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    Lessons from History #12: Midway

    In the first six months of the Pacific War, the Japanese had been successful beyond their wildest expectations. They'd taken an enormous swath of territory, including the Dutch East Indies, the Philippines, Burma, Singapore and Guam. However, that very success led them to a rather difficult strategic dilemma. What should they do next? They were already stretched logistically (and a chronic shortage of transport hulls meant there was little chance of improvement.) They were making some moves to threaten the supply line to Australia, but there still remained one formidable obstacle. While the attack on Pearl Harbor had done major damage to the United States Fleet, it was far from a knockout blow. Between transfers from the Atlantic Fleet and repairs to some of the ships damaged at Pearl, Task Force One was already forming on the US West Coast, giving the Pacific Fleet a viable Line of Battle. More seriously, the attack on Pearl hadn't touched the American aircraft carriers. A submarine had damaged the Saratoga, but the US still had a viable and dangerous carrier force. This danger was highlighted by raids on Wake Island, the Marshall Islands, and most dramatically, the Doolittle Raid. Thus, the Japanese decided that the next goal would be an attempt to bring the Pacific Fleet to battle, to solidify their advantage in the Pacific. They decided to attack the small atoll of Midway to lure the Americans to their doom. However, unknown to the Japanese, the United States had cracked their primary naval code. While the US ability to read that code was limited, they did receive enough information to realize that the Japanese intended to attack Midway. As such, they prepared all their available forces for the battle. First, was Task Force 16, which was centered around the carriers Enterprise and Hornet. Then, Task Force 17 was based around the Yorktown, which was being rapidly repaired from damage taken in the Battle of the Coral Sea. In all, the US had 3 Carriers and 8 cruisers. Against this, the Japanese were bringing a seemingly overwhelming force. First of all, they had their own carrier force, consisting of the Akagi, Kaga, Hiryu and Soryu. That force was escorted by two battlecruisers, two cruisers and some destroyers. There was also the Invasion Force, which was guarded by two battlecruisers and four cruisers. Then, there was a free division of four cruisers which operated independently. Finally, Admiral Yamamoto himself was following a couple of days behind with three battleships, including the Yamato. On paper, this was an absolutely overwhelming force. The Japanese plan was to have their carriers launch an attack on the island on the morning of June 4. That attack would allow the invasion force to storm and capture the island, giving the Japanese plenty of time to prepare for the American fleet to sail to Midway from Pearl (around 1200 miles.) The overall story of the battle is well known. The American carriers were not at Pearl, but instead were lurking to the northeast of Midway. The Japanese attacked the island, but the alert island air group was able to launch strikes against the Japanese. While the land-based aircraft did not score any hits, they kept the Japanese busy until the American carriers were able to attack the Japanese. The first US carrier strike left three Japanese carriers burning. The Japanese were able to counterattack and cripple the Yorktown (which would be finished off by a sub a few days later) but by the end of the day, the last Japanese carrier was tracked down and destroyed. Now, it would be easy to ask what any of this has to do with World of Tanks. Maybe I should save a writeup for WoBS (though there are better ones there already). However, Midway is a battle which is an excellent illustration of some vital concepts which are very important in WoT. Before I get into those concepts, I will digress a bit. When I was growing up, many of the books on Midway had titles like “Impossible Victory” or “Miracle at Midway.” Those titles are actually rather overstated for various reasons. The first and most important is that naval warfare was rapidly changing. Yes, the Japanese were bringing a huge force to Midway, but most of that advantage was surface ships. If Midway had ever become a surface engagement, the US was in deep trouble. However, the numbers of carriers were actually much more even. The Japanese had four fleet carriers. The US had three, and a good sized airgroup on Midway. Now, the units on Midway were of dubious quality (some obsolete aircraft, some pretty green pilots.) However, those Midway based units did include a number of PBY Catalina flying boats, which I'll come back to later. If you add up all the aircraft, the US actually had a few more, though the Japanese had a bit of an edge in aircraft quality and pilot training. Further, at that point in the war, aircraft carriers were pretty much like boxers who have a great punch but a glass jaw. They were easily taken out of the fight (a single bomb on the flight deck could prevent airops). Neither side had fully developed a doctrine on how to defend carriers (though the US was considerably ahead on multiple counts.) As such, at that time, the first rule of carrier warfare was “get the first good hit.” With that in mind, the US forces were quite capable of winning the battle, if they managed to get that first blow. The lessons that we can learn from Midway have to do with how the Americans managed to land that first blow. First of all, the Japanese came into the battle with a number of