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    Article and video to follow in roughly a week. Yes I was the owner of a PT Cruiser. While there is no justification I can make for buying one, destroying it makes the world a slightly brighter place.
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    I live in MN, and that's where driveatank.com is located. Video of their top package: driving a few APC's, a T-55, shooting guns, and crushing a car w/ the Chieftan. I'm probably going to get the next package down as I don't think driving a T-55 and shooting a few guns is worth the extra $1,200. Yes I will film the experience and put it on the site. Sadly, this probably won't happen until June/July. I'M SO EXCITED TO SEND MY CAR TO HELL
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    WHY RELIC? • RELIC is a long standing clan within World Of Tanks. We've built a quality community that survives and thrives through good times and bad. • We aim to develop potential, have fun, and excel at the game in both individual combat & in Clan Wars. We also strive to maintain high standards, respect, and competence in all battles we are engaged in. • Our leadership values team-play and strongly encourage our members to co-ordinate and communicate effectively. • We are interested in quality over quantity. We get to know our members as friends and comrades. What Relic expects from you: • As a member you will understand the Relic Community rules, attempt to actively participate in (or at least lurk on) our community website, uphold our standards in ability, competence and conduct. • You need to be available for training and clan wars on a regular basis (real life allowing). • Members should be able to follow commands, perform to their potential, respect teammates and enjoy winning. Members should also be thick skinned and be willing to take criticism. • You will need to install and use Teamspeak 3. TS is a must for Clan Wars and preferred at all other times, you must have TS for all clan events, even if you can only hear and cannot speak, our TS is also open to the public. What you can expect from Relic: • Access to our forums, Teamspeak server and our community. • A group of like minded players to platoon with, grind XP and credits for next tier tanks, share tips/advice on tanks and gameplay, or just sit around on TS chatting about your latest pub battle. • Clan War battles and plenty of them. • Sound leadership, with proven records and a drama free environment. • The chance to lead, we're always looking for our members to step up. Requirements to join the Relic Community Apply at our website here http://www.relicgaming.com/ And log into our TeamSpeak server at ts.relicgaming.com Password = relic1
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    The T-34-85 Challenge

