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    Jag 88 Buff

    You got a fucking Type 59. Go to hell
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    They should rename this patch from 9.12 to 9.lets-not-piss-anyone-off.
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    [FAME] Deal with it!

    you cant spot from outside the map Siimcy
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    Understand me -- I am not saying all cultures are equal. I am very much pro western civilization. By western civ I mean that culture that was largely a product of persian/greek/roman ideas passed down through england/france/murica. I mean the civilization that invented rationalism, science, the rule of law, individual liberty, and so on. I think this system of ideas creates demonstrably superior results in terms of personal fulfillment, standard of life, human dignity, and so on. In other words, this culture is superior to other cultures, including Chinese, indigenous, primitive euros, arabic, etc, etc, etc. It needs to be said, this set of ideas is not owned by own nation or one race. I am not in any sense a white supremacist or whatever such retards europe has. When those kinds of people talk about western civilization, its often code for white people. Its not for me -- western civilization not only includes many minorities of many primarily white countries, but also countries of nonwhite (or at least non aryan) background. One of those is Iran, who even tho Iran isn't exactly a part of western civilization they are at a minimum a major historical influence. But to the extent that spain likes to run with the bulls and speak spanish and drink rum while brits chase around foxes, speak bad murican, and drink tea that's completely fine. Art, custom, language, religion, and much more varies and that's fine. Its good, really. So do I support multiculturalism? Well that depends on how its defined. I support any person of any race who values western civilization. Immigrants are welcome. They are free to bring their gods, their culture, their ideas, their language...as long as they also accept and value the key principles of western civilization, which include: individual liberty and rights, freedom of conscience, political participation, freedom of expression, separation of church/state, and so on. So if a Syrian wants to move into my neighborhood, he is welcome to worship Allah, speak arabic, ride a camel to work, and more...but the day he starts talking about how the quran trumps the constitution or how women should be forced to wear a burka he can get the fuck out. Western civilization took man to the stars. Its why our children don't die to smallpox by the bucketload. Its why each of us enjoy intellectual and personal freedom and fulfillment that 99% of humanity never tasted. You don't just let something that precious die. We fought wars for it. And while I am not advocating imposing western civ on the unwilling, history has proven that given the choice people will choose to adopt it if they can. But in terms of multiculturalism, western civ is simply better, and immigration policy and diplomatic relations should reflect that. P.S. Japan excluded. We should have nuked those pillow humpers at least twice more. Or worse, export them all our wheraboos as punishment for their cultural crimes.
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    You mean lassie wasn't a cooking show?
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    Hey, it's me ur friend.
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    It's almost like you didn't read what I wrote. Nowhere did I call them unassailable ninjas, I have zero clue where that comes from, and the "partisan" thing is historical fact, especially if you weren't born in 1995 or later so you'd remember the US and Iraq being friends (where do you even think the tinfoil "muh oil" conspiracy comes from? It's Iraq you used to get it from back in the day). The population of Afghanistan fucking hated the shit out of Al Qaeda, just like the average person in Syria and Iraq isn't a particularly big fan of ISIS (you may have noticed something about refugees lately). These people do not ask you if you want to volunteer for their army, they make you do it and it's called pressing someone into service. As popular as hating random muslims is and as much as I want religious extremists vaporized, they do spend 99% of their time murdering the shit out of the local population, not us, and especially so if you dare not being the right kind of muslim as well (think Spanish Inquisition, only worse and with modern weapons). If you think the solution to problems related to Islam, or rather the power hungry "religious" nuts who profit from it, is to park a gigantic coalition of Christian armies on what people consider holy ground, I think you're a bit off. Another big problem in these countries is that they're still fairly tribal in nature, meaning that you don't just need to control the government, you need to control 200 village elders who don't give a shit about you or why you're here. It's not his problem a terrorist attack happened in your country, he has 500 km2 of harsh land with no infrastructure to manage and you need to present a better solution than ISIS, who probably have locals in their ranks. He probably also has to betray his neighbor's son to do what you want him to do, along with risking the lives of himself and the entire population of the area, so it better be a damn good offer. Literally nobody likes foreign soldiers on their land, especially from a radically different culture who don't speak their language. The only way to combat this shit is to change the culture and that can't be done with boots on the ground in modern times. There simply aren't enough soldiers in any army to cover that amount of land and since the entire place is plastered in AKs and explosives, it is really damn hard to get rid of the bad apples since everyone has weapons. It's why I think a local dictator would be the best solution to the problem, since he'd know what's up and can pressure the various tribes into doing what they're told because his army is bigger, badder and better funded than ISIS/Al Qaeda/whoever. The whole "show of force" shenanigans you refer to are misguided because what you want is enough people who follow "you" (that is, someone you control) willingly to make the change you desire. Even the Romans did that shit by incorporating all kinds of heathen gods and religious elements into their own and so did the Christians. Why do you think Jesus was suddenly born a couple of days after Winter Solstice, something pretty much every civilization on Earth celebrates in some way? Why do you think the names of the weekdays are what they are? You're not going to find a whole lot of Thor in the bible, you know, but they let it slide. Hell, even though it's a Christian holiday now, with the same shenanigans you have, we still technically celebrate Yule in Denmark rather than "Christmas". You're also 100% wrong on the cause of Nazism being defeated and it's something you can easily look up in any book on the subject. The reason Nazism even became a thing in the first place was because the major powers after WWI told Germany to go fuck itself, which resulted in the most hilarious inflation of all time, something any person in Europe has heard of as part of basic history lessons. Paying insane reparations to the allies, losing all of their colonies, being blockaded and having massive forced tolls on everything they import sort of makes them dislike you. How hard was the punishment the allies doled out in post-WWI Germany? Well, by November 1923, one US dollar was worth 4,200,000,000,000 marks. Also, Hitler fixed their economy right up (ie. solved their problems), so he seemed like a nice chap and pretty much all of the West liked him, right up until he decided that Ze Vaterland needed an expansion. The all important distinction after WWII was that the Western powers (Britain, France and the US in particular) sat down and decided not to plunder the shit out of the remaining part of Germany again and actually rebuild it. You may have heard of something called The Marshall Plan in passing, 11% of which went to Germany, right? As for the US staying in Germany, that had a whole lot less to do with Nazism 2.0 being a possibility and a whole lot more to do with everything on the east side and beyond being Commie territory. You needed Germany safe, strong and secure so Stalin wouldn't roll all over Europe and your soldiers were not there because you were displaying the awesomeness of democracy (which Germany already had pre-Hitler, he was "voted" in after all) or why capitalism is super duper awesome (you may notice Germany being a pretty solid empire until the end of WWI).
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    [FAME] Deal with it!

