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    When a sneaky little bastard tank sneaks up behind you.. Noticed how he got repositioned to get his frontal armor facing him... Well played Sir!!!!
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    Oh -------------R------------------ you so funny
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    ANTICAMPER's threads hurt my jsnazz. They make me want to chug some Whisky_A_Go_Go and hope Vladimir gets his revenge on him.
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    Was watching Sela's stream to do the tonks better, dropped in during the usual hardest sux conversations, when on the comms a titled gay-off occurred . They were trying to be the "gayest" with Sela as the ref. However, Rexxie ended up winning with his super buff voice (sarcasm sign). Feel free to have your own gay-offs down below, and get to work on making rexxie like a title belt, but in this case a pink cat fanny pack.
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    Welcome to my Story thread! What follows is 29 pages of Gripping unicorn action. Find out if the Unicorns and Donkeys you know and love can face off against the Three Great Evil's and survive in this gripping tale of betrayal, murder, redemption and mystery! It's 29 pages long so, I'll do my best to break it up for you all. I can also send it in a txt file but that seems boring and this is more fun. The names and personalities of the Unicorns and Donkeys involved does not directly represent their namesakes. Please understand that. Also, forgive my horrible grammar. I'm not an English major. Enjoy! Chapter 1. Chapter 2 Chapter 3. Chapter 4 Chapter 5
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    How to win in this situation?

    Ziddy is OP.
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    Camping is the current meta among the best of the best. This meta predates the camo changes, arty nerf, etc. The game has always favored camping, but since the T10 TD/MT introduction, map additions, accuracy tweak, and recent line releases (Leo, Waifu, 183) it is my opinion that it has jumped off the deep end. The constant reminder that the best tactic is usually the one that involves camping in the right spots at the right time is beyond frustrating. That is not to say that aggressive play is bad or that the meta makes the game unplayable. There are situations where the aggressor will win and the game is very much playable as-is. However, as an example, if one was to look over the top 2000 players this server (NA) houses, I'm willing to bet at least 1500 of those players play with such an incredibly passive/camping oriented playstyle that it'd make you rethink what it takes to be one of them. ...but these players are simply playing smart. I acknowledge and even partake in this playstyle. Despite being a fairly aggressive player in comparison to my peers, I'm much more passive than the grand majority of the playerbase. The rewards for this are great and I can hold comparatively high stats if I play like the meta dictates (as could anyone, mind you...), but should I really turn a blind eye to this? The ones who actually do the work, risk themselves to create opportunities, and act as spearheads to decide games are the ones I think should be rewarded. Not the innumerable amount of "greats" that simply sit back and take advantage of this broken meta WoT's mechanics have presented us. tl;dr STUPID META Q_Q
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    It means pick your battles. Like the M103, your armor is solid against most 8 and low pen/derpy 9/10s. So against an IS-6, smash his face in as he struggles to frontally pen you. Be aggressive and bully him. Against a T-54, don't let him precision fire or hit your sides and the same applies. But when facing an E-75, avoid the frontal fight and use your speed/hull down/fire control. In tier 10 games, likewise, avoid the front line, chip in with support fire and rapid pop out shots. Its a good blend of bully, flexibility, and support and is a very good tank, imo.
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    A note about proper poasting

    This has been a public service announcement.
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    "Realism" usually makes for a pretty terrible game. I mean if it was "realistic" 50% of the time you chose a German tank it wouldn't start, and you'd be limited to about 2/3 of its top speed because otherwise it stripped the gearbox.
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    ZiddyClaws Selabellum RexxieWrecksMe Zidexxiesnusela
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    that tiger 2, last post of it, sums the whole thing up so well. if he posted here I would +1 him as well. so gud.
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    Unhappy with the Current Meta

    Light tanks are the counter to World of TDs, and I think light tanks are still viable - T71, 13 90, 132 all do well. The problem is people are just #xXxYOLOswag420xXx with their light tanks and light tanks are very very unforgiving. I agree that the current meta heavily favours high alpha TDs, but it's possible to defeat that with a knowledgeable scout. My biggest beef right now is all the tiny shitty maps that they're introducing that force CQB, which is a giant fuck you for light tanks. Severegorsk/Tundra, even Northwest all have very defined "lanes" of attack, and no real spots where scouts can actively scout without getting instagibbed by something that can rain laser-guided nuclear bombs on you at 500m. Make maps larger, and with more open spaces, and I think the game would be a lot better off.
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    Just checking it out.