    Here's my review: Gear/Crew/Ammo: I don't see any other alternative (unless you are poor). Vents are not used because GLD provides much more bonus, especially on a tank with such fast reload and binocs are not used because the tank should be constantly in motion. Food is acceptable due to low chance of fire, but is overkill for the average player (my sponsor asked for full gold spam). Note the HE round is unusually good. Its effective for blapping hellcats, arty, and other weaklings as well as plinking hard armored targets for 70-100 a shot. Its worth using, unlike basically every other tank. AP pen is adequate for side shots, but not enough frontally. Crew: Standard medium skills for me -- full camo, BIA, then a blend of view range, gunnery, and survival skills. Repair skills are neglected because with 720 HP if I get tracked, I die regardless. Also note the radio skill -- on mid tier RU tanks, that skill helps a lot if you ever want to scout or snipe at range. FIREPOWER: + Best alpha in class, good DPM + High shell velocity, decent accuracy (relative to tier) means its more precise than most guns + Effective HE round + Pretty good depression and turret speed - Penetration is a bit ghetto - Bloom is poor, meaning snapshots are iffy The T-34-85 hits pretty hard, has good ammo choices, has good DPM, and even has nice depression. It has two main flaws -- like all other mediums before tier 7, it struggles to penetrate heavies frontally and thus can find itself impotent when it counts and its bloom is poor, even by low tier standards, meaning the tank risks a lot of exposure to get off a steady torrent of well aimed shots. But all mediums suffer from those flaws, and relatively, the T-34-85 works rather well PROTECTION: + Surprisingly effective turret + Not particularly module damage prone + 45mm side armor means no triple overmatch against 122s, so sidescraping is theoretically possible - Low HP, both within tier and compared to common opponents - Very soft hull, frequent crew deaths The T-34-85 is fragile to almost anything that shoots at it. But this is nothing new -- excluding the russian heavies that's true for everything in tier 5/6. What makes the T-34-85 a bit unique is that its turret and side armor are pretty effective, opening up the possibility of side scrape and hull down tactics. While by no means foolproof, they can get you bounces here and there, and that's unusual for a medium. I find the worst thing is crew deaths, but there is nothing you can do about it. The total package is acceptable, by medium standards. It can't be relied on, but at least it sometimes comes through for you. MOBILITY AND VISION CONTROL: + Russian Biased Camo combined with decent view range + Pretty decent top speed, acceleration, and turning + Nicely shaped turret -- frontally mounted for quick peekabooming and hull down - Poor mobility on bad terrain - Fairly large and easy to hit, lots of awkward gaps The T-34-85 is not a speedster, but its fast enough to do what it needs to do. Its not much of a pure scout, but with good camo and view range if can do the job once in position, particularly bouncing from bush to bush on attack. Its primary asset is russian biased camo, making the tank much easier to hide and potentially fire unseen. This is a major advantage both to outplay higher tier mediums and to abuse the low view range russian heavy brutes you see so often. On the whole, it gives you everything you need. A bit more quickness would be nice, but its solid. CONCLUSION: Its been an extremely long time since I played the T-34-85. When I played it before, it was considered average to poor at everything, and just a weak stepping stone on the path to better things. My T-34-85, only days after release. This time around, I've been much more impressed. Its easy to see in the T-34-85 the greatness that becomes the T-54/T-62A and others. At the same time...the greatness is simply a hint of what will be. The present is quite a lot worse. First, the T-34-85 for the first time has adequate firepower on a medium hull. It hits hard enough to command respect (a bit more would be nice). I also find the reload to be about where I want it: 5-7 second reload seems about ideal as a medium -- enough to give you time to peek and move a bit between shots rather than just sitting and spamming while exposed. The T-34-85 thus has less vulnerability than a typical low tier medium, but without the excessively long reload seen on tanks like the T-34-3. On the down side, the penetration and accuracy on the move are not good, no extra care needs to be taken in shot placement. Second, the toughness of the tank is largely inadequate. The turret and side armor occasionally troll, especially weak tanks, but its not enough to protect you from tier 5+ guns. But again, it hints of what the T-54 will be. Third, the mobility and camo. Both are not as good as their higher tier brothers, but are still very workable. It gives the T-34-85 a lot of room to work -- quickness to be where it wants or to flank when opportunity presents, camo to hide and snipe or scout as needed. Much of the flaws of the T-34-85 are simply the product of its tier. Tier 6 mediums tend to be weak compared to tier 6 heavies. The KV-1S in particular has good mobility combined with grossly superior alpha and toughness. Your only advantage is camo/view range. Tier 6 meds also have generally awful fire control, inadequate alpha, and poor penetration. The T-34-85 is less bad than most, but still will bounce a lot of shots. Finally, the power curve between tier 6 and tier 8 is extreme, meaning you will frequent face tanks with 2x your HP, 5x your effective armor, and 4x your firepower. That doesn't make for a pleasant experience. For example, Type 59/IS-6 vs. T-34-85 is one of the most one sided ass kickings WOT has to offer, and you will see it regularly. TL;DR - But despite the limitations of its tier, the T-34-85 works reasonably well. Its whole seems better than the sum of its parts -- its a true medium, one of the first tanks to boast a good enough firepower, good mobility/camo on a package with a little protection. If nothing else, it hints at just how amazing its older brothers are, and even on its own right its a decent little tank.
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    There's something in the works to help it live on. Don't worry. "Soon".
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    Bye E50M?

    So, we dont know, when or how will 50m change, if at all, but the whine train has already left the station... Official forums is that you? Also, the fact that its completely made up troubles no one, but you will regularly hear complains about unhistorical tanks in the game.
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    "Now the question is: does this deserve to run against thugz neg-rep in the future 2014 forum awards?" It's in French, so no matter what else happens....it's a loss. There is no way anything French can ever win anything. Shfty©
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    Hey Im Blind!

    Hello, It took me this long to realize that wotlabs had forums RIP ME.... My awareness is amongst the best can't you tell?
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    Pitch me your ideas for RBS.com

    Garbad.com 50% Politics 50% Tanks 100% Fuck Arty
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    Need EU invite code plz

