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    I've been thinking about this, and theres no one real reason that I've been playing this game a lot less. Its a whole pile of different reasons that have added up to make the game as a whole much less fun, and I thought Id share my own thoughts and opinions on what these problems are. Spoiler alert: Artillery isn't one of them, yeah its annoying but Its been in the game since launch and I still found the game plenty fun despite it over the last 8 years I've been playing. NOTE: EVERYTHING HERE IS MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION, YOUR OPINION MAY DIFFER WARNING: MEGA GIANT WALL OF TEXT Vehicle Balance: Im going to start off with The biggest elephant in the room, and my biggest reason. Overall vehicle balance. IMO, balance between vehicles was at its peak around late 2015-mid 2016ish. Its been downhill from there really. Yeah back then the overbuffed E5 existed and the WTE100 was cancer. but those were two outliers, these days the whole game is out of whack. Each new patch consists of new tanks that seem more stupid than the last. (this section may not be in correct chronological order) The Type 5 Heavy with the derp gun was, in my eyes, one of the beginnings of this. Along with the mass removal of weakspots from everything. They Nerfed the E5 and then released the Super conq which was, and still is, as good or better in every single way to the overbuffed E5. the overbuffed E5 would still be considered pretty bad in the current meta. Now then, what could possibly be better than the Super conq? I know! A tank that is literally better than the super conq at everything, except It also does all the things the E5 could of possibly hoped to do better than the super conq even better than that! (like mobility) Enter the Chieftain. It being a CW reward is both good and bad. good because every mouthbreather can't get one and thus theres less of them. bad because it instantly became the meta in CW, pushed the SC out, and you have to have one in a top clan now. They then released the 268v4, which single handedly completely destroyed my desire to play this game. It has never returned to the levels it was before the V4 was released. Im sure everyone remembers, but clan wars became "whoever has the most 268v4s wins, regardless of strategy" it was the most cancer period I've ever seen in this game in my life. And then they nerfed it. barely. they gave it a slap on the wrist. Thankfully it stopped that retarded clan wars meta, however the tank is still grossly Overpowered and needs far more extensive nerfs. Fuck that thing. Meanwhile, I have a special hate for the entire swedish line. the entire fucking line is the most cancer, horrible to play against, gimmick tree they have ever released, and honestly IMO the game would be better if they just flat out deleted the entire nations tree. The Kranvagn is the least cancer, but is still more cancer than most other autoloaders. the STRVs are all absolute cancer tanks that can't do anything except camp and punish people for daring to be aggressive and try and push with their fuck you DPM, fuck you camo, and fuck anyone with a sub 120mm gun armour. They are still my most despised tank in the game. And now the new medium line is out. all of which are completely fucking flat, you can't hit them to save your live, and regardless of how objectively good or bad they are to play, they are just, so far in my experience, completely unfun to play AGAINST. The Wheeled vehicles. I knew, before any stats had even been released, just from WGs first ever description of what they were planned to be, they would be cancer. And they are. they flat out destroy the game IMO. they're disgusting. they're double disgusting for me, who has to try and hit the fucking things with 200 ping. destroying a wheel doesn't even slow them down. They may be fun to play but they're absolutely destructive for gameplay. They never should of been added. They're too fast, they get their own Autoaim+ (a banned mod lol) I've seen them regularly pull off shots doing 70kph that even in a 140/62A would never been possible, from ranges you'd almost never even bother taking on the move shots at. They're a pain in the ass. Lets add to this other honourable mentions, like the 430U/430 which both are stupid with heavy tank armour and medium mobility. The 257 which is unpennable from the side for no reason, the IS-3A and Progettos which are just annoying as fuck to fight. Its a running thing now, regardless of how objectively good or bad the tank is, none of these things are fun to actually play against. Premiums! Now, WG seems to have one or two stances on prems these days. Either its an extremely boring, meh tank, or its fucking OP as shit. its disgusting. the T26E5 was the start, the defender was the turning point. and nowadays, If you see a prem or any tank that has had supertest stats released, theres a 95% chance that tank is coming to live, with little to no changes. Its like the super testers aren't even testing these things. This doesn't even apply only to prems, its applying to everything, which is made even more ridiculous because any person can take one look at the prelimentary stats and immediately deduce that said tank will be OP as shit without even playing it. Which leads me on to my next topic... Rebalancing. Yeah, Im extra salty about this part for reasons Im sure you guess. WG can't just slightly buff or nerf a tank (but mainly buff it seems) they have to try and completely redesign how the tank plays. pointlessly. yes, you know what im talking about. the STB-1. Its already been said, but all