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    Gandalf was really just fighter with INT18. Gandalf lied, he was no wizard. He was clearly a high level fighter that had put points in the Use Magic Device skill allowing him to wield a staff of wizardry. All of his magic spells he cast were low level, easily explained by his ring of spell storing and his staff. For such an epic level wizard he spent more time fighting than he did casting spells. He presented himself as this angelic demigod, when all he was a fighter with carefully crafted PR. Everybody knows in a fight to rush the wizard before he can do too much damage. But if the wizard is actually an epic level fighter, the fools rush to their doom. […] If the wizard turns out to actually be a high level fighter wearing robes, then he’s already in melee when it’s his turn and can mop the floor with the morons that charged him.
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    So Step 3. Should read as: "CRIKEY IM A BONZER TANK MATE, HOLD ME LAGER WHILE I RAM MY COCK INTO YOUR POMMIE ARSE" Or words to that effect.
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    KV-85 TIPS

    Be VERY thankful that you are playing this during the era of sprem. This was a painful first tier 6 prior to that. Yes, use judicious Sprem during the research phase. The thing that makes the KV-85 is the combo of punchy gun, decent alpha, decent armor, decent mobility. This combo remain potent even as a bottom tier tank. If you are lacking the mobility or the gun, the tank suffers greatly. Against higher tiers, trying to brawl is frequently not advisable, even with top configuration. Try to make use of the mobility. You can run with the mediums if necessary, and that would be my default if you are bottom tier. If you are playing against higher tier tanks, you may be able to get two shots off for one in return, if you are in a 1vs1 situation. This is absolutely a more complicated tank to run than one that has great armor or great alpha or great mobility or great gun depression. It is also a tank that will teach you a lot, and you would do well to master it. Bad gun depression tanks can often teach you how to use terrain better, and how to prop yourself to get shots. One of the most valuable things you can learn watching streams is mobility techniques, and this one is no exception. Learning to use -3 degrees now will serve you well in all tiers. If you haven't already, consider free xp-ing the tracks. This will allow you to mount more equipment, and give you a mobility boost. To be clear, are you running rammer, vents, GLD? Crew learning repairs? good luck.
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    its probably easier in RU and EU where you can actually face teams in absolute SH at any time thats not prime time.
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    What good is this post without a link?!
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    1.Escape 1 versus 2 2.Avoid 1 versus 1 3.Engage in 2 vs 1 4.Caution in 3 vs 2 1)never stick around for a collapsing flank, the ability to recognize accurately whether a flank will fold and being able to get out of a folding flank is crucial if you want to consistently contribute to your team. Don't feel bad for those who get left behind, those with enough speed and didn't run chose their fate, those too slow to run are contributing by buying time for you to win the game. 2) No armor means any trade will be a Pyrrhic victory at best, in a 1 vs 1 you opponent will always know and be able to anticipate you because you are the only thing they are focusing on, avoid 1 vs 1 unless you absolutely must to win the game. 3) Never hesitate in a 2 vs 1, always engage actively if you are one of the two who has more health, but preferably 2 tanks can easily permatrack/turret jerk a single tank to death, but be quick, because enemy reinforcements could arrive at any moment. 4) Always be careful in a 3 vs 2, as a bad poke could easily turn the scale of battle around if you charge into the open and gets killed, leverage the fact that your opponent must stick together( or else face a 1 vs 1+ a 2 vs 1), and encircle the target while making favorable trades. Thats my general rule of engagement while in a light weight. It may sound easy, but all of these things require judgement and map awareness. How do you know you didn't escape from a advantaged position and left your teammates to a disadvantaged situation? Do you know where is the nearest possible enemy that could turn your sweet 2 vs 1 into a 2 vs 2 or worse? When encircling an outnumbered enemy group, are you moving yourself into an arty firing line or a camping TD that would of otherwise not have shots on you? Play more games, don't make the same mistake under the same circumstances, and always have an open and flexible mindset. And to expand upon the open mindset, if you think something might work, whether its a spot on the map, or crew/module configuration, don't be afraid to try it out, whether it succeeds or fails, objectively note the circumstances of its success and failure and make note for the future, WoT is a game of perfecting and mastering the basics, the road to success is paved with failures, but when you have failed in every manner possible, all you have left is success.
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    M56 Scorpion Review