    Stop with the darn font.
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    How is the new German TD line?

    I free XP'd up to tier 6 of the new line, and here's my experience with them: Nashorn. Great penetration, aim time, and accuracy, but lacking alpha damage. Camouflage is decent, but not enough to keep it covered while shooting. Speed? You're a Hummel with a different gun. Sluggish, bad top speed. But it turns good. Decent, but not a keeper. I didn't like it that much. Sturer Emil. Good gun with amazing depression, but only 14 shells. Very poor speed, accelerates worse than a Super Pershing, with an even worse top speed. Shitty camouflage, PLUS it's huge. Horrible gun arc, too. I played it for 20 battles then sold it and free XP'd past it. Rheinmetall-Borsig. GREAT guns, either a 750 MUH ALPHA gun with a ridiculous HEAT round or a 490 alpha gun with amazing rate of fire, aim time, accuracy, and great pen. VERY small profile and an amazing 22% base camo. With 100% camo training, camo net, and external camo paint, you have almost 60% camo in the open, plus 28% camo on the move. Its speed is similar to but worse than the Nashorn. Unimpressive top speed, very slow acceleration. Gun depression is okay but could be better, gun elevation is painful sometimes. A great tank, and a keeper for most, but I don't have any extra crews to put on it, so I had to part with it. Waffenträger auf PzIV. While having the same guns as the Rhm-B when stock, they don't feel like they pull nearly as much weight as they did in tier 8. With the upgraded 128mm, the tank really starts to show its worth. Great penetration, amazing APCR shell, wonderful shell velocity with either shell type. The gun depression when facing the front is HORRIBLE. A whooping 2 degrees ensures you'll be even less depressed than top tier Chinese tanks. The gun elevation, strangely, is great, however. At 45 degrees, you can pull off some very interesting shots with it. However, the gun depression isn't all that bad. When aiming more than 50 degrees to the sides, you get 5 degrees of gun depression, same as the Rhm-B. In return, however, you only get 15 degrees of gun elevation. The acceleration is significantly better than the Rhm-B, and will hold its top speed pretty decently, and accelerate to it in not too long. It's not mobile enough to be considered "fast," however. The turret is rear mounted, which means you should be driving backwards around corners to fire. Because of the gun depression being better when facing your rear, you should also drive backwards over hills. It's kind of like if the Crusader SP had a cousin it plays very weird, but it can use some very interesting positions because of that. As much as it's a good tank on paper, I disliked playing it, and very quickly got bored of it. I spent 75k free XP getting to the WT auf E 100. Waffenträger auf E 100. Haven't played it yet, stay tuned.
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    Just checking it out.

    Yesterday some horribads in tier 10s threw a game on Sigfried. It was amazing. Then I swore I'd TK the next sub-45% baddie I saw. Next game, there was a 43%er with 3-4k battles. I check to make sure he was sentient, and told him to check out the forum.wotlabs.net, i'd help his play, make it more fun, and he said "cool" Then I got artied and rage uninstalled.
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    I see Erwin Rommel all the time.
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    Unhappy with the Current Meta