    Officially Official Forum Quality.
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    Like I said on the last page, just reveal arty to the entire map when it fires. You're over-complicating it :-) A) Explain to me, kind sir, how you dodge something that you can't actually see until it hits you or near you? Oh, right! I should dodge the NEXT shot it fires. Great, I'll get right on that as soon as I finish this brawl. Oh dear, the little tyke set me on fire. Too bad, so sad. B) The short range of the FV is nothing major either. Most maps are not particularly large and hence being limited 500m range just means the 304 has to hang around at the edge of the opposing base, way behind their frontlines. Furthermore, the things tiny size and great camo mean that your odds of spotting it at 400m are basically nil. You need to actually break through the enemy lines in order to deal with the little bastard. C) So now taking cover from arty is camping? Seriously? But why is that that whenever someone complains about arty the arty-wankers just say" LOL, u needz to learnz to use coverz properly. l2p. LOLOLOLOLOLOL". The hall-mark of a bad position in an argument is that trying to stick to it involves hypocrisy. D) Um, yes, because being one-shot by artillery is really the only problem. It's not like the constant stream of cancer delivered by the 304 sets you on fire, racks you, perma-tracks you or kills your crewmen, right? Naw, it's just a little damage, man up! E) How on earth can you even try to sell this as a good thing? So the only thing better than a half-blind sniper sitting in an invisible tower 1000m high is a sniper with perfect vision armed with a fictional belt-fed sniper rifle? Seriously? Do you not see how ridiculous a position your arguing from? The FV304 is ultimate proof that the artillery concept is just a completely and utterly shit one. People (I.e. Sub-human arty lovers) said "Oh, the problem is that arty is too accurate and deals too much damage in one shot. Make them less accurate, and deal less damage but fire more often. That will fix everything! Arty will be fair and balanced and we can all get back to playing the game". So WG listened and tried it. Guess what, being spammed to death by an invisible sniper is not somehow magically more enjoyable and acceptable than being 1-shotted by an orbital death ray. The problem here is not really the "sniper" part or the "death ray" part. We have plenty of both mounted on existing vehicles and, while difficult to face they are nowhere near as race inducing. It's the "invisible" part. In a game which consists mostly of direct fire confrontations, an in-direct fire system is NEVER going to be a good idea. In order to fix arty what you actually have to do is deal with the "invisible" part of the problem, something WG has so far basically failed to do.
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    How'd your search for hamster porn go?
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    With the plethora of "Looking for a clan" etc. threads, I thought it would be a decent idea to consolidate some info so as to help people who may be unsure and don't want to go through every single clan's description, etc. These are of course, not meant to be taken as set in stone and are more towards very general guidelines. I have no familiarity with other servers whatsoever in regards to this but I am familiar with NA.This'll be meant to provide options and help people who aren't familiar with the plethora of known/popular clans in regards to choosing one to join that they would roughly fit in. Purely arbitrary so if any of you think that anything could be changed, please mention. All requirements listed are presumed recent stats. Keep in mind that requirements are NOT set in stone and you will probably be asked to platoon so recruiters can gauge if you are a good fit. CW Active Clans For most of these top clans, 3000+/65%+ recent is what I would recommend but you will definitely be asked to platoon with recruiters in most cases. Quality is subjective and is used only to refer to how good the clan is in CW. Top Clans [BULBA] : 3400+ WN8, 3+ Tier Tens, 10,000+ Personal Rating recommended [OTTER] : 3200+ WN8, 5+ Tier Tens [MAHOU] : 3200+ WN8, 65%+ WR, 4+ Tier Tens [CHAI] : 3000+ WN8, 3+ Tier Tens, Ability to speak Mandarin [VILIN] : 3000+ WN8, 6+ Tier Tens \ [R-7] : High Quality [THUGZ] : 2450+ WN8, 5+Tier Tens [CLAWS] : 2400+ WN8, 5+Tier Tens, 3+ Days [FOXEY] : 2300+ WN8, 60%+ WR, 3+ Tier Tens, 3+ Days [RDDT] : 2200+ WN8, 56%+ WR, 5+ Tier Tens, 3+ Days Decent Quality [BT] : 2500+ WN8, 4+ Tier Tens, 4+ Days [ORDER] : 2200+ WN8, 3+ Days [NARWL] : 2100+ WN8, 53%+ WR, 3+ Tier Tens, 3+ Days [BUNNY] : 2000+ WN8, 4+ Tier Tens, 4+ Days [_NPC_] : 2200+ WN8, 3+ Tier Tens, 4+ Days [SNOO] : 1800+ WN8, 53%+ WR, 3+ Tier Tens, East, 3+ Days
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    Super Sekret FC Club