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    As per this post:
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    [FAME] Deal with it!

    Oh please, I'm going to get myself to FC for L-Few or F15. And I'll make sure to beat ya remind me to edit this post later when we lose
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    I just remembered when our spreadsheet for the campaign had you as "Taydolf_Shittler" ahahhaa, I nearly died reading that.
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    @all non purples, this is how to gain respect instead of bitching at everyone:
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    Yeah. Your last leadership foray into Asia was a resounding success. The Vietnamese took you apart like they have the ASIAN server.
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    AMX Chasseur de Chars Super Op

    I bought one this weekend because I have lots of gold incoming and not much to do with it. I ran a number of games in pubs and some strongholds. My take on it: Pros Very good stronghold tank. You can fire exclusively AP for mad credits and you are fast enough to get in place for damage (always a race in BULBA stronks). I was regularly finishing in top 1 or 2 for damage and making 100k+ credits per game (with credit boost). Penetration on the gun is good enough to fire mostly AP even in pubs 10° gun depression is very noticeable and very nice. Plays like a lot of mid tier US mediums where you use terrain to avoid taking damage. Trains Batchat crew Reasonably fast. I had hoped for better but the massive terrain resistance values really hurt. Off-road driving would actually be a nice skill but the Bat crew doesn't have room for it. Above average DPM for tier 8 mediums. Cons Not a Pershing. Zero armor. This is more of a detriment than I anticipated - at least on a light tank you are small and fast. This barn is easy to hit. Massive arty bait. Multiple games ended because I was full penned by arty. Poor gun handling. I quickly realized that snap shots are largely a waste. Aiming for that extra second or two really makes a difference. Unfortunately, unlike a Type 59 you don't have any armor to protect you while you aim in. Not a Type 59. Scales very poorly into higher tier matches. Doesn't have the tools to do much more than bitch sniping. As other people have mentioned, this tank feels like it will be terrible at winning. For pubs the 50t is definitely superior just for avoiding tier 10s. The CDC is just terrible in the brawl meta. You have no usable armor to bait shots on corners and your reload/alpha/DPM isn't good enough to trade effectively. You are forced to rely on pubbies to turn the corner and take/block a hit....which of course they are incompetent at. I do like the 4 man crew though - since my Bat crew is so high, the CDC loader will always be getting Accelerated Crew Training. Combined with crew XP events and crew XP boosters, you can train up a new crew member very quickly. I put 250k XP on the loader in under 2 hours yesterday then transferred it to another tank and hired a new one. The new guy will be up to speed in no time!
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    nothing wrong with 9.11 it was on 11. September so 11.9 right
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    All extremism should be hit in the crotch with a really spikey cactus. Then drawn and quartered. Also religons in general.
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    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Fun Fact: As a student I used to beg my mom for grocery money "so she wouldn't get ugly grandkids." I told her there was no way her genes alone could win a worthy spouse, so I needed money to trick some girl into breeding with me. It never failed.
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    Fabunil´s non-tomato-games

    Since all the cool kids have their own replay-threads I decided to create one myself where I post replays in which I suck slightly less than usual, I play pretty much every class at every tier so expect shitty games from anything. 9.12: Bat. Chat: Generic batchat-replay (preserve HP at the beginning(something I usually don´t do because I´m an idiot), take free clips from a relativly safe location and use that hp later on etc.), ended up with all 30 shots fired and 7674 damage: http://wotreplays.com/site/2292400#swamp-fabunil-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t Centurion Mk. 7/1 One of my first games in this tank, i played like a true potato in this game and even managed to get me stuck at the end which almost costed me the game, still ended up with very good results thanks to the glorious matchmaking, with 8755 damage it is now my highest tier 9 damage game http://wotreplays.com/site/2292401#sand_river-fabunil-centurion_mk_7_1 9.10:
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    Sup peeps! It's been about a year, but I'm thinking of maybe picking up tanks again, kinda curious to see how well I can play now that I'm not on a craptop. I'd have to start from scratch though, so a few questions for those in the know: -Are Skirmishes still the go to source for gold? I really don't want to spend any more money than I already have on this game -CWs, ded or alive? -Any significant balance changes since 9.2ish? For example I remember there was talk of making draw distance a circle instead of a box, did that ever go through? -The Centurion Action X intrigues me, do we have any info on how the FV4202 will handle as a t8 prem? -Not sure how much of the old guard is still around, but what else is the wotlabs community playing nowadays?
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    Fabunil´s non-tomato-games

    Me likey!
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    Fabunil´s non-tomato-games

    Changed potato to another fruit hoping that noonelse hasnt already taken that fruit.
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    Fabunil´s non-tomato-games

    Dear Senor Fabunil, The term "Non-Potato Games" is a Registered Trademark of Dr. sr360, MD, Esp, -G-, UniTato. Any trademark infringement shall be met with the strictest response, to include mockery, farting in your general direction, and totally unnecessary protate exams. Thank you, Sincerely, The Real Unitato™
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    Headset recommendations

