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    Hi2u pubbers! They let me out of jail early for gud behavior (and the fact it was overcrowded in there). Parole sucks, but at least I have less chance of getting shanked as I try to take a shit. Anyhow, did I miss any good threads? I read the rexxie/sela gay off, shakram's furry thread, and the various animated pedophile threads. I mean threads about tanks -- anyone poast anything worth the effort to move my eyeballs across in the last two weaks? I figured not. But here's a few kittens as a returning gift: http://www.pleasehelpmejarule.com/
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    This is a PM in a post. You've been warned before for making threads that could've been a status update, so consider this a last warning before an RO.
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    S'how Rexxie and I do it.
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    Does E-100 need spall liner?

    I run GLD/Rammer/Vstab
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    Does E-100 need spall liner?

    The E100 does not lose crew members to injury/death very often at all... People can hardly fucking damage the thing.
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    Illustrated story of garbad
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    About the Forum Downtime

    Thread about the forum being offline somehow turns into masturbating while working at a fast food restaurant. This is why I love the internet.
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    Anime Thread

    oh hello, just wanted to say that I've recently found out about anime music Mashups and I'm addicted. ex. Poolside Identity | Chuunibyou x Kendrick Lamar:
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    Open yes but the objective is to close it once two additional mates are found. If ever. They'd have to be pretty special to understand how things are and be willing to be okay with it. It's complex. It's difficult. No reason not to try though. Were not trying to shatter social barriers. We just want to be happy. We both would like males in our lives. Finding two that can live under the same roof and be with two women who are married. One of which is trans? Well. Our lofty goals may be just that. If it doesn't happen. We always have each other. No matter what.
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    Isn't it nice being in a clan that is so loving towards it's members? I may or may not be guilty of straight up YOLOing into dirtdog every time I've seen him playing his LTs in game. I die every time, but it's worth it.
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    Just like those women walking around at night wearing slutty clothes, amirite? Cause blaming the victims is a cool thing to do. Seriously folks, the route kept being used by airliners because they were following legal procedures. The airspace above Donetsk Oblast was closed by Ukraine on 8 July 2014 except for aircraft in transit flying over 7,900 m (25,900 ft).[70]Eurocontrol issued a statement in which it explained that at the time of the crash the MH17 was at Flight Level 330 (33,000 ft) and the air space was closed by Ukrainian air control up to FL320 (32,000 ft), so the aircraft was just above restricted airspace. After the crash Eurocontrol closed all routes in this airspace, at all elevations.[71]
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    About the Forum Downtime

    It made my life feel empty and worthless... Then, I fapped.
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    "I" have concluded that repeated insults are bannable, and you have been strolling on thin ice for a very long time Despite what you might think, we have been very biased to you for quite some time because you are an active, positive contributor (for the most part) to this community
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    Best ads to show up collection

    Not from wotlabs, but this is my favorite ad in the history of ever.
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    [BULBA] Represent 24/7

    http://www.twitch.tv/bulbarepresent <-------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Introducing Romantic Bulbasaur's official Twitch channel! It will be running as much as possible, by multiple fellow [bULBA] members. We'll be aiming to run this stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Watch us play tanks both solo and platooned with some of the top unicums on the server. We will provide commentary and/or speak with the platoon mates about CHAI camping spots, re-rolls, and [bULBA]. We will be actively answering questions in chat, whether it is about World of Tanks, Food, or Life, we will reply with the best answer possible. Many of us have lots of experience in World of Tanks, and many of us are from WGLNA Teams. We are here to help and make the stream as fun as possible. We also have an official [bULBA] anime club. Please contact [bULBA] members for more information. Also it is being considered that we will have some days where we stream other games such as PAYDAY 2 or WARGAME: RED DRAGON. Current Streamers: Nas_, Oxmathus, Diastant, WorstPlayer_NA Bulbasaur, I Choose You!!! WARNING: THE AVERAGE AGE OF [bULBA] IS -17 and 1/2 YEARS OLD. SOME [bULBA] MEMBERS GET MUCH MADS WHILE PLAYING WORLD OF TANKS. WE HAVE AN EXTREMELY HIGH AMOUNT OF ASIANS. MOST OF US CAN'T DRIVE, AND EXPECT A LOT OF #YOLOSWAG ON STREAM. ALSO WE HAVE ANTI BULLY RANGERS IN [bULBA], SO NO BULLY PLS o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7o7 ANY COMPLAINTS PLS DIRECT THEM TOWARDS PRECAMBRIAN. THANK YOU Hey hombre, les go eet some Tacos güey.
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    Spotting System Changes