expectations. They had a “script” that they expected the US forces to follow. The Japanese would attack, take the island, and be waiting on the Americans to waltz into their lap. Of course, that is not how things went. The fact that the Americans knew the attack was coming allowed them to go “off-script” and be ready and waiting on the Japanese. In WoT, this can be a problem as well, especially when we are on well known maps. We can come into the battle with ideas of “I'll go here, and do this, and the enemy will do that, and I'll be ready for them.” Often times, those ideas can work exceedingly well. However, if the enemy goes off-script, we can get caught in real trouble. An enemy scout may put himself into a spot which really isn't very good, except that it does manage to light up your own cunning maneuvers, allowing you to get shot up. It's always necessary to not only anticipate the most likely flow of the battle, but also be ready to adapt if things get wierd. Second, Midway was a battle all about the “information war.” At nearly every level in the battle, the US had superior information. This happened for a few reasons. Obviously, that started with the American ability to read the Japanese naval codes. However, it didn't stop there. Remember those PBY at Midway I mentioned before? Those were by far the best search aircraft in the battle, and they were well used. While there were a few odd bits and errors in how those aircraft communicated back to base (“main body”), they proved to be a major advantage. This was especially true when you look at what the Japanese did. They counted on the seaplanes from their escort ships as their primary airborne search units. Rather famously, one of those aircraft was badly delayed by mechanical difficulties, and it was the aircraft which had the sector which was most likely to turn up the US ships. The Japanese lack of information was one of the major causes of some of the questionable decisions which led to their defeat. “Knowledge is power.” This is true in WoT just as it was true in Midway. Every scrap of information is important and potentially decisive. Many may say that the great arty nerf has “gutted” scouting, but frankly, scouting is still vital. The more information you have about the enemy, the better. Further, you don't only want to “get” that information, but you need to pay attention to it. Expand your minimap, and keep a close eye on it in the battle. Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of what information you have, and perhaps more importantly what information you do not have. Finally, there is one last aspect of Midway I consider endlessly fascinating. More than most other battles I can think of, you can make a very good argument that the battle was won by a single decision of a single midgrade officer. That man was Commander Wade McCluskey. It's a bit of an odd story really, and (again) starts with the US breaking of the Japanese code. The US was not only able to send the carriers to Midway, but they also had time to send a number of Submarines. One of those submarines was the Nautilus. Earlier in the day, it had spotted the Japanese carriers, but was in turn spotted by the Japanese. They detached the destroyer Arashi to attack it. While the Arashi wasn't able to damage the submarine, it did achieve its first goal of keeping it submerged until the Japanese fleet was able to pass safely. With that task done, the destroyer headed off at high speed to rejoin the carriers. In the meantime, the US strike from TF 16 was actually something of a disaster. One of the difficulties in launching an airstrike is the time factor. Even if you have a location for a fleet, you still have to guesstimate where that fleet will be by the time your own planes are able to launch, form up and head for the target. In short, the TF 16 staff botched that job entirely, and the strike went off in the wrong direction. The Hornet's torpedo squadron disobeyed orders, went where its leader thought the Japanese would be, and was slaughtered. The Hornet's dive bombers went off and found nothing but open water. Eventually, they had to return to base for lack of fuel. (In fact, many went to Midway, and others ended up ditching for lack of fuel.) The Enterprise strike was also finding nothing but empty water. McCluskey, the commander of the strike, was nearly ready to turn back home when one of his men spotted the Arashi. McCluskey gambled that the DD was trying to return to the carriers, and headed off in the direction the ship was pointing. Sure enough, he found the carriers, and his dive bombers were able to cripple 2 Japanese carriers. (At the same time, a strike from Yorktown hit the third carrier.) I've examined the consequences of that decisions over on a WoBS thread, but suffice it to say, that was a game-changer. If his strike had returned to the Enterprise without taking out two carriers, the Japanese would have been in position to launch 2 strikes from 3 carriers, before the US could rearm and respond. It could have gotten very ugly. The lesson there? Yes, one person at the right time, and in the right place absolutely can make a difference. That single decision altered the course of the Pacific War. While Japan was pretty much doomed from day one, the decision did affect how it would play out, how many lives would be lost, and a host of other things. So, in Midway, we see the importance of remembering that the enemy may want to go “off script” that information is always king, and that yes, one person (or tank) can make a difference.
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    Bun's Holiday Giveaway!

