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    The relatively complex armour system is one of the key things distinguishing WoT from a typical shooter game. Most people pick up the basics quickly, but very few seem to have a grasp of many of the details (though knowing absolutely everything isn’t that crucial). I happen to be very knowledgeable on the topic, so I thought I would finally get around writing this all down for future reference. Enough with the introduction, though. Be advised: wall of text ahead; this post contains everything I know about armour in WoT. >Armour Mechanics This is called “line of sight thickness” and determines the effective armour against HE/HEAT/HESH ammo. However, AP and APCR have an effect called normalisation, which reduces the angle of impact- this simulates the shell rotating towards the armour as it hits. Note that this doesn’t change the actual trajectory of the shells- normalisation exists only within the armour calculations. The simple effective armour calculation is as follows: ArmourThickness / cos(angle – Normalisation) The cosine formula assumes that 0 degrees = flat plate. Some sources refer to angles such that 90 degrees is flat towards the shell- in that case, cosine is replaced by sine, and normalisation is added and not subtracted. Normalisation is 5 degrees for AP and 2 for APCR, 0 for everything else (and can thus be ignored). There is a separate formula for angles on both axes; for HE/HEAT/HESH, it is: ArmourThickness / cos(angle1) / cos(angle2) However, for AP and APCR, the calculation is more complex: ArmourThickness / cos(cos-1(1 / (1 / cos(angle1) / cos(angle2) ) ) – Normalisation) If you don’t feel like typing in all that, this online calculator can do it for you. It calculates effective armour for all ammo types separately. The effect of armour angles is exponential; for example, the difference between 0 and 10 degrees of angle is nonexistent, but the difference between 55 and 65 is huge. See the table below: This also means that the sharper the angle is, the lower the penetration advantage of APCR/HEAT, as they need to punch through an increasingly greater amount of armour relative to AP. >>>Ricochet Distinct from the usual bounce, which just means the penetration of a round was insufficient, a ricochet specifically occurs only at very shallow angles; 70 degrees for AP/APCR, and 85 degrees for HEAT. When a shell ricochets- which always happens at these angles, unless the armour is 3x overmatched (see section below), the shell will not stop, but will instead deflect away. AP/APCR loses 25%* of its pen in the process. After this, the shell might hit and penetrate another plate. This is called a shot trap, prominent examples are tanks with a well-sloped middle plate but otherwise fairly flat frontal armour, or curved turret fronts that redirect shots into the hull roof. * If the shell 3x overmatches, but lacks sufficient penetration to go through the armour, it will still ricochet. >>>Overmatch Note that this applies only to AP/APCR, other shell types are exempt from this mechanic. >>>>3x Overmatch When the ratio of a shell’s calibre compared to armour thickness is 3 or higher, it will not automatically ricochet, but will instead at least attempt to penetrate. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean guaranteed penetration- but it’s close (see below). >>>>2x Overmatch Also called “semi-overmatch”. If the shell calibre is at least twice the armour thickness, normalisation is multiplied by 1.4 times that ratio. This is why 3x overmatch is almost autopen- at that point, AP gets 21 degrees of normalisation, which means that even the most extreme impact angle (89.999999... degrees) results in an armour multiplier of less than 3. Because of this, unless the gun is so weak that it penetrates less than its own calibre, it will more or less never fail. For example, 40/cos(68.99999999...) = 112, while the early Russian 122mm guns already have 175 penetration, and tier X 120mm guns are in the 240+ range. Outside ricochet angles, the rule really only affects low-velocity guns when dealing with a single plate- for instance, a 60mm plate caps out at 140 eff armour before ricochet angle, which is nothing against the aforementioned 122mm gun even before the increased normalisation. The KV-2’s 152mm howitzer, however, is much less likely to bounce off relatively thin plates because of this mechanic: a 60mm plate at 60 degrees is 105 effective with 5 degrees normalisation, which means some distance/angle/bad RNG would otherwise cause the standard 112 pen AP to bounce. However, because of the increased normalisation, the effective armour against 152mm AP drops to a manageable 81. But when dealing with more than one plate (i.e. spaced armour) it may be more useful for less derpy weapons. For example, the upper side hull of an E100 (120mm main armour + 60mm spaced armour): -- Against sub-120mm guns, the two armour plates essentially act as a combined 180mm of armour. At 40 degrees (50 degree impact angle), this results in 254 effective protection against AP. -- 120mm+ guns semi-overmatch. A 120mm gun has 14 degrees of normalisation, instead of 5, vs the spaced armour plate, thus reducing its effectiveness. At 40 degrees, this results in 243 effective