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    Yes, lets link our official page to a forum, where every second word is cancer/pubbie/tomato/fuck.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yZYPDZWsGjw We went into the water in case they set us on fire with hax.
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    Hello everyone, This is self-explanatory. The old RBS system did not want multiple guides written for a single vehicle. Therefore, by the time I started writing guides, most of the "good" or popular vehicles were already taken. However, I still want to contribute guides to the WoTLabs community, and don't want to write on tanks that nobody plays or are power-ground through in 50 games. As well, the reception to my most recent guides has been positive enough to suggest that it would be worth the effort to expand on topics already covered. Therefore, I am creating this thread to ask you (the readers) what you would like for my next guide topic. This guide would follow the same format and structure as my SU-122-44 guide recently released in the articles section. Note that this guide may be independent of the official articles section depending on the availability of space/the acceptance of the topic. I have added a poll to select the tier 10 tank that readers most want reviewed. I will repeat this down the tiers, alternating from tiers 8-10 and doing a 5-7 if significant interest exists. If you want a strategy article written, post it here. A post with a significant number (more then 10) of upvotes will be strongly considered. Thanks, MaxL_1023
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    Okay so this isn't thread related but..My friend Evelyn was interested in tanks. So, I let her play on the test server after coaching her and teaching her some basics. Her first game in her chosen STB-1 (Perfect for a 0 games newbie) in tier X. 2100 damage, 2 kills. Not bad really. She fought well on the hill in himmelsdorf. Issues controlling a high tier medium but, expected..How-ev-arrr... I noticed something that wasn't there before. Miss Evelyn was focusing *so hard* on doing well and not being bad..She blew a blood vessel in her eye. This is a Unica in the making if I've ever seen one. The level of "I will end you" focus was intense..We won't mention the full rotation infront of a t92 though..to be fair..She blew a blood vessel :| BOOM! That's commitment! I'm so proud of her :3 MRW:
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    ok ;~; Edit Thy Tribute
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    Wow such shitposting
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    Well, to know anything for sure, I guess I would have to watch you play tier 10's and I'm not really one for watching replays, so if you want to upload a few, go ahead, I'm sure others will help you with those. But I do play a lot of tier 10, and I can tell you just from reading your topic, that you're probably trying to push yourself too hard in the tier. Like you stated, tier 10 so different from the other tiers because you are always the top tier. But you shouldn't let that put you into the mindset of "I need to carry this team". Tier 10 is also the most unforgiving tier, and that is why except in non-random games (read CW's and the like), its usually the slowest going tier, and takes the most patience. It obviously depends on the tank and the situation, and that's one of the reasons tier 10 takes the most patience. You have to consistently analyze whats going on around you both on the micro scale (your tank position vs. those around you) and on the macro scale (the mini-map). However, I don't feel like you need to be told that. Your clearly a good player and you say you do well in tier 9. So like I said above, I think the thing that's probably holding you back the most (or pushing you forward literally) is that your putting it on yourself to carry the team in situations where you need to take it slow and let the game play out. I remember reading another topic here (I could find it and give credit, but I'm lazy right now) where it was asked "I'm good at seeing opportunities and taking them, but how do I make opportunities" and the unicum answer was that its not so much about making opportunities for yourself, but about closing the window of opportunity for your opponents. I would suggest to you, next time you play tier 10, the whole time you play, before you do anything, quickly think to yourself "what would I do in this moment if I was in a tank like this at tier 9 against tier 10's." And unless its a situation where you do truly need to push in and take shots for your team simply because you can and they need you too, then I think you'll find that will work better for you.
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    I just can't stand people like SS. The anti bigot that is just a bigoted. He's a homophobe (well, technically dragaphobe) as well. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/05/12/kubinka-museum-situation-followup/#comment-148406 Some excerpts:
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    Broke down the other half of the map, hopefully to the same level as the last post. It can be found over here : http://scatteredgaming.blogspot.com/2014/09/world-of-tanks-map-breakdown.html I keep intending to add some in game screen shots of the spots I am talking about, but somehow haven't had the time just yet. In the meantime I think I might do a few "suggested" spots for tanks on this map. IE 1-2 really good spots per spawn that I have seen/found for different tank classes. Like the IS-7 on the crest of the hill in G9/0 depression from the south spawn, or the various racetracks on the crest of the hill. Anyway, hope this is somewhat helpful, writing this stuff down has made me change my idea's about certain positions and improved my play.
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    The most good looking tank in WoT

