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    Fuck Google+ Integration

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    Sorry to be a bag of dicks here, but what ever happened to helping yourself? This game isn't rocket science. Watch some you tube videos on the tanks you like. Read some threads (the appreciation ones are great and packed with useful info). Platoon with good players and watch what they do after you die. Most people who have a grasp on this game figured it out for themselves. How can you say at ~4700 games that you just cannot do it by yourself? No one is going to tell you a magic word that is going to instantly make you better, experience and patience is what makes people better at this game.
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    Heroes of the Storm

    MOBAs seem to have the most toxic community I've ever seen.
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    I think they realise a lot more then people credit them, otherwise most players would own their own bank. Good players are not the target audience. I will go as far as saying that the USA in general is not a part of the said audience. --- The target audience is a 47%-er that hates his Pz IV because he gets one-shot by IS-es, but surely once he gets the fierce Tiger, things will change! He finally gets his Tiger and in the first battle gets destroyed by a ST-I. He is upset and agry at the game, but doesnt want to understand how things work, so he buys APCR, that will surely show them! By that time he is losing so much credits that buying a premium tank sounds reasonable...first a T-25 or something small...but thats not making enough credits... hmm maybe a Löwe? Of course that fails, because as we said he doesnt want to learn the game and how mechanics work, but atleast he has plenty of credits. So he decides to gen an E-100, stronk tenk, stronk armor, stronk tektiks... Alas the grind is long and he doesnt want play stock tanks! So he spends more money to Convert Free Exp and buy APCR/HEAT. At last he gets an E-100... and the rest is history.
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    Updated Post Stuff Alright, thanks to some assistance decrypting the .XML files, I now have all nations. I only included guns that have some penetration decay in at least one of their rounds, so most artillery pieces are not seen here, neither are any derp guns that fire exclusively HE and HEAT (Sherman's 105mm, for instance). The complete spreadsheet. - I update this every patch within a few days, check the document title to see what version it's on. Some notes on things I thought notableNo premium AP/APCR round is significantly worse at maximum range than the standard counterpart (excepting the SU-100Y's round which trades more damage for less starting penetration). Several rounds are 1mm worse or identical, one is 3mm worse, but given that the APCR round generally brings with it superior penetration up to that point and increased muzzle velocity, it is hard to argue that the round is a waste, it's just not as beneficial as one initially expects. A not insignificant number of APCR rounds do not lose penetration faster than their AP counterparts, contrary to much previous documentation. Any gun that has a -% value in the "Loss diff." column has an APCR round that loses a lower percentage of its penetration than the AP round does. Now, thanks to higher starting penetration the absolute loss may still be larger, but some guns lose both lower absolute amounts and lower percentage amounts (American 90mm M3, for instance).APCR rounds increase muzzle velocity by 25%, seemingly across the board.Most HEAT rounds are slower than AP, and even more so than APCR. However, there are some exceptions (mostly at higher tiers) where the HEAT round is as fast, if not faster, than AP. The T69 is the most prominent, adding yet another bullet point to the "And they thought this was balanced how?" checklist concerning the release state of the tank.The fastest round in the game is the T-62A and Object 140's 100mm APCR. Eat your heart out, Germany. At 1535 m/s, it takes only 0.47 seconds for the shell to reach its maximum range of 720 meters, and only loses 10mm of penetration in the process.At 381 m/s, the 76mm KT-28 on the T-28 has the lowest muzzle velocity of any direct-fire AP round. Still not slower than the British 3.7 inch derp gun, though.Weapons that initially seem to be identical save for accuracy, aim time, and rate of fire (say, the gaggle of 122mm clones in tiers 6, 7, and 8 for the Soviets) can actually have some differentiation in their muzzle velocity. It seems that even if penetration remains the same the speed of the shell may go up with an upgraded cannon of identical caliber.I made a comparison of the nations based on velocity by tier. I've always wondered if Germany, the "sniper" nation, actually got something that might be of benefit for that. They certainly don't always have the best penetration in tier. I've not yet looked at whether they maintain the best penetration over range, though. So far just velocity. The results break down in a fairly unsurprising manner. The early tiers (and years) are a bit of a crap shoot, but as time and tiers go on things settle down into about what one would expect. Germany has the greatest average velocity of them all, the remaining NATO countries all closely grouped below that, and the Dirty Commies bringing up the rear with their oversized and slow shells. I did not include arty in this comparison, or else Germany's average would actually steadily sink as they have a good number of arty with AP rounds. Germany's average at the end would be significantly higher were it not for the mediocre 12.8cm L/55 or positively pedestrian 15cm L/38. One of the weaknesses of the way the game mixes WWII-era vehicles in with Cold War specimens. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Old Post Stuff So I collected the contents of the American guns.xml file to see what variable determines penetration loss over distance. Tier? Caliber? Muzzle velocity? The answer is yes, no, and maybe. Copy/pasting my Reddit post....
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    Fuck the Hotchkiss

    I composed two short poems describing the events occurring at the end of this replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/417084?secret=8b5d7b6411ebf7fb55932129316d2294 They are as follows: Roses are red Violets are blue APCR is expensive Hotchkiss, fuck you and the encore: Ring around the rock Pubbies are in shock APCR, APCR, For fuck's sake, pen! seriously, just a brother trying to get a 5X on his sealclubbing machine tournament tonk, I didn't sign up to lose 60k >.<
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    A challenge to all great players

