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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    Hmmm, this topic is kind of bullshit. What kind of responses did you think you were going to get? People who are in foxey are going to say foxey, and DOS guys will say DOS. This is information you were lacking? Also, people are forming their opinions based on their bias of feelings towards certain players in each clan, which do NOT represent the clans as a whole. I admit, I find posts like this distasteful for a few reasons. First, you in are pupeh as an officer no less. The fact that you make your displeasure with your current clan so public is insulting to them. If I were to seek a new clan, I would drop tags and them commence my search. Second, if you base what clan you join on an opinion poll and want people to make up your mind for you, that shows a wishy washy/look at me kind of quality that would dissuade me from recruiting someone. Lastly, the best fits for a clan are ones you find on your own. Talk to people on your friends list. Visit their TS. Make up your own damn mind and don't trivialize it on a message board. You are also making quite an assumption that either of these clans want you. Your first contact about joining them should have been with them, not here.
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    Free Codes! Only 100,000 Globally!

    http://worldoftanks.com/en/content/docs/WGLGRANDF1NAL/ CODE: TEAMSWGLGRANDF1NAL I have no idea what I got but I like free codes EDIT: Apparantly it's 50 gold
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    How it feels firing the JPE post HEAT nerf:
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    I think D-O-S is perfect for Zeph
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    M-I-T is clearly the most superior clan. The fact that we haven't been mentioned at all in this thread makes me question everyone's perspective.
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    I disagree. As with balance in sc2, I remember something blizzard stated that I agreed with. The game is balanced around the top 10% of players. The other people need not concern themselves with balance - it doesn't matter in leagues below diamond. The answer to advancing in those leagues is simply to just play better. It's the same with tanks. Want to get a better winrate than 55%? Play better. Stop whining about balance.
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    #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread

    ** For those of you coming from the official boards, check out earlier pages for some funny hatemail/messages that I couldn't post on the official forums ** Good evening. My name is sela and I would like to give you a summary of the events of the last few days. Much of the information posted about the whole incident is generally hearsay and rumors, so I would like to set the record straight. Before we begin, let me give you some background on who I am and what I have been doing. My has been published for over nine (9) months and been freely available on both the official boards and here on WoTLabs. I have been streaming World of Tanks on Twitch for almost 5 months. During that time I have also on WoTLabs, where this was first posted, and where I freely give my time and assistance to NA and EU players looking to improve. Additionally, I have been posting helpful replays and assistance for a very long time (almost two years). Regarding the use of these mods: I began using the particular mods in questions about two weeks ago (2/28-ish). Before we start discussing this, let me define a few words for you, since they are bandied around with various connotations: cheat/cheating - breaking a rule or law to gain an advantage illegal - contrary to or forbidden by law Now, these "minimap enhancement" mods are not, by definition, cheats or illegal, compared to any other modification. In fact, the current rules that govern this sort of thing for the North American server are either extremely vague or nonexistent. When I found these mods, I made sure to do my homework. The rules as currently written: From the EULA: From the TOS: From the wiki: From the "Mod Responsibly" video From that video, the post shown is this thread, which links to the official RU boards here. Which is actually amusing, since the thread progresses to everyone saying that there are no illegal mods on the NA server, and the OP took the post down (it's quoted on page 4). Now, the policy that many of you refer to (found here) is an agreement that almost every player does not see, read, or sign. The reason? This is a list of modifications that should not be created or developed. At no point in the policy does it state that the mod types listed in section 5 (and really, the entire thing) apply to players. RU and EU have policies on banned mods; SEA does not. NA has no list, therefore, the assumption is that there are no illegal mods on the NA server. There had been no official posts by WGNA on any of these conversations, and no listing of the various minimap mods that I used. To me, this was (is) tacit approval of the "no illegal mods on NA" stance. Let's be frank - any and all modifications are treated the same per a literal interpretation of the EULA/TOS: bannable. However, the policy in practice, per these sources, is that mods are okay, and nothing is illegal. Regarding the reasons why I would use them: Were they unethical? Absolutely. Were they illegal? No, not according to WGNA policy. It was never my intent to run a specifically illegal mod - there are some out there that have clearly been defined as illegal (tracers, lasers, etc). Were the mods that I used listed somewhere as being illegal to use - I would not have used them. I am an intelligent individual - do you think I would have streamed my use of these mods if I felt like it was breaking a clearly defined rule? Now - given the lack of information available, and the inability or unwillingness on the part of WGNA to publish a list of banned mods, I decided to take advantage of the situation and see what these mods did, how they performed, if they helped me, etc. Why should I limit myself based on what other people deem unethical? It is obvious that opinions on the matter vary by a huge margin - some people believe any mod is a cheat, others believe that only some are. Frankly, the majority of the mods I had already been using (and which are deemed 100% legal) are far more advantageous than the minimap mods I had just begun using. Regarding the sanctions themselves: at approximately 3:00am on March 8th, I was (unexpectedly) permanently banned from World of Tanks for "Illegal Modifications" and "Promoting and provoking EULA violations". I attempted to log into an alt account (that I have never used) which was banned as well. At this point, I spoke to several people, who spoke with WGNA on my behalf, to clarify as to why I received a permanent ban without reason or explanation. Since then, the permanent ban has been removed as it was mistakenly applied - seeing as the WGNA policy on banned mods was, as previously shown, nonexistent. I received a temporary 7-day ban instead, for attempting to circumvent the original (and mistakenly applied) ban by using an alt account. From that point, after the reddit thread and FTR post, the situation exploded, and everyone can look through WoTLabs, the official NA and EU forums, etc. to see what the reaction has been. Let me address a few other things, while I'm here. @Laera from WGNA - thank you for the apology. While I obviously feel like I should not have been banned at all, I do understand the position that you, and WGNA, is in as a company as a whole. I understand that setting the wrong precedent, one way or the other, should be avoided and a compromise in between the two sides was unavoidable. I truly hope that, as a result of this situation, the list of illegal mods (and punishment for abuse of said mods) is made and published in a clear, concise manner, similar to what has been done on EU and RU. @T3azz - thanks for the apology. Had a good time platooning. @Silentstalker/Rita - I'm not sure where you got the idea that I was harassing Rita, as I do respect her for being a good streamer and an asset to the community. Similarly, while I disagree with your opinion on myself, I do appreciate the work you put into FTR and thank you for it. In regards to accusations of covering the minimap while streaming - I do this on purpose, occasionally, to attempt to combat "stream-sniping" (where a member of the opposing team will watch my stream in order to learn my team's positions, etc). I can put a delay on the stream - but this defeats the main purpose of streaming, which is to communicate with viewers. A several-minute delay effectively prevents this; therefore, the main way to combat it is to hide the minimap. My clan was, at some level, aware of the mod pack I publish, but never said anything about the mods being banned, nor that I should stop using them. Additionally, as always, my words and works are in no way representative of [-G-] as a whole. Similarly, I do feel that anyone vigorously and furiously rage-posting on the forums in a self-righteous, white-knighting manner are not representative of the clan as a whole. I do not have any negative feelings toward SIMP for this (aside from the pre-existing competitive rivalry, of course ). In regards to everyone else, feel free to discuss with me here, via PM on the official WG forums or the WoTLabs forums, on Twitter, or on Twitch. By all means, continue to support or vilify me. It's your choice - this is the internets after all. I find most of the invective hilarious, to be quite honest - the more you get angry and post about how deeply offended you are, the more I am laughing. Finally, I invite you to join me on my Twitch stream to watch quality tanking, see my mod pack in action, or have a discussion with me (or my viewers).
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    FUCK I knew I shouldn't have joined bulba
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    FOXEY clam best parent clam
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    I liked Walt's wife as much as I liked Rick's wife in The Walking Dead. ... which is to say, every time she showed up onscreen, I was rooting for a zombie to eat her fucking face off.
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    I made the mistake of reading some of the comments/threads about the sela shitstorm. WGNA incomptence/bias/caprice, angry butthurt baddies, and even eurobads screeching about how their home team is somehow relevant. All because sela is well known, helps the community, and presumes to be good at internet tanks. Some things just never change. So to honor NA's best kill stealing streaming baddie, I think I should do yet another challenge. - All solopub, no tc/cw/etc - No gold rounds - No mods - 75% crew - No OP fotm tanks (presumably this means waffle, who knows what else potatoes think is OP). - All replays hosted - Anything else baddies think makes unica op (tell me and I won't do it, ie, MM dodging, etc)? - Goal would be at a minimum unicum level gameplay with no butthurt excuses left Anyone interested in this? If so, should we ask the pubbies what tank they want to see and/or watch them line up to rant how its impossible even as I do it, again?
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    I would drop tags before talking shit about the clan I'm in especially as an officer. That's pretty disrespectful and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Also I've noticed you are an avid clan hopper and have never fully commited to any clan you've been in. If I were you I would do a little soul searching and find a clan that I can commit to instead of trying to find some sort of public opinion on other clans.
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    We can pretty much end the thread with this post.
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    maus CW use:
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    Animated PNG

