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    Hey guys and gals, Over the years I've chatted with some of you, played with many of you, befriended all of you, which is why I feel compelled to give a final goodbye. Now I plan on writing my story below of how this game has changed in my eyes BUT if you don't want to read a novel, no need to. For health reasons, this game and myself do not mix anymore. I can no longer seek refuge here and have fun. So I have to say goodbye. I'm not sure what will become of my account, I wish I could ask WG to delete it, but I think I will pass on to a friend and let it be his problem now. With that being said, I wish everyone here a respectful goodbye ! I wish each and everyone one of you the very best that I can both inside and outside this game. I hope to cross paths with many of you in other games, if you want my steam, please send me a private message. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Story (You Don't Need to Read Beyond this Point) *WARNING* Fairly Long: This isn't going to be a complaining story or any of that stuff. Just my life in WoT and how I feel the game has changed over the years and also how I've changed alongside it. It is actually impressive to see how long I've been with this game. I look back and remember when I first started playing it, I was in college, my last semester. I was instantly hooked, that was more than 3 years ago. This game accounts for a good portion of my life and no other game held me that long on a constant basis (minus 2/3 breaks). The only other game that came remotely close was Star Wars Galaxies way back when. WoW held it for a while but I'd leave and come back when an expansion came rolling around (except Panda). Remembering that this game has been around for my first job out of college, when I lost that job, when I created my own company, bought my first new car, broke up with my first love, all these things, WoT was part of my life at that time. Didn't really have an affect on those things, but I played this game during all those emotional roller coasters brought on by life, and we all know life can be a b!tch. I still remember my noob days, they were fun, I had a blast. I remember my green and baby blue days, I had a blast as well. I joined right before the french TDs were introduced and I still remember my first tier 8 outside of premium tanks. The AMX AC 48, boy did I suck bad in it. But I had a blast. Unfortunately, my competitive side eventually kicked in and that is when I had my first "downhill" moment with this game. I became obsessed with WN7 (at the time) and soon to be WN8. I remember how important it was for me to get to the next tier and every bad game I acted like I was kicked in the nuts, insulted, humiliated. I wish I could go back to my former self and tell myself to chill out. Eventually I hated this game so much. I would rage and yell, which made my gaming experience worse. Finally took a break. Had life events going on which luckily took my free time away. Played WoW as well. Several months pass and I came back, and that love and fun I had for this game came with it. I played and watched streamers simultaneously. I got good, really good. Before I knew it I was blue and a purple recent, but I didn't care anymore about my stats, I felt free as a bird. I just played to have fun and for many of us here, fun is doing well and feeling accomplished. Little did I know my competitive side would eventually get the best of me. WN8-caring started coming back. I quickly decided another break was necessary. I did come back (this past March). I was what some could argue a different person, many life events had caused me to mature quickly, my parents would probably say too quickly, it is true. But that is life. Anyway I came back to try and revive the fun I once had with this game. I was no longer obsessed with stats nor did I care about winning. I cared about having fun and I wanted to have fun, I wanted that thrill for this game to come back, I wanted it bad. The addiction kicked in but that fun didn't last long. Eventually I was obsessed with having fun but that went hand-in-hand with doing well which became increasingly tough. I don't know what I considered doing well, I guess it meant a good game and since I don't have any WN8 trackers or session stats, it didn't have to do with WN8 it was arbitrary. A good game possibly meant a win where I was top 3 damage on my team (and it wasn't a ROFL-STOMP-420-BLAZING 15>0), or a loss where I was top 2 on my team and fought like hell doing x2 my tank's health in damage. In retrospect, I'll never really know. What I do know is this: I rarely found that "fun" - and boy did I try, I tried playing this game drunk, high, tired, hyper, caffeinated, even while my GF was getting frisky, none of it worked. Well in the end I realized that my addiction to this game made me believe I could find fun in it, that things would go back to how they were, but I'm glad I realized they won't. I had to ask why? Why wasn't I having fun anymore... and the issue is complicated but it has to do with the team-gameplay, there is none. Compile that with well.... not so good players and it leads to a really poor gaming experience. I compared WoT to other games that have "teams" but you can be alone and do well, BF4 and CoD and even MMORPG PvP. What I came to realize is that in these games, your team can do everything wrong but you can still do well yourself, because your character / toon / player isn't dependent on a team other than to win. In WoT it is different, your team goes all one way, they get surrounded, team wipes in 6mins, leaving YOU personally with a bad game because you couldn't stop the horde masses. Only using one example, but we all have TONS of them. Granted many may have different opinions but this one is mine and honestly it fits really well. I never raged as hard as I have in WoT. Eventually this rage and dissatisfaction caught up with me. Had a panic attack because of my company and things going not so well. Granted, this isn't WoT's fault no, it is mine for thinking WoT could have been my refuge, my addiction lead me to believe fun was around the corner, but it never came. So for my health reasons, my stress counselor advised I shouldn't be playing games which provoke negative "responses" and the only one that fits the bill is ...... WoT. With all that being said... I am definitely leaving WoT behind, I do love this game, but it is like a bad relationship, love/hate all the time. The HD models are hard to let go, the E50 is hard to let go, the STA-1 is hard to let go, but I must do it for my health. Final words: Play this game because it is fun, no other exception. Arty needs to be changed somehow... not OP, but broken. Fly British Airways, they are pretty awesome, gorgeous flight attendants! Also support Anfield on twitch, great streamer and his stream has helped me from a greenie to a blueberry by just watching him, his positioning, his tenacity and honestly because he enjoys the game and watching that alone is pretty awesome, I miss seeing that in myself.
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    Preliminary "Arty Balance"