it needed was some small buffs to make it more comfortable to play. a turret buff, a gun handling buff. boom done. but instead they had to completely redesign it. Right now, regardless of whether it is actually objectively more capable as a tank, what it is now is just more complicated, and less fun to play. This alone has killed off a large portion of my remaining desire to play the game, the STB was always my fun tank. Playing it for me was always just an enjoyable experience. (which is why I didnt bother 3 marking it for ages because 3 marking is for me, extremely frustrating and completely unfun, in a tank that I normally used to destress) The Currrent STB doesn't do that now. its slower and more complicated. Way less fun. Anyway, back to rebalancing. the STB isn't the only tank they've done this to. They keep revisiting older tanks that just need a small amount of love (although in reality is all the new OP tanks need nerfs) and instead try to needlessly redesign how they play completely. Which makes the game less fun because everything keeps getting changed. And then they bring out new tanks like that ST-II on supertest. that thing is gonna be disgusting, at least it will be to play against. I hope to god it doesn't come out remotely close to that, if at all, but with WGs track record over the last few years Im not optimistic. Maps Maps have gotten less fun as well. Each time they redesign a map It feels worse IMO. for example pilsen, which needed some work but wasn't bad, got redesigned and its current design is absolutely terrible. the entire field is a complete shitshow and is utterly pathetic, while it used to be a pretty fun place to fight. so more than a third of the map is now worthless ground. the middle area was already worthless and still is, so thats another third of the map useless ground. and now we have the 1-2 line in the factories, which isn't useless but they've made it way harder to push or be effective in it. So now its not a remotely fun place to fight. the entire map is a shit show. its one of my banned maps (along with paris) Along with this, Highway, a map I always liked, is now worse. the redesign in the NW corner with the field is worse and now massively favours the north, with souths defensive positions all being way more exposed to fire and getting lit than before, with norths not being changed. the buildings around the north aren't exactly fun places to fight, terrain based fighting is more interesting than building peekaboom wars. New Maps all suck as well. Studzikani needs no introduction, Minsk is like 80% unusable ground with only a few areas being pushable. Neither of them are very fun to play. Ghost town worked in CW, but doesn't work in pubs. Its not a very fun map to play in pubs IMO, mainly because of the coordination required to win it that just doesn't exist in pubs. along with this, the 1.0 redesign of a lot of maps just made them worse or less fun to play on. TD camping bushes or ridges added where they can easily punish anyone trying to actually push or do anything other than camp. Routes that used to be possible are now impossible. (things like dropping off hills and such which now just kill you) - I always hated boosts that allowed you into areas meant to be inaccessible. but going from one accessible area to another is okay IMO, It removed a lot of escape routes and made risk taking far more punishing. thus no one wants to take risks anymore. Clan Wars I can give you the tank comp for 90% of the maps we play in the next campaign right here: 260, Chieftain, 907, EBR, CGC. Sprinkle on the occasional STRV or T100, maybe an IS-7 or a 268v4. Theres little variation, or creativity any more. I mean of course there isn't those tanks are all the best and using any other will just cause you to lose. But its not very fun. This isn't the fault of the clans, its the fault of WG for making tanks so much better than the others. I can't even use my 140 in CW unless there are literally no more unlocked 907s because the 907 is just that much better than the 140 (needlessly I might add) WG was talking about changing CW. This is, IMO, the biggest change it needs. make creative tank comps great again. Even the batchat has been out metad, a tank at one point I never thought would be outmetad. Personal There is the next problem, because I don't play as often any more, I get rusty. so Im playing worse, which frustrates me, which makes me want to play less because Im getting annoyed that I can't play at a level I know I am capable of. Which makes me play even worse on tilt. I need to get over this just by playing more and un rusting but its a vicious cycle, and all the other aforementioned issues are also making me frustrated. so bleh. Thats about it for now. All of these things are, individually, fairly small. but together they just create a pile of compounding issues that generally make the game much less fun than it was. And the problem is, Even if WG started fixing them all right now. and fixed them how (for simplicity sake) I personally would like to see them fixed, It would take them years to get the game back into a good position. New Patches these days don't bring me excitement. they bring me dread as to what they've fucked up this time. So yeah. wall of text. This took me like 45 mins to write, I have an exam tomorrow, and I should be studying. go me.
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    Let's be honest, if you can already disable 3 maps right now, you'd make the same exact argument wishing you can disable 4 maps instead of 3.
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    Supertest: British Light Tanks