    So, while I was making my signature image, I happened to come across a mention of an image format called APNG (Animated PNG). I, of course, was curious, so I downloaded a program which converted animated GIFs into APNG, and the result was actually a smaller file, which I thought was interesting, so I think I'm going to keep using it. Question: Can you see my signature below, animated? If not, can you see a single static frame? See poll.
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    Don't worry, I'll fix it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCV-EHVy_P0 NICE TWY, GUISE
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    Zeph, here is a suggestion. Go and chat with the officers/recruiters of each clan. The overall attitude and help you get will probably point you towards the one that best suits you. Shopping for the right clan isnt easy. You need to ensure that you fit will with the members, the direction, that you are okay with the image associated with a clan, and that you can also return value to the clan by joining. Good luck
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    This is perfect response.
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    Wait, who's subclan are you of? This is news to me. All I know is that you guys get all the rejects that Enjoy2, Otter, and Foxey don't want.
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    Actually read that one first and is what inspired my first post, but then the stats guy...wow. However, my favorite post so far is this one. I literally laughed out loud at "lyrical gangster". Really? I mean, he really said that? LMAO!
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    If you want 1v1s you could always join --O--...
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    I am sorry

    How many cheaters have successfully sued game companies to overturn their bans?
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    It's nowhere near the BL-10 edit: The biggest difference is the accuracy, .5 and .41 is a difference of 50% when you calculate the area of the aiming circle, the tier SU-152 has an aiming circle that is 150% the size of the BL10 (and even more if compared to the 704 as it gets an accuracy increase to .39) second biggest difference is the shell velocity, I don't recall the exact speed, but I believe its around 600 m/s and 880 m/s then there is the inherent weaknesses of HEAT, no normalization and difficulty dealing with spaced armor, it does make up for this with the sheer raw pen, as well as the fact that HEAT doesn't auto-bounce at 70 degrees like AP and APCR. I can see that you can compare the two in many ways, but I would not put them in anywhere near the same league, the BL-10 is much better. edit2: according to tank inspector, the HEAT shell for the SU-152 is significantly faster than its AP and HE shells. da fuq? If that's true, that is kind of broken, HEAT is supposed to be slower :/
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    Not OP, just too random. It's like "pick a tank, roll a dice, if you roll a 6, you'll fuck up that tank badly" kinda gameplay.
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    Updates to RBS.com

    I've recently added a few things that you might not know about, and will be doing some kewl stuff in the near future as well. If you have anything you think would be neat for me to do, let me know! I'm open. There's an RSS feed, link here. I have a Google Plus page, because Google is taking over the world I want to include some social media and I'm not a Twitter guy. The G+ page pulls in all of the videos, and I post the updates to the site there. Soon I'll post all my hopes and dreams there... or whatever it is you do on these social networks. Haven't figured that part out yet. I don't post all of my videos here, so subscribe to my YT channel or G+ if that's your thing. You probably missed T-62A confrontation, Malinovka Field Push, T-34-3: a Terribly Wonderful Purchase, or Me 262 Energy fighting while turning. I like the community involvement aspect of the site, and want to expand on that If you have a stream / channel / mod / service / program you want to promote, let me know.
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    I want them to patch that area out. Fucking taliban mountain warfare horseshit.
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    Just tell RBS you're interested in writing something and he'll send you some infos. Its super simple =)
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    The most boring tanks in the game

    Reminds me of a amx38 vs amx 38 shootout i once had. I was simply chatting with my opponent after a while, since it was ridiculous. And we agreed to simply move on to other enemies after a shot or 30.
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    About those political threads

