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    My Experience With Light Tanks

    Hello. I like to play light tanks. I've always found them far more kick-back than any other tank type while still also being far more exciting. With over 3,000 battles in various light tanks plus thousands more in light-esque tanks, I've learned quite a bit about what it means to be the underdog yet still manage to come out on top. Light tanks have a steep learning curve and often do not get the respect they deserve. The skill floor is high but the skill ceiling is low compared to other tanks. There are a few shortcuts, a few of which I'll go in detail on, but generally speaking each scout player will have to learn what "safety" and "danger" is to them from their own first hand experiences. I want to preface the actual information with a bit of a history lesson sort of as a respectful nod to when I first found out this game existed. If you really want to skip it, go straight to part V. I. Live Light As If It Were Your Last Although I have been playing light tanks for long, I can't say I've played the game for that long. 2-3 years is a decent amount of time, but I'm not 100% certain on how light tanks were in their earliest days. So from my experience, I will be talking about the time I started playing, which is early 2013, but more specifically mid-late 2013 when I got into light tanks properly. We are living in a post-camouflage world. Not post-post-camouflage just yet, but camouflage is going out of style. When I got my first tier 8 light, the WZ-132, the world was a fantastic place to be a light tank in. Arty back then was overpowered. Current tier 10s were tier 8s, they reloaded faster, they had better dispersion, and some of them were more mobile or had better gun arcs either horizontally or diagonally. And there were around 4-5 of them each team almost every single game, at least in tier 10. Matches with only tier 10 tanks and tier 10-esque tanks (aforementioned arty and light tanks) were known as battle tier 12, which has since been removed. This sounds awfully grim, doesn't it? Well, as a light tank, it was actually a small piece of heaven. The maps were more open, camouflage was more important/better than it is now, and arty was your best friend. Mobility and camouflage were very important. You being able to spot the enemy didn't mean your team was gonna gun him down, it meant your arty was gonna gun them down. Often they were already pre-aimed at their location or could quickly snap targets due to the comparatively low dispersion. If the enemy were unfortunate, they'd be hit before sixth sense even went off. In other words, being spotted by a light was like being sentenced to death, or at best it would be a major reason to think of retreating into cover IMMEDIATELY. Games with thousands of spotting damage were the norm, not the exception. But the fun doesn't end there! Remember there being 5 arty per team? Well, guess whose job it was to hunt down the enemy's artillery after the path to them is clear? Yup. Your main source of damage was roughly 40% shooting enemy tanks, 60% killing arty. Pascucci's Medals were something you'd get at least once every few days if you were playing a lot of lights. The Chaffee was the highest tier American light tank, German light tanks were not a thing past the VK 28, and the T-50-2 was the epitome of speed. There were only 2 tier 8 light tanks and they stood above all other light tanks since the other trees that even had a light tank branch only went up to tier 5. These tier 8 champions of speed and mobility were the WZ-132 and the AMX 13 90. The rivalry was hot, fierce, dramatic, beautiful! Well, at least if you were into the light tank game like I was. The WZ-132 was undoubtedly the best pure scout in the game. With amazing agility, great traverse speeds, and an actual choice between guns, it was basically a T-54 with all its armor stripped away but with its speed turned up to 11. Meanwhile, the AMX 13 90 was the equivalent of the WZ-132's nightmare. It would gun it down, gun it down, and gun it down 3 more times before it needs to reload. The WZ-132 obviously could not take that much damage, so its choice was either to outmanouver (yes, I'm serious) the 13 90 or run. Let's just say most of the time running is a better option, if it can even do that to begin with. Of course, let's not forget the other tanks. They were not in as much of a rivalry as the aforementioned 2, but they still had a stay in the game. The T-50-2 was so damn fast and zippy you practically couldn't hit it no matter what unless it was standing still. It came at a cost though, it had the T-34's gun and it drifted like something out of Initial D. The VK 28 was much more respectable back in the day. It had the same 10,5cm gun it has now, but it had way better gold penetration and (I think?) damage. Pardon me if I'm wrong, but from what I remember it had 180mm penetration and 390 alpha. Compare that to its current iteration and feel sad. The Chaffee was the last one to say its goodbyes before it was changed into what it was today. It, like the other tier 5 lights, had tier 6-12 matchmaking. It had more health than currently and a better gun. It had a loyal fanbase swearing by how good it is, but the tank itself wasn't THAT good from what I can remember. So all in all, you had 2 tier 8 light tanks which were always fighting each other over which is the best and 3 tier 5 lights that had their own presence and were in all kinds of battle tiers, but generally the tier 8 lights were the hot wheels and real deals. II. Times Change All good things come to an end. Eventually, artillery as a whole was nerfed. They now had trees expanding all the way to tier 10 and current tier 8s were uptiered while their stats were also tuned down. It took a few weeks before the realization set in that arty is not AS dangerous or AS prominent anymore, but it came eventually. Less and less people started playing arty and what few light tanks were in the matchmaker now had to reconsider if the pros of being a scout outweighed the cons. Tier 5 scouts had a slight resurgence but tier 8 lights notably dropped in population. It was not unusual for me to be the only scout in the whole match. Not everything was bad though. New artillery players came to replace the ones that retired, new maps were put in rotation that still were playable as a scout even without arty and some were changed to make life as a scout better. Though without arty putting constant pressure on the enemy team, people feared you much less. No longer would tanks rathergo back into cover for fear of being hit for most of their health, now they would sometimes hunt you down either for easy damage or simply because arty hasn't taught them why you shouldn't do that. (Arty couldn't, because arty had retired.) Heavy tanks quickly started populating the matchmaker queue; they were no longer bullseyes on tracks outside of city maps, they had some relevance but took a while to really kick into gear (the meta you see today is the snowball effect equivalent of what happened after the arty nerf.) Tank destroyer populations started rising in return. After all, people were playing big, slow, uncamouflaged tanks with lots of HP and you have a big gun that hurts a lot, what's not to love? Most of you remember the horrors of the TD meta, but it actually creeped in pretty slowly. I might make it sound like it happened over a week or a month, but it took around a year before the tank destroyer population reached its peak and subsequently was nerfed as a whole. But that's a whole other can of worms we're not opening today. So I guess now you were spotting for tank destroyers instead. They were a bit more accessible than artillery and didn't die as fast, but at the same time they couldn't hit that T95 in a corner of the map while sitting in their spawn... sad, isn't it? III. The Dark Ages Around the period after tank destroyer populations started rising in popularity, light tanks were notably being left in the dirt. Some of them were kicked while down, like the poor VK 28 which was nerfed time and