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    Dawn of Industry power-rankings

    You and your fucking zero key.
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    IS-3-II/ST-II (Super Test)

    @kariverson the tanks.gg model for the VK72 has been incorrect for along while now, you have to roll back to like update 1.0 to get the correct model also the model for the 703 is obviously incorrect/incomplete. this is a more correct model: https://armor.wotinspector.com/?targetVehicleId=44289,63746,56323,56836&mode=xray.textures&platform=pc i Also find it very amusing that anyone would think the 703 is anything but broken in anyway, shows that all these years of powercreep has gotten to peoples heads.
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    Yes the Löwe is a very good tank now, a bit boring because it's quite slow but otherwise a good credit earner To humor myself until Christmas arrives I'm going to do mini-reviews for all the T8 premium tanks as of posting (Dec 2019). It's best to learn up on all the tier 8 premiums since they populate the tier by a fair bit now.
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    First games in ~5 years. I suck now?

    You're better off uninstalling now.
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    Whenever I think I'm full of myself I'm going to come back here and read this quote.
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    IS-3-II/ST-II (Super Test)

    The thing is you are not punished at all for not using double shot. So no matter how you look at it, the double shot is still an advantage. Not a huge one but still an advantage. Plus there are clear situations where the double shot makes sense and works. Sorry but this is wrong on 2 accounts: 1. This is not an autoloader but an auto reloader. Big difference, smaller drawbacks for shooting 1 time 2. It is useful when enemies are attacking you and are on 1 shot hp or just go for you in regular time intervals. This happens more often than most people care to admit because the current meta is idiot plays. Again you miss the key factor. You have 3 distinct firing modes. The tank is still highly capable in single shot mode. The autoreloader and 2 shots are situational but useful in those specific situations. (also I remember how people undervalued italian autoreloaders when they were released first). Only 2 heavy tanks in tier has actually amazing armor (VK1001p and Defender) and one gets punished for that by being slow as shit and huge. It's armor also scales badly when fighting higher tiers while 703 still has a turret that works with wiggling and moving due to typical russian angles. Defender is better but the gun is more derpy. 240 pen is not autopen. It's not a flat turret face so that armor still maximizes your survival. You also omit the sides are rather strong. Not strong against high pen guns but will lower the angle from which you can be shot, especially by meds and lights. Oh come on. Now I know you are just pulling stuff out of your ass. Let's look at t8 heavies and their pen values (and I will not use pref mm tanks so you have it easier): Heavies With Higher Pen: T34 50 100 Liberte Caern AX E75TS IS3 KV4 Lowe Renegade Defender Patriot Somua Tiger II VK4501 Same Pen: IS3A Heavies with Lower Pen: 110 50TP Prot 53TP Amx 65T Chrystler K Emil 1951 Emil I IS-M Caern O-Ho T32 VK1001p Mauerbrecher VK4502a That gives you 14 tanks with more pen. 1 tanks with same pen. 13 tanks with less pen. Not including pref MM tanks. So being exactly in the middle. Having standard pen for this tier heavy is "lacklustre"? Tajj you are a good player and somehow your asessment of this tank is "this isn't a high dpm, fast and accurate sniper tank". FFS. Yeah the acc is trash but the bloom is great. Ie the same what makes IS3 so good. Complaining about the gun here is nonsense and it makes me think someone has hacked your account. Let's compare the guns. 703 is better in: 120 more DPM 150 more mp/s shell velocity 12 more shells (28 shells in IS3 mean you sometimes run low on preffered ammo) 0.08 better movement bloom 0.08 traverse bloom 0.02 better turret bloom (and IS3 is praised for its super low bloom) IS3 is better in: 4 mm of pen 0.1s aim time 0.04 dispersion (the only big one but imho part of it is offset by shell speed) So saying the gun is lacklustre when it's comparable if not better to the best heavy gun in tier is silly. Also most of your criticism could be aimed at the IS3. Seriously the same logic was first used when people said obj 430U won't be that OP. So is it for a ton of other Ruskie heavies that have dominated the meta over the years. Again it's not a snipy tank. Meh yes, poor ? No. Not poor enough for workable armor and a great gun. Yeah good brawling is useless in t8. Stop getting so focused on the double shot. The double shot is an extra feature you can use when you know it's useful. Renegade gets better results from unis because it's better in early damage and late game damage. You make a common wotlabs mistake of underestimating tanks which are super useful in key moments of the battle and ones that fall short on cleanup damage. Also I looked and pretty much all streamers posted multiple 5.5k+ games in their 703's. Also Renegade is not OP because it only works for Blues and up. 703 works for everyone. LOL. I mean lol. You say the gun on this is derpy and then you compare it to a defender. Same acc, barely better aimtime and 2x the bloom... You say the tank is huge and slow when VK1001p is slower, bigger, it armor scales worse against higher tiers and it has 2.5x worse bloom. 53TP is funny since it's a heavium and it's hard to compare. But you mentioning Caern shows me really what you did here. You think a good tank that doesn't have one completely broken off the wall feature (1001p/defender) has to be an accurate, high dpm, high vision tank. So the tank is still OP. It just doesn't suit your preferences. Dude. The tank has the best bloom in tier. BEST FFS. Even as a single shot this would be a good tank.
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    Epic replay contest