    OK, just looking at the first pic your AMX40 has a 50% crew. What is the average of your crews? Do you have any at 100%? Any skills or perks yet? Going to be blunt, stay away from your tier 8's. As was mentioned earlier play in tier 5/6. Use your KV-1 to start learning heavies (angling, reverse angling/sidescraping) Get some creds and go get the T49 American TD. Read the appreciation thread and watch the replays. Use it to learn camo and vision control. I would recommend NOT jumping from tank to tank. Play your KV-1 for 5 maybe 10 battles in a row, same for any vehicle. You'll get the feel for it better imho. In game use the Wotlabs channel and 'toon up. Very nice group of people there willing to help. Finally, YOU have to raise yourself over 50%. We can give you all the info in the world, but you are responsible for your play.
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    So this might be a few paragraphs long, so bear with me, and please respond with your views on this. I have been through the scale of clans now. Starting with a quick stint in Armed that netted me gold, rolling through CAN1A as a FC, joining TMPLR's to learn from Allurai, joining a start up clan as a DC, sitting in a top 5 clan as an OTTER, and now a slight shift to FOXEY. CLAN HISTORY [CAN1A] Joined:29/05/2012 [TMPLR] Joined:20/12/2012 [-T-] Joined:24/02/2013 [OTTER] Joined:09/04/2013 [FOXEY] Joined:20/10/2013 Suffice to say, I have seen and been in the best and the worst of what the clan experience has to offer. My progress has been from a 46% stat denying pubbie with a 600 eff rating to now a player who can pull his own weight and manage to be effective in battle. Just waiting for overall WN7 to go blue. From the start in the game, I rushed up the line I felt would offer me the ability to roll out on the battlefield and snipe from a distance with devastating effect, or roll up and smash opponents while using my superior armor to bounce shots. Im sure most of you are well aware of which line this was. I did horribly. I often felt others hacked, used unfair gold rounds, and that I was being punished for not putting money in the game. I didnt even know how to free XP properly. I just assumed it slowly built up. (Imagine my surprise when an Armed team mate free XPed to an IS7) Then one day it happened. I rolled down the 1/2 line on good old Prokhy. I was feeling frustrated that my awesome E-75 wasnt an improvement after my disappointing Tiger and King Tiger. As my might German armor disintegrated under TD fire, I raged in chat at the platoon hanging back in the bushes, this platoon was bearing a single letter with a hyphen on each side. "Man, you are terrible in these tanks. You have a 600 eff rating, and a bot like win rate, you should stop playing this game at these tiers until you know how to play." That was all that was said. I was puzzled as to what "eff" could be, and how these guys could know my winrate. One of the -G- players explained a little to me afterwards when I angrily PMed him and told him that I played for fun and that his stats were inflated. Even then, and in all my interactions with -G- after that, these typically purple players have always been polite without pulling back on getting to the point. I started to figure out that I was doing something wrong at this point. I then entered CAN1A and improved slowly while solo pubbing. I eventually became on of the best players in CAN1A, even though that was still below average. I wanted to do better. Then I discovered the forums. And one of Allurais T49 videos. And I wanted to know how to do better. The T49 was one of my better tanks, but I was still terrible in it. I PMed Allurai asked to platoon, and he actually agreed. I went through some crash course training, and saw my stats actually going green and yellow as I learned about playing tanks properly. My enjoyment level increased drastically as I could actually influence a battle in a small way. I joined TMPLRS and worked my way up to 52% WR and around 1100 eff. I was well over 10K games now, and no longer denying that skill, or lack thereof, was a factor in this game. I quickly learned about sperglords, and how a bad commander could quickly ruin a clan of decent players. I left TMPLR and joined -T- to help get it up and going. I was the top player, and was limited in what I could do, because most other officers didnt agree with my approach, regarding how to play, stats, etc. It was around this time I saw Beerstein post on the forums looking for platoon mates. Again, for some reason, he agreed to play with me, and is still probably the person I platooned with the most in this game. I went from average to decent. At this point, Beerstein helped me get into OTTER, which was a few weeks old. Now I was in the big leagues, and I was getting good. I still derped, but overall I was an effective player. Around this time, Beerstein and a few others noted my attitude changing. I hadnt raged much in chat before, and insults were something I did not do. Now I was one of the most vocal players in the matches, insults and rage rants flowed from my keyboard like a bottle of rum down a relapsed alcoholic's throat. I would pound the map co-ordinates, tell pubs how ineffective they were, explain how their parents had done the world a misdeed by bringing them in the game, etc. Recently OTTER and I parted ways, with the almighty boot being applied to my backside. FOXEY was kind enough to take me in, sparing me the loss of all the time it took me to navigate the Kitteh TS. It was only recently that a theory dawned on me, as I observed another player with similar stats raging ingame. Between actual purple players, and green/blue players, I see far more abuse coming from us green/blue players. Purples usually buckle down and play, using the team however they can, often coaching instead of abusing pubs. Not all do this, but definitely much less on the purple side. Its taken a while to get here, and for that I apologize. But the point of these forums is to improve game quality for everyone. With that in mind, this is my thoughts. A lot of the purple players either got very good very quickly, or had purple friends who were good, and who quickly taught them. The majority of players are like me, derping our way into this game, thinking that German armor has to be superior, and then becoming terrible until we are finally taught how to improve. We have been bad, we know exactly what its like to sit there, perma tracked, engine burning with a damaged ammo rack, ranting at some invisible tanker who is obviously hacking. And we know how to get better, and that it is possible. And so, it is incredibly frustrating to see a bad player sit there, not wanting to get better. Refusing to acknowledge what we know to be truth. We know better now, have seen both sides of the spectrum. It maddens us to see others that are playing like we used to, and knowing that they could be more effective, find more fun in the game, if they would just listen. Many thanks to Tefftorbes, who has played a lot with me, and has been a real eye opener. When the time is taken to use patience and "honey" as opposed to rage and "vinegar", the results are much better. I used to be a bad player, now Im a good player who still solo pubs most of the time. Many thanks to those who helped me improve. I cant list them all, but here is a few. -Allurai -Millard -Beerstein -Tefftorbes Any thoughts or input?
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    Fuck Google+ Integration

