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    Garbad reviews the T110E3

    Stannis is the one true king of Westeros.
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    Tank balance in Tiers 6 and below

    If 60% in the 38na gives you some sort of authority to just dismiss arguments against a stance you have taken, then my light tank stats pretty much mean that you don't exist if I so deem it. I mean, consider: You round up to 60% after 107 battles. You're 10 battles off from breaking even. In a stretch of 100 battles, it is easily imaginable that you got lucky 10 times. This line of thinking gains serious traction when we consider your Chaffee, which has 200 battles and 49.5% wins. Wait, the Chaffee is MUCH more potent per-tier than the 38na, what's going on here? If you're so gud@LT's that the 38na was an easy 60%, why aren't you dominating in the Chaffee? There's also the ELC and M5 stuart of yours, both of which have terrible stats and have similar/identical matchmaking to the 38na, along with similar numbers of battles. (M5 52% @145, ELC 51% @94) So, once more, why is it that you scraped 60% in the 38na, yet not in any other light tanks with similar or identical matchmaking? You brought your stats into this, now you get to own them. Your 38na is a fluke, and can't be used as evidence of "look, see, I did it, therefore there's nothing wrong with it!" ... Which is actually a fucking terrible argument anyway.
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    Hi there. Finding really handy I decided to throw together a mod that shows these map guides on your loading screen. I put in all maps that he made guides for and will update this mod as soon as he does the remaining maps. Thus far included: Abbey Airfield Arctic Region Cliff El Halluf Ensk Erlenberg Fisherman's Bay Fjords Highway Himmelsdorf Karelia Komarin Lakeville Live Oaks (Afaik HibachiSniper added the remaining maps in the newest version!) Preview: (*click*) New version: (thanks to HibachiSniper) https://www.mediafire.com/?wsa8mbbgokva2m2 Old Versions: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4z7pr09biburtw8/ht_loadingscreens.rar
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    M6 struggles

    Agree with this. Limiting your exposure in higher tier battles is key. Try to find spots where you can use your gun depression to hide most of your hull from enemy fire. When you do expose yourself to fire, you should only be exposing your turret. Do it just long enough to get a shot off, then back in to cover again. Also try to time your shots when the enemy is on reload (even if it means waiting for a little bit). The US 90mm at Tier 6 is an awesome weapon though. Having those APCR shells available for Tier 8 fights gives it a lot more utility.
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    IOC_5 stronkest klam NA

    Spelling errors, Check Grammar errors, Check Relic is gay reference, Check Getting the bads to petition to shaft themselves, let's see... http://www.imperialorderclan.com/home/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewforum&f=33
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    Consider that you get less DPM, worse gun handling, and HEAT over APCR, I wouldn't call that an improvement to firepower by any means The E3 has a role, if a specialized one, in that it busts the enemy team's balls by forcing them to waste valuable time engaging it, it soaks ridiculous amounts of damage, since literally the entire front is highly resistant to non-TD gold shells, and you have to get it out in a hurry, or you'll get fucked by that huge gun if you just let it keep firing. I remember during purple dawn, back before havok lost all their field commanders (and took in dmcgill, that scrublord) they had a pretty nice pincer going on cliff, where they'd bring 3 or 4 E3s around the bend; as you were turning to engage those, they just smashed into you from the middle of the map with E5s and 57s, and their bats overran your own at the doughnut. What made it so tough to beat was that they had excellent timing, so each time you turned to engage a new threat presented itself simultaneously, and that if you had brought arty, you were essentially fighting 12 or 13 on 15, and they could just sandwich crush you at their leisure before you could effectively engage either of those groups. The JP just simply can't do anything like that. The rear mounted gun and shitty traverse make you dead on arrival at any corners; you have absolutely no camouflage to speak of and a profile the size of a small planet, so you can't even hide from anything; that enormous SHOOT ME HERE lower plate and flimsy superstructure negates its slim HP advantage, and often makes it so that you only get one shot off, if that, before you get focused down in a hail of righteous brimstone. It simply has no role that other tanks can't better accomplish; 268 is your camo sniper, E3 is your point man, Foch is your OH FUCK I'M GONNA DIE card
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    Hey guys! For those who are just now getting wind of this game, or for those of you who'd been onboard since July, you probably know all about the LTI (Life Time Insurance) packages and how they're no longer attached to current ships ever since the beginning of August. I'm here to help change that. I'm a veteran backer, this gives me access to purchase LTI on all the ships you have access to. How it works is you pick what package you want, then gift it to someone who's a backer. They then melt it down for credit and repurchase the same package but this time it has LTI and they gift it back to you. Myself and others who do this usually do it for a teeny donation. You can actually use this: Shut Up and Take My Money! $5 Ship Skin, and send it as a gift to cover this Also, this helps support the developers and the game, since the money is actually going to their pocket, not mine. If you have more than one package to upgrade, I bundle it all together, so it's not $5 each. Just the one Helps non-early-backers get the LTI, and we eventually get enough saved up for another ship ;D There is a delay in the process, though. A 24-hour cool-down for gifted packages. So if you got a package now, then gifted it to me now, I wouldn't be able to get it back to you until tomorrow. On TOP of that, there's a $1000 gifting limit PER DAY. So once I reach that, I can't gift out till the next day. Obviously this causes a backlog. But it's not a backlog for getting the Package, it's simply a backlog in getting it BACK to you. So, for instance, I'm currently sitting on 16 Weekend Warrior - LTI packages. At $180 a package, that means I can only send back 6 a day. So be patient. To gift a package, you go to My Hangar and there you'll see what all you've purchased. Example: In the lower right corner of each package, you'll see a little arrow to click. There's an option to melt it down or gift it. Example: ^ Basically in a straightforward nutshell on how it works If you're cool with all this (and the donation), then send me a PM and I'll instruct you how to continue. I handle this in PM because I post both mine and your emails in the message. Privacy yo. These are who I still need to gift out. CURRENT LIST IN ORDER: Forcyte - Aurora LN, Gladiator, Starfarer, :tenbux: Roughly, I can gift out between 4-6 a day, depending on the gift package amount ($1000 daily is the cap)
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    War Deccing 101 - North American Style

