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    [BULBA] "The #1 Social Clan that beats the #1 Clan Wars Clan" http://youtu.be/J2RCxBTMpRE http://youtu.be/oN31fR1Vzfk http://youtu.be/kVkwNyQWncQ http://youtu.be/I1ZV9eK0G7c http://youtu.be/wvj3ep-wI6M http://youtu.be/E7YBut1Kacs ~ As the fields of green are gently caressed by the soft winds, the Bulbasaurs run wild and free~ ~ The exquisite clan [bULBA] is ALWAYS recruiting exceptional tankers! ~ TeamSpeak: ts.cgchai.com ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ WoTcs.com (Updated 5/9/15) - ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ WoTLab's BULBA's Overall Stats and Recent Stats (Updated 5/9/15) - BULBA has the highest both recent WN8 AND Win Ratio on ALL SERVERS. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ WoTLab's BULBA's 1st Place WN8 Overall Clan Position (Updated 5/9/15) - ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recruitment Standards: Quality is our goal, and so far we have reached all of our goals and will continue to reach them. Overall Stats: -2750+ WN8 -62%+ Win Ratio -10K+ Personality Rating Recent/60 Day Stats: -3650+ WN8 -70%+ Win Rate Other Important Factors with becoming a Bulbasaur: -5+ USEFUL Tier X Required (Respectable stats in 10s is our biggest priority) -Must be in love with the Bulbasaur Other Requirements: -Individual performance among Tier 10's will be reviewed and heavily weighed upon unless you are a credible, well known person. -How well you get along with other Bulbasaurs is a major factor, I'm not wasting time dealing with people's shit. We participate and hold land in CW, and while showing up is rewarded it is not required. However, if you do plan on being an active member of our community that is a plus. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ We also participate regularly in Strongholds, and the Attack/Defenses. (Updated 5/9/15) - As far as I know, we have one of the highest Win Ratio in Skirmishes on the server. (Updated 5/9/15) - ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are never full, we ALWAYS have spots for exceptional players. Personality Rating and Average Exp/Game is actually a decently good indication of skill, if you have - 10,000+ PR Rating / Top 100 in Hall of Fame for Exp/Game _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BULBA has participated in the last Mini-Campaign and Main-Campaign, easily acquiring tanks for everyone who actively participated. Bulbasaur, I Choose You! BULBA has many top players on the NA Server, if you are one you are of those players, please come stop by. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Resident Bully Victim - None because this is a Bully-Free Zone. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please send _Shrew or Oxmathus a PM via In-Game or either the WotLabs or Main WoT Forums if you meet our requirements and/or to begin the recruitment process. Each Recruit is looked at in-depth by our officers to ensure we're letting quality players into our clan. Bulbaaaa bulba! Recruitment Contact: Diplo Contact: Current Glorious Commander of the Day - Current Player Who is Most Likely to Steal all our Gold -
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    E50M / E50 what to ram?

    Simple: EVERYTHING.
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    Good luck to you guys! Hopefully one day far from now i can be a unicorn myself, but until then i'll just be here watching from the side lines. What i imagine walking into CR/D is going to be like
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    Gold Spending Guide by precambrian

    Sorry, when I first saw the title I was expecting to see Name change Name change Name change but I see it's a real article...
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    Go die in a fucking pit WG balance team Absolute clowns
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    Who here has the best avatar?

    When the dude with the dancing Emma enters this thread, this thread is over.....just saying Mine is just some random photo I took of my dog playing with some random ball
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    Playing with IRL Potato Friend