    Tried to comment on a video today, got hit with the usual "change your username" crap that YT has spammed people with for months, except this time there didn't seem to be an opt-out for Google+. And now I'm unable to put up any comments, I just get a "processing" popup that disappears after half a second, and nothing happens. And where dafuq do you find your message box/comment notifier?
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    looking for top notch platoon

    Honestly, 50%+ WR isn't "top-notch". That's merely above average. If you platoon with good players, your stats will increase in the short term, but you'll have gained almost nothing long-term. I think that instead of looking for good players to platoon with, you should be actively trying to get better. Whether this be by having someone tutor you or by reading guides, it'll have a long-term effect on your stats for the better. Here are some good guides and/or webpages you should check out: http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/Battle_Mechanics http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/Tactics http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/236939-a-unicorn%E2%80%99s-comprehensive-guide-to-the-survival-side/ http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/186917-lerts-collection-of-guides/ These are all very good things to check out and will definitely improve your gameplay. In the case of the last link, it is a collection of guides, and you should read every single one of them. If you are truly willing to try to get better at WoT, you will eventually, but it won't be easy. In your case, recovering from 5k battles of derp could be potentially rage-inducing; just be thankful it isn't any more. With that in mind, I wish you luck with your endeavor.
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    How to stop terrible play?

    One very important thing that seriously affects the quality of my play is my mental state. Are you tired/stressed/frustrated? I don't really go on tilt, but I have played with some players that do and the results aren't pretty - not really any worse than when I'm ready to fall asleep, but definitely causes people to play below their normal standard. It happens to be that you're in a clan with some decent players that love to platoon. Meet some of them and play with them
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    Life's a bitch...

    Yeah.......... We're not big on trolling n00bs around here... Asshats are also not so popular...
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    I sometimes suspect that rage is at least partially directed inward. I know that many of the times when I am angry at what a pubbie is doing, I'm more angry that I have let myself be killed, and cannot take advantage of the situation that the pubbie is now pissing away. With that being said, I am always in favor of trying to help, rather than simply raging. I try to coach and direct my last few players. I then try to praise their success, even if that success was nothing more than killing a tier -2 vehicle with their full health heavy. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't, but I know that telling the morons that they are morons does nothing.
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    So are you going to ask customer service to remove the premium they rudely stuck on your account and post about it again?
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    I honestly have no idea what to expect on release. There for sure will be something to draw the WoT crowd, but so far that hasn't been specified. WG is doing a "first to tier 10" contest. TL;DR version: DON'T. A bunch of aces have tens of thousands of gold they can convert to XP and get there first. Note that while you can't share free XP or credits from WoT (they will release that "later", which I assume means 1-2 years after everyone has premiums tanks/planes in both games), the problem with grinding to tier 10 at release will be the few numbers of people at the higher tiers. Gold solves this problem: collect XP on an elite tier 4/5/6 and skip tiers 8/9/10 which will be 3v3's at best. I'm going to grind for it until I get sick of short handed games and then cut myself for being stupid. The test server patch notes detail pretty much all the changes that were clamored for by the community for months, but passed pretty much unnoticed because the test server is a packet dropping fiend and NA people aren't on it. Highlights of the patch notes: Optimum altitude increased for all planes, but most in the JP/RU line. This helps the turn fighters not suck as much in higher air, and brings all the planes away from sitting ducks GA. Good change. Boost effect decreased for jets, which is looooong overdue. 262's were invincible to the average pubbie. Damage was quietly increased by 5-20% for all planes. Wargaming is having problems getting the pubbies to be effective in this game moreso than WoT, as every time they try to raise the skill floor (autoaim) they lose their dedicated playerbase. DE heavy and US fast fighters got hit lightly with the nerf-bat. They keep trying to toy with the "optimum altitude" nonsense, which won't work: it doesn't matter if my plane handles like a brick at 4Km if the enemy is 1Km below me and can't touch me while I can gun him at will. So now with the optimum altitude changes it'll be brick-on-brick violence at high altitude. XP increased across the board due to massive pub tears, but not to previous beta levels. The problem was that better players advanced too fast, and pubbies too slow. They claim it was based on "statistical analysis" of the changes but that's nonsense: they can re-run the formula on the games at any time and determine what they want the XP to be. And they did just that: the games were almost exactly half of the XP of a WoT game at any given tier. Since WoWP games are on average half as long at WoT games (stated by SerB awhile back), they wanted it based on time played rather than XP/game. The WoWP general forum has lost all value. It's nothing but troll threads and idiocy, with the good players no longer contributing or getting drowned out. RIP. DE heavy/US fast are still the lines to grind on release. No one has mentioned it, but both UK lines blow chunks now and everyone has generally abandoned them. The UK tree was beneficiaries of the autoaim, and without it they are fragile and undergunned. Despite the nerfs to the DE/US planes, going faster and higher than everything else trumps every other strategy out there and those things weren't touched. DO NOT BUY A PREMIUM PLANE. As far as I know, premium planes DO NOT make additional credits. In fact, they make significantly worse credits. On the test server, this was still the case. They said they made attempts to improve the stats on the interface, but don't be fooled: you're going to find just as relevant stats about your plane by looking at the box score of the Bears/Packers game. Except one: optimum airspeed is a rough indicator on how fast your plane wants to go and is useful to determine relative escape/climbing abilities. They didn't intend that stat to mean what I use it for... There seems to be a lot less credit grinding focus. I'm wondering if they are trending away from "premium tanks/plane make credits". I regularly make 50K credit profit (premium account) on my tier 8 planes, and it seems linear rather than peaking at tier 5. Premium ammo is disproportionately useful compared to its' cost. Premium ammo is like 1K credits more, which is incredibly easy to recoup. Incendiary ammo is "meh". Armor piercing ammo gives better damage at long ranges, which is usually useful for most planes. Don't try to find any rhyme or reason between gun stats and performance. It's all fiction. The lead indicator is still bizarrely wrong for some shots but is roughly correct for most planes. Low muzzle velocity planes it has a real problem. If a plane is turning toward and below you, the lead indicator is terrible: shoot between the indicator and plane and further inside the turn. The lead indicator is wrong 90% of the time in regards to gun range: it grossly overstates how effective the gun performs at long ranges across all types of guns. Find the maximum distance of the gun, and then chop off 30-40% and that's where you can start shooting.
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    Soviet Treasure