    Without like..the burst, or the size protection. @TheChang and i were talking about this yesterday - it definitely looks like trash. They already have a "high" pen derpy 390 alpha LT at tier X, its the 132-1 and it's the worst. This will be a slightly improved version of the 132-1, but still terrible because more fragile and 6200 max damage. The blurb makes it clear that WG still has no idea what LTs do, or should do, at a given time, or how the decisions of a LT driver are influenced in a given battle. And this design is a return to the original release of the tier X LTs, when they were frankly trash (360 alphas, no ammo capacity). Now - do i think they'll up it to like 24 rounds at release? Hopefully. And that will help a little, but it'll still be totally undistinguished. It's fairly disappointing that WG passed on the chance to make an interesting LT concept. The old-school VK2801 is dead and ready to be resurrected in the form of a HESHer LT series. Again Chang and I were theorycrafting this, and thought that having a set of LTs where HESH was the primary balancer would be a lot of fun. Guns with high calibers, normal AP rounds, and then lower pen HESH rounds with big damage, and then a cheap HE round for splashing. Imagine if the tier X were running a version of the Conway 5.5 gun for example. Say 500 dmg on the AP round, 660 on the HESH. 250 Pen on the AP, 200 on the HESH. A 90 pen 660 HE round as well. Then sub 2k dpm (16s base reload maybe) would be justified, as would 0.38 acc and poor aim times. You'd have an extension of the T49/VK2801 concept but with *gasp!* ammo choices that matter. It wouldn't be OP but would actually bring back a LT flavor that is actually fun and effective.
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    If I had to say, game balance at tier 10 is shit, but what truly culminates the main issues are the fucking maps. Literally every single new map and reworked map after patch 1.0 is absolute dogshit tier garbage. They all are same stupid shit where you have these super-easy hulldown positions to shit on entire flanks (and as you know, 2/3 of tanks now have +300 mm turret armor), crossfires everywhere, flanks are designed so that basecamping TDs can shit on anyone who tries to move from those hulldown spots, making it a forced hulldown shitfest - and to make this worse, the hulldown spots are like 150-250 m away from each other, so it ends up being super heavily RNG based gold spam shitfest or people just spam HE. Nerfs to Type 4/5 derps has made hulldown aids tanks even stronger. While those guns are fucking stupid, yes, we have reached the point where we need cancer A to counter cancer B. Good fucking job WG. This has resulted in people playing *even* more arty and base camping TDs, because trying to play anything else is either expensive or straight up cancer. You've been wondering why there's so many 3x arty games at tier 10? Yeah, that's why (along with missions that force you to play arty to complete them). Even with super garbage cancer tank meta at tier 10, some older maps that don't have this dreadful post 1.0 design can still be somewhat enjoyable because they don't culminate this cancerous meta to it's maximum. But take any post 1.0 map - Studzianki, Misnk, Ghost Town, new Kharkov, reworked Pilsen, Fishermans, Erlenberg etc, and you can feel the dreadful ebola hulldown meta that this game has become. Basically you see hulldown tanks just spam HE or gold at each other and then get shat on by arties and TDs. So many games on the new maps are tedious, long campfests. When I saw all those medium tanks starting to get turret buffs back in 2017, I was worried. I knew a domino effect would happen that goes like this "a tank A is underperforming, turret gets buffed, now it's old competition in form of tank B is underperforming, it also gets a turret buff, etc etc". And look where we are now. Almost every tank at tier 10 has a turret that would be among the best in the game if it was added in 2013-2016 era WoT. No wonder how the T-62A, once the "meta" tank, best tier 10 MT and one of the best tier 10s in the game, is quite possibly one of the worst tier 10 MTs in the entire game now. And yea, super OP mega cancer reward tanks are another stupid thing that are just straight up cancer. Anyone who plays the Chieftain or 279E in randoms can choke on a giant cactus, thank you. I also always despised the fucking idiotic S-tanks that promote horrible and cancerous gameplay, even more so in all these new maps. Sadly there's a lot of mongoloid who enjoy them and find them "uNiQuE", so there's no hope in them ever getting changed. I don't mind the wheelchairs as much, especially the tier 6,7,8 (tier 8 prem and tier 10 are annoying as fuck but thats about it) but considering how much negativity they add, they are another thing that should never been introduced to the game. Properly balanced wheeled vehicles would be really cool, but these idiotic wheelchairs that are literally designed for a 43% mongoloid who likes to suiscout in his LTs, autoaim and spam HE are not. Overly minmaxed vehicles have always been problematic (see - WT E100, prenerf 183, Grille 15, Type 5, Maus and Bobject have all been among the most problematic tanks at tier 10 and they are all super minmaxed) and never work very well, yet the tier 10 wheelchair in especial takes the minmaxing to the top. I honestly don't know why am I still playing this game. Maybe it's because i've enjoyed it for years and I still love the concept and everything. I dont know man.
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    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    A 45 battle 3 Mark at tier 9 with 4.6k avg well beyond anything I had ever done before All games were streamed
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    Despite all the shit serB got, he at least knew how to properly balance the fucking game
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    It's amazing how they've managed to take the game from a reasonable vision based meta to a brawly meta that still has broken as fuck camping bushes that can't be outvisioned.
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    Prem Acc should disable 3 maps not 2