    Shitty MSPAINT time!
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    I think that a review about the obj430 after it's modifications in the upcoming patch would be very nice !
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    shitlord posting is only tolerated in CR/D subsection
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    People should stop feeling about offended about everything and anything, the moment people start feeling offended about Negerzoen (Niggerkiss) or Zigeunersaus (Gypsy sauce) Means the moment is come to gtfo and stfu with your ``feelings`` Because if you feel offended by the name of a cookie or some sauce it means your a butthurt fagget Same UN was more busy with a dutch child fesitval and so called ``remarks to slavery`` perhaps those whiny bitches should compare our ``rasict society`` with the incredible mess + actuall slavery in the rest of the _entire_ f***** world http://www.globalslaveryindex.org/global-release/ 29 million people still living in slavery, and thats excluded the millions of people living in ME under ``slavery like conditions`` coupled with brutal discrimenation millions of women in countrys like Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to drive a car or even go outside the house on there own, but nooooo, rasicm in Western Europe is a problem and we should feel bad about As long as we (western europe) live in a society which is un-paralled in human history in terms of health, freedom and welfare, i dont care though, or is that also ``rasist``? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Development_Index
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    WR and WN8

    I don't have friends. :c
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    Relix cliff-dive driver skill OP
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    Discussion for improving greens (which I still consider myself, new teal color or not) frequently begins and ends with comments on "consistency". While that is true as far as it goes, it's also somewhat deceptive. Yes, I went 5k-1k-3k-7k-500-1.5k-700 WN8 in my last 7 battles, but why? I didn't suddenly forget how to shoot, angle, handle camo, or anything else. The reason greens are inconsistent is because we have games where we simply don't know what to do. This sometimes doesn't occur to unicums trying to help greens, because unis almost always had a plan, even if they got clicked for a 500 WN8 battle or something. sr360's inconsistency is a very different breed from my own. So to answer the question, posts like your Unicum Diaries are the most useful to me, but only in a somewhat oblique manner. By observing your thoughts for one situation, I gain insight on how you think in general, but you're not actually speaking directly to my issue, which is how to think & diagnose game information, even if I haven't seen it before. There are enough low-battle-count unis that it's clear that proper thinking can lead you to do the right thing the first time you encounter it (rather than just solving it by 5-digit game experience). I don't know how helpful this is as a response to your question, because how do you teach someone to think, but there it is.
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    [LABS] The Official WoTLabs Clan

    Make that SEA_LABS !!!
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    The Random Thoughts Thread

    they are doing it wrong. The right arm is 12.542° too low trust me I am a German Engineer. not sure if someone already posted this because I'm too lazy to check, but here you go.
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    C100 is not recruiting ...

    Confirmed, all I needed was perfect RNG during eval
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    WotLabs Member Indicator

    Doesn't mean they are necessarily good, but rather if they are a member of the WoTlabs community they're probably at least trying. That's more than can be said for 98% of players. So, at least there's a chance.
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    [LABS] The Official WoTLabs Clan

    The post count padding has begun... Going to be worse than the WoWS forums in here.
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    I'm so sorry baby. When you get home. PM me on Skype and I'm gonna step in and do what I can. I'll find the resources you need and get you in direct contact with them.
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    T71 - Review & Gameplay

