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    As a moderator seeing the stream of reports coming in for various posts , this is my reaction Could not be arsed to moderate this drama unless something extremely vile is said , and even then I probably won't even get rid of that because shit talking on the internet is funny to read. In a few days maybe I might split this into it's own thread and leave Folters history of PTS alone again because that's mildly interesting due to PTS's rep as one of the oldest top clans which some people might want to read for some unknown reason , where as in a months time nobody will give two fucks whether the second half of this thread actually happened Also a lot of decent players have signed up to have a good old argument in this thread , why not look around and post in the other threads too , there's a lot of quality posts by players of a high level here with considerably less shit posts than the official forums , why not contribute and help get the EU perspective across
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    They abused physics by clicking on me from orbit using WW2 technology.
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    Some people might say that a tanking website is no place to share movie reviews, I have missed those whining bitches, the Skyler Whites of my life and so I am back to harangue you all with irrelevant musings on a few movies. Fablkak Reviews: Tron Legacy, World War Z, Skyline, 30 Days of Night, Troll 2, The deadly sparrows, part Jew, Battles Los Angeles, Europa Report. Tron Legacy Today I did a poo and saw Tron Legacy, that means I have seen shit in 3D twice today although I must say that I preferred the one that didn’t go for two and a half hours and cost more than a happy ending. What is there one can say about tron legacy… you know that feeling you get when you have a great idea but then you wait a few hours and it doesn’t feel like such a great idea? Well the first Tron reached greatness by occupying this fleeting honeymoon period of non-tardation (which is a word) which lasted for about the same amount of time you think to yourself, hey a circuit board kind of does look like a city. Now dwell on this idea for 30 or so years and you’ll start to feel like a bit of a dick and eventually put the whole thing down to some half remembered feeling of pleasure you got when you were a child and you had just ripped open one of your brothers toys with electronic insides. Our civilization has moved on since Tron, we no longer fear the ghost in the machine. We fear the ghosts of once loved movies coming back to haunt us. First it happened with star wars, then it happened to poor Dr Jones and now Tron. RIP classic movies, may your celluloid one day know peace. Ps fuck Lucas arts. World War Z Bad, wrong and bad. So bad and so wrong that it didn’t even live up to my low expectations. When all you’re expecting is a mediocre if slightly sub standard zombie movie and you’re actually disappointed you know it’s a bad movie. The plot holes were big enough for one of those fat waddling zombies to climb through and the whole movie reeked of science fail which is one of the most irritating kinds of fail to watch for anyone with over six functioning brain cells. Most of the characters were thinly written and poorly played, the action was good but the believability was always kept very low which kind of ruins it for me. The only way this movie would be in the least bit scary is if you set your house on fire before sitting down to watch it, even then the acrid smoke which chokes you out of consciousness will probably come as a welcome relief from the horrific alternative of having to sit through that pitiful excuse for an ending. 4/10 standard units of entertainment. Skyline Overall I have only experienced one thing in my life that comes close to the level of disappointment I felt with this film and that was the time I paid to use a toilet in one of those over priced European countries where the food costs more on its way out than on its way in. Like my experience in the theater I sat down busting with anticipation only to discover that it was just a fart. In both instances I was expecting shit but all I got was a lot of hot air, an overriding feeling of disappointment and a lighter wallet. The way I see it movies are either great, passable, bad or so bad they are good. The ground between the latter two categories is no place for a movie to be. Unfortunately for skyline it has settled into this grey area where all the truly forgettable movies lie. The creatively named leads Terry and Jerry played by Turk from scrubs and some other B grade actor are giving D grade performances. This is a shame because at least if they had got an F they might have been kicked out of obscurity straight into infamy and found themselves up for a ‘so bad its good’ nomination. The same creativity that went into naming the leads is littered throughout the movie leaving it a mess which rips off War of the worlds (2005 movie), Independence Day (movie), The Matrix (movie) and Crysis (PC game) with the end result being Shit (bodily excrement of the odorous variety). I’m not sure what, if anything this movie is trying to convey. The story follows a few genuinely annoying people who in spite of my great malevolence towards them try to survive an alien invasion and war by staying still then going somewhere then realising that Venetian blinds look pretty sturdy decide to stand still behind them again. So, as far as I can work out the movie is about the usefulness of Venetian blinds in the event of a hangover, alien invasion or nuclear holocaust. 30 Days of Night 30 Days of Night is 113 minutes of benighted trash. What it lacks in terms of a cohesive plot it totally fails to make up for in originality, acting or style. It's like the last socially awkward fat kid to stumble wheezing onto the vampire bandwagon before all the cool kids turn to marbles or self harm. I wouldn't piss on its script if it were on fire, not even if i really had to go and there wasn't a toilet for miles, just to make the point. I wouldn't even use it for toilet paper, the ink tends to stain and the paper is too rough. Wait until this one comes out in two ply. Troll 2 As far as I’m concerned if your movie hasn’t got Bruce Willis or zombies it had better have a damn good story line. Troll 2 has an abundance of neither but I know what you’re thinking, does it make up for this conspicuous lack of Bruce Willis and zombies with a copious number of trolls? Why don’t you guess how many trolls are in the movie troll 2, 5? less, 3 you say? no less still, 1 final guess. Nope ZERO! But hold on this might be a good thing, I have seen plenty of great movies with no trolls in them before so they might be onto something. So what did this movie have? 1 druid/witch, around 12 vegetarian goblins and about 8 fucktards acting like… what’s the stupidest descriptive word I have at my disposal, umm Americans! Hold on a second, vegetarian goblins? The villains of the movie are ravenous flesh eating vegetarians? Yep! No plot flaw there that I can see, moving on. This movie is wrong on so many levels but the highlight for me was the dialogue between the young couple which was obviously written by someone who had never actually talked to girls before except in that special “before he got arrested” kind of way. Number of stars: Negative Graham’s number. Harry potter: The deadly sparrows, part Jew. (no spoilers) How