    Welp - since you can't see CR/D I'll paste it all in. The War Dec: . With the dust in Texas settling down, OTTER has had time to let our 17 tanks unlock and poke our heads up to have a look around the magical farm. What OTTER High Command has seen has caused dismay and chilled us all to the bone. Above us to the north lies a pack of try hard, scumlord sympathizers running a reputable brand through the mud and drilling for oil. We think it's for oil anyway, as there is no logical reason why a bunch of "intellygint tonkas" continues digging at rock bottom. How fellow PETCO clan GRLLA has shared a border with their likes is beyond this simple OTTER's comprehension. . . To the west of Texas remains desperately-needing-a-bath masses rejected from relevance as their decline has caused merges and gutting of sub clans because they totally were never feeder clans, true story. How this slop stays on the map is also beyond me when all of their talent rotates out weekly to actual top 5 clans. Of course I am talking about the Crustacea family, though HAVOK fitting the de?sc?ri?ption is just a happy coincidence. OTTER high command had a few choice words with DunxtonChexton around what we're able to do about this dire situation.. .FORGE, ANVIL and ALLOY (the Baddiesmiths), OTTER's grievances with you are as follows: 1. You absorbed so much JDAM, you are now are busting with scum like the acne ridden face of Sneaky Bugger's ego. 2. You harbour many infamous spergers such as a_hippie, Nine, and_den and the ugly truth is, they seem good fits into your ranks. 3. Barroom isn't dead, but in our collective dreams his CW spirit is rolling in it's grave at what his legacy has been depreciated to. . Because of the above, OTTER has elected that the land that you sit on will be the warzone for the last of the battles before campaign 2. You don't deserve even a third of what your clans make - so it's time it was taken from you. OTTER, being a bunch of clam smashing war-faced criminals, feels it's only fair that we wardec 3 parties of scrubby pubbies so that this becomes a fair fight. . We, OTTER, are declaring war on FORGE, ANVIL and ALLOY until the end of time unless one or more of our very reasonable demands are met: 1. Your clans must rename to SPERG, FILTH and CRUDY - in any order; to ensure you sully you own well deserved brand. 2. You give away as much territory to clans of our choosing, until you have 4.5k/day between your clans; to ensure you earn what you are worth. . In addition to the above we,OTTER also declares war on CRABS/CLAWS until the end of time unless one or more of our very reasonable demands are met: 1. Your clans must rename to USELS and TRYHD - no one cares which clan renames to what. 2. Volunteerly remove yourselves from the map, forever. . In addition to the above, we, OTTER, also declares war on HAVOK until the end of timeunless our reasonable demands are met: 1. BadLion posts a youtube video of him singing "Ba-Ba Black Sheep" in a tutu, and wholeheartedly apologizes to CR/D for the Burning Legion's existence. 2. Callmesarge hands over the reins of the clan to BadLion so everyone else in CR/D can run a sweepstake on days till HAVOK disbands ($2 on December 13). . It's around this point that you're thinking OTTER is a bunch of gold farmers, and have no intention of moving from where we are at currently to get any of this fighting done. This is actually very true, but here is the meat and potatoes of the post. OTTER has graciously accepted responsibility for making sure OTTER and friends pockets get fuller and fuller and for that we need more space. Space is created with wars, and Hammercrap's land is what we want. We're planning on backfilling it. I know GentCo has their eyes set on it, but unless they want a war dec too they'll go back to Canada where their current displays of diplomacy belong. . These 3 war decs are all against parties of equal power, the sum of which is comparable to OTTERs own clam smashing might. It's only fair that we're in this mess too; even if it's just to be a control group of how a real relevant clan performs. The motivation for such a war? I'm sure you've heard about subversions, and that us relevant awesome clan wars tankers think it's a massive crock of crap. We like to band together in times of desperation so I'm sure you've heard NASA 2.0 being thrown around to do some point proving; well there's more to it than that. . NASA 2.0 hasn't decided who our example whipping boy is going to be for the new subversions mechanics. NASA 2.0 in addition to turtling up the map, will make sure that one of you big boy franchises has absolutely no success in the new campaign, and is locked down via subversions for the campaign's entirety. Subversions are free, so this is no water off our back and at zero cost for us. Our plan is to show how subversions spammed by a mass of clans completely cripple a clan to the point of disbandment - your tears will be the forefront of our argument that subversions is ultimately a terrible idea. Believing this is an empty threat will be the gravest mistake your leadership has ever made, though FORGE accepting NiNe is pretty up there. In addition, after OTTER has secured our freebie tank, we will pursue you with friends for the remainder of the campaign should subversions not be effective enough. . So, who wants to be the target of the campaign dogpile? Any clan at war with OTTER, that manages to win a battle vs OTTER will gain a point; mapping a Hunger Games participant nets you 5 points; the clan with the least amount of points, or tied for least will become the targets of NASA 2.0, spammed with subversions and without free t10s from WG, will surely end up disbanding. Your reputations precede you, and someone has to to draw the short straw; we've just stacked the short straws so that some deserving bunch of clowns gets the well deserved attention. OTTER will cease hostilities with the clan with the most points at the start of campaign 2, and the offer of being netural with NASA 2.0 will be put on the table. . .Your options are to participate in Operation: Paper Sperglord Scrubby Pubbie Hunger Games, submit to our generous demands, or simply cease to exist. Your fate is within your hands and as always, OTTER, GRLLA and RELIC will happily recruit any non-sperglord talent fleeing from your horribly declining clans. . TL; DR: Update - Day 1: Jimmies Unrustled Alone in the OTTER war room (pictured below) Luci has been madly piecing together the pawns pieces of NASA 2.0. Being too busy to even tell his own DC staff that the war dec was legit, early bird diplomacy with the unofficial official diplos of OTTER resulted in some false reassurance of certain participants that this was a big fat joke. After that minor correction many diplos were sighted on PBKAC TS looking confused and shocked to learn that this thread was in fact not full of crap and hostilities were commencing. Every good war needs a war room, and with Serb adorning the walls and Ziddy on perma-skype; the war machine is slowly churning into life. . .Enough about OTTER, I realise that most of you couldn't care less about the opening drivel at the start, so lets get onto the development of the Hunger Games. Chills ran up some unsuspecting spines today and the shiz got real. Red Sky and SG approached glorious comrades KITTEH and OTTA about attacking into Enjoy and wiping them off the map like that's a great idea. As Enjoy has been holding the northern border of Kitties solidly like no hunger games participant could, letting this go ahead was the obvious choice of action. . Wrong. . In addition to what is now in a spoiler below, we, OTTER also declares war on Red Sky and Sturm Grenadiers until the end of timeunless one or more of our very reasonable demands are met: 1. Your clans conquer the entirety of Greenland with tier 9s. 2. Post a youtube video of your respective command staffs making out with their favourite likeness of Serb. Posters are available from the OTTER souvenir store on isle 3. 