    Unfriend him
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    If you want a end-tier medium tank like the cromwell, you should grind another tree The two german medium lines are both snipers but have a different set of qualities to help them play that role. The E-50m line plays like a pseudo heavy tank with fantastic speed. It has great armor for a medium and in fact it can function as a poor man's heavy by using hull-down tactics and side scrapping. With its high HP pool, it can tank a lot of damage and hurt any targets with its fantastic gun at all ranges. The downside is crap camo and the fact that it has a huge profile. The armor is great for a MEDIUM TANK - you will still inevitably lose to heavy tanks when it comes to prolonged brawling. All-in-all, the tank offers flexibility and is a jack of all trades. Not often used for clam wars but great in pubs. The Leo plays quite the opposite - it sacrifices any semblance of armor for superior speed and amazing gun handling. It is a superb sniper and has great camo - making it an excellent scout and alternative to the batchat. Unfortunately, having tissue paper for armor makes this tank tedious to drive and even the smallest of mistakes can send you back to the garage. You thus have to play cautiously and be always aware of your position and vision mechanics. Knowing when and where to shoot while remaining undetected or minimizing your exposure afterwards is vital to your survival. While the tank itself is a pleasure to drive, the E-50m is arguably more newbie friendly and more flexible. The leo does sometimes play as a substitute for the batchat's role as scout in Clam Wars Still - if you want a medium tank that has all the right ingredients to succeed - try grinding the Russian medium line and get the T-62A and Obj 140. Those two tanks are arguably the best of their class and are ideal medium tanks. They blend firepower, speed, camo and flexibility into one deadly package.
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    willing to give padding lessons to get people to the requisite stat barrier
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    As soon as you start calling in Danish or Swedish or whatever the fucking language you speak eurofag.
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    Playing with IRL Potato Friend

    I play with several irls. The best one (dark green-blue): no problems, obviously. The one who was green but really annoying when we lost: eventually we lied, said we weren't playing tanks, he found out and got super pissed. Problem solved! The one who sucked but was salvageable: subtly made him feel guilty for sucking and dragging us down and he gradual improved to yellow-green. The one who was bot level bad because he realized he could make more credits by sui-scouting: killed him in the forest and fed his corpse to bears. lolololjk there were no bears, just a shallow grave.
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    Playing with IRL Potato Friend

    Really? You are worrying about in game stats over a friendship?
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    Hello fellas, I'm Jojo and I will be uploading replays worthy of watching. They will be unique, non of that standard "Just 4k+ Damage" replays. They will have a point to them. They will range from Solo carries to Platoon carries, or from Epic comebacks to So close losses. They will feature the best players on the server, and they will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube with Commentary/ Text on what I was thinking and probably explain tactics used, but this is still a WIP :^) o7o7o7
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    HAV thread, reopened.

