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    Pubbies IRL

    Saw this on reddit. Had to repost here. BTW, I do have the utmost respect for members of our armed forces. God bless and thanks.
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    you're playing 2.3k games every 2 months, which is like 38 games a day lol
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    Today, begins a new age of padding.

    People often ask me what it means to be an American. I tell 'em it's triumph. Triumph. Triumph when we nuke our enemies. Triumph when when peer down from the moon and laugh heartily at Russia. Triumph when we depose one dictator after another. Triumph when we break into the homes of terrorist kingpins on the other side of Earth and shoot them in the face. Triumph when we use flying robots to bomb other terrorists in Afghanistan, and other nuclear robots to explore Mars. Triumph when we free Europe from Nazis. Triumph. Triumph. Triumph. But it's not just the the big things, see? It's the way I can set up lawn chairs at my friends house on the Texas Rio Grande and share a toast to freedom while watching Mexicans charge into gunfire to enter my country. It's the way an Italian cabbie sits up straight and floors the gas when he hears my accent. It's seeing the wide eyes and bead of sweat running down the forehead of a German customs agent when he opens my passport. It's the way a French waiter hangs his head when I refuse the wine and ask for Coke instead, in English knowing full well he understands me (and that they have it). The way an Aussie blushes and leans into the urinal next to me in the bathroom, or the scowl that meets my smirk when I tip an English waiter in US dollars covered with Washington's face. The way small mobs of Canadian school children follow me from a distance to see what a free man looks like, or how heads timidly rise and women gather when my accent stops the music in the clubs of Amsterdam. Triumph. Every bit of it, triumph. That's what it means to be an American. /scoreboard you pussified eurofags
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    I needs friends

    Platoon chat very important for communications. "Asassian7[DOGE] (T-44); Ok i'm heading to the ridge across the valley, hopefully getting lights for you to snipe and then looking to pressure their open flanks." "PityFool[TLR] (ISU-152): RGR RGR DANGER CLOSE"
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    Skill based MM, why not?

    Ok, time to give this post the time and consideration it deserves: I can't recall anything you said in that piece that addresses my issue - the failure of winrate as a metric of skill in a winrate-balancing environment - because that is one of your core definitions/assumptions that you make and base your whole argument around. Your conclusion at the end to say that skill-based matchmaking will not work is to say that it doesn't work for your skill metric of winrate, but that does not rule out the possibility of using other metrics or other systems, such as ELO. I'm trying very hard to remain civil here. Please pardon me if the facade cracks at some point. I must, however, make a very stern point: You insisted that I did not address the issue of win rate's weakness as a skill metric, when I clearly did. Moving on. You can throw me into a match in any fashion you like. As much as you do it, you can not force me to do damage, get kills, cap, defend, spot, take damage, move, survive, die, or do anything. I can not be forced into any set of behavior. No system you place on me will force any of my stats apart from my winrate towards any point. Even on the productive side of things, it won't approach a mean. Games are not all cases where bads fight bads and goods fight goods and everyone comes away even. Goods exploit bads and bads get exploited by goods, and then goods and lucky bads duke it out for the end. Bads are still going to make bad decisions and be bad. Goods are still going to make good decisions and be goods. What do two opposing goods do when they see each other on the field? They back off and deal with the bads first before taking down the good with their own bads, and if there aren't any bads left, it definitely wasn't because the goods didn't do anything good. What? They back off and deal with the bads? You had better believe I will take advantage of ANY opportunity to eliminate skillful enemies as soon as possible. I don't trust my bads to kill the enemy bads, let alone help me kill enemy goods. Furthermore, I tend to win by securing strong positions which grant map and vision control. To win those positions, I'm generally not fighting bads... Where is the assumption coming from that skill metrics all have to be based on stats? What about ELO? Therein lies a system where winrates can approach a mean, but only after a player has raised or lowered themselves to the level of play where they are evenly matched, at which point the ELO score may be far from any sort of mean.
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    Need a build-on-a-budget rig

    Never nailed the price/performance ratio. Just buy that. Folter, you are right, but you still act like a dick. Just tone it down a little.
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    Is SPrem Out of Control?

    I fail to see how armor is "useless" to be honest, E100 is still one of the best tier 10 carries in game i wouldn't form awinrate farm platoon without one, despite its abysmally bad offensive power. Maus is a bit extreme, but it sucked even before Sprem. E50M's armor is effective up to a degree, which is more than enough considering its dexterity. IS6/IS3/KT all has sufficient armor in pubs to make a difference E75 is still one of the best tier 9 The fact of the matter is, its not premium rounds that made tanks like Kv4 or Maus shit, the tank itself is shit to begin with. On the contrary, the introduction of Sprem has greatly eased up the usage of gold for free exp as now people can use stock gun with APCR to compensate for the lack of offensive power, not to mention making match making much easier to stand for lower tiers.
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    Florb, you don't really have any idea how programming works. Redirecting those resources is simply not as easy as you think. If programming were easy then more people would do it. As it is there are too many useless morons churning out code. Trust me, I've had to clean up their messes on more than one occasion...
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    Man do you guys wobble with glee when the pubbies rage against your awesome statpadding?
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    He was. The message came through Diastant.
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    We can make assumptions about that, but the main topic of debate here is that NA server has it harder when it comes to padding because of a significantly higher unicum as percentage of population compared to EU and RU. Players here are utter-crap, but the crap players don't matter when it comes to padding, bad is bad regardless of any server - the only thing that typically stands in your way of padding is another good player, either on your team stealing your damage/kills or on the other team, preventing you from killing/damaging.
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    I play for fun too. Winning is fun.
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    Sr360 I challenge thee...

    I also would like to stake a claim to the crown. Rules: -20 game stretch -At least half of them have to be under 1800 WN8 to be considered potatoes -Whoever has the highest WN8 at the end is the winner Prize: Exclusive unitato tags in ts.
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    Need a build-on-a-budget rig

    Folter who gives a shit seriously? Just walk away at this point. We all know you stance on misinformation in this topic.
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    Motorized Vehicle Porn Thread

    I get the same shit whenever i talk about re powering my 98 Ranger, i love the truck (not the gas mileage) and the fact that its given me and my family just over 200k miles without a hiccup... If you love it fix it. Also doesn't hurt that i have the exact same 4L OHV sitting in a burned out Explorer in my backyard. I don't plan on riding this one nearly as hard.
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    Rex and Ziddy when no one is around: PetCo clan dominance: When Rex tries to play tanks (Ziddy split into 3!): Ziddy's best sport: Rex and Ziddy when people platoon with them:
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    T44 > T54

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    Kittikat...I need your help...

    This thread evokes a complex series of emotions not easily conveyed with just one reaction .gif.
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    Skill based MM, why not?

    You realise were talking about the same MM that in it's current state can't even balance vehicle TYPES right? 1 team with 12 TD's and the other with none. Now you want this shoddy peice of coding to do something as complicated as that? Good. Luck. With. That.
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    Skill based MM, why not?