    The T71 American Light Tank is considered by many the best tier 7 scout. Personally, I feel it's the best tier 7 tank in the game. The combination of auto loader, high camo rating and mobility make this tank very deadly if played properly. Loadout: Vents, Coated Optics and Vertical Stabalizer are my recommended equipment. I decided against camo net and binoculars because one of the strengths of this tank is it's mobility and on the move camo. APCR are the standard rounds which is the majority I load and but I keep 18 HEAT when I can't move in for side & rear shots. For consumables I use a basic first aid kit, basic repair kit and automatic fire extinguisher. Crew Skills: Commander - Sixth Sense, Brothers in Arms, Camo, Situational Awareness, Repairs, (Recon) Gunner - Camo, Brothers in Arms, Deadeye, Snap Shot, Repairs, (Safe Stowage) Driver - Camo, Brother in Arms, Smooth Ride, Repairs, Off Road Driving, (Clutch braking then switch to preventative maintenance once it reaches 100%) Sixth Sense is a must on every tank, Brothers in Arms because you want to max all your skills and obviously camo since your main protection is not being seen. Situational Awareness since vision control is such a fundamental part of this game plus with many high tier tanks having a high view range you want to increase the chances of spotting them as early as possible. Deadeye for added critical hit chance. Snap shot and smooth ride since you'll be doing some moving while shooting. My sixth choice for each is a long ways away but I've listed them in brackets. Protection: As mentioned above the camo rating and mobility are this tanks only forms of protection. Armor is basically non existent however you will bounce or your tracks will eat the occasional shell but don't count on it. With only 840 hit points you want to protect your health since you won't live long if you get focus fired. Never trade shots with anyone, always get behind hard cover, use terrain to block them, run away or move to a flanking position. Firepower: Most scouts have poor firepower when faced against against higher tiers opponents however with 175 penetration on the standard ammo and 210 with premium ammo you can still penetrate most weak spots. However, trying to shoot the side of some tanks are very difficult such as the IS-7, J100, etc so get behind them or load HEAT if you need to. Special note is NOT to fire at tracks when you have HEAT loaded, the mechanics of HEAT ammo is that it will not penetrate spaced armor, which tracks are considered. Accuracy is mediocre with 0.39 so you will miss some long range shots. Aim time is close to 2 seconds after vents and brothers in arms. Your gun carries 6 shots for an average burst of 900 damage, if you can unload your whole clip you have to wait about 18.75 seconds to do it all over again assuming you have BIA and vents. With a short drum reload time don't feel the need to shoot all your rounds before you reload. I often reload after only firing 1 or 2 shots if I need to drop from the radar or relocate. Also note, don't feel the need to unload your whole clip on someone just because you can. You want to take opportunistic shots and limit your damage taken. When sixth sense pops, cease firing and move behind cover. Gun handling is good after equipping a vertical stabilizer so shooting on the move in close quarters is usually always a hit so don't worry about waiting for your reticle to fully zoom in if you don't have the luxury to do so. I will often use auto aim when circling an opponent if I need to however for slow tanks such as the T28, T95, ISU-152, etc I recommend you take the time to manually aim. Note that with auto aim you need to be careful that you don't end up shooting an opponent in the tracks if you have HEAT loaded or are shooting diagonally in the front/rear sprockets which may only track the opponent and do no damage. In games where you have to act as a sniper it fills the role pretty well. A vast majority of the maps are changing where long range firing lines and vision control are being limited. Instead acting as a flanker, harasser or sniper are becoming one of the primary roles of light tank drivers. Put your gun to use, it can make the difference over the course of the battle! Game play: The T71 basically has the same MM weight as a tier 8 tank so will see tier 6 to 10 tanks. Depending on the tiers you face your game play will vary a bit depending on how many and what top tier you are facing against. In large open maps such as Malinovka, Steeps, Sand River, etc you obviously act as a scout and snipe when you have the opportunity. For choke point maps such as South Coast, Airfield, Sacred Valley, etc you flank and snipe if possible. City maps such as Himmelsdorf you snipe if able or flank after the battle has unfolded a bit and most of the enemy tanks are distracted. Being an effective harraser/flanker, you can often get a heavy tank or tank destroyer to turn and shoot you at the cost of exposing his side/rear to your team members. This is fondly referred to as "light tank boner." Exploit this opportunity every chance you can, if you can help the team take out a big gun at your risk and helps your team do the game, do so. Never under estimate the value of getting an enemy to turn to shoot you while exposing his sides/rear to your teams bigger guns. If you end up in a tier 8 battle, you can be one of the best tanks on the team. With the combination of your camo and limited view range of enemy tanks you will be able to snipe most enemies if they are more than 400 meters away without being spotted. However as you start to throw in tier 9 and 10 tanks you need to be much more cautious and be a bit more passive since their view range is much higher. With the accuracy being what it is you can get away with some active scouting but limit your exposure. Peeking over hills, around corners, etc can be done if you minimize it but don't be predictable as guns will be pointed in your direction if you keep poking the exact same spot. Sometimes you will need to be a passive scout, this is fine, don't feel you need to just do one thing. The T71 can fill a bunch of different roles depending on the situation, just keep an eye on your mini-map and watch how things unfold as the game progresses. This is a hard concept to master and knowing when to exploit opportunities is often what separates average players from unicums. Conclusion: It took me quite a while to really understand this tank but I feel I've finally good a pretty solid grasp on it. When I first started playing this tank I didn't understand the core mechanics of the game and after about 400 battles I had about a 46% win rating in the tank. Now after 1100ish battles I've finally managed to pull my win rate up to about 57%. I expect to pull my win rate over 60% by the time I reach 2000 battles in this tank. Not to shabby for a light tank! If you play your cards right you can carry the team if the max tier is 8 yet still contribute in higher tier 9 & 10 matches. Finally, don't feel you have to always "spot all the enemies." More and more maps are changing to a choke point style so your team already knows where the enemy will be so hanging back dealing damage will best serve your team. So many people fall in the trap of feeling they need to spot all the enemy tanks, resist this urge, get your gun in the fight! Replays: I play this tank nearly every day and can usually get an Ace Tanker in it. As such, i'll post those replays and always try to keep bumping this thread linking the replays. I use wotreplays.com - here they are: http://wotreplays.com/uploader/JoreyTK/id/284199 Questions: Feel free to ask! If you have any comments or notice any discrepancies feel free to point them out! Edit for March 19/2015 - Please note this is an out dated article in some ways but over all still gives valuable information. I hope you still enjoy if this is your first time reading.
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    You can thank me for the Arty Nerf now