does one quantify the quality of ‘meh’. With all the tedious inevitability of a Dutch hooker with a backlog the story moved from point to point fulfilling contractual obligations for money and bringing happy endings to some but shame, ignominy and a worrying rash to others. I find myself asking why I bothered watching it in the first place, true it was only four dollars which I received for being lazy in the vicinity of a university but that’s not the point. I guess I watched it because I wanted to see the end, perhaps out of some misplaced feeling of commitment or maybe just because I’m completest. On second thoughts that’s probably not true I usually don’t even complete Let’s face it we all knew what was going to happen before it even started, we just wanted to see it trundle on through the motions until we saw exactly what we were expecting to see and that is not a good reason to watch a movie. On top of all that (ok technically this is underneath it) what really gets my goat is the unbelievably of it all. I don’t mean the wizards, the monsters and all that magic, that’s all par for the course in a fantasy movie like this. No, what really frustrated me was seeing that little prat with a penchant for destroying small knick-knacks take tumble after violent tumble and not once did his glasses fall off or even come loose. Now that’s just unbelievable and it’s the straw that broke the dromedary. I hope all the actors come down with a serious case of Mark Hamill syndrome and never grace our screens with their typecast presence ever again. Battles Los Angeles: The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure seed bank not far from the North Pole, its purpose is to safeguard the world’s stockpile of genetic resources in the event of a global crisis. This mammoth undertaking for the benefit of mankind is second in scope and ambition only to the movie Battle Los Angeles which has managed to collect every little stereotypical clichéd expression and over dramatised cringe worthy moment in cinema history and compact them into 150 min of concentrated shit. Two copies of the film are to be stored away just in case the worst happens and humanity has to rebuild from the ground up. One copy is to be ground up and mixed with 10,000 tons of soil to make high grade fertilizer while the other copy is to be shown to audiences with small dynamo devices attached to their eyeballs which are designed to generate electricity every time somebody rolls their eyes. Europa Report: Good. This movie passed its science exam with pretty good marks. Granted there was one small science fail when they said that the temperature outside their ship was absolute zero but I’m not petty enough to point that out on any kind of review, well ok I am but only so that equally nerdy science friends can’t say I missed it. Although the movie might be a little slow for most people I think they did very well getting the pacing right, especially considering that the first two years of the mission consists largely of sitting down. If you like your science fiction slow and realistic then this movie is for you. 8/10 empirical nonstandard units of entertainment. Bonus review: Primer More complicated than eating the last bit of yoghurt from a small container with a big spoon. Dredd and a combined review of Monsters (2010) & By Any Means in post below. Use your scroll wheel noob. Any requests? PS: how is tanks going? I can't play for a few more months yet, I started fapping to top gear but it's just not the same.
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    _NiNe_ is bad news for Forge. The sooner they kick him, the better. Antonio, Garbad. Please don't start Carry on, o7o7o7o7
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    We're seeking active tankers to join our team. (Enjoy, Enjoy Too and X-Sight) Our social clan,Indeedis also recruiting. ~ Wanna join the Enjoy[-_-] team? This is what we require of our members. ~ [-_-] Regularly use our TeamSpeak 3 server to improve individual and team performance in platoons, tank company and clan war battles. [-_-] Maintain a positive attitude and enjoyable environment for your fellow clanmates. [-_-] Seek to improve the average clan statistics. [-_-] Enjoy using the [-_-] tag in creative and annoying ways. t[-_-]t - ~ What can Enjoy[-_-] do for you? ~ [-_-] We're focused on having fun and improving our tanking. [-_-] Mature, relaxed leadership that maintains a good/positive environment. [-_-] We believe in creating strategies based on our individual member strengths. [-_-] We're a clan wars oriented clan and regularly have battles. [-_- ]Gold income is paid out based on frequency of clan war attendance (paid same whether picked or not for battle), payments made every weekend. [-_-] Member only forum full of hilarious replays, useful mods and some occasional trolling. [-_-] Comical contests for gold prizes (usually weekly)! - ~Enjoy[-_-] Clan Information ~ [-_-] EnjoyTeamSpeak 3 Server:enjoyTS.COM [-_-] Enjoy Forums (members only):www.enjoytanking.com
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    I was told I should crosspost this so I am. It's gonna be a thing I write up every week or so, Halloween one is gonna be pretty good. If it's at all popular I'll see if anyone wants to actually Be a character. Until then it's just whatever I guess! Here ya go. A Tale of Unicorns. (Beginnings.) (The names of the Unicorns in this story are representative of characters in a mockup of World of Tanks and the efforts of Unicums to Educate the masses. This does not reflect the opinions of the Unicorns named.) "They're coming.." "I know.." Eyes. Once beautiful and bright, shining with hope and joy now looked dull and worn. They turned from the beautiful white face infront of them, now dusty and dirty. They both could hear it. The braying and bucking and gnashing of teeth beyond just the woods ahead. The Two Unicorns were tired. They were dirty. They were beaten and battered. Their flanks bleeding and scarred from piercing wounds and glancing strikes. They had taken refuge in the last place they could make their defence. The Magical Forest. It's trees verdant and green, their boughs offering protection from the eyes of the Donkey Horde beyond. The stronger of the two stepped forward. His hooves striking the ground, digging into the earth. He spoke aloud. "We can make a stand here..We can survive, if we do this right..We can lure them in. We can take them one at a time, strike from stealth..We must be quick. We must weave what magic we have left to cloak ourselves in these woods..It's our only hope." Hope dies quickly on the field of battle. The unicorn, as tired as he was, took a mis-step..A twig, a meager little twig. It snapped, and in the sound of cracking wood. Silence reigned. "..No..I..RU--" His words were cut short as the very earth exploded around him. The other unicorn, battered and worn barely had time to move away before it's eyes could look upon it's dear friend. A smoldering crater and broken horn were all that remained. "NO!" The unicorn shouted. It's horn flaring bright. It was too late. The Murovankashire Woods around the unicorn erupted into a nightmare of shattering wood and spraying dirt as Donkey shell after shell pelted the area. When the dust settled the numerous high explosive shells had done their job. The Last Unicorn lay in the dirt. Wounded and crippled. The sound of trees breaking and hooves pounding the earth were the last it heard before the dark overtook