protection. This effect becomes more pronounced with larger calibres/sharper angles. >>>Armour Types >>>>Main Armour What the majority of each tank consists of. If main armour is penetrated, damage is inflicted. >>>>Spaced Armour Armour that isn’t directly connected to a tank’s interior, but mounted on the outside. This means that a penetration doesn’t result in damage- the shell just passes through (losing penetration depending on the thickness/angle of the plate), though it may still hit and penetrate main armour on the other side. It also detonates HE/HEAT/HESH prematurely, which reduces their efficiency. >>>>External modules Tracks/suspension, the gun barrel, and the optics. Like spaced armour, penetration doesn’t result in HP damage and HE/HEAT/HESH are negatively affected, though the modules themselves can be damaged. The difference in terms of protection is that modules are unaffected by angles. Also, as shells that don’t deal damage to hit modules (due to a “saving throw”) disappear, hitting the gun barrel or optics often results in a shell being randomly absorbed, and the gun and shell in question don't matter- this leads to rage-inducing moments such as a Leopard I's gun magically stopping a Jagdpanzer E100's 17cm AP shell. However, tracks are (thankfully) always damaged by a hit, and don't randomly absorb hits. As a rule of thumb, most of them have 20mm of armour, while the strongest tracks currently in the game are rated at 40mm. >>>Ammo Types >>>>AP (Armour Piercing) This is the most common ammo type. Some guns also have premium AP- currently the Chi-Nu Kai, KV-2 152mm, SU-100Y (the latter has lower penetration but increased damage). -- 5 degrees normalisation. -- Can overmatch. -- Ricochets at 70 degrees unless 3x overmatch applies. -- Loses penetration between 100 and 500 meters. Each AP shell has one penetration stat for 100 meters and below, and another for 500 meters and above. Penetration is decreased in a linear fashion over this distance- e.g. if max pen is 250 and minimum pen is 210, penetration is reduced to 220 at 400 meters. >>>>APCR (Armour Piercing Composite-Rigid) This is the premium round for most guns, though certain tanks (currently most tier X mediums, T71, Leopard PT A, Centurion 7/1) fire it as standard ammo. -- 2 degrees normalisation. -- Can overmatch. -- Ricochets at 70 degrees unless 3x overmatch applies. -- Loses penetration between 100 and 500 meters. -- Higher penetration and shell velocity than equivalent AP. The penetration dropoff, with the exception of standard APCR, is generally higher than that of AP- but past the low tiers, pretty much all APCR ammo outperforms AP from the same gun at any range and/or angle. The high speed (up to ~1500 m/s for tier X mediums!) also makes hitting moving/distant targets easier. >>>>HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) The premium round of most short-barreled guns and many 1950s and later guns (tier IX/X for the most part). -- No normalisation. -- Cannot overmatch. -- Ricochets at 85 degrees. -- Does not lose penetration at range. -- Shell velocity usually the same as/lower than equivalent AP. -- Spaced armour/external modules cause penetration dropoff. After HEAT rounds penetrate spaced armour/tracks, penetration is reduced by 5% per 10cm (0.05% per mm) until it hits main armour. This penetration loss is relative to the remaining penetration after going through spaced armour/tracks. Example: 1. 300 pen HEAT round hits the upper side hull of an E100 at flat angle 2. Penetrates 60mm spaced armour, 240mm penetration left 3. Travels approximately 1100mm (tracks are 1m wide, and there are small gaps on each side) and loses 55% (132) penetration, 108 penetration left 4. Fails to penetrate the main armour (120mm) In the above situation, 300 penetration fails against 180mm of combined armour, but it usually isn't this extreme- spaced armour/the outside of the tracks is usually a shorter distance away from the main armour. However, the effect of angle is even greater than normal- not only does each plate get higher effective armour, but the distance becomes longer, so more penetration is lost during travel. >>>>HE (High Explosive) All guns except very low-calibre ones (less than 30mm, usually) and "squeezebores" (which narrow down shells to a smaller diameter, e.g. the Matilda's top 2 Pdr) have HE available. Howitzers (low velocity guns mainly designed for infantry support, typically larger calibre than normal) usually have HE instead of AP as the default round. -- No normalisation. -- Cannot overmatch. -- Never ricochets. -- Does not lose penetration at range. -- Shell velocity usually the same as/lower than equivalent AP. -- Lower penetration than equivalent AP (usually half of the calibre). -- Spaced armour/external modules cause it to explode on the surface, this also happens if it fails to penetrate. -- May deal so-called spalling damage with an explosion, even if a direct hit is not achieved; damage is dependent on distance and armour thickness. Since HE shells are rarely capable of penetrating, which leads to dealing less damage than AP/APCR/HEAT, it is mainly used for finishing off weak targets or chipping away at tanks that you otherwise wouldn't be able to reliably hurt (this is especially useful for resetting base capture, as