    So I bought this tank the instant I saw it was available because I need a TD to do missions in. Although pricy, money's not an issue for me so I got it. Impressions: I'm not here to talk about the stats of the vehicle because you can google that, I wanna share my experience with the tank, Replays: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftv6k6gm236ka6w/Scorpion 5 games.zip?dl=0 Positive: + Gun is great, pen is nice and the accuracy is good + Speed, it goes pretty fast but the acceleration is slow + Camo, this thing has godly camo, I don't even run a camonet and if I have a bush they don't spot me from more than 275m + Credit earning ability, this thing makes credits + Size, it's so small people actually miss fully aimed shots at you while you stay still Negative - You can't take a hit, HE destroys you and every hit you take basically reks your modules completely, very unforgiving - Turret turns slowly, while the arc is decent it turns so goddamn slowly turning the hull is usually faster - Acceleration is limiting, uphill this thing isn't fast at all - Meta, on maps like Ruinberg or Himmelsdorf I have trouble seeing how to make this tank work, since it's basically a one-trick pony - Reverse speed feels like T95 I put Rammer/EGLD/Optics on it, because camo net is yuck and it's open top so it can't mount vents. My loadout is 20/20/3 because the gold round can pen T10's frontally (even though you won't face them) and to basically negate IS-3's. Playstyle: I'm not the one to tell you how to play a tank, but this thing needs to snipe to work. You wanna use your camo and speed to get into positions where you can sit and camosnipe the shit out of stuff with essentially no risk of getting hit because you'll die. I took a hit from a JP2 and it rekt like literally everything inside the tank. If you ever played the E 25 it should be pretty familiar, but it's somewhat slower and can't really manoeuvre the same way. Watch the replays to get hang of what I mean, stay somewhat safe while making sure your gun keeps working and the tank reaaaally excels at it. In the Sand River game I outspotted an E 25 and fired at him without him spotting me back, the tank really is good even though the meta it should've been in has passed on a long time ago.
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    And I'm officially divorced. She didn't get a thing.
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    M56 Scorpion Review

    TFW your mom forgets your birthday and you don't get a gift from her, fukin kunt. On a more serious note, dat small profile but have you had any people shooting HE at you yet or shooting like nearby your tank? As it has pretty much literally less armor than any tank in this game this must be fun. xD
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    Strongholds are fun. Grinding strongholds for influence is terrible.
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    I support this movement
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Game of Thrones is the best Anime
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    KV-85 TIPS

    Firstly, snap shot and smooth ride are NOT perks. You can train them normally, without spending gold to respec. Secondly, repairs is MUCH more important than these gunnery skills. I'd never pick them over repairs to get them on any normal heavy tank (AMX 50 100 is an exception) 6th sense is a perk, so respecing with gold makes sense. Snap shot is the next best gunner skill, so it makes sense to start training that on top of your 100% repairs. Smooth ride is a good skill, but you could make a case for Off Road Driving or Clutch Breaking ahead of it. Both of these are also skills, rather than perks, so you can keep your 100% repairs while training the next skill. My current world view holds that Off Road Driving is superior in this case, since it will give you 2.5% better effective horsepower on moderate terrain, and that also helps your turning as well. Mobility is important on this tank, so I say maximize it.
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    Penis jokes aside... The penetration's a little low. Dammit.
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Something that changed my view of 300: - Remember the opening scene, as one eye is telling the story of leonidas and the wolf. He is sitting around a campfire with spartans who are very young (early 20s, shiny new armor). Note the background. - Then he tells the story of the 300. Note how everything is always past tense. - And then the story ends right before platea, and they charge. Its not real clear from this, but if you look at the background what is supposed to be happening is he is sitting around a campfire the night before the battle of platea, telling the young men the story of the 300 to fire them up before battle. So what we see is the young men imagining it, not it "actually" happening. This is why the evil chars all look like monsters and the good guys look like gods. So with that in mind, its internal propaganda. And it captures not so much the reality of things, but how the spartans felt about it, how it shaped their culture and actions. In that respect, its very much true and accurate. Its like reading livy -- not so much a true history, but rather a set of lies agreed upon that made a culture what it was -- a great story that emphasized the morals and actions they valued. I turned my nose up to the immortals being orcs, hunchbacks, blood splattering, queen gorgo's silliness, and so on. But it had a lot of good actual quotes, was badass, and showed why it was so culturally significant to the greeks. So I give it a good score based on that. Troy was also decent, not great. Alexander was a failure. I dunno, most modern movies want to tell our story, not theirs. They have to put in casual sexs (oh really, you mean pre birth control women in the middle of virginity culture fucked someone they just met? oh really?), create stronk independent warrior women (who are a disgusting caricature at this point), turn the spartan disciplined formation fighting into one man hero rampages, and so on. Not all of that is bad, but each step down that path makes the story more generic, more false, and more boring. Also, HBO needs to take a wank now and then. I like tits as much as the next man, but seriously, stop showing me tits as the expense of story. I can always find pron; I can't find a good telling of Scipio.
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    I hate this game more every day. While I can certainly understand that some people find strongholds enjoyable, I just plain don't care for them that much. I like playing pub battles and spending 30 minutes a night on clan wars. That's my preferred way to play. And that's gone now. If I log on to the game and teamspeak there's a constant pressure to play grind strongholds. Sometimes it's fine, sure. But it's not something I really want to do every single fucking day of my life for 2-3 hours. So I guess I can find other things to do in life that are more fun/important/enjoyable than play this game. Again.
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    Top 10 Pubstars of Each Server?