    I disabled World of Tanks on my computer instead.
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    Prem Acc should disable 3 maps not 2

    lol why would u remove those maps? even on slow heavies they are literally maps with plenty of free damage i wish i could disable everything and limit my map pool to 2-3 instead, much better system
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    Can say that again. l don't play much anymore. The game just continues down a pro-russian sentiment, and by the Gods, l just cannot understand as to why. This is the 21st century, we are better than that. Take for example the lS7. And the overhaul buffs to Russian medium tank lines, where the T-44 & Hundo, 14O, T54Mod1 where buffed. Taking a closer look at the buffs, and you see detractions at all, no negative. Russian meds all gained turret armour (why exactly did 14O & 9O7 need buffs to begin with) and prem tanks T-44 Hundo and T54Mod1 gained huge buffs to view range, engine horsepower, gun soft stats. lS7 gained some health pool, got a gigantic engine upgrade, and lowered aim-time. Now taking a look at STB1, Leopard 1, and their planned but scrapped AMX3O changes.....And you can see that yes, l would be inclined to say the vehicles were in overall scheme of things buffed, why in addition were they also marred with nerfs? Really? They could not find a way to make it fair, and also tack-on some minor nerfs to lS7 and 14O? Why so instantly quick, to revoke the 43O/U changes for tiers 9 and X? Really? lt is this form of bigotry, that world of tanks supports, and won't change, since the beginning. And l grow tired of it. FV4K5 fiasco has been a complete joke, too. FV causes problems, because of HESH pens, and outrageous HE splashes even without a pen. See what they did for Type 5? Remove the outrageous HE. Why not do the same? All FVs needed, where keep DPM same by adjusting R0F, but nerf gun damage dealt to 1O9O/145O from 115O/175O. Remove the HESH round totally, increase the normal HE pen to 15O. Add a premium AP or APCR, 375mm pen like T11OE4. This removes a huge amount of one-shots, removes alot of HE spam, and has more people aiming. But instead, they raped the characteristics of the platform itself.....lol? How does that make sense.....and by the way, Grille 15 could be restored to its old 9.17 self with engine horsepower, reverse speed, gun dep.....because it isn't overpowered in current meta even with these buffs - but don't give the DPM. Fochs need back their engine horsepower, they never got with the line rework. Did STB1 require an accuracy nerf to .37? I mean, a major portion of the complaints concerning STB1 were of gun handling, and accuracy has a part to do with that, whats with this nerf? Did this tank need ten meter view range nerf? Why buff the mobility aspects of engine horsepower, reverse speed, turret traverse, track traverse.....but then swiftly nerf top speed and leave out terrain resistance buffs (still bad compared to T X) Although the hydro-susp. definitely increases turret maximums when slowing down, the gun depression and elevation while driving are now just bad, like Russian bad. I just don't understand. .......l will let the 36O-44O dmg change from 39O-48O slide, just because at least the DPM increased. If they wanted this though, the least they could have done is provide high pen HE like Progetto, which also has 36O-44O. Leopard 1, again if there were the plans of speed improvements, such as top speed, turret traverse - why decrease track traverse? lol? That is lol, if l have ever seen lol. Why nerf HP too, was Leo...... hard to kill or something? This sort of nonsense, has me not looking forward to AMX3O changes, which laughably they screwed up 1.5yr ago and now they are back to fix it.....Figures. E-Hundo? lS4? 43OU? Well l am sure they will shaft E-Hundo and AMX, and make lS4 a monster, and keep 43OU how it is. And while we are at it, AMX M4 54 remains a complete joke, nice of WG to continually ignore it, unlike Type 5. (Type 5 shoulders buffed whopping 6Omm, sides buffed 20-35mm, dispersions reduced .O2/.O4 moving, and +8/+8mm AP/APCR) How about they give 54 some armour on those shoulders, at least increase the side armour to 9Omm like Somua, and increase 13Omm gun pen? For the life of me, why does panzer wagon still have 32O/42O damage, and not either 36O/44O or 39O? And about the Bobject nerfs, those weren't nerfs. You ahve a birthday cake, right? Take away the cherry on top, and the icing. lt is still a cake. That is what WG did, they took away the cherry and icing, well its still a flipping cake. Bobject is still ridiculously easy to play and annoying to counter. l have this 113. l like it alot, but do l enjoy playing it? Not really, because l have to contend with all these 43OU, 26O, WZ5A, 277, and lS7 - that basically do my fast heavy role a tonne better. And it is so sad, because 113 has already had 2 SEPARATE SEQUENCED BUFFS. Just disgusting. Let us not even start with 121, which deserves the tools 121B