it. Hope however. Was not lost. Death did not come for the Unicorn that day. It's eyes opened. To the sounds of battle. The braying of Donkey's and the neighing of Unicorns, the explosive report of Donkey Shells and the crackling explusion of Unicorn Magic. Eyes, blurred and half blind from dirt and tears all that Unicorn could see was the flanks and hooves of it's Comrade..and the hooves of Donkey's marked in green and blue. They had come..They had won the flank. Support..finally had arrived. A dull voice entered it's ears. "I know that voice.." The thought graced the wounded unicorns mind. Louder it called. "The battle is not yet won! They have a hold out at their stronghold! They have not been wounded this entire battle! Get up! GET UP BUN! You can do it!". Millard. It was the Unicorn General Millard..That voice of inspiration and teaching had long been a shining example of insight. One hoof, than the other as the wounded and limping Unicorn rose to it's hooves. "The battle rages..You can't go and die yet." True enough words. The medical herbs at the unicorns flank were quickly consumed and vision was restored. The Unicorn named Bun could see the forest was alive. Donkeys in green and blue tabards rushing beyond the fallen logs and broken earth. The Unicorn Millard moving with them, shouting orders to flank around. There, beyond. On the hill. She saw another. Rising with two of his own escorts. The Unicorn known as Rosh. His proud stance offering confidence to all around him. That was his power. The Aura of Kindness. You see, every Unicorn has a special power to which they impart on their forces..Rosh's was Kindness. A feeling of calm and understanding that steadied the wills of their compatriots. Millard, posessed the Aura of Knowledge. Heightening the senses and tactical awareness of his company. These two could turn the tide. She knew it. Bun, had not yet discovered her Aura. She had only recently acended. She remembered the days when she too, was a donkey draped in green, and then blue..Fond memories that she could not reflect on. There was a battle to win. "I put myself in a terrible position.." She thought to herself. "..I could have..sustained so much less injury had I..I..we wouldn't have lost Scrub.." The Fallen Unicorn, his name had been Scrublet. A fond moniker. "Now is not the time to reflect on that..You will have time when things have calmed to review your choices and learn from them..Come. We must do what we can.." The voice was familar. A Unicorn stepped by her with a smile in his eyes. She knew his name as well. His name was L'one Med'ic. A name from an older time of their kin and naming conventions which were more fanciful back then. Like elves, sort of. The battle was on. Now was not the time to reflect upon ones mistakes. It was time to win. It was with great tenacity and great fervor that the battle was concluded. The holdouts at the Donkey Stronghold were eventually overwhelmed by the Unicorns and their remaining forces. Out-manuvering and out-thinking them. The battle was won. However, not without great cost. The battlefield was littered with dead Donkey and Unicorn alike. As the dust settled and the sun shone through the clouds of smoke and ash one could only reflect on how it all started. Unicorns. They had risen from the Donkey Hordes. Seeking a higher purpose, a better place. They found the way to ascend beyond being a braying and gnashing donkey who's weapons and attitudes were crude and harsh. Unrefined and without grace. They found the crude and rudimentary decisions made on the fields of constant strife to be simply unsustainable. Why did they fight though? For land, for resources. Resources that could be shared, but always they wanted more. Always more. Trampling and destroying everything in their path searching for more and more. This however, is not to say all Unicorns are good. One may discover Ascension and walk a path seperate of teaching, seperate of anything and just exist for ones own good. None the less a Unicorn, but seperate from the fold. Battling for themselves. These were the things reflected upon as the battlefield was surveyed. "We were victorious. Though the cost was great. I fear if this keeps up..we will see more Nightmares rising every day.." Bun said as she walked beside Rosh whom she had sought out after the battle had ended. "If we cannot keep the Donkey's corruptive influence at bay. More may fall to the gnashing hatred.." Rosh came to a slow stop and turned his head towards the battered Unicorn "The Gnashing Hatred can only be avoided by keeping in mind one's own heart. If we succumb to their influence..if we fall to hating them, and spitting at them. If we fall to damning them for what they are instead of trying to elevate them beyond. We end up being their greatest allies. Remember..We, are instrumental in our own rise, and our own downfall..always." Rosh, moved away and Bun followed. The Gnashing Hatred..It was a sickness, a disease. Brought on by hatred of what one used to be. A Donkey. A Unicorn whom has ascended, turns on the very thing they used to be. Berating and spitting at them. Teaching them only through hatred. They fall. Their pelts darken, and they become Nightmares. Feeding the Hatred of Unicorns that Donkey's share. They become the very instrument that keeps a Donkey..a Donkey. They feed on them. Mercilessly. Only through Hope can a Nightmare be redeemed. Hope that Donkey's will ascend. Pulling the Nightmare from the pits of it's hatred..If possible. "I was almost a nightmare.." She whispered, as she walked beside Rosh. Her eyes on the ground and her mane draped over her neck as she limped along. "When you first found me, I was a Donkey. You showed me that Unicorns could be kind, you showed me that they could be approached, they could be learned from..and I ascended." She said, raising her head and exhaling in the cold morning air. "But that wasn't enough. As time went on, and I was in combat..I almost fell..I could Feel myself hating them, dispising their very existance like they were some kind of plague..It was only..Seeing..a nightmare..that I knew I could never become one..and I thought of you Rosh. You who is among us the brightest shining." Rosh laughed, and trotted away just a bit and continued onward towards the Unicorn Stronghold of Wotlabandia. A shining fortress of knowledge and truth in the distant hills. "Well Bun! I suppose than you'll just have to keep your head up!" It was good advice. Always keep your head up. Never let your eyes fall. Bun watched as he left. The Fortress of Wotlabandia. It was a bastion of knowledge and wisdom. But ever closer did the Donkey Hordes come to their gates. Gates that were not locked. All were welcome to come and learn. If they chose to do so.. End of Pt 1. I'd like to write these once every week. This is kind of a test run so it's a little short and written sparingly. I didn't want to over work it if It's gonna crash and burn. Think of it as a pilot episode. If it's at all enjoyed I'll write more rediculous fantasyized versions of battles and Unicum players who want to impart anything into the tale if they wish. If it's unpopular I'll slink off and never do something so silly as this again! Part Two: The Rise of The Snazz and the Fall of Rationality. (A Unicorns Justice.)
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    You have to admit, that threat from CRABS is hilarious.
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    IOC_5 stronkest klam NA