time again for no good reason. First its HEAT, then its speed, then everything else it had. It never truly recovered. As tank destroyer populations grew to the point were they were unable to be contained (read: 5-9 per team every match) WG finally took action and nerfed them. Let's say it wasn't a great time to be a scout. While at first tank destroyers were a decent substitute for artillery, they rapidly grew out of proportion. You'd be fine spotting for the tank destroyers sitting near the support line since there were only 2 or 3 of them, but now you had to share space with the tank destroyer that didn't have any room on the ridge where the other 5 tank destroyers were sitting. And you couldn't exactly hunt tank destroyers either unless you were suicidal. Sure, they (mostly) don't have a turret, but if they hit you once you're at 2/3 health at best and at worst you're detracked with 50 health left. You couldn't do much to help them since they were sitting on a ridge waiting for a tank on the opposite ridge to get bored and go out of cover, or similarly, one of the other tank destroyers on their own team to get bored and attempt to spot the opposite ridge. Sometimes in matches with less TDs than usual, you could try to poke a TD in the back once most of his team is dead, but for the most part you were playing the middleman for both teams of tank destroyers rather than helping your team kill the bad guys. Most of the time, you simply sat in a bush waiting for a TD to fire so that you'll spot it and then a chain reaction of tanks firing at each other happen, usually determining the outcome of the match right there. IV. Like A Phoenix For a long, long time, light tanks were poked fun at for being the worthless branch. You were just an uptiered medium with what little armor that tank might have had removed in return for speed (which you used to sit in a bush) and a mediocre same-tier medium tank gun. What little use they saw were in tank companies, team battles, or rarely as a standin for a Batchat in clan wars. However, soon they would rise from the ashes and flap their wings. Suddenly, Germany had gotten a almost complete light tank line leading to the new Leopard 1. Sure, you got the Awful Panther to finish things off with, but it meant the class as a whole wasn't forgotten. Camouflage was again in style, but it was medium tanks leading the spearhead this time. However any camo a medium could abuse you could also abuse. Tank destroyers had now been nerfed and the population plummeted. Arty saw a small, small rise in return, possibly due to frustrated tank destroyer players (some of which in turn were frustrated arty players) and now things were normal for a while. If anything, being able to spot for mediums or vice versa meant while it might not have the across-the-map-rape factor like arty did or the jumpscare 850 alpha strike of a tank destroyer, they were at least able to fend for themselves and they were aggressive even without your help. But then, one day, after much waiting... RU 251. T49. T-54 ltwt. Even the T-50-... wait, you're the MT-25. Never mind. Now all these nations that had been sitting on their tier 5 lights for YEARS suddenly had a fully expanded branch. You had so many new scouts! What was first a rivalry gone stale between the 13 90 and 132 had now become like an episode of Friends with each tank more wacky than the next. Of course this had a massive boost in interest for light tanks. People wanted the derp cannon of the T49 or the gun depression plus DPM of the RU 251. So after years of silence and disappointment, light tanks had finally become a regular part of the matchmaker. Add in the campaign missions giving you a reason to play light tanks and we now have a more lively population of light tanks than ever before. We're now more or less at this moment in time. I overlooked some things like the bush nerf, the MT-25 first being added, maps being reworked, etc. but for the most those are relatively well known or not very mentionable outside of the fact that they happened. V. What Have I Learned? Alright, I gave you more of a history lesson than you might have wanted. But still, it's good to have a reference point to how my career started, went, and ended up in a couple of years time. That said, let's start talking the actual tactics of light tanks. What makes a light tank player good? That depends on the specifics. To give the shortest answer possible: the map. To give a longer answer to the same question: the map and how you play on it. Everyone knows that Malinovka is THE scout map. Or, well, generally anyway. So when you're in a light tank and get that map, you're gonna have a great time. Erlenberg, on the other hand, has pretty much no place for you to go. You have to juggle between either heavy tank support or medium tank face-to-face combat. Neither option is particularly good, but at the end of the day you have to make due in some way or another. So, more than any other tank (even than medium tanks, I dare say) light tanks both require and significantly benefit from really good situational awareness and being able to read the flow of the game. When you've finished assisting a flank and you're about to go clean up the stragglers or go to the next flank, where will you be in a minute when you get to that flank? How much HP will either side lose and will either side push, defend, or sit in a stalemate? Should you just ignore the flank and attack arty instead? These are all things that I instinctively think of in just a moment, they're like the solution to a math problem except in this case you don't know for certain yet, you're just predicting things. Due to the all-powerful force that is RNG, you have to make a lot of gambles that you predict will turn out in your favor. To use my earlier example, let's say now the flank you're on is clear and your heavies are brawling their heavies. You have a road clear to arty, but there are unspotted tank destroyers. Both team's heavies have roughly 2/3 of their health left and will be down to half their total health each by the time you get there. Do you go for arty, hoping to sneak past the TDs? Do you tackle the TDs, hoping your team will support you, and then bring down the arty which is now unguarded? Do you go assist the heavies so that you can free up your team and march on the base together? Again, instant calculations in my head. Just writing this makes me imagine the scenario, and from my general experience I can say... it depends on the map. Okay, jokes aside, almost every time you should go help the heavies. You have a flank open meaning you can get to the side or rear of the enemy and not only put some pressure off of your heavies, you also force their heavies to either rush your heavies or try keep you at bay by aiming at you, or in the best case they just ignore you and keep getting pelted with rounds. Going for the tank destroyer may work, but given how many variables (higher tier? High alpha gun? More than 1? Unspotted since game start? etc.) there can be, generally I'd say going up alone against a TD is not a good idea even if you can get the jump on them. Going for arty after a flank is clear is either a good idea or a beginner's mistake. Either the aforementioned TDs will be guarding the base or the arty will be waiting for you. While getting rid of the arty relieves pressure from your whole team, they're still in combat (presumably safe from arty to begin with) with the other heavies and might well be dead by the time you get it done. Okay, so we managed to debunk one scenario, but the more important part is understanding prioritization. Assisting heavies > distracting TDs >/= destroying arty. The sooner your heavies are ready to move on, the sooner you can deal with the TDs and arty. However, should your heavies die, you won't be getting either the TDs or the arty, because the match is as good as over. Let's use another scenario when things have gone badly and you're either on the defensive or you know the match is as good as lost. Your heavies have almost died, but the mediums/lights on your side managed to punch through the weak