    I believe DerWeisseMongol, CanadianImpact, and Dodoma should be part of NA top 10 list as they are good at every single tank they play, not just specific tanks or types of tanks. Carbonward and Kewei also for other reasons that aren't really debatable.
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    http://i.imgur.com/bK9trFK.gifv My GF said this reminded her of me. :/
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    One of the benefits of being a Patron 3 is being able to upvote all my fellow minions. AT THE SAME TIME.
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    If you watch DxD and have expectations for anything but lewd fan service, then you are just misguided. I don't mind that kind of show, but I know going in what I'm going to get and it is just part of the show. What I hate is these shows that try to be serious and then pepper fan service in randomly and without thought just to try and sell. Keep that where it belongs.
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    How to check if a weaboo

    Yes weaboos. The people who are a little outta wack over obsessed with anime. If you feel yourself becoming a weaboo look for the telltale signs. 1: Dressing up as an anime character, and talking like one, and posting it on facebook like a fucking moron. Holding props also counts. 2: Next stage. Photoshopping in anime charaters with you to make up for the fact you have no friends. Or maybe just make an entire facebook profile pretenting to be an anime character. Stage 3: Waifu Bullshit crap and other fuckable collectables. If you have gone through any of these steps than do a quick test. If you do not find non-animed porn arousing, you may need therapy. Remember, its ok to watch anime. Just dont be a fucking wierdo about it :^) Drunk poast /10 Goodnight
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    Hello Readers! So I have been around for quite a long time, and as we all know, playing a game for an extended amount of time starts to burn you out. Since I got a job I have played a lot less recently, and it's been nice for the most part. However, it has made my skill worse and my attitude when playing just down-right cancerous to the point where I can no longer get platoon invites (most of my friends have left the game, but whatevs). MAIN QUESTIONS ANSWERED: So What Will I Be Doing About This? Simple. The Japanese heavies just came out and everyone seems to be enjoying them for the most part. Since they're so new, I might as well try them out as well, especially since heavies are the main class of tank that I play. I also have absolutely ZERO knowledge about them besides knowing that they're sluggish and huge, and will be walking into the line/challenge completely blind. Why Am I Doing This? Again, a simple answer. Going through this line of ~decent~ heavies will truly test where I am at as a player even after hardly playing anymore. It will help me improve where I am falling behind, and it should be a nice "mission" for me to complete and have fun with. I will be trying my hardest to get the best winrates and super-leet deepeegees along the way, and when I get to the higher tiers I will attempt to get 3 marks (Was thinking tier 7+...?) on them. My Personal Rules/Goals: Goals: Attempt to stay AT LEAST within 3200 WN8 and 65% Winrate (Might be a little harder when playing solo considering the speed of the heavies).Lower my anger levels, and try to have fun with this seeing as I've already proven I'm a good player and this game is dying anyways.Make some new friends during this challenge, because I'm a nice kid if you get to know me, and I deserve some fucking friends.Just Not Be Fucking Bad.Rules: Platoons are allowed, and will be used time-to-time.Starting at the Tier 2 (Type 89 I-Go/Chi-Ro) as I can tell the Tier 1 is another French clone.Fully-trained crew with consumables, gold rounds, and equipment/camo.Must play at least 5 games in each tank (forces me to play the lower-tiers more, and will force me to increase crew training so I'm not just wasting credits)*~ Will Add More To The List As I Progress ~* So Without Further A-Do, Here Is The Tank List! Tiers 1-5 Type 89 I-Go/Chi-Ro *Finished* Type 91 Heavy *Finished* Type 95 Heavy *Finished* O-I Experimental *Finished* Tiers 6-10 O-I *Currently Playing* With all of this being said, I hope anyone reading/following this will enjoy my insight that comes with this, and if there's anything I can improve on, just let me know! Thank you for reading, and I sincerely hope you enjoy!
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    No. We don't do the anime shit in this holy place.
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    Step 1. Add spall liner Step 2. Train controlled impact Step 3. Ram things while typing "IM A TANK, SUCK MY DIIIIIIIIIIICK!" In all chat Step 4. ???? Step 5. Profit
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    From my experience (and it depends on the map) you should never in any ship be at the edges of the map. So not on the 1 or 10 line, not on the A or J line. If you are there you basically have less influence on the map then if you are a little bit closer towards the center. Players that are in the corner of the map basically give up on any control on the result of the battle. Being there only allows you to farm damage and only if the enemy is a total bob they will chase you down. The argument that BB players still can do damage in these positions is very weak, as you can do more reliable damage if you are closer to the enemy.
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    M56 Scorpion Review