even 1 point of damage is enough). Howitzers can use HE effectively as their standard ammunition- the DPM tends to be low, but they can deal a decent amount of alpha with consistency, which is useful in peekaboom situations. This is not to say that HE will never penetrate- it is often a valid choice for dealing with very lightly armoured targets, such as Hellcats and the Waffenträger TDs. The formula for non-penetrating damage is (BaseDamage / 2) - (1.3 x ArmourThickness x SpallCoefficient). The Spall Coefficient is 1 by default and only matters if the target uses a Spall Liner (more on that later). An HE shell can also deal splash damage to plates that aren't directly hit- but the base damage decreases linearly towards the edge of the radius (e.g. if the targeted plate is 3m away from the explosion's centre, and the shell has a 6m radius, base damage is halved). As a result, large-calibre HE (mainly artillery) can damage tanks by hitting nearby terrain or objects, and can even damage multiple tanks. When a tank is caught within a blast, the explosion is targeted at the point that results in the most damage- if you hit the lower edge of a tank's turret front, it's likely that the explosion "chooses" to go for the thin hull roof instead. However, the thinnest available armour (there needs to be a direct line of sight to it) is not necessarily the best target if it's too far away. Regardless, aiming for thin points (either directly or via splash) is preferred unless the target is very distant. As an example, consider a 105mm HE round fired at a Tiger. From the front, there are three likely scenarios (assume average RNG roll for base damage): 1. Hits the lower plate (100mm), deals (410 / 2) - (1.3 x 100) = 75 damage. 2. Hits the middle plate (60mm) or the lower edge of the upper plate, deals up to (410 / 2) - (1.3 x 60) = 127 damage. 3. Hits the hull roof (40mm) or the lower edge of the turret, deals up to (410) - (1.3 x 40) = 152 damage. As for the Spall Liner, it further multiplies the damage absorption (1.2x to 1.5x multiplier depending on class), but it's only really useful for heavily armoured vehicles: -- The heavier classes of spall liners (each tank can use a certain class depending on type and size/weight) have greater multipliers, and the armour of the vehicles that use them tends to be thicker, so the gain to damage absorption is much higher- it's rather negligible on most tanks. -- The additional reduction to crew casualty (which applies to all damage, not just explosions) is greater for the heavier classes of spall liners. Also, every tank has weak armour somewhere (at least on the roof)- penetrations still deal the same damage, and non-penetrating hits are barely affected- a 40mm plate will only absorb an extra 26 points with a Super Heavy Spall Liner, which is laughable considering that high tier arty would still do anything from ~400 to ~1000 damage. However, lower damage explosions (smaller calibre/longer distance/both) are affected more, and tanks with thick front/side armour can negate a lot of spalling damage. A direct hit to the KV-4's 150mm side with a 900 damage shell would deal 255 damage without a Spall Liner, while the Superheavy Spall Liner would reduce the damage to 157, which is roughly 40% less. >>>>HESH (High Explosive Squash Head) Essentially high-penetration HE that is affected more heavily by spaced armour (as per Russian Q&A), HESH is currently exclusive to British tier X guns. The 105mm L7 and 120mm L1 have HESH shells with penetration equal to their caliber (even though they are labeled as HE, the name of the shells and their penetration imply HESH). The increased penetration compared to regular HE often enables dealing extra damage to targets such as the sides of a Jagdtiger. The 105mm and 183mm also have premium HESH with higher penetration. Given that tracks/spaced armour reduce the 105mm premium HESH damage to pitiful levels and its penetration is still quite low for its tier, it is still used sparingly. The 183mm, on the other hand, can actually penetrate most tanks frontally, and will still do ~600-800 damage if it fails to penetrate, depending on the target and RNG. Given the slow reload, low ammo capacity, and the need to spam HESH to give itself a niche, the FV215b (183) usually carries only HESH rounds, so if your frontal plate isn't likely to stop it, it's best to turn your tracks/spaced armour at it and hope for the best. >>Armour Layouts >>>>Lower Front Plate (LFP) A near-universal weakspot (though some tanks have LFP armour equivalent to the UFP, or even more), the LFP is often the go-to weakspot if you can't penetrate the UFP. >>>>Middle Plate Many low/mid tier tanks have a "stepped" front layout consisting of two relatively flat plates, connected by a highly sloped (often to the point of ricochet) middle plate. Shooting this part is unadvisable unless it is thin enough to be 3x overmatched by your gun: while a shell that ricochets off the middle plate can penetrate the UFP or turret, the upward deflection adds vertical angle, and penetration is lost in the impact- and like I said before, ricochets are finicky at best. >>>>Machine Gun Port Often the weakest part of the front hull, but a small target. As these were of limited effectiveness and a protection flaw