3. You can provide photographic evidence of knotted panties leftover from the SCC war that have been worn by Gates in the last 3 months. . Speaking of Gates.... HT's brand new not-run-through-QA PR Dept. opened their mouths about how hunting NARWLs was the best thing ever, and given they are the cutest creatures ever this OTTER has determined that the creatures next on the cuteness scale being KITTEHs and OTTERS are the most likely targets for these bad bad men. A preemptive strike in necessary to defend the glory of Animal Planet. . In addition to what is now in a spoiler below and above (this war dec stuff is complicated), we, OTTER also declares war on Blue Turret, Heavy Turret and SSGS until the end of timeunless one of our very reasonable demands are met: 1. Gates posts a youtube video about the SCC, explaining how he deserved it and that fellow PETCO clan GRLLA were justified in staying the hell outa that mess that Gates started. I'm sure a real PR department could rustle up something worthy. 2. Bribery is your only other option. . So now the band of merry men is together, the expectations of the participants is more clear after a frantic scrambling of diplo I've not seen since my weekly installment of Survivor. CLAWS, CRABS and HavoK had a fun day bashing their foreheads against the might of Sterling Archer which is kinda missing the point guys. There will be plenty of time for you to have your sphincters pushed in by the girth of Loz during the campign; today you should be fighting to feed yourselves. If this were real life, you'd be even more dead weight than you've proven to be while SIMP was carrying all the slack. . .With the Guerilla Propaganda in full swing, Drill Sergeant OTTER is here to help you the plebs learn to fight, for there is not enough M60s to go around. Who is gonna step up, who is gonna embrace this excellent war. OTTER will be attacking into FORGE within the next few days, they'll be distracted to the north east. Who's gonna capitalize on that? . Hopefully tomorrow will tell us. Day 2: The day of Blueballs. Today has been a day of blueballs. You may as well not read today's update since tomorrow's will be much better - that's a promise. The worst feeling all day was being a background warmonger only to hear "can we wait till after prime time tomorrow". Who cares if ANVIL is doing landings at the moment; it break's this gossip queens heart to have to keep secrets that would result in great lols. Some good news though, CRABS is one step closer to joining in the fun as they lose a landing to a clan wars powerhouse. . .A quietish day on the OTTER front and more Blue Balls as DunxtonChexton informs me he ran outa pocket change and had to send the chips to Chicago via standard freight instead of overnight courier. To save him from an hours of chip movement lectures from Me he has at least conceded it's about time he dragged his sorry ass over to Yawh and dispels the 'this is all trolling' rumor; War Decs come with War damnit. In the best interest of war and me not having to write a filler update for tomorrow, could friendly fellow PETCO clan GRLLA please lend us mighty OTTERS Indianapolis for a day or 2? You can have any pick of FOXEY's territory as a thank you, or all of it, whatever pleases you to make this happen and relieve scrotal pressure. . Ziddy, can you please get damn dog outa the hallway so that KBEAR can fight GROZA and OTTER can get in on some authentic deep dish pizza. You're killing me. .Thankfully on this reasonably quiet day on the Clan Wars map, we've got this thread churning all day to generate some interesting content. Fishing is a great afternoon out, but to catch the big one it pays to go as the tides change and twilight falls upon us. There's an old CR/D saying along the lines of "Red Sky posting at night, Otter's delight" or something about a Sheppard's Pie. I dunno but it makes me hungry. If there are Chef de Cuisine around can you please fry up some of the fillets we've caught already. . .I had a thought today that an entire war dec could be done with gifs, so challenge accepted - it's coming in the future. In the mean time friends, I ask that you patiently wait for tomorrow and perhaps visit some kinda hub or tube to help pass the time as I will be. . Picture related to previous statement intentionally not included. Day 3: And so it begins... . Had a power cut yesterday evening, so lost all the shopped images I was making - sorry for the mostly text and finished-at-work update today. . FORGE leadership 3.0 was present on OTTER and Friends TS today making sure all of the OTTER officers knew that there was hurt feels far and wide within Forge Gaming Community due to a certain OTTER's mean hurty words. We were informed of incoming chips and antagonized (well, they twied) about the mighty dog pile we would be bringing down upon them, asking if we were OTTER enough to fight them alone. This was interestingly timed as DamienJax from RDDT arrived in TS to announce to all what he and I had discussed yesterday. . .The result was possibly the fastest backpedal ever in FORGE's history where they offered to quote "suspend the war with OTTER to go and map RDDT because they are easier" end quote. The cogs in the diplo machine started whirring faster as previous mentioned mean spirited OTTER had to arrange a compromise where RDDT would leave FORGE alone, so that FORGE could undertake the war that they had just declared. I hope you're listening Wargaming, we diplo'd our way INTO fights. This was the best outcome we could hope for given that OTTER had declared war with no plans to move from our gold; Our enemy had been successfully goaded into coming to us as proven by the 2/10 style points war dec which woulda made more sense if they held Alabama and not Chicago. . After listening to the following 15 minute presentation of FORGE's 12 step plan to success from the new FORGE CO, I excused my self from the room because I've already experienced enough Nightscream style chest pounds for three lifetimes. We had previously discussed with some OTTERs and other fun friends was the idea that FORGE may not survive until the campaign; this was initially laughed off and put on the list of things to do at position 22. Based on our super sekret TS discussions with FORGE leadership 3.0, making sure FORGE dies was certainly higher on their list of priorities than it was on ours with rumors of demotions, performance based ousting, power consolidation, and on top of that - charging head first into a clan that wears 3 layers of big boy pants at all time. Granny was bribed with hugs from the young strapping lads in charge of OTTER and was then put to work, baking the expected outcome of these changes.. .Welcome RDDT, the first voluntary entry into the hunger games. I guess we had better make this official. . In addition to all the other war decs in this thread, OTTER hereby declares war upon RDDT, NARWL, and the rest of their clans whose likeness is represented above until the end of time unless all of the following demands are met: 1. You earn 10 points in the Hunger Games. 