    This highlights another problem; aggressive players have become a joke. Half of it is because the meta says no, the other half because only bad players haven't figured out the meta. We use words like "lemmings" and "yoloers" to rightfully shame these players while sitting there happy that we can rip these players to shreds because of the overwhelming amount of mechanics that let us do so. Like, take a look at your advice you just gave on how to win games: Get to a forward position and camp there, since anyone who tries to be aggressive against you is at an inherent disadvantage. This stalls all the aggressive players on that flank and allows your team to win elsewhere. Do you not see how this meta might make me unhappy? Camping is easy, it isn't risky, and gives some of the highest rewards possible. Being on the other end of a camp... well, have fun with your uphill battle. I don't expect this kind of camping to change, nor do I think it should. But it has become such a successful playstyle that almost every good player uses to the point of near-reliance.
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    People often ask what they should be doing. The purpose of this "guide" is a list of goals or signposts you should aim to pass as you move up the skill ladder. Obviously, your pace may vary, but this is largely aimed at newish players in the red/yellow skill range who are just moving into tier ~7+ tanks. This is vaguely based on my old guide: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/155903-the-evolution-from-bad-to-garbad/ This isn't a list of skills to learn, but rather, stats or other guideposts to look for to measure your progress. BABY SEAL Just starting off, you know nothing and will be savagely clubbed. But even the most ferocious predator has its infancy. Use yours to learn for the future. - Hit 65%+ of your shots, including reasonable precision hitting moving targets - Average 1 kill per game and your tank's HP in damage in TDs or Heavies - Get at least a 30% survival rating - Identify what role/tanks you prefer/play well - Avoid platooning with 3x reds in stock tanks, this will merely retard your progress - Overall stats should be yellowish, not red (in high tier tanks, low tier often are red by default) - 47% win rate minimum WARM BODY Your time has come, little one! Now you learn to stand and carry your own weight. - Gain at least 1 crew with a full crew (100% + 1 full skill) - Have proper equipment on all high tier tanks (no more using binocs/camo/repair on all tanks to save money) - Hit 70%+ accuracy overall, and more with accurate tanks (german) - Average 1 kill per game and your tank's HP in damage in ALL tanks - Get at least 40% survival rating in heavy tanks, be able to regularly bounce shots from other tanks in tier - Find other players on your skill level to play with and learn from, plus learn to work together - Find someone who also plays tanks you enjoy, and read guides/watch replays/etc to pick up techniques from them - Gain at least some experience in TC and team battles, both to farm, make contacts, and practice for a good clan - Overall stats should be green, win rate should be edging above 52% VETERAN You've learned the basics, now its time to learn to do them well...not just to carry your own weight, but to help others as well. - Gain at least 2 crew with 2.5 skills <-- many clans consider this par for a CW ready tank - Have at least two tier 10s with 2.4k dpg as a medium, 2.7k as a heavy, 3.3k as a TD) and 60%+ win rate - Have at least one tank that's a good credit earner/trainer (doesn't have to be a premium, but usually is) in your focus lines - Average 1.5 kill per game and 1.5x your tank's HP in damage in ALL tanks - Learn when to push and how to attack without dying - Play other classes outside of your specialty from time to time to know your opponents - Learn tactically what matters most, know all the good spots/common tactics/bushes/etc - 65%+ 60 day stats should be common in your platoons - Farm tournaments/CW/TC, get paid - Overall stats should be blue or purpleish, depending on your tier/role/padding preferences - No tank should ever be under 55% again UNICUM In the game of internet tanks you either win or you die; there is no middle ground. No more excuses, no more tomorrows. Do whatever it takes. - Be in the top 1%. - Do it solo to prove you fear nothing. - Alternatively, reroll to erase your learning curve and/or stat pad.
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    War Thunder Tanks looking good

    Fires. Induction fires. Lots of them. ~realism~
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    Free Replay Review service

    Current status: This free service is officially finished for now due to the volume of requests I've been getting taking up too much free time. I am, however, offering enhanced review services at a very small fee to keep volume lower. You can private message me for details. 07/24/2013: Changed title because people are still messaging me for this. I am free on weekends to meet with 1-2 people for about an hour session most weeks. Feel free to PM me about lessons. 07/06/2013: I have found myself with a significant amount of unexpected free time from work this weekend and Monday and would like to fill some of it helping the community. I'm not quite a Crab or a Millard, but I've been helping players with private replay reviews for a while and have a nice system worked out for it. Here is the deal: -Zip up a batch of replays and put them on Mediafire or other online storage. -Have Team Speak 3 up, we'll use PBKAC TS. -We will go over what you thought you were doing and where have been improved. I can teach game mechanics, pre-battle readiness, understanding of the metagame and battle tactics. Note that I don't have much experience in TDs and can only be of limited service to you there. For all you 45-55%ers out there, hit me up Saturday, Sunday and Monday and we'll work out a time to review!.
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    Just upload to: http://www.wotreplays.org/ The chat is extracted and stuck in a tab on the battle summary page.
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    This is right up there with every thread Kewei ever makes
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    I think I'm losing it