    Cloud II user reporting in, I wrote a short opinion on them in a previous thread: Pros: Insanely light, I can wear these for 8h straight with no discomfort. Look fantastic, plus are restrained enough to not look like shit if you choose to go outside with them. Virtual 7.1 sounds pretty good. I'm no audiophile and I don't care to be one, so I am "fooled" by it. Really high max audio if you want to make your ears bleed. Great quality cabling, corded single cable for the INSANELY CONVENIENT 1m 3.5mm cable (ie it works with your phone), then a long USB cord for the extra length to reach your comp and for the 7.1 surround. I previously used Logitech G430's with like 3m of cable, and good god is that frustrating to have to deal with. Fully flexible mic, allowing for placement pretty much anywhere in front/side of your mouth. Build quality is stellar. Brushed metal for the frame, then stitched rubber for the padding. Cons: Quiet mic (pretty much everyone I talk to in TS says this). It is advertised as being noise cancelling, but I talk pretty quiet most of the time so maybe my own voice is getting cancelled? Idk. The lowest audio level is still really loud for some reason, I pretty much keep my desktop audio between 2-10%, and in game stuff is no higher than 50%. Due to the intervals the quiet end can be frustrating to get sounding like you want (ie either too loud or too soft). They are probably at the top end of "gaming" headsets that you can buy, and I would say I am definitely not disappointed by my investment.
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    How about we do them as a PTS/QSF-X toon like there was in the vision meta? never5get the terrible events that occured, the death of vision meta </3 i.e. the introduction of kharkov
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    Whatever makes you sleep at night.
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    Another EU-NA comparision

    A lot of people dont look at stats when they chill in the in-game channel, so dont assume people are pretentious. We are all friends on EU :3
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    Never expected to see russians this politically correct about everything, first 9.11 now this
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    his comments on how the "western" world has led the human race since time immemorial was quite laughable. did he forget about the western european dark ages and how for the better part of the medieval period it was actually the arabs who carried the proverbial scientific and technological torches or civilization
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    China has learned over the better part of a thousand years that when outsiders show up, shit inevitably hits the fan, whether it relates to religion (Taiping Rebellion), politics (Opium Wars) or outright armed hostility (Yuan, Qing). China holds long, brutal grudges for a reason.
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    Headset recommendations