    http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/09/03/insider-wargaming-thoughts-on-arty/#more-16497 Serb naturally cocked up a few details though, including: - But if we nerf arty TDs become OP!!!~ TDs have never been op. Certain TDs were op (hellcat, t49, roomba) and tier 10 TDs were OP...right after you nerfed t10 meds and heavies, and left t10 TDs alone. And this is after you power crept them up when t9 TDs were supposed to be as strong as t10 heavies. This was obvious. - The FTR people see this as serb knowing what will happen. Not like it took nostradamus to see that one -- we all predicted it when the patch was released. This is called creating a problem and using it to pretend like you see problems in advance. Besides, all agree the TD era was much less retarded than the cancer era. And it lasted what, 2 patches? - Developer 12 (EU): RIP Arty, leave it alone already! if they get hit its their fault, despite how much they deny it, no win ratio can be maintained above 50% by playing pure artillery unlike any other tank and no player exists like that despite claims. Someone should link this denier my cancer challenges. - Developer 2 (RU): so, why are we even considering a nerf? since when this is a democracy? Several weeks later… Wargaming is working on artillery nerf Ah, communists. Why is it that the best way to predict what a russian leader will do is to look at what he swears he won't do because the west is trying to force him to do? Dev 2 - Map wars statistics shows use of SPG just fine, the “pros” may whine on it on forums, but are held accountable for - using it as well to maintain their map provinces. The logic...sure cancer is OP, but since you use OP cancer in clam wars, it must not be OP. I'M FROM THE HOOD STUPID WHAT KIND OF FACTS ARE THOSE? Start ignoring at your discretions, we ignore artillery talks form now on So how'd that work out for you serb? lawl - Developer 5 (RU): ...most problematics come from the US cluster. - Developer 10 (presumably US): USA calls it “skycancer” this days - Developer 11 (US): Usually banned/disgruntled players are thriving in a forum called wotlabs.net, players that dislike arty/TDs are led by a banned player on the forums. So yeah. Anyone still think wargaming doesn't know/care what we say? And note that despite their bleats, they backed down and were forced to fix the problem. They want command and control, they get the invisible hand. Serb is pants on head retarded, and the developers naturally fear him and turn into yes men, but he cannot deny the mob. REMOVE_ARTY_FROM_THE_GAME
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    Aqua confirmed sexy bully
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    <removes Storm from Friends List>
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    Funny how they want eSports. But at the same time they hate anyone and anything that attempts to improve the base skill level of the general player.
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    Maybe try a poll that has the tanks that you would like to review/haven't been done before, and do them by order of popularity. Allow multiple votes bc some people want more than one tank to be reviewed.
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    In response to derp Arty is cancer. I got more warning points than I wrote words.
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    That clicker...fucking arty ruins everything. Where you where, there isn't an awful lot I would have done differently except maybe not peeking on that IS-3 that was already pre-aimed at you. That spot did seem a bit passive too.
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    Week 1 > fap Week 2 > fap harder Week 3 > fap less Week 4 > swap hands and repeat
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    DBLTG Now recruiting

