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    When a sneaky little bastard tank sneaks up behind you.. Noticed how he got repositioned to get his frontal armor facing him... Well played Sir!!!!
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    Oh -------------R------------------ you so funny
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    ANTICAMPER's threads hurt my jsnazz. They make me want to chug some Whisky_A_Go_Go and hope Vladimir gets his revenge on him.
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    Was watching Sela's stream to do the tonks better, dropped in during the usual hardest sux conversations, when on the comms a titled gay-off occurred . They were trying to be the "gayest" with Sela as the ref. However, Rexxie ended up winning with his super buff voice (sarcasm sign). Feel free to have your own gay-offs down below, and get to work on making rexxie like a title belt, but in this case a pink cat fanny pack.
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    Welcome to my Story thread! What follows is 29 pages of Gripping unicorn action. Find out if the Unicorns and Donkeys you know and love can face off against the Three Great Evil's and survive in this gripping tale of betrayal, murder, redemption and mystery! It's 29 pages long so, I'll do my best to break it up for you all. I can also send it in a txt file but that seems boring and this is more fun. The names and personalities of the Unicorns and Donkeys involved does not directly represent their namesakes. Please understand that. Also, forgive my horrible grammar. I'm not an English major. Enjoy! Chapter 1. Chapter 2 Chapter 3. Chapter 4 Chapter 5
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    How to win in this situation?

    Ziddy is OP.
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    Camping is the current meta among the best of the best. This meta predates the camo changes, arty nerf, etc. The game has always favored camping, but since the T10 TD/MT introduction, map additions, accuracy tweak, and recent line releases (Leo, Waifu, 183) it is my opinion that it has jumped off the deep end. The constant reminder that the best tactic is usually the one that involves camping in the right spots at the right time is beyond frustrating. That is not to say that aggressive play is bad or that the meta makes the game unplayable. There are situations where the aggressor will win and the game is very much playable as-is. However, as an example, if one was to look over the top 2000 players this server (NA) houses, I'm willing to bet at least 1500 of those players play with such an incredibly passive/camping oriented playstyle that it'd make you rethink what it takes to be one of them. ...but these players are simply playing smart. I acknowledge and even partake in this playstyle. Despite being a fairly aggressive player in comparison to my peers, I'm much more passive than the grand majority of the playerbase. The rewards for this are great and I can hold comparatively high stats if I play like the meta dictates (as could anyone, mind you...), but should I really turn a blind eye to this? The ones who actually do the work, risk themselves to create opportunities, and act as spearheads to decide games are the ones I think should be rewarded. Not the innumerable amount of "greats" that simply sit back and take advantage of this broken meta WoT's mechanics have presented us. tl;dr STUPID META Q_Q
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    It means pick your battles. Like the M103, your armor is solid against most 8 and low pen/derpy 9/10s. So against an IS-6, smash his face in as he struggles to frontally pen you. Be aggressive and bully him. Against a T-54, don't let him precision fire or hit your sides and the same applies. But when facing an E-75, avoid the frontal fight and use your speed/hull down/fire control. In tier 10 games, likewise, avoid the front line, chip in with support fire and rapid pop out shots. Its a good blend of bully, flexibility, and support and is a very good tank, imo.
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    A note about proper poasting

    This has been a public service announcement.
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    "Realism" usually makes for a pretty terrible game. I mean if it was "realistic" 50% of the time you chose a German tank it wouldn't start, and you'd be limited to about 2/3 of its top speed because otherwise it stripped the gearbox.
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    ZiddyClaws Selabellum RexxieWrecksMe Zidexxiesnusela
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    that tiger 2, last post of it, sums the whole thing up so well. if he posted here I would +1 him as well. so gud.
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    Unhappy with the Current Meta

    Light tanks are the counter to World of TDs, and I think light tanks are still viable - T71, 13 90, 132 all do well. The problem is people are just #xXxYOLOswag420xXx with their light tanks and light tanks are very very unforgiving. I agree that the current meta heavily favours high alpha TDs, but it's possible to defeat that with a knowledgeable scout. My biggest beef right now is all the tiny shitty maps that they're introducing that force CQB, which is a giant fuck you for light tanks. Severegorsk/Tundra, even Northwest all have very defined "lanes" of attack, and no real spots where scouts can actively scout without getting instagibbed by something that can rain laser-guided nuclear bombs on you at 500m. Make maps larger, and with more open spaces, and I think the game would be a lot better off.
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    Just checking it out.