2. Your members post 100 gifs in this thread. . To save the bromance between RDDT and OTTER within this conflict despite the "1 at each end" rule brought in by our finicky threesome conquest we must never forget BroCode rule #771: It's not game, until the borders touch. As interesting as this mistress will be, I found it contrary that they wanted some 1 on 1 time with handsome OTTER, only to then war dec OTTER and PUPEH at the same time. PUPEH who by the way was already trying to stay out of the war and move to the West; but hey - who am I to dictate the terms in FORGE's holy war. Supposedly ANVIL will be aggressive to the trying-to-be-passive dog while the hoards from the East chew well into ALLOY's back line. . In an attention grabbing for 3 whole seconds spin of events, CHAI finally got sick of PBKAC trying to provoke a war, and provided the war they were provoked into providing. This sounds pretty familiar but with more boring clans, so lets worry about that should it develop into something more interesting tomorrow. In today's CRABS update; they're continuing to hold the pocket corner of nowheresville and should something happen to disrupt their fun it would be as they say "-How Terrible-". Red Sky and SG are biding their time and Gentco will probably end up doing something later today after nursing from the tat of Mass and getting band-aid on the sore knee from big mommy Gates. . .Starting today OTTER and FORGE should conflict, ALLOY should start practicing holding their ankles, PUPEH is gonna something, KITTIES are getting a CHAI Latte to take away (size of cup yet to be determined) and this is all happening today. It's a lot for PETCO master Ziddy to keep track of. Sorry Ziddy. If you want to help Ziddy out and relieve the pressure, please poke him on TS a couple of times letting him know how you can help. He will love you for it. Days 4-7: Well that was anticlimactic, oh and the north. . Crdizens, . With OTTER now spanning north to south on 'Murica and our supply network now serving up the real deal Deep Dish Pizza - this OTTER is a little sad that we're now stretching what can be achieved by only 6 stacks of chips and many diplomacies that require many Diplomats. With OTTER switching CO (Otter Clam, Best Clam. Huck Commander, Best Commander), full tummies and plans to continue on like last Tuesday our War Machine must slowly churn through a quick agricultural phase while we all sit here spouting "Come At Me Bro" for a bit. Spirits are high in the OTTER camp from a slower pace and all the treasures plundered. . DunxtonOtterston, Allotter and Hotteruck .At the start of this FORGE Diplo had an incredible insistence on a 1 vs 1 between FORGE and OTTER. ALLOY however have taken a different approach and has arranged a good ol fashioned dog pile on RDDT in the north. It seems some Hunger Games participants (GentCo + ALLOY) have recruited some fresh suckers (DFA/DFB who already narrowly avoided their participation once) to swap land for throwing chip stacks around the place. This was after the interesting maneuver of separating a FORGE chip-stack to the north to act as a blocker since RDDT promised to not to attack them; this land was then given to Enjoy for PBKAC to defend. The dog pilers had better check themselves before we wreck them with guys with pepper spray, a couple of mushrooms and a snake which is something new to the OTTER arsenal. . "Simba, I haven't seen this since we were in Africa" .We're still confirming if this lot is planning to be bigger competitor to NASA but all signs point to probably and it's Mass's fault. Perhaps you can call it SOLAR (Somewhat Outgunned Lackluster Alliance of Relevance) or more to the point as the acronym implies, a low energy power block that on the plus side requires very little costly maintenance. If ANVIL weren't throwing their weight around on PUPEH DOGE I would be worried that this war one day won't graduate to the coveted gud fites. . Thanks to tank-locking, statistics are actually pretty important to consider and factor; after you're best players have lost their preferred tanks, it's 5-7 days before you can field that team again. FORGE has 185 autoloaders out of 914 tier 10s. OTTER has 208 autoloaders out of 921 tier 10s so this war certainly started balanced. After 3 days of conflict FORGE has managed to trade 5 stacks of chips and 5.4k of territory for 15 locked tanks (though probably autoloaders). One speculates that had we been able to push 2 territories per night FORGE would be in a state of cascading failure and fielding IS-7/M48s or breaking the 1 on 1 agreement by now. . Day 4: Redshire: 15-4 Day 5: Redshire: 15-3, Highway: 15-3 Day 6: Port: 15-2, Port again: 15-3 . Semiorange[FORGE] on day 5 of the War; Ziddy's reaction to hearing about how attacking on Port went; A potential recruit looking at Blacksmiths for Campaign 2. . .Day 7: Port: 15-4 Gyarados (pictured) upon hearing OTTER lost 4 tanks defending port against Facist Box Tanks .While FORGE has been giving us their full attention we've been defending our south from greedy belligerents and have still only locked a quarter of the tanks total in during this war. This is because Huck Commander, Best Commander, and has dedicated himself to arranging our territory like a Zombie (Illinois is the head, with Chicago being his fro, Memphis is right elbow. Knox his left arm, etc - this sucks without photochop). Now that we've done this it's time to pack up down south so we can continue to push north. . Use your imagination. . .Looking to the Hunger Games Scoreboard now... With no clans being removed from the map yet and FORGE not getting any points from a victory, the scores are all tied up at 0 which is gonna make for an awkward prize giving at the end though WarGaming would certainly appreciate that everybody wins! Yayyyyyy! I attended the CW summit on Saturday instead of updating this thread with the few hours I had available and received the adequate lip service and promises we were all expecting. I have faith that Hypnotik the "no" man will have an influence on any incoming positive change. In the mean time, we'll continue warring the good war until you remove our capabilities to do so. . Seen at the Clan Wars Summit: General Direction, Barroom and that guy from RUS that had a name beginning with a K .-Allu
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    Tank balance in Tiers 6 and below