    Actually we have learned well from our lesser-numbered brethren about the disadvantages of large minimaps, we therefore have our FCs hit the "m" button at the beginning of the battle.
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    Someone finally used one of my images (and it took some pain to make them)... Here's the rest. First, the BL-9 became shorter. I guess WG went though and applied a batch of RL measurements and document information, hence the IS-3 changes. Front armor change (even if it was changed only a little) means that the angles around the pike's edge (on the UFP) when looking at the IS-3 head on provide ~165//175/185mm of effective armor after normalization (5/2/0 degrees). The LFP now presents a very tough target with a minimum of 245/275/300+mm EA though noboby shot there. The driver's hatch is a weakspot, but there's a catch: In order to utilize it you need a gun of 120mm caliber or greater (so 2x overmatch mechanics gets into effect). With such a gun you see around 110mm EA against AP so something like the 122mm D-25T will seriously ruin the IS-3s day. Lower caliber guns will see around 165 EA against AP so they should concentrate their fire elsewhere. Turret front becomes stronger with better angles on the cheecks starting around 276 EA AP and only going up from there as you move to the sides due to the extreme angles. The overmatch strip is the same size for all intents and purposes and the roof's root for the top hatches is still weak and willing to eat shots that strayed left and right. Turret sides are a crapshoot depending on the angle but anything with under 176mm of stated AP pen will bounce most of the time. Turret rear became extremely weak and most guns over 90mm of rated AP penetration will go through it like butter. All in all I'd say it's a crapshoot and can't really call it a nerf or a buff. Stronger turret, somewhat weaker hull.
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    Mine DPG