has got, namely engine horsepower and 35Omm HEAT __ Break __ I also do not like wargamings ethics either. Selling tier X tanks that l worked for in '17 before they were removed. Everyone else had the opportunity. At the very least, they should have made the tanks cost trifecta, 25K gold / 5K bonds / 25M creds. Crew training manuals, although an extremely powerful tool that l no doubt will use, takes crew training and effort out of the equation entirely. Take a retarded shitter like whinemaker or play4funz, for example. That don't do shit except play arty or play PZNA 38, or stronghold with that stupid clan. They can literally drop 12M creds to get a competently skilled core crew, even if they don't wish to use it. And now, all l am left with my usual gripes, that still pollute the game. For sure, +1/-1 MM needs to come around. And no matter what WG says, or what people say, its time. MM has changed so many times, it is obvious WG his little clue what they are doing. Just bring in +1/-1 MM already. And for flipping sakes, this 25% RNG, holy molly bananas. -2 out of 1O bananas. Like, how did WG ever manage an ESports scene, with this crap? Tie this in with random sustained module damage, damage dealt either low or above, wild accuracy, and low and above pen rolls. RNG is crazy, needs to be set to 6% max. The problem that is HE, too. A terrible mechanic, HE from say Fochs 155 spamming 3-round HE magazine. Take Jedidleugh for example, he ambushes jag panzer E on cliff. His shots are ridiculously random, does like 55O one time, the next does like 95. Really? This is why HE is so hated, it is absolutely retarded and unpredictable. Why not implement mechanics, which trigger HE to be more regulated, averaged? So instead of dealing 55O one turn, and the next 95, it deals three hundred, seems legit. All this ridiculous talk about prem ammo nerfs.....lol. And just be silent about the real underlying problems. Like, do people know they plan to bring back arty damage? We have gone round circle. Arty nerf, arty nerf, arty nerf......ARTY BUFF. Really? They plan to make T92 158O, CGC 146O, GWE 134O, M53/M55 122O, 261 11OO. They just reduced arty damages, in 2 stages over 2 years, why this now? Arty can't continually be nerfed, because it isn't overpowered. Arty generally performs poorly, bottom bracket. Arty isn't overpowered, it is broken. lt utilizes a stupid system, which isn't alike any other in the game, and gives people free damage, even if low damage. Take for example Type 5, a formerly broken tank. How did they un-break-it? By removing (to a degree) the dupe-shot HE naval cruisers gun, and making it no real different than KV2 or Sheridans gun, with the exception it can penetrate stuff with HESH. So no more outrageous splashes for 625 damage to side scraping E75, now you are going to do 225. How do you plan on making an arty non-broken? There isn't a way, they have tried several times already with class wide nerfs. More than once. The only way, is to make arty into new TD. This makes them use draw mechanics, makes them vulnerable to spotting, this removes their 1km away stand off attack range....over mountains and buildings, shares their HP into battle, allows more focus fire, and removes isolating teams because arty guards and campers aren't needed anymore. Problem fixed. -/text wall ends/
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    That feeling when you completely remove AP from any tank that has apcr as premium. Even premiums. Not because tryhard, but because standard ammo doesn't make sense anymore. The only tank that can reliably run on 100% standard is the Leo 1 because it got buffed. But even in the Leos I carry way more premium than standard, because hulldown meta. As already said, the biggest problem with this game is the map design. Maps like erlenberg used to be fun (sort of) in tanks like US mediums with decent turrets and good gun depression+bloom, now look at it. The west is completely flat except for the slightly elevated castle area. The east has 2 hills that are absolutely terrible to play from both sides because once you like your head out you get slapped for all your HP by some cancer TD. And then the desert just south of said hills. Nothing, nada, flat with yet another forest for TDs to sit in. Reworked maps are cancer. Invisible walls everywhere, hitboxes larger than textures, you set up for a shot between 2 rocks only to shoot an invisible wall and get spotted (and obliterated) in return. New maps are gay, you get studzianki which is 3 corridors, but in the open. Whenever a retarded scout tries to spot the field at the start dies. When I get that map in my lights I just kemp boosh like a td waiting for the enemy scouts to die so I can do my job. 97% of the map is unplayable. Minsk isn't better, you have the 1 line and you have the 9 line. Everywhere else is either useless or a death trap. 80% of the map is unplayable. 