    See, Florb, you don't get to DEMAND evidence from us, when you ignore all the evidence presented to date, and present no evidence of your own. We go back to your assertion: "the 38nA is a fine tank and scout MM is OK because I have a 60% WR in it." You used YOUR stats in that statement to draw 2 rather broad conclusions: (a) the 38nA is not a bad tank (b) BT 4-8 MM for a T4 LT is perfectly acceptable As for the first, global WRs, and experience by those who have played that tank counters your one-man assertion. Your experience and stats in both the 38nA and other LTs with similar MM are germane, since they speak to your ability to draw these conclusions. While the 38nA is acceptable, even powerful when matched at BT4 (as we demonstrated in Tier 4 CW during the first campaign), beyond that it rapidly drops off in potency and is eclipsed by more potent tanks that can perform the same role (examples of which were provided to you on WOT Official Forums and ignored). For the second, you once again chose a 107-game experience in one tank to draw global conclusions for scout MM, where your experience in other tanks that play rather similar roles becomes relevant as well. As for Tier 6 and below balance, you have a long, but distinguished track record (Slider: so is my johnson) of making ridiculous claims about tier 5/6 balance. These debates are just showing one thing: you have a very, very, very poor understanding of the metagame and an even worse understanding of game balance. Once again, a WR >60% means the tank is fine and doesn't need any adjustments: Do you want me to wax poetic about how awesome the ARL V39 is?
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    Poe's law is all over this. Is Florb a troll acting like a tanks fundamentalist, or is he a tanks fundamentalist being mis-labeled as a troll? In either case, MaxL pointed out that Florb long ago (in the midst of the 105 HEAT debates) completely stalled in his understanding of the game, and so discussing balance (and usability) with someone who isn't in the same arena of game comprehension or execution is pretty futile. You might simply hold different "facts" in your heads, and might eventually be able to get at the root of those assumptions to find common ground, but internet argumentation is probably one of the LEAST efficient ways to do it. And given that Florb's Pz38na doesn't match his other LTs, it appears to be an aberration. http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=probability+of+60+success+in+100+trials+given+probability+of+success+52%2F100 Given the numbers in this thread, having a 52% historical LT MM win-rate, and seeing 60% in a given 100 games, there is about a 6% chance of this happening. Hardly astronomically lucky. That 52% might not be right, I didn't actually add up his historical "scout MM" tanks and their win-rates, excluding the 38na. If someone does, feel free to re-do that computation with an updated value.
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    More wisdom from SerB