IRL, they are less common in high tier tanks due to designers abandoning the idea. >>>>Driver's Hatch A weakspot on many tanks, but it is often on top of the hull as opposed to the front plate (presumably to eliminate another liability to the frontal armour). >>>>Turret Front Typically tougher than the hull (though, as always, there are exceptions), as it tends to have better raw armour, and it often features various strongpoints that can produce troll bounces against otherwise overwhelming penetration. The parts to the left and right of gun mount are frequently referred to as "cheeks". >>>>Mantlet The section of armour that connects the gun to the tank, mantlets are typically the single strongest area on the tank. While the center of the mantlet has nothing behind it- there needs to be a hole for the gun to poke through- the entire mantlet still counts as spaced armour. The edge of the mantlet has a section of main armour behind it, this is typically stronger than the middle section. Sometimes almost the entire mantlet is "hollow", while some mantlets overlap almost everywhere. >>>>Turret Ring The mechanism that rotates the turret. Usually very well covered (and bordered by some of the toughest parts of the tank), but a viable weakspot on some tanks. >>>>Superstructure Technically, the upper part of the hull as a whole qualifies in RL terms (as far as I know), though in the WoT context, the word is usually only applied to the fighting compartment of turretless vehicles, especially the kind that is clearly separate from the rest of the hull. >>>>Hull Roof Rarely targeted, as it is only available from above (i.e. shooting down from high ground or artillery fire) or when the tank is on a downward slope. One of the thinnest areas of a tank, it's not uncommon seeing it overmatched, at least by large calibre guns. >>>>Superstructure/Turret Roof Much like the hull roof, except a part of it is often sloped (at a very sharp angle) towards the front. Quite a few are thin enough to be 3x overmatched (the roof of the IS-3's upgraded turret is infamous for this), in other cases they are immune on flat ground or when additional vertical angle is applied. Attacking from high ground tends to make these an easy target. >>>>Cupola A hatch that doubles as an observation device, often with all-around vision blocks- to make space for the viewports/periscopes, it often protrudes significantly from where it is mounted (turning it into a weakspot). Most tanks only have one (if any), occupied by the commander. >>>>Side Hull Self-explanatory. Much weaker than the front in most cases. Often divided into sections due to differing armour values (sloping, armour thickness, and presence of spaced armour/tracks). Sometimes tracks are exposed from above, most tanks have at least thin sandshields on top, though these don't even have hitboxes. Sections of hull above the tracks- or inside them, for example with the Churchill series- are technically called sponsons, but most people are unaware of the term and just refer to them as "upper side hull" in the former case. The bottom of the sponsons tend to be a weakspot for tanks cresting a hill, and shooting there enables destroying the track in the process. >>>>Sideskirt Spaced armour applied over the side. The placement is variable, sometimes they protect the middle/upper side hull (e.g. IS-3, IS-8, IS-7), sometimes they are mounted over the tracks. Areas covered by skirt armour are often tougher than the rest of the side. However, the Maus, the British assault TDs, and some others can be easily penetrated by shooting the front of the track at angle; this bypasses the skirt (which carries the majority of the lower side armour), and the shell only needs to penetrate the tracks, which are unaffected by the angle, as well as the squishy main armour. >>>>Rear Hull The weakest large area on most tanks, almost any tank can penetrate almost any opponent in its MM bracket by shooting here. >>>>Turret Side/Rear Most tanks have tougher turrets than hulls all around, not much else to say. >Armour Tactics >>Using Cover These techniques essentially involve hiding a part of your tank behind cover so that you only expose the strongpoints of it and/or can keep its armour at more of an angle than normal. Sometimes you can't resist fire while still being able to shoot back- in that case, you can try baiting an enemy into taking the shot first, and then retaliating while he reloads. Pay attention to your surroundings, there's very often something that you can use to your advantage. Again, if you can't line up an enemy without making yourself vulnerable, consider baiting them to fire at your turret/superstructure/UFP early, then drive forwards and hit them back. If you have a turret or an otherwise wide gun arc, you can use sideways slope to essentially convert some of your gun traverse into depression towards one side. Even if you don't immediately succeed with your attempt at hulldown, don't give up unless it's completely hopeless. Get a feel for the hill, try different angles, and you might just find the spot. Traits that encourage the use of this tactic: -- Strong turret/superstructure armour (especially if the hull is weak). -- Good gun depression.
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    X Rebirth?

