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    1st guy - unicum 2nd guy - blue 3rd guy - green/yellow (mee!) 4th guy - tomato!
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    Wotlabs forum, now with Math

    That might work IRL, but you're on the internet now baby.
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    French tank changes - AMX50B: gun aim time buffed from 3 secs to 2,5 secs YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
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    American tank changes - M46 Patton aim spread from moving and turning the hull reduced (buffed) by 7 percent for stock suspension, 8 percent for elite one - 105mm T5E1M2 accuracy buffed from 0,42 to 0,4 - 105mm T5E1M2 gun spread from turning the turret reduced (buffed) by 14 percent for stock turret, 17 perent for elite turret still no IS-7 buffs.... sad face
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    Most Overrated Tanks

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    lol Somebody posted this in the Wehraboo thread on the WT forums:
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    Impulse, how does it work?

    Do not defecate in the new sections, please.
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    Wotlabs forum, now with Math

    YAY! A place where I can get homework done for me
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    Even better and more compressed. I'm probably beating it to death but I'll make a 2.0 one with anime next time I swear
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    Most Overrated Tanks

    SU-122-44...that gun is so troll - it can pump out damage but it goes on streaks of terrible misses/bounces, I have gotten close to rage selling it multiple times. I'm probably just doing it wrong.
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    Edit by Rexxie: Okeano decided to let me take over this project for him due to inactivity, so from now on I'll be trying to keep this updated for you guys. If I get one more team of 10 tanks sitting by valley of Cliffs, I may kill something. This is a comprehensive guide on where NOT to lemming to on maps. Disclaimer, these spots do usually need a few people spotting or guarding, and some unica may find success there, but they are by no means where average or above average players should gather. Bads flock to these spots because they feel more "safe" and protected; it's the main reason that when there's a right way and wrong way to go on a map, bads always pick the wrong one. Any WoTlab user should not be at these spots, unless there are just absolutely no one there. Some spots don't even require any tanks at all. This is not meant to be an advance guide covering advance spots on the map with high risk and high reward, but a guide on where to avoid at the start on maps with noob traps. See for detailed attack routes and tactics. As a starting step for improvement, start by avoiding the red and yellow spots. Someone on another site was wondering how I came to the conclusion of which area on the map is bad. One person guessed that I looked at data of teams having more tanks in these area losing more. No. Nothing of this guide is from any data or heat map. Everything is from the personal experience gathered throughout my 23k+ battles. There is no database of any kind that I can use to update these, so as maps are changed, I need to relearn them before I can update them on this guide. I placed circles on the maps and color coded them according to explanation in the following paragraphs. These areas apply only for initial deployment. The entire map can be used depending on the situation as game develops (well, not for all maps. I’m looking at you Erlenberg, go die in hell). Red areas should be avoided. These are either deathtrap or offer nothing to the game play. Going here at the start will result in death or minimum contribution. Yellow areas are either questionable or limited in ability to influence the battle. They’re the “grey area” and I will explain my opinion on them for each individual map. Green areas are key spots on the map. They are usually where the main conflicts happen and where the match is decided. You will notice that most of the greens are in elevated parts of the map, which follows the fundamental battle tactic that high grounds are usually the key. Arrows are there to indicate direction of movement. They’re used to clarify from which spawn you’re moving into the area. The red lines are the “conflict lines”. These are where the major conflicts usually happen, and where you should be expecting to meet the enemy. On your side of the lines would be considered your side and crossing the lines would be venture into enemy side. These are not set in stone and may very well change depend on the deployment (fast movers may very well blow past these line and change the point of conflict), but they are the general guide line on where you would expect to see the enemy. It can be a rule of thumb that staying behind these lines can be considered being defensive and going pass these would be the start of an offense. Like other spots, the lines apply at the start of the match and initial engagement. For some maps, it’s one single line across the entire map, and for other maps it’s segmented. I will go into these for each map individually. You’ll notice that the conflict lines usually divide up green areas. This is to be expected, as you’ll want to be at or near the conflict points to affect the battle. A few maps I left out because either I don’t feel they have major dangerous area, or I don’t them well enough yet. Abbey (current) Airfield (current) Arctic Region (current) Cliffs (current) El Halluf (current) Erlenberg (current) Fjords (current) Himmelsdorf (current) Highway (current) Karelia (current) Kharkov (current) Lakeville (current) Live Oaks (current) Malinovka (current) Mines (current) Mountain Pass (current) Murovanka (current) Prokhorovka (current) Redshire (current) Ruinberg (current) Sacred Valley (current) Sand River (Outdated) Serene Coast (current) Siegfried Line (current) Stalingrad (current) Steppes (current) Swamp (current) Tundra (current) Westfield (Outdated) Widepark (current) Windstorm (current) Removed Maps
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    183 Waifu Thread