defenses on one other flank. You have, let's say, 4 teammates with you while your last 2 heavies are getting wiped out on the other flank, the enemy has most of their forces left. Do you rush back to your base and spot so your teammates can shoot at them and reset the cap? Do you rush the arty for some quick damage? Do you start capping at a rate which the enemies can't stop? Well, if you want to win, the answer is that you kill the arty then capture the base. You want to win, right? Okay, there's a solution for the WN8 farmers as well. The answer at this point is to go back to your base and spot their team. When they see their sixth sense go off and they can't respond to your teammate's shots, they'll back off for a bit even if they have the advantage. You use the opportunity to either flank them for some damage and (most likely) die eventually or you keep spotting and hope your 5v10 defense will end up in a miraculous victory. So again, prioritization. You can only do so much with your chassis and gun, and you have to think 2 steps ahead. Killing arty = capping base > spotting enemies. VI. Scouting And Speeding While speed and view range are not unique features to light tanks, they do have the unique constant camo regardless of if they're moving or not. And while there are medium tanks with great, sometimes even amazing speed, and there are also medium tanks with great view range, they often do not come in the same package or not to the same extent light tanks do. So, round starts and the map is good/decent for scouting. What do? Well, the round start is the most unique part of the match and the most important one for you! When that timer hits 0... Arty will just start loading their first shells, meaning your arty can't support you but in return their arty can't blap you. Autoloaders as well will just start loading their rounds. Only the quicker ones will be done by the time you manage to spot them. 13 90's can't chase you just yet. Heavy tanks have not yet dug into their brawling positions. The most important part is that heavies have not yet dug in. They are the slowest, biggest, have the least camo, and go in the most predictable places. It's easy to just peek up a hill, a corner, or just rush along a ridge and dive into cover to spot what tanks and how many of them are going to a certain flank. This will immediately let your team know if they should send more tanks to that flank, if they should start getting defensive or offensive and so on. Arty may have reloaded, and in which case spotting these tanks for long enough means your team can get an instant HP advantage before combat even properly starts. So to answer "what do?" well, you scout! Rush out there, get some early spots, return without taking any damage and before the heavies even know what lit 'em. As the battle goes on, chances are there will be less and less scouting for you to do. The most scouting opportunities come at the start and near the end of the match. So you have to play as a quasi-medium tank to fill the time. However you plan on filling up that time, REALLY depends on your tank and I can't answer that easily, so for now I am assuming your light has at least some offensive capabilities. What are your options? VII. (Non-)Optional Combat Obviously as a light tank you're meant to have pretty poor combat options, but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of it. Your biggest weakness can actually become a strength in that sense. People don't expect a light tank will do much, even if it's broken through their flank on the minimap. Heavies are simply too occupied brawling to notice it most of the time. You should ALWAYS be trying to flank and, if the enemy is alone, circle them. Your mobility will not be of any use in combat if you don't circle, and mobility is your #1 strength. You should always drive around to the rear of a TD so that they are completely facing the direction away from you, and if they somehow manage to (literally) scrape you off their back you still have their sides to cling on to before you should brace your anus for a heavy caliber shell. Heavy tanks are the same deal. They have a turret, though most of the time they are incredibly slow to turn even if they are also spinning their tracks towards you, meaning you can at least manage to get another shot on them before they catch up and get one on you. Medium tanks however will be your biggest problem. You are to them what a tier 7 medium tank is to a tier 7 heavy. They might be slower and less camouflaged than you, but that won't matter much in combat, will it? At best their armor is as thin as yours, at worst you'll struggle to penetrate them frontally even with gold, meaning side shots are your only bet at damaging them if you can not retreat. Avoid direct confrontations with them as much as possible. Last, there's other light tanks. They're probably what you'll be encountering pretty regularly if you stick to flanking heavies and avoiding mediums. Contrary to what most think, light tanks are actually incredibly aggressive towards each other. They both know they'll penetrate every shot on each other, so they don't make use of any fancy cover unless they can go hull down. If they lose a lot of health but their modules and crew are okay they are not totally screwed since their main purpose is spotting, aka non-combat oriented, meaning if they can take the chance to duke it out with another light and come out on top but lose a lot of health, it's almost always a net gain. If their light dies, you don't have to share (and avoid) space with the other light tank, which gives you more space to drive around in and less threats to worry about. So all in all, if a light tank forces combat with you, generally it's not a bad thing unless it's an AMX 13 90. In which case it will fuck up your day and you'll be lucky to survive. VIII. Tricks And New Moves So aside from the general combat overview, I have some more detailed information to go into, and a lot of it involves playing tricks on the enemy. Been spotted and out in the open? The obvious idea would be to zigzag so you can avoid shells, right? Well, kinda. Your zigzags should be unpredictable, not moving left and right every other second. Make sharp turns, do u-turns, swing to the side and drive through as many bushes as you can. The sharp turns will force the enemy to change their aim suddenly, and while that might not sound like much in theory the main purpose of it is to throw off arty. Moving in a zigzag might disrupt accurate, precise shots like those normal tanks fire, but arty only needs to lead and splash you to mark you for death. If you take a sharp left turn and arty splashes to your right, where you would have been had you not made a turn, you've successfully saved yourself a trip to the garage. But what if you get spotted while relatively stationary and intend on holding your position? Well, if you have cover from normal tanks and are safe from them, but arty can still hit you, simply... move. As in, randomly move around in the area you can make do with. To really screw them over, a good idea is to just stop randomly or drive backwards so they will have no idea when you'll change gears and go in the way they want you to. Another way to fool people is to turn your turret and drive in a direction that you're not planning on going to. Just keep driving until you think you're unspotted, then turn around and drive in the original direction you want to go in. It might waste a little time, and I wouldn't recommend it when you need to ,make haste, but when you're diving in and out of cover every now and then it is a great way to throw off an attentive enemy into thinking you've gone another direction. Hell, sometimes just pointing your gun away before you're about to get unspotted might fool the enemy into thinking you're doing something else. While not exactly a "trick" of sorts, one thing people don't often realize is that a cornered light tank has nothing to lose. If you find yourself at a dead end with a heavy tank breathing down your neck, neither your armor nor your camouflage is going to save you. You will not