    Fuck politics. The less here the better.
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    I dropped havok tags to join foxey. I could probably get in any clan I wanted too.
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    well then I guess I'll drop tags and apply to FOXEY
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    I'm pretty biased, but here's an honest opinion: D-O-S is probably better than us in a fight. They have better tankers overall. They probably have better callers, too. I think that's where the benefits end. Foxey has been pretty much homegrown. You know how much help PUPEH gets from the big clans in petco - we work with Otter a reasonable bit, but we got here on our own accord. We have much better diplo, but fight plenty. Dare I say we have fantastic diplo. We have a good, solid community with a strong presence here. We are on the up and up. We have been growing in a long term, stable fashion. We may not wreck major clans with frequency, but we have earned the respect of enough in combat and have acheived some pretty impressive upsets (We've had our share of bad matches too, of course ). If you desire to go to one of the elite petco clans, no harm, no foul, when it's time to go, you can move up as you see fit. Plenty have made the jump. If you want to eventually join PBKAC or something, I am OK with you coming to Foxey with that as a goal. But it is also my goal for you to get here and realize you want to stay here instead. We are so awesome that KraftLawrence went to HAVOK and recently left... to come back to Foxey.
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    D-O-S or FOXEY?

    I know the roster of D-O-S is a collection of names made by 14 year olds, but im not in it for the names.... also I love the notion of the forever lasting war to keep Blitzer alone and regretful thanks for starting that . As for CW attendance is fine with me as long as you are fine with me being there 3 times a week seeing as I work and have school during the week.
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    odds for you to carry

    Its less "how many enemies" and more "how many can get their gun on you at once". Much like when trying to please a few guys, I can't take more than maybe 2 at once period; even reds know enough to make that certainly fatal. Therefor the main factors in how outnumbered I can be and still win are the following, assuming I'm in a tank that's capable of doing it: -How strung out the opponents are on the map. -My mobility; I'm not a great twitch reflex guy, but I can play some pretty mean mindgames with pubbies when I have to. It requires a great deal of mobility, though. -Obvious factors like map (larger is better), enemy hp, my HP, skill levels, enemy tanks etc. Assuming your average situation, I don't beat myself up over losing to anything worse than a 2v1 . I might win 3v1. 4v1 is doable, but only in great circumstances. 5v1+ is just dumb luck, but I've done it a few times. I'd say 4v1 is probably the limit for unicums to reasonably think they could carry. A little off topic, but last stands are fun, especially if you've got a sliver of brainpower. Doing things like letting yourself get lit, driving one way until you unlight, and then going a completely different direction to screw with your opponent? Funfun! Maybe its down to 2v1; you vs an arty and some guy sitting in your base, waiting for you... why sit there and fight on his terms? Drive across the entire map while he waits for you and rip apart the arty! Patience is key; if you've got time, use it. Be unexpected! The strategies available to you in an underpopulated map are quite diverse, its an entirely new (and incredibly fun) skill to learn. Plus it impresses the ladies... and platoonmates.
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    The KV-1 Challenge

    How I play the T1:
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    Minecraft Thread

    Chroma Hills Also some screenshots of the Villager Death Hall/Dungeon. http://imgur.com/a/RYWbe
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    E-50M Review by precambrian

    I better not see a HowToGetBetterByPrecum.
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    I'm always amazed at how people are so quick to jump at each other's throats on the internet. Sometime's it's fun to give the dad lecture to people who spam "uninstall, sexii" in-game. It goes a little something like this: Hey, <shitpoaster_username>. How are you today? Do you usually speak this harshly to people in real life? You should consider that every single tanker in this game is an actual person with their own feelings, aspirations, and dreams. They, like you, deserve respect and you should give them that. I've actually gotten several people in-game to calm their nips with the dad lecture. They'll even, *gasp*, return to their non-shitpoasty human selves and be kind for the rest of the game. I've gotta say, a successful delivery of the dad lecture feels better than a top gun medal.
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    The point is to exclude anything that might cost money, so it's a straight comparison to someone just 'casually' playing. Doesn't need to be the worst tank, but should be in the negative bracket (I got 55% on the GC solo, so pretty sure he could manage it, but wouldn't recommend it). I would say the parameters would be: 1) No equipment that requires gold to move 2) Start stock (doesn't need to stay stock, obviously) 3) Start 75% (doesn't need to reset each battle, but at tier 7 I think a lot of players just start a new crew) 4) No premium rounds 5) No premium consumables 6) Don't unlock modules until you get 1.5x exp for it (simulate no premium) and enough credits to buy (1.5x) 7) Grind it until you unlock the next tank (1.5) and make enough credits to buy it (1.5x cost)
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    will KAZNA disband now after the truth it out?
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    Welp, rip me. I have most of the settings turned down and I only run 30-40fps.
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    WN8 breakthrough