1.0 pilsen. East is a TD shitfest completely in the open with 0 arty cover, West is a hulldown HT shitfest, this time arty can still hit you through buildings because reasons, and once you win the factory you have to push into TDs. 1.0 province. Well, the old one was fun in tier 2s, also there was no arty at those tiers and it couldn't shit on you because lol splash. This one is cancer, TDs don't even have to drive, all they need to do is turn their tanks towards the other side and fire away, completely unspotted. Middle is, of course, a death trap. Glacier. Who is the retard that designed that map? The only playable side is middle, which isn't really playable because TDs can play like they do in province. Lights fight for control over the carrier, and once you get up there you can easily farm heavies. But you need to get up there first. And there is only one access, which is open for TDs to punish you and until you're on the actual ship deck you're vulnerable to fire from middle. South is just a twisty corridor with conveniently positioned bushes for TDs to ruin your day. At least it's kinda arty safe. North is dumb. Hulldown cover on one side (south, that little ice cum stain under the carrier's wreck), none on the other. Yet again, once you win that area you have to push into TDs, completely in the open. Fjords 1.0 turned into: spawn east win, spawn west lose. No fucking matter what. North is a huge crossfire, HT corner heavily favours the guys spawning east. Ghost town. Was fun in competitive, now it's just a hulldown brawl in middle with the 1 and 0 line dominated once again by TDs. 1.0 highway: north west is usually won by the south, who then have to cross an open field overlooked once again by TDs who barely have to move 100m from their spawn location. All of this is made worse by tanks like the chieftain, which can literally park its ass in one of those convenient hulldown spots, turn off the engine and farm, farm, farm until all the reds are dead. Unless there is another chieftain on the enemy team. In that case it turns into a RNG fest in which the victor is whoever gets the most luck with gold pen/HE damage. There's more. The 279. Thing has a weakspot. Which is 40% chance to pen with t10 gold. Tier 9s are utterly fucked against that thing. No chance to pen it. Wheelies should not be in the game. I have so much fun in the t8 prem and I'm currently grinding the tier 8 regular. They are gamebreaking. A single line effectively rendered 5 full lines completely useless. You just RR at 90 kph in your literally unstoppable wheelie thingy with godlike gun handling spamming (relatively) high penetration HE at anything you see. Of course you have zero view range so you have to basically suicide into the enemy to spot anything. #fungameplay Strongholds are dead, tier 10s were useful to try CW strats and comps. Now it's just a reward tank shitfest. I'll play the campaign to get one of those balanced cumstains so that I can be part of the cool boys club for once. Until the next utterly broken reward comes out (actually soon with the FL reward, which got already buffed btw)
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    And all this without mentioning the transition of premium tank philosophy from worse-than fully upgraded tech tree counterparts to better-than fully upgraded tech tree counterparts that kicked off with the Skorp G.
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    I could honestly care less about how strong some tanks are if the maps were properly balanced designed to allow each tank class to utilize their strengths by being able to flex and not camp. That and sprinkle a little bit of removing stats from api.
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    Yeah we pretty much have the same skills, although i did take Adrenaline Rush for no reason at all. At this point I have all the skills I need. Now speaking of the lack of gifs in this thread....
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    It isn't bannable to be retarded and play the game stupidly, if it was no game would ever make it big because only 3-4% of gamers would be able to play it in the first place someone sitting in a bush on redline doing nothing is just as useful as the teammate next to u because they are all garbage anyway, just dont pay them any attention (they are literally the brain function equivalent of what a Taco Bell toilet looks like so paying them attention is pointless) and focus on your game merons will always be merons and thinking anything different will only cause you further struggles
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    See all those prem tanks in his dossier? That's why.
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    Recently came back to the game and have lazily been continuing the T10 light grinds I left undone in 2015. I figured I'd get the Sheridan and sell the old derpie... after reading this thread I'm not so sure anymore. Heh, took out the 49 after reading myself into a half chubby...
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    Supertest: British Light Tanks