survive with anything less than a miracle. What do? You get desperate. Get behind it, keep circling while shooting as fast as you can. Do whatever you can to deal as much damage before he finishes you off. You might die, but if you at least took half the heavy's health away your sacrifice was not in vain. Of course you don't need to set the bar at whatever amount of health, if you even managed to create a distraction it's good enough. Just whatever you do, don't sit in a corner and plink their LFP expecting them to give up after a light scratch. IX. Team Setup Now let's talk ways to exploit team setups. Everyone knows that a lot of the map ends up never being used due to arty locking it down or there just being no real reason to go there. The whole right side of El Halluf or the river basin on Mines are great examples of underused areas. Obviously you'll avoid these in any tank due to arty being able to blap you openly and indiscriminately even if you don't poke out. Now take arty out of the picture and say you get lucky, because you loaded into a match devoid of arty. What do you do now? An example, perhaps? Recently I've discovered a neat little rock on Airfield along the C line, right near the middle. Going there would be great were it not for arty splashing you eventually as their team will get annoyed with you. But without arty in the match, you're almost completely safe back there. You can sit in solid cover behind the rock while your team's heavies duke it out with the other team's heavies. If they only brawl on the right side of the rock (exceptionally rare) then you can sneak past them and attack their rears. If they attack on the left side, you can shoot into their sides while your team spots them. They cannot move in without being shot by you and fighting only on the right side is unfavorable due to the ridges both sides have that enable TDs to shoot at them. You wouldn't be able to do stuff like that if arty were in the match. Better yet, you no longer have to do the earlier mentioned trick to fool arty into thinking you went away or to try to dodge their shells. Another example? Sure. Himmelsdorf, a map that supposedly is the antithesis to scouts. Both teams have half heavies and half mediums. Most people would assume going hill is your best bet since if you push that side along with the mediums, you can ambush the dug in enemy heavies, but you're a light tank so you can't properly fight up there without getting mauled. All the medium tanks are gonna go up there and the heavies will go into their banana street brawl. So you go along the train yard and hunt arty, right? Well, not really. It might work sometimes, but there's often a tank guarding that area, but that's not the point. Your mediums will be fighting on the hill, most likely taking the circled side around the corner rather than hogging the rubble pile. If you go near the middle (stay on your own side of course) and hug the houses, you have access to more or less the whole map on a whim. From here you have hard cover and you can get shots at the enemy medium tanks as they turn the corner on the hill, giving you some easy shots while getting the jump on them due to the ~300m distance between you. If their mediums don't go that way and hug the rubble, you can safely assume you can cross the courtyard and get some shots at the heavies on the banana street without fear of being shot at by the mediums. X. Questions Left Unanswered? I didn't think I'd write this much and yet still not cover everything I wanted to, but most of what I want to talk about is covered broadly or narrowly and I'm not sure what to write about. If you have a question about light tanks, ask and I'll do my best to answer it.
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    Like I did in my last two topics, I'm going to go over some of the armor changes that've hit us with the 9.9 patch. Some changes are pretty well advertised by WG, but many others are often unknown & not realized until too late! This patch brings us the Type 62, AMX 50 100, FCM 50 t, Churchill VII, Caernarvon, Conqueror, Panther/M10, VK 36.01 (H), M6A2E1, T23E3, M46 Patton, T110E3, T110E4, and Т-62А. Tanks I don't mention have gotten no meaningful changes. AMX 50 100: Small nerf. Turret made substantially taller & the hull a tiny bit wider. UFP and shoulders nerfed from ~130mm to ~125mm. LFP buffed from ~110mm to ~120mm. Turret base nerfed to ~90mm from 100mm, rest of turret buffed from roughly 140-160mm to 150-170mm (IS-6 might actually bounce a hulldown 50 100 now!). FCM 50t: Small buff. Cupola made less pronounced, UFP buffed from ~135mm to ~145mm. Cheeks made thinner. Turret ring made a bit more pronounced, so turret damage may become slightly more common. Churchill VII: Substantial nerf. Turret is now substantially taller (and much uglier!). Mantlet completely removed, but the mantlet provided no additional protection (in fact part of it was 10mm weaker than the surrounding armor). UFP simplified; no longer has 139mm weakspots or 202mm strongspot. Autobounce plate is no longer autobounce at close ranges. LFP buffed from ~145mm to ~150mm, but is no longer surrounded by 220mm+ welds on the very tip and bottom of LFP. Shooting through the front of the tracks is no longer a go-to strategy; this area was buffed from 100-130mm to 140-150mm. Caernarvon: Huge nerf. No longer has strong weld between UFP and LFP. UFP nerfed from ~220mm to ~205mm. Turret face nerfed from ~165-220mm to ~150-170mm. Mantlet shattered; center of mantlet nerfed from 200mm to 152mm, edges of mantlet nerfed from 200-400+mm to 124-280mm. Turret sides nerfed from 112mm to 89mm. Track protection no longer a solid block. Spaced armor covering tracks now has small gap. Turret roof angle buffed by ~4 degrees; can no longer pen it on flat ground. Turret ring made more pronounced, but buffed from 50mm to 130mm. Conqueror: Huge buff. Turret buffed from 170-200mm to 250-300mm+. Mantlet buffed from 350mm+ to 550mm+. Turret ring made more pronounced, but buffed from 50mm to 130mm. VK 36.01 H: Slight nerf. Tank made slightly larger. Mantlet center nerfed from 135mm to 100mm. Mantlet overlap nerfed substantially; edges are typically much thinner too. Cupola made slightly smaller. Tracks on LFP now part of armor model; the area they cover is now 15mm thicker, from 110mm to 125mm. Very bottom of LFP is now autobounce instead of a weakspot. M6A2E1: Huge buff. Hull completely remodeled; now looks more like a giant 50 100 instead of a M6. UFP buffed from 210mm to 240mm. No longer has 190mm weakspot where the LFP is least angled; LFP is now just as strong as the UFP, 240mm+. Shoulders nerfed from ~250mm to ~230mm. Turret face buffed from 190-215mm to 200-240mm. Mantlet center buffed from 190mm to 230mm, mantlet edges went from 440mm+ to 720mm+. Turret sides buffed from 90mm to 90mm-120mm. Turret ring buffed from 44mm to 190mm and made much more pronounced. Tracks no longer solid. M46 Patton: Slight armor nerf. Turret made taller, hull made thinner. Turret face made thicker in general, ~20mm increase across the board. LFP buffed from 120mm to 130mm, 70mm weakspot added to the UFP (MG port). Turret sides nerfed from 86mm to 70mm. Very top of UFP has exposed hull roof armour that can be overmatched by 128mm+ guns. 152mm strongspot added to the top center of the UFP. Cupola made slightly less pronounced. Turret ring made much more pronounced. T110E3: Small buff. Cupola nerfed from ~300mm to ~290mm. LFP buffed from 225-245mm to 225-265mm. Small UFP buffed from 325mm to 360mm. Lost tiny 75mm vision port weakspot; RIP sr360! T110E4: Small nerf. Center of cupola nerfed from 200mm to 185mm. Turret cheeks made smaller, but much more reliable to pen; many areas that were once 280mm+ are now only 240mm. Weld between UFP and LFP buffed from ~285-305mm to 300-350mm. LFP nerfed from 185-200mm to 165-200mm. Turret ring made slightly more pronounced. T-62A: Small buff. Turret made slightly shorter, 250mm turret cheek weakspot made much smaller, UFP nerfed from ~170mm to ~160mm.
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    Pocktio goes to Bovington Tank Museum