    ^ This. Also, viewrange should be: Lights>>Meds>Heavies>>TDs As in, 400-380-370-350
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    most important stats for bloom is base accuracy and the speed you are moving if you have 2 tanks with equal bloom stats, but one goes 40 and the other 50 the tank with 40 has better bloom same 2 heavys, both go 30 km/h but one has much better accuracy, it will get much better bloom 46 has terrible accuracy, so even with better bloom stats, its effective bloom is quite a bit worse as those of E50
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    [KITTY] recruiting unicum players

    Nice to see more awesome people joining in
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    [KITTY] recruiting unicum players

    nice t71 play today rofl
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    #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread

    I have heard that the E-50 is a preferred tank these days.
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    Questions from a Computer Noob

    Well, the wiring is all done, drivers all installed, and he somehow had a copy of Windows 7 and put that and some other programs on too. Everything seems to be working fine. I'd say then that this thread has fulfilled its purpose. Once again, thank you all for your help.
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    Operation: Wiki

    Echelon and Folter, unless you want to go start a WoTLabs wiki project yourself, it isn't happening. You can either contribute to the official wiki and help create a resource to reach far more users than WoTLabs will, or leave the whole thing alone, but it is happening regardless. Your objections are overruled, now help out or get out of this thread.
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    About the Forum Downtime

    You know what they say... When in doubt, fap your heart out. Actually they don't say that, but it is a good excuse.
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    They need to eliminate the Draw

    Not read through the whole thread but here is my first thought: If draws were resolved as OP suggests people would only do as much as they need to to force a result in their favour. You have 3 tanks at the end refusing to fight the last two on the enemy team because they "have the win", or one on each team where one has more HP and will not initiate the fight while the other runs away. No thanks. Draws are meant to be shit to promote better gameplay and it does work. The problem is arty and pubbies as ever.
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    Mediums losing viability?

    In my opinion no medium really gains anything by those changes, it's rather a matter of some being less negativly affected by them than others. The E-50 for example being a better heavy tank in my book than the IS-8 can be made to work on those new maps. A T-62a with it's turret armor can be made to work as well. And a WZ-120 with both turret armor and high alpha damage, does not mind city maps at all, especially since it's lack of gun depression, one of it's biggest down sides, usually isn't an issue at all inside of towns. Meds without armor and low alpha damage on the other hand are kind of [edited] on maps like Severogosk. Currently grinding the US medium line and ending up with that t6 Easy8 on that gulag map in a tier 8 match basically means you can only hope that your top tiers don't screw up since there is basically no way for you to meaningfully influence the outcome of the battles inside those tunnels in any way. On open maps there is at least the chance to be useful by spotting when being low tier and getting some flanking shoots in, in those tunnels that is no longer an option. And frontally assaulting heavies in a low tier medium usually works as good as one would expect^^
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    Well, I mean, draw are almost always evil or cliche CG douches. Pls nerf, Forgotten Realms.
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    The problem is, all those open shit maps you all seem to like get hardcore locked by red tier 10 tds, open maps = little cover = 1 tank can cover larges parts of the map add 5-8 big fat OP tds (and arty) and it means you can almost all the time be hit by +1000 alpha dmg, GG open maps and tier 10 tds dont work, same open maps and pre-nerf arty didnt work, and it will never work The maps, the game mechanics EVERYTHING is more or less like in beta, and beta = world of heavy tanks the way spotting works and the map sizes all relate to slow heavys with inaccurate guns, the maps are simply not suited for tier 10 meds with rail gun accuracy or tier 10 tds with portable nuke launchers... making bigger maps and total reworking the entire game is a solution, but costly, timely, and risky making more brawling maps, where you can actually flank** nerfs tds and arty, removes the shitty passive spotting crap, allows meds to flank and heavys to brawl, its win-win-win-win-win, only bushcampers, td lovers, artyclickers and afkers, i mean `passive scouts` dont like it, too bad for them... **: open map = shooting range = no flanking, new Kharkov map is perfect medium map, lots of ways to flank and drive around, its good heavy map and good medium map, arty gets kinda shafted but lights and tds can still do plenty, if they can play that is.... and if some paper tds become useless, so be it, WG can always buff them, many paper tds can easy be buffed and those who cant be buffed (like CGC) are so crap, they need to be downtiered anyway...
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    Spotting System Changes