    Like all X games, wait for about ten patches, then get it while it is on sale. Game is nightmare bugged right now.
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    Welcome to arguing with Florb. This is why we simply dismiss him.
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    It becomes the concern of every single taxpayer when a sick individual is forced to turn to taxpayer funded government programs for assistance because they either knowingly bought cheap private insurance that covers virtually nothing gambling that they wouldn't get sick, or because their insurance company refuses to pay because of a technicality/"procedure is not medically necessary" etc. Edit: Speaking from personal experience, this says nothing about the devastating effect one person's cavalier attitude towards health insurance can have on other unsuspecting family members. An entire family might have to turn to government safety net programs in order to survive a family member's poor personal choices regarding health insurance. Unfortunately no man is an island; to say that a person's health insurance choices affect no one but the individual is naive and simplistic to the point of absurdity.
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    I'm going to refrain from overly political commentary, except to say this: The US Healthcare system as it stands is unsustainable and horribly broken, ACA or no ACA. It is expensive to run, doesn't cover the entire population, emphasizes the wrong aspects of healthcare, and tries to shoehorn a field that lends itself remarkably poorly into a market-driven system. We spend more per capita on healthcare than any other nation in the world, and have piss-poor results to show for it. What the public at large wants, the healthcare system cannot deliver: they want care at low cost, when they want it, and as they want it. They want brand-name drugs with low copays. They want to see a specialist when they wish, and procedures when they wish. And they want this with low premiums. That ain't happening. Over the last many years, if you look at the median wage in the country as compared to the cost of living, you will find that the wage increases have not kept pace with the cost of living. That is because increasing portions of the salary have gone to cover the cost of healthcare. Similarly, the Medicare/Medicaid budget now outstrips the DoD budget. Due to the wonders of EMTALA, people without insurance can still seek medical attention. However, this comes at a high cost to the system (and having worked in mostly safety net hospitals, I can attest to the cost and stress this places on the system). People don't want to be compelled to have insurance, yet nobody in their right minds wants to repeal EMTALA-- as the consequences of that would be hospitals demanding proof of insurance and/or payment prior to being seen in the ER. How can we reconcile the two? The ACA accomplishes a couple of rather laudable things in my mind: expansion of coverage to a larger proportion of the US population, and the waiving of preexisting conditions. It fails miserably in the one aspect I think the healthcare system needs the most crucial reform: controlling the cost of healthcare. People fear "rationing" but they do not realize that healthcare *is* currently rationed: our center turns away uninsured/underinsured/low means patients seeking care every week, because what we do does not qualify as emergency care. The rationing needs to be done in a smarter way, a more impartial, evidence-based way. Otherwise the system will inevitably collapse under its own weight of cost. (I do not have time to link to sources of some of the data I presented, but I can if people request it).
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    Object 263 appreciation club