    Good day all, ladies and geneticmans! I recently had the pleasure of visiting the world class Bovington Tank museum. I appreciate not everyone is an hour or two drive from such majesty, so I threw together an album with my pictures for y'all to enjoy. I took 251 pictures, so I'm not linking them all manually, you get a gallery Notable highlights were the evolution of tank warfare exhibit, Also sexy sexy King Tiger <3 Here's gallery number 1! Gallery 2 Gallery 2 coming soon. Enjoy!
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    Dumbest shit I've spent money on was wining and dining a Thai lass in Koh Samui back in 2000 - gorgeous girl, only to realise she wasn't exactly a girl....
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    Update Notes: Updated XVM to 6.1.3 release versionUpdated Melty's Blue and added Melty's GreenRemoved Deegie's, Allied Tank Outlines, various nonfunctional swf filesAdded working in-game clock (ZeesuS update of Locastan's)This update should resolve CTD issues. MAKE SURE TO DO A CLEAN INSTALL!
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    My Experience With Light Tanks

    I like the guide, but the 12 year old inside me has a hard time reading stuff without images. Either way, nicely done.
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    Hi all. This took me a while, but please enjoy my humble translation of the link in the OP (http://xvm.garphy.com/?p=1733). I interpreted the original Chinese blog post as faithfully as I could. The parts in italics are my own understanding of what the writer was trying to convey. I omitted some useless or garbled parts, but the essential details are there. Please note that aiming circle/reticule bloom in my translation are used interchangeably. Also, LOL at the last 2 lines. --- Introduction to Aiming - How to Effectively Reduce Aim Time Posted on June 2, 2013 by adri1 This article came out about two weeks ago, aiming to explain the formula when it should have been publicly released. But (someone) was busy with new efficiency values. FYI, it should be released within two weeks. Within the next 7 days (during the weekend), a link to the queries about the demo will be released. Why is the circle so huge? There are many factors that influence reticule bloom, and each of them is independent. Factors including vehicles moving back and forth, turning, turret rotation and firing. The first 3 factors to calculate this are basically: Speed a. Bloom from vehicle moving back/forth = Movement speed * Movement bloom coefficient b. Bloom from vehicle turning = Turning Speed * Turning bloom coefficient c. Bloom from turret rotation = Turret rotation speed * Turret rotation speed coefficient d. Bloom from firing has 2 factors, firing a single shot vs. firing consecutive shots Then, we have 4 factors. The final bloom coefficient forumla is [(a^2+b^2+c^2+d^2)* Vertical Stability Coefficient^2 + 1]^0.5 * Theoretical Minimal Bloom (note: Theoretical Minimal Bloom is based on crew proficiency and relevant skills) End of Section 1 --- Section 2 - How does the circle become smaller? Factors that affect the aim time are as follows: Bloom coefficient and Theoretical Aim Time We know that the circle becomes smaller over time, and the speed of which that happens depends on the following rules. The current bloom size = Initial bloom size*e^(Actual time taken for bloom to start shrinking / Theoretical Aim Time) This is a diagram, where the vertical axis denotes the circle size and the horizontal axis denotes time (0.1s units) We can see that over time, the speed at which the circle shrinks gradually decreases, until the circle size is equal to the minimal circle size theoretically possible. End of Section 2 --- Section 3 - Section 3 was written because I guess you probably still don't understand With the basic knowledge above, how can we make the circle size as small as possible? First, if conditions permit, try to not activate multiple factors. For example, a, b and c all have 3 separate coefficients. If all 3 come in play, your circle size is affected by the sum of the various coefficients (a+b+c). If it is within your control to prevent the activation of one of these factors, the circle size will then be determined by the largest coefficient among the activated factors. These are commonly seen methods: 1. Hold down the RMB to lock the gun barrel in place to avoid the turret rotation factor. (Wait for the aiming circle to decrease in size as you see fit, then manually adjust your aim in a minute way.) 2. Do not turn last minute, anticipate and be already turned and ready. Secondly, if you want a small circle, try to slow down. Think turning quickly is an advantage? Wrong and wrong. The reticule bloom is instantaneous, while turret rotation and vehicle turning speed cannot be controlled. Hence, once you perform these actions, the maximum value is obtained. This is why vehicles similar to the SU-8 have small circles after turning. Reduce your speed: 1. Go easy on the acceleration, this effectively reduces the bloom from your vehicle moving back/forth. 2. The gun controls your turret rotation speed, traversing your turret gradually (instead of flicking it to aim somewhere) will instead reduce the time it takes for you to (aim and) get off a shot. 3. Stupid Westerners did not devise a method to allow the vehicle to traverse slowly (in a slower fashion). Alright, that's all. The old lady's calling.
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  9. 5 points