    I'll jump in and up the incentive a bit, with some tougher requirements though http://wotreplays.eu/site/2804997#teams 75 EUR on Paypal from me, no strings attached (has to be posted here on Wotlabs though) to the first person who can beat my top damage Churchill GC game (in damage, if that wasn't clear). *no platoons, no rigging (i'll check) *PM me if you were able to do it and we'll sort it from there *Expires the same time as this contest
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    Epic replay contest

    Hello all on the WoTlabs forum! Coming up is the new year, and with the new year (yay!). With the new year is my birthday, to celebrate I have decided to give back to this awesome community with a replay contest. This is no ordinary replay contest, it is far more important than that. This is a replay contest to decide who is the greatest World of Tanks player of all time. All are welcome to participate, but only the greatest player will win eternal glory and bragging rights. I am buying the prizes out of my own money, so i will not purchase bundles. Prizes will be gifted to the winners after the contest closes and results are announced. The prizes: First place will be decided by highest damage and will win either a tier 8 premium tank or the gold equivalent for those who have all of them. The tank must be in your server's premium shop at the time of the contest conclusion. Second place will be decided by highest base XP and will win a tier 7 Premium tank or gold equivalent. The same rules apply. Third place is decided by the highest number of kills and wins a tier 6 or lower premium tank or gold equivalent. The above rules also apply. Rules: The contest will take place between the release of this post and the last day of January. The date is taken from the time stamp of the replay. Replays from the NA, SEA, and EU server will be accepted. You must use the Churchill Gun Carrier You must fire at least 1 standard armor piercing round that must deal damage. Team killing is a disqualification of the replay. Racism/homophobia in chat is also a disqualification. in the event of a tie for damage the higher base XP will win. In the event of a tie for base XP the higher damage will win. in the event of a tie for kills the higher damage will win. people who win more than 1 category will win the higher prize, the lower prizes will go to the runner up. The winning relays will be commentated on by me some time in February. results and prizes will be posted in February. Best of luck, show off you skills in the best tank in the game.
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    Epic replay contest

    http://wotreplays.eu/site/5186505#karelia-meows_really_heckin-churchill_gun_carrier Do not cite the deep magic to me, witch. I was there when it was written. over half blind btw http://wotreplays.eu/site/5186508#widepark-meows_really_heckin-churchill_gun_carrier
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    UDES 15/16 - Tier 10 Med

    Full Stats: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:S28_UDES_15_16 Summary: Intro So, I recently made great use of the all the free blueprints we got for reaching Festive tier 10 and some free XP to research the UDES 16 (the tier 9 Med) gun so I could instantly research the UDES 15/16 and bypass the tier 9 completely (which seems to be a stinker compared to the tier 8, tier for tier). However, I was surprised that there was no topic dedicated to the tier 10 - most of what I've found has been comments in other threads (e.g. the tier 8 and 9 threads), but I think this deserves a thread of its own. From what I've seen, a few streamers tend to play this tank as one of their rotation of meds, and get great results in it. I guess this is the combination of great alpha damage for a med, good mobility and a hugely exploitable/unique strength with the -12 gun dep + autobounce hull/turret to other meds/most heavies. I only played my first games in it yesterday, but initial thoughts are that it punishes people who don't aim and is actually quite good in a dog fight (a Standard B bounced all 3 rounds trying to circle me), and the gun is very comfortable, although the temptation to switch to HEAT early is there. As I play more games and get more of a feel for it, I plan to update and edit this post in an attempt to review the tank as best as I can. In the meantime, please share feedback, thoughts and comments (both good and bad), as well as any tips or things to note. Review *To follow
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    we did it reddit

    we did it reddit
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    love you

    love you
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    IS-3-II/ST-II (Super Test)

    Some top players overvalue being able to control the tanks performance so when the tank is a bit rng dependant but still boosts your WR by a ton they undervalue it. Especially when it boosts their WR less than it boosts it for green and blues even though the boost is still significant. I remember how many people defended the defender (LOL) even right after release and pre pen creep
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    Epic replay contest

    you people need help
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    First games in ~5 years. I suck now?