    From a recent FTR: - Q: “If – as you said – the battle chat serves to coordinate your team, why is there the possibility to talk to enemy team?” A:”So you can call them noobs of course”
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    BDR: Excessively team-dependent?

    See? Ask for opinions, and then spend two pages telling every single purple player that they have no idea what they are talking about, because your opinion is correct. Why ask?
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    M6 struggles

    M6 has a very good mobility. Use that and act as a low top speed medium in BT8. Also, use hills and terrain to go hulldown, but don't stay there. The M6 aims really fast and even has decent dispersion factors on the move, so really the main advantage of being hull-down in the T1 heavy and the M6 is the low exposure and not the armor (they have little of it, and very unreliable). Remember you have probably the best gold shells at your tier (248 APCR pen with more than decent accuracy) that can burn straight through practically everything that isn't the upper glacis of a Koenig Tiger at range.
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    Dis maks me jelly mby reroll nao mby Jely nid uliuli. Also nid super edgy nicknaem.
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    Jelly the most wobbly clan in WoT. I tried a re-roll but could not put myself through tier1 again.
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    Anime Thread

    Monogatari has become Lolimonogatari
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    IOC_5 stronkest klam NA

    Alas good sir, I have taken the effort of screencapping the entire thread so you may enjoy it without having the shame of an IOC account tied forever to your name.
  19. 2 points
  20. 2 points
    Maybe we could also leave the insults, vitriol and agendas on the NA forum too?
  21. 2 points

    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    Thanks for the clarification for those of us that did not get it.
  22. 2 points
    so he fucks them is what I'm saying I guess.
  23. 2 points
    HEY LOOK OP!!! more bots more bots more bots!! look, if there's more bots showing up, then we'd ALL be seeing them. all of us. every. single. one. of. us. That means my performance should be as terrible as yours. That means my performance should be suffering and drastically falling, just like yours. HAY GUESS WAT????? It's not. Bots aren't affecting your gameplay. Bots aren't making you perform like shit. You are. And the fact that you're trying to place the blame on anything else but yourself cause you're apparently so goddamn good leads me to only one conclusion: And no, this isn't me trying to help you out. It's me calling you straight up on your trite bullshit. The amount of utter fuckery that you've posted in this thread alone makes me wonder if you didn't cock over your desk, take a steaming liquid shit onto your keyboard and then hit the post button. If you want to continue to post this rancid shit that reeks of something I ate back in 2005, I suggest you keep it over on the official forums, cause it's not wanted here. And lashing out at someone who's trying to NICELY drop knowledge on your arrogantly ignorant ass just sickens me.
  24. 1 point

    The case for assault

    Some unis actually run assault on in their platoons, and I noticed it wasn't even bad at all, it's easy to farm dmg, everyone is dark red and you'll never ever see another purple on the enemy side, simply because anyone over 50% disables assault. So recently I've turned assault back on, and I haven't lost once, if you have a decent platoon, it's incredibly easy to farm dmg on this game mode, and everyone is dark red so you don't even need to try. So I recommend you guys turning on assault again just to try it out, West coast+assault is even better, as players on west are significantly worse than east, so you see teams of 45%ers to farm.
  25. 1 point

    The word is GLACIS

    Not "glacious" or "glacious" or "glashus" or "glacus" or "glassis" or any of the zillion other permutations you illiterates are coming up with. I'm seeing so many misspellings of the word I often have to pause a moment when typing it to make sure that I am in fact spelling it right. Also, regarding "turrent"...just stahp, please.
  26. 1 point
    The tiger II can be dealt with numerous ways. In fact, you rarely would see these two tanks meet on ruinberg until the end, unless the T-44 went full retard and charged into the city at the start, or the Tiger II went full retard and charged out into the open field. In either case, one tank gets an advantage over the other. Reverse the question: You're a tiger II on ruinberg sidescraping, and you see a T-44 and think, oh look, an easy target. I can't believe this idiot went city! Then suddenly, your glorious sidescrapeing side gets penned by said T-44. Will you sit there and let him DPM you, or will you just back off and resort to trading HP, which is a sub optimal way to play an armor tank?
  27. 1 point

