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    Pubbies IRL

    Saw this on reddit. Had to repost here. BTW, I do have the utmost respect for members of our armed forces. God bless and thanks.
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    you're playing 2.3k games every 2 months, which is like 38 games a day lol
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    Today, begins a new age of padding.

    People often ask me what it means to be an American. I tell 'em it's triumph. Triumph. Triumph when we nuke our enemies. Triumph when when peer down from the moon and laugh heartily at Russia. Triumph when we depose one dictator after another. Triumph when we break into the homes of terrorist kingpins on the other side of Earth and shoot them in the face. Triumph when we use flying robots to bomb other terrorists in Afghanistan, and other nuclear robots to explore Mars. Triumph when we free Europe from Nazis. Triumph. Triumph. Triumph. But it's not just the the big things, see? It's the way I can set up lawn chairs at my friends house on the Texas Rio Grande and share a toast to freedom while watching Mexicans charge into gunfire to enter my country. It's the way an Italian cabbie sits up straight and floors the gas when he hears my accent. It's seeing the wide eyes and bead of sweat running down the forehead of a German customs agent when he opens my passport. It's the way a French waiter hangs his head when I refuse the wine and ask for Coke instead, in English knowing full well he understands me (and that they have it). The way an Aussie blushes and leans into the urinal next to me in the bathroom, or the scowl that meets my smirk when I tip an English waiter in US dollars covered with Washington's face. The way small mobs of Canadian school children follow me from a distance to see what a free man looks like, or how heads timidly rise and women gather when my accent stops the music in the clubs of Amsterdam. Triumph. Every bit of it, triumph. That's what it means to be an American. /scoreboard you pussified eurofags
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    I needs friends

    Platoon chat very important for communications. "Asassian7[DOGE] (T-44); Ok i'm heading to the ridge across the valley, hopefully getting lights for you to snipe and then looking to pressure their open flanks." "PityFool[TLR] (ISU-152): RGR RGR DANGER CLOSE"
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    Skill based MM, why not?

    Ok, time to give this post the time and consideration it deserves: I can't recall anything you said in that piece that addresses my issue - the failure of winrate as a metric of skill in a winrate-balancing environment - because that is one of your core definitions/assumptions that you make and base your whole argument around. Your conclusion at the end to say that skill-based matchmaking will not work is to say that it doesn't work for your skill metric of winrate, but that does not rule out the possibility of using other metrics or other systems, such as ELO. I'm trying very hard to remain civil here. Please pardon me if the facade cracks at some point. I must, however, make a very stern point: You insisted that I did not address the issue of win rate's weakness as a skill metric, when I clearly did. Moving on. You can throw me into a match in any fashion you like. As much as you do it, you can not force me to do damage, get kills, cap, defend, spot, take damage, move, survive, die, or do anything. I can not be forced into any set of behavior. No system you place on me will force any of my stats apart from my winrate towards any point. Even on the productive side of things, it won't approach a mean. Games are not all cases where bads fight bads and goods fight goods and everyone comes away even. Goods exploit bads and bads get exploited by goods, and then goods and lucky bads duke it out for the end. Bads are still going to make bad decisions and be bad. Goods are still going to make good decisions and be goods. What do two opposing goods do when they see each other on the field? They back off and deal with the bads first before taking down the good with their own bads, and if there aren't any bads left, it definitely wasn't because the goods didn't do anything good. What? They back off and deal with the bads? You had better believe I will take advantage of ANY opportunity to eliminate skillful enemies as soon as possible. I don't trust my bads to kill the enemy bads, let alone help me kill enemy goods. Furthermore, I tend to win by securing strong positions which grant map and vision control. To win those positions, I'm generally not fighting bads... Where is the assumption coming from that skill metrics all have to be based on stats? What about ELO? Therein lies a system where winrates can approach a mean, but only after a player has raised or lowered themselves to the level of play where they are evenly matched, at which point the ELO score may be far from any sort of mean.
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    Need a build-on-a-budget rig

    Never nailed the price/performance ratio. Just buy that. Folter, you are right, but you still act like a dick. Just tone it down a little.
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    Is SPrem Out of Control?