    Garbad is right…… 9 times out of 10 there is more circle jerking and furry porn on this website than actual useful content. I’m going to try to change that be tackling a subject that I think is way to shrouded in “no no that is a trade secret, we can’t tell you!!!” I don’t buy into that I got Teff to agree to exposing a limited number of my uber secret strats to public scrutiny. So YAY for Teff. Resume: Meta commanding One of the biggest hurdles to being an FC is “buy in”. I ref rugby and we deal with this all the time. I’m not the athlete that I used to be, and though I WAS actually a sometimes super high level select side player (Atlantis 7s for anyone who cares) I certainly am NOT as good as many of the guys I ref…. .and seeing as I’m 40 now, I’m certainly not as good as they are now. I’ve got to convince them that even though they are a better rugby player than I am, I’m a pretty good ref. You’ve got the same issue as an FC. You might be the worst player via WN8 on the team (and in FOXEY’s A-team… I’m near the bottom) but it doesn’t matter. You are only 1/15 of the “shoot at enemy” part of the team.. you are 50-90% of the “think about what comes next” part. Respect is earned not given. I’m real big on the “be humble” “don’t be a dick”. That doesn’t mean I tolerate a whole lot of 2nd guessing and bitching from guys that didn’t sit in to the maptactic session before hand, but I do invite ANYONE in the clan to sit in and develop strats and go ever them with me. I had a lot of help in M-A on working up strats. I leaned on Smiley and Noodles when drawing things up, they just didn’t want to call, they wanted to go “pew pew pew”. A lot of people are VERY VERY strategic, but cannot call when the shells are flying. USE THEM. Work with those dudes to develop strats. After battle I ask people for their opinions, give a short summary of what I think we did well and did poorly, then go think about it. I own my mistakes. If my guys drive somewhere dumb…. I ask myself… did they know where I wanted them to go? Did I share my thinking during the pre match training or map tactic session? Did I send them somewhere dumb? Do not be afraid to say “I screwed up, I’ll fix it next time”. –G- doesn’t win every night. What –G- does do is make sure they don’t lose the same way twice. Winning happens because you put your guys in a position to have an advantage. Winning happens because you read what the enemy does and counter it. Winning happens before the battle about 75% of the time. Prep work matters. You can’t scream and yell every night… people tune it out. You can’t go on and on for 30 minutes…… anything over 3 key points and 2 minutes in length and you’ve lost everyone’s attention. Battle Styles There are a few major ways to play a map: The Derp, Vision Control, Turtle, Slow Play, Shell, and Counter Punch. Derp is exactly what is sounds like. Grab a huge force (15 batchats is the classic pre-locking derp) and shove it somewhere. It MUST not get spotted till it is in striking range because most tanks shoot very poorly on the move. If they see it, they will move to shoot you from cover and you will die. Poorly. The Derp is generally useful against clans with worse players, but a good FC. FCs can’t do much as the derp is 100% chaos and it counts on your tankers being good. Paradoxically, it gives a crap clan its best chance to win because, hey, any given Sunday someone might miss. The longer a match goes on the more likely it is a better clan is going to win the game, so a Derp rolls the dice on a quick game. The turtle is just that. Stick a few scouts out, lots of a TDs In the back, make them come to you. It sounds great on paper….. but if the enemy FC is slow playing/visioning you…. You WILL lose. And you can’t take ground with a turtle. That being said… it exists… and I have been known to use it when throwing a cover stack. Vision Control and Slow Play are similar. Both involve taking large sections of the map. Slow Play brings arty to wreck shop, while Vision may or may not. They key to both is good scout players and placing the heavies in places that can punish people who try to dig your scouts out. Your scouts don’t NEED to shoot, but if they can shoot and not light (or duck behind hard cover) that is cool. Slow Play is going to own a Turtle every time but can be vulnerable to a derp (because arty doesn’t have DPM or HP) Vision is simply Slow Play without arty…. Get lights via the scouts, shoot them from beyond view circle. This style is my favorite by far, but the map meta is making it more and more difficult. Shell looks a lot like a pub game. Push forces out everywhere and see where they are weak. Shell has no reserve and everything is on the front line. It can work if the groups can move quickly to support each other. (Fishman’s Bay) It depends on the guys that do meet resistance recognizing it and falling back. Shell, if successful, results in the enemy main force doing nothing while you roll up their scouts and surround them. Do not recommend for rookies. Counter Punch looks like Vision but you have a reserve of heavy hitters. WTF100s are the obvious choice