    Kewei is a rich asian nerd, quoting poetry at me...I will respond in the tradition of my people Follow me tell me if you feel me I think clickaz is tryin to kill me Padding they dps, spittin gold til they drill me I Keepin it real, and even if I do conceal my criminal thoughts, preoccupied with keepin steel See clickaz is false, stroking dey numbers, turned snitches that used to be real, but now they petrified bitches I'm tryin to be strong, they sendin drones out to bomb me I listen to Yank, the only wank that can calm me Constantly armed, my firepower keep me warm I'm trapped in the storm, and fuck the forums when I'm gone Bitches be warned - the veteran of wars won, you'll get torn I'm carrying reds far, he sniping from afar And then it's on, before I leave picture me I solopubbing wen you punk bitches were hustlin to be free Watch me set it, padderz don't want it, you can get it Bet it make these jealous padderz mad I said it Wins +Thug Life+ grolliaz, we don't cater to you hoes Fuck with me, have a hundred fucking grillaz at yo' do', in T-54ss.. hahahahaha, yeah gorillaz!Thug Life!
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    Finally got around to the jp2 and it's everything I asked for. Casemate armor that nothing in tier 8 can really pen. Very mobile, can't be circled by lights, fast enough to flex. Enough speed to yolo in, hits 55km down hill fast, so you can get to the aggressive hulldown spots easily. Decent camo, nothing isu level, but can camo snipe heavies at 300m behind bushes. Incredible gun, 490 dmg every 10 seconds with 312 apcr pen (not that you would need it), it straight up autopens tier 8/9s it faces, and has no problem doing dmg in 10s. 10/10 would recommend. Everyone should get one. It can do well on any maps, city maps use casemate armor and op gun to troll heavies, open maps just camo snipe. Only weakness is low hp, but careful play skirting outside view ranges makes it easy not to get hit. Also reverses at 30km an hour.
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    Wot Fan Art, pencil drawing tanks