    Tank balance in Tiers 6 and below

    Hail, What frustrates us is this wild ass meandering argument is NOT uncommon with Florb. Its part he course. I argue with pretty much all the FC's in -G- and quite a few people in my clan over weather or not releasing CW replays would really hurt a clan. (Hint: I say it only hurts those with crappy inflexible FCs that depend on gimmicks instead of fundamentally sound plans and reactions) In NONE of those arguments did I ever wander off into wild accusations of "No Nemisis, you must suck and I must be awesome because I've got a higher W/R as an FC than you".... ignoring both the level of competition Nemisis faces or his much larger sample size. We manage to disagree over a fundamental supposition... which is FINE. Its ok to disagree with people if you disagree over how to interpret certain datums or on fundamental start points...... Mine is that letting strats become public only increases EVERYONE's base level of skill.... but copy-cats will always be one step behind.... it only really is beneficial to kick start the non-copy cats onto the same playing field -G-,OTTER,RELIC,PBKAC are already on. Its painful to try to pin down Florb's point because he states opinion as fact and never stays on target. When people point out that his "fact" is actually an opinion, he goes of on some other wild tangent. Its like playing whack-a-mole with a religious fundamentalist. The Goal post constantly moves. Make a point, stick with it, defend it with data, label opinions as opinions, be respectful to the other side of the opinion.
  28. 1 point

    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    I may need some stripping and scrubbing...uh...maintenance.
  29. 1 point
    I think we can conclude so far that nobody at Wargaming remembers China exists.
  30. 1 point
    When I saw Florb had posted a thread about tank balance, I had a pretty good idea how it would go. Let's just say it is going exactly as I expected.
  31. 1 point

    Tank balance in Tiers 6 and below

    See above. If you want to use your 60% win rate as evidence in this argument, you will be trumped by my superior WRs in LTs, and even more so, Crab and jacg. So, to recap: -- You claim M4/76 is superior to M4/105-HEAT, yet your stats in it suck donkey testicles -- You claim a US 76 can "easily tear up" KV-1's, and you do it all the time, yet none of your 76-equipped tanks average 1 KV-1 HP worth of damage per game -- You claim your 107 games@59.7% WR in the 38nA is evidence enough that LT MM'ing is fine, ignoring people with up to 10x that number of games in LTs with superior WRs who argue otherwise -- You claim, despite being presented with AMPLE evidence to the contrary, that no other tank has the blend of mobility, vision and camo that LTs have -- You claim that KV-1S is not in need of a rebalance -- You claim that there are few tanks more dominating as top-tier than the T1HT (... about a dozen tanks in game would like to have a word with you) So, is there anything you've been right on of late?
  32. 1 point
    The butthurt is strong... ~This shitty comment belongs on the NA forums , keep it that way Hardy
  33. 1 point


    VK3002M has slightly better gun handling than 3001D but very bad camouflage along with all panther derivatives VK3002M VK3001D StuGIII Base camo 9.6 14.0 22.0 Shot Dispersion: 1.4 1.4 0.99 Turret Dispersion: 1.68 1.79 1.16 Hull Rotation Dispersion: 2.1 3.06 3.05 Movement Dispersion: 3.85 4.51 2.77
  34. 1 point

    Garbad reviews the T110E3

    Since we're on the topic of slow, fixed-gun tanks, it seems like the JPE100 would be the logical conclusion of trading armor for speed and firepower, especially with the JPE100 generally being considered a gigantic turd (I don't think it's quite as bad as this, but it seems like a straight downgrade), it'd be nice to have some discussion on it. How do you compare this to the JPE100? What about after factoring in the alpha DPM of the JPE100?
  35. 1 point

    Moonie's looking for critiques!