    I like the idea of suppression, but there's a lot of ways to fuck this up. Will it be applied on hit? Will it be applied in an area around where the shells land? Will it be applied without needing to fire? How strong will it be? Is "reduced crew effectiveness" the same as reduced crew training? Will it be applied immediately? How will tankers know when it is? How are they going to avoid situations like "oh arty just landed so my commander cant see the guy right in front of me, broken game"? I think letting arty light targets is a bit of a problem, depending on the AoE. If its a large area, it'll be too powerful. At that point light tanks are basically entirely out of the meta. It already bugs me that arty are more than capable of reliably one-shotting light tanks when defending themselves, imagine if they were also capable of either spotting you across the map or doing the scouting job better than you can. Ouch. "Artillery sixth sense" is a good idea as long as artillery themselves don't have it. Counter battery should be more feasible, not less feasible. For everyone except extremely fast tanks else it'll mostly be useless (assuming it goes off when the arty fires), but there might be some niche cases where you can duck back behind a building if you react fast enough. Battle Assistant view is fine. The reason the mod bugs me so much is because it's an undeniable advantage modded arty players have over everyone else, and influences the game in ways WG probably didn't intend. Both problems are fixed if its the default. Overall its just too early to tell. Still worth discussing, but no one can say whether it'll work out or not.
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    Preliminary "Arty Balance"