    I fail to see how armor is "useless" to be honest, E100 is still one of the best tier 10 carries in game i wouldn't form awinrate farm platoon without one, despite its abysmally bad offensive power. Maus is a bit extreme, but it sucked even before Sprem. E50M's armor is effective up to a degree, which is more than enough considering its dexterity. IS6/IS3/KT all has sufficient armor in pubs to make a difference E75 is still one of the best tier 9 The fact of the matter is, its not premium rounds that made tanks like Kv4 or Maus shit, the tank itself is shit to begin with. On the contrary, the introduction of Sprem has greatly eased up the usage of gold for free exp as now people can use stock gun with APCR to compensate for the lack of offensive power, not to mention making match making much easier to stand for lower tiers.
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    Florb, you don't really have any idea how programming works. Redirecting those resources is simply not as easy as you think. If programming were easy then more people would do it. As it is there are too many useless morons churning out code. Trust me, I've had to clean up their messes on more than one occasion...
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    Man do you guys wobble with glee when the pubbies rage against your awesome statpadding?
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    He was. The message came through Diastant.
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    We can make assumptions about that, but the main topic of debate here is that NA server has it harder when it comes to padding because of a significantly higher unicum as percentage of population compared to EU and RU. Players here are utter-crap, but the crap players don't matter when it comes to padding, bad is bad regardless of any server - the only thing that typically stands in your way of padding is another good player, either on your team stealing your damage/kills or on the other team, preventing you from killing/damaging.
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    I play for fun too. Winning is fun.
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    Sr360 I challenge thee...

    I also would like to stake a claim to the crown. Rules: -20 game stretch -At least half of them have to be under 1800 WN8 to be considered potatoes -Whoever has the highest WN8 at the end is the winner Prize: Exclusive unitato tags in ts.
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    Need a build-on-a-budget rig

    Folter who gives a shit seriously? Just walk away at this point. We all know you stance on misinformation in this topic.
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    Motorized Vehicle Porn Thread

    I get the same shit whenever i talk about re powering my 98 Ranger, i love the truck (not the gas mileage) and the fact that its given me and my family just over 200k miles without a hiccup... If you love it fix it. Also doesn't hurt that i have the exact same 4L OHV sitting in a burned out Explorer in my backyard. I don't plan on riding this one nearly as hard.
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    Rex and Ziddy when no one is around: PetCo clan dominance: When Rex tries to play tanks (Ziddy split into 3!): Ziddy's best sport: Rex and Ziddy when people platoon with them:
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    T44 > T54

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    Kittikat...I need your help...

    This thread evokes a complex series of emotions not easily conveyed with just one reaction .gif.
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    Skill based MM, why not?

    You realise were talking about the same MM that in it's current state can't even balance vehicle TYPES right? 1 team with 12 TD's and the other with none. Now you want this shoddy peice of coding to do something as complicated as that? Good. Luck. With. That.
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    Skill based MM, why not?

    Neat, so in a skill based MM, the same 100 unicums and 100 blue guys can just fight each other over and over while all the other 34,000 red and orange guys can just drool on each other. Cool idea bro.
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    Stats are great and all but this thread is seriously making me wonder if most of you purple guys sit around smelling your own farts all day and bragging about how awesome they are. This is why purples aren't allowed in my loser crew.
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    Need a build-on-a-budget rig

    Take a step back and contemplate what got you two to start bitch slapping each other: AMD CPUs.
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    Do we live on the same planet? I play on NA and every fucking night it's like I'm playing with a bunch of lobotomized retards. Literally every game has 25 out of the 30 players blood red and the other 5 usually not much better. As a blue guy when ever I see another blue guy or purple guy int the match I feel like I found another survivor in a city full of retarded zombies. The people who play this game are easily the dumbest people I've ever seen in any game ever. I find myself quite often concerned for their well being as people who play that horrifically, cluelessly, braindeaded-ly, must surely have problems IRL finding food, shelter and clothing. I pretty much universally hate everyone who plays this game. In the spirit of full disclosure, if I had the magical ability to teleport all wot players into a single large building, I would most certainly chain the doors shut and light the building on fire.
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    Finished! The x2 for wins and x5 weekends made this stupidly easy. I put in a little more volume than normal, but that's because I was enjoying myself.
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    Is SPrem Out of Control?