    Bun's Holiday Game Giveaway! (Tank Harder.) Hey everybunny! It's your Tank Bun here again to spread a little holiday cheer! I'm fortunate enough to be in a position to give something back. Why I've chosen you ungrateful jerks? I'll never know. But, I'm doing it. Anyway! I'm going to be giving away a newegg code sheet that will give you access to up to THREE games! They are... Assassins Creed Black Flag bundled with Splinter Cell Black List and Batman: Arkham Origins. Both titles are for the PC and are redeemable with the code I will send each winner on Christmas Day 2013. "But Bun!? How can we win such fantastic prizes and amazing holiday lewts?!" Well, that my little tankers and tanketts is simple. You have to Tank Really Really Really Really *Inhales* reallyreallyreallyreallyreally Hard. Grand Prize: Pools Medal. The top prize is the Assassins Creed/Splinter Cell code retailing in at 109.99. How do you win this one? Well. Simple. Starting December 1st you will begin playing hard. You will fight, you will brawl, you will do your very best. The coolest replay I get containing you getting a *POOLS MEDAL* Tier 8+ will win the code for BOTH GAMES! Sound hard? Good. It should be. Grand Prize: Radley Walters. Getting the coolest Radley Walters in a tier 8+ game will win you Batman Arkham Origins! Redeemed the same way via the code I will send via email to the winner on Christmas Day. Still not so easy, but well worth the reward. The Rules: 1. Tier 8+ NON PREMIUM TANKS ONLY! 2. You must do this ON YOUR OWN! No platooning. Only the most deserving of mighty warriors may earn Bun's prizes. 3. All replays must be paired with after battle report screenshots of both team screen and the victory page. 4. Medals must be earned on a VICTORY ONLY! No losing and getting rewarded boys and girls. 5. ALL REPLAYS/SCREENSHOTS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY DECEMBER 20th. No admissions later than this date will be considered. 6. You must start every match considered for play with "Have a hoppy holiday everybunny!" Isn't over 150 dollars in games worth a Little humiliation? All replays/screenshots are to be emailed to Anarmyofbun@gmail.com with the header of CONTEST: Tier, tank type, name of player, and medal earned. Any improperly formatted emails will be ignored. Welp! That's it! Hope you guys enjoy. Happy Holidays. Oh! I'm giving you a head notice of a week because I want everyone to have time to read it. If I have to edit the post in any way I will fully explain the edit.
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    A few quick and dirty rules: 1. Remember that view range is 445m in a circle, but draw range is 500m in a straight line (and up to 707 diagonally). Thus, if you are trying to engage a target directly in front of you, you will only have ~55m to work with. From the diagonal angles, you can get much more margin of safety. This is one reason why the center of the map usually gives so many more lines of fire. 2. For a typical tank (400 view range), you can get 445m view range using optics and BIA. However, that's not really enough, as even fat heavies get a little camo bonus, trimming down your spotting range some. Typically running BIA, optics, and both view range skills at a decent level is enough to spot most heavies, mediums, and most TDs at max range when they fire. This is the sweet spot. 3. Spotting beyond ~470 is not worth the sacrifices on most tanks. Leave that to the scouts/fattons. Its largely a futile effort anyhow, as spotting a tank in a bush is very difficult to do. Your primary goal is lighting tanks as they fire/move, not as they camp. For that, ~470 is plenty. 4. Be aware of the ballistic properties of your tank at long range. Factors that don't matter much at close range become important at 500+ meter snipes. First, shell velocity is a key stat in BVR engagements. Leading targets can be difficult, plus due to shell drop the angle of impact becomes much more steep (almost like plunging fire) allowing your shots to penetrate areas like the upper glacis much more than you may think...or shoot targets hiding behind rocks, clicker style. Second, penetration loss can be a major factor depending on the gun. Consider HEAT on mediums in particular. Some guns also have a max range beyond which they will not hit. 5. Annnnnnd I got lazy. Too lazy to type any more.
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    Finally broke the 1100 WN7 overall barrier .. tough to do with 17K battles ... on to 1200 and 51% WR WOTLABS and the people and info here has helped immensely TYVM
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    Hit rate - overrated stat?