but a bit slow. 50Bs are great, T-57s work too. When you expect a Shell or Derp from the enemy, CounterPunch can be brutal because once a derp gets rolling and engaged, the enemy FC thinks he is winning…. His troops get strung out a little bit…. He is just starting to lose control and WHAM… 4-6 autoloaders hit him in the flank and evaporate 3 tanks in 3-4 seconds. The key to making it work is have some hard to kill tanks in defendable places and making sure your team understands that losing 3 tanks to start is no big deal and that surviving is more important than doing damage. (Except for the counter punch…. Those guys need to hit HARD) I pulled a Counter Punch strat last night in our Himmelsdorf win against Vilin and I’m pretty convinced that the enemy FC totally lost control right as the counter landed because they were beating us up good and then it all went tits up for them. Firing lanes and map knowledge FCs usually get paid more gold. Most clans I’ve been in, FCs get 2x the pay of a soldier. Why? While you are off pubbing it up grinding that new shiny tank, the FC is in a training room with a sucker going, “Can you see me now? How about if I move to here? How about now?”. You have GOT to know firing lanes. They must be memorized. PBKAC had a spectacular loss against VANDEL because VANDL Derped on Westfield (12 mediums right down the valley) and the FC moved his heavies to shoot them…. But he moved them to the wrong place (noteably, directly south of the village instead of back to the C line depression)….. 2 WTFs scored about 5K damage each and we lost. Shamfur. It was a case of, “well good clans NEVER do this”, so the firing lines to react to it were not burned into the FCs memory. This is why you need nights off, this is why 1 FC can’t call every damn map your clan is fighting on. As important as shooting lanes are spotting lanes. Some places are awesome; some places are awesome, but obvious. The bushes high side on Porokhova 1-2 line are AWESOME, but obvious. I racked up 5K spotting in an inter-PBKAC scrimmage there one night, but the enemy team KNEW I was there and kept cracking shots. Luckily that bush is big enough to hide a bat chat with a bit of a question about where he is…. A smaller bush would yield one dead batchat. Static spotting in CW is usually a bad idea. Once suicide derp and 14 hidden guns later and you’ve lost your scout and likely 1-2 other tanks…. And you might not even kill the suicide scout because moving targets are hard to hit. Not to say you can’t camp a bush... but keep in mind… a good FC is happy to throw away tanks if it yields a win. Soldiers WILL commit suicide in a CW battle if it wins the game. Its not a pub match. J There are little magic spots on every map. Ruinberg/Himmelsdorf has some windows you can shoot through, Ruinberg has some buildings that aren’t actually next to each other and you can shoot through them. There are some magic hull down spots for T-62As everywhere. If in doubt, grab someone good in your clan and ASK them. Then share this knowledge when doing the briefing. Many a night Immenhotep said something like, “Hey, you know about this spot? Put your medium there”. I’m all like, whoa! I learned a new trick. As an FC, it is your job to know if a moving Leo-I will spot a moving T-62s 1st, and if so, by how much. The real question is….. will the T-62 charging field in Campinova light up the enemy E5s before the Batchat charging field lights it up and gets it killed. Go into a training room and figure it out. Where can arty shoot from, what can it hit? YOU GOTTA KNOW THIS! Comms and demeanor I like silent comms. I LOVE saying nothing and hearing only, “target X tank” and, “Ok, stage 1 cleared, lets group up and move to phase 2”. It means everything is going to plan, everyone is calm and in the zone, and the enemy is dieing like I drew it up. Its rare! That being said, I don’t like to talk all the time…. The radio is 2 way for a reason. Don’t fucking drive your soldiers tanks for them… give them and job and let them report back to you with suggestions. You need to shut up some so the guys can pick a focus fire target. You need to shut up so they can report back to you that your idea of pushing the 1-2 line is complete shit because they are taking fire from 3 268s with Russian cloaking devices. Players get excited. Excited players miss shots. Don’t make it worse by getting all hyped up over comms. Stay calm. Stay cool. Give orders clearly and calmly even when it is all going to shit. Especially when it is all going to shit. It is also your job to be the “no fun” guy when you are winning. Focus on guys not getting tanks locked, not making dumb decisions that suddenly lose the game, basically, not pubbing it up when you get a lead. This concludes part 1. The stuff behind being an FC Part 2 Overmatch what is it, how to get it, Focus Fire, SIMPing, and drills to improve both. Part 3 will be a breakdown of a FOXEY landing tournament on the Cliffs map. If there is stuff people would like to read about, please speak up.
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    imma do my own solo challenge