    Karelia hill with the current box and the upcoming circle:
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    Spot the 40% winrate platoon: Hint: Its the IS3s
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    Don't even know what is going on anymore, you might have a chance now. Seems like we lowered our standards lately!
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    This is the problem a lot of people have with Garbad Nobody's denying he's a good player, some even think he is as good as he claims (I personally don't, but eh, each to his own) The problem arises when he calls anyone out for playing their own way, forcing his view on others and putting down anyone who mildly disagrees Garbad can play as he wishes, winning is surely a great thing but others play in their own ways Statpadders, seal clubbers, play for funners, TC farmers, they all play in their own way that thinks make them good (or just in whatever way they enjoy themselves) Trying to take the fun out of the game for these people only causes heaps (or rather, pages) of arguing that always end in the same thing: Garbad challenging them to what is essentially an extended "1v1 me scrub" session with his own setups He's even admitted he isn't the best player in WoT in this very thread, saying Kewei was better, and Kewei also said he gets it through "damage farming" but still manages to win as much as or more than Garbad They have two entirely different playstyles with the same outcome in winrate, but a mile of difference in WN8 If Garbad would get off his high horse and stop pretending to be a king among knights at the round table, I imagine he would both get a lot more respect and would deal with less frustration himself But hey, that's just what I think, maybe he gets a huge kick out of pissing people off and beating his chest like a gorilla P.S.: Confirming that Garbad is forum banned for 30 days
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    OK. I'll be blunt. No one fucking likes your dumb fucking Reddit cancer reposts. You use this site as a microblog for your myspace quality shit. You clearly understand the game because super uni stats and no one can argue with that. So that leaves a few options to explain the level of shit posting you have managed to achieve. 1. You are an absolutely beautiful forum troll 2. You are a high functioning autist and just can't tell the difference 3. You enjoy provoking some sort of stupid stat war, maybe because you recognise that wn8 is broken but think that WoT = golf and a lower score = better? The mods are considering banning you and have been for some time I'm sure, anyone with above 100 IQ can fucking tell that. Do you even fucking think about shit before you just post it? Not even like, HIGH wn8 MEANS PADDING FGGTS threads, I just mean your general stupidity in posting a goddamn thread. By now you must know that your threads will stirr up controversy BECAUSE YOU POST ABOUT THE SAME GODDAMN 3 TOPICS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I could give less of a shit if this post lands me a perma for anything, mostly because the quality of this forum has plummeted and quite a few people have had themselves perma'd for it. Literally, you are so fucking annoying that other people are committing seboku because they can't stand your posting. For obvious reasons you start these threads up maybe to feel better? You are not the #1 player NA. You will never be close. You will never be close to top 10, WR can be padded through platoons opposed to solo'oing which is apparently better skill harder than wn8 can be. If it's so goddman easy to pad, then why does a 16 year old mr. sexii brony lolilover furry green shitter who is terrible at this game have better recent stats than you? Protip: it's not the fact wn8 is broken. If you're going to ban someone, ban the both of us. Make it a fucking package.
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    this thread gave me cancer
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    Try to find a opposite hill to drive up a bit on, kinda like this Basically look for a hill to put your tank on to orient it so the turret can reach down lower I am the best paint artist there's much more to it than this but this is a good start
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    Club 99.99% - The cumiest unica in NA

    Does it make you feel bad that 90% of this forum have higher recent wn8 than you? Like legit, are you not the self proclaimed best player in the world? And you have problems passing 3100 wn8....
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    Anfield's 9.1 Mod Pack

    For the EU guys to ask questions you can ask here. NA thread is here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/365015-anfields-91-mod-pack/
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    SU-122-44 Unsung Hero?

    So I tried playing my SU-122-44. I queue'd into T9 Severogorsk, T9 Hidden Village, and then T9 Severogork again. These matchups are literally impossible to do anything worthwhile in. I'm beginning to reevaluate any of these "cant do shit without camo" tanks. This tank can stomp 7s like a medium npnp, but the only way to remain a good T7 TD at T8 and especially T9 is not to sit get seen. All these reworked maps just say "fuck you" to tanks like this.
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    The 8.6 Arty Buff

    He is gone or I am gone. Make your choice, but I'm not here to tolerate retards.
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    The 8.6 Arty Buff

    No one cares what you think, trash. Get him out.
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    The 8.6 Arty Buff

    He's retarded trash, and as soon as I can figure out how to click the ban button he is gone.
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