    If you're good it is among the most useless of stats. It doesn't really matter how much you're hitting if you're getting the same results. If you're bad it can help explain why.
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    Top 10 WN8 vehicles

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    Well, today I got to my goal of 50% WR and over 1000 Wn7 in 60 day. I was at 48 WR and 700 Wn7 a few weeks ago... My play is getting much better. Thanks to this forum. I guess now my goal is to become green in 60 day.
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    Fixing a Bunch of Stuff

    Fixing stuff, website might become kinda wonky for the next few hours. Edit: All issues I've found have been ironed out: - Fixed implementation issues with the 2.0 API. - Fixed 24 hour stats not showing.
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    When a sneaky little bastard tank sneaks up behind you.. Noticed how he got repositioned to get his frontal armor facing him... Well played Sir!!!!
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    Proof of unicum hacks

    He learned the binocs and camo net idea from that IOC video.
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    Don't we have enough of these threads on the official forum?
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    Ollie Tabooger


    Try BURDY maybe?
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    Low, unintelligent, WoTLabs-unworthy.
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    I have been thinking about this for a while now... I wish there was a map creation/editor out there the playerbase could use to come up with their own maps. I played a different game where we had a terrain editor and all the best maps were player made. I don't know if anyone on this forum has done any game design work, and could make this a reality... I really think if people started making the maps the good ones would make it into the game because of popular demand. Somebody makes a beauty and it gets posted all over the forums and I garuntee it will get implemented if enough people huff and puff. What say you? Anyone out there with the skill to make a map creator happen?
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    The Post Death Chat Rage Thread

    We don't have to worry about naming and shaming here, so those angry young men can get the attention they so crave. Here's an individual who knows how the game should be played and is kind enough to share his wisdom for my betterment: First, my toonie du jour warms him up... 05:44 [E3] jodgi[FGUK] (Obj. 416) dealt 308 damage to [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) . . . 04:51 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : why you don't came face to face object? 04:46 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : afraid? 04:38 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : you came out to tyake the kills? 04:29 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : too bad for your stats 04:28 [--] Mrleon33[sEHIT] (Löwe) : are u funny ıs 3 04:26 [D4] Gruminmor (Leopard PT A) : makes sense 04:23 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : ok ok 04:08 [--] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : morons like you thousands 03:41 [--] Gruminmor (Leopard PT A) : doh 03:37 [--] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : pathetic idiot 03:33 [--] Gruminmor (Leopard PT A) : you mad bro? After the match is ended it's time for full retard...
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    you would know wouldnt' you?
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    Allurai stole the G600's and fled to Mexico.
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    T28 Prototype.

    T28 Prototype, Fisherman's Bay, Standard [link] T28 Prototype, Siegfried Line, Standard [link] T28 Prototype, Murovanka, Standard [link] T28 Prototype, Fjords, Standard [link] T28 Prototype, Port, Standard [link] T28 Prototype, Mountain Pass, Standard [link] T28 Prototype, Arctic Region, Standard [link] T28 Prototype, Tundra, Standard [link] T28 Prototype, Karelia, Standard [link] T28 Prototype, Arctic Region, Standard [link] Currently my crew has Sixth+Camo on all, as well as 68% Mentor, Snap Shot, Off Road, Situational Awareness, and Adrenaline Rush. This tank obviously requires a different playstyle as the previous tanks, so what should I change these too/should I change them at all? Mostly personal preference. I'm running Camo+Binocs while I try to figure out what equipment I need. What should I be using in this? Rammer, GLD, Optics. Lastly, what should I be aiming to do in each battle? Works best when pushing or holding.
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    no1 rerolls then improves their 60d 500 points higher than their overall. That's not how rerolls reroll.
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    Which tier 10 med to get?