    Neat, so in a skill based MM, the same 100 unicums and 100 blue guys can just fight each other over and over while all the other 34,000 red and orange guys can just drool on each other. Cool idea bro.
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    Stats are great and all but this thread is seriously making me wonder if most of you purple guys sit around smelling your own farts all day and bragging about how awesome they are. This is why purples aren't allowed in my loser crew.
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    Need a build-on-a-budget rig

    Take a step back and contemplate what got you two to start bitch slapping each other: AMD CPUs.
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    Do we live on the same planet? I play on NA and every fucking night it's like I'm playing with a bunch of lobotomized retards. Literally every game has 25 out of the 30 players blood red and the other 5 usually not much better. As a blue guy when ever I see another blue guy or purple guy int the match I feel like I found another survivor in a city full of retarded zombies. The people who play this game are easily the dumbest people I've ever seen in any game ever. I find myself quite often concerned for their well being as people who play that horrifically, cluelessly, braindeaded-ly, must surely have problems IRL finding food, shelter and clothing. I pretty much universally hate everyone who plays this game. In the spirit of full disclosure, if I had the magical ability to teleport all wot players into a single large building, I would most certainly chain the doors shut and light the building on fire.
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    Finished! The x2 for wins and x5 weekends made this stupidly easy. I put in a little more volume than normal, but that's because I was enjoying myself.
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    Is SPrem Out of Control?

    Echolon - are you really that narrow minded or just trolling around here? Before noobammo for credits I could dominate regardless of what type of tank I chose, beside some total fail tanks like JPIV, be it in a med, a hvy or a TD, if my skill level was high enough. Now days its just about who has more gold spamming platoon friends in his team. And a bad player still sucks in hvy armor, because he gets outplayed constantly. Sure he gets more bounces from his potato conterparts in team red, but that wont safe him, because he also bounces more often.
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    Skill based MM, why not?

    Have we not already done this here? I will write out my thoughts on this one final time. I will ensure that this is the greatest, most erudite recital of my thoughts, so that I can simply link this when the topic arises in the future. This will be long. I will do my best to break things down into easily digested bits. Preamble - Vital Concepts that Must be Clearly Defined Before Discussion Begins Part I - The Vision Part II - The Reality II - Blowout Reduction I invite you to draw your own conclusions from these numbers, as well as the other data in his report. I think a few things are clear, however: Part III - The Issues Compound II - The Rarity Dilema III - Metric Degradation IV - The Death of the Drive to Improve Part IV - Bringing it Home So, in conclusion:
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    Most definitely. Back when I had 10k battles I was only a 54%er! The secret to getting your stats up at a reasonable speed with this many games is... well, playing very good. The bigger the difference between your overall and recent wn/wr, the quicker you'll pull up your stats, whether you're at 1, 10, or 100k games! You can be less bad by asking someone (a substantially better player than yourself, preferably) to take a look at a unbiased set of replays. Have them watch them all, and then ask them for reoccurring mistakes. You're not necessarily looking for "oh, you did this on this map, you should of done this", but more "you keep doing this, do this instead". Next is familiarizing yourself with some advanced/specific mechanics. At 10k games you might know most things, but there' probably things out there you don't still know! For example, did you know you can aim at your opponent's gun base to block a shell with your cannon? Did you know that when someone angles against you, the armor closest to you has the least effective angling? Did you know that even barely skimming the AMX AC 48's armor with a 120mm+ caliber shell will instapen it? Did you know that the rear half of the T29, T30, and T34's side armor is much thinner than the front half? Knowing little tidbits like that help way more often than I'd care to admit. Familiarize yourself with tank inspector, tank-compare, and get involved with the community. The baddieness will lift right off of you!
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    Please don't take too much offense, but I only see medoicre/bad players asking for this. I can only surmise that a lot of bads ask for this because they think that if their teammates were better, or their opposition worse, they would be better. There is evidence all around you that players can thrive in the current system by the presence of so many good players playing the game. Skill based MM would do nothing but provide a handicap for shitty players to farm other shitty players. There would be limited challenge for players to improve, as a low skill match would be players wallowing in mediocrity. Also, a skill based game with only purples/blues would be insanely boring. Most matches develop with one side capitalizing on the mistakes of the other. With all competent players, we would have to redefine what a campfest is. Imagine, for a moment, erlenberg with blurples vs blurples. Another problem would be defining what "skill" to base your MM on. Do we use wn6/7/8? Efficiency? The ridiculous model WG developed in the form of their personal rating? A lot of people proclaim that stats don't reflect their "true" skill (we call them deniers), would they be satisfied? In the end, their are too many variables to consider to make it work smoothly.
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    Maximum view/spotting range