    nope. are they all arseholes?
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    Joined in on the stream just as someone said that they had no gag reflex. Was instantly like
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    My general view is that most tier 10 CW comes down to about 1/3 strat, 1/3 calling, 1/3 players. Tier 6 seems to be mostly down to who gets the better damage rolls from their KV1Ss.
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    The E-25 with preferred matchmaking absolutely does not suck, it's extremely fun and by smart mm timing you can rig it to almost always get tier 7 battles. An E-25 is easy carry mode on most maps in tier 7 battles. It's one of the easiest tanks to get good stats in if you understand vision mechanics and how to utilize DPM, but it won't make tons of credits compared to a tier 8. If you use just a modest amount of APCR you can expect 30-50k per match depending on the enemy team's armor.
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    Reset Cap.. "Tactics" ?

    Everything Lad just said would run through my head, other than arty because they are usually too braindead to run from cap before the enemy gets there or shoot them if they did. I always go back to the quickest way that affords me hard cover to be able to poke out and reset them without being completely exposed and dying to their multiple guns. I'll also be pinging the map a few times and "Defend the base!"ing. Honestly I wouldn't want to go to the east side and around where they came in even if I have the time because I know what's behind me but I don't know about any of their allies that are coming up from behind. I could run into an enemy on the way and get tied up by them, losing time and all of the element of surprise. Assuming it did work I'd lose that surprise after the first shot anyways, so big deal.
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    SPG wins Sniper Medal

    Sniper Medal in arty should result in 7-day ban ;-)
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    Since they need the dosh to fund those expensive nature documentaries. At least this beats the CUSTOM SWAMP ROAD DUCK LUMBER MOONSHINE TRUCKERS drek that's filled up 90% of the timeslots in what used to be informative programming. Smithsonian Channel is top tier for not succumbing to this unlike the History and the Discovery networks.
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    Conversations about American politics usually make me really happy I live in New Zealand.
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    Pick a tank, and strive for Server/World #1 in Winrate.
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    Monthly Mission

    step 1. kill 24 tanks and survive 7 battles step 2. play 1 additional random battle step 3: profit seriously read the fucking description
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    Clan wars viable tanks

    HT: T57 E100 IS7 (Cannon Fodder/Rush Strat) MT: Batchat T62A Leo E50M ( I find this to be vastly superior to T110E5 on most maps) TD: T110E3 Obj 268 Foch155 Obj 263(TD Rush Strat) WT100(This is more of a defensive weapon, able to hold a weak flank against enemies of superior number) SPG: 53/55(Best SPG in Game) Conqueror GC(The Anti-Camp)
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    Unhappy with the Current Meta