    S T R E A M I N G BOIS

    O N E T H R E A D B O I S c l o s e d
  10. 4 points
    So I'm up at the familly cottage right now, just chilling and i look over to see my dog and... lol
  11. 4 points

    Best song

    Best song
  12. 4 points
    Just a hunch that the bit where it says 'ISP: IINET' may be a clue.
  13. 4 points
    We need more clan get together events like movie/anime nights. :^)
  14. 3 points

    Is 4k the new 3k?

    The fact that mediums have a higher WN8 that "comes along" with playing them pretty much implies there's going to be people who will say they play them because they can influence the match better but actually just want to get a higher number. Whatever floats your boat, I don't care if 5k becomes the new 4k, as long as I'm above ~73-74% consistently I'm happy. I've been playing with blues since the days of efficiency and purples since WN6/7 and I remember when capping was the meta at the end of the match. Whenever a new metric is set as the standard there's a universal desire among top players to not fall behind. Good players will always be successful in maintaining good win rates and being purple in whatever metric there is but those that don't adopt somewhat suffer, which leads me to this: (Purely my opinion): Bulba has an average recent WN8 of 3800 and a recent WR of ~68. I don't handle recruitment but I have a hunch that the small group that decides who gets in or not place a much larger emphasis on WN8 than they should, and I'm willing to bet none of them have read into it. Sure, this means that most of the clan are top players who are able to keep up with metrics but this leads to good players who are still decent but have never really fit well with WN8 bring fucked if they want to apply. I would much rather see our recent stats be 70%+, recent WN8 could be 3200 for all I care.
  15. 3 points

    is t10 worth the slog?

    Honestly, if playing tanks that are lower tier provides more entertainment/joy in the game......play lower tier! You're not required to play tier 10 if you don't want too. Probably one reason why you are hating tier 10s is because of tier 8, most likely getting put into matches with 1 or 2 8s on your team, the rest 9s and 10s. While some tier 8s are good, they are severely outclassed when it comes to fighting tier 10 tanks, and even most tier 9 tanks. Another reason is probably the skill gap. Upper tiers are where the big bois hang out, so that's understandable. Also.....you're NOT a bad player. You're above the server average with your overalls, your recents show that you ARE improving.........you seem fine to me
  16. 3 points

    Is 4k the new 3k?

    Mediums and Lights do provide more Wn8 at the skill ceiling, but not that it really matters to be honest. Most top level players make judgment based on performance in particular tanks, Pulling 4k DPG in a 62A gets you 5.5k wn8, its great, pulling 4k DPG in an E100 gets you 4k wn8, in the eyes of most top tier players its just as good. it doesn`t mean 62A is a `padder` and E100 is `legit`, it just means both players are top notch in their respective field. TL:DR, it doesn`t matter what you play as long as you are the or near the best of it.
  17. 3 points
    Bought a fuckin PT Cruiser... NEW.
  18. 3 points

    AW v.s. WoT

  19. 3 points
    PrivateBert, reading the start of this thread and your replies imho you are creating a psychological self fulfilling prophesy for yourself. You clearly focus on the negative, get frustrated, try harder and so on. Each death, each arty focus, each tomato team becomes a conformation of your own view of the problem. I get the feeling you start a game already 'knowing' you will lose, try to overcompensate and when you actually die you throw your hands in the air and yell: "see, I'm right, I suck, my team sucks, MM sucks, the stock exchange is against me, my dog doesn't listen, my neighbours feet smell, the whole world is against me!" You unknowingly act as though you have already lost from the start and therefore it will happen. So...that being said... Stop banging your head to the friggin' tier X wall again and again and again! Why is it so important to be good at tier X? It isn't the endgame of WOT, its just the highest tier. Is it the most fun? Abviously not for you, so why are you so desperate to play it? It's hurting you, your confidence and got you to the edge of quitting. Why? Nobody is forcing you or expecting you to be good at tier X. Play what YOU like, not what others like. I saw a guy a while back that has more than 11k battles in a T-28...why? No idea, but if thats what makes you enjoy the game, do it. Get your fun back man. Play some lower tiers, play your favorite OP tanks, stomp pubbies for a while, anything to get that confidence up. Toon with some people you have fun with. It's a game where you decide what you play, so play it your way. You will get some great advice tooning with some of the guys here, for sure. But don't try to force yourself into tier X if it doesn't make you happy. Good luck man and I hope you will stay and get happy again
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  21. 3 points
    I'd free XP past the Church VII and Caern; the Church I and BP aren't particularly good, but they aren't going to make you pull your hair out. If you've just got the Caern left, yeah, free XP it.
  22. 3 points
    Don't help the clickers. They don't need it.
  23. 3 points

    Dear European Friends...

    Well this thread seems to have answered most your questions. EU pubs - arty play xvm sniper colours (note correct spelling of the word "colours"). Poor written communication in pub battles due to tower of babel language issue. Fewer yolos. Cf Koel and Yung comments confirmed correct. Part of the reasons for less gold spam are (a) east european players cannot afford to run premium accounts and so watch their credits more carefully, (b) clans (except at the extreme top) get very little ingame gold from WG and so the clans reward their players far less. EU CW - Thyrotoxic correctly sums up tank choice for competitive line ups. Because EU has so many more clans than NA, expect more rounds of battle per map. It was not unusual under CW.1 to start in 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, quarter final, semi final, final, landing against owner. Less so now CW2 as more provinces, but alliances are forming and battles are raging. Clan recruitment is very active at the moment during the summer lull (players on hoilday, or just out in the sun), and so some of the better clans will be slightly relaxing their entry criteria. So now is a good time to try and get your NA re-rolls into an EU clan (and on a side note some clans do not accept re-rolls etc and LAVA has a specific rule against, cf 'Re-Roll' and 'Purchased Accounts'), although some clan leaders might bend their rules for NA to EU cross overs. EU forum clan recruitment thread Also remember that some of the top one hundred clans will be non-english speaking, this tends to be true of some of the eastern european ones (eg STNK), and a few of the scandinavian ones (eg RSOP). "Tourney" - is played very differently in EU. Because the EU player base is much larger, WG is far less generous with rewards for playing, and competitions generally than that which is available on NA. Alot of EU tournaments are played through ESL, and players must comply with third party rules and third party anti-cheat software (so WOT vanilla with zero mods). Lastly I could probably get your account into ARKT, but it's currently rebuilding and sitting at position 558 from 11,984. However that may suit your re-roll to start with as ARKT at this moment is mainly playing CW in tier VIII tanks, and since your re-roll has no tier X (no decent clan would accept an M48 as a CW tank) that will not be an impediment. As per Thyrotoxic most top clans will require IS7/50b and or 140/62A/bat chat, probably at least two of those (as an example HDU says in it's recruitment thread it requires 4, each with average 2,400 damage. HDU is currently ranked 284 from 11,984 clans).
  24. 3 points

    How do you play artillery?