    This is a visual example. There are 4 things to note here. The first is the large red box, which is farthest from my position. This is the Draw Box. The game doesn't care if you have 10000m view range, the server can only support rendering enemy tanks up to this distance. So, even if you know a tank is there via team radios, if the tank is outside of that red box, you can't see it. The next one in is the orange circle. This is maximum spotting distance, ~445m. This is the maximum distance you yourself can spot a tank at. If someone else is lighting up a tank, they can still be visible to you as long as they are inside the Draw Box. The green circle is my actual spotting distance. I'm in an ARL 44 with Optics, so my view range is decent but still considerably lower than the maximum. It is impossible for me in my current tank to spot anything outside of the green circle. The one closest to me, is the slightly opaque white disk. This is the proxy spot circle. If anything enters this circle, it will be spotted, even if a solid object like a mountain or cliff is in the way. Now, look at the picture and note the position of the enemy Hellcat. For the sake of an example, lets assume that mountain is not in the way. If I have a direct line of sight to the Hellcat, I could probably spot it at the range we happen to be at. Now if he was to be behind a bush, and not moving, the chances of me spotting him go way down due to camo. Now, if I swapped Optics for Binocs and let them activate, even if he was camo'd up, I would have a better chance to spot him. Now, imagine the Hellcat was right at the max spot circle, and I was in a tier 10 medium with Optics, and thus can spot at the max spot circle. If the Hellcat is camo'd, my chance to spot him is low. But, again, if I swap Optics for Binocs I have a better chance to spot him. Now, if he moves out of the max spot circle, I will not spot him regardless of any equipment I have loaded. So, what people mean when they say you can exceed the max spot distance is only in regards to camo checks. If a tank has really good camo, and say my tier 10 medium has 450m spot range, I would only spot said camo tank at maybe 350m. If I had Binocs engaged, my view range is now ~563, and now I could spot the camo tank up to ~425m. However, the Binocs do not change my max spotting distance of 445m, if it's past that, I still can't spot it myself. Keep in mind I just made up these numbers as a general example. Hope this helps you out.
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    Dissidence's Guide to Competence in Tanking For Baddies (<49%) I realize I've never really put in the effort to write out a whole guide before, so this one will be my first (and lengthy) one. I'm putting this together because on the WOT forums and here in two days, I've seen a number of players with bad stats ask about improving...which is awesome. There are a lot of amazing guides out there for how to play specific tanks, and a lot of time has been spent on guides for making the jump from a good player to a great one (something I'm still working on, I might add). But I intend this fully for people who are just first starting out to improve and want to win more and tank better, and I intend it to be holistic in its approach since I don't think all this information has been put into one place. First, a little bit about me: I wuz once a baddy. I started playing in 0.6.7 (aka the 6.7 patch). 46% and probably 500 efficiency (although it might have been higher since at the time old efficiency was in use, and I was great at padding cap points early, even when they didn't mean much). My survival rate was below 25% in every tank I played, my average damage hovering around the 100 mark as I reached tiers 4 and 5 for the first time, and my average battle time was under 4 minutes. I averaged less than a kill every two games, and did about 60% of my own HP in damage. I continued playing stupidly like this until I had almost 2000 battles under my belt, believing that the goal was to progress up the tiers as fast as I could, and that dying and readying up for the next battle in a new tank was the best way to do this. I played under the old (pre 8.0) matchmaker, so once I reached Tier 6 (stock), I got the joy of fighting Tier 10's. Another statistic was my hit rate. At one point with over 1000 games, it was 28%. The first line I went up was the American line because I wanted a Sherman. I hated the T1 Cunningham and did horrendously in it, rushed through the M2 LT and T2 MT, learning nothing in the process, suicide scouted like a boss in my M3 Stuart (8 kills in 50 games, 2 of them by ramming!) before I gave up on that line completely (I got a scout medal! I'm gud@tanx!). I'd tried the Leichttraktor, done better than in the Cunningham, but the Panther, Tiger, Maus and all the tanks I really wanted in that line were far away so I'd stopped progressing on that line until I got the Sherman. I tried the MS-1, but nothing more, as I was going to "wait" to play the Russians since they had really inaccurate guns. If I could barely hit the target in American tanks, surely the Russian tanks would be so much worse. I'd tried a few tank destroyers (side note: today they are statistically my best class, although I haven't played any past Tier 7, a spot I will be correcting in the coming months), and found them utterly pointless with no armor and no turret. I'd tried arty, but it bored me, and I didn't really know what to do anyway. Every now and then I'd lolshot something, but it wasn't as interesting to me as blowing things up with direct fire. When I got to the M3 Lee, which had a decent HP pool and didn't feel like a one shot to everything it faced like every other tank I ever played seemed to (could it have been me?), I began to understand TD play a little, as well as the value of using bushes for camo. Unfortunately, I did not learn how to properly use bushes for camo when actually firing my gun. So generating my first 4 kill game was nice when the (somehow even worse) baddies stayed still in the open and allowed me to keep shooting them even after I'd revealed myself, but generally in the Lee, I'd get spotted after my first shot and promptly blown to pieces. But at least I'd learned something. Still, I sucked. But I was progressing in the game, so it wasn't all that bad. (IPLAY4FUN GUYZZZ !!!) By this time I'd gotten to the Sherman (FINALLY! THOZE THINGZ ARE SO OP! I CAN'T KILL ONE IN MY M3 STOOART...ZEE AP ROUNDZ...ZEY DO NAHHH-TING!!!). I'd also progressed in the German line to the Pz IV and Pz III/IV, and the Russian line to the T-28 and A-20. I hated the A-20, boy I hated that thing. Still do. It was the last tank I ever suiscouted in, but I wanted a T-34. At this point, with lots of battles, I was sick of getting one shotted/killed and began taking steps to improve. I began setting a few goals: Survive 25% of the time. 40% hit ratio. Kill 5 tanks in a game. Positive K/D ratio in a tank. 0.5 Kills Per Game overall These were the very first goals I ever set for myself in WOT. Very modest. I began playing more conservatively, staying to watch good players play, and learning a little bit about the maps. I also stopped hoping for armor to work and praying for the enemy to be stock, and started learning how to use it, or how to not rely on armor and just avoid getting hit. By the end of the T-28, I'd achieved 40% hit ratio. My Sherman exceeded 25% survival rate and had positive K/D ratio, and I'd successfully killed 5 tanks in game twice - once in my T-28, and once in my PzIV, which was actually amazing once it was fully upgraded. I couldn't believe I had ever hated it, I mean who thought that the PzIV would suck stock, right? I finally reached Tier 6. Still a baddie at 47%, with thousands of battles. I still hadn't spent a dime on the game. WOT, it should be added, was and is really the only "game" I play. Every now and then I fire up the PS2 to play old classic, and I'll play games with friends if they have them, and once in a blue moon on my computer I'll run NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 07 (best hockey managerial sim ever, shame they stopped making it), but WOT is really it. Finally I made a conscious choice to begin improving. This is the part where I started Googling, reading the forums, and lurning abowt tanx. I also invested in a premium account to shorten my grinds, and started training my tank crews (a personal choice to do so many times since I collect tanks in game and have over 50). I bought my first 2 Tier 8 premiums, a huge mistake at the time based on early returns, but a humbling experience that showed me I had lots to learn before I could ever hope to be ready for Tier 8 gameplay, which is why they collected dust in my garage for months after until I'd felt I'd learned enough about the game to try them again. Garbad's posts in particular were enlightening. Here was a guy who was good at the game giving tips and advice to bad players like myself. I read through his and some of the other posters' threads - many of whom post on this site now as well, and some who have already quit the game altogether. The main point that stuck with me was this - tanks should do at least