    Camping has always been the meta. High alpha, map design, spotting mechanics, and so on have always rewarded camping. The only time WG has shifted away from the camping meta was the introduction of the french autoloaders at the same time they put in more mobile, low alpha heavies (notably, the E5 and T-62A) which for a time promoted a more mobile, offensive meta than the past. Then WG introducted t8 clickers, and blasted that to hell. And to be fair, war itself favors camping.
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    Also, a thought. Many individuals have written guides, but I think we would all agree that the collective wisdom of the unica would be greater than any individual writer. What if we had a crowd sourced guide on a given map or tank, wiki style perhaps, where everyone could contribute. We might need some mechanism for quality control or brevity, but this could produce some quality material that wouldn't age quite so fast, or end up redundant. Thoughts?
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    I was told I should crosspost this so I am. It's gonna be a thing I write up every week or so, Halloween one is gonna be pretty good. If it's at all popular I'll see if anyone wants to actually Be a character. Until then it's just whatever I guess! Here ya go. A Tale of Unicorns. (Beginnings.) (The names of the Unicorns in this story are representative of characters in a mockup of World of Tanks and the efforts of Unicums to Educate the masses. This does not reflect the opinions of the Unicorns named.) "They're coming.." "I know.." Eyes. Once beautiful and bright, shining with hope and joy now looked dull and worn. They turned from the beautiful white face infront of them, now dusty and dirty. They both could hear it. The braying and bucking and gnashing of teeth beyond just the woods ahead. The Two Unicorns were tired. They were dirty. They were beaten and battered. Their flanks bleeding and scarred from piercing wounds and glancing strikes. They had taken refuge in the last place they could make their defence. The Magical Forest. It's trees verdant and green, their boughs offering protection from the eyes of the Donkey Horde beyond. The stronger of the two stepped forward. His hooves striking the ground, digging into the earth. He spoke aloud. "We can make a stand here..We can survive, if we do this right..We can lure them in. We can take them one at a time, strike from stealth..We must be quick. We must weave what magic we have left to cloak ourselves in these woods..It's our only hope." Hope dies quickly on the field of battle. The unicorn, as tired as he was, took a mis-step..A twig, a meager little twig. It snapped, and in the sound of cracking wood. Silence reigned. "..No..I..RU--" His words were cut short as the very earth exploded around him. The other unicorn, battered and worn barely had time to move away before it's eyes could look upon it's dear friend. A smoldering crater and broken horn were all that remained. "NO!" The unicorn shouted. It's horn flaring bright. It was too late. The Murovankashire Woods around the unicorn erupted into a nightmare of shattering wood and spraying dirt as Donkey shell after shell pelted the area. When the dust settled the numerous high explosive shells had done their job. The Last Unicorn lay in the dirt. Wounded and crippled. The sound of trees breaking and hooves pounding the earth were the last it heard before the dark overtook it. Hope however. Was not lost. Death did not come for the Unicorn that day. It's eyes opened. To the sounds of battle. The braying of Donkey's and the neighing of Unicorns, the explosive report of Donkey Shells and the crackling explusion of Unicorn Magic. Eyes, blurred and half blind from dirt and tears all that Unicorn could see was the flanks and hooves of it's Comrade..and the hooves of Donkey's marked in green and blue. They had come..They had won the flank. Support..finally had arrived. A dull voice entered it's ears. "I know that voice.." The thought graced the wounded unicorns mind. Louder it called. "The battle is not yet won! They have a hold out at their stronghold! They have not been wounded this entire battle! Get up! GET UP BUN! You can do it!". Millard. It was the Unicorn General Millard..That voice of inspiration and teaching had long been a shining example of insight. One hoof, than the other as the wounded and limping Unicorn rose to it's hooves. "The battle rages..You can't go and die yet." True enough words. The medical herbs at the unicorns flank were quickly consumed and vision was restored. The Unicorn named Bun could see the forest was alive. Donkeys in green and blue tabards rushing beyond the fallen logs and broken earth. The Unicorn Millard moving with them, shouting orders to flank around. There, beyond. On the hill. She saw another. Rising with two of his own escorts. The Unicorn known as Rosh. His proud stance offering confidence to all around him. That was his power. The Aura of Kindness. You see, every Unicorn has a special power to which they impart on their forces..Rosh's was Kindness. A feeling of calm and understanding that steadied the wills of their compatriots. Millard, posessed the Aura of Knowledge. Heightening the senses and tactical awareness of his company. These two could turn the tide. She knew it. Bun, had not yet discovered her Aura. She had only recently acended. She remembered the days when she too, was a donkey draped in green, and then blue..Fond memories that she could not reflect on. There was a battle to win. "I put myself in a terrible position.." She thought to herself. "..I could have..sustained so much less injury had I..I..we wouldn't have