    Load of replays of me playing IS-6. They're not selective so some games might be bad. https://www.4shared.com/rar/LSPhAPSz/replays.html?
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    Purple Player for A Day

    I'll trade you my 1day wn7 for your 1day WR
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    what is your opinion on tard?
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    Rage Quitting Uni-Platoons

    I don't rage quit platoons, I get rage quitted on Not my fault that WG didn't buff my Pattons' camo since last battle, fuck you WG!
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    Dude, if you're struggling with the T30, the E4 isn't going to be better for you.
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    Blurple replay reviews

    Text is no problem. The customer is usually sort of right. First, what are you crew skills and equipment? Second your ammo loadout 38 AP and 9 HE? smells like default loadout to me. drop your HE to 1 or 2, drop your AP to 30, and get 15 APCR. While AP is great in tier 7, and vs some 8s, vs bigger 8s and 9s that APCR is OP. and HE is more or less worthless except for resetting cap. Third your consumables. Only a regular repair kit? at the very least you should have rep+med+auto exting. 25/2 you could drop exting for food or octane. I don't remember it having many fire issues Alright, to the match 25/2 Prokhorovka: Top tier, Prokorvka. Good potential for the 25/2. Initial setup is good, I prefer taking the hill, especially in something with gun depression. Your platoonmate though would've been better suited to F6 area, on the 5 line side of the tracks most likely. But we're not talking about him. IMO you waited a bit too long to move up, but you were waiting for more things to get spotted I assume which is perfectly legit. Slightly bad aimed shot on that hell cat (the second one), and it took you a second to notice he was there, you were busy looking at the KV-1S Potentially could've killed him. You had a good chance to finish off the AT-7, but after you looked to see if the hellcat was shootable, while you did hold down right click to keep your gun there which was right, when you recentered on where the AT7 was you moved your gun around before firing. After you and your platoonmate get shotup, you seem very confused about whaqt to do, and just keep backing up in circles. The IS was lit and in the open, you should've moved to that side of the hill (behind a bush) and taken some shots at him. Burning shells on the church 7. If you had APCR... You were too close when you shot at that T20, getting you lit and taking a hit from the church. Then when you move to try and light/shoot the T20 you don't use any bushes, so he lit you up and GG. Overall not a bad match, not really exciting. You did what you could for the most part, I wouldn't exactly label it as a fail. Will do more later.
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    Rage Quitting Uni-Platoons

    Whelp. RIP my future in streaming then.
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    112 vs IS-6 - Big Debate

    Stop showing off , you making me jelly
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    Garbad reviews the T-34-3

    Got a few more games in, and damn this gun is awful. It has more retarded random misses than any tank in wot.
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    Source? http://ftr-wot.blogspot.com/2013/05/how-much-does-wg-earn-from-various.html They earn more than four times as much from the RU server than the NA server, and the EU server earns nearly twice as much as NA. NA players just spend the most per person, but are still a mere ~15% of total revenue due to much smaller number of players. That was 2012 anyway, I don't see it having changed that much for 2013.
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    Life's a bitch...

    Never realised you were banned from the wotforums for that long Don't troll the noobs or I'll piss on your posts Troll the american damage whores all you want though , I'm cool with that
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    Words of wisdom thread.

    I'm going to have to completely discourage this. Hitting a wheel sprocket with AP is so much more reliable. And normally you don't have time to switch to HE just to shoot the track.
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    As jacg basically said, it's dumb that sprem rounds are not balanced "in game" but by game economics. It is a crap way to do it, and unbalances the game (both in economics and in game). Fact. If you agree with with them or not, who cares. I use them a lot on some tanks, and none on others.
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    I mysteriously acquired a KV-5...