their HP in damage every game. My ratio was around 60%. Clearly I was doing it wrong. From that point on, I set out to improve my win rate to 50%, and someday get my damage ratio over 100%, which was going to take a VERY long time because of the amount of damage I had to deal to catch how much damage I had already taken. Now, thousands of battles later, I've reached true 52%, and my efficiency and WN7 are finally green (although my efficiency can easily go back south with a bad night...but it is trending upward!), so I write this guide so that others who are in that <49% range can take the first basic steps needed to get their win rate over 50% and their Eff and WN7 over 1000 (what I believe to be the benchmark for a "competent" player). Once you get there, look to players more talented than I for how to improve further, as I believe only the 56%+ and 1700+ crowd can truly help you with that. Part One: Statistics - Recognize the Problem, Pay attention to stats. Self explanatory. You've recognized the problem, but you don't really understand what you can be doing better. The first thing you need to do is understand how your performance stacks up against others. World of Tanks is actually horrible at this. You can play tens of thousands of battles without ever having a clue you are bad unless you use mods, the internet, or the well hidden (for beginners) community features like the in game chat to compare your statistics with someone else's. Of course, this is because stats don't appear in game AT ALL (unless you add a mod). To start tracking your performance, there are a number of great tools you can use: -Download XVM. I don't have a one stop link like I used for the 8.5 patch (side note: you will have to reinstall a new version of XVM for each patch, so keep current on it when your game client updates). However, despite the negativity surrounding it, XVM will teach you who the good players are on both sides. If you should die while in battle...do not leave...watch the good players on your team and see what they do. You will improve just by watching these players play. Second, XVM will also show you your own performance relative to others in battle. But don't be a dick. Don't troll someone with bad stats - give them a chance to suck first, before you do. Likewise, when someone suggests something that your future experiences will teach you is stupid (ie a Tier 8 premium tank with <1000 battles telling everyone to rush valley on Lakeville), you can use stats to try and end that argument in the hopes your team will discount the stupid advice. But in short, don't be a dick. Use it to measure your performance, figure out who the key tanks you have to try and kill are, and see where your gun might be needed in battle. Also, ignore the "odds" if your version of XVM has them enabled. To begin improving your play, you're going to need to learn how to beat the odds to claim victory in a match. <50% chance to win does NOT = a loss. If you can manage the complicated install instructions, XVM is available at http://www.curse.com/wot-mods/worldoftanks - there are several different versions of XVM available, each is set up slightly differently. -Use WOTLabs.net to track your performance: http://wotlabs.net - simply enter your username, and you will see your overall stats, as well as your 24 hour, 7 day, 30 day, and 60 day stats. This is vital. As you improve, you want to see a lot of green in the 24/7/30/60 columns. If you're failing to progress, you'll see red (indicating your performance is trending downward). The most important numbers are win rate, efficiency, and WN7. Average damage, while hugely important in game, is not very important on WOTLabs unless you are playing the same tiers, since your damage will tend to trend upwards as you reach into higher tier gameplay. -Use World of Tanks Dossier: http://wot-dossier.appspot.com/ - This app allows you to upload your dossier (directions are included for where to find it) which tracks ALMOST everything you do in your tanks. It does NOT track potential damage received (aka your ability to use armor effectively), nor does it track damage from spotting. However, it will show you damage, kills, cap points, defense points, enemies spotted - a complete breakdown of anything you've ever done in any of your tanks. You can also filter the results to only show you certain tiers or tank types. This can show you the detail of your performance. -Use Tank Tracker: http://www.vbaddict.net/wot.php - If dossier tool is 2D, this is 3D. This allows you to upload your dossier to the site where your performance will be tracked over time. You can also download an app called Active Dossier Uploader which will automatically update your dossier on the page and individual battles as well for even greater detail. This is like an even better version of WOT Dossier, as in essence it allows you to compare your Dossier from today vs. yesterday, to show if you made any improvement in gameplay. It also allows you to view the server wide performance for each tank, so you can compare your performance to the average player, and see how the top players do in that tank. There are other tools you can download, but these are the ones that worked best for me at that point in my tanking experience. Unfortunately a fifth, WOTstatistics for Greasemonkey, has not been updated in some time, and with the changes to how Wargaming displays player profiles on worldoftanks.com, is no longer workable. Part Two: Set Goals This is important. Pick an admirable series of short and long term goals that work for you. Here are some suggestions, and things you will want to focus on for each. -Hit Rate: If your hit rate is low, focus on hitting more tanks. This will encourage you to stop wasting ammo firing low probability shots (which is punishing financially at higher tiers), and will also allow you to be loaded when a good shot presents itself, instead of reloading because you jumped the gun early with a risky shot. -Survival Rate/Average Time of Battle: If your survival rate is low, you are probably rushing out and dying too fast. Do you have a high average tanks spotted per battle and low survival rate with low average battle time? Stop suicide scouting. Be more patient. When you are bottom or middle tier, try supporting your biggest tank by hanging with it and helping it. If you get damaged, retreat, and stay alive. See if you can find ways to damage enemies without getting shot in return (like when they're looking away from you). If you are playing heavy tanks and not surviving, are you angling your armor? -Damage/Kill Rates: If these rates are low, you're not playing well offensively. These could indicated a lot of things - are you missing the target? Are you not shooting enough? Are you failing to penetrate? Are you using the correct ammunition type for your gun and the targets you are facing? If you have a high damage rate and low kill rate, are you not finishing off tanks with low HP? If you have a high kill rate and low damage rate, are you leeching kills or failing to engage same tier targets in battle? Why do you not do more damage? -Spotted (Detections) Rate: If this rate is low, it often doesn't mean a lot, but if it's very low, it might. Are you sitting near your team's base the whole game, "protecting" it? If so, you are not helping your team. Yeah it's great to have a defender there if the enemy starts to capture your base, but more often than not, once that happens, the battle is already lost. You may be cursing at bad teams, and finding yourself with good damage done alone against 6 tanks each time, but perhaps things might have gone differently if your gun was at the front, putting the hurt on and delaying those tanks before they could finish off your teammates. Likewise, perhaps you might have absorbed a few hits, and possibly even taken some damage, but perhaps you doing so might have kept a teammate alive a little longer, who could have helped damaged the enemy some more with you. ^^^These are the #'s 1-4 things bad players do wrong in the game. The first step to being competent is not doing them anymore. Part Three: Learn Gameplay Mechanics In Depth While WoT itself does a terrible job explaining how gameplay works, the World of Tanks Wiki explains all of these: http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/Battle_Mechanics Go there, read that, study that like it's your bible, and begin to apply what you've learned in battle. Also start learning the parameters of YOUR tank and the tanks you are fighting against. If you have questions about any of the mechanics, feel free to post here in the forums, and someone will clarify the mechanic in action for you. Also, if you have friends on the game, make a training room and go play around to test what you've learned from the Wiki in a real scenario. Remember, repairs are free, even if ammo is not. In the M3 Stuart with the top gun (37mm M6 gun, standard rounds), you have a 56 average penetration gun which does 40 average damage. Damage therefore can range from 30-50, and penetration can range from 42mm to 70mm at 100 meters distance assuming a 90 degree angle of impact. Under no circumstances can it penetrate the front of a KV (now, KV-1). This was a lesson I did not learn as I drove that tank at that time, which seems rather stupid now in hindsight. Knowing the parameters of tanks will help you a lot. It might have saved from getting blown up by A LOT of KV's. (As an aside, the M3 Stuart is the tank I use to illustrate my noobery vs. improved play in a then vs. now. Then: 50 battles, 18 wins, 8 kills, 38 deaths 0.3 damage ratio. Since: 36 battles, 23 wins, 38 kills, 23 deaths, damage ratio upped to 0.6 overall. It took me forever to get top gun in this game, and when I finally did it was with the PzKpfw III. My second one was in, you guessed it, the M3 Stuart. Both were on Prokhorovka.) However, the parameters are not hard on fast. Just because the listed "frontal" armor value is higher than your penetration does not mean you can't damage the tank from that angle. All tanks have weakspots. http://wotguru.com/weak-spot-guides/ will show you some of them. You don't have to memorize everything, but learn the key ones on the most heavily armored tanks in the tiers you are fighting, and it will help you a lot. In time, you'll find penetrating for full damage easy. Part Four - Stop Gimping Yourself This is extremely important: Every single tank you run, even Tier 1s, should have a first aid kit, repair kit, and a third consumable (usually a fire extinguisher, but fast tanks may want high octane gasoline/lend lease oil or a removed speed governor (learn how to use it before mounting it though). When and how often you use them will depend on how the game is going, and what tier. Obviously 3000 credits is a steep price to pay every time your MS-1 gets tracked. You'll only want to use it in situations that can potentially decide the battle. But you want it available, just in case it's the difference between life or death, or victory and defeat (especially that fire extinguisher!). STOP using Free XP to unlock tanks. Free XP should be used ONLY to unlock important modules on tanks once you've used regular XP to unlock them. If I need 30,000 XP to unlock a tank, and I have 25,000 XP on its predecessor, and 5,000 free XP - I should WAIT to unlock that tank. Once I unlock it, I'll have more than 5,000 free XP which can be spent to unlock important modules on it. Maybe it's a scout with a horrible stock engine, and I'll want to put the top engine on it to improve maneuverability. Maybe it's at the weight limit and needs the tracks before it can mount the good gun from the tank before, so I'll want to free XP the tracks. Maybe the stock gun is horrible, so I'll want to free XP a better gun for my new tank. Using free XP this way will save a player from the unfortunate experience of going into battle with a tank that is seemingly worse than the tank it was researched from. Don't run stock tanks if you can avoid it. Free XP is how you avoid running bone stock tanks. Getting to Tier 10 is not the point of the game. Tanks don't really get "better" as you go up in tier if you don't get better. Each tier is rewarding and fun in its own way. Seal clubbing is not the point of the game. That said, don't just stay in the same tier to pad your stats. Truly talented players are good at ALL tiers, not just low tiers farming players who are new to the game. Play tiers because you enjoy them, but keep trying to get better at the game, which means progressing towards tier 10 and learning the nuances of each tier's gameplay (some of which is discussed later). Stop running with a 50% crew, or a crew for the wrong tank. Convert your crews if you don't plan on keeping the previous vehicle, and some cases even if you do. At MINIMUM, you should be using the crew training for credits option, but if you have gold available, crew training is a good investment. Once you reach 100%, start training your crew in secondary skills. The specific ones you want will depend both on your playstyle and the tank in question - and other guides cover this in more detail than I care to since this is about improving your play overall, not just in specific tanks (plus that would make this even longer). But not having to have a completely n00b crew in every single new tank you play will help a lot. It means shorter reloads, better tank acceleration, agility turning, offroad performance, and turret rotation. It also means shorter aim times, less aim dispersion when you move your tank, and better view range and radio range. By extension this also includes better accuracy when firing on the move. If you plan on keeping a tank that you enjoy and play often, run it with equipment. Every advantage helps. It may cost a lot of credits, but for all of my heavy tanks and TD's a couple hundred thousand dollars in fake money is worth being able to put out 10% more damage per minute. Instead, learn something from every tier. Every tier in the game teaches you something different about gameplay: Tier 1 - How to hit targets, and how to move to avoid fire. Basic vision and camo mechanics. Base capture and defense. Tier 2 - How to use mobility (most lights and mediums) or armor (French tanks) to your advantage for the first time. TD's will give you a superior gun and teach you how avoid being easily killed by the enemy, since you will lack both mobility and armor (except for the T18). Artillery (SPG's) will teach you how to click on things. Lyke a baus. Tier 3 - For lights and mediums, this tier is an extension of how to use mobility, but also will begin to teach the importance of flanking attacks. Most Tier 3's can do almost nothing to the enemy Tier 5's they'll encounter from time to time in battle when they engage them from the front. To do damage, you'll have to get behind or beside the enemy (or aim for weakspots). The light tanks will also begin to introduce the concept of scouting for the first time. TD's continue their lesson of good gun/not a lot of mobility/no armor if any aka stay hidden and shoot stuff, but get more powerful guns. Arty continues mouse clicking 101, although some of the artys will learn to be lazy since they can hit most of the map in this tier and thus never have to leave base. The ones that don't will learn this invaluable skill in Tiers 4-5. Tier 4-5 - Varied tiers. Tier 4 light tanks (especially scouts) will have the scouting lesson drilled home in fire and blood so that they either come out as seasoned Tier 5 scouts ready to queue up against the highest tier tanks in the game, or as noob suicide scouters with just an extreme gluttony for punishment. For this reason, I recommend for new players trying to improve their stats NOT to go up dedicated scout lines in the tank trees unless they are VERY knowledgeable in the vision mechanics and their gameplay style is such that they aren't just WILLING to scout but actually PREFER it to any other tank type. Tier 4 mediums will be given adequate guns to continue their flanking/aim for weakspots lessons against Tier 6 tanks, and will still lack an HP pool (they'll get this in Tier 5), but not as badly as at Tier 3, so they will learn to use their HP pool as well as become jack of all trades tanks, not strictly support - they may have to lead, hold a flank sometimes, or flex back to the base to reset a capture. Tier 4-5 TD's are well balanced. Most will have a good combination of armor, mobility, and firepower, though still lacking a turret. They must learn to balance having all 3 for the first time with the desire to play like a medium - a mistake that is not forgiven often, even in pub matches. Camo is key except when top tier, where tanks like the Hetzer, SU-85, and T40 can decimate the opposition. The B1, the first heavy tank, doesn't really teach much, although it can give you your first exposure to having a tank with armor. But the Tier 5 heavy tanks will teach much: how to lead a true push, absorb shots with armor (aka angle armor to bounce, and hide weak points). If you want to learn the basics of heavy tanking, get a KV-1. You'll find the gameplay changes when Tier 5 tanks are involved, as there is less aimless running around, and tanks will start to cluster near obvious choke points. Tier 6 - A continuation of lessons from tier 5, except you'll find longer reloads, more expensive ammunition, less mobility, and more armor generally speaking. Tanks are bigger, and will begin to have better armor, albeit with weakspots, so you'll have to start shooting for them. Several tanks in this tier are equipped with outstanding guns (such as the KV-1S, SU-100, and even the Jagdpanzer IV when it is top tier), so in addition to teaching shot prioritization, it will also teach players how to "avoid the big guy" and capitalize to kill a tank while it reloads. This is the first tier for a nonpremium account where horrible battles will lead to a credit loss. Tier 6 also introduces the first autoloading tanks (excluding autocannons), unique because of their fragile armor and long clip reloads, and difficult to counter because of their high burst damage. Tier 7-8 - Armor and weakspots become MUCH more important here, as is the specialization now of each individual tank, as opposed a class. At this tier, each tank will have a specific role it performs best on the battlefield, and roles it is just not suited for. HP pool increases