    HAV has been reopened, and discussion is welcome within it. The mods have discussed the usefulness of such a thread here, and we feel that it does have a place here on our forum. The discussion's on what happened and historical facts can be appreciated by people. What isn't appreciated or welcomed, is the ability for discussion to rapidly spiral out of control in the HAV thread, and ultimately, the shit posting that can follow. We want to make it clear, we will not tolerate any abuse of forum guidelines. The moderation here will be stricter with a no strike policy. If you dont agree with this, and feel that rules don't apply to you, that is fine, go ahead and do what you feel you have to. Just dont be surprised at the response. Feel free to refresh yourself on forum guidelines and etiquette to ensure that ban hammers don't drop. Keep your discussion civil, refrain from calling those who dont agree with you out as "liars", and please do your best to build a good solid thread. By posting in this thread after it has been reopened, you are acknowledging that you will be moderated more severely then usual, and that we will not tolerate over inflated ego's flaming each other over historical facts, linked to the game we play. It is a game after all, random picture ~AW Moving this here because I aided and abetted derailing Garbad's review of the Tiger-H. Da Comradesky! 96,000 of our glorious freedom loving tanks of the proletariat were lost in the great patriotic war. Or at least got stuck in the mud. Same thing..... Since less than 96,000 tank guns were made and we all know that no tanks drove through Berlin at the end of the war....it only because of those 23,000 tanks that we started the war with .... and the fact that we sent tanks into combat without Guns..... they were supposed to pick up the gun of the tank in front of them when those tanks were shot*, that is the only reason we had anything left at the end. *The numbers I stated here are in fact accurate and from a couple different sources.... but often the person quoting them doesn't understand. There is a primary source that places 96,000 CCCP tanks "lost". What Wheraboos often fail to understand is that this source came form CCCP archives that count as lost ANY tank that dropped out of a road march for any reason....including getting stuck in the mud. The "not issued a gun" is joke. Wheraboos often quote this in referencing the "human wave attacks". It didn't happen. At least not in WW-II. It did sadly happen in WW-I, it was one of the leading reasons the military was all about getting rid of the Tzar. (Oh... and the Chinese did it in WW-II, but man.... they were a disaster) The Glorious comissar of teh peeps republick EE did sayeth: There are a number of myths that get repeated over and over again by newcomers to these forums. If you read this thread, hopefully you won't have to keep repeating them! Myth: Belton Cooper's book "Death Traps" is a good book about the Sherman. Fact: Belton Cooper was a mechanic during the war, and thus lacked a good overall perspective of the Sherman's performance. His laments about Shermans being no good against Tigers and Panthers are questionable, as his unit did not encounter Tigers and Panthers when he said it did. Furthermore, a portion of his book is dedicated to a rant about a Yankee conspiracy when it came to naming the tank, despite the fact that "Sherman" was a British nickname. The American designation was "Medium Tank M4". Myth: Shermans were prone to fires due to the gasoline engines, and were nicknamed "Ronson" by their crews. Fact: Shermans were not especially fire-prone (consider German tanks that also used gasoline engines, but avoid this reputation). Fires were caused by improper storage of ammunition, when it was literally stuffed everywhere inside the tank it could fit. The end of this practice drastically reduced the number of Sherman fires. The Ronson nickname is attributed to the slogan "lights every time". The slogan was launched post-war, and thus could not influence the nickname. Myth: German tanks in general, and Tigers in particular, were impervious to Allied guns. Fact: Tigers were vulnerable to even Shermans armed with 75 mm guns. The longer 76 mm gun (superior in AP performance to the Soviet 85 mm gun, which could handle Tigers just fine) had no problem with Tigers or Panthers. British "Firefly" Shermans equipped with 17 pounder guns could effectively combat any German armour, including Tiger II tanks. Myth: The Germans enjoyed unprecedented success in Europe due to the "Blitzkrieg" doctrine. Fact: Blitzkrieg was never a doctrine. Zinegata explored the topic here. Myth: German and crews were superior to anything the Allies had, and achieved an X:1 kill to death ratio (the number varies greatly). Fact: The flaws of German kill counts are covered in detail here and here. Myth: Soviet optics were abysmal, and their guns inaccurate, to the point where they could not engage enemy targets at more than a few hundred meters. Fact: Soviet guns do not lack mechanical accuracy, and are occasionally more accurate than their German counterparts. As for optics, Americans praised them at Aberdeen trials: "Consensus: the gun sights are the best in the world. Incomparable to any currently known worldwide or currently developed in America.". Myth: The T-34 was a very unreliable tank, as proven by trials at Aberdeen. Fact: While trials at Aberdeen uncovered some flaws in early T-34 tanks, the tank sent to them was