    If you want to look for improvements, maybe its better to post good battles, but where you died 3/4th in or battles that you just lost instead of your best battles. Actually I don't know this, its possible to improve in virtually any battle. I will give short comments, never done it before and my opinion might be worthless In the first minute, you stop way back, presumably to snipe the guys that lemming to the south slugfest. From the position you were in, they will not be visible due to draw distance. A map mod such as XVMs or Locastans mod can help you with this, but generally it's very useful to start remembering positions from where you can and cannot shoot common enemy positions. Because you stopped, you could not shoot the KV-1S that was moving past in E2. Had you not stopped in your position, but in B4/5, you would've had shots on him (I think your last-second blind shot missed). Good shot on A-20 though, I miss these all the time. Also good awareness of the Leo sneaking into our base. Then you start moving up. There are two teammates in E3 trying to flank, but you hesitate a lot moving to C3. It's likely the focus of the KV-1S's was towards E3, so putting pressure on them from behind would've been great. Now, the KV-1Ss could kill the Hellcat and your other teammate without problems. In general, just letting them know you are there is already going to buy your team time. Putting some shots in the back with them looking the other way was highly possible. Anyway, then you wait for teammates which is good, as you were initially alone. Nice focusing on low health tanks and good job not taking the bait of the KV-1S down there. I would've done it, I'm sure, which would've costed me HP. You could've killed that KV-1S earlier though, at 11:20 to go, if you had used sniper view. You didn't and you bounced a one shot tank as a result. You arrive at their base, meet multiple tanks. You and allies are all in the open in a line. If enemy would've had arty, you would've been easy targets, keep that in mind. Also, to tear down their defenses, guns from multiple directions is always better as it forces enemy to turn guns more (giving opportunity to get shots of with enemy not looking). Maybe you could've moved to your right a little bit, into the depression. Then, trading with KV-2. I think you were caught out by his reload as he used 107 instead of derp? For tanks with big difference between gun reload time on available guns, always try checking which gun they have. 107 has something like 10 seconds load, 152mm more than 20, that's a large enough difference to affect your gameplay versus him. Then you were lucky, he could've killed you but tracked only. All your allies could've taken that shot, but you chose to risk it (or thought he had already fired?). That could've been the end of the battle. You move into cap which is ok, but you (based on where you look) completely fail to notice the Leopard that has been spotted and is visible on the minimap behind you. Especially when you're not engaging enemies, keep an eye to your minimap. This time it was a Leopard, it could also have been a heavy returning to defend and flank you. Then battle is over. I think going into cap was best option for you with low hp and enemies far away, but also some distance from your own cap. Don't take any of this as offense, it was a quite good battle, in this battle main improvement you should focus on is recognizing what your teammates do, letting your team die in E3 without trying to take at least some advantage of hit could've cost you the flank.
  36. 1 point

    Blind shots, yes or no?

    One important thing about blindshots imo is the wot aiming system that can sometimes make the shots go really high if you try to aim at hidden tank that sits on top of a hill or in some other place where you are aiming at the sky when the tank has disappeared. In some cases it is impossible to counter that effect. With guns that have very high arc it is impossible. Here is a pic that explains the problem: This is important to keep in mind when doing blind shots. For example the spot shown in op's pics. If you aim there and shoot you are very likely to overshoot because the wot aim adjusts your gun elevation for the sky. If there is ground just behind the tank that just disappeared then obviously this is not a problem. Or if you are higher than the target.
  37. 1 point
    Vents + BiA does not give you a 10% bonus to aim time, it gives you a 4.3% bonus to aimtime via a 11% bonus to gunner skill. GLD gives you a 10% direct bonus to aim time which is further reduced by gunner skill. (GLD + BiA would stack to an effective 12.15% reduction in aimtime. A GLD on its own will give you a bigger reduction to aimtime than Vents, BiA and Food all together.
  38. 1 point

    Tank balance in Tiers 6 and below

    TigerH and KT were rebalanced to conform more closely with historical parameters, not because they were OP or UP 105 HEAT was completely OP, the devs admitted as much. KV-1S is pretty OP and the split sounds like it will be more historical anyway Nope Blah Florb, the problem here is that you are mistaking correlation for causation and lack all the details (Unless WG skypes you in for every balance discussion?) Basically, the is no merit in your argument because it is founded on faulty reasoning.
  39. 1 point


    This may be just me but did one of the IOC guys type "720 HE no scope" at the end"?
  40. 1 point

    More wisdom from SerB

    Because americanized americanised english is just plain wrong.
  41. 1 point

    Last Few Months, ONE Thing Has Annoyed Me

    You're right, none of the following reeks of conspiracy theorist bullshit that ranks second to vladimirsrevenge's tinfoil hattery: If someone wants to remain a baddie, they can do so on the official forums. They aren't desired here, trying to spread their infection in an otherwise clean-room. If he wants to have an open mind and actually take constructive criticism without acting like some over-the-hill old codger who can't learn new tricks, then he's more than welcome to bask in the joys of the pool of knowledge. If not, the door is but a swift click away.
  42. 1 point
  43. 1 point
    In other news, the US has its first African-American president.
  44. 1 point
    Shut the fuck up, you just got trolled by doug.
  45. 1 point

    Jokes that made you Groan.

    What did the boy without arms and legs get for Christmas?
  46. 1 point

    Jokes that made you Groan.

    So an Irishman walks past a pub.
  47. 1 point

    Question about clam reputations

    Strana has a bee in his bonet. M_arduk10
  48. 1 point
    My new AMX50 100 top xp, 6579 damage, 8 kills, 2653 xp game : REPLAY : http://wotreplays.com/site/365218#team Screenshots (forgot to take them in-game, had to screen from wotreplays) :
  49. 1 point

    Fuck you, Jingles.

    Well, that's your personal fucking problem, mate, but not by any distance the point of this debate. What you do or don't like is none of my concern, and it shouldn't be brought up in an argument based on reasoning. We were talking about personal preferences, that is not a personal preference that has to do with gameplay. Maybe your thinking differs from his (probably), but that is no reason to call the man a tard. Your comment would award you the same reputation, but I don't call you a tard because I don't know you, you may be an actual nice guy who's just pissed and says stupid things in anger.
  50. 1 point

    #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread

    It's really a chicken and egg question: you have to have enough SWAG to YOLO, but if you have too much SWAG you get too distracted to YOLO properly.
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