    That was some elaborate attention seeking
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    Rage Quitting Uni-Platoons

    Well the reason I bring this up is because we can agree players have varying styles of game play, right? So the tanks I tend to play are mobile, high powered, alpha strikers or bait tanks. I would say i play this role VERY well as i think it leans on your overall skill as a player... as opposed to waiting on "Bad" players to feed or make a mistake. Almost every Uni I have played with thinks this stratgey is stupid, spergy and derpy. I use it in Solo pubbing to great effect and in platoons it works like a charm. However, I have realized that 90% of Uni's have taught the player base to play the wrong damn way. They promote camping (but don't say how) so players without any common sense assume people will derp into them consistently. They won't. This game has become SO stat based that Uni's are fighting other uni's over who lost a game when they went 39/40. Every single game is a rage fest of what should be done.... and none of it actually happening.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKS3MGriZcs Show gives me cancer
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    War Deccing 101 - North American Style

    Welp - since you can't see CR/D I'll paste it all in. The War Dec: . With the dust in Texas settling down, OTTER has had time to let our 17 tanks unlock and poke our heads up to have a look around the magical farm. What OTTER High Command has seen has caused dismay and chilled us all to the bone. Above us to the north lies a pack of try hard, scumlord sympathizers running a reputable brand through the mud and drilling for oil. We think it's for oil anyway, as there is no logical reason why a bunch of "intellygint tonkas" continues digging at rock bottom. How fellow PETCO clan GRLLA has shared a border with their likes is beyond this simple OTTER's comprehension. . . To the west of Texas remains desperately-needing-a-bath masses rejected from relevance as their decline has caused merges and gutting of sub clans because they totally were never feeder clans, true story. How this slop stays on the map is also beyond me when all of their talent rotates out weekly to actual top 5 clans. Of course I am talking about the Crustacea family, though HAVOK fitting the de?sc?ri?ption is just a happy coincidence. OTTER high command had a few choice words with DunxtonChexton around what we're able to do about this dire situation.. .FORGE, ANVIL and ALLOY (the Baddiesmiths), OTTER's grievances with you are as follows: 1. You absorbed so much JDAM, you are now are busting with scum like the acne ridden face of Sneaky Bugger's ego. 2. You harbour many infamous spergers such as a_hippie, Nine, and_den and the ugly truth is, they seem good fits into your ranks. 3. Barroom isn't dead, but in our collective dreams his CW spirit is rolling in it's grave at what his legacy has been depreciated to. . Because of the above, OTTER has elected that the land that you sit on will be the warzone for the last of the battles before campaign 2. You don't deserve even a third of what your clans make - so it's time it was taken from you. OTTER, being a bunch of clam smashing war-faced criminals, feels it's only fair that we wardec 3 parties of scrubby pubbies so that this becomes a fair fight. . We, OTTER, are declaring war on FORGE, ANVIL and ALLOY until the end of time unless one or more of our very reasonable demands are met: 1. Your clans must rename to SPERG, FILTH and CRUDY - in any order; to ensure you sully you own well deserved brand. 2. You give away as much territory to clans of our choosing, until you have 4.5k/day between your clans; to ensure you earn what you are worth. . In addition to the above we,OTTER also declares war on CRABS/CLAWS until the end of time unless one or more of our very reasonable demands are met: 1. Your clans must rename to USELS and TRYHD - no one cares which clan renames to what. 2. Volunteerly remove yourselves from the map, forever. . In addition to the above, we, OTTER, also declares war on HAVOK until the end of timeunless our reasonable demands are met: 1. BadLion posts a youtube video of him singing "Ba-Ba Black Sheep" in a tutu, and wholeheartedly apologizes to CR/D for the Burning Legion's existence. 2. Callmesarge hands over the reins of the clan to BadLion so everyone else in CR/D can run a sweepstake on days till HAVOK disbands ($2 on December 13). . It's around this point that you're thinking OTTER is a bunch of gold farmers, and have no intention of moving from where we are at currently to get any of this fighting done. This is actually very true, but here is the meat and potatoes of the post. OTTER has graciously accepted responsibility for making sure OTTER and friends pockets get fuller and fuller and for that we need more space. Space is created with wars, and Hammercrap's land is what we want. We're planning on backfilling it. I know GentCo has their eyes set on it, but unless they want a war dec too they'll go back to Canada where their current displays of diplomacy belong. . These 3 war decs are all against parties of equal power, the sum of which is comparable to OTTERs own clam smashing might. It's only fair that we're in this mess too; even if it's just to be a control group of how a real relevant clan performs. The motivation for such a war? I'm sure you've heard about subversions, and that us relevant awesome clan wars tankers think it's a massive crock of crap. We like to band together in times of desperation so I'm sure you've heard NASA 2.0 being thrown around to do some point proving; well there's more to it than that. . NASA 2.0 hasn't decided who our example whipping boy is going to be for the new subversions mechanics. NASA 2.0 in addition to turtling up the map, will make sure that one of you big boy franchises has absolutely no success in the new campaign, and is locked down via subversions for the campaign's entirety. Subversions are free, so this is no water off our back and at zero cost for us. Our plan is to show how subversions spammed by a mass of clans completely cripple a clan to the point of disbandment - your tears will be the forefront of our argument that subversions is ultimately a terrible idea. Believing this is an empty threat will be the gravest mistake your leadership has ever made, though FORGE accepting NiNe is pretty up there. In addition, after OTTER has secured our freebie tank, we will pursue you with friends for the remainder of the campaign should subversions not be effective enough. . So, who wants to be the target of the campaign dogpile? Any clan at war with OTTER, that manages to win a battle vs OTTER will gain a point; mapping a Hunger Games participant nets you 5 points; the clan with the least amount of points, or tied for least will become the targets of NASA 2.0, spammed with subversions and without free t10s from WG, will surely end up disbanding. Your reputations precede you, and someone has to to draw the short straw; we've just stacked the short straws so that some deserving bunch of clowns gets the well deserved attention. OTTER will cease hostilities with the clan with the most points at the start of campaign 2, and the offer of being netural with NASA 2.0 will be put on the table. . .Your options are to participate in Operation: Paper Sperglord Scrubby Pubbie Hunger Games, submit to our generous demands, or simply cease to exist. Your fate is within your hands and as always, OTTER, GRLLA and RELIC will happily recruit any non-sperglord talent fleeing from your horribly declining clans. . TL; DR: Update - Day 1: Jimmies Unrustled Alone in the OTTER war room (pictured