    Echolon - are you really that narrow minded or just trolling around here? Before noobammo for credits I could dominate regardless of what type of tank I chose, beside some total fail tanks like JPIV, be it in a med, a hvy or a TD, if my skill level was high enough. Now days its just about who has more gold spamming platoon friends in his team. And a bad player still sucks in hvy armor, because he gets outplayed constantly. Sure he gets more bounces from his potato conterparts in team red, but that wont safe him, because he also bounces more often.
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    Skill based MM, why not?

    Have we not already done this here? I will write out my thoughts on this one final time. I will ensure that this is the greatest, most erudite recital of my thoughts, so that I can simply link this when the topic arises in the future. This will be long. I will do my best to break things down into easily digested bits. Preamble - Vital Concepts that Must be Clearly Defined Before Discussion Begins Part I - The Vision Part II - The Reality II - Blowout Reduction I invite you to draw your own conclusions from these numbers, as well as the other data in his report. I think a few things are clear, however: Part III - The Issues Compound II - The Rarity Dilema III - Metric Degradation IV - The Death of the Drive to Improve Part IV - Bringing it Home So, in conclusion:
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    Most definitely. Back when I had 10k battles I was only a 54%er! The secret to getting your stats up at a reasonable speed with this many games is... well, playing very good. The bigger the difference between your overall and recent wn/wr, the quicker you'll pull up your stats, whether you're at 1, 10, or 100k games! You can be less bad by asking someone (a substantially better player than yourself, preferably) to take a look at a unbiased set of replays. Have them watch them all, and then ask them for reoccurring mistakes. You're not necessarily looking for "oh, you did this on this map, you should of done this", but more "you keep doing this, do this instead". Next is familiarizing yourself with some advanced/specific mechanics. At 10k games you might know most things, but there' probably things out there you don't still know! For example, did you know you can aim at your opponent's gun base to block a shell with your cannon? Did you know that when someone angles against you, the armor closest to you has the least effective angling? Did you know that even barely skimming the AMX AC 48's armor with a 120mm+ caliber shell will instapen it? Did you know that the rear half of the T29, T30, and T34's side armor is much thinner than the front half? Knowing little tidbits like that help way more often than I'd care to admit. Familiarize yourself with tank inspector, tank-compare, and get involved with the community. The baddieness will lift right off of you!
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    Please don't take too much offense, but I only see medoicre/bad players asking for this. I can only surmise that a lot of bads ask for this because they think that if their teammates were better, or their opposition worse, they would be better. There is evidence all around you that players can thrive in the current system by the presence of so many good players playing the game. Skill based MM would do nothing but provide a handicap for shitty players to farm other shitty players. There would be limited challenge for players to improve, as a low skill match would be players wallowing in mediocrity. Also, a skill based game with only purples/blues would be insanely boring. Most matches develop with one side capitalizing on the mistakes of the other. With all competent players, we would have to redefine what a campfest is. Imagine, for a moment, erlenberg with blurples vs blurples. Another problem would be defining what "skill" to base your MM on. Do we use wn6/7/8? Efficiency? The ridiculous model WG developed in the form of their personal rating? A lot of people proclaim that stats don't reflect their "true" skill (we call them deniers), would they be satisfied? In the end, their are too many variables to consider to make it work smoothly.
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    Maximum view/spotting range