    Panther II and the Indien Panzer aren't as bad as many may think. Panther II just got a HP buff (1500 lol) and a gun dep buff in the recent patch along with increased ROF and aim time for the 88. Armour is still garbage, but on occasion it will still bounce one or two incoming shells. Camo and HP/ton I have nothing glorious to say about........ both are pretty much horribad, prepare to get raped when going uphill. Indien Panzer is a hidden gem that many players including most purples have shunned because of the poor gun control that the 90mm has. Gun depression on par with the Pershing, 212 pen AP ammo being dirt cheap (~300 creds), troll gun mantlet, shell eating tracks + 90mm side hull armour (sidescrape trolling). This tank has the best DPM out of all the T8 meds bar the Panther II. Clocking a 8 RPM gun for 240 damage (~6.3-6.5 second reload) while the Panther II has a 8.22 RPM with the Pershing lagging behind at 7.32 RPM. Mobility and gun handling is decent, having driven the T69, I would say that these two vehicles are similar enough in both aspects for comparison, T69 also has a horrid aim time along with similar HP/ton and terrain resistance. Basically think of this tank as a non-autoloader T69 with a fantastic AP round for pubs and APCR instead of HEAT on the T69. Secret of this tank is to use it as 2nd line support, shooting on the move is viable because of the dirt cheap ammo and fast reload even though on the move accuracy is horribad. Shoot as you aim, by the time you are aimed in, the second shell would have reloaded. Half Aimed shots is what this tank is all about, only fully aim if you know that you can negate return fire That's the trick that most people miss and think that the tank's glacial aim time is crippling, if you shoot carelessly and hit, it's a bonus, if it misses, who cares, your second shot will be loaded once your done aiming. Many people don't do this in the T69 because it's a clipper, meaning that most shots if not all must hit and penetrate the target for the clip function to be effective compared to a standard one shot tank. Risking one missing shot is not a good idea, however on the Indien Panzer, there is no worries as there is no clip reload and shot after shot can be pumped out in quick succession with the ammo being dirt cheap compared to T69 HEAT. E-50 stock isn't as bad it it was before back in the day. Gold ammo is available nowadays and the hull is actually useable as a pseudo heavy. I ground out the E-50 back in the day when there was no prem ammo for creds and I didn't even know what free exp was. Forever my worst tank at T9 in terms of stats, man I was scrub back then. The PTA is actually a Light Tank version of the Centurion 7/1 imo. A WZ-132 at T9 with a T10 gun and a horrid reload. But the Leo PTA does have a working HEAT round where the Cent is stuck with shitty HESH. Speed is on par with Lights, mobility and camo are your best friends. Not a bad tank, but not as broken as the T-54. The 13 75 is actually better than the 13 90 for it's tier, just load up all gold clips and you'll be fine. The 40t just recently got a gun dep buff and a slight HP buff, I imagine it to be still a painful grind, but it's definitely better than it was when I grinded mine.
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    WoWP Release Impressions

    There's are video guides like the ones from RBS's site and WOWP's: There's some gameplay video, you should check out like Shwedor's thread here: http://forum.worldofwarplanes.com/index.php?/topic/21090-shwedors-gameplay-videos/ Is it true that Shwedor only plays on the keyboard?
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    ⟪WN8⟫ Development / Resources

    A Wiki is the easiest way for saving informations which are modified by multiple persons Yes, the number of battles is one reason. While wotlabs and noobmeter are pulling the data once a day (?) from the API, vBAddict get's its data directly from the game via ADU. Second reason is vBAddict is using a WN8 WR50 formula for single battes, making the "Progress based on Battle Results" not comparable. The other reason is round-off errors. Same data source can produce other results just by cutting the numbers at for example the 5th decimal or after the first decimal. As for vBAddict, I'm rounding after the 3rd decimal. Someone should include that into the FAQ...
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    Hit rate - overrated stat?