an obsolete model that went through major refurbishment. Furthermore, American testing was flawed (for example, they failed to oil up the air filter). Read more details here and here. Myth: Order #227 of the People's Commissariat of Defense, nicknamed "Not One Step Back", allowed for executions of Soviet soldier and officers without trial by commissars for retreating. Fact: Many people have heard of the order, but never actually read it. The text of the order states that officers that retreat without authorization are to be relieved of duty and face court-martial. Court-martial for disobeying orders is common procedure in any army. "Panickers and cowards should be executed", however, did allow for overzealous interpretation. The order is also frequently confused with Order #270, which allowed for execution of any commander or political worker that removes their rank insignia and flees to the rear or surrenders to the enemy. Myth: The King Tiger could not be penetrated by any tank gun. Fact: The Tiger II was penetratedmanytimes by various weapons in trials. Even the meek 85 mm gun on the T-34-85 was capable of dealing a fatal blow to it at 300 meters. The Wikipedia article for the Tiger II has a very nice photo of a Tiger II with a 17 pounder hole in the front. Ironically, the only weapon in Soviet tests that was consistently incapable of penetrating the front of the Tiger II was the Panther's gun, even with APCR. Myth: If the Germans could build the Maus, they would win the war for sure, as it would be invincible! Fact: Even if the Germans managed to get a Maus into combat without it getting stuck, the Soviets had guns that were capable of fighting it by 1944: the BL-8/10 and BL-9 (and, if you want to go back further, various 107 mm guns). Myth: Germans had the best optics in the entire war. Fact: Not really, just some minor advantages in sight form factors (and not glass quality, like is often said). Daigensui explores the topic here. (Credit: Daigensui) Myth: Soviet Cold War era armour was abysmal, and the Americans had nothing to fear from it. Fact: The CIA disagrees. Myth: Germans could knock out Allied tanks at great ranges, and routinely did so from distances as great as 2 kilometers or even greater. Fact: Research indicates that the average engagement range was only several hundred meters. Shots from over 1 kilometer were either rarely taken, or rarely reached their target. Myth: The Panther was flawless. Fact: Panthers, even the latest models, were full of mechanical issues, such as final drives that lasted 150 kilometers. The_Chieftain goes over them here. Additionally, the armour was of exceptionally poor quality,cracking after non-penetrating hits. (Credit: Jeeps) Myth: A SuperPershing knocked out a King Tiger at Dassau. Fact: Only if it had a teleporter of some kind. Myth: Shermans were not meant to engage enemy tanks, and were supposed to run away whenever they saw them. Fact: There is no such instruction in the War Department Armored Force Field Manual Myth: The SS were an elite fighting force, especially their armoured divisions. Fact: The success attributed to the SS is mostly based on their war diaries (Tigers in Combat). The diaries had little to do with reality (Tigers in Normandy). Even the Wehrmacht slashed the claims of the SS in half when estimating their performance, and Schneider's research shows that even that was an optimistic figure. For example, Wittmann's famous battle at Villers-Bocage where he is claims 20 kills only had 7 to his name. His victory was blown out of proportion by SS propaganda, since they were desperate for a tank ace among their own, routinely assigning an entire unit's accomplishments to one tank/crew. Most people focus on the three SS divisions that were LAH, Reich, and Totenkopf, which were equivalent to a Wehrmacht division at the best of times. The remaining SS divisions were barely Volkssturm quality, assigned to rear line duties such as executing civilians and fighting partisans. (Credit: Zinegata) Myth: Early war French tanks were awful and no match for German armour. Fact: The B1, Hotchkiss, and Somua tanks were superior to German tanks in armament and armour thickness. However, "soft" characteristics (gas tank capacity, for instance) allowed German tanks to avoid battle with them. Myth: The IS tank was created as a direct counter to the Tiger tank. Fact: Here is a list of GABTU's requests on the matter. The IS tank is not in it. The IS was meant to replace the KV as a breakthrough tank. The ability to combat enemy armour was a secondary, not a primary, requirement. Myth: German tanks were superior to all of their contemporaries even in the early war. Fact: While the PzIII and PzIV were solid vehicles, they were available in small numbers. The Germans gladly used captured Czech tanks, and even French tanks up to and including the Renault FT (Sotvoreniye Broni, Y. Reznik). Even old Soviet tanks were no exception. Myth: The Marine Corps used the M4A2 Sherman because they wanted fuel commonality with the Navy and Springfield rifles because they were considered more reliable. Fact: The Marine Corps during WWII was a bit of a red-headed stepchild of the US military. They had to make do with equipment no one else wanted, which included old rifles and diesel Shermans. That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure there are more, so post them, and I will add them to the OP.
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    FV 215b (183) Review