    If you arent an audiophile and want good enough, reliable, and comfortable I cannot recommend logitech G230s (or G430s if you want) enough. They do exactly that extremely well. I love mine. They arent overly expensive either. They cost me $90NZ so I presume you could pick them up for $50 US
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    Yes, apparently Western "civilization" only begun post-French Revolution and American independence... :rolleyes:. The "West" or "Western" is not an analogue for political liberalism, it refers to a civilization that has a far more complex, nuanced and wholly hierarchical history than the cursory examination you've afforded it. What you've referred to (political liberalism) is not only an anomaly but an aberration as far as "Western civilization" is concerned, prior to which a caste system of monarchy, feudal nobility and priesthood ruled over a mostly homogeneous ethno-religious group comprised of artisanal guild workers, merchants and serfs. This goes for all the associated Indo-European civilizations you've mentioned (and forgotten to mention) as well. This tired meme that somehow Western civilization is "American/post-bastille France"(freedom, liberty, etc) in DNA has got to go, when what you refer to as Western (political liberalism) is merely a modern mutation of "traditional" Western society. Political liberalism is more specifically, secularized and de-coupled tenets of Christian theology Also,science wasn't "invented" by political liberalism, this is cringey. Rule of law dates back to the Code of Hammurab, and also early Vedic and Abrahamic theology which predates even Graeco-Roman civilization There is nothing remotely "politically liberal" about the USSR or NSDAP Germany, both which played pivotal and instrumental roles in "taking man to the stars". Fact is, technological progress has occurred time and time again independent of any sort of political environment, and is more dependent on material factors like wealth concentration and geographical/geopolitical stressors.
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    Holy shit... this guy... http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/marshallaide First he opens a thread asking how you research tanks... after playing 5500 battles. Then I look at his account; every single premium, most sub-40% and a significant number sub-35%. How??? He's not even a bot, he averages 180dmg per game.
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    What makes me mad about SAO is that it really COULD have been a great series; the whole premise was interesting (despite the whole "being trapped in a video game" thing not being a new concept), and the animation quality was generally appealing, but it really goes to waste because while it stayed faithful to the source material, it was still adapted poorly (on top of the issues that already plagued the LN). Reki Kawahara originally wrote SAO back in 2002 for a light novel contest, which had a 200 page limit; in order to meet this page limit he ended up slimming it down twice before finally giving up and posting it online. He wrote this "web novel" series from then until 2008, when he somehow became popular enough to garner attention from a publishing company. This is where he fucks up big time; when trying to get the first LN published, he was given the opportunity to fix and improve the original story. This was something it badly needed since it was the kind of quality one would expect from a rough draft of a story that had been rushed to meet the deadline, and cut twice to meet the page requirements. I haven't read the original web novel (actually, nobody can because it was apparently taken down from his website years ago, and only a few random excerpts remain in circulation), but according to those who have, kawahara made only minor changes (some which I could argue made it even worse) while leaving its biggest flaws unfixed. One of these flaws was in the series' pacing; instead of re-arranging all the stories from the aincrad arc in chronological order and bridging the gaps with new stories to make up the first two LNs, he left them to be published in the order of which he wrote them. This not only created inconsistencies where the original storyline failed to acknowledge past events because they were written about later, but also made adapting the series into an anime a fucking nightmare; since there wasn't enough material in the first book to create even 6 episodes, the animators had to adapt a bunch of the side stories to fill up the rest. However because sticking these side stories after the (climax of) main arc wouldn't have made sense, they were forced to order them chronologically, which of course failed because kawahara didn't bother to fix/reorganize the series and provide content that bridged the stories together. As a result the anime ended up with awful pacing; they destroyed any sort of tension that they attempted