significantly, so the pace of battle will slow down, and become much more measured. The importance of trying to stay as artillery safe as possible will be drilled home at these tiers, as arty starts to actually hurt a lot at these tiers. Where previously you were prone to getting one shot, but arty often missed, now arty misses will begin to take significant HP and cause critical damage. You'll find you can just exchange shots on favorable terms with tanks to get kills as you could in previous tiers, you'll actually need to do damage without being hit back as it becomes a marathon, not a sprint. In contrast to the generally slower pace of battle at these tiers, light tanks of these tiers move freely throughout the field often, countered only by other enemy light tanks or mediums, so scouting as well as counterscouting is critical at these tiers. These lights tanks actually have HP though, so they'll actually have to be countered. You can't just 1-2 shot them as you can with lower tier scouts. They also have the ability to dish out some real hurt, so you need to be aware of where they are at all times. With much longer reloads, you'll need to take advantage of your enemies' RL, while making your own shots count. Ammo becomes very expensive at this tier. Repair costs begin to get heavy at this tier. Nonpremium accounts will consistently lose money if they perform poorly. Tier 8 is the first tier where premium accounts will lose credits for horrible battles, although it is possible in Tier 7 with team damage etc. Tier 9-10 - These tiers reinforce and magnify everything you've ever learned about the game, but add on an additional challenge: Carry harder. To win at these tiers, you will have to get in the middle of the fight and force the outcome. No more "camping" no more "support"...it's put up or shut up. This is the most unforgiving tier, the pinnacle of gameplay, and tier 9-10 tanks actually have the lowest performance spread of any 2 tiers. So a tier 9 in a tier 10 fight can still carry the match. Here premium accounts will often lose credits except for the best of matches (especially at Tier 10). It IS possible to make money at these tiers, just extremely difficult. Learn these lessons from each tier and apply them, and you'll be really on your way. Part Five - Apply what you've learned, then step up the challenge You don't have to devote your life to this game to be good at it, even though it seems that way sometimes. Just the simple application of what you've learned in your battle thinking will improve your gameplay. Now, time to step it up. Now you understand how the game works, and what individual tanks are capable of, and have set goals for improvement. Once you reach them, set harder goals. Do the following: Watch and analyze your replays - especially your losses, especially close battles. What did you do wrong? What could you have done better? Watch good players - their wins AND their losses. See what they did well. Note it and copy it. See what they did wrong. If you can point to it watching a replay, see if you can catch yourself in battle when you think of something (dumb) before you actually do it. Learn the maps in and out. The good players do. When you watch a good player's replay, see where they set up, and which terrain they abuse. Try going to these spots yourself in a suitable tank, and try it for yourself. For example, a lot of players don't know that you can shoot under dead tanks (I've reset caps this way) and under train cars, and cry "HAX!" when you do it to them. Platoon with good players. The good ones will offer map strategies, sometimes carry you to victory, and point out your mistakes when you play with them. They may also create situations where you can put out extreme damage amounts. Take advantage of them. Before you can learn to create such opportunities for yourself, you need to learn how to take advantage of one when it's handed to you. Set harder goals and keep going. Part Six - Actual Gameplay Some basic things that will help you as a sub 49%er. These are more strategic in nature, by design, as understanding battle mechanics will help you with a lot of the tactical play that occurs in the various skirmishes that play out in each battle. Every single one of these things is a mistake I made when I was new to the game. Scouts/Lights/Mediums/M18 Hellcats: Stop rushing out early and dying. A good scout stays alive till the end of battle, and only dies if it was a sacrifice necessary to eliminate the enemy's artillery. If you are new to scouting, use the "active scouting" technique. Rush towards the enemy in such a way that hard cover like terrain or buildings can serve as nearby cover. Once you hear the blip that indicates you've spotted an enemy tank, without stopping rush towards that cover, and away from the enemy so you will not die. A good point on this was someone posted on the WOTforums that I remember, always move from cover to cover. When you are moving, know where you're going next so you won't get caught in the open. Lastly, M18 Hellcats obviously are TD's, not scouts, but I say this because of their speed so many players die stupidly in them. M18 Hellcats should not be rushing to the enemy at the start of battle. They should be using sound TD principles such as camouflage and support fire to stay hidden and deal good damage. Their mobility is an asset in that it allows them to move flexibly across the battlefield and easily change position if a secondary flank needs support. Heavy Tanks: Stop camping/otherwise being in the back. From your knowledge of maps, figure out where the enemy is going to be, and get to a good choke point as fast as you can in a good defensive position. Odds are enemy tanks will amass in this area, and you want to meet them on the most favorable terms. Your heaviest tank should be in front. Especially a no no - NEVER camp the artillery. Not only are you not "protecting it" (artillery is protected by protecting all the routes to it...once it is spotted, it's already too late), but your gun is completely useless all the way back there. TD's: Get your guns in the fight. Look for places on the map where you can deal damage on enemy tanks at the main choke points. Just because you're a TD doesn't make this a game of tower defense where you must sit at base on a hill and wait for the enemy to come to you. Sit back, away from the heavies, but have line of fire and be able to hit enemies. Be near a corner or somewhere you can easily retreat if you are spotted if in a city map, or somewhere that you can retreat behind terrain if on a more open map. Medium tanks: Stop bouncing off the heavy tanks' front armor. Since you have the most mobility, you get to go to more open areas (within reason - stay off Malinovka field please) where most tanks dare not go...especially towards the end of battle as the tank counts are winding down on both sides. You are most valuable to your team by doing some of the following things: #1 being flexible, able to shift to where you are needed... #2 flank attacks on the enemy's heavies. when you shoot them they must turn their turret and/or hull to you (thus allowing your heavies to penetrate their weak side/rear turret armor), OR they must ignore you and continue facing those heavies, OR they must move to a secondary cover, allowing your tanks to advance in the right circumstances. This is the Sophie's choice every medium tank driver wants to make every enemy tanker deal with. This is how a flank can be turned from a standoff into a landslide victory. #3 countering the enemy light tanks. you are fast enough to stay close to them and have good enough rate of fire that if you miss them they're not by you and into the base automatically...keep them away from friendly artillery / the base area. Medium tanks require the most cumulative skill to play in my opinion, and success in them in my opinion gives a player more battlefield influence than in any other class, and reflects/rewards the most skill. Autoloaders: Stop dying really early, and stop wasting your shots. Just because you can fire rounds in rapid succession doesn't mean you should. Also, manage your clip. If you know you're going to be away from enemies for a while and have a partial clip, press C and reload so you'll have a full one the next time you encounter an enemy tank. Strategic Thinking: Start doing it. First is the concept of FOCUS FIRE. Focus fire means all of your tanks shooting one of the enemy's tanks until it is dead, as opposed to shooting individual targets, all of which stay alive to keep shooting back at you. This can mean using chat to encourage teammates to finish that nearly dead tank, but it can also mean for you, shooting the most damaged tank when you have that chance (ESPECIALLY if it yields a kill shot, and especially if that is a top tier tank on their team or driven by a very skilled player - which is why I had you use XVM). Second is understanding maps, and knowing the tactically important areas, and how your tank is best served in battle by looking at your composition, and the enemy's. Avoid lemming trains...where tanks all line up, form a column, and go one way on a map. Usually this strategy is doomed to failure, because they