below) Luci has been madly piecing together the pawns pieces of NASA 2.0. Being too busy to even tell his own DC staff that the war dec was legit, early bird diplomacy with the unofficial official diplos of OTTER resulted in some false reassurance of certain participants that this was a big fat joke. After that minor correction many diplos were sighted on PBKAC TS looking confused and shocked to learn that this thread was in fact not full of crap and hostilities were commencing. Every good war needs a war room, and with Serb adorning the walls and Ziddy on perma-skype; the war machine is slowly churning into life. . .Enough about OTTER, I realise that most of you couldn't care less about the opening drivel at the start, so lets get onto the development of the Hunger Games. Chills ran up some unsuspecting spines today and the shiz got real. Red Sky and SG approached glorious comrades KITTEH and OTTA about attacking into Enjoy and wiping them off the map like that's a great idea. As Enjoy has been holding the northern border of Kitties solidly like no hunger games participant could, letting this go ahead was the obvious choice of action. . Wrong. . In addition to what is now in a spoiler below, we, OTTER also declares war on Red Sky and Sturm Grenadiers until the end of timeunless one or more of our very reasonable demands are met: 1. Your clans conquer the entirety of Greenland with tier 9s. 2. Post a youtube video of your respective command staffs making out with their favourite likeness of Serb. Posters are available from the OTTER souvenir store on isle 3. 3. You can provide photographic evidence of knotted panties leftover from the SCC war that have been worn by Gates in the last 3 months. . Speaking of Gates.... HT's brand new not-run-through-QA PR Dept. opened their mouths about how hunting NARWLs was the best thing ever, and given they are the cutest creatures ever this OTTER has determined that the creatures next on the cuteness scale being KITTEHs and OTTERS are the most likely targets for these bad bad men. A preemptive strike in necessary to defend the glory of Animal Planet. . In addition to what is now in a spoiler below and above (this war dec stuff is complicated), we, OTTER also declares war on Blue Turret, Heavy Turret and SSGS until the end of timeunless one of our very reasonable demands are met: 1. Gates posts a youtube video about the SCC, explaining how he deserved it and that fellow PETCO clan GRLLA were justified in staying the hell outa that mess that Gates started. I'm sure a real PR department could rustle up something worthy. 2. Bribery is your only other option. . So now the band of merry men is together, the expectations of the participants is more clear after a frantic scrambling of diplo I've not seen since my weekly installment of Survivor. CLAWS, CRABS and HavoK had a fun day bashing their foreheads against the might of Sterling Archer which is kinda missing the point guys. There will be plenty of time for you to have your sphincters pushed in by the girth of Loz during the campign; today you should be fighting to feed yourselves. If this were real life, you'd be even more dead weight than you've proven to be while SIMP was carrying all the slack. . .With the Guerilla Propaganda in full swing, Drill Sergeant OTTER is here to help you the plebs learn to fight, for there is not enough M60s to go around. Who is gonna step up, who is gonna embrace this excellent war. OTTER will be attacking into FORGE within the next few days, they'll be distracted to the north east. Who's gonna capitalize on that? . Hopefully tomorrow will tell us. Day 2: The day of Blueballs. Today has been a day of blueballs. You may as well not read today's update since tomorrow's will be much better - that's a promise. The worst feeling all day was being a background warmonger only to hear "can we wait till after prime time tomorrow". Who cares if ANVIL is doing landings at the moment; it break's this gossip queens heart to have to keep secrets that would result in great lols. Some good news though, CRABS is one step closer to joining in the fun as they lose a landing to a clan wars powerhouse. . .A quietish day on the OTTER front and more Blue Balls as DunxtonChexton informs me he ran outa pocket change and had to send the chips to Chicago via standard freight instead of overnight courier. To save him from an hours of chip movement lectures from Me he has at least conceded it's about time he dragged his sorry ass over to Yawh and dispels the 'this is all trolling' rumor; War Decs come with War damnit. In the best interest of war and me not having to write a filler update for tomorrow, could friendly fellow PETCO clan GRLLA please lend us mighty OTTERS Indianapolis for a day or 2? You can have any pick of FOXEY's territory as a thank you, or all of it, whatever pleases you to make this happen and relieve scrotal pressure. . Ziddy, can you please get damn dog outa the hallway so that KBEAR can fight GROZA and OTTER can get in on some authentic deep dish pizza. You're killing me. .Thankfully on this reasonably quiet day on the Clan Wars map, we've got this thread churning all day to generate some interesting content. Fishing is a great afternoon out, but to catch the big one it pays to go as the tides change and twilight falls upon us. There's an old CR/D saying along the lines of "Red Sky posting at night, Otter's delight" or something about a Sheppard's Pie. I dunno but it makes me hungry. If there are Chef de Cuisine around can you please fry up some of the fillets we've caught already. . .I had a thought today that an entire war dec could be done with gifs, so challenge accepted - it's coming in the future. In the mean time friends, I ask that you patiently wait for tomorrow and perhaps visit some kinda hub or tube to help pass the time as I will be. . Picture related to previous statement intentionally not included. Day 3: And so it begins... . Had a power cut yesterday evening, so lost all the shopped images I was making - sorry for the mostly text and finished-at-work update today. . FORGE leadership 3.0 was present on OTTER and Friends TS today making sure all of the OTTER officers knew that there was hurt feels far and wide within Forge Gaming Community due to a certain OTTER's mean hurty words. We were informed of incoming chips and antagonized (well, they twied) about the mighty dog pile we would be bringing down upon them, asking if we were OTTER enough to fight them alone. This was interestingly timed as DamienJax from RDDT arrived in TS to announce to all what he and I had discussed yesterday. . .The result was possibly the fastest backpedal ever in FORGE's history where they offered to quote "suspend the war with OTTER to go and map RDDT because they are easier" end quote. The cogs in the diplo machine started whirring faster as previous mentioned mean spirited OTTER had to arrange a compromise where RDDT would leave FORGE alone, so that FORGE could undertake the war that they had just declared. I hope you're listening Wargaming, we diplo'd our way INTO fights. This was the best outcome we could hope for given that OTTER had declared war with no plans to move from our gold; Our enemy had been successfully goaded into coming to us as proven by the 2/10 style points war dec which woulda made more sense if they held Alabama and not Chicago. . After listening to the following 15 minute presentation of FORGE's 12 step plan to success from the new FORGE CO, I excused my self from the room because I've already experienced enough Nightscream style chest pounds for three lifetimes. We had previously discussed with some OTTERs and other fun friends was the idea that FORGE may not survive until the campaign; this was initially laughed off and put on the list of things to do at position 22. Based on our super sekret TS discussions with FORGE leadership 3.0, making sure FORGE dies was certainly higher on their list of priorities than it was on ours with rumors of demotions, performance based ousting, power consolidation, and on top of that - charging head first into a clan that wears 3 layers of big boy pants at all time. Granny was bribed with hugs from the young strapping lads in charge of OTTER and was then put to work, baking the expected outcome of these changes.. .Welcome RDDT, the first voluntary entry into the hunger games. I guess we had better make this official. . In addition to all the other war decs in this thread, OTTER hereby declares war upon RDDT, NARWL, and the rest of their clans whose likeness is represented above until the end of time unless all of the following demands are met: 1. You earn 10 points in the Hunger Games. 