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    This is how I heal my hurts

    http://wotreplays.com/site/682210#sand_river-lamaleif-object_140 -Can't Touch Me, Obj140 stronk hull-down after all http://wotreplays.com/site/682207#karelia-lamaleif-t-62a -T62a hull down, many shots fired, need I say more. http://wotreplays.com/site/682212#fisherman_s_bay-lamaleif-e-100 -E-100, come at me.
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    WoWP battles are, on average, half the time of WoT battles...
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    WoWP Release Impressions

    You will never believe who I just ran into! My XFL-1 loaded on Arctic and there, plain as day on the opposing team, was Kobra2009 in a Mosquito. If you don't know him, he is/was a noted troll and whiner from the WoT forums. I'm not sure if he's still active. Anyways, pretty much from the start of the match he seemed to be whining about being wiped out in head2heads with heavies. Shortly after that I happened upon him and ripped his little wooden toy apart with 37mm (I must say, I'm enjoying the XFL-1 a lot!!!). He proceeded to start his classic WoT whining about MM being rigged and similar rubbish. I proceeded to dutifully mock him and instructed him to take his stupid bullshit elsewhere. I feel like I've done something good :-)
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    Anyone else notice...

    Honestly while the m60 is the golden vehicle of the bourgeois, 45% shitlords will have the faillowe, making it worthless.
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    If you had to pick 1 tier 10 tank:

    Avoid playing a medium or light at first; they are probably the most skill intensive tanks in the game. Playing a brawling heavy is probably the easiest role, or a sniping TD.
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    Batchat is a special snowflake.... if you don't like the 13-90, stahp and switch to russkie meds.
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    Looking for a new clan.

    I dunno... maybe a tourney focused clan. SNRK and SpideyStrike come to mind.... but Spidey always merges with Crabs when made up tier 10 pixel tanks are on the line. I am baffled that if M--M is burning you out, why not just step down and be a soldier instead of DepCom. How stressful can being DepCom in a non-CW clan be? You don't have any chips to move.....
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    My favorite Mexican place in town serves you on styrofoam plates with plastic cutlery, and you sit on benches while migrant workers come in to get Mexican groceries or food.
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    Looking for a new clan.

    Seems you joined IOC_5. Good choice!
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    Shameless pub stomping

    Well other than watching my replays in it, you just wait for opportunities vs 10's. I load APCR and head to wherever there are early crossing shots..shoot a few Then wait a bit and see hows thing's start to play out, a well time flank yolo taking out a 1600ish HP T10 and surviving is what I usually look for. Just try to survive till the end in T10 while doing what you can in the meantime. At the end of the game when they are lower HP is when you start to pounce.
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    The driving force behind Classical Liberalism was the principle that individuals are free to do what they please so long as their actions do not interfere with the free exercise of another person's rights. So if your actions and decisions negatively impact those around you, then yes, your rights are restricted to protect the well being of the rest of society. "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others." - Jefferson
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    Led Zeppelin - Live!