    This is a somewhat in-depth review of the FV 215b (183) British Tier 10 Tank destoryer (WARNING, very picture/text heavy. TL:DR version at the very bottom) Basic Information: Cost: 6,100,000 Credits Tier: 10 Hit Points: 2000 HP (Decent health for a T10, however it's the same as it's Tier 9 predecessor) Weight limit: 64t (Could ram some light targets but ONLY in desperate situations) Engine Power: 800 HP (Powerful enough help you relocate quickly if needed) Speed Limit: 34.3 Km/H (Pretty decent for a TD) Traverse: 32 deg/s (keep in mind it has a turret) Pivot: Yes My layout: Armour: (Link to the origin of the pictures here: http://wotguru.com/weak-spot-guide-fv215b-183/) FRONT: When Facing an 183: Pretty much to hurt a 183 frontally you have to shoot at its Turret cheeks or lower glacis. If he's at an angle and you can get a shot onto his engine deck then that's a viable option too. The copulas are shootable but do require quite a bit of aiming. When in an 183: Hull down as much as you can, wiggle your turret to minimize the chances of getting shot in your turret cheeks. SIDE: When Facing an 183: Shoot anywhere but the gun mantlet and you'll do damage, simple as that. When in an 183: Why would you have your side facing the enemy... Rear: When Facing an 183: Same principle as the side armour. Turret can get jammed if you aim for the Turret ring, however it's quite hidden so I wouldn't suggest it. Angled: When in an 183: Dude...... Angled: When facing an 183: When at an angle try to shoot for turret cheek if you can, if not your second choice is its side armor. the Side armor is quite weak even at an angle and it should go through. If both of them are not viable options then just go for the lower glacis. When in an 183: Angling doesn't really work in this thing. Please don't... Actual Breakdown: So... the 183. I'm quite new to the whole thread writing thing, and while browsing through the British section of the forums I saw a thread where someone requested for an in-depth 183 guide, so here I am typing away. The 183, in simplest words, is a RNG machine that runs on credits. The biggest selling point of this tank is the gun, which fires a special type of round called HESH (High Explosive Squash Head). I will go more in depth on this once I get to the gun part, but first let's start with the tank itself. Armour is not that spectacular, it's actually a lot worse than advertised on the wiki. Although you get miracle bounces ever so often, do not count on your armour. Let your decent mobility keep you safe. The turret's 16 d/s traverse + your hull's 32 d/s traverse means you get 48 d/s traverse when you really need it. This for a tank destroyer is surprisingly useful especially when a fast tank tries to circle/ flank you. The engine with its 800hp gives you a hp/t ration of around 13.33, while that's nothing spectacular, it gets the job done. Radio is the standard 750 Gun elevation arc has a depression of -5 with an elevation of +15. The depression is meh but the elevation is actually somewhat nice. Gun arc is 45 degrees both directions, that gives you a 90 degree gun traverse. This is one of the very nice things about the 183. Unfortunately your gun aim expands like a balloon hooked up onto a pump so don't expect your aim to be that great while turning your turret. View range is 400 which is quite nice for a td. For equipment I run Rammer, GLD and Vents because this tank is all about the gun and I want to make it the best it can. (No, I am too poor for Tea/Pudding) Okay, on to the gun. the gun uses AP, HESH and HE. You only get 12 rounds in your ammunition. AP costs 2250 a round, HESH costs 8000 a round and HE costs 1900 a round. This tank WILL burn your money. Usually I lose about 20-80 Thousand credits a game whether I win or not. In extremely good games sometimes I earn about 500-3000 but you really shouldn't be counting on earning credits in this tank. Penetration: 310/275/92 Damage: 1150/1750/1750 the AP has the best AP pen in the whole game, but I never use it simply because if you use AP you became a JgPzE100 with no armor... I don't load the HE simply because your reload will render it completely useless. Even if you see a soft target (like those juicy Waffle auf E100s), it will take you 30-24 seconds to reload. By that time He'll either be long dead or gone I run pure HESH and I think that's the most viable way to go simply because of the splash and damage it can do. Here's the interesting part of the HESH rounds, thanks to RNG the pen can roll anywhere from 206mm to 344mm. So pray to RNGesus whether you are facing an 183 or driving one. Same thing goes for the damage. The range is from 1313 to 2188. This means that sometimes you'll do about the same damage as the AP rounds but sometimes you'll get to 1 shot T110E3s. (real fun) Here's the catch. The HESH rounds have to PENETRATE to do the damage. Or else they will just do a splash damage of around 600. As HESH rounds have the same penetration mechanism as HE, simply aim for flat surfaces on the enemy tank where you KNOW 275 penetration will pen then you'll be okay. If the enemy shows their side to you take care not to shoot at spaced armour or tracks or your gun will only do a measly 600ish damage. A very very useful point of the HESH rounds is that even if you don't pen you'll do on average 600 health of damage to the enemy simply due to your massive gun. This is super useful against other enemies. If they are hulled down (like Jg Pz E100) or side scraping (E100) you can still hit their tracks or their front armour for 600ish damage. This becomes critically important when you are in late game situation where all enemies are almost dead. If you see an enemy don't even bother to aim for flat surfaces, just hover your mouse over them and click. 95% of the time they will disappear. The base reload is 30 seconds, however with vents BIA, rammer and an 100% crew you can push it down to about 24 seconds. You can go even further with premium food but I usually go with an auto fire extinguisher just to be safe. The accuracy of this tank is 0.4 with an aim time of 3.4, which seems really bad but a GLD, good crew with BIA and vents can help with this. To put these numbers into perspective, this gun's accuracy is the same as the 130mm S-70 on the IS-7 (Dem Russian accuracy tho) Your really, really, really should take your time when you are aiming because the slightest jerk in your hand can make the difference between 1 shooting your enemy or completely missing him/her. (In case any females read this) RNG WILL decide if you will have a fun game or a meh game. (Insert Serb Troll joke here:) I usually drive to a very hidden place on the map and set up camp . You really want to be in a place where you can shoot at a lot of areas on the map while not being spotted. Your decent mobility can most of the time help with that. On tighter maps, dead-camp a critical choke-point and pre-aim at where tanks' lower glacis or hull will most likely appear, once they appear, shoot (most of the time 1 shooting them) then get into cover and reload. Repeat until all tanks disappear. There really isn't much left with regards to this tank. Always stay safe when you are reloading, smart enemies WILL come hit you if you manage to only splash them. If you are being circled or flanked, usually you won't be in too much trouble. if you are reloaded simply turn and shoot them. If you are still reloading pray they won't clip you before you reload while turning and pre-aiming at them so that once you ARE reloaded you can put the shot in right away. Oh and yes you are quite team reliant. Once you get good enough you could try to carry but it's quite hard. If you team decides to all die in the first 5 minutes then you are pretty much f*cked. TL:DR version: Mega RNG machine. Kinda like playing Jackpot Machine. Don't count on your armor, take time to aim. This is my first time writing a post like this. I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions feel free to PM me in game or leave a comment below. Thanks and GL on the battlefield! Here, have a potato:
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    The Lead Indicator