    Please feel free to post your own art I'd love to see it. I am pretty rusty these are my first attempts at drawing since high school and it shows lol Vote them up if you want to see more! T57 in progress---I am getting fatigued on this one...I was trying to work on my shading and got the gun how I liked it. But the rest still needs a lot of work and drawing tracks sucks big time. I'm going to start over on the tracks they look like crap...I want to crumple this one up and throw it away lol I got better stuff to work with but I just cant shade like i use to..and looking up to the computer for a reference is a killer on the back... AMX 50B in progress And finished...maybe i'll add grass and background later...a lot of work. And here is the finished drawing, not my best work haha! But drawing is all practice and I am out of it. And all I had to use was a clicky pencil so shading was hard.
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    Just going to leave this right here

    Unrelated but i'll leave this here anyway.
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    I prefered the EU bitch fest on the PTS thread , somehow actually made more sense
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    Type 59

    Maybe this helps http://www.vbaddict.net/statistics.php?tier=8&tanktype=0&nation=0&premium=0&mapid=0&modeid=0&team=0&battles=1000&groupby=0&fieldname=creditsn
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    Unitato Icon is the shit. As far as your clans comment... This is the Ebb and flow of all sandbox type games. It has been this way with every single type of sandbox game since the first one Ultima Online back in '97. CW is the pure definition of sandbox, it's only what the players make it. Sometimes it just gets old and people move on, people get tired of all the work it takes to run a guild/clan and keep the drama under control as well as still make things interesting by creating shit to do. Don't do CW? then when you get tired of pubs... what do you do? Many of the oldschool purples have seemed to disappear, and more do all the time from boredom, other things taking the time, or frustration with clan drama etc. Regardless of what the server population count says, it might have grown in the last year on N/A, but i think the % of true unicum players has actually shrunk quite a bit. however the % of the blues to light purples has gone up along with the reds. it's the natural cycle i have seen in most every online game since i started in UO beta way to many damn years ago.
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    Shh. Do not tempt him. Fab, stop watching movies and finish your dissertation faster. In the event that you're going to try to plead something like "but I watched them with my girlfriend/fiancee", I have already thought of a solution: dump her. Love, crab
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    You're right, I'm not sitting on any solid, tangible evidence of Dakillzor's complaint to WG. Mostly because I don't have any affiliation with WG and if I did you can bet your arse I wouldn't be posting here. It's arguable I've said too much already, this whole issue is a clusterfuck of potential conflicting interests, with many people having a stake in multiple parties. So I'm not going to name names; if you want to subsequently dismiss anything I say about Dakillzor or his actions as 'baseless', feel free. Feels strange though, someone in EFE dismissing my claims as baseless, having watched EFE lead the witch hunt over baseless accusations against me, other PTS members and PTS in general. @Kursk: Then Tekme and EFE leadership are liars, thank you for clearing that up. @A_Hardy_Buck: Marry me? Seeing a post like that after coming here from that shithole of an official forum is unbelievably refreshing. Currently sitting on 10 warning points courtesy of the twats moderating that place.
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    Correlation is only visible with large sample sizes, picking a few examples is not statistics.
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    Only two spots matter.
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    I saw you get shot In a tourny By a RDDT4 player
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    Project Tank

    Well it IS a cheap ripoff. Bunch of Chinese guys just imported WoT assets into Unity editor (that thing has probably the best asset importer since ever), made trivial gameplay mechanics (armor angle doesn't matter, it's just pewpew and hp goes down) and exported unity web player version of it. I'm quite certain I could do the same given maybe 4 guys and 2-3 months of time (I do have some experience with Unity). I bet Gamebox (The western publisher of the game) is also a victim here. They claimed Project tank was under development for years. Which probably is what their Chinese subcontractor told them. Well we did some digging, the subcontractor did not mention the Project tank in any of it's previous sneakpeeks. The first mention of the project anywhere was few months before the youtube videos surfaced. And to OP. From what I've seen the few Project Tank fans are mostly there simply because they are extremely butthurt to WG. I don't think they like the project, it's more about them completely loathing WoT.
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    Advices on how to improve?

    But 6th sense being a perk and only becoming active at 100% he gets more use out of having recon skill now until he gets to ~125% and can retrain to 6th sense. Apart from that I second: GLD + VertStab. Standard equipment for Russian heavies. You might also want to consider an auto-fire extinguisher. I am starting to think they are worth it financially, especially on tanks prone to fire like the KV series. Just stock up during the next equipment sale (this weekend provided NA gets the same special again). On a more general note: One thing that always helps me when I get into a new tier is to make sure I enter the new territory in a tank that is considered OP. It's just easier to learn to deal with new enemy tanks and more skilled enemy players if you are driving a vehicle that allows for some mistakes. For tier VII there is one tank that sticks out: the T29! KV-3 isn't a horrible choice from what I can tell but it certainly is no T29. 2nd general note: KV-3 sacrifices speed for armor but its armor (unlike the T29 turret) is very rarely effective against higher tiers. KV-3 is thus the typical case of a top tier bully that becomes a pussy once faced by bigger bullies. For that reason the IS series may be easier to manage since those tanks are fast enough to be played like meds if they are bottom tiers. Since you already have the KV-1s, you may want to try the IS first. Moreover the IS-3 is an ideal beginner tier VIII.
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    Good DPG per tier