    Achilles Last Stand, nuff said. Also, get this Aerosmith shit the hell out of a LZ thread, they're not worthy.
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    War Thunder Tanks looking good

    "We have no imagination, nor care for immersion, so you only have two choices: Blindly accept non-reality at plain face value or have reality forced upon you in the most harsh way." Every time Serb says something, it just reeks of a man with zero imagination or creativity. I pity him, all that money and he lacks two of the most beautiful and cherishing gifts in the world.
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    Why the hell do people fastcap

    When the XP/credits are calculated at the end of the match, there is no special "checkbox" called "all enemies destroyed" give bonus - true However - the more damage is done to the enemy team (% of the overall available red hitpoints), the greater the team bonus for "just showing up". So to summ it up you get XP/credits for: - clicking "Battle" - your own performance (Spots, def, cap, damage, kills ...) - multi for win - bonus for inflicted damage on the enemy team by your whole team depending on the % enemy HPs destroyed - > Its stupid to leave 3 hightier enemy tanks (with good HP) alive at the end of the match, if you have a comfortable lead
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    I like how 5 of your tanks require repairs.
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    The NA Community Aces

    motherfucker if warships sucks it's your fault. no forgiveness.
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    Florb, you don't seem to be fully informed about the healthcare system. I'll just leave it at that.You are regurgitating well-worn arguments without discussing the substance of my post. And just using the term "feudalistic socialized medicine" makes me want to throw the rest of your opinion out as hilariously ill-informed.
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    Why the hell do I get pulled into shit threads like these? Most Popular Women of WGA
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    ^That. I make money on almost all my tanks. I didn't get 15 tier 10s just by spamming T8 prems. Alternatively, I hear HE is cheaper, and by firing it you can 5-shot a T-62a. Plus it does damage erry time.
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    Naming and shaming: -- Dlur, for accidentally hitting Battle with his Leo1 instead of his TOG II. Because they both look the same, right? -- Everyone who did less damage than Pants and me -- The enemy JT, who kept giving Pants his side, and got set on fire by the pesky E8
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    Hardy was so jelly of my CW scores that he TKed me two days ago or so in a CW we had against some clan. Imagine how jelly will people be when Hardy has a Failowe with like 2k battles and be in the JELLY clan. :3
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    This problem of camping stems from WGs camo and spotting mechanics. One of the main reasons people camp is because you will spot the other guy first 98% of the time. Since a whole lot of vehicles and can have full camo and be only detectable at 50-100m stationary and only 300ish meters when firing by the best spotting tanks in the game is a huge problem. This is compounded when you have a high camo vehicle with great vision and alpha (aka a TD). It simply isnt it worth it most of the time to be the guy in the medium having to lose your camo by moving and trying to scout tanks that will not be spotted unless they fire, and if they do fire you will take a huge loss. If you are in a light tank scouting, things are a little better, except WG massively nerfed their camo values so their ability to scout was very hampered. Poor tanks with low camo are forced to become pillboxes in the back of a map or otherwise be spotted by a high camo tank who can return fire and never be spotted. I think the best way to fix this is to slash stationary camo values by 50% nearly across the board, and cut down moving camo by ~20% and make almost all tanks fully spottable at 445m when they shoot (the exception would be small gun tanks, like lights). This way, view range values actually mean something and it would be nearly impossible for TDs to camp 110m back behind a bush and snipe with impunity. Obviously not every tank would get its camo cut quite as drastically. *************Another problem with camping is the blatantly retarded map design by WG that all too often has a high-camo, good cover area covering an open area that you have to go through to push, which is just stupid.
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    Unhappy with the Current Meta

    Camping has always been the meta. High alpha, map design, spotting mechanics, and so on have always rewarded camping. The only time WG has shifted away from the camping meta was the introduction of the french autoloaders at the same time they put in more mobile, low alpha heavies (notably, the E5 and T-62A) which for a time promoted a more mobile, offensive meta than the past. Then WG introducted t8 clickers, and blasted that to hell. And to be fair, war itself favors camping.
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    Led Zeppelin - Live!

    I think you used "classical" wrong. Then I tried to think of a reason not to delete your entire post for mentioning Aerosmith.
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    Wait, what? I am clearly an exception to the rule. I DEMAND restitution. I didn't go to medical school to be lumped in with lolicons.
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    Bad: -Well done Good: -Medum rare -Good seasoning -Juicy Unica: -Flavorful seared outside -Pink juicy inside that melts in your mouth -Buttery beefy flavor, like cut from the cap of ribeye -Dry aged for a month+ -Marble texture where the fat would melt into the meat fiber
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    Port: Removed From Game When?