to create in the first 2 episodes by following it up with 6 consecutive episodes of the main character going off on pointless adventures with new one-dimensional characters who have little to do with the main storyline, all while providing little to no reference to how the game was progressing. Another problem SAO faced was that it was just plain boring. While this was due to a combination of many factors (such as uninteresting characters), a large part is due to it being adapted from a LN in the first place. When it comes to action scenes, LNs have a tendency to rely heavily on internal monologue, dialog, and explanations in order to convey action, since it’s difficult to write about a series of complex movements occurring in quick succession without losing the reader. While this works well for LNs because you’re creating the scenario in your head gradually as you read, it looks stupid when adapted to anime because you will end up with fight scenes where characters are briefly attacking each other, followed by minute long breaks where they're either awkwardly standing around talking or thinking to themselves. This occurs enough in SAO that it wouldn't have been a bad idea for A-1 pictures to rewrite the fighting scenes just for the anime, although it could have been avoided entirely if kawahara was better at writing these scenes in the first place. On the topic of Reki Kawahara being a mediocre writer, the dude frequently wrote scenes where the characters were sitting around talking (usually in cafes or bars) in order to dispense large amounts of story detail. It became obvious after reading the first few light novels just how much he used these scenes as a crutch to hide the fact he was not creative enough to weave these details into the core narrative. This wasn't as bad in the LN's since you were basically reading everything anyway, but in the anime it looked incredibly stupid and lazy since the whole point of WATCHING a show is to see the story unfold through action and interesting visuals, NOT characters sitting around in a fucking diner or something while explaining the entire plot. Kawahara was also not very good at writing characters. While the main character in particular is basically a fourteen year-old boy’s wish-fulfillment empowerment fantasy, kawahara did give him some half-decent character development in the LN. However he did so in a way that made it really hard to show in the anime - he wrote the MC in the first person, and pretty much everything about his character is learned through his thoughts rather than through his interactions with the other characters. In addition, according to an interview kawahara claimed that he was never a good player in MMOs, so when he wrote SAO he wanted it to be about one of the top players that he never saw himself ever becoming. I've never actually played any real MMORPGs, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he most likely had no fucking clue what top level play was like. Thus the series ended up with a MC who marches around winning the hearts of girls everywhere by being unstoppably badass and looking cool and mysterious in black trench coats; this combined with the anime ending up portraying the MC as bland, boring, and one-dimensional since his inner thoughts were rarely conveyed, created one of the most bullshit main characters I have ever seen. Aside from him (and the heroine), the rest of Kawahara's characters fall into two categories: 1. male supporting characters who aren't given enough attention/development because he would rather focus on... 2. girls who fall in love with the MC for no reason (Kawahara actually admitted he used to struggle with writing female characters who don't fall in love with MC). I'll be fair and say that kawahara stops doing a lot of these things in the later LNs; in particular volumes 9 and beyond (which has not yet been adapted into the anime) are better written overall compared to the earlier LNs, which is probably due to him getting more experienced in the space of time he put SAO on hold write the first few volumes of Accel World. He's also attempting to fix the anicrad arc's problem in being too short by basically doing a total 'reboot' of the series, however this still won't fix the absolutely atrocious anime adaption. It's safe to say that they really jumped the gun when it came to making the anime; it should have waited a few years until the reboot was well underway, and adapted THAT instead of the clusterfuck that was the original LNs. At the very least A-1 could have paid closer attention to what they were going to adapt, because frequently information was left out that would have helped the series make more sense than it did. Holy shit I just realized how much I typed. whoops :/
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    No food will make your penis get any longer Kewei. Just accept it
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    AP damage mass hysteria