lost Scrub.." The Fallen Unicorn, his name had been Scrublet. A fond moniker. "Now is not the time to reflect on that..You will have time when things have calmed to review your choices and learn from them..Come. We must do what we can.." The voice was familar. A Unicorn stepped by her with a smile in his eyes. She knew his name as well. His name was L'one Med'ic. A name from an older time of their kin and naming conventions which were more fanciful back then. Like elves, sort of. The battle was on. Now was not the time to reflect upon ones mistakes. It was time to win. It was with great tenacity and great fervor that the battle was concluded. The holdouts at the Donkey Stronghold were eventually overwhelmed by the Unicorns and their remaining forces. Out-manuvering and out-thinking them. The battle was won. However, not without great cost. The battlefield was littered with dead Donkey and Unicorn alike. As the dust settled and the sun shone through the clouds of smoke and ash one could only reflect on how it all started. Unicorns. They had risen from the Donkey Hordes. Seeking a higher purpose, a better place. They found the way to ascend beyond being a braying and gnashing donkey who's weapons and attitudes were crude and harsh. Unrefined and without grace. They found the crude and rudimentary decisions made on the fields of constant strife to be simply unsustainable. Why did they fight though? For land, for resources. Resources that could be shared, but always they wanted more. Always more. Trampling and destroying everything in their path searching for more and more. This however, is not to say all Unicorns are good. One may discover Ascension and walk a path seperate of teaching, seperate of anything and just exist for ones own good. None the less a Unicorn, but seperate from the fold. Battling for themselves. These were the things reflected upon as the battlefield was surveyed. "We were victorious. Though the cost was great. I fear if this keeps up..we will see more Nightmares rising every day.." Bun said as she walked beside Rosh whom she had sought out after the battle had ended. "If we cannot keep the Donkey's corruptive influence at bay. More may fall to the gnashing hatred.." Rosh came to a slow stop and turned his head towards the battered Unicorn "The Gnashing Hatred can only be avoided by keeping in mind one's own heart. If we succumb to their influence..if we fall to hating them, and spitting at them. If we fall to damning them for what they are instead of trying to elevate them beyond. We end up being their greatest allies. Remember..We, are instrumental in our own rise, and our own downfall..always." Rosh, moved away and Bun followed. The Gnashing Hatred..It was a sickness, a disease. Brought on by hatred of what one used to be. A Donkey. A Unicorn whom has ascended, turns on the very thing they used to be. Berating and spitting at them. Teaching them only through hatred. They fall. Their pelts darken, and they become Nightmares. Feeding the Hatred of Unicorns that Donkey's share. They become the very instrument that keeps a Donkey..a Donkey. They feed on them. Mercilessly. Only through Hope can a Nightmare be redeemed. Hope that Donkey's will ascend. Pulling the Nightmare from the pits of it's hatred..If possible. "I was almost a nightmare.." She whispered, as she walked beside Rosh. Her eyes on the ground and her mane draped over her neck as she limped along. "When you first found me, I was a Donkey. You showed me that Unicorns could be kind, you showed me that they could be approached, they could be learned from..and I ascended." She said, raising her head and exhaling in the cold morning air. "But that wasn't enough. As time went on, and I was in combat..I almost fell..I could Feel myself hating them, dispising their very existance like they were some kind of plague..It was only..Seeing..a nightmare..that I knew I could never become one..and I thought of you Rosh. You who is among us the brightest shining." Rosh laughed, and trotted away just a bit and continued onward towards the Unicorn Stronghold of Wotlabandia. A shining fortress of knowledge and truth in the distant hills. "Well Bun! I suppose than you'll just have to keep your head up!" It was good advice. Always keep your head up. Never let your eyes fall. Bun watched as he left. The Fortress of Wotlabandia. It was a bastion of knowledge and wisdom. But ever closer did the Donkey Hordes come to their gates. Gates that were not locked. All were welcome to come and learn. If they chose to do so.. End of Pt 1. I'd like to write these once every week. This is kind of a test run so it's a little short and written sparingly. I didn't want to over work it if It's gonna crash and burn. Think of it as a pilot episode. If it's at all enjoyed I'll write more rediculous fantasyized versions of battles and Unicum players who want to impart anything into the tale if they wish. If it's unpopular I'll slink off and never do something so silly as this again! Part Two: The Rise of The Snazz and the Fall of Rationality. (A Unicorns Justice.)
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    Thanks for the clarification for those of us that did not get it.
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    What is the proper course of action when two sleepy cats attempt to take over one's mouse space?
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    The Funny Thread

    Lived in a Republican district for a while...
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    Words of wisdom thread.

    I always make a point of destroying the cover on our cap before heading out.
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