    This is a visual example. There are 4 things to note here. The first is the large red box, which is farthest from my position. This is the Draw Box. The game doesn't care if you have 10000m view range, the server can only support rendering enemy tanks up to this distance. So, even if you know a tank is there via team radios, if the tank is outside of that red box, you can't see it. The next one in is the orange circle. This is maximum spotting distance, ~445m. This is the maximum distance you yourself can spot a tank at. If someone else is lighting up a tank, they can still be visible to you as long as they are inside the Draw Box. The green circle is my actual spotting distance. I'm in an ARL 44 with Optics, so my view range is decent but still considerably lower than the maximum. It is impossible for me in my current tank to spot anything outside of the green circle. The one closest to me, is the slightly opaque white disk. This is the proxy spot circle. If anything enters this circle, it will be spotted, even if a solid object like a mountain or cliff is in the way. Now, look at the picture and note the position of the enemy Hellcat. For the sake of an example, lets assume that mountain is not in the way. If I have a direct line of sight to the Hellcat, I could probably spot it at the range we happen to be at. Now if he was to be behind a bush, and not moving, the chances of me spotting him go way down due to camo. Now, if I swapped Optics for Binocs and let them activate, even if he was camo'd up, I would have a better chance to spot him. Now, imagine the Hellcat was right at the max spot circle, and I was in a tier 10 medium with Optics, and thus can spot at the max spot circle. If the Hellcat is camo'd, my chance to spot him is low. But, again, if I swap Optics for Binocs I have a better chance to spot him. Now, if he moves out of the max spot circle, I will not spot him regardless of any equipment I have loaded. So, what people mean when they say you can exceed the max spot distance is only in regards to camo checks. If a tank has really good camo, and say my tier 10 medium has 450m spot range, I would only spot said camo tank at maybe 350m. If I had Binocs engaged, my view range is now ~563, and now I could spot the camo tank up to ~425m. However, the Binocs do not change my max spotting distance of 445m, if it's past that, I still can't spot it myself. Keep in mind I just made up these numbers as a general example. Hope this helps you out.
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    To start off 2014 on a high note, I have completely redesigned WoTLabs. - Light, cleaner layout. - Increased width, allowing for bigger charts. - Just prettier overall. Hope you guys like it!
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    Help, my P-40 is cursed

    I think much like tanks, actual aiming skill isn't so much important as the skill to actually recognize an opportunity. Catch an opponent on a stall or unaware, hold your fire until you are sure you can finish him before he can react, then fire. Most of the times i don't fire until im 300 meters inside the maximum range when the lead circle appears.
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    Stated above is correct, and is also very easy to test. Check crew xp before battle, and after battle by looking at their portfolio and see how much xp is needed to advance. If they are above ~50% usually they won't advance in points and you can just see the difference in xp required. If they advance in percentage points you would need to refer to the wiki docs that give xp progressions, or play another battle. Whatever xp your tank gets is applied to each crew member in whole (1000xp for battle means 1000xp per crew). Accel Crew will apply the battle xp to one crew member (1000xp to the member with the symbol), and mentor will provide each non-commander with up to 10% xp based on commander mentor skill (* I believe this is only if commander survives the battle but haven't confirmed). If the crew member was dead at the end of battle (dead tank means all crew are dead) the amount is reduced. When I last tested (~9 months ago) it was 50%, but I saw somewhere that it might have been changed to 90%. If it's the former it is always worth burning your first aid before the end of battle, and worth reconsidering yolo in at the end of battle in cleanup phase (I still haven't figured that part out). If it's 90% compared to 100% it doesn't matter so much, another buff for baddies.
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    Thats correct from wiki. Every crew member receives experience you got in battle. Acc crew train means that one with least total exp gets double that. In practice it means 6 man crew is accelerated only 17% while 3 man is accelerated 33%.
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    What's said in quote is how it works as far as I know.
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    The problem with WN8

    Maybe if people actually read the wiki we'd be spared these idiotic statements.
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    Today, begins a new age of padding.