    Good reg and gold pen. Camo seems okay for a TD Does seem to have really bad reverse gear with bad turn ratio, probably better off playing 2nd line since it doesn't seem like it can get out of a bad jam. considering its DPM, you'll probably be better off platooning because this thing won't do shit in a city map with bad team and is fast enough to pick up the scraps in an crushing win. Binoc might honestly be better for this tank since I definitely don't see this tank being able to poke out in the open against unknown circumstances at all and this thing can't play frontline, with horrendous reverse speed you won't be able to do a poke and duck in the open. slowly moving into a bush and play the 15 meter in and out is the only way i can see this tank hitting anything that it spots on its own.
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    Where the hell are you getting these prices for the premium-time from? 30 days of premium cost about the same for both games (~10 euros), AM is slightly cheaper when buying 1-7 days of premium, WOT is slightly cheaper when buying 180-360 days. As for the cheaper premium tanks, it isn´t enough to make me switch games since all of them are in my WOT-account and I don´t plan on buying any new premiums on WOT or basicly rebuying them on AW.
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    The Cent 7/1 can die in a fire.

    The Cent 7/1 can die in a fire.
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    World of Codes

    I've got a few codes left over from some humble bundles that I wont ever use if people want them: Wildstar Standard edition: J4A5FC4M6Q1Z8GO7YFI7 Warframe 7 day credit and affinity booster packs : B24C-F580-F738-7B14 Ghost Recon Phantoms starter pack (uplay): E3ST3MKMHX57PGR4 WoT invite code (dunno what it gives): RMSZR-BA52P-XX2YS-ATXS3 SMITE Loki pack: PCLKCCD777A850602 SMITE Xbox One CBT access (its probably over by now, dunno what the game even is): 3HKKW-JYFR9-C4JFY-FC69C-JPGGZ Psyychonaughts: W2C8P-8HX0W-IGHVE Magika zwizard Wars Exclusive staff and blade: NJLX5-EWGB3-3V293 One month twitch turbo: WX4MJTWZL2MT34RW EVE rifter ship skin: KKAZ7CQCMKPAWDSPMMNQHZ3BN EVE trial key: 844SM-MAUX9-F9YAD-Z8DXY-MDZ24-HHE93-AZ009 Warframe booster pack: 80CC-7DA1-EF71-7318 Total war: Rome II - Nomadic Tribes Culture pack: G0V23-RZN2H-5RAD6 Majika: Wizard wars E3 robe: ENYBE-3BDC9-DFPMT I also have a Payday 2 Electrarodent and Titan masks code that I turned into a gift link that i would have to send to whoever wants it (quote this post and tell me, ill PM it to you) I also have a Company of heroes key that I would be willing to trade for a 1250 gold pack or equivelent prem time (so like a week). NZ exchange rates have suddenly gone through the floor so now 1250 gold has gone from $6-$11. Ugh
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    WN9 candidate prototype

    Hmm, I thought I had read every reply, must have skipped a page during my vacation. I found it though, thanks, and sry about that. Edit: Here's a colorful scale for everyone with Nixon's WN9 values rounded up and down to 50's to go along with the current WN8 scale. HTML for the first table in case anybody wants to easy edit it.
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    As A Note To All Who Are Following This Thread, I Have Decided That I Will Be Streaming Tomorrow After My First Day Of School! Testing for the stream will start at roughly 6 p.m Eastern Time, and if all goes well, I'll be streaming from then until 11 p.m Eastern. MY FORMATTING IS FLAWLESS
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    WN9 candidate prototype