    Fine, fine. Posts moved to relevant thread. This one in the rubbish bin. Please search the forums before creating a new thread. Port still sucks.
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    I did report one little shit with the ticket system the other day. The guy was chatting "heil Hitler" and "kill the Jews" during the battle. I sent screen shots, and got an automated reply. I then got a message saying that since I had not replied to the automatic reply they were thinking about closing the ticket. Meenwhile the guy keeps playing. I reply to the response, re-opening the ticked, write up again what that guy wrote (knowing that Wargaming is very wary of Nazi-slurs). I got a response from a human saying that he would act. The little Hitler-loving shit has not played one game since. Gave me a warm feeling inside.
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    You got the potato shift. Enable drive through XVM, and go to purple McD's.
  41. 1 point
    Below is the one statement which is getting you killed here. Think about it for a second.
  42. 1 point
    I'll give an example. Last night I was playing on this map: I was in an E-100 and platooned with two mediums. We were the only t10s, and our team was full of soft, crappy tanks driven by retards. Against us was a platoon of greens in T-57s, and various E-75s and such -- a major heavy advantage in town, we had a major medium advantage. I waddled right up to E7, put myself into sidescrape position, and started fighting. Sure enough, soon the platoon of T57s saw me and engaged with a E-75 and some other tank. I deliberately put myself into position where they could blast on me, getting constantly tracked and sometimes taking a little damage. I peekaboomed back, and did a little damage. After several minutes of this, I had taken maybe 1k damage and dealt maybe 2k damage... ...yet that was the game winning play. Because I locked ~5 of their top tanks into position beating on me to no effect, my medium blobs were able to blast through the fodder and sweep in. This was the difference -- I didn't necessarily do a better job peekabooming or sidescraping than they did (considering the tank advantage I had), but I realized in the larger context simply preventing those T-57s from murdering my lesser tanks would inevitably result in a win. All I had to do was keep them interested, so I let them chew on me, even knowing it would cost me some HP now and then. And that's the difference. I was thinking about how my actions would drive home a win, they were just trying to find a random spot and play well.
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    Economic Incentives for Crap teams?

    Yes, some guy posted them to the internet. I assume you, being some guy poasting on the internet without providing documentation, thinks that isn't good enough? http://www.newsru.com/finance/07may2013/woft.html Eh, comrade?
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    Also, a thought. Many individuals have written guides, but I think we would all agree that the collective wisdom of the unica would be greater than any individual writer. What if we had a crowd sourced guide on a given map or tank, wiki style perhaps, where everyone could contribute. We might need some mechanism for quality control or brevity, but this could produce some quality material that wouldn't age quite so fast, or end up redundant. Thoughts?
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    How does one identify a legitimate school and is there an age when one is too old to start... I guess I was wondering because to me Martial Arts has always seemed to be a thing that kids start and just continue with...
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    The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

    Me at an airsoft event in Sweden this summer. "Drive me closer" and all that.
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    The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

    Wielding my dog like a rocket launcher. My bestest mustache buddy <3
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    Yeah... i was so thrilled with the battle till my platoon partner said "nice, too bad the medium event only starts tomorrow" and i was like "....... fuck my life"
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    T67 (formerly T49) Appreciation Thread

    It's not really like the Hellcat at all, it's better at sniping and scouting than the Hellcat, but has less of a medium ranged engagement profile (70-200m). It's a lot more agile, has more camo, and is more fragile in CQC due to sheer lack of HP. The killzone of 270m-445m, which is the range you will spot things (400m) to the range you can shoot things at until they will see you if you are in a bush (270m) is very large, and often enough distance for you to kill a tank without it every seeing you. Because of what I just said, the T49 is one of the few vehicles in the game that can reliably light its own target to shoot and kill while remaining camo'd up. This difference is quite significant and leads to the T49 requiring very different skill sets and styles of gameplay than the M18 Hellcat.
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    The Funny Thread

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