    Even though I moved on from them, these are a great group of guys I had a lot of fun with. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a clan.
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    Food Thread

    Yea I felt really stupid after googling a recipe with the intent to make it myself. Because... 4 years of fermentation, lol. Derp Fairly unrelated but I'd love to keep the fish that is used in this in a pond;
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    posting 20replies on 1st page of recruitment will surely help! That's exactly what warpagan did!
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    Not at all, Alesia. You're dealing with very real issues and I'm really glad that you've someone to speak with that can sympathize and truly understand your situation. I'm rooting for you, but it would be disingenuous for me to say that I know how you feel because I've not experienced the things you're going through. I can only offer advice that scratches the surface, and in this I'll echo Bun's sentiment that things do tend to get better as you get older. People tend to get less petty as their ol' countdown timer ticks its way toward the end that we all share. Just know that you've got plenty of folks in your corner that want to see you win. Much love, Alesia. <3
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

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    *takes the lid off the bin* Just a general warning, if this thread is going to be filled with insults and racism, you know where it's going.
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    I hate playing any tanks less than tier 8.
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    The amount of Russians saying stupid shit like that is pretty amusing. Can't tell if its the fact that they're finally seeing Americans for the first time in their lives on test servers, or if its the current shenanigans Russia is pulling off, or both. The match went from "lolObamaNigger" comments to random Euro server guys shouting "PUTIN HOMO!". And I'm just sitting there, with a US tag, all awkward Canadian like.
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    #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread

    Sela can you make a Syrian voice pack mod?
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    My silly kitty. You like?
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    Batchat: To Scout or Not to Scout

    Early game: Scout runs Mid game: Sniping Late game: Clearing If you do excessive scouting, you will die with no damage. If you do excessive sniping, you will miss a lot of damage and hurt your team. If you attempt to clear enemy prematurely, you will die in a cluster fuck. Source: My 1.5k games gl.
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    maus CW use:
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    You just HAD to go and find the 1 game all night where I managed to screw up in the first 2 mins didn't you?
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