    Why do noobs have such bad aim? Aside from being noobs, a big reason is the lead indicator. What is the lead indicator? The lead indicator is that little red dot that shows you where to point your plane and fire if you want to miss your target. Okay... that is a bit harsh. Let me explain... The lead indicator is a calculation of your weapons muzzle velocity against the current speed and direction of your target. Think of it like this, a math problem. Question 1. You see Bandet. You hate him for breaking the game due to always flighting up and thus killing you in a 3v1. He needs to die. Bandet's plane is 500 meters away, traveling at a constant velocity of 300km/h. Your weapons have a 750 m/s muzzle velocity. How much should you lead Bandet to rid the world of him? Well, you don't have to calculate this, the lead indicator does this for you... so where does it mess up? Let us look at question 2 and find out! Question 2. Bandet dropped into a vertical dive, therefore your previous calculation is now off. Ignoring air resistance, Bandet is now accelerating at a constant velocity of 9.8^2 m/s. How much should you lead Bandet to rid the world of him? Now, in this scenario, the lead indicator would calculate that, but it cannot factor in constant acceleration because the lead indicator is a high school dropout. So basically, at every instant the lead indicator would be getting further and further ahead of the target. Therefore, you have to aim at where the lead indicator WILL BE when the bullets connect, NOT where the lead indicator actually is when you fire. If you want a more clear example, you can see the video of mine that I took these screencaps from: Now, this effect also works in reverse. Question 3. In a desperate attempt to avoid your wrath, Bandet changed direction and is now going into a vertical climb, therefore your previous calculation is now off. Ignoring air resistance, Bandet is now decelerating at a constant velocity of 9.8^2 m/s. How much should you lead Bandet to rid the world of him? This scenario is much like the last, but here the lead indicator is getting closer and closer to the target as time passes. Therefore, you have to aim behind the lead indicator. Again, if you want a video of this you can watch the movie: Okay so, we understand leading the lead indicator, but it also happens when the plane changes direction. If the direction change is constant, the lead indicator won't be able to compensate, and you miss. Question 4. At this point CrayolaCrayon was having packet loss and was unable to use Bandet's bait climb from question 3 to make you swiss cheese. So Bandet decided to turn and fight and he changed direction and is now diving and turning, therefore your previous calculation is now off. How much should you lead Bandet to rid the world of him? Again, if you want a video of this you can watch the movie: ------------- So when is the lead indicator ever right? Two situations: 1. The target is not changing velocity or direction. 2. The amount of change is negligible. Think of #2 like this: The lead indicator dot is much smaller than the actual plane you are aiming at is. Say the plane you are targeting is diving, but not changing velocity fast enough to avoid your bullets. Your bullets might hit the rear of the plane, or the tail, they don't completely miss. In this situation, the target had just recovered from a stall, so he was diving but not very fast, so aiming at the lead indicator was still good. #2 happens a lot at lower tiers. The planes are so slow that almost nothing you can do will make the lead indicator off, as you will still hit the airplane at some part. The higher tier you play, the faster you fly, and thus, the more inaccurate the lead indicator will be. ---- The effects of Muzzle Velocity on the lead indicator Okay, take this simple problem. Question 5. Bandet's plane is 500 meters away, your weapons have a 500 m/s muzzle velocity. How long after firing will your bullets reach Bandet? 1 second, simple. What this means is that if you are shooting at me in this scenario, I have 1 second to get out of the way, and the bullets will miss. In a higher tier, this isn't that hard because you are moving so fast, but as before, if you are in a tier 1, it simply won't happen. Now, take this for example: Question 6. CrayolaCrayon recovered from packet loss without pulling a "stoagz". He is flying a HG2 with the 20mm's so his muzzle velocity is stronk. You are 300 meters away from him, and his muzzle velocity is 915 m/s. How long do you have to avoid his German Laser beams of Death? The answer is about 1/3 of a second, so of course, you can't. CrayolaCrayon gets you, and Bandet flies away.
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    I heard there's a really big signing bonus.
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    WN8 Expected Values Update