    to satisfy my own curiousity, because i love the tank and to flex my epeen of course. 100 or so games in my cent7 whenever I feel I can play 20 or more in a row. session 1:
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    proof that artillery is harmless

    http://www.sfgate.com/default/article/No-one-hurt-after-artillery-piece-dropped-700-feet-5634846.php but maybe it is just a U.S. thing
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    Next t10 to get?

    I highly recommend the Maus. It's primary redeeming qualities include: -Sexy German looks -Sexy German basic gray paint -Sexy German slab armor -You're faster than both the T28 AND the T95 -You weigh more than the two above tanks combined -You have two cannons (granted one only works now, but god help the metagame when the other cannon becomes functional) Unfortunately the Maus suffers (somewhat) in the firepower, flexability, carrying ability, and relavence departments, but those are only minor details. Plus, the 4502 Ausf. B is arguably the best tier 9 tank in the game. I'm totally kidding OP, you should just get the 50b.
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    Closed For obvious reasons....
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    Been there, done that, got the avatar to prove it.
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    Hey scumbag, you reached your potential dou. Honestly, no it doesn't translate... i have 4 kids and my house is clean for approx 25 minutes a day, i put one half of dinner in the overn and leave the other half on the side and forget it until the fist half is burnt, we run out of toilet paper constantly, and i have to use babywipes to clean my arse (delicate anus) i occasionally forget to pay the Internet bills and end up having very angry phone calls to "Dave" the Indian call centre guy from Bangalore, in time to get on for Clan Wars... i have not worn a pair of socks that matched for 3 years, and occasionally i have to use Icing Sugar in my tea because i do my shopping from memmory, i don't write lists. Basically, RELIC is "well ran" because its adaptive and uses Ad Hoc common sense throughout, we don't live and die by black and white rules, but we stick to our principles of basically having a group of people playing tanks together, winning more than we lose, enjoying eachothers company more often than not, and being totally racist towards Anime. Enjoy the picturesque garden of England that is Kent.
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    LOL, such a bullshitter.
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    Bye E50M?

    And yet you say this with absolutely zero actual knowledge of what the tank's stats are going to be.
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    I said "deserved to run" I don't expect them to win, but god I am still laughing my ass off. Pretty well, found a Norwegian species with that hair thickness that makes my insides feel funny.
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    Ditch this reasoning.
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    I'm naming and shaming myself for enjoying plats with Arrogant too much, here's why:
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    How much alone time do we get with Loz when we apply?
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    So guys...I got more PM's from him.
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    Hitler Plays World of Tanks

    Tell me what you think Also guys, if you like my post here, make sure you like the video on YouTube as well <3
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    My assumption is baddies... I was in my Type 62 last night and had to literally "T" and sperg in chat for 5 minutes straight for a team to kill a fucking Comet lighting them... Thank God we came back to win... The teams are so bad you can't even try to win anymore, you are trying to tread water at this point. I don't even play pubs regularily anymore, I use them for credits... and other than that.. I log on for CWs and clan stuff.. do our fights.. log off. Edit: I agree with the above, the maps are pretty terrible.. Pearl River was never that fun, the Svergorsk one is too small, and also only 3 lanes to fight...Northwest was and still is garbage... kharkov is too.... swiss cheese like.....people infiltrate all over the map, so team play on that map is nothing but anarchy.... They need to make maps like the classic early maps.. big.. and less cluttered.
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    Russian server support added

    Does this mean the forums are going to be flooded by RU gods that will make Garbad's Epeen look like a raisin? Oh god
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    The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