    Subjective, but you asked for it. These are damage numbers at which i would consider you are good player (damage is much easier to pad after accuracy buff so dont compare old stats too much). Most purples here beat them easily . tier 5: 800 dmg (t49 1000+) tier 6: 1200 tds, heavies, 1000 meds tier 7: 1600 , 1450 mediums tier 8: mediums 1800, heavies 2000.tds 2100 tier 9: mediums 2300 (t54 2800), tds 2800 , heavies 2600 tier 10: tds 3200, mediums 2800, heavies 2700 I would describe them as entry for purple territory.
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    Too bad you're unemployed and broke.
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    IOC_5 stronkest klam NA

    We at IOC_5 and our sister clans are so proffeshiunal that even our callers aren't allowed to talk in TS during battles! We are the most proffeshiunal clan there is!
  31. 1 point

    Transferring to the Asia server

    I heard DPS are on the look out for pro MK1 drivers. Please PM ISG_Nisa or Pred_Error.
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    You generally don't need to announce US election results on a video game site. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/19/8-9-public-test/
  35. 1 point

    new computer won't POST

    Funny thing, grounding, I always tell myself to get grounded before I work on a computer and never do it. Haven't murdered a board/component yet, I know this because I can't remember in the last five years of building one of my computers where the thing did not just work after assembly and I know for certain my last three did. Grounding yourself is for pussies (WARNING: Ground yourself before you work on sensitive technoboxes, don't be retarded like me) Also, I have seen computers that will halt if no display is detected but I've never seen one power cycle over it.
  36. 1 point

    new computer won't POST

    Sounds like a dead CPU to me. You can try taking off the CPU and turning the pc on without it attached. It should stay powered on(and bleeping if you had the speaker) if the mobo and everything else is fine. If it keeps powering on and off then it's something else, possibly the mobo.
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    ⟪WN8⟫ Development / Resources

    Roger, will use averages then. Thanks for the feedback! I will try to finish this today, so I can get the final per-tank table to Mr.Noobmeter, and possibly start working with Neverwish and the XVM people to implement WN8. Seriych I trust you can help me propose WN8 for XVM in koreanrandom forums?
  39. 1 point

    ⟪WN8⟫ Development / Resources

    AWESOME! Thanks Marius! The idea is to measure player skill independently of the tanks a player chooses to play. You shouldn´t have a higher rating simply because oyu play only OP tanks and free-XP past bad tanks. Anyways, I will have to update the per-tank table for the new german TDs. I was thinking, is giving new and rare tanks the minimum values of their tier/class fair? Or is it more fair to give them average values? Otherwise, the wfE100 will have je100 expected stats...
  40. 1 point

    Anime Thread

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  42. 1 point

    Deadeye/critical hit discussion

    They are. They're in the same guns.xml file I grabbed all the penetration decay and muzzle velocity stuff from, but I ignored them for that spreadsheet. The smallest tier 1 gun (13.2mm Hotchkiss) does 18 module damage, the largest tier 10 (240mm howitzer) does 320. All American 105mms (even Sherman derp) do 150, all the 90mms seem to do 122, so it looks like the module damage is based purely on caliber with no concern for tier or shell type. Edit: Also, my best ammo rack ever. Totally clutch.
  43. 1 point

    The terrible A-44

    Engine hit Engine fixed Engine hit Engine is repaired Ammorack is hit, Loader is out Loader is back in action Driver is dead, The tank is burning! Fuck you A-44, fuck you.
  44. 1 point
    I'd like to call in a success story. I had a tier V game on Lakeville (standard) recently and our only heavy, a 49%er in a KV-1, said he was "gonna hold the valley". I pleaded with him to come to town where he had a great game making some key contributions to the win. Afterwards I made him promise to never go valley again.
  45. 1 point

    Clan Wars Etc...