    The goal is to produce a documented method that periodically generates new expected values for WN8 in a way that is consistent with the WN8 wiki but without the controversial 'manual adjustment'.
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    Yep, permissions have just been fixed. Hoorah!
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    Wont catch me dead in QSF Too much stigma. But, QB's stream is what made me realize how utterly garbage I was back then at 3k games (like, brain dead 400 WN8) and made me want to get better. Jingles was the baby pudding. Needed something to educate myself on tanks QB impressed upon me about how much I sucked, and how I needed to learn the game. Sela/Anfield, cause #BestStreamsNA and NA Meta Now moving to the SEAL streams/replays (HOLY CRAP POLTTO, 5k+ WN8 RECENT?!?!?!) for the dinning on top of the Eiffel Tower on a moonlit summer's eve. Also, positioning/avoiding damage/wrecking face
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    Thanks Never. While everyone at QSF likes QBs stream, we aren't raving fanboys - Quickybaby founded the community but the community runs itself, especially the clans. QBs stream is just what brought us all together. You don't have to use efficiency on your XVM. Thinking of applying? Thanks for the comment, the requirements are set where they are to encourage applicants. If you are 52% now and visiting WOTLabs regularly, then we'd be happy to have you - you are on the road to being a great tanker and will be an asset to the QSF clan.
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    Really, most of WOTLabs issues have to do with that Jingled persona, as his name gets changed every time someone spells it out... Jingles. Yeah WOTLabs arent as much of the Fan Boy types, but I still enjoy Quickies stream most of the time and some of his replays are freaking utterly fantastic (those Chaffee battles? wow) Btw, we're not required to use efficiency in XVM are we?
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    Who here has the best avatar?