    Stolen from Medjed's status update. Get fucked, land arty.
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    They're not getting worse, it's just that as you yourself get better, you notice everyone else's mistakes more and more.
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    Most Overrated Tanks

    Type 59. I'm gonna get grilled for this...
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    How this section works

    This section functions to discuss and develop/enhance ratings systems with which to measure the effective performance of play. The primary section is for general discussion among all members with each other and contributors to the math itself, amongst other game related number crunching. The sub-section is intended for active development of the ratings systems by those who create or contribute to them, while readable by all members, only those with the Maths Contributor permissions will be able to post there. Be warned, expect number avalanches should you stray into that area.
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    Uh guys? Anyone other then the bottom tier Tiger feel like doing any damage? No?
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    Most Overrated Tanks

    T32 is utter shit.
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    Type 64 by dualmaster333

    Walker bulldog chassis via m42 duster with surplus hellcat turrets.
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    Wotlabs forum, now with Math

    If you have some sort of math or ratings system itch to scratch, there is a new section for you.
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    Why thank you, not the first time I've been complimented for being a wonderful artist
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    difference is mobility is always reliable, armor is not.
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    Most Overrated Tanks

    People rate the SU-122-54 highly?
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    yeah 13k games and still blaming others-huge winner attitude right here! without terribles you don't have goods it's pretty much always been like that. pubs are the same as they have been since tier1 which is terrible.
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    Bummer. Perhaps he's grieving the loss of his son and hasn't come to accept that he's got a wonderful daughter quite yet.
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    Impulse, how does it work?

    Mysteries of life
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    WotLabs Mobile - App for Android

    Version 2.6 Released Changes and link to Market are in OP as always. No images where changed Market should show updated app/auto-update will start within 2 hours of this post.
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    Most Overrated Tanks

    I don't like being a dick but...anybody who doesn't understand the difference between "overrated" and "bad" should...dunno-read the dictionarry?
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    Obj 140 It's a crippled T-62A.
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    wn8 kills friendships and ruins lives
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    No means no, Echelon. Just because a pack of E5s are acting all slutty doesn't mean they're asking for it.
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    In recent days, Tioga, a rather infamously bad member, was unbanned at the behest of an admin, those who regularly visit our forum know of the damage his second run has brought, both to the forum and to the staff. I am here to do what the title says, in that order, so it is time for disclosure: The mod staff, and I, had a range of very little to nothing in terms of knowledge about why this occurred, we were not consulted, we were not informed in any direct or formal manner about why this was happening, it was not until hours ago why became obvious. The why of it is not important at this time, what is important right this second is that we are doing our best to fix the errors that were made to lead to this. Clarification will involve exactly what we are going to fix this, this is both simple and complicated. Primarily and as the logical first step, Allurai and Wandorf have been removed from their positions for their active participation in the conspiracy, and I hate using this word because it is not entirely fair both in connotation and direct meaning, to unban Tioga. This represented an undermining of confidence in the community of our ability to manage these forums as well as actually undermining our ability to manage this forum, as well as damaging trust across all boards. In short, it was a problem I once only joked about to other mods, it doesn't seem so humorous now. I understand if many of you do not trust the system now, and I do not blame you, if I were in your position I'd be doing this thesis at a railing of the staff and I am not asking you to have faith in us to fix that, rather, we must earn back any such damage to that confidence that has occurred, and that can only be done with time and action. The former is guaranteed, the latter I promise. The apology is simply an apology for letting this happen in the first place, for the negative experience it brought, I am not apologizing on behalf of the staff, simply myself, As the moderators are clear of blame sans one and he is no longer one, Never has enough plates to juggle and cannot be implicated in blame for his, this responsibilities are the reason I am even here to act as a check against such a thing, I should have seen and known about this sooner, I did not and as I result I failed all of you, for that I apologize.
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    Always maximize strengths as much as possible before you make up for the weaknesses Playing a tank at its best is better than making up for it at its worst That said, some tanks have few strengths to leverage to start with, but you could still argue they could make better use of a strength enhancing equipment piece than a weakness compensating one With the WZ-120, some loadout examples would be: Minimizing weaknesses: GLD Vert Stab Rammer Maximizing strengths: Optics Vert Stab Rammer The only thing swapped out is GLD for optics, but think about it, your aim time is going to be terrible no matter what you do Rammer and Vert are standard pieces but also make up for weaknesses, I don't see what else you could replace them with
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    There's where you go wrong... Admitting defeat at the loading screen is a pretty bad way to start the game. There is always a chance of winning, and often a poor set of chances means you need to do something extra special. Try a new position, read the teams, make a choice and just go for it. You need to win the game for yourself. Fuck the pubbies.. You are carrying yourself. Seriously, put your man pants on and carry. One of the craziest things I learned in my time solo pubbing was the art of creating and directing a lemming train. For example: I see a purple platoon on the enemy team, you now your ubbies are gonna get slaughtered if the battle goes like a typical one, so what you need to do is let your pubbies know that its gonna be a tough game, then you tell them that the only chance of winning is if as many tanks as possible go... up the 1-2 line on abbey for example. Do everything in your power to convince them to follow you, don't swear and get angry at them, you need to sweet talk them into charging mostly to their deaths but also to victory. You use this sheer mass of pubbies to overwhelm the platoon and you do the business of winning the game by making sure those kunts go down. I have done this on numerous occasions with all kinds of insanely powerful platoons, granted.. this tactic doesn't always work... sometimes the pubs just don't lemming hard enough.. other times the toon is just too smart to be caught out by those games... But it significantly increases your chances. These are the sorts of things you need to develop. If you are admitting defeat from the word go then you should just fuck off to the nearest water and drown, because you will be no use to the team. Play positive, once you are down and the game is surely lost then you can say it was expected.
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    I wish I could mount three sets of vents on my tanks so all my crewmen can smoke the dankest Mongolian weed.
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    Terribad. Definition: 1. The act of being terrible and bad at the same time 2. One who argues that Lakeville Valley is the optimal route to push that map
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    Type 64 by dualmaster333