    Its ridiculous to debate whos e-shlong is bigger untill we can play/compete together Only such such events were ural steel championships: http://www.armchairgeneral.com/world-of-tanks-ural-steel-championship-2011-north-american-team-coverage.htm http://www.videogamer.com/pc/wot/features/article/the_endearing_madness_of_world_of_tanks_ural_steel_2012.html http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/161055-ural-steel-championship-results/ In both ru dominated and us took last places
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    This data is a few months old, but I doubt the ratios have changed much: So, 65.7% of players with over 1k games win under 50%.
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    Batchat Crew Skills

    Yes, but commander's view range = tank view range. If your tanks view range is 400m, that means your commander with a 100% primary skill has it maxed @ 400. Now if you take Recon (2%) it adds another 8 metres. Also when you have optics it gives you 8,8 metres. When you have binoculars working it adds 10 metres. Commander's view range = tank's view range with equipment. You add these all together and then add Recon's 2%. http://www.wotinfo.net
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    The problem with WN8

    But the requirements for lower tiers are much higher than for high tiers so I think it adds up
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    Today, begins a new age of padding.

    How do you explain this guy?
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    Need a build-on-a-budget rig

    Back on track please. And lose the personal insults
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    Skill based MM, why not?

    I'd take every match being a complete stomp in favor of the group that has taken the time to learn the game over the game become a Welfare state where morons get free purple handouts. All that means is that win ratio will become irrelevant. Goods will still stomp bads every time they meet, you'll still be bad. That's just a fact.
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    Skill based MM, why not?

    No, because: One thing people don't realize is that ALL metrics, not just winrate, would be at least partly evened out by skill-based MM, depending upon the method used. A skill-balanced MM, like the OP suggests, would still at least leave the purples with a higher DPG than reds, but imagine if the player base were divided into tiers or leagues or whatever, with reds only fighting reds, yellows only fighting yellows, and so forth on up to purples only fighting purples. If Garbad and Sela were only ever facing Garbad And Sela's Evil Twins Complete With Evil Twin Van Dyke Beards, and Venari7 only faced Venari7's Equally Awful Evil Twin, Venari7 would end up with the same DPG as Garbad and Sela. After all, a bad player facing equally bad players will rack up as much damage as 75%ers who only face 75%ers. This holds true until you reach the extreme and probably practically impossible cases of players so good they fight the match in their heads and declare a draw without ever actually moving, or players so bad they're literally incapable of damaging players even as bad as they are, likely because they're literally too busy licking windows. So in that case, you're simply undermining ALL possible stats that could be used to determine how to balance player skill out. This.^^ Evening out the teams by skill would, by definition, be a system where both teams always had the same chance to win, and by extension, all people would be equally likely to win each match; a great player would still only be about 50% likely to win, and the worst player you ever saw would also be about 50% likely to win. So somebody please explain to me how that isn't inherently offensive? Such a system is only suitable when you have some grouping where people are merely getting together to throw a ball around or whatever and not playing hard. It's fine for a three-legged race at at the park with a church group or your kid's elementary school bazaar or something, to even things out. It's nothing short of offensive for grown adults playing among themselves to fix the game so that everybody is guaranteed to win just as often as anybody else, no matter how good or bad they may be. I understand that many people don't realize this, they don't understand what they're asking for. I didn't either, when I was quite new, and suggested just such a system. I had the downside explained to me very well, and I understood. People might not realize it, but they are asking for competition to be removed from the game, with the addition of a system that dictates how often you win, rather than skill determining how often you win. It simply is a bad system. Any system that works to make sure bad players win just as often as good players is a bad system, and I have to say that outside of a few extremely casual contexts like I mentioned earlier, it actually strikes me as morally wrong. I hate to sound overly moralistic about a game, but like anything else people expend effort on, there should be rewards for applying yourself, and skill-balanced MM works to prevent that.
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    WZ-111 1-4

    I don't have access to in game right now, but the stock turret is identical to the IS-3 turret, and inherits its roof weak spot. The upgraded turret is I think slightly more reliable.
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    All I see here is euro-butthurt.
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    There are about 400 channels in the TS that you can.. you know .. venture out into. You don't have to stick to being constrained to your 4 BUNEH channels. This ain't prison. Though... depending on what channel you go into, you may fall victim to a prison-sex scene...
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    Achievement Unlocked: http://armorgames.com/play/2893/achievement-unlocked (IPad can't do fancy links)
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    No one noticed the D-25-T on the IS-4?
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