    Some pathetic buffs for Manticore - Still awful.
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    British light tanks are vomit.

    Even at 440 the manicure would be ordinary. It would need to be pushing 500+ to make up for that rof and shell count.
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    haha yes very good

    haha yes very good
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    Supertest: British Light Tanks

    Tier 7 and 8 are out https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/07/10/world-of-tanks-british-light-tanks-gsr-3301-setter-lhmtv/ Aside high pen they look thoroughly below average in almost every area, speed, hp/ton, view range, and have woeful DPM. That tier 8 has sub 1.4k base DPM on a tier 8 tank, amazing. How they fck they think having good pen makes all these other attributes viable is beyond me, great I can pen some more shots, but the tank is still utter shit. They seem keen to make this line pretty damn bad.
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    Whee, realised I finally saved up enough bonds for a second piece of improved equipment for my T49 (improved optics). Now a long grind to go for that third piece...
  24. 2 points
    I guess the Germans getting a tier 8 premium M48 is appropriate payback for the Americans getting the tier 7 King Tiger.
  25. 2 points

    Supertest: British Light Tanks

    Could be the first person to support the brit lights. Best contact them.
  26. 2 points
    EVEN90 with full improved is lulzy. EBR105 and 75 are good times. The Hwk30 surprisingly good. T-100LT and 13 105 also a blast.
  27. 2 points
    https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Player_Ratings_(WoT) Ironically.
  28. 2 points
  29. 2 points

    Supertest: British Light Tanks

    You are quite correct when you talk about the French LT autoloaders, I have played them all and own the 1357. Running out is a real issue. However this is different, the French LT autoloaders have relatively short reloads and then burst their clips fairly rapidly. You can't compare a tier 7 amx1357 with an 18 second reload, then 8 low alpha shots with a 1 second intraclip; with a 14 second reload 390 alpha single shot tier 10. The real point though is the Manticore in its current iteration will very strongly encourage the use of premium ammo only. Its alpha and RoF isn't enough to risk getting in close, to be able to circle and get weak side and rear armour. You can only do it if you are sure the enemy is a one shot and god help you if you miss with that crappy on the move dispersion. So if you are smart you will only be shooting at range, but then you will suffer the general weakness of LTs which is extreme pen dropoff plus your accuracy 0.38 isn't even that good to ensure hitting weak spots at any distance. Therefore you won't want to miss out on the rare chance to deal damage you will get, hence you will fire premium. You won't switch for soft targets most of the time either, because you have little chance of knowing that 14 seconds later, whether your next opportunity will be a hard or soft target, except maybe late game if all the remaining enemy are soft.
  30. 2 points
    Single best use of bonds in WoT is of course ivstab on the T49. I've really really enjoyed my fully improved Even90. 498 VR and 46% camo is hilariously unfair.
  31. 2 points
    The HEAT shells on this tank are prohibitively expensive... 5600 credits for a 150 dmg 210 pen shell is pretty ludicrous! (same as on the T71 DA) Then again, small caliber guns have always been screwed sideways by premium shell pricing for some strange reason...
  32. 2 points