    So WG finally admits arty sucks dick...four years too late. Vote with your wallet, boys. Let serb sweat some of that fat off.
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    Sold: 'Type 5 Heavy' successfully sold. Received credits: 3,120,470. Spent gold: 30. So... I have now ground from tier5-10 in the new jap line. Thoughts/opinions, Tier5. (kept) Easily one of the most broken tanks tier for tier in the game. Absolutely a joy to play. It's so mobile for a 100 ton tank that it keeps up with m4's and pz4's and can get where it needs to go very easily compared to the rest of the tier5HT's. However the armor is pretty useless so you need to not rely on it. It honestly feels like im playing a tier6 with pref MM. Tier7 isnt a huge issue because you still have that bullshit 300 alpha and the mobility allows you to be a pseudo medium. And when top tier its so laughably broken that you will nearly always do as much damage as the rest of your team combined. -10 gun depression all around combined with 40kmh attainable top speed and 300 damage doom cannon makes this the most fun ive ever had playing lower tiers. Tier6. (sold) Not nearly as good tier for tier as the tier5, mostly due to being heavily weighed down by gimmicky armor that only works top tier and not really having guns that are reliable when bottom tier. Top tier its broke as fuck which is basically the theme for the line. You can farm steel walls all day long while top tier, and then when you are mid/bottom tier the excessive sluggishness is entirely your downfall as your armor wont block anything. 150 derping is always fun, but that 20 second reload isnt. I preferred to use the 100mm gun since it basically makes it a much more sluggish t150 with more armor/pen. -10 gun depression is only in the frontal ~30 degree arc going down to chinese-like gun depression to the sides. Can be a pain in the ass and fuck you over when somebody flanks you. Tier7. (sold) Significantly less sluggish than the tier6, but still can only hit 25kmh limiting effectiveness. Gets -10 gun dep all around too, unlike the tier6. Other than that not much good to say. Armor is unreliable against same tier opponents and useless against higher tiers. Gun handling is far from stellar. DPM is pretty trash. AP pen is solid, however gold pen is useless at 215mm and doesnt help at all when bottom tier. I've heard some people use the derp and that works semi decently. Again, top tier its easymode beating up on tier5/6/some 7s. But when not bullying lower tiers its a very ineffective tank since it has no strengths that it can leverage. Tier8. (kept) The 2nd most fun tank in the line (imo) after the tier5. You get a 150mm derp with vertstabs, good gun handling, very manageable reload at 14 seconds, and side armor that isnt autopen to guns over 105mm caliber (side armor behind tracks on the tier5-7 is 35mm thick) About the same mobility as the tier7. Keeps its 25kmh speed limit fairly reliably. Gun depression can be an issue at times due to the tumors at the front. You get basically no gun depression over the tumors, however due to them being towards the left side of the tank you can just angle yourself slightly and get -10 depression to the right side of your tank. Basically try to always fight to your right side. Due to the shape of the hull (tumors being farther back and a large lower plate jutting out) you can angle the front around corners to bounce tier10s who always seem to think its an easy pen. Tier9. (sold) This tank... There is one thing good about it, 600 alpha at tier9. 6 effective HP/ton, 20kmh speed limit that it cannot reach unless on perfectly flat ground going straight. Ammo rack issues similar to the LeopardPTA/1. Extremely large and paper hull cheeks making it extremely difficult/unreliable to sidescrape. Not to mention the ammo racks are behind them, the entire side, and the front of the upper hull. Hull armor is at that hit and miss 250mm flat level (with two 240mm sponsons holding the frontal wheels) Where tier9/10 AP can pen it often enough for it to be a problem especially since you cannot angle. It cannot bully tier8 HT's due to the 18 second reload and inability to angle vs gold spam. I have lost numerous 1v1's with IS3's in my Type4 HT simply because they autowim with APCR and out DPM me (not to mention they often ammo rack me and turn my reload into 35 seconds) Its simply a tank with so many faults that it cannot reliably influence a battle and is often just trying to get a few shots off before the game is over. Think of a t95 with butter armor vs gold. Tier10. (sold) Significantly better than the tier9, but that doesnt make it good since the tier9 is so unbelievably bad that anything is better than it. What you get over the tier9... speed buff to 25kmh. Massive terrain resistance buff so now it actually can hit 25kmh. Reload down to 15 seconds(still shit), Gun shield buffed from 260 to 280 that actually bounces some TDs. It combines the worst weaknesses of the rest of the HT's to the point where it cannot outplay any of its competition.
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    Preliminary "Arty Balance"