    Replay review "Wehraboo" Banned thread locked Sorry humor is hard for me. Please don't point at the extreme autist
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    when Dirizon is shitposting so hard he woke up Badmin SR360 AND badmin Pityfool from their eternal slumbers
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    Epic replay contest

    Not quite meows level bc fap casters but good to see SUX represent http://wotreplays.eu/site/5188659#mines-enroh-churchill_gun_carrier
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    The HE rework will render my T49 useless, so I'm in the "fuck that noise" camp.
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    Epic replay contest

    @sohojacques Because God hates the Curchill GC. It is truly a God forsaken tank.
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    Epic replay contest

    Here is my FIRST ever game in this thing.... http://wotreplays.eu/site/5181852#serene_coast-enroh-churchill_gun_carrier
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    Epic replay contest

    This post will be updated if I get a better result before the end of January. Up over 2k damage for my highest-damaging game. This also had 4 kills. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5179774?secret=cecd8df5a88f583c509899af7d633460 I should also mention that I had every intention of playing this tank before I knew about the contest... having played some real clunkers in my time (TVP VTU, SAu S40, neck-brace-era 50 120, ARL V39 pre-buff) I wanted to see how this thing matched up... it's pretty bad.
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    This period at the end and after the xmas boosters is full premium spam, it's premium ammo span city at the moment, you basically have to assume everyone is spamming it. I mean I am playing tier 9 tanks with food, using premium ammo and still making like 100k profits. The 3 arty is just a thing, it always goes in these cycles, WG nerf arty, arty bobs over react and say its terrible, turns out its not, all the arty bobs start clicking again and annoying people, added to all the people doing their missions. For it to drop down we need the next minor arty nerf, and we'll have a nice period with far less of them in the game.
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    Epic replay contest

    @EnrohIts like people won't play shitty tanks.
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    not that bad of a grind compared to some of the other stuff.. 3-4 sessions for 80-95
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    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fsq0koo5wiir1r1/AAACgYef3uKCz8W1T_TIeMmWa?dl=0 m60 session replays for whoever wants it
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    IS-3-II/ST-II (Super Test)

    Wait what? Why wouldn't you call it op? 112 has great armor. If you give it 2 guns with great pen it's very strong. I get that purples want consistency and this is a tank that will fluctuate between 1200 and 6000 dmg games but for most. It doesn't get punished in DPM for being a 2 shot autoloader that can do 750 dmg. It has higher DPM than most t8 heavies actually. It has above average penetration. Fast shell at 1150 mps where most heavies in tier hoover in the 800-1000 area. Yeah final acc is bad but it has AMAZEBALLS dispersion. FFs 0.12/0.12/0.06 !!! That's HALF of Defender. HALF of 50prot, HALF of 112 and MORE THAN HALF of 1001p. So yeah the aimtime is long but the soft stats rule. For mobility - yeah the PW is bad at 12 but it has better resistances than the defender by 20-30%. So how a tank with good armor, small weakspots on the turret, that can blast tanks for 750 or work as an autoreloader, with IS3 like soft stats, fast shells, good DPM, that isn't super slow isn't OP?
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    Happy new year bois

    Happy new year bois
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    A Wild Sudowoodo appeared!

    Dafuq are you posting in a 5yo thread for?
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    Geez d00ds I just want to know how good the E75 TS is, can y'all keep the meta stuff in the meta section? It exists for a reason...
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    Chi Ri HATE thread.

    technincally this is the Chi-ri hate thread. so every tank that is better than the chi ri gets discussed first
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    You miss one important point. While 4 people (if you count all the topics you post in you will find more than 4 people that disagreed with you) is the number that disagree with you the number of people that agree with you is ZERO. This should kinda point you to the conclusion that people who don't argue with you probably still don't agree with you since otherwise you would probably get some kind of support. You don't.
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    Merry Xmas!!!!!!

    Merry Xmas!!!!!!
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    Merry Christmas, everyone! And if you don’t celebrate it then have a wonderful day instead.
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    They should give us the real deal then, the original 6x560 dmg laser gun version we got, before it was nerfed. 350 APCR and 3360 clip dmg in 10 sec, Y0L0!! here comes the WTF-E100!!
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    Did you assholes here forgot about annual festive hats on your avatars? Put them right the fuck back on.
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    The future is now, old man.
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    I just wanna say I really appreciate the Colin and Sturm references in this thread.
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    This thread is becoming more and more relevant by the minute.
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    @kolni has nothing to prove to you. Also, please stop reporting users if only because 99% of them you bring upon yourself. In return I offer these 2 droids...no wait thats not it. This RO. Take a breather, relax and come back with coherent arguments about tanks. Oh and you are NOWHERE NEAR the level of Garbad or Valchio. That you even think you are is being delusional. You are closer to Mr. Rogers of Wotlabs infamy more than anything else. FYI - @Diriz0n has been RO'd for now. Penalty Given 5 points which will never expire. Restricted from posting - 2 days and 23 hours I know he brings this shit on himself, but to the rest of you, please try to keep it as civil as possible. Thanks,. \ /
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    Batchat 25t Ap, Tier 9 Baby Batchat