    Hitrate as a stat doesn't mean much because it doesn't tell you why the shots that missed missed. They might be missing because you're taking low margin shots when there aren't any better ones available, but when good shots are available you're taking them and making them count, or they might be missing because you're a tomato running a 50% crew who uses autoaim for everything and never lets the aim circle close and so can't hit the side of a Maus sitting in an open field. And we've all seen them in action.
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    Ive always thought this is common logic...
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    If you are in a crunch I wouldn't bother with the IS3 yet, if you have the t32. The IS3 is better suited to a brawl, where the T32 depends more on terrain to abuse the hull. If you have the choice of map they actually will complement each other (hilly maps t32 has an edge, city/flat maps the is3 has the edge). The difference isn't enough to matter unless you are really trying to get the last elements perfected; there are probably a lot of better things to focus on (including having more variety rather than just heavies). Note that this doesn't take into account people being picky about what tanks they search for, but I'm guessing you aren't going to be looking for random pubs. If you know the commander I don't think the T32 vs IS3 will be too big of an issue.
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    How to deal with team damagers: 1. Run into cap circle, doesn't matter which one. 2. Let him shoot you. 3. He turns blue instantly. 4. Team kills him for being blue. 5 Profit?
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    This is right up there with every thread Kewei ever makes
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    Oh -------------R------------------ you so funny
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    Sela, Ziddy, and Rexxie: Gay-off

    couldn't think of anyone and someone has to be on bottom
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    I wonder if their panther will be the subject of jokes like ours >_<
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    I see Erwin Rommel all the time.
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    Clan Wars + Artillery

    All are good but conquerorGC is best for ultra splash arc+mobility. M53/m55 is also good@tier9 Also please realize your clan doesn't look good all too much and should probably start in greenland.♋ Edit: the main goal of arty is literally to be able to break through enemy lines, so that as long as you keep em lit if outnumbered by heavies with flex not being able to support, arty can get ready to fire quickly and devastatingly. This is just example.
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    Victory!, Waffenträger auf E 100, ???map_43_north_america???, 11/18/13 1:09 PM: 2,236 nXP, 10,385 dmg No need for an explanation really, but the ending of the replay is rather funny...
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    Jacg's light tank escapades!

    The one thing I can say is "don't get shot." This may seem absurdly obvious to the point of trolling, but consider the following: the strengths of your tank have been shit upon by the combination of MM and the map; you can only influence the match if you are alive; and quite often, a match can be won if it is down to the last few tanks and your team still has a LT alive. With that in mind, I'd suggest focusing on staying alive with very low-risk spotting and shooting. When both teams have worn each other down to the point where you can start having an impact without instantly exploding, your time to shine has come. As always, beware the retarded camping TD who has not been lit nor taken a shot the entire fucking game and has just been camping in the back of the enemy base waiting for a light tank to come. These idiots exist in every match for the sole purpose of ruining your otherwise fun game.
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    War Thunder Tanks looking good

    "We have no imagination, nor care for immersion, so you only have two choices: Blindly accept non-reality at plain face value or have reality forced upon you in the most harsh way." Every time Serb says something, it just reeks of a man with zero imagination or creativity. I pity him, all that money and he lacks two of the most beautiful and cherishing gifts in the world.
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    I've gotten spartan medals because of baiting shots. It's not my fault if people take it. You have to bait shots on low HP because if you don't, you can't return fire without being killed before you can aim while sidescraping. It's the entire point of sidescraping is to bait shots so you can return fire unhindered. The trick is to get people to think they won't bounce, and then make them bounce. You can activly swat shells away with an e100 using this tactic. Turn your tank as you know they're going to fire, so the angle their shell hits after they already fired it, is a bounce. I've done it numerous times to great effect. It works wonders with the e100 turret. You're basically mad this competition rewards thinking and a little risk taking when I would presume you simply don't take the risks. When you can deal with the fact you're going to be retaliated against, and make that work to your advantage? Then you'll know exactly why it matters.
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    I'm assuming the fingerpaint marks on the front are from you bursting through a classroom window to drop your kid off on time and running over some other child in the process you bastard
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    Why are you both so fabulous?
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    The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

    old photo is old. Last years Halloween I go trick-or-treating, don't judge
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    The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

    +50 years.
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    Pictures you say? Sure, why not. First up, myself playing the tuba. Second up, myself doing things at an event for my college radio station (#SHAMELESSPLUGUNIVERSITYRADIOHILO): Third up, myself at my usual friday night locale: tournament organizing for my friendly local gaming shop. #magicjudge4lyfe Greetings from Hawaii!
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    The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

    Just chillin'
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    Its second best tier 7 med. Its slower than cromwell but has better turret armor and gun depression.
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