    Stop with the darn font.
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    How is the new German TD line?

    I free XP'd up to tier 6 of the new line, and here's my experience with them: Nashorn. Great penetration, aim time, and accuracy, but lacking alpha damage. Camouflage is decent, but not enough to keep it covered while shooting. Speed? You're a Hummel with a different gun. Sluggish, bad top speed. But it turns good. Decent, but not a keeper. I didn't like it that much. Sturer Emil. Good gun with amazing depression, but only 14 shells. Very poor speed, accelerates worse than a Super Pershing, with an even worse top speed. Shitty camouflage, PLUS it's huge. Horrible gun arc, too. I played it for 20 battles then sold it and free XP'd past it. Rheinmetall-Borsig. GREAT guns, either a 750 MUH ALPHA gun with a ridiculous HEAT round or a 490 alpha gun with amazing rate of fire, aim time, accuracy, and great pen. VERY small profile and an amazing 22% base camo. With 100% camo training, camo net, and external camo paint, you have almost 60% camo in the open, plus 28% camo on the move. Its speed is similar to but worse than the Nashorn. Unimpressive top speed, very slow acceleration. Gun depression is okay but could be better, gun elevation is painful sometimes. A great tank, and a keeper for most, but I don't have any extra crews to put on it, so I had to part with it. Waffentr├Ąger auf PzIV. While having the same guns as the Rhm-B when stock, they don't feel like they pull nearly as much weight as they did in tier 8. With the upgraded 128mm, the tank really starts to show its worth. Great penetration, amazing APCR shell, wonderful shell velocity with either shell type. The gun depression when facing the front is HORRIBLE. A whooping 2 degrees ensures you'll be even less depressed than top tier Chinese tanks. The gun elevation, strangely, is great, however. At 45 degrees, you can pull off some very interesting shots with it. However, the gun depression isn't all that bad. When aiming more than 50 degrees to the sides, you get 5 degrees of gun depression, same as the Rhm-B. In return, however, you only get 15 degrees of gun elevation. The acceleration is significantly better than the Rhm-B, and will hold its top speed pretty decently, and accelerate to it in not too long. It's not mobile enough to be considered "fast," however. The turret is rear mounted, which means you should be driving backwards around corners to fire. Because of the gun depression being better when facing your rear, you should also drive backwards over hills. It's kind of like if the Crusader SP had a cousin it plays very weird, but it can use some very interesting positions because of that. As much as it's a good tank on paper, I disliked playing it, and very quickly got bored of it. I spent 75k free XP getting to the WT auf E 100. Waffentr├Ąger auf E 100. Haven't played it yet, stay tuned.
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    Just checking it out.

    Yesterday some horribads in tier 10s threw a game on Sigfried. It was amazing. Then I swore I'd TK the next sub-45% baddie I saw. Next game, there was a 43%er with 3-4k battles. I check to make sure he was sentient, and told him to check out the forum.wotlabs.net, i'd help his play, make it more fun, and he said "cool" Then I got artied and rage uninstalled.
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    I see Erwin Rommel all the time.
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    Unhappy with the Current Meta

    This highlights another problem; aggressive players have become a joke. Half of it is because the meta says no, the other half because only bad players haven't figured out the meta. We use words like "lemmings" and "yoloers" to rightfully shame these players while sitting there happy that we can rip these players to shreds because of the overwhelming amount of mechanics that let us do so. Like, take a look at your advice you just gave on how to win games: Get to a forward position and camp there, since anyone who tries to be aggressive against you is at an inherent disadvantage. This stalls all the aggressive players on that flank and allows your team to win elsewhere. Do you not see how this meta might make me unhappy? Camping is easy, it isn't risky, and gives some of the highest rewards possible. Being on the other end of a camp... well, have fun with your uphill battle. I don't expect this kind of camping to change, nor do I think it should. But it has become such a successful playstyle that almost every good player uses to the point of near-reliance.
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    Even though I know this is a cat thread, I haven't had that feel since 7k battle mark just because I lrnd2situational awareness and keep my flanks checked.
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    Aleeshia's Attempts at Awesome!