    I think he's hitting on your daughter.
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    I fucking hate when the devs make/remake maps to cater to one or two tank types If you're not a TD or a medium on Komarin, go fuck yourself If you're not a heavy or a TD on Ruinberg, go fuck yourself If you're not a medium or a heavy on Pearl River, go fuck yourself If you're not a heavy on Severogorsk 2.0, go fuck yourself
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    Final w/r 71% 4260wn8 3275dpg 833assist 2frag 2.1spot Doing something focused like this makes you realize even more how dependent you can be on your team when solo. In the end I think I did pretty well overall but several of the sessions were just brutal. Couldn't catch a break and teammates intent on losing. That's the breaks I guess in pubs. I don't think I'll do this again. Too much effort:) Plus I've started grinding a couple new lines and I'm sure my stats will tank a bit as a result. In general T9 mediums are pretty powerful. The results may be a lot different at either t10 or t8. I'll consider doing an t62a/obj140 challenge just to satisfy my own curiosity. Props to those who have done any of these challenges in a less capable tank. I can't imagine how much more frustrating that would be and how much more skill it would take to get comparable results.
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    Perhaps you accidentally selected the wrong region when making your WotLabs account so it only takes you to the NA portal? If this is the case then I think pming a mod would do the trick.
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    They're just guidelines for what we're looking for in terms of Aux. 2nd/3rd aren't as lenient, but Aux sure it. Heck, I joined Aux when the requirement was to have 3 tier 8s, I had one tier 7 and was fully yellow. Someone had me call for some reason, quickly became a DC, retired....and I've been having an extramarital affair with Lozarus ever since. Edit: I forgot to mention that everyone wanting to get into 2nd will be mandated to grow a beard.
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    Here's what I can remember of some of the sucky games last night: Swamp: I abandoned a strong flank to RTB and got #rekt by a batchat and Dlur in his IS-7. Had I instead pushed, we probably would've forced their hand and won the game. They had no TDs to defend their base and only a Löwe stood between us and crushing that side. Our team stalled when I left and we were eliminated. Siegfried Line: Not the best map for the FV4202, but I played decently until midgame. We eliminated their mediums in the field, but I decided to go back and help brawl since we had more heavies than they did. I probably should've tried to ride the wall and flank, but instead did a shitty job of brawling. Even hit the back of a teammate's turret. Fun times. Arctic Region: The shittiest of initial positioning on my part. I tried to play that little midfield TD perch on the northern spawn when I should've contributed to one of the flanks. Generally kept myself out of the fight. I came in to support a T57 later, but when it stalled I tried to go around and got myself blasted in mid field. Bad decision after bad decision. Himmelsdorf: Went to the train tracks side and stalled out in a protracted sidescrape brawl with a WZ 111 model 1-4. Basically, I allowed myself to get locked up by a lower tier tank when I should've moved somewhere else to fight. Good. Swamp - re-read Kraft's article about game flow. You know it, now you need to make it automatic! Sigfried - if field is truly clear (no TD) then the long flank is totally worth it, going far side of the dragon's teeth, there is lots of hull down in both north and south corners for you to play depression games. Riding the wall also a good option, since you can poke up. While brawling is the meta, Sigfried is very crowded and had very tight lanes. Its not like Ruinberg or Kharkov, its TD/HT territory or bust until one of the lanes is well and truly open. Good analysis. Arctic - TD spot = passive campy badness. Let Garbad's scorn drive you to do something, anything other than camp. Himmels - Never let your medium get tied down and static, just because it can brawl doesn't mean it should, esp not with a 490 alpha gun. But as a rule, keep your tracks free and relocate relocate relocate. And hopefully you played 18 games in 2 sessions not a single. SO many!
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    I think every game has its own inherent "half-life" so to speak, (the physics concept, not the game), where after an amount of time your enjoyment in it will halve and continue to halve again, until you are left with a fraction of the wonder and fun you had when you first played the game, but all of the accumulated anger and frustration you have picked up along the way, as your approach to the game becomes more and more calculating. And then it reaches a point where the bad outweighs the good and you step back and reassess if it is worthwhile any-more. I feel the game does not intrinsically change ( game balance changes, but the game itself is the same, if it makes any sense), just our perception of it. What starts off as endlessly interesting to one, as time progresses becomes stale and infects the player with a jaded sense of reality for the present and a rose-hued one for the past, where their sense of wonder and enjoyment outweighed the irrationalities or inconsistencies with the gameplay and causes them to omit it from memory. To this length people should realize that eventually, they WILL lose interest in WoT, as at the end of the day it is a system that we eventually will manage to understand and game as humans, and it's far too simple to hold our interest perpetually. And when your mind is getting angry with the simulation and telling you that it's picked apart the system, and all sense of wonder and enrapturement is dissipated, it's time to put it down and find something else to engage yourself in. For me personally, the game has become tired, stale and repetitive, but it's not necessarily a reflection of the state of the game, but rather a state of my personal experience with the game, imv. WoT has quite a lot of content to process if you are inclined to do so,so to people getting burned from pub matches solely I suggest one or more of the following. Set yourself some personal goals to achieve. -Involve yourself in the CW metagame, learn how to administrate clans or call battles, or even, god forbid it, do diplo -Involve yourself in the creation and nurturing of a tournament team/skirmish team, either as an administrator, caller or player. -Involve yourself in technical/historical understanding of armored vehicles and armored warfare (this usually means staying away from the brown sea of unverified opinions and substituting said knowledge as fact and sticking to professionals) -Self-improvement and networking as a means to improve oneself (Something that stuck with me was seeing Millard go from a 53%er to participating at the top levels of tournaments/CW - it's possible if you have sufficient interest and drive) For me, personally I've done almost all of whatever there was for me do in the game, and subsequently have lost interest in it. Few things for me can compare to intensity of the the first time I played CW with a top-echelon CW clan, the first time I called my own CW battle/participated in a collective-officer effort to win a campaign or "war", or the first few times a tourney team I was on won stuff. All good experiences to have - but eventually I came to the realization that for me at least, there was honestly little interest in repetitive action for the same result, as I was never going to recapture the same mix of emotions after the first few times. Eventually you'll reach the point where your frustration overtakes your desire to keep playing.(not rage-quit inducing anger, but rather a sense of slow-burning annoyance that questions why you do what you do when it yields little enjoyment). This varies from person to person and for what they find enjoyable within the game - everyone becomes a bittervet either out of choice, or by consuming all the content they find satisfying to the point where it yields little what it did at the start. Either that leads to a long hiatus, or leaving the game for something else, both things that are good for your mental health After doing the same stuff over and over again, one gets burnt out, so my recommendation would be to really try your best to experience all the breadth that you can get from this game other than purely pub battles while you still can maintain interest levels for WoT.
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Honestly, I think QB derailed this post enough. Some people like him, some like Jingles, some hate them both or individually. When i want QB, i watch his stream. Here I want to learn more from Garbad.
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    Often perpertuated internet tanks myths