    Mine captures the stupidity of the playerbase (bat chat parks in front of me and emptys 2 shells on gunmantle before hes out of ammo), 1 picture says more as 1000 words!
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    [NA] QSF is on the North America server!

    There are players of all kinds of levels here and all kinds of clans being advertised, I don't see an issue
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    Who here has the best avatar?

    Lets go ahead and make this a landslide.. 39 more reasons for EMMA
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    Who here has the best avatar?

    << Sexiest Avatar
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    The Chaffee is an absolute beast... If you're not getting cocky, derping-yolo, or 1-shot by sky pigs... Almost every other Tier-IV scout is viable EXCEPT the M5 Stuart. Some of my favorite scout drivers are disappointed a machine like the Luchs isn't going to see the tiers they used to. It is a special style for special people.
  37. 2 points
    I'd be mad too if I knew I wouldn't pass the recruitment process
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    Crap, Yves beat me here.
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    HAV thread, reopened.

    "Tigers in Normandy", Schneider. You have been told this by the same people over in the WoT forums. Changing forums doesn't change history. It's hard to do that when every thread he posts in gets deleted from the filth within. Edit: Luigi, you asked a literal actual historian about what those numbers mean and told us all that you'll show us that operational losses and combat losses were the same thing. Did he ever get back to you on that? Are you going to keep repeating the same thing despite what we told you over and over again?
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    HAV thread, reopened.

    Every one of your points was already torn to shreds back in HAV on the main forums, Luigi, repeating them here does not make them more true.
  42. 2 points
    Ok, here are my thoughts: The replay entitled "tier 5 KV 1" on Northwest: You spent almost 20-30 seconds deciding where to go. You ought to know where you want to go based off of the map and type of tank you're in. Don't bother trying to plug holes on flanks (I assume this is what you were trying to do), just go to the right place for now. On Northwest, in a KV1, I'd go to the G/H line brawling areas. At this point I notice you have a camo net and binocs on... wtf? You're in a soviet heavy, both of those are pretty much useless. You get a shot off on the 100Y, nice. However, you then try to push into him when there's a known Hellcat in the area, who had just previously sniped your teammate. Ofc the Hellcat kills you. Instead, I would have tried to back off; there's not too much a KV1 can do against a 100Y. "Tier 5 KV 1" on Fisherman's Bay: You again spent 30 seconds figuring out where to go. I know you're in a slow tank, but it can be pretty essential to get to some spots early. You head the right way this time. Pause at 13:25 -- you just stopped in the open street to go into sniper view and spent a few seconds looking around. DO NOT do this -- sitting in the open is the easiest way to lose HP early. Pause 13:03 -- you do the same thing, but in an even worse position. Instead, I would have autoaimed the Covenater and gotten into a nice side scraping position to your left, with a building covering your front. You then spent a lot of time tracking the Covenater on your display, trying to aim for the turret b/c that was the only part sticking out. You miss a shot because of russian accuracy and rng, although it was not the best aimed. But wait! There's destructible terrain you could've shot through! Don't hesitate to do so. At ~12:40 you get shot and have your driver taken out. You stop without hesitation and take a snapshot, narrowly missing your teammate and missing the Crusader. DON'T STOP! Also, use your medkit on the driver immediately, KV1 without driver is just... not good. You then aim at the Covenater but hesitate to shoot, I don't know why. The split second hesitation cause you to miss. At this point you're driving in sniper view, don't do that. You keep pushing even though the left flank has fallen, which is ok I guess, being a slow heavy and all. Your driver is still out, use the medkit if you have one T_T. Fast forward to when you get shot a few times -- really? Your engine AND driver are out, but you don't use the rep/medkit? C'mon... Fast forward to ~7:52, and you're moving. Why are you moving -- capping is probably the right move at your level, but moving makes you lose any camo you may have had. At that point the enemy's Toaster, who has actually a pretty decent player (blue) makes a snide comment about "that's what happens when you say don't cap and kill". There's a lot of things wrong with that statement, but he has a somewhat valid point in this case; I would've told my team to just have 3 on cap, fuck killing them, it's too close. And there's two replays, I hope you find my reviews helpful. Pls upvote if you do ^^ One more thing, take a look at sela's map guides on where to go, and where not to go. They're on the first post of his thread over in the Purple Poasters section.
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    Playing with IRL Potato Friend

    Git gud pls so I can add you to my friends list again.
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    #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread

    Found sela in the countryside being fabulous the other day.
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    bads don't care. "stats dont matter" is a legitimate, fix-all comeback in their minds, and are not convinced that having 300 DPG and 43% wins in their Lowe means they're a bad player. They're in this for fun, and could try hard if they wanted to. Also, they're honorable and don't cheat with invisibility hacks or gold ammo, so really, they could 1v1 anyone, anywhere, any time.
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    The simple truth is without me poasting quality content, this forum would mostly be furry porn.
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    New Purple Replay Group Created

    Great idea! However, can we enforce some kind of... limit to threads? I've got no problem with someone making a new thread to show off some replays once in a while, but... well, Garbad.
  48. 2 points

    Most Disappointing Clan

    Don't know what you're talking about when we have such respectable names as the above examples.
  49. 2 points

    HAV thread, reopened.

    There is plenty of evidence that what the Americans considered "in supply" the Russians or Germans would have considered "HOLY SHIT WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL THESE BULLETS AND GAS?"
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