    Damn! Nerf Aleeshia! She's got BURDY hax!
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    War Thunder Tanks looking good

    Fires. Induction fires. Lots of them. ~realism~
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    This is right up there with every thread Kewei ever makes
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    I think I'm losing it

    nope. are they all arseholes?
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    ziddyxrexxiexselaxjunkersxworstplayer_NA 10/10 would change name
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    Joined in on the stream just as someone said that they had no gag reflex. Was instantly like
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    Sela, Ziddy, and Rexxie: Gay-off

    Kewei( he is the experienced DMG whore) Belial, he can pump round after round, if you know what I mean Winky is kinky. And Hardest, he gets harder then the others. Valachio, he just does it (reroll) the best! Update: Ziddy comments on him not having a gag reflex, and rage-quits the conversation.
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    Just checking it out.

    You're using a Serif font, which is more difficult to read on computer monitors. You're also using its Italic form, which exacerbates that issue. He was perfectly entitled to that suggestion, I agree with him and think the same thing every time someone does this on a forum.
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    My general view is that most tier 10 CW comes down to about 1/3 strat, 1/3 calling, 1/3 players. Tier 6 seems to be mostly down to who gets the better damage rolls from their KV1Ss.
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    Don't tell me having Chuck Norris in my tank (filling all roles, of course) doesn't have a performance benefit!
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    I don't have much time right now but here's a tidbit for you. Part of my solo success has been the realization that there is no downtime while tanking. What I mean by this is that you need to analyze everything at all times. Here's an example: That 30 seconds before a match starts is not just a waiting period for the game to start. It is a time to determine what role you need to fill in order to achieve goals. Team composition, what are your limitations with the tank you brought, etc. Where do you need to go or what do you need to do should always be a constant. Even when sitting back in a sniper role. If your gun hasn't fired in a while or not at all should you really be there?
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    Reset Cap.. "Tactics" ?

    Everything Lad just said would run through my head, other than arty because they are usually too braindead to run from cap before the enemy gets there or shoot them if they did. I always go back to the quickest way that affords me hard cover to be able to poke out and reset them without being completely exposed and dying to their multiple guns. I'll also be pinging the map a few times and "Defend the base!"ing. Honestly I wouldn't want to go to the east side and around where they came in even if I have the time because I know what's behind me but I don't know about any of their allies that are coming up from behind. I could run into an enemy on the way and get tied up by them, losing time and all of the element of surprise. Assuming it did work I'd lose that surprise after the first shot anyways, so big deal.
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    SPG wins Sniper Medal

    Sniper Medal in arty should result in 7-day ban ;-)
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    Since they need the dosh to fund those expensive nature documentaries. At least this beats the CUSTOM SWAMP ROAD DUCK LUMBER MOONSHINE TRUCKERS drek that's filled up 90% of the timeslots in what used to be informative programming. Smithsonian Channel is top tier for not succumbing to this unlike the History and the Discovery networks.
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    Exactly. Heck, I am not fully informed, but I work in a healthcare system, and have studied healthcare economics at some level, partly because my current position demands it. Healthcare delivery is exceedingly complex and expensive. I also feel that it is not amenable to a market-based solution, and people persist in trying to shoehorn a market based system on it
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    Conversations about American politics usually make me really happy I live in New Zealand.
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    Pick a tank, and strive for Server/World #1 in Winrate.
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    Unhappy with the Current Meta

    If WG made light tanks worth playing it would basically be a non-issue. Lights are how you probe an area without getting killed, but lights are currently so crappy and fragile they can't perform that role for the most part.
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    Unhappy with the Current Meta

    Camping has always been the meta. High alpha, map design, spotting mechanics, and so on have always rewarded camping. The only time WG has shifted away from the camping meta was the introduction of the french autoloaders at the same time they put in more mobile, low alpha heavies (notably, the E5 and T-62A) which for a time promoted a more mobile, offensive meta than the past. Then WG introducted t8 clickers, and blasted that to hell. And to be fair, war itself favors camping.
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    Also, a thought. Many individuals have written guides, but I think we would all agree that the collective wisdom of the unica would be greater than any individual writer. What if we had a crowd sourced guide on a given map or tank, wiki style perhaps, where everyone could contribute. We might need some mechanism for quality control or brevity, but this could produce some quality material that wouldn't age quite so fast, or end up redundant. Thoughts?
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    Thanks for the clarification for those of us that did not get it.
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    What is the proper course of action when two sleepy cats attempt to take over one's mouse space?
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    The Funny Thread

    Lived in a Republican district for a while...
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    Words of wisdom thread.

    Always conserve HP at early game, and spend it during mid-late game. Your hitpoints are a resource
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