CW viable tier Xs to enter. ☛ Heavies-2900+, Mediums-3000+, TDS 3000+* ~ AVG DAMAGE T10 (exceptions can be made)If interested , apply on the portal to Y0l0 and also talk to our recruiter on Team speak.For more Recruitment information contact : ViolentViolet, O_P_Hacker, Chuny77TS - yolo.teamspeak3.com
  20. Tarski

    Standard B is ... balanced?

    That's fair. I usually have some free exp saved for tier 9 stock grinds, so I never experienced it.
  21. Unavailebow

    New US Prem tank destroyer the TS5

    Please snap shot because its 0.44 anyway, btw where to get this version of tank inspector since smellyriver abandoned it ?
  22. BlitzReaper

    Returning Player, Err, Need Clam?

    Your first mistake was to return
  23. Hey guys, just an FYI. You can now connect to the WoTLabs TS without the port number, just typing in ts.wotlabs.net
  24. I had the pleasure of having a planer named Ninja_Jones on my team tonight. In his TOP TIER M46 KR he camped the red lien the entire battle and didn't even fire a shot until most of the team was dead. He refused to participate in the battle and just kept running away from the enemy until he was surrounded and had to shoot.
  25. minivinny789

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    After rage quitting tanks over Christmas "break" I came back to play the only tank that brings me joy. Sadly low rolls hurt me even more. https://gfycat.com/MilkyMiserableBanteng Edit: seems ive broken embedding gifs.
  26. Avalon304

    Avalon304's Stream of Comfortable Tanking

    Streaming now for a few hours! Link in sig.
  27. Deus__Ex__Machina

    50TP Tyszkiewicza thread

    i play with the 127mm
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