    I rebought it, having forgotten why I sold it. Dammit.... take a toolbox and repair skill to the max to preserve sanity.
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    sr360's Non-potato games

    Sure, I can fix that.
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    Looking at these are very handy for getting to know more about a certain map as well as their little sneaky spots, thanks for sharing and hope more continues to follow!
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    A Wild Sudowoodo appeared!

    spamming links to his YT for views what else has he got to do?
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    First games in ~5 years. I suck now?

    Welcome back. I like your avatar.
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    I think you should not pose this as you vs statistics. Those are 2 different data points/sets and should not be compared. Your performance speaks about something completely else than statistics. I'd argue I'm the last professional analyst on this forum left (since Richard Nixon went away) so I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum so I'm also biased but you tend to assume stats are wrong because they don't relate to you. But that's not because stats are wrong or useless but is that you use them wrong. Stats are useful for balancing the game but you have to look at ALL THE STATS, weight them properly and take into consideration other non stats factors. Ie we should not look at stats exclusively but we should also not look at player opinions exclusively. Richard Nixon proved before Unicums are very biased in their judgement of what a good tanks and even top players on Wotlabs severly underestimated tanks that performed well but were not consistent. This only means your analysis has missed something, not that stats are wrong. You forget one thing people highly underestimate the value of hit points. Data shows that high HP tanks overperform compared to their perceived "goodness". There are many tanks with good wr with high hp, meh armor that works at random - Ferdie, KV5, O-Ni. They all overperform for the same reason. Survivability. I'd argue not having reliable armor + high hp in some cases is better than low hp + armor that work 100% of the time because people will be more agressive vs you so you get more chances to punish their agression
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    unironically calling Gasai a great player in 2k19
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    E 75 TS, Tier 8 Premium HT (Lootbox Tank)

    one of my strengths have been doing well in unconventional tanks, reinventing their gameplay style a bit for much better results the average player is a great thing to balance a game around, but the average player knows jack shit about how the game actually works, so they are not capable of making any sort of judgmental call outside of how their gameplay feels, they can't limit test and if a tank isn't played at its limits how do you know its capabilities? strong players decide what's good or not, not the average numbers me outperforming the entire server on an already considered shitty tank (that screenshot is almost 4 years old) means i know something they don't about the tank, so they're just bad and the tank is in actuality better because me being able to do it kewei did this with the JP2, and plenty of tanks and this is how you should value tank ability, the best performer of a tank knows it the best so that players opinion on it holds the most value how can you not understand that averages are close to useless to a single player? for balancing masses it works well, but for single players it's worthless and a single outlier is all you need to change the meta, because this is how meta works. one player finds something out and proves the current meta wrong, starts playing it and other people pick up and eventually the meta changes. Poltto shared a Leo1 replay here on WotLabs on Mines where he played the pocket that has sideshots to the hill. That's the first time a good player ever shared that spot, and look at Mines now. Someone goes there every game now, because he shared it in a replay years ago and changed the meta. one person is all it takes to prove you wrong, your averages mean fuck all because they don't line up at all with performance at their limits. When WoT was in its glory days on this forum was active, people like KT and X3N4, Kewei and Garbad were people that redefined how the game was being played. People here picked up on those things and it spread, the official forums were much more relevant back then too so this type of info got around fast. Are you going to tell me that Garbad's revolutionary KV-5 WR that defied the opinion of being one of the worst tanks in the game back then, doesn't matter? Because it did change. The game changed because of these things. JP2 meta came entirely out of WoTLabs because Kewei showed how to play mobile TDs in a different way. All those anectodes are close to useless for the masses, but for meta they are important building blocks of the games fundamentals. Some of them have been obsoleted because the game has developed further, but these type of things are everywhere. They are what the game developed into, and if you don't understand that single people can have a big enough impact to change things themselves you've got plenty of examples where that is what happened. I've done it too. One player found a boost, posts a YT vid on how to do it - 2 weeks and it's meta. Remember C7 on Fjords? That boost was always possible, even before physics. BPX showed that one to me, so instantly when the physics patch hit I knew about this spot beforehand and spammed it. Showed it on stream day 1 of that patch and that was used for the rest of that map until it got reworked. It was always there, people just didn't know about it. The same way they don't know about a maps limits they don't know about tank limits and are therefore very, very useless in judging capability and strength. They have feelings and preferences, but they don't actually understand the game.
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