    It will still be a stupid mechanic, but it does sound like a reasonable improvement (no more bullshit one-shots), even if that's not really saying much. I'd hazard a guess that the actual changes will be fairly small though, if that past year has made anything clear it's that WG doesn't like change.
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    Preliminary "Arty Balance"

    fuck every arty
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    It's important to know when you stop having fun. Seems that WoT's been your on-again, off-again GF. Good read, and good luck with your company!
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    Arty does a quarter damage, fires twice as fast, and getting hit is like a flash bang in most FPS games, that would probably work. Enough to screw up the shot you were about to take and need to back down for a few seconds. On the other hand the idea of WG trying to program a complex change frightens me, I don't want them to create a black hole that sucks in the planet or something.
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    I can play tic-tac-toe all day and never lose, that doesn't make it fun. T6 SH has minimal strategy at best, as you described it is drive and click. I find that boring as shit regardless of whether it's a win or loss and so do many other players.
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    WoTLabs, what is "tall"?

    I like this scale.
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    Preliminary "Arty Balance"

    Source and more info: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.si/2015/09/artillery-rebalance-details.html Wait, does that mean no more 1 shoots all the fucking time? Sign me up bois. And arty warning? Fenks.
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    Preliminary "Arty Balance"

    This makes me nervous/sad as someone who enjoys my light tanks a lot. If I can be 100% reliably fucking rekt by an arty across the map dropping an illumination round on one of the 2 viable bushes left on any given map because WG has agent orange'd the rest out of existence, It's going to be hard to keep telling myself that I enjoy light tanks. At least now there's a chance they don't fully kill my tank if they blindfire it, sometimes I get to run away with 100 hp or something.
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    i just oneshot-balanced a wg employee

    i just oneshot-balanced a wg employee
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    Tier 12? (The Armored Patrol)

    Uh, that was an April Fools joke, it was featured on the WoT homepage just this year...
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    As someone who is going through difficult life experiences at this time your story resonated all the more. I hope you find happiness, which in the end is all that really matters.
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    Damn you Geico!!!!

    Didn't have a neg. Have this for shitpoasting.
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    Interesting read man, getting caught up in the numbers game at the expense of fun is a awful trap. I think that's pretty interesting what your stress councillor said about negative responses. I am certain you will find yourself a lot happier and more relaxed without the artificial pressure that comes with wot. Also the extra time you get from not playing it + less mental time thinking about the game should be welcome! Best of luck in life!
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    So today it finally happened I had a great game in the T20 and I 3 marked it. For you guys maybe not that special, but i'm still proud of it .
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    WoTLabs, what is "tall"?

    1.88/6.2 and up is what I would call a tall man.
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    Hey. As part of an exercise for learning some basic webdev stuff I'm very slowly creating a dpg tracking site using dpg/frag data for every player on NA via the WoT api. I have some other ideas that I'd like to implement but for now I have a simple top 50 list for (almost?) every tank based on dpg. I've only included entries with more than 150 battles. The number itself is arbitrary but it's more statistically significant than a lower number (duh) while still keeping it somewhat accessible. You can download the website in its current state here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fdsuu792r9f67p3/website.zip index.html is the home page. Site is now live at www.dpgwhores.com I'd like feedback on the website design and methodology. So far it's only been tested on the latest version of Chrome so it might be horribly broken on other browsers. I'd rather not have a discussion about the best way to measure skill; I've chosen to only track hard stats, so it is what it is. Cheers~
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    Preliminary "Arty Balance"

    No matter what they do, some shitter is still going to have an inordinate amount of influence on my ability to fight compared to what he could accomplish in any other tank, and I'm not normally going to be able to do anything to combat him, besides playing like a passive bitch.
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    Preliminary "Arty Balance"

    they could uhh.... just remove arty
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    Preliminary "Arty Balance"

    The crew debuffs will probably be a temporary effect, just enough time to give intelligent players the opportunity to take advantage of it. I would think that the Illumination shell would work by simply reducing an enemy's camouflage factor, rather than auto-spotting the tank; that way, your team still needs to spot the tank. Otherwise we would see arty platoons where one guy lights the tanks with the illumination shell and the other two shit on it with debuffs/damage.
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    Glorious http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/59093-wallpaper-armoured-persona-part-1/page__pid__1412377#entry1412377
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    Great post Reppic. While I'm not ready to quit just yet, I will admit I've felt the same before, I think we all have. I'll keep in touch through text, Steam, whatever... I just wanted to stop by and thank you for all you did; SVG wouldn't have the structure it does without you. See ya around.
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    don't leave me..........................friend
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    i agree, the existence of Wn8 or any skill calculation system in a game can take away the "fun factor" if your too focused on being what the system considers a "good" player. honestly i myself can get caught up in it too, which is why i play certain tonks that i can just fuck around in and get some lolz to ease the stress, and other times i just fully walk away from the game and take breaks
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    MekanicGaming's Twitch Stream

    I just had a chance to pop on here, Cowboy was watching the stream last night and suggested we make a thread about the stream. I've lurked on WoTLabs for a looong time, learned a lot from you guys to be honest heh. Dean (Q2daface) summed up my stream nicely, I'm no uni to learn amazing tactics from, but try to have a good atmosphere to hang out and have discussions about stuff. Cowboy and I had a really good one last night about premium ammo haha. I'm about to go live in a couple minutes, look forward to seeing some of you there!
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    WoTLabs, what is "tall"?

    Do you know that pocket girls are cuter when they're mad? :* Oh wait... All I need is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm2xvO6e6f8
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    How to play the type 4

    Sell it.
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    How to play the type 4

    The fact you actually liked the 8 shows how lucky you were....... Play it like the Maus. Basically what it is......
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    Yeah, funny how you always randomly appear when there is some kind of mention of buttsex.
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    Myogi, fuck no!

    CBT myogi was shit. Awful range. No AA. Etc etc. OBT myogi is workable. Great range. Somewhat usefull AA and the Most important: it looks good fully upgraded.
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    Conqueror OP

    Can we please get a mod or admin to fix the spelling in this thread's title?
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    Here are two entries from me, the Is7 and Yolowagon.
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    The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

    I'm still pretty new here but I'll add my ugly mug...with the rest of my family so it isn't as bad.
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    May have mined some salt from a FLEX member. Was fun.
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    -point tank in direction of useful brawly place with little flanking opportunity ideally -double tap R -tab out and get some music playin while you watch being late to the brawl is more useful than camping
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    happy birthday to me

    happy birthday to me
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    Fuck arty with nuclear cactus
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    You're just overreacting. WG is known for extremely sophisticated, genius balancing and carefully buffing tanks that need it (Is-7, IS-3, E5 - those tanks were horribly underpowered and universally considered the worst tanks in the game), so they clearly know much better than all of you that without arty, everyone would just be sitting at the red line, camping all day. Arty promotes dynamic battles. Also, if you are too stupid to avoid arty on maps like sand river or Malinovka, you're doing it wrong. Also, in-game XVM is extremely useful because how else would you know that you should be giving up mentally before the battle has even begun? How else would you know the purple players and shit all over them from orbit? Maaan, that game would be so lame without shitty retarded meta-gaming like XVM sniping, orbital DeathCannonCG and a completely necessary global chat that's obviously needed because, well, how else would you say nice things to the enemy team?
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    How to check if a weaboo

    Like I understand dressing up as one for shit like comicon. But what the fuck is wrong with this guy. ITS A FUCKING PILLOW WITH A PICTURE OF AN ANIME CHARACTER NOT ANYTHING WITH A THOUGHT PROCESS OR FLESH
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    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    Finally got 3 MoEs in something worth showing off. batchat is waaaaay more cooler than E100
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    The Ask Ectar Some Questions Thread

    While reading ze forumz, he uses his special form - Bectar:
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    Shaming MM for being drunk as fuck yesterday. For WG this is MM working correctly.
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    The Minion Consortium Wants You

    So, who's ready to be poached again? :-D
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    The Minion Consortium Wants You

    I need to go through MM's roster again, so I know who to steal
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    Some facts about the BL-10

    EU Edition: "ISU good" -"ebem tvoq materu" -"witam kto pl?" -"a.s" -"Kurwa mac" "kk"
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