    sorry for bed english when were you when statistic dies? i was sat at home eating smegma butter when reed form 'statistic is kill' 'no'
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    APCR pens less over range, but better through spaced armor. Please stay on top of your mechanics and don't post misinformation!
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    How do you Maus?

    [sperg]Can we fucking get this shit right!?!? &gt;:| Side-scraping is when you deliberately rub your tank against another tank in order to prevent them from shooting at your hull. Presenting them with only your thick skull. It is physically impossible for the Maus to do that. Positioning your tank so that you hide weak points and expose only highly angled armour is called not being a moron. Side-scraping is often confused with one method of not being a moron where you reverse out from cover (away from the enemy) - known in ancient times as reverse-peek-a-boom. The Maus is actually very good at not being a moron, with some good positioning and a little turret wiggling you can literally shrug off tens of thousands of damage. It suffers the same problems as any very slow tank. It cannot flex in a timely manner, it must pick it's path and crush all opposing it.[/sperg]
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    How am I thinking in 2 dimensions? I’m giving you the conic section of the dispersion cone and showing you that the ellipse is actually larger if both cones are at the same length. You don’t need the reticle shape to tell that your target is close; distance indicator already tells you that. You can't group "stretched reticles" due to distance and due to impact angle into one. You’re going to get more round reticle with high arc US arties vs low arc Russian arties, who just happened to be more accurate by paper stats. You're essentially saying "it's more accurate when shooting at targets closer", which is pointless statement. You don’t get the full two surface area just because you can see it. The total area you will get will be sum of sin θ of top face and cos θ front face, θ being the angle between shell impact path and the ground. The area does increase as your impact angle decrease from 90 degrees, and it max out at the 3rd figure showing below, then decrease from there. And you can see from the scaled top view that the total area your shell is “looking at” doesn't change by much. False conclusion because reticle elongation can occur under difference circumstances. First circumstance would be target being closer, which would naturally result in more accuracy, but you can just read the distance indicator. Second circumstance, as mentioned already, a target at the same distance but on a slope facing away from you will be harder to hit using the same arty, due to reason illustrated above. When the shell impact angle is very small, your shell only have mostly the area of the front of the tank to hit, so same dispersion amount that would still result a hit for close to directly down shoots could miss. Third circumstance is running lower arc arties that have more accuracy due to values dev assigned. Well, if you run more accurate arties, yeah you'll hit more often. When looking at shot decision of the current arty you're driving, the third option doesn't apply and it comes down to first two. If you're picking closer shots, it'll be more accurate, that's given, but it's not caused by the shape of the reticle. A tank at the same distance that's on a slope facing you would result in more round reticle that's the same diameter as the width of your ellipse for flat ground shot, and thus less dispersion and higher accuracy. For shooting at the same distance, if you're picking elongated reticle over round one, you're actually picking worse shots, as illustrated by the conic intersections in previous post. You're getting slight increase in area of target at the optimal angle (and you have no control over that, since angle is decided by the slope he's on), but not nearly enough to make up for the increase in reticle size. Most of the time the angle would be smaller than optimal angle, which result in much smaller area of the tank to hit, and hence why tanks on slope facing away from you will be harder to hit. In summary, reticle shape alone does not tell you how accurate you will be and you can not decide better shots from reticle shape alone when driving an arty. Round reticles will be more accurate than stretched reticles, given that it's fired from the same gun at same distance. Low arc arties in game have higher accuracy given by dev, and their accuracy is not due to low arc (unless you consider less fly time resulting in easier to lead target).
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