    This is for discussing Type 64 by dualmaster333
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    I don't care whether you enable or disable XVM. It's just a suggestion aimed towards hopefully having you sperg out less about bad teams and rigged games across multiple forums. Unless being filled with rage is what you find to be most enjoyable about the game. If that's the case, then carry on as you seem to be enjoying the living fuck out of it.
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    WoTLabs World Cup Football Thread

    A number of people have been posting this today, I thought you all might enjoy.
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    Looking for Sexy Time

    I love how NA people always basically request people of higher skill, or at the very least equal...such a mentality. Gl!
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    British: Cromwell & Comet Frenchy: FCM 50t (have it, but its work to make work) USA: T1 Heavy, Ez8 Germany: Tiger, Tiger 2
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    Hey, I'm supporting you all the way. I was a 300WN8 baddie and am now slowly climbing up.
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    Two hours later. I sent my email letter. I walked my mother through it step by step. Nothing is broken. Everything went fine. Far better than I expected. My mother is even emailing me a list of female saints names to replace my middle name. My father read my letter and was absent for most of the conversation but came back in at the end and was literally like "You feel you do it, then we do it. Also, we go buy land, you fly down." Which is so my father it hurts a little. My mother went through some of the more serious questions. Am I alright, how is my health, what pills so on so forth. But probably the best quote 2014 will be.. "Do they actually give you a vagina?" In a questioning but serious voice as she clicks through links. It made my cheeks light on fire. It's, in retrospect such a normal question under the circumstance. I'm so very proud of my parents. Who had such a hard time with my sister coming out. Who hit the lottery with us in terms of an old school (to start) catholic family in a lot of ways. They handled this beautifully. I'm fine. They're fine. We'll see what more they come up with to ask me. It's like a weight is off me. I kind of knew it wouldn't be all that terrible, but it really went way above and beyond my expectations. I'm so proud of them.
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    I think you're wrong on that one... 18 pages. Read it and weep.
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    Considering breaking NDA to discuss my vision of arti improvement... WoWS had a firing system that I feel would be perfect for arti. I'll hold off on the details. The arti mechanic is fine as a concept. It completely fails in practice, however, due to vast difference between miss and full pen. Remove the ability to pen, and it is vastly improved. I find gold spam less appalling, largely for reasons discussed in the article. Baddie firing gold still won't beat me. Baddie firing gold is still vulnerable to counterattack. Baddie firing gold isn't going to hit me, until I provide him the opportunity to do so. Baddie firing gold from one area of the map cannot threaten all areas of the map. Also, it's difficult to know if your opponent is firing full gold, or tactically chose to load a couple. Still, gold ammo limits would be a good idea.
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    I dont know, one player has twice as many battles in the IS3 as the other... i would lean player 2 (does slightly more dmg and takes a little less). But player 1 probably has a much much better crew in the IS3. Honestly, id have to the rest of the profiles to really make a choice.
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    ok, so, confession i think boobs are amazing
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    Rexxie's Toybox

    Hold W, click reds, farm 6k dmg/3k spotting and 100k profit. IS-7 in a nutshell.
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