    Its pretty simple really.
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    Recently I just started playing arty for more female crew. And obviously there aren't too much info at Wotlabs on how to get good at arty. So I figured that I might contribute a little bit on my own. Among Chinese WoT community there's an arty tip called "The Great Right Button Method(右键大法)". The gist of it is: When you need to rotate / move your hull, hold right mouse button (RMB for short) to lock you gun barrel. Only move your gun when your hull is static. Here's one way to do it: Instead of just Ctrl+right-click on the minimap when re-aiming, do the following: Hold RMB to lock your gun barrelPress shift to exit strategy modeRotate the hull to aim cover the new location w/ your gun arcPress X to lock hullPress shift to enter strategy mode, move your mouse to overlook at the new locationRelease RMB, aim as usualIf all goes well, you would notice that the reticle bloom is much smaller than simply Ctrl+right-click re-aiming. You could also apply this tip when dodging counter-arty fire and relocating. Is this science or voodoo? Science for sure. Some fine dudes who bring XVM to Chinese server (l10n and dedicated rating system) figured out how the reticle bloom is calculated. I'm not sure if I'm authorized to re-post this, but if you can read Chinese (or give Google Translate a try) you can read the full text here: http://xvm.garphy.com/?p=1733 Does this work for non-arty vehicles? Yes. The blooming mechanics are the same for all types of vehicles. But it's more noticeable for arty. Actually I might have seen someone mentioned this tip at Wotlabs forum already. But memory fades. Hope this tip helps you get better at clicking. Now that I need to click the other button (and hold it!) as well, this clicker thing is becoming too much for me...
  27. 2 points

    AW v.s. WoT

    AW looks good but i fear that the game will become even mroe hatch-shooting that wot is now. The precision allows it, armor profiles demand it.
  28. 2 points
    Try deleting DebugPanel.swf in "..\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.9\gui\scaleform"
  29. 2 points

    EU noob says hi

    Okay, thanks for the reassurance. I'll browse these forums and see what I can pick up.
  30. 2 points

    Kills and strategy question

    *Sees 3 allies converging on a one-shot enemy* "That should be fine." *30s later, I get shot by said doomed tank* Dafuq?! Never overestimate pubbie competence.
  31. 2 points

    is t10 worth the slog?

    What TheEmptyLord and Siimcy said. Tier 9 is worth it. Probably the most fun for me right now.
  32. 2 points

    is t10 worth the slog?

    If you're unsure about some top tier tanks - try em out on a test server. If you need more info on certain tank lines - ask in here: http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/forum/23-vehicles/ and/or watch Youtube reviews.
  33. 2 points

    The 1000xp Raw Carry Thread

    My brief stint driving reaps' was that if you are going to whore, the 50t is far more comfortable than the 59.
  34. 2 points
    Oh c'mon What's wrong with a small reward for getting help? I would have been helped without it too.
  35. 2 points
    Getting married and paying for a friggin' wedding with a castle, 3 photographers, a carriage with horses, 1930's car with driver, etc., even when having serious doubts about the relationship... Getting divorced 20 months later...
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  37. 2 points
    They probably nerfed the Conq hull too, but since it was cheese before and now is simply slightly more cheese, nobody bothers to care. What matters is, is the turret now hard enough for standard heavy operations?
  38. 2 points
  39. 2 points
    Fine fine. I really should have linked this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RTFM
  40. 2 points

    [LAVA] Lobsters are ready to rumble

    They are off the map now - that seems like a good start. Also a WIN-2 guy blocked and teamdamaged me today in a random (and no I didn't provoke him - I think he was pissed he had wasted all his hp without doing any damage to the enemy) ... we are definitively making friends.
  41. 2 points
    As someone new to clicking, this is quite helpful. Thanks (I guess) for imparting wisdom on how to balance skill and promote dynamic gameplay.
  42. 2 points

    Zeven's Q&A with Ewe

    Sometimes you fail early because you made a tactical mistake. Sometimes it is because you misread the map (a lot of taking strategic areas on the map is an educated gamble depending on team compositions and early intelligence). Sometimes it is because your team is in position to help you... but doesn't. I do not think you want to emphasize "avoiding bad games" per se, but rather think about why you had the bad game. If you had a bad game while trying to do the right thing, that is ok. If you had a bad game because you made a mistake, then that is something that can be corrected. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. If you want to use WN8 as a metric, that is a pretty consistently good performance. You had a total of 4 games below 1000 (16%) and 13 games above 3000 (52%). Using average WN8 as a metric, you can do that because WN8 scales absurdly high in individual games. However, I do not personally think that one 11,800 WN8 win should "cancel out" two 100 WN8 losses when we evaluate our play. Yeah, we averaged 4000 WN8... but we also only won 1 of 3 games and contributed basically nothing in the losses. I had a similar discussion with MaxL on the official forums as to what I believe is the relationship between WN8 and winning (http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/388151-the-truth-behind-losing-streaks/page__st__20__pid__7812858#entry7812858). There is a supposition amongst a lot of "purples" that you will get more WN8 in losses than in wins. I have never really believed or seen that and I think it is due to style of play. I theorize that the more aggressive players will have higher WN8 in wins and the more passive players will have higher WN8 in losses. Interestingly (and I think this is what most people miss), you do not necessarily win more by being aggressive instead of passive in random battles... BUT this is completely flipped in organized play. In my opinion, the difference is that I generally create for my team instead of using them. Lead from the front, learn to be a better teammate and you will be a better player in organized play (in my opinion!). I think the first part here is often overlooked. Is your team mismatched in composition for the map or skill level or both? Take that risky gamble to take a strategic position that will allow your team some advantage to have a chance to win. I would wager that the outcome of most random battles can be distilled down more to team positioning rather than skill. I would favor a worse player in a good position over a better player in a bad position. I have talked about this in the stream here and there. Sometimes you need to take bigger gambles when the odds are set against you. However, as noted above, you need to understand what it is that you are really evaluating. If you have a bad skill team and they are all in bad positions, you have to gamble to make something happen. If you have a bad skill team and they are all in good positions (this happens rarely, they are bad for a reason; but hey, broken clock, yada yada yada), you can let it play out a bit and monitor the situation.
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  44. 2 points
    No existing values have changed, this is just to add the new tanks in 9.9
  45. 2 points