will encounter enemy tanks and either die one by one, or they will STOP, and play "peekaboom" trading shots one for one until one side or the other wins...which tends to take a while, leaving the lightly (or un-) guarded flank to fall very rapidly and enemy tanks to be in your base rather quickly. You may be able to encourage the team to push rapidly all at once (which does occasionally work), may encourage some tanks to come back and cover the other flank, or you may actually go to the other flank and stall the enemy just long enough. Third, rotate damage. If you are damaged, get out of the front, and towards the back. Stay alive, keep your gun in the fight, and let others take hits to spread the damage around and stay alive. Your gun does just as much damage when you have 1 HP as it does when you have full HP. This can also mean if a teammate is heavily damaged and an enemy tank has a killshot lined up, put yourself between the two to keep your teammate alive. Once he fires, and you've taken the hit, move back out of the way and your teammate can shoot him too. By keeping that tank alive, your team gets 2 shots at the enemy tank whereas otherwise, you would have only gotten 1 (yours). Fourth, situational awareness. When facing an enemy tank of even tier, take shots when the enemy is not looking at you as much as possible, unless the engagement is on very favorable terms (discussed below). If, after you've shot, the enemy turns to shoot at you (watch his turret and tracks), pull back into cover before he does. If he rushes you, in most cases, you will have already reloaded by the time he gets to you and you'll get a second shot in. Fifth, engage enemies on favorable terms. Don't just go toe to toe with their most similar tank to you. Either outnumber the enemy tanks in a given force, OR outtier them. Granted that doesn't mean 5 tier 6's will take out 4 tier 8's, but 5 tier 6's will certainly take out 1 tier 8 in a brawl, and maybe even 2 if the players know what they're doing. Utilize cover to minimize your exposure to enemy shots from various angles, and keep the enemy in front of you (and your teammates, as much as possible) at all times. If you can't engage on favorable terms, retreat to cover, or to teammates so that you can. If you're the last tank standing, get to the most advantageous position you can and make as heroic a last stand as you can. Sometimes it actually works. SUMMARY: If you are a sub 49%er and you begin doing these very basic things, when you check WOTLabs.net you'll see a very noticeable improvement in your performance over time. I know I sure did. I still have lots of things I can improve on, but hopefully some baddy out there reads this, decides to improve, and writes his/her own guide someday, because that's what this game is all about. I no longer have the free time to play sports like I used to, so this game fulfills my desire for competition, and I take improving at the game seriously because winning is more fun than losing. So good luck, and happy tanking. Dissidence's Guide to Competence In Tanking For Baddies.doc
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    Most people who play this game do not realise how the camouflage system truly works , mostly because they're idiots and would rather scream Haxxor The Basics There are 3 levels of camo for every tenk besides skuat tenks which only have 2 levels of camo Stationary Camouflage - the value of camouflage while stationary ( Which means when you're not moving ) Movement Camouflage - the value of camouflage while moving, which can be up to half of the stationary value. Speed does not matter to camo values to you can buzz around at 50Km destroying ditches and flattening dog houses you're still just as stealthy as the guys going at 3km inching forward. However this doesn't apply to light tanks because skaut tanks got HAXs and have the same camo while moving as stationary. Firing Camouflage - the value of camouflage while firing, you're firing a big ass freaking cannon did you expect to stay hidden behind that bush This can give up to an 80% reduction from static camouflage. Camo values of specific tanks This tends to vary a lot by tank but's you can get a rough estimate by the silhouette of the tank , odds are if it's bigger than a house you're going to need a house to hide it but then there a few oddities where large tanks have good camo ratings and these have been decided on by the devs for balance. The actual coefficients for each tank are generally kept secret but you can get a slightly outdated spread sheet here on the US forums Thats all very well but I still don't understand how the hell is it actually implemented Camouflage works by decreasing the enemies view range around your tank by a percentage. A Vickers Medium Mk. Ihas a stationary camo value of X% which means a Vickers Medium Mk. I parked in the middle of Malinovoka will need the spotter to come X% closer to it to see it than a Vickers Medium Mk. I charging across Malinovka at full speed. On the flip side the Maus has a 1% camo value while stationary so you're better off in full blitzkrieg mode than trying to hide that beast Then there is additive camo bonuses and multiplicative camo bonuses. Additive : Give a fixed percentage bonus. Trees and Bushes can give up to a 60% fixed bonus depending on the bush/tree in question. There was talk of the camo net being changed to an additive bonus but I don't know if it was implemented yet Multiplicative (It's a word alright !! ) : Camo skill , crew skill , camo skin bonus , vents bonus ect ect. You get the base camo of the tank and multiply it by the values provided by the above. This is the reason people don't train Camo on the Maus and don't put on Camo nets ect on big tanks because you're getting a crappy pay off compared with a Chaffee getting pimped out in camo boosting equipment. As said above I don't know which the camo net falls under any more Bushes and Trees When you park your tank in a bush you're screaming out to the world that you're a noob and rightfully so. For bushes to be effective you need to park behind the bush and have every portion of your tank hidden by the bush Here's a very shitty image explaining it badly which i ripped from some magazine I'm behind the bush and not in the bush , why are people still shooting me ? Because the 5 second rule applies here and it's not the picking food up from the floor and eating it 5 second rule When you fire within 15m of the front of a bush (you will know this because the bush is opaque) ,it loses it's hiding ability and it takes 5 seconds to start providing camo effect again. When you break that camouflage by firing your gun it will take 5 seconds to regain your bonus. Key things to note: When you fire your gun directly behind a bush, the bush camouflage bonus (of the best bush within 15m of you) is reduced to 30% of its initial value. All other bushes (within 15m) disappear. A good way to avoid this, is to sit 15m behind the bush before firing or get a bush that is 15m infront of your bush. Don't expect to see crap with two bushes in front of you however so you will need a spotter. Fallen trees act like bushes , standing trees only hide things above you like on the hill going up malinovoka and trees don't double bush so be aware of that What you can do to increase your camo values You can pay for it The camo skins give a 5% bonus to the 3 different camo values and as such are always a good idea for any stealthy tank. Please don't be retarded and complain about how your sexy custom anime skin doesn't work on Dragons Ridge, only WG sold skins in the garage that everybody can see will work You can train your crew The Camouflage Crew Skill increases your camo value and is constantly active. For it to achieve maximum effect all crew members must be trained in it. If they are not, the impact is calculated as a percentage of overall Crew Skill. If 3 of your 5 men are trained in Camouflage, you receive 3/5ths of its maximum benefit (60%). Which is how WG completely screwed over owners of the T-50-2 in that patch. The base crew skill, also does affect the camouflage rating of your tank. A 50% crew has less camo than a 100% crew but then I don't think this really applies to people by the time they get past tier 4. Buy more stuff for credits this time Vents will increase your camo value by improving all bonuses to your crew The camo net will provide a bonus used of 25% Can I hide My Maus behind this hause ? The answer is yes if the house is bigger than the tank However once a tank gets within 50m of you , you're going to be proxy spotted. How not to be an annoying fucking retard in random games When you see a bush with a player behind it , don't think yippee free bush and drive straight into it , you're blocking your teammates line of sight, you're not hiding yourself properly and theres also the chance that the player you blocked may get annoyed and shoot you. So remember when going into a bush be observant of others and respect that they might have gotten to your favourite spot before you, don't ram them or grief them move on and find another spot ! Bush awareness saves lives
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    Show Off Your Rig