    To add to those chiming in about power creep. When I started playing WoT on 0.6.9, there were only three weapons with silver shell penetration values higher than 250mm: 152mm BL-10 155mm T7 128mm L/61 In other words, there was exactly ONE weapon per nation that exceeded the 250mm silver shell penetration. If I look at the AP penetration values now (0.9.1) there are a about 22 weapons (More if you include duplicate guns) with silver shell penetration values above 250mm. High penetration has gone from being abnormal and a feature unique to the top tier TD for each nation to being par-the-course for just about every top-tier vehicle regardless of class (Cancer exlcuded). If that's not power creep, I don't know what is. The developers can say whatever they want about "realism" but they've also admitted that just about EVERY stat in the game is basically a balance parameter and hence can be tweaked to alter the vehicle balance. I think I can also pin-point when the game began to experience power-creep: The addition of the T110E3 and T110E4. During CT both vehicles where both obscenely armoured AND kitted out with supremely powerful weapons. The 110E4 was nerfed a little but overall remained very powerful until recent nerfs (It's still damn good) and as a result new tanks being added to the game basically had to have a chance of dealing with these two monsters frontally. The rest is history, as they say. Some people may disagree and claim that the French vehicles were the start of power-creep but despite their obvious advantages the French vehicles were easy to penetrate from the get-go and and despite many claims about them being game breaking due to auto-loaders I think we can mostly agree that this was just QQ coming from poor players incapable of changing their tactics. On the flip side, SPrem has, if anything, helped dampen this effect by allowing just about every tank to punch above its tier as needed with ease./
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    QB is the most famous yellow in WOT.
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    Post-Sec? Please. How about middle school? For those who don't know, I teach 6th grade science/social studies at an elementary school. At the end of the year the students discovered WoT and a couple actually downloaded the game a farted around in tiers 1-3. So I decided to do a small data analysis lab where I gave them some random screenshots of pre-battle loading without chance to win and had my students predict who would win and why. I told them that the higher the WN8 score, the more damage the player was more likely to do and the winrate was for all battles. Wouldn't you know it, the 11-12 year olds all kept on picking the teams with higher average winrates and higher WN8s! Then I had them compare players based on average damage, spotting, capping, and defence points, and asked them which players had the better win rate. You can guess what they picked and why they picked the player. So to the folks who say stats don't matter? Please try to be smarter than a sixth grader.
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    why did I spend 20+ minutes arguing with this stat denier who was convinced W/R was just numbers? I have absolutely no fucking clue. kill me now. please. seriously. sorry if the order is off, Imgur fucked up the upload order. TL:DR for people too lazy to read it, or want to retain their braincells: she (she told me she was a she) did statistics and tried to tell me that win rate is only games played VS games won. and thinks that WGs personal rating is proper skill, and not just related to battles played (my rating went up but my winrate didnt hurr durr) I kept trying to explain that win rate was more than that. win rate was player skill. she refused to get it. my IQ dropped 20 points by this edit: also, I am actually so fucking pissed at myself for wasting my time on this idiot. I cant believe I did this. please. murder me.
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    Xenturion Mk. 7/1 is the best. Out of the 3 you offer, E-50, no doubt.
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    New Atmospheric Maps - Prokhorovka

    Even less FPS - thats what I think
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    More T-62A replays: https://www.mediafire.com/?n8h5ewzfgy8dkez Not too happy with some of the games, in Pearl River I got derped by Jpz E100 which was my fault and in Severogorsk I felt sudden urgency to throw away my tank when enemy started capping... I thought I had to reset so that happened . Kinda managed to save my session with the last games. (WN8 seems broken noobmeter shows 6k and exp is without premium) Overall a lot of those wins were very one sided so I didn't get too much out of those games. Also I got lit on fire in 2 games in a roll (both were losses) so bye bye med kit and welcome Mr automatic fire extinguisher.
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    The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

    Good looks genes in this family
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    So you want to be a Gorilla...

    BTW any applicant who ever tries to play arty while getting evaluated by me gets automatically rejected.
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