    I put up a full version a couple of pages back for Never to implement, although apparently he had other priorities. The formula's unlikely to change unless WG provide raw assisted damage, although the tier averages and tank scaling will probably get a final pass. Some stat distribution lists I did last month. Overall on the left, recent on the right: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w7AHGqbBvnTv0v9hxn-ltOVxj5kK0WtFGQjmUjsY-cs/edit?usp=sharing Of course, for stat distributions the scaling is critical, and I'm undecided on it. No-one else seems to have any opinion on it either. Some points: If it's not going to be used as an achievement (overall) metric, there seems little point in using 4 digits.If it's too close to WN8, then people will be confused about why their value rose/dropped.If it's near a 0-100 scale then it'll be confused with a percentile scale.GD will probably hate it regardless so maybe it doesn't matter.Other notes: Regression dilution The regression dilution check came up clean. I got the regressions the right way around (not sure whether by accident or design), and the average games per player over the interval have minimal dependence on the tank played. Tier averages I now have true per-tier random-sampled interval averages for EU and RU. They're quite fun: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YYKND2eV8nyw45mOu80hkW2Lr-mjaZnebH4Ypn0XRL8/edit?usp=sharing RU damage outputs are somewhat lower at tiers 5+, which is probably down to increased arty counts. RU also has lower survival rates but higher high-tier cap rates. Note that the draw rates and win rates don't quite add up within the same tier: Tier 1-4 winrates come out slightly low, and tier 9-10 winrates come out slightly high. This is probably because not all games have balanced tiers, and mismatches are more likely to be in the higher-tier player's favour. Per-tank normalization I have a plan for normalizing the per-tank values. I'm going to choose a list of popular tanks from tier 5 to 10, and then normalize all the results so that the chosen tanks have an average intercept of 0 and an average scale of 1. The results probably won't differ much from the current method but they'll be easier to replicate with different datasets.
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    -point tank in direction of useful brawly place with little flanking opportunity ideally -double tap R -tab out and get some music playin while you watch being late to the brawl is more useful than camping
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    The maus can't mount blue desert camo though.
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    CW 2.0 a second job that no one wants
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    I tend to enjoy strongholds overall, but they became less fun when it was something I had to do 2-4 hrs per night just to keep my clan on the map. A map where at any point, I can get dropped on every province by anyone. A map where half of my CW battles are decided by arty/airstrikes. Also, echoing what people mentioned above, now with the Clan League, I just really don't understand the time they expect people to have. You need to play your clan league matches, which for the pre-season is taking 2-3 hrs per night, plus 2-4 hrs of strongholds per night, plus any CW you have, hopefully you're using the strongholds to grind back the 600k-1m credits you lost in the clan league, because otherwise you need to grind money to even play pub matches if you want to grind any tank lines. Much less when you need to actually purchase the tanks themselves.
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    Dealing with Misses & Aiming Habits

    Actually, i would also like someone to address WoT's automatic shell drop mechanic, as i don't think it has been touched on yet. Why do long range shots always seem to fly overhead and not under? why is hitting a scout doing mid run on prok so hard? Well, its because WoT's map is a box, and the sky is just an outer edge some distance away, so when you are preaiming at a target in the horizon, you you actually aiming at a point on the map(beyond redline) that is some distance away. and so WoT's automatic shell drop calculator will adjust your gun's elevation artificially so that it does land in that unspecific point outside the redline. This is also why its much easier to snipe a moving target with a high velocity gun, one is obviously that the shell trabels faster, but also because the shell travels faster, the system will not aim your gun as high to compensate for shell drop when you are aiming over the horizon. Im too lazy to add pictures and do actual math, so if someone would, it would be great.
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    Let me save everyone some time and give Trex's training here: 1. Select Super Pershing in garage 2. Select "battle" 3. Press "r" 3 times 4. Press "2" twice 5. Press right mouse button 6. Press left mouse button 7. Repeat 5 and 6 as necessary
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    The Minion Consortium Wants You

    If anybody deserves a bump, its you guys. Minions are rockstars, keep up the good work. (BTW one of your members failed to turn in an algebra assignment last week, so he may be away for a short while . . . )
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    Sure, except I've got classes Monday evenings. Maybe a Tuesday?
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    The Minion Consortium Wants You

    Your training was very good predavolk. I enjoyed it and took some advises that I will implement into my game. I really appreciate the support of M--M and BAKED for the training and our first steps into CW. Btw we hold 2 provinces right now and defended successfully yesterday. \0/ @‌Canadiantrex: No problem. How about giving us a training on a Monday evening?
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    The Minion Consortium Wants You

    The stronghold competition is on it's home stretch. Go bois GOOOOOOOOOO ...... I saw every evening 9+ Minions fighting hard. Like lolcat I didn't try to go for the prices. I have already so many tanks and those who made continous efforts and improved since March should succeed. After a 14 h workday I play like sh.t and I don't want to pull the team down.
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    The Minion Consortium Wants You

    My minion allies have been a big help in aiding me breaking a slump-plateau I was on. Plus they made the last long weekend entirely bearable, if not fun. Terrible teams are terrible, but they are a lot more bearable if you have a couple of friends you can laugh at them with!
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