    Alrighty, to answer a few questions -Is it possible for any nerf to kill the T57's viability? Yes, but it's no use deliberating on what may or may not occur. The way I see it, I don't think they'll drastically nerf the combat capability of this tank, but if you want to be safe grind an AM50B --Is it worth it to persue the IS-7 for CW now, or should I just stop when I get to the IS-3? (At the T-43) IS7 is a junk CW tank, don't waste your effort on it -Does the Leopard see CW play often enough to warrant getting it? (At the iPanzer) Personally, I only use good Leo drivers. It depends how well you play in it. However, it definitely sees CW use where you want a scout with gun depression (i.e, on certain maps I'll take one or two leos because nothing else can fuflil gun depression + mobility package) -i will inevitably get the Object 140 and the T62A, but is there any preference among the two? (T-43) The differences between the two honestly don't make one really superior to the other. I'd stick with T-62A personally since it has a stronger turret that will bounce gold now and then -After I finish my grind to the E-50, would it be a wise choice to sell my Panther II, buy my Tiger, and put my Panther II crew onto the German E-100 line? (I.E. Will the E-50M ever be viable?) New e50m feels like a niche tank for gimmick strats, doubtful since it's competeing with the T110E5 for the same role (pocket heavy) -Which T10 TDs are preferred in CW? (The T28 Prot is my only high-tier tank among these; the rest are at 6 or less.) OBJ 268 and Foch 155 definitely, T110E4, T110E3 and 183 also see niche usage. E4 can substitute well for a heavy. -What clicker is stronkest for CW? (I have some in-roads into the arty lines, but it's all pretty low tier so there's no real issue with picking a line.) Currently, Conqueror Gun Carriage without a doubt. GW-E100 and OBJ 261 close second. Few other pointers E100 is extremely CW viable on certain maps, don't let pubbies fool you,it's an excellent tank with a well-defined role. As for clans Consider Relic Auxilliary,Foxey, Enjoy2 or Villains' subclan Thugz. If you happen to understand Chinese, CHA1
  46. 1 point

    Unicum Mentoring?

    I'd recommend watching streams instead of channels on YouTube. Quicky on EU is good although I wouldn't recommend Jingles if your aim is 1900+ WN7. If you go to the WoT subreddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/)and hover over "streams" a list pops up. Anfield, Rat, and Junkers are all really good players that you can watch/observe. If you bug Junkers he's willing to platoon with you. In addition to watching them when they are live streaming you can also find their past broadcasts that they've saved.
  47. 1 point

    Is Tiger HT worth playing?

    All these unfounded hate for the Tiger... Honestly how much do you need to stomp scrubs at tier 7 and snipe at tier 9? My Tiger stats played a year ago is comparable to my recent IS-2 stats. You got crap ton of HP and an accurate gun. Just sit back and shoot the shit out of pubs then charge in with crazy mobility and out brawl the rest with your HP pool.
  48. 1 point

    List of streamers - updated 4/10

    I heard the Panther was the stat padder's dream. Eventually, as the account matures, I find it gets to be less interesting to play and unlock new tanks. Why get a Panther/PantherII/E-50/E-50M (for me personally) when I've already got tanks I like to play at all those tiers. Someone like Anfield already had 12+ tier 10 tanks, so seeing him cycle through his 10s is instructive enough. I do like your stream EmbJ though, simply because its the high skill active stream and in English as a bonus. Your projects are interesting. The mid tier TD play did get a little repetitive, but it was for a good cause (free goaldz). And EU players LOVE to camp, jesus. It seems like the dispute between you and zeronez comes down to "what is stat padding", to which I'd like to settle the issue...if you are good enough at WoT, everything looks like stat padding. I play my BDR G1B to make new french crews....stat padding! I play the 50 100 to make credits with a friend who likes to grind them on the 110? Stat padding. Play the IS-6 for credits to buy a new 10? padding. Play the T-54 to unlock the new USSR 10, also major padding. Heaven forbid I play a tank I like for "fun" (T69, T29, IS-3, Cruiser III)! That said, I will check out zeronez's stream, because I check out all the streams...
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    Why the onus on platoon leaders? If one has an allergy to Encounter/Assault, why not ask the platoon leader before you get into a battle? Not speaking from a place of conviction here, just playing devil's advocate.
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    I swear those games are so incredibly common on the indien. My apologies. I guess you could say his lyrics are... crawling in your skin EDIT: hey asshats quit downvoting me i am not the one who tried to eat the wall. EDIT: hey before you hit that down arrow why don't you ask yourself why you can't take a joke you losers. jesus the pc crap has extended to long horses? because that is all those things are, and no one was bawling when that chimp got shot for eating that lady's face. so are you racist for long horses over gorillas? hippocrites. EDIT: is it a bunch of peta lamebrains doing this? did my one little joke hit some kind of tree-hugger blog or some shit? i have never so much as even spit on a geraffe! wtf? i ate lion one time, it was in a burger; i had alligator, and something they told me was eagle but i'm positive it was just chicken. whatever anyone is saying about me and geraffes is not even true. but go on farteaters, downvote away. it shows how stupid you are. EDIT: spelling.
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