    So I'm working on upgrading my rig (again). I made a small shopping list with 2 GTX 770's, a full custom water cooling system and a new case. Speaking of the case, I just bought this behemoth: This is probably the only case I'll ever need for the foreseeable future. It's so big Brazil's regular postal service won't deliver it. It has room for literally everything you need, and you could probably store a small child inside it as well. My pants are tight.
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    Help, my P-40 is cursed

    To be honest, if i see an opponent rolling, i would just go pick on another target, because its darn near impossible to get a determined roller.
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    I wish actual platooning experience with Ziddy be as cute as the last pic, sadly, it's more like watching Ziddy do way more damage than I do. :3
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    Motorized Vehicle Porn Thread

    First, fuck you. Second, i'll remind you i'm not american, so i'm not lacking anything that i'd have to overcompensate for with a massive engine. Third, i had several reasons to repair it, but for all that matters the reason is that i like the car. I have more fun driving it than driving newer cars.
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    IIRC correctly, actual medical studies have been done which determined that people who game a lot are often more sensitive to FPS discrepancies.
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    Motorized Vehicle Porn Thread

    you spent real money fixing that?
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    The problem with WN8

    *Engage SerB mode* Play M18 better. Play M48 worse. *off*
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    I'm a baddie, yes. These are some things I learned the hard way. They seem pretty obvious now, but at some point I think we all made most these mistakes, and some we still continue to make. 1. Don't crest hills with reds on other side waiting. 2. Don't #YOLO#SWAG around corners with reds waiting on other side. 3. Don't rush up lines, jumping tanks as soon as you can. 4. Don't share bushes unless you know what you're doing. Nothing more frustrating than chilling in a bush all camo'd out, and having that tank roll up shooting. GTFO of my bush! 5. Don't follow the unicorns around the battle trying to glean info. You will only get in their way. If you can support, do so, but don't tailgate them, I need them to carry me. 6. Don't deny stats. If yo don't think they matter watch the replay of a baddie (me for example) and that of a unicorn. Pretty fucking obvious that stats are indictive of skill/ win rate. 7. Don't whine endlessly about MM. Just take lemons and make Arnold Palmer's. 8. Don't endlessly call your team noobs after you die 2 minutes in. Chances are YOU ARE THE NOOB. If you don't win the match you are all losers, regardless of what you did/didn't do. 9. Don't play drunk and expect your stats to rise. (You'll end up like me). 10. If you're not sure what you're driving into, probably shouldn't go that way.
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    hit the '+' key a few times to increase the size of the minimap so it can't be ignored as easily
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    Is SPrem Out of Control?

    Ayi. We can talk about the re-balancing after removal of Sprem when it comes. But my main issue is how Sprem is used to offset intended weaknesses. Some tanks were literally designed with weak penetration in mind, but made up for that with better armour, mobility, DPM, MM, credit-making, etc. Like the E50 or IS-6, give then Sprem, and they become borderline overpowered, definitely overpowered in case of IS-6.
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    I'd run JP2 = Roomba Anyway, I like to say that some tanks contribute arithmetically, and others contribute either as a force multiplier or logarithmically. (in accordance with Lanchester's law, of course) For this example, I'll be using tier 8 Line tanks tend to be arithmetic. - Two KTs working together has four times the combat effectiveness of a lone KT because they kill the lone KT in half the time. Supporting tanks tend to be force multipliers, they don't work effectively on their own, but multiply the effect of line tanks. - Autoloaders are a HUGE force multiplier, increasing the combat effectiveness of every other tank. Two KTs supported by a single AMX 90 will easily beat three KTs - On the other hand, a lone AMX 90 on its own isn't all that effective - TDs too tend to have this effect, though they often contribute as a line tank too (The JP2 can act as both a line tank and as a force multiplier with its DPM) Arty tends to have a logarithmic effect - A lone arty has a HUGE effect on how the game is played, but subsequent arty only displace the line tanks.
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    Skill based MM, why not?

    Hardly fair to purples, VERY fair to reds. If I'm a good player and I know that all that I'm going to be rewarded with is having to carry teams all the time, then what's the point? On the other hand, to a shit player, knowing that there's a guaranteed purple on my team to carry me is the biggest incentive. I say the better you play, the better the teams you deserve, lazy fuckers don't deserve to be rewarded with carries. The issue with this is that it'd turn into the Texas Baddie Massacre.
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    WZ-111 1-4

    I'm pretty sure you have to unlock the turret before the 130mm And if you're asking which turret is better, the top one is better for sure because of the gun buff. The aim time for the 100mm goes from 2.9 to 2.3, which is a HUGE difference maker, absolutely huge huge huge
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    WZ-111 1-4

    I checked models when i was playing it and decided to use top turret even before 130mm gun. Gun mantlet is imune and so are front cheeks, no turret roof weakspot. Agreed, 2 hatches are problem, but overall i dont see why not use best turret. Also, save engine upgrade last, its small boost and tank is fast enough without it.
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    XVM: Knowledge vs. Sanity

    XVM's accuracy is based on everyone performing at their historical abilities. I don't think it takes into account map bias, but I haven't checked the formula. It also doesn't take into account platoons or particularly good or bad tank matchups. Personal data: For *me*, the formula is pretty good between 30 - 70% predictions. I think this will be true for anyone playing according to their XVM rating. Outside the 30 - 70% range, the formula breaks down. Your still likely to lose or win, but it's not as bad/good as it looks. Smallish sample sizes, but makes sense. Anyone playing above (or below) their expected ability will find they win (or lose) more games than XVM predicts. At least that's how it looks to me. This data is over the same period: The totals don't add up because I started breaking the battle types down later in the data collection.
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    Expired GeForce tourney code

    Hell, I still haven't seen the gold for the tourney either. gg Nvidia.
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