2. Your members post 100 gifs in this thread. . To save the bromance between RDDT and OTTER within this conflict despite the "1 at each end" rule brought in by our finicky threesome conquest we must never forget BroCode rule #771: It's not game, until the borders touch. As interesting as this mistress will be, I found it contrary that they wanted some 1 on 1 time with handsome OTTER, only to then war dec OTTER and PUPEH at the same time. PUPEH who by the way was already trying to stay out of the war and move to the West; but hey - who am I to dictate the terms in FORGE's holy war. Supposedly ANVIL will be aggressive to the trying-to-be-passive dog while the hoards from the East chew well into ALLOY's back line. . In an attention grabbing for 3 whole seconds spin of events, CHAI finally got sick of PBKAC trying to provoke a war, and provided the war they were provoked into providing. This sounds pretty familiar but with more boring clans, so lets worry about that should it develop into something more interesting tomorrow. In today's CRABS update; they're continuing to hold the pocket corner of nowheresville and should something happen to disrupt their fun it would be as they say "-How Terrible-". Red Sky and SG are biding their time and Gentco will probably end up doing something later today after nursing from the tat of Mass and getting band-aid on the sore knee from big mommy Gates. . .Starting today OTTER and FORGE should conflict, ALLOY should start practicing holding their ankles, PUPEH is gonna something, KITTIES are getting a CHAI Latte to take away (size of cup yet to be determined) and this is all happening today. It's a lot for PETCO master Ziddy to keep track of. Sorry Ziddy. If you want to help Ziddy out and relieve the pressure, please poke him on TS a couple of times letting him know how you can help. He will love you for it. Days 4-7: Well that was anticlimactic, oh and the north. . Crdizens, . With OTTER now spanning north to south on 'Murica and our supply network now serving up the real deal Deep Dish Pizza - this OTTER is a little sad that we're now stretching what can be achieved by only 6 stacks of chips and many diplomacies that require many Diplomats. With OTTER switching CO (Otter Clam, Best Clam. Huck Commander, Best Commander), full tummies and plans to continue on like last Tuesday our War Machine must slowly churn through a quick agricultural phase while we all sit here spouting "Come At Me Bro" for a bit. Spirits are high in the OTTER camp from a slower pace and all the treasures plundered. . DunxtonOtterston, Allotter and Hotteruck .At the start of this FORGE Diplo had an incredible insistence on a 1 vs 1 between FORGE and OTTER. ALLOY however have taken a different approach and has arranged a good ol fashioned dog pile on RDDT in the north. It seems some Hunger Games participants (GentCo + ALLOY) have recruited some fresh suckers (DFA/DFB who already narrowly avoided their participation once) to swap land for throwing chip stacks around the place. This was after the interesting maneuver of separating a FORGE chip-stack to the north to act as a blocker since RDDT promised to not to attack them; this land was then given to Enjoy for PBKAC to defend. The dog pilers had better check themselves before we wreck them with guys with pepper spray, a couple of mushrooms and a snake which is something new to the OTTER arsenal. . "Simba, I haven't seen this since we were in Africa" .We're still confirming if this lot is planning to be bigger competitor to NASA but all signs point to probably and it's Mass's fault. Perhaps you can call it SOLAR (Somewhat Outgunned Lackluster Alliance of Relevance) or more to the point as the acronym implies, a low energy power block that on the plus side requires very little costly maintenance. If ANVIL weren't throwing their weight around on PUPEH DOGE I would be worried that this war one day won't graduate to the coveted gud fites. . Thanks to tank-locking, statistics are actually pretty important to consider and factor; after you're best players have lost their preferred tanks, it's 5-7 days before you can field that team again. FORGE has 185 autoloaders out of 914 tier 10s. OTTER has 208 autoloaders out of 921 tier 10s so this war certainly started balanced. After 3 days of conflict FORGE has managed to trade 5 stacks of chips and 5.4k of territory for 15 locked tanks (though probably autoloaders). One speculates that had we been able to push 2 territories per night FORGE would be in a state of cascading failure and fielding IS-7/M48s or breaking the 1 on 1 agreement by now. . Day 4: Redshire: 15-4 Day 5: Redshire: 15-3, Highway: 15-3 Day 6: Port: 15-2, Port again: 15-3 . Semiorange[FORGE] on day 5 of the War; Ziddy's reaction to hearing about how attacking on Port went; A potential recruit looking at Blacksmiths for Campaign 2. . .Day 7: Port: 15-4 Gyarados (pictured) upon hearing OTTER lost 4 tanks defending port against Facist Box Tanks .While FORGE has been giving us their full attention we've been defending our south from greedy belligerents and have still only locked a quarter of the tanks total in during this war. This is because Huck Commander, Best Commander, and has dedicated himself to arranging our territory like a Zombie (Illinois is the head, with Chicago being his fro, Memphis is right elbow. Knox his left arm, etc - this sucks without photochop). Now that we've done this it's time to pack up down south so we can continue to push north. . Use your imagination. . .Looking to the Hunger Games Scoreboard now... With no clans being removed from the map yet and FORGE not getting any points from a victory, the scores are all tied up at 0 which is gonna make for an awkward prize giving at the end though WarGaming would certainly appreciate that everybody wins! Yayyyyyy! I attended the CW summit on Saturday instead of updating this thread with the few hours I had available and received the adequate lip service and promises we were all expecting. I have faith that Hypnotik the "no" man will have an influence on any incoming positive change. In the mean time, we'll continue warring the good war until you remove our capabilities to do so. . Seen at the Clan Wars Summit: General Direction, Barroom and that guy from RUS that had a name beginning with a K .-Allu
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    Big Bang Theory has made the same joke every episode since it came out. I guess if you can suspend short-term memory it's okay.
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    Yes, very enjoyable.
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    Meh, it feels kind of forced to me. But if you're enjoying it that's fine.
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    Oh, Vlad