    Setting PR to a scale

    Here's the WN8 to PR chart based on average PR per WN8 point. The data is very stable up until around 1800, where it becomes incredibly noisy. There are a lot of points in the High WN8/Low PR range where their WN8 unicum status is questionable, like low battle count (under 5000) and very low tier (seal clubbing). However, some accounts seem to be genuinely unicums but just have a lower than normal PR. I might run the numbers again capped at 5k battles instead of 1k, but it takes several hours to process the data and I enjoy using my computer for other things as well.
  46. 2 points

    WN9 candidate prototype

    By deprecating overall values in favour of recent values. However, changes over time seem to be surprisingly limited, bar the obvious tanks. Even significant nerfs like the Hellcat or KV-85 hit the tanks by less than 10%. Apparently-drastic changes like the corridors and bush removal made little difference to measured stats either. By far the biggest change I've seen is the post-mission arty damage drop. I run the same routines on RU, and the differences are minimal. The largest differences are in winrate (heavies do worse on RU), which isn't used. NA doesn't have enough data for an expected values run, but in class ratios and tank popularity, EU generally falls between RU and NA. The EU playstyle seems much closer to NA than to RU. Per-tank stats, recent values, whatever you like. I've explained this several times. For overall values, spotting damage contains more noise than signal due to missing pre-8.8 data and no indication of which tanks were played before 8.8. It's also useless for recent values because WG only provided an overall average, not a count. It's useless for per-tank values because it's not in the per-tank data. They're not really rated using the same formula. The advantage of not using WN8-style expected values is that different components have effectively greater weight for different tanks, so for example spots are much more important for lights (and to a lesser extent, mediums), while they fall away almost entirely for artillery. Intentional misread into straw-man rhetoric. Thanks for the contribution.
  47. 2 points

    T-54 ltwt. Fanclub

    While it does come down to opinions, I thought most people agreed the T-54LW was almost a direct upgrade? Since they're both based on the T-54 and have pretty similar stats, you can't help but compare them on that level. Assuming they're both elite and the WZ-132 is using the 100mm: T-54LW has better DPM and way better soft stats plus aim time, however the WZ-132 has a notable (for a light) 14mm penetration advantage and better hard accuracy. T-54LW has less ammo capacity and slightly worse shell velocity, but the shell velocity is so small it's barely notable. 9 ammo won't matter every game, but it does for the sake of comparison. T-54LW obviously has way more armor, around x3-x4 as much as the WZ-132. Being able to randomly bounce is invaluable for a light tank, even if it ultimately relies on RNG or the enemy not making the shot count. T-54LW has a higher top speed and higher hp/t, but it has a slower reverse speed and worse terrain resistance which probably puts it and the WZ-132 roughly on par. WZ-132 has a slight (0.80) camo advantage and 10m additional view range, which of course gives it the edge when it comes to scouting. But in return the T-54LW has 100 HP more. And all the notable differences more or less end there. The only thing that sets the WZ-132 apart is the 85mm, in which case the comparison goes like this: WZ-132 has 230 DPM more, but less penetration and 50 less alpha. WZ-132 still has better accuracy but still worse aim time. Its dispersion is about on par with the T-54LW. T-54LW has a way better gold shell. 5 more penetration (not that special) but it has 240m/s more shell velocity than the WZ-132's HEAT. T-54LW has the caliber advantage (yes, really) and is able to overmatch 30-33mm plates while the WZ-132 can not. So if we want to properly compare apples and oranges instead of green apples and red apples, the WZ-132 needs to have the 85mm. The WZ-132 is a slightly better scout while the T-54LW is a significantly better combat vehicle. If you wanna discuss which vehicle is ultimately better in the end, we have to dive into anecdotes mainly around map rotation. Though I'm sure everyone knows the misery of the scout. Getting Himmelsdorf, Erlenberg, and Pearl River instead of a map where you can do any form of scouting. So you basically turn into a weak tier 8 medium tank. In that case, the T-54LW can bounce shells, has a better gun for combat (again, assuming the WZ-132 has the 85mm) and has more health. Camouflage, view range, DPM, and mobility will not make much of a difference on a map where the maximum engagement distance is 250m. tl;dr: T-54LW is a better tank overall but the WZ-132 is a better scout, so unless you're a scout specialist (god have mercy on you) the T-54LW is the better tank
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    Spent on girls that don't put out.
  49. 2 points

    Is 4k the new 3k?

    Irony is when you make a metric, tell everyone that its not valid for cherry picked tanks (only for overall accounts played under a "normal" pattern) or rerolls and then 2 years later when everyone is cherry picking tanks and re-rolling, they tell you its broken. Broken is when something isn't working as it was designed. And there is no getting around the limits of WG's marginally useful over-all data. You're (generalized and plural) just illiterate, willfully ignorant cunts. That said, 3k is still 3k in tanks that don't go 50kph, have good pen or alpha, easy stock grinds or decent armor. Those attributes make the general population decent in them, or keep higher skilled players from hanging out on the right tail of a gamma distribution. And I don't deny that players are learning to damage better, win the maps more, or adapting. WG makes meta shifts and it takes time for those adaptions to be innovated and disseminated. Streams make that faster and widespread compared to 2 years ago. Websites like this one make collections of resources and direct answers easier to find. I know that because of WoTLabs I myself have been able to improve on my gameplay (beyond the illusion of tank restriction). It wears thin to hear "WN8 is broken" just like it wears thin to hear people complain about RNG. By playing this game, or looking at WN8, you accept the limits, implicitly or explicitly.
  50. 2 points
    # of hellcat battles, Brett is the best player in the world
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