    Supertest: British Light Tanks

    Whoever at Wargaming thinks using low ammo is a good way to balance a tank should get punched in the nuts. Yeah lets make people not shoot their guns and make the game more passive. Good job wg.
  33. 2 points

    Supertest: British Light Tanks

    oh look, free damage
  34. 2 points

    Supertest: British Light Tanks

    Chang reminded me of the details we'd discussed. Having 3 levels of alpha and pen specifically. We'd discussed something like a short 105mm with AP/HESH/HE at tier 8. 190/170/90 pen and 300/360/410 damage. A shell for each situation but an actual choice on how much damage and reliability. Meaty hits but lower dpm. Maybe 2100 at peak. 10s base reload, 6 rpm. That was for Senlac. Give the 9 a longer 105, Charioteer gun as the base APCR/HESH/HE. 232/210/105 mm pen. 360/480/510 dmg. You get the EBR 105 memes on a far less mobile tank and without the godly gun handling. Reasonably good base APCR. Low caliber though so the splashes won't be crazy. And then a 5.5 at tier X. AP/HESH/HE. 250/200/90. 500/660/750. The lower pen is made up by better caliber and non pen splashes. To quote Chang, based on what we know works with the EVEN90: "And it gives a bit more of that spike that's needed for a low dpm, aggro bush sitter (even 90)"
  35. 2 points

    Supertest: British Light Tanks

    So, a tier 10 worse EVEN 90. Nice.
  36. 2 points

    Supertest: British Light Tanks

    That was pretty badass, 400mm of HESH penetration. Give the tank a 520 damage, 270mm Hesh standard ammo and leave the reload and gun stats the same. You have a meme tank that can't pen sides but atleast it's something different and it fulfills its role.
  37. 2 points

    Improved Equipment thread.

    I put an iVstab on my BC and haven't played it since
  38. 2 points
    im back, doing object 263, waffle4, t100, 907, 277 and tvp replays will be answering gameplay questions again if there are any first 5 posts with a replay link gets reviewed, YT vid with commentary - can be public or private if you want to
  39. 2 points
    By reverting EVERYTHING but reusable consumables to 9.17 or whatever the patch before arty changes was
  40. 2 points
    Now the entire Object 268 family is done!
  41. 2 points

    Sniping Positions

    Dude just deleted all the kiddie videos off his Youtube page. PEDO Confirmed!@
  42. 2 points
    i though we had something special Guess ill go buy a cactus........
  43. 2 points

    ST-ii the Reckoning

    Command & Conquer intensifies
  44. 1 point
    Sick drift, dude Apparently I was making a habit of deleting Ru251's tonight, have some nice round numbers
  45. 1 point

    T78 tier 6 Premium TD

    It scales by tier I suppose. 460-470 would be where I'd feel good in tier 6 and consider switching to gld...but it's definitely a playstyle thing.
  46. 1 point
    imagine being able to block 3 maps and using it to block three of the better maps in the game
  47. 1 point
    I've got the original somewhere on Drive! But those links are good.
  48. 1 point
    Eeehehehehehe... And then twentysome seconds later:
  49. 1 point
    https://youtu.be/Q3zMfcMdflM i have no idea what is happening with my mouse in the video tho sometimes it is not in the right spots lol idk maybe im just tripping when the cax and leo1 rotated from 1 line on steppes you should have rotated into 1 line to keep the game going because then you would have tank advantage and could prolong the game since you had teammates to reset and that you were going to die if you didn't move anyway
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