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    What's up with IOC?

    Also, I bet BURDY with our mixed up bunch of not enough 10s for a full team so we have some 9s and 8s as well, can beat a full tier 10 team of IOC.
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    Autoaim destroying patch is up!

    I have a few more comments, let me get them from my hangar. Loading... Loading... Loading... Loading... Loading... Loading...
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    Please give us back ex-burdy Deathpig_Jones then.
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    How does BIA make vents less useful?
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    The Hitskin Experiment

    If playing with hitskins makes you hit modules more often then you simply suck at learning about tanks.
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    The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

    That awkward moment when we all laugh at you and it turns out you really are Mr T.
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    I'm gonna prepare for my tennis match by playing wii sports as well
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    55% and you say you're a baddie? I'm going to play farmville and cry myself to sleep... Welcome to the forums ^_^b
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    Comet is great. It may be a downgrade from the Cromwell in tier... but I don't think it is much worse. Tier 9 games are tough, just as tier 8 games are tough for the Cromwell. The Comet has three secrets: 11 degrees of gun depression - point that gun down and troll the tops of hills. The Comet is a master at not exposing itself in order to get shots in. It can abuse terrain as well as any tank in the game. It has a fairly bouncy mantlet, which works very well in combination with the depression. It isn't T29 bouncy, but it is also a much smaller target, with better depression (less exposure required), and on a much more mobile platform. The third secret is DPM. It has the highest DPM of any T7 medium. It is the best of a bad lot, yes, but what the DPM means in the real world is when you can get in to a position and abuse camoflauge, or are in a tight knife fight, that 3.3 second reload will peck any tank to death. As one example, a Comet will CRUSH a T29 one on one, if the comet comes in away from the T29's turret and gets the first shot off, even if he can't circle the T29, because he will DPM the crap out of it. So it can fight its way out of surprisingly dire sitations when it needs to brawl with heavies - as long as they need to turn to get you, you can chew them up. None of the T7 mediums are amazing tanks, but a few of them have something special to offer - and the Comet is one of those few tanks. It has characteristics you can exploit, and you need to focus on exploiting those characteristics, and avoid its weak spots (Namely, its hull).
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