    I love being aggressive in my BB. I hate getting left out to dry by my team in my aggressive BB....
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    have you heard the good news? kv-5 is waifu.
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    He's so good at being subtle you don't realise he's being subtle.
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    Eat a fucking hamburger you wimp. That's just sad. P.S. Kerry Kittles, old nba player -- 6'8" 145.
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    [FAME] Deal with it!

    Who wouldn't buy some ice cream out of this truck?!
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    T32 Review

    No, it has better RoF than the T29.
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    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    I'd buy one used. Something like one or two gen old top end cards go for next to no money and will run a game like wot like butter. I looked up used 7950s which go for anywhere between $50-100. According to a random benchmark the 7950 is 5/2 as powerful as your 650, so it should prove a significant upgrade. There are a lot of other good choices for used GPUs out there as well, but this was just one that occurred to me first since it's what I've been running last 2 years.
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    Whats the point of this program/mod? Sounds as useful as the xvm chance to win mod.
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    I'm not dead

    You obviously have the accept what the pubbies speak as the truth. They furiously type out their life accomplishments to me, so I know they're superior at all aspects of being human beings except for: emotional control, use of free time, effective learning of combat systems, in-game networking, and research of mechanics. On a more serious note, its basically just about leveraging your time with proper planning and knowing the facts, plus knowing your weaknesses. Figure out what you're naturally good at which is also valuable in the workforce. Get a job doing that, and tailor moves and responsibilities to your skills, while working on weaknesses. Learn how to study in a quality manner, where shorter (20-120 minutes) sessions performed with regularity yield better results than cramming, procrastinating or marathoning. What works for studying parameter-wise (quality, regularity) also works for exercise. I'm hardly a self help guru, but there's lots of books and articles.
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    map tiers going away?

    that would probably be stupid fun Just think - the matches would be short, arty couldn't do anything, and there's no way to camp
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    CELTS Disbanded

    In all honesty, CELTS did nothing to help in any of the wars/discussions on CR/D when they were alive, so I am happy that the clan disbanded and some of the better players there will find more active clans.
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    WN9 candidate prototype

    My scores are: 72.0 actual win rate 71.9% adjusted win rate 0.66 platoon padding wn8 = 3288 wn9c1 = 2288 wn9c2 = 2276 __________________________________ Per tier is reasonably consistent, with tier 1-3 being much higher (2600-3100). Its worth noting I almost never play tiers 1-3, less than 1000 total games. My best padded wn9c1 tank is the S-51. @_@ My scores in high tier tds are wildly divergent from wn8. Wn8 I tend to be like 3k at best, but wn9 is very high (2